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the characters are real, the back-stories are real, the love/hate
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Please Note, this story takes place right at the end
of Wrestlemania 2000, splitting off from what happened in the real world
where Vince McMahon knocks out The Rock and Triple H retains The Title.

WWF : The Game.

The close to 20,000 people in the arena were in total shock,
crying in dismay and anger at the totally unforeseen event that had just
Vince McMahon had just smashed The Rock with a chair, just as
The People's Champion had been about to win the Main Event at Wrestlemania
2000 and regain The WWF Heavyweight Championship.
Vince angrily pulled Triple H onto the prostrate Great One,
stepping back as the Referee dropped down to make the count.
The crowd, helpless to do anything but watch, involuntarily
counted with The Referee.
Vince glared with narrow eyes down at Triple H lying over The
Rock, seeing his grand plan finally coming to fruition, his daughter,
Stephanie McMahon, glaring at him in wide-eyed adulation, like she had
as a small child.
The Referee, Earl Hebner, brought down his hand for the final
And The Rock kicked out.
Stephanie's mouth dropped even more, Vince cursed angrily and
the crowd cheered in adulation for their champion, The People's Champion.
Vince grabbed the chair again and lifted it to smash down over
The Rock's head yet again.
And The Rock slammed his foot into Vince's gut, causing him to
drop the chair, grabbing his Boss in a headlock and dropping his head
down hard to the canvas in a devastating DDT.
Vince rolled away across the ring, eyes glazed in shock, arms
and legs jerking spasmodically.
The Rock, eyes wide with something, exhilaration or anger it was
impossible to tell, turned to face Triple H. The 'Game' swung an arm at
The Rock, who ducked under and grabbed Hunter around the chest, lifting
him bodily and slamming his back hard into the canvas in a magnificent
Rock Bottom....
And his own head into the barbed-wire covered 2 By 4 introduced
into the ring earlier by Mick Foley.
The Rock's body reacted on instinct and he rolled around so that
he too lay on his back like Hunter. His arm, purely of it's own accord,
fell onto Triple H's even as Triple H's arm flopped over The Rock's chest,
both Superstars unconscious on the ground, covering each other's shoulders.
Earl Hebner dropped to his knees and stared in confusion at
The Rock and Triple H, noting that both had legal covers on the other.
He frowned, looked up at Vince's unconscious form and, with no
other direction but his referee's training, lifted both arms up into the
air and brought them down to the canvas at the same time.
"GET UP HUNTER!" roared Stephanie, hands gripping the side of
the mat, bouncing up and down, sure her husband would kick out as he always
The crowd watched breathlessly, the entire Arena eerily silent,
as if not one person was present. What was going to happen now?
The Rock's eye's flipped open, blinking rapidly as he tried
to figure out what was going on.
The Arena was totally silent, even J.R and The King, sitting at
their broken Announce Table were speechless. Stephanie's eyes were wide,
Vince lay unconscious, Triple H was out, The Rock was breathing hard,
trying to figure out just what the hell had happened.
The bell rang as Earl Hebner twisted about and made the call sign,
then stepped up and moved to lean against a turnbuckle, physically exhausted
at the biggest call he had ever made.
The Rock sat up, shaking his head, blood spilling down his forehead
as he fought off a wave of dizziness.
- What the hell just happened? - his mind wondered fuzzily, then
turned to see Triple H's prostrate form.
"I won?" he muttered, then fixed his expression sternly and closed
his eyes, repeating with more confidence,"I won!"
He jerked to his feet, grabbing the top rope to steady himself
before lightly kicking one of Triple H's legs and then walking to where
Earl stood.
"I won," he stated simply.
Earl shook his head, worry etched on his face. Superstar's today
had a worrying tendency to take their aggression out on any handy Referee.
Stephanie rolled into the ring, slid down to Triple H's side and
helped the groggy Superstar up as he slowly regained consciousness. He
was still not all there, his eyes having trouble fixing on any given
"What the hell is going on?" cried J.R angrily,"Senior Referee
Earl Hebner just told The Rock he didn't win, what does that mean?"
"It means The Game is still The Champ!" cried The King
excitedly,"And I think that was Vince's plan all along."
Stephanie, meanwhile, had gotten Triple H to his feet, and the
confused wrestler lifted his arm slowly, having trouble keeping his
balance. The Crowd booed and hissed, throwing cups both empty and full
as well as crushed packets of chips and popcorn. Stephanie poked her
tongue out childishly at the crowd, helping support Triple H as he held
his arm up in victory....
Until Earl Hebner walked up and pulled it down.
Turning in shock, Mr. and Mrs. Helmsley watched Earl shake his
head, waving his arm back and forth in a negating gesture.
"No! You didn't win!" he snapped.
"J.R? What's going on?" cried The King,"If The Rock didn't win,
and The Game didn't win, who won?"
"I've got no idea!" cried J.R as Vince pulled himself to his feet
in the ring and glared at Earl Hebner in angry confusion,"But we are out
of time, Wrestlemania is over, but this isn't! We'll be back tomorrow
night folks!"
With that, live coverage finished.

Backstage a gathered group of wrestlers, who had put aside their
usual differences in a Pay-Per-View tradition of watching The Main Event,
turned to stare at each other in confusion.
"Mick, what the hell was that?" asked Test to Mick Foley, who
sat on a packing crate next to the tall former fiancee of Stephanie
McMahon, holding a cloth to his bleeding head.
"I think Vinny outsmarted himself," muttered Foley, glancing up
at a concerned Linda McMahon,"Did you know anything about this, Linda?"
"No, Mick," replied Vince's wife,"It took me by surprise as well,
I thought Vince was behind Rock, but he just wrecked The Main Event of
Wrestlemania... there's going to be hell to pay in The Boardroom tomorrow
"This is what comes of these gimmick matches," muttered The Big
Boss Man,"Give me a good old one on one any day."
"We happen to like gimmick matches," said Edge with feral grin,
holding onto his recently acquired Tag Team Title belt he and his brother
Christian had gained in the Triple Threat Ladder Match earlier that
evening,"Sometimes they're our only chance to get the shot we so richly
"Amen to that, brother," said Mick with a wry grin. He looked
up at the curtain, where several Wrestlers were watching the events
still going on in The Ring,"D'Lo, what's happening?"
"Vince is yelling at Earl," replied D'Lo Brown,"But the dude is
adamant, I think he's counted out both of them, so they both lose."
"That mean's no one holds the Title," muttered Jericho from his
position next to D'Lo,"It's vacant."
"No way," growled X-Pac, only there because Kane and his father
had disappeared immediately after their match,"Hunter was the Champion
before the match, and if The Rock was covered by him, then he's STILL
The Champion."
As several other Wrestlers interjected their positions, Linda
McMahon shook her head. If Vince had just stayed out of things, The Rock
or Triple H would have won the match and there wouldn't be a problem.
"Ooooh!" cried The Godfather, his ho's hanging off of his massive,
tattooed arms,"Rocky just Rock Bottomed Hunter again and.... ow! there
goes Vince, Sidewalk Slam!"
Mick laughed quietly, shaking his head, hearing the
roar of approval from the crowd, then the huge roar that shook through
the Arena as The Rock prepared to do The People's Elbow on one of his
Several minutes later, The Rock stormed through the curtains,
gripping the belt in his hand with a grim look on his face.
"Hey! That's not your...." started X-Pac, but the look on The
Rock's face silenced him immediately. The Road Dogg backed down as well
and no one said a word as The Rock headed off for the car-park, carrying
the WWF Heavyweight Championship belt with him.

Half and hour later - as the last of the crowd left, still buzzing
over what would happen next, and the Ring Crew got to work dismantling
The Ring and the safety railings - Chris Jericho walked down the halls
of The Arena, carrying his European Championship belt over his shoulder.
He should have felt elated to have gained a belt in the competitive
WWF, but his thoughts kept drifting to Chris Benoit covering him and
gaining what he still thought of as HIS belt, The Intercontinental Title.
Then again, at least that prick Kurt Angle had walked away with
He opened the door to the changing room he'd managed to garner
into his contract before leaving WCW. He shuddered at the thought of
that ridiculous organization, where the wrestling was actually fake! and
then stepped inside.
He stopped in shock, the door shutting behind him as he took
in the sight before him.
Bending over, wearing only a tiny thong that would make dental
floss look baggy and over-sized, was Chyna.
His eyes ran over her smooth, toned ass-cheeks in astonishment
as, for the first time ever, he saw her as a sexual being.
She stood up and turned about, the tight straps of leather over
her large breasts revealing a lot without showing anything. The small
triangular strip over her crotch was small enough to indicate that she
either kept her bikini line trimmed to an impossibly small thatch or she
just shaved herself entirely.
"Chris?" she asked, staring at him in confusion, head cocked to
the side,"What's the matter."
"Uh.... uh.... uh, nothing," he muttered,"I'm uh, just a little
confused over that Main Event."
"Oh that," she said, blowing air between her lips derisivly,"Just
a side-show, you know."
She turned around again, walking towards the nearby lockers where
her metallic gray pants were hung up on a coat hanger. As she moved, her
curved ass moved seductively, and his eyes clung to her buttocks lovingly.
"That idiot Gurrero tore the waistband on my pants," she muttered
to Jericho, picking up the pants and looking critically at the torn
waistband,"20,000 people nearly saw my ass hanging out."
She turned around and gasped in surprise, Y2J was only a few
inches away from her, standing face to face with her.
"Chris?" she asked, confused at the strange, unreadable expression
on his face.
He leaned forward and kissed her, lightly, on the lips.
He pulled his head back and looked at her, concern, anticipation,
exhilaration and a little fear warring for a place on his face.
"What did you do that for?" she asked him.
"I... I don't know," he stammered,"I guess I never actually, you
know, thought of you........ um, like that before."
She just stared at him, and he stared back.
"So...." he finally asked her,"What now?"

Edge and his brother, Christian, sat on an angle on the benches
in the locker room. The Tag Team Belts were draped over their waists,
and neither said anything, just sitting there, relaxing their muscles,
allowing their bodies to come down after the exertions they had put
them through earlier.
Finally, with a kind of synchronicity usually reserved for twins
or, in this case, extremely close siblings, they turned to look at each
other and allowed giant grins to cross their faces.
"This is SO cool!" laughed Christian.
"We are the shit!" replied Edge, and both brothers laughed loudly,
standing up and buckling the belts around their waists.
"Edge and Christian, World Wrestling Federation Tag Team
Champions!" laughed the elder brother,"Man, I've dreamed of this since I
was a little kid!"
"Tell me about it," chuckled Christian,"You remember all those
days on the trampoline? Pretending to be Strike Force or The Rockers?"
"I remember kicking your ass every time!" grinned Edge.
"Oh big deal, you were my big brother!" replied Christian with
a slight giggle,"I could kick you ass now, though."
"Oh really?" asked Edge, raising his eyebrow in a fairly passable
imitation of The Rock, his feral grin spreading across his lips,"Care to
test that theory?"
"Dick!" laughed Christian, slightly pushing his elder brother.
"Fag!" replied Edge, and grabbed his laughing brother in a headlock,
rubbing his knuckles lightly into his head,"Taste Super-Noogie, my ultimate
finishing move!"
Christian pulled free and began dancing on the spot, his legs
moving back and forth as he made mock punches at Edge.
"You ain't got nothing, punk!" he teased,"You too slow, too old,
too fat! I'm young, I'm pretty and I'm fast!"
"Oh so it's Christian Ali now, is it?" asked Edge with a grin,
getting into a boxers stance,"Come on bitch, show me what you got! Here
comes Edge Dempsey!"
They threw mock punches at each other, diving and ducking out of
the way, throwing out their chins to mock the other.
"Looks like fun, can anyone play or is it boys only?" asked a
new voice, a female voice.
The moment it sounded Edge and Christian froze, their playful
demeanors changing entirely. They stood up straight and turned stony
gazes on the woman who had interrupted them.
Terri Runnels.
"What do you want, Terri?" Edge asked her coldly, his familiar
smile gone now.
"Is that any way to act towards poor wittle Terri," she pouted
at them. She was standing dressed in a long tan trench-coat and the
look on her face was her most sexiest, desirable look she could pull
Edge and Christian, who had suffered numerous setbacks at her
hands over the previous weeks, had become impervious to her impressive
charms however, and made that fact clear immediately.
"Terri, we don't have time for this," muttered Edge,"We're kind
of in a mood to celebrate and we'd rather you didn't.... um, be here."
"I think I can change your mind on that front," giggled Terri,
rolling her eyes mischievously,"Observe."
With that, she grabbed the lapels of her trench-coat and pulled
them apart, standing in all of her naked glory before them.
Christian's mouth dropped, Edge's eyes widened and Terri allowed
a dark glint to twinkle momentarily in her eyes.
That was her undoing, it distracted Edge and Christian from the
splendor of her nudity, her large heaving breasts, tiny tapered waist,
flared hips and thin line of dark pubic hair. It served to remind them
of how she'd screwed them time and time again, cost them matches, cost
them The Titles which now adorned their waists.
"You're right, Terri," said Edge, showing his feral grin once
again,"Now we don't want you not here...."
He moved up to her as she grinned and swiveled her hips a little,
dropping one shoulder and cocking her head. He took her by the shoulders
and she ran her eyes over his toned, athletic body. She couldn't wait
to ride him, to grind herself on his cock and....
"And that's have you be not here right now!"
With that, Edge thrust the startled Ms. Runnels towards the door,
while Christian pulled it open to allow her to stumble out.
"And don't come back!" they both snapped, before slamming the
door and moving back to their benches.
They sat themselves down at an angle on the benches, neither
saying anything, just sitting there. Finally, with that same
synchronicity displayed earlier, they turned to look at each other and
allowed giant grins to cross their faces.
"That was fucked!"

Terri stomped down the corridor, trench-coat wrapped about her
nude body, absolutely furious.
Of all her little manipulations in the past, all of her plans
and tricks and screwing with Wrestlers, all had failed at least once at
one point.
But never this last, most drastic of moves, never had her body
failed to get her what she wanted.
"Fucking faggots!" she growled, having convinced herself that
the two Wrestlers must be gay if they had no interest in her. The thought
that her terrible, inexcusable behavior towards them over the past few
weeks might have something to do with it never occurred to her.
What did was revenge, and revenge off an extremely painful nature,
something they wouldn't forget for a long, long time.
And she knew just how to get it.

Triple H slammed the door to the Office open and stormed in, still
wearing only his trademark lycra underwear, boots and arm-pads.
"DAMN THAT HEBNER!" he roared, slamming his palms down flat onto
Vince McMahon's table.
Vince sat in his plush seat, seemingly unperturbed by this sudden
interruption. Sitting on one edge of the table between Hunter and Vince,
Shane McMahon was less unflustered and actually hopped down and stepped
"I want his ass fired, Vince!" growled Triple H, his wife and
Vince's daughter - Stephanie - walking in behind him with a look of uneasy
anticipation on her face,"I want his ass fired and I want that WWF Title
back around my waist....."
Vince calmly stood up, straightening his jacket and smoothing back
his hair.
"Helmsley, you shut your mouth right now, or I'll have your
degenerate ass thrown out of this building and you can spend the rest of
your career lying down for Rick Flair and Hulk Hogan at WCW."
Triple H stood stock still, his already flushed face growing redder
and redder as he tried to come to grips with what had just been said.
Had Vince just threatened to fire him? HIM? The Game? The man who,
despite the crowds hatred for him, despite Vince's own rage and anger,
brought those self-same crowds in in the hope of seeing his be beaten.
"You better watch...." started Hunter, raising up his hand, but
he cut off when Stephanie placed a restraining hand on his shoulder and
shook her head solemnly.
"Listen to him, baby," she whispered,"He's up to something."
She turned to look at her father, giving him a small, cheeky
smile,"Aren't you, Daddy? That devious mind of yours is all ready trying
to turn this to your advantage."
Vince smiled at his until recently estranged daughter, then turned
his gaze back on Triple H.
"You call yourself The Game, Triple H? Well, I might not have
invented The Game, but I sure as hell perfected it."
He sat back down in his chair, leaned back and placed his fingers
together, forming a triangle. He stared through the gap as if seeing
some perfect picture in his own mind, then flicked his gaze back onto the
former Champ.
"So, Triple H, what do you say? How'd you like to prove, beyond
a shadow of a doubt to everybody in the world, that you ARE The Game."

Bradshaw and Farooq had sat in silence, as they had since the
fight in the bar they'd gone to following Wrestlemania.
They'd been drinking pretty heavily then, playing pool with a
couple of big, pot-bellied Bikers from Arizona when some preppy jack-asses
from a local College had come up and started making trouble. They'd
called them fakes and bullshit artists, claiming that Wrestling was
fake and, the straw that had broken the camels back, more homo-erotic than
American Football.
Once the ambulance left and the Bikers had begun their argument
with the police, The Acolytes had gotten bored and walked back to their
hotel, where they now continued their drinking in silence.
"Good Wrestlemania tonight," muttered Bradshaw, pausing over his
Farooq cocked an eyebrow, then put his beer down.
"You gonna talk all fucking night long then?"
"You put your beer down," replied Bradshaw simply, finishing off
his own beer before continuing,"Can't handle it, huh?"
Farooq allowed a grin to cross his face, then threw back the rest
of the beer and crushed the can against his head.
"Day I can't drink you under the table, son," the big black Wrestler
laughed,"Is the day you get a nose-ring."
They both grunted laughter and went back to drinking, until a
knock came at their door.
"That better be the beer we ordered," growled Bradshaw, getting
up and moving to the door, opening it up as he finished off the can in his
And there was Terri Runnels.
"Help you, Marlena?" asked Farooq.
"Terri," she corrected, stepping into the room uninvited and
moving to the center of the room and noting the amount of empty beer cans,
whiskey bottles and shot glasses piled around the room,"Love what you've
done with the place,"
"I think it really... burp!... really ties the room together
nicely," growled Farooq, finishing another beer. This comment received
a snort of laughter from Bradshaw as he closed the door.
"What do you want, Terri?" the burly Texan asked,"And do we really
want to know?"
"I want to hire A.P.A," she said, coming straight to the point
immediately,"I want you to put a beating on Edge and Christian, especially
The Acolytes took this all in stride, as if being hired to beat
up on guys was a common-place occurrence.... which it was.
"Tag Team Champions," growled Farooq,"That puts the price up,
you know, and all costs include refreshment expenses."
By refreshment expenses they meant, of course, beer runs, a fact
which Terri knew well. She was a bit disappointed by the rise in price
though, she'd shelled out some serious cash a couple of weeks ago when
she'd hired them to put a beating on Edge and Christian, and she'd had
just enough to cover that fee again.
"I don't know if I can stretch that far," she whimpered slightly,
and when she saw absolutely no sympathy for her lil' lost puppy look,
she fell back on what had been, until an hour ago, Old Reliable,"But
perhaps I can find something of greater value than money."
Once again she pulled her trench-coat open, dropping it to the
floor and standing naked before them.
Bradshaw and Farooq stood staring at her naked form, eyeing her
appreciatively, taking in every inch of her small but extremely well
put together body. Her large breasts stood firm on her chest, her waist
curved in nicely before curving out into beautifully tapered hips and
between her legs was a thin strip of dark pussy hair.
"Money buys beer, sex doesn't," muttered Bradshaw, and Terri
felt a moment of panic, had Old Reliable failed again!?!
But then Farooq and Bradshaw grabbed a beer each, threw them back
and finished them off before standing up and saying perfect unison.
"Fuck money."

Five minutes later, Bradshaw stood behind Terri, sliding one
finger in past her cunt lips, bending it slightly and scratching gently
at the interior of her fuckhole. He slid his finger around in tight
little circles, penetrating her cunt, making her moan in pleasure as
he finger-fucked her, collecting her juices on his digit.
Pulling his finger free, he slid it up between her rounded ass
cheeks and over her back, then sniffed at the digit before smiling and
lowering himself to his knees, obviously liking just what he'd smelled.
The Texan lowered his head down between Terri's thighs, bringing
his hand back up between her legs again and spreading apart her shaven
cunt-lips with his index and middle finger. He gave the inner-folds of
Terri's cunt a flicking lick with the tip of his tongue, then lifted his
fingers, spreading her cunt and revealing her clitoris, already erect.
With a grace and care which belied both his brutish nature AND
his heavy drinking, Bradshaw lightly licked down the exposed interior of
one cunt-lip, down over it to her inner thigh, kissing the flesh of her
leg and making her moan before turning his attention to the other inner
As Bradshaw went to work on Terri's pussy, Farooq stood before her,
arms gently on her shoulders as she slowly jerked off his massive cock
with one hand, the other cupping and caressing her own large breasts. She
squeezed her nipples between her first and second fingers of one hand as
the other ran up and down the long length of Farooq's hard cock.
The hot 'Manager' moaned happily, her skin glistening with a light
sheen of perspiration as her large breasts rose and fell faster and faster,
her body jerking slightly every now and then as Bradshaw began to eat
her out, her eyes fixed intently on the massive cock in her hand right
at this moment.
Fuck Edge and Christian! This was going to be so much better!
Pushing his head firmly forward, Bradshaw nuzzled his face into
her hot snatch, rubbing his nose against her clit even as his lips pressed
past the pink folds of her pussy, brushing his lips over and over her hot
cunt, driving Terri Runnels crazy with pleasure.
No one had ever aroused her so quickly while eating out her cunt
before, not even her immensely talented husband Dustin, who had broken
down and done the unthinkable, signing with WCW.
Terri slid her hand off of her tit and ran it behind her back,
sliding it between her hot ass-cheeks and grabbed the back of The Texan's
head, trying to push his face deeper into her cunt, wanting more of his
amazingly talented tongue.
Her strength paled in comparison to his own, but Bradshaw relented
anyway and slipped his tongue past her lips, pressing into her fuck-hole
and feeling her clenching cunt-lips as he forced his tongue into a straight,
pointed little penis and began to tongue-fuck her hot cunt.
His tongue plunged in and out of her, making her moan through
clenched teeth and squeeze Farooq's cock in her hand, a very pleasant
sensation indeed for the big man.
Pulling his tongue free from Terri's clasping, wet hole, Bradshaw
ran his tongue up in broad strokes over her entire cunt, then made a small
hole with his mouth and sucked her erect clitoris inside it. His teeth
nibbled lightly at her clit.
Terri cried out in ecstasy as a totally unexpected orgasm flooded
her body and her hand squeezed on Farooq's cock harder than ever before.
"Damn!" snapped Farooq,"Yeah!"
"Oh yeahhhh! Ooooh yessss!!" cried Terri, doubling over so that
her mouth was mere inches from Farooq's cock, forcing Bradshaw to contort
his body slightly to keep his lip-lock on her pussy. He quickly slid
his knees back so he was in a more comfortable position. Bradshaw was
a lot of things, but flexible wasn't one of them.
He forced his tongue to go as far inside of Terri's cunt as he
was able, pushing it in as deep as he could, thrusting his face forward
inhaling the heady aroma of mixed cum, sweat and her body's own natural
He tongue-fucked the former Gold-Dust's wife with reckless abandon,
loving the taste of her, wanting more, drinking her cum like it was one of
the beers he usually threw back.
Bradshaw sucked up the last of her cum, then pulled his head back
to catch his breath. As he did so, he parted her pussy lips once again
with his fingers. His eyes centered in on her hot, erect clit and a sly
grin crossed The Texan's face, a grin that only widened when he heard
Terri's moans and cries of pleasure become muted, accompanied now by
sucking noises as she went down on Farooq at last, taking the first couple
of inches of his long, thick cock into her mouth.
Bradshaw once again formed the small O with his lips, then leaned
forward and swallowed her love button once again, setting Terri off once
again as her mouth lovingly caressed Farooq's member. Her back arched
and she forced her ass back, pressing her cunt firmly against Bradshaw's
chin as he clasped onto her rounded ass and made quick sucking motions
with his lips around her clit.
He sucked gently at first, then quickly increased the pressure of
his lips around Terri Runnel's love-button, pressing his tongue against
the underside of her clit and sucking harder and harder.
Terri moaned incoherently around Farooq's cock, taking more and
more of it into her mouth now. The Acolyte was clutching onto the sides
of her head, gently fucking more and more of his cock into her mouth with
each stroke, joined by her head's own bobbing motions, combining to
cause over seven inches of his cock to be sliding down her hot throat.
Once again Terri came, driven over the edge by the combination of
Bradshaw's talented mouth on her clit, his hands clutching her ass, the
feel of Farooq's hands tangled in her hair and the gentle strokes of his
cock in and out of her mouth. It was all too much for her after her first
orgasm, and she came hard, her juices flooding into Bradshaw's waiting
mouth as the Texan relinquished his grip on her clit and spread his mouth
wide to create a plunger-like suction around her cunt.
Bradshaw slid his fingers up between his lips and her cunt,
spreading her cunt wide before pressing two fingers side by side into
her climaxing, clenching cunt-hole. He ran his digits across the roof
of her pussy, driving a hard shock of pleasure throughout her groin and
up and down her spine into her limbs.
"Ooooh!" she cried, pulling her mouth from Farooq's cock,"Please!
Fuck me! FUCK ME NOW!"
Bradshaw grinned, sliding out from under her, getting to his feet
and stretching himself before he pulled his jeans and boxers down, then
got himself into position behind her as she went back to work on Farooq's
cock, licking it around the sides, over the head, taking his knob into her
mouth and gripping it lightly with her teeth as she slid her lips back
and forth over him.
Bradshaw spread Terri's eager legs with his feet, grabbing his
cock in hand before slowly guiding it into the velvet, juicy heat of her
"Fuck yeah!" The Acolyte growled,"Tight!"
Terri moaned in pleasure around Farooq's cock as she fucked her
ass back, getting as much of Bradshaw's own large member stuffed deeply
inside of her gushing quim.
She had come to get help on her revenge on Edge and Christian,
but The Tag Team Champions were the furthermost things from her mind at
the moment as she reveled in the fat cock dick in her mouth and the
hard dick sliding in and out of her tight little snatch.
After a few experimental strokes, Bradshaw had an idea of what
Terri's limits were and knew what he could and couldn't do. Despite he
and Farooq's rough image, love of alcohol and especially of fighting, they
were always very mindful of the women they fucked. They enjoyed slamming
it to their lovers, but they weren't interested in hurting them, they
weren't sadists, just hard men.
Now that he knew what Terri could take - and it was a fairly
broad image considering the two orgasms he'd already given her - Bradshaw
slammed his whole cock up into her tightly stretched cunt.
He howled with pleasure at the feel of her cunt around his cock,
loving the velvet, sucking heat of her juicy snatch.
Farooq grinned at the sound of his partner giving it to Terri,
content to sit back and enjoy the sensation of Terri Runnels jerking him
off along the base of his cock while she took the upper half inside of
her mouth, tongue sliding and twisting over his shaft.
Terri's body was rocking back and forth as she pounded her ass
back against Bradshaw's hips before sliding her mouth back forward over
Farooq's cock, taking more and more of his meat inside of her mouth with
each forward stroke.
Her fuck-hole was clasping down on Bradshaw's meat like a vice,
sucking back on his cock whenever she rocked forward, trying to pull him
with her.
The Acolyte found that by timing his strokes with her he could
get maximum penetration by pushing forward as she pulled back, then allow
the most movement of her juicy cunt-walls over his shaft by pulling back
as she moved forward to take more of Farooq's cock into her hot little
Despite the obvious pleasure of this, it was too restrained and
mechanical for Bradshaw to enjoy it for long, and soon he was pounding
forward with greater speed, forcing Terri forward, taking more of Farooq's
cock into her mouth until finally she had close to the entire length of
his meat stuffed into her mouth and just firmly sucked on it while her
second lover, Bradshaw, pounded in and out of her, fucking her hard,
his cock slamming in and out of her cunt.
Terri continued to push her ass back as far as she could to
join him, getting as much of his cock into her pussy as she was able to,
her body on fire with sexual ecstasy. She moved her ass around, grinding
herself against Bradshaw's crotch as her tongue and mouth worked wonders
on Farooq's member.
A smacking, slapping noise had filled the hotel room as Bradshaw's
hips met Terri's rounded ass. The meaty, fleshy slaps coming quicker and
faster as they both rose towards peaks, while Farooq felt his balls
beginning to contract up, ready to blow his load inside of Terri's hot
Roaring out in pleasure, Bradshaw brought his hands up, grabbing
Terri by the hips and slamming forward, pushing his entire cock deep inside
of her steaming, juicy pussy.
He held himself firmly against her ass for a few moments, then
pulled back almost to the point of exit before he slammed back forward
and crammed all of his meat deep into her eager, sucking slit.
Terri's cry of ecstasy came out as little more than a gurgled
squawk as she felt her cunt rapidly clenching and unclenching, sucking
back on the hard cock buried deep inside of her, feeling the short, small
little thrusts Bradshaw continued to make inside of her.
"Ahhh fuck yeah!" grunted Bradshaw, grinding his cock against her
cunt as she felt his body seizing up, all of his pleasure centers on fire,
every nerve ending in his body seeming to be alive and screaming for his
He slammed his cock hard into her, then blasted him cum deep into
her own climaxing pussy, feeling her eager pussy take it all, her juices
beginning to flow out around his cock and over the join of his crotch
and her ass.
He continued to grip her ass for a few seconds more, then relaxed
his grip and slowly fell backwards out of her, his cock pulling free from
her cunt before his ass hit the carpeted floor.
And there he sat, a goofy look on contentment on his usually
hardened Texan features.
As Terri shuddered through her own orgasm, her body twitching and
her stuffed mouth making animalistic, moaning noises of pleasure, Farooq
got up from his sitting position on his knees to a more vertical position,
then grabbed the side of her more firmly and began to pump his cock in
and out of her hot mouth.
"Oh yeah, that's it," his deep voice rumbled, fucking her throat
in earnest now as she quivered and groaned through another orgasm and
he approached his own.
It didn't take him long once he'd decided he wanted to
cum. Although he probably could have gone on all night long if he'd
wanted to, he wanted to cum now and had decided he was going to make it
happen. His new relaxed attitude, as well as the undeniably delicious feel
of her moist mouth about his cock as it slid in and out, looking into
the rolled back eyes of the beautiful Terri as her body took her through
another amazing orgasm, it was all the stimulation he needed to push his
cock as far down her throat as he was able before blasting his cum,
shooting thick, ropy sperm against the back of her mouth and down her
He held his cock inside of her mouth for a few moments longer,
then allowed a low groan to escape his throat before he pulled free of
her warm mouth and settled down onto his ass.
Terri rolled over onto her back and slid her hand between her
legs, the other cupping one of her large breasts as she came down from
her last orgasm.
"Oh... oh that was wonderful," she moaned, then sat up suddenly
and wiped her forearm across her mouth,"So, do we have a deal?"
Farooq and Bradshaw exchanged a wry grin, then turned back to
her and lifted a can of beer each.
"You betcha sweet ass we do," rumbled Farooq, and then he and
Bradshaw threw back their beers as Terri's look of sexual content was
replaced by one of sadistic satisfaction.
The Acolytes had just fucked her good, and now they were going
to help her screw Edge and Christian, but not in such a fun way.

Raw Is War - The Next Night.

Fireworks blasted up and down the entrance ramp, the crowd going
wild as they realized it was all on the air now.
"Welcome to Raw Is War!" cried J.R into his microphone, sitting
at his Commentary Table,"I'm Jim Ross, along with Jerry 'The King' Lawler,
and King, this crowd is still abuzz over what happened on Wrestlemania
last night!"
"You bet they're abuzz!" cried The King,"We don't have a Champion!"
"That's right," nodded J.R, having to yell to be heard over the
crowd,"Triple H and The Rock double-pinned each other after
the controversial interference of Vince McMahon."
"You're crazy, Vince was just...."
At that moment, the familiar opening notes of Vince McMahon's
Entrance Theme started up and the crowd instantly began booing. As the
image of Vince appeared on The Titan-Tron, the real deal appeared through
from the back. He smiled and nodded as he heard the jeers and cat-calls.
Signs everywhere read Why, Vince, Why? Vince Screwed The Rock!
The Rock Beat The Game, The People's AND The Real Champion.
Vince strode down the Entrance Ramp and pulled himself up onto
the mat by the middle rope, then hopped through.
As his music faded, the crowd's own chant swelled.
"Now I don't appreciate being called that," Vince said with
a rueful smile.
BOOOOO! replied the crowd with a laugh.
"Now, to Wrestlemania...."
This time the boos were angry and heartfelt, and before long
a chant of "Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!" had started up.
"I will admit, and I will admit freely," said Vince angrily,
quieting the crowd enough to hear him out,"That it was my intention to
screw The Rock out of The Title in order to make things right with my
The crowd instantly began chanting "Slut! Slut! Slut! Slut!" at
the lone man in the ring, who shook his head.
"Please, insult me if you wish, but leave my daughter out of
Sitting at his Commentary Table, J.R turned to look at
The King,"Well this is a first, Vince has just admitted to intentionally
trying to screw The Rock out of The Title."
"Yeah, but it was for Stephanie!" cried The King, turning an
admiring gaze onto Vince.
"But after what happened next, I've come to realize
something," Vince continued as the crowd finally calmed somewhat,"All
that nonsense, the Triple Threats, The Hell In The Cells, The Handi-cap
matches and Fatal Four Ways, the Battle Royals and 6 Man Tags, all of
that has proven nothing. None of the four Wrestlers who have been at the
top of this..., as Triple H likes to put it, this Game, have been able to
effectively prove their right to be The Number One Man in The WWF. Not
through a lack of talent, you understand, but simply because the level of
skill in The WWF is so high."
"Just where is Vince going with this?" asked J.R,"Who gets The
"Triple H!" snapped The King,"He's The Game!"
"So what I'm coming down to is this," continued Vince,"As of
last night, when Earl Hebner counted down The Rock and Triple
H simultaneously, the Title is vacant, and there is no clear indication
of who most deserves it.... so I'm going to give some of the other hard
working Wrestlers out there a chance to prove themselves. Last night,
I worked late into the night working out a system to find out once and
for all a set ranking system to see who is the number one ranked contender
and who is deserving of The WWF Title. And starting from tonight, the
first round in a five round Tournament to see who will be The
WWF Heavyweight Champion begins."
"KING! That's a huge statement from Mr. McMahon!" cried J.R,"A
Tournament to decide The WWF Champion, as well as an effective ranking
system to clear up the confusion we've seen in the last few months."
"I don't believe it!" cried The King,"Mr. McMahon is a genius!"
"This is an opportunity for all those Wrestlers who feel they're
being over-looked to prove their worth. It's all open, and if you win,
you're The WWF Champion...."
At that moment, the lights dimmed, flashing lights sprang up around
the entrance and the very familiar music of Triple H started up.
Stepping through the curtains, Triple H stood menacingly at the
head of the entrance ramp, his body dancing with flashing lights that
cast his body and face into shadows. He filled his mouth with the remaining
water in his waterbottle, then spat it out above him before heading towards
the ring, his face cast in a furious glare at Vince McMahon.
"Oh boy, business just picked up," whispered J.R.
"If I was Vince, I wouldn't be standing in that ring
right now!" returned The King.
Triple H stepped in and strode towards Vince angrily, who held
up a hand in a warding off gesture, speaking into the microphone as he
did so.
"Now Hunter, calm down, give me a moment."
Triple H ripped the microphone from Vince's hand and took a moment
to suck in a deep breath through his nose before walking in a small circle
around Vince. Finally, having released some of his tension, he spoke into
the microphone.
"I got screwed at SummerSlam by Jesse The Body Ventura last year,
Vince, but the next day I made my own luck and beat Mankind for my Title,
and ever since then you have done nothing but try to screw me out of it.
Last night The Rock DID NOT beat me! I had my arm over his chest and Earl
Hebner counted 1, 2, 3. I am The Champion, I am The Game and I will have
my Title back.... NOW!"
Vince smiled as he took the microphone back. He held it up to
his lips, smiled, and said one word that made the crowd roar with approval.
Triple H made to grab for the microphone again, but as he did
Vince shoved him hard with his free hand, surprising The Game even as Vince
stepped forward and pressed his body against Hunter's gripping him by the
back of the head and bringing his own face to within inches of the former
"And you are going to quit your whining, Hunter, because
no Son-In-Law of mine is going to be a pissing, moaning schoolgirl!"
The Crowd laughed and clapped, not liking Vince but hating Hunter
Vince stepped back, releasing Triple H even as he moved out of
harms way. Hunter was staring at him through narrowed eyes, his lips
parted in an animalistic snarl.
"This is your chance, Triple H, to prove you really are The Game,
because in this very ring tonight..."
The crowd roared in excitement.
"Oh boy," whispered J.R.
"Oh no!" laughed The King.
Vince paused, looking about at the crowd before continuing,"You
will face an opponent who will take you to the furthermost limits of your
endurance and push you past it, and the winner will be the first to
proceed to Round 2 of this Tournament."
"Bring it on, I'll kick his ass and then yours!" snapped Hunter,
loud enough so that the cameras at least, picked it up, and people watching
around America and The World could hear it.
"I wouldn't be so eager if I were you," said Vince with a smile,
moving back a little further,"Because your opponent is the toughest SOB
walking God's Green Earth...."
The crowd went mad, crying out excitedly.
"King, he can't mean...." started J.R.
"No way, no way!" jabbered The King.
Triple H shook his head, concern etched on his face as Vince's
face broke into an evil grin, nodding wickedly.
"Oh yes, Triple H, prepare to go one on one with The
A roar from the crowd shook The Arena.
"It is! It is! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!" cried J.R, overcome with
excitement just like the fans, while beside him King just looked sick to
his stomach.
"Oh no, not that rattlesnake...."
"Oh yes!" laughed Vince McMahon,"Here he is! Stone Cold.... Shane
The crowd began to cheer, then froze as the familiar noise of
breaking glass filled the arena, then the thumping beat of Stone Cold's
entrance music started up as a figure burst through the curtains and
strode clumsily towards the ring.
It was Shane McMahon, wearing a bald cap and with a thin
goatee penciled over his lips and chin. His shirt was an Austin 3:16
t-shirt, but the Austin had been covered over with a marker and McMahon
written over them.
He leaped into the ring, then jumped onto the turnbuckle and
threw his arms into the air... before slipping off of the ropes and
bumping his chin. He then twisted about and flipped himself the bird,
which wasn't as easy as it sounded.
"Oh this is pathetic," muttered J.R, contempt on his face,"This
is absolutely pathetic."
"What are you talking about, J.R!?!" laughed The King,"This is
going to be a magnificent match, Stone Cold Shane McMahon!"
"And for an emotionally charged match like this, there's only
one man who can possibly referee impartially, and that man is me," said
Vince with a grin, turning to look at Triple H, whose face was red with
"Oh Triple H is mad, Vince is going to screw him out of any
chance of getting his hands back on The WWF Championship," observed J.R
from his ringside position,"You gotta believe that Mr. McMahon is loving
every minute of this."
Vince waved his fingers as Referee Tim White exited the ring with
a sad shake of his head, and the bell rang to start the match.
Shane instantly rushed Triple H, stopped nearly a foot away from
him, then slowly raised his foot so that his toe barely touched The Games
abdomen. Bizarrely, Triple H bent double as if in agony, and Shane turned
his back, grabbed Hunter around the head and with agonizing slowness,
lowered himself to his knees before releasing Triple H's head.
"What the hell is going on?" snapped J.R, as the crowd watched
in confused silence.
"I think that was a Stunner?" asked The King.
Triple H, meanwhile, had begun flopping around the ring as if
he was in terrible pain. Shane, seeing his predicament, leaped on top
of him, covering his head and shoulders.
Vince dropped to his knees and counted two, and then Triple H
kicked out.
Shane's mouth dropped in shock, but then he set his jaw (what
there was of it) grimly and, to the crowds angry baying, repeated the
whole process of the 'Stunner', with the same result, Triple H flopping
about, getting covered, and then kicking out on two.
"Oh this is just wrong," growled J.R,"Someone get Ollie And Frasier
out of the ring."
Shane repeated his 'Stunner', but this time after Triple H kicked
out, he blocked the slow kick for the fourth 'Stunner', then very slowly
and carefully brought his knee gently into Shane's gut.
As Shane doubled over this time, Hunter hooked his arms, then
slowly got down to his knees before releasing Shane's arms.
Shane lay flat on his back, unmoving, as Triple H made a performance
of crawling around the ring before landing on top of Shane and getting
a count of three from Vince McMahon.
The crowd's booing had become almost violent now, fans were
throwing empty and half-full cups of beer at the ring and
chanting Assholes! Assholes! Assholes! Assholes!
Shane sat up groggily, holding his head as Triple H pulled himself
to his feet by the ropes. Shane stood up and stared at Hunter as if in
shock, then dropped his head.
Vince picked up the microphone and wiped an imaginary tear from
his eye.
"That was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen," he
murmured quietly,"And I think all of you ungrateful people should give
a round of applause to these two magnificent athletes."
"BOOOOOOOO!!!!!" screamed the crowd.
Triple H staggered forward and took the microphone from Vince
before looking up at Shane, extending an arm slightly.
"Shane, several years ago I went through one of the most
emotionally charged matches of my life. I managed, by the skin of my
teeth, to beat my friend Shaun Michaels for The European Title....."
"Oh I remember that match, that was almost as bad as this one!"
growled J.R angrily.
"Quiet, J.R!" cried The King, tears almost welling up in his
eyes,"This is an emotional moment for The Game."
"... but this match, Shane, this match.... you took me to the
limit, I just hope we can both respect each other for the great athletes
we are. I won this time, just, who knows what would happen if we did
it again."
Shane nodded, wiping an imaginary tear from his eye, then stepped
forward and embraced Triple H, as Vince nodded his head and clapped in
"It was all a scam!" yelled J.R into his microphone,"It seems
The McMahon-Helmsley era continues stronger than ever, they're all in
cahoots together."
"JR, Please!" cried The King,"This is an emotional time, Triple
H just went through the toughest match of his life!"
Back in the ring, Vince was motioning for the crowd to cease it's
baying and roaring and listen to him.
"Now, now," he said as they finally calmed somewhat,"I doubt that
there are any two Superstars who could possibly match the emotional
intensity and high-flying, high-risk moves of this last match....."
"Oh please, high-flying, high-risk indeed," spat J.R.
"J.R, you're so cynical!" observed The King.
"...but I'll try my best to give you the closest thing to this
incredible match, let's just hope they can compare even slightly to the
gut-check of this super-event."
J.R just shook his head in disgust.
"And so, in tonight's Main Event, in this very ring
tonight!" cried Vince with a hard grin,"It's going to be The Rock....."
The crowd went crazy, cheering and throwing their arms up before
breaking into a chant of Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!
"Yes, that's right, The Rock," continued Vince,"Going one on one
for a place in the second round with.... The Big SHOW!"
The crowds cheers stopped and once again booing started up.
"Oh come on! this is a total fix!" snapped J.R angrily,"Triple
H and Shane McMahon just hit an all time low with a match that WCW would
be proud of, and now The Rock has to face off against The Big Show!"
"So Rock," laughed Vince,"If you've got the grapefruit, if you
really are The Great One, The People's Champion, you'll prove it toni...."
the Arena and the crowd once again went crazy, leaping to their feet and
craning their necks for a look at The Great One.
The Rock strode through the entrance curtains, The WWF Championship
belt slung over his shoulder and a look of intense contempt on his face.
"It's The Rock!" cried J.R in almost exultant adulation,"The Rock
is here and he looks pissed!"
"And he's got The WWF Title!" cried The King,"That doesn't belong
to him!"
The Rock stopped by the entrance ramp, glaring at Vince, Shane
and Hunter. He lifted a microphone in one hand and made to speak, but
before he could a chant of Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! started up from
the crowd.
Rocky closed his eyes and cocked his head, drawing in breath
through his nose, inhaling the atmosphere of the crowds adulation. In
short, he was smelling what they were cooking.
He lifted his hand and closed his fingers together, and immediately
the crowd ceased it's chant, ready to hear what Their Champion had to
"Vince McMahon, you come in here, you run your mouth, saying
no one deserves the Title, saying you've got a little Tournament lined
up to find out whose the best in The WWF. Vince, you then bring in
the worst staged, most plainly fixed match anyone.... and The Rock Means,
ANYONE! has seen since Don King's last fight."
The crowd laughed, Vince snarled and Triple H moved to the ropes,
gripping the top one and glaring at The Rock.
"Then Vince, you say The Rock has to go one on one with The Big
Slow to get into the second round of this tournament, you say The Rock
has to prove once again to The Rock's Millions...."
".... AND MILLIONS!" screamed The Crowd.
".... and millions of fans," finished The Rock,"That The Rock is
not only The People's Champion, but The WWF Champion as well."
The Rock paused, taking the belt of his shoulder and lifting it
high in the air to the crowds cheers.
"Well Vince, The Rock says this.... it doesn't matter if The
Rock has to walk through The Big Slow, The Undertaker, Kane, The Oddities,
The Acolytes, The New Age Outlaws, Steve Blackman, Crash Holly or Doink
The Clown...."
The crowd roared it's laughter.
"Doink The Clown!" cried The King.
"The Rock is now and will forever be, The People Champion, and
if you hadn't put that wind-tunnel tested hairdo of yours in The Rock's
way at Wrestlemania, The Rock would be once again The WWF Champion."
He paused and once again inhaled the atmosphere as the crowd first
cheering their approval, then began to chant Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!
"So Vince, you make your little tournaments, you put up your
little sideshows, but rest assured, The Rock will walk through anyone you
throw his way until The Rock once again stands tall as not only The People's
Champion, but The WWF Champion as well," he pulled the microphone close to
his face,"If you smellllllllll.... what The Rock... is cooking!"
His music started up again and The People's Champion turned on
his heel, then left through the entrance curtains to the crowds exultant
In the ring, Triple H turned and yelled something at Vince, who
snapped something back before the three of them left the ring.

Stomping through the entrance curtains, Vince was instantly
besieged by Wrestlers both hopeful and worried. Eddie Gurrero consulted
momentarily with his fellow Radicals - Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and
Perry Saturn - before heading out for his match. As his music played,
Chris Jericho walked in behind Chyna, who was moving stiffly ahead of
him with an angry look on her face. They stopped by the curtain and
when Jericho made to say something to her, The Ninth Wonder Of The World
brushed him off with an angry wave of her arm. The other assembled
Wrestlers ignored this, though, more interested in Vince at the moment.
"... tournament Vince? Whose in it?"
".... How's it set up, Vince?"
".. who am I fighting, Mr. McMahon?"
"... when am I fighting, sir?"
Vince held up his arms as Triple H snorted in amusement and
moved on. Jericho's music started up and The European Champion sighed,
then moved through the curtain behind Chyna.
"Now calm down, calm down," said Vince, smiling at his assembled
talent, Wrestlers from around the world who had come for the promise of
money and gotten in, but stayed for the competitive edge found only in
The WWF,"Obviously everyone can't be in The Tournment, I had to pare it
down to 32 wrestlers to keep things manageable, or else we would have had
to throw in Triple Threats, rests and a lot of other bullshit we didn't
"So who made it in, Vince?" asked D-Lo Brown..
"I had to weigh up the amount of time some of you had been with
The WWF along with the impact others of you have made in the short time
you've been here. It wasn't easy cutting some of you, and don't take
exclusion as a sign of lack of faith, it's just that someone else has
been here longer than you or happens to be more over with the fans at
the moment."
Shane moved from behind Vince and lifted a briefcase from next
to some packing crates. Opening it up, he removed a piece of paper
and walked to a nearby bulletin board, pinning it up.
"That's the Tournament listing," said Vince,"On it are
the Wrestlers who made it and who they'll be fighting and when."
The Wrestlers moved up to look at the list.
"All right!" laughed Saturn,"I made it, we all did, even Eddie!"
Brian - Grandmaster Sexay - Christopher breathed a sigh of relief
as he saw that he too, had made it on, but his partner Scotty 'Too Hotty'
had not been so lucky, neither had their compatriot, Rakhishi Phatu.
"Oh come on!" snapped Scotty,"Okay, I'm pretty new, but Rakhishi
has been here for years and he's totally over with the crowds!"
Rakhishi just glared at the list, his face impassive, inscrutable
and perhaps implacable.
"WHAT THE HELL!" snapped Kurt Angle,"I'm not on here!"
"No shit, sherlock," chuckled The Godfather through teeth clenching
a smoking cigar in celebration of his inclusion on the list,"You been
here less time than it takes Brisco and Patterson to take a dump, you
really think you'd get in?"
"But I'm an Olympic Hero," whispered Angle, more to himself than
anyone else.
He turned to complain to Vince, as did several other Wrestlers
who hadn't made it, but the McMahon's were long gone.
A sudden howl of dismay rocked The Arena, followed by severe
"What the hell?" muttered Godfather through his cigar, and moved
gracefully towards the entrance curtains, peering through.
"What's going on?" asked Farooq, standing next to Bradshaw, both
of them having made it onto the list.
"Looks like Chyna just hit Jericho with a low-blow," muttered
The Godfather,"Crazy broad, Jericho needs to learn how to handle his
"Couldn't handle The Latino Heat," chuckled Perry Saturn. Beside
him, Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit thumped their fists over each others
without even looking.
"OH DAMN!" laughed The Godfather, almost losing his cigar,"She
just power-slammed Eddie!"
"What the fuck?" muttered Malenko, and he, The Radicals and most
of the other Wrestlers moved to join The Godfather at the entrance curtain.
Peering through, they were in time to see Chyna pick up first
Jericho and then Eddie, hitting them both with Pedigrees.
"Shee-it!" chuckled The Godfather,"They both must have pissed her
off something fierce."
"Let us through!" growled The Radicals, but for once they were
outnumbered as the other Wrestlers, the majority of who had no quarrel
with Jericho, Chyna or Eddie, kept them back.
"Here she comes!" cried D-Lo Brown as Chyna stormed up the ramp.
The Radicals were pulled away and The Wrestlers moved off to the
side, ignored by Chyna as she stomped through the curtains and moved off
down a corridor.
Benoit, Malenko and Saturn were released when she was gone and
headed off down the ramp to grab an unconscious Eddie Gurrero, then
carry him up the ramp, leaving Jericho lying unconscious in the ring.

With those roaring words, the biggest living man in Wrestling
moved through the curtains and down the Entrance Ramp. He had
only arrived at the Arena a few minutes earlier, after receiving a phone
call from Shane McMahon telling him he had to fight tonight.... and that
their business arrangement was no longer tenable.
So his foul mood was understandable.
The 7"2, 500 Pound 'monster' grabbed the top rope and pulled
himself up to the ring mat, then stepped over the top rope and entered
the ring.
Moving to the far side, he grabbed a microphone and moved back
to the center of the ring. His music ended and he held his head in his
hand for a moment before talking.
"I have just about had it with being manipulated, twisted, turned
and played at every step of the way. I'm not going to play little games
anymore, no more allegiances with The Undertakers, The McMahons, The DX's
and all that crap. I'm in a Tournament to decide The WWF Champion, and
I'm fighting The Rock, so let's the two of us go one on one, no crap,
no interference, chairs, ring bells or special Referees. You and me, Rock,
let the best man win!"
He threw the microphone out to one of the camera-men and settled
back against a turnbuckle, waiting for The Rock.
"Pretty drastic words from The Big Show," said J.R,"But it has
been a night of surprises, hasn't it King?"
"I'll say, Vince starts The Tournament, endorses The Game, Chyna
takes out Jericho AND Gurrero, those damn Dudleyz put Tori through a
table after The New Age Outlaws beat them and now The Big Show
has effectively cut ties with The McMahons....... it's The WWF baby!"
The Arena. The Crowd went wild as The Rock stormed down the entrance ramp,
hopping onto the ring mat and moving up a turnbuckle, holding up The WWF
Title and inhaling the atmosphere of his adoring crowd.
He entered the ring and handed the Title over to the Referee, then
raised The People's Eyebrow as he eyed The Big Show.
The bell rang and moments later The Rock and The Big Show were
exchanging blows. The Big Show's strength was incredible and soon he
was over-powering Rocky, slamming him back with each blow of his powerful
arms. The Rock hit the turnbuckle and Big Show rose a massive arm and
brought it down in an overhead swing which connected with... nothing.
The Rock had slipped under The Big Show's arm and moved behind
him. As the massive, 7 foot+ twisted about he was hit hard by one
of Rocky's open palms. The Rock slammed him again and again, driving
The Big Show back and up against the turnbuckle post over and over before
he drew back his hand, turned his fixed gaze upon it and brought it down
in a massive swing which connected hard and drove The Big Show up several
The crowd was going wild, but they quickly quieted when The Big
Show let out a roar, grabbed The Rock by the sides of his head and by
sheer force of strength lifted the 275 pounder by the head and threw him
into the turnbuckle, reversing their positions.
He brought up one massive hand and slammed it down, his hand
slapping with bone-jarring impact on The Rock's chest. The sound echoed
throughout the Arena and the crowd let out a wince of sympathetic pain.
Big Show grabbed The Rock by his arm and lifted him out of the
corner, then Irish Whipped him into the other turnbuckle, which he slammed
into with a meaty thud.
The Big Show rushed forward and slammed his 500+ pound body
hard into The Rock, making the crowd hiss sympathetically.
Grabbing The Rock again by the arm, The Big Show again Irish
Whipped The People's Champion across the ring and into the turnbuckle,
spinning him over the post and out of the ring.
The Big Show stepped forward and lifted his arm up high in the
air, giving the call sign for his Chokeslam - The Show-Stopper.
He moved towards the opposite end of the ring, then stopped short
as he saw three figures rushing down the entrance ramp.
X-Pac, The Road Dogg and Mr. Ass.
D-Generation X.
The crowd roared it's disapproval upon sighting DX, and sitting
at his table, J.R was absolutely livid.
"What the hell are they doing here? This is The Rock and The
Big Show! What in the hell is DX doing interfering? as if we didn't know!
This is all part of the McMahon-Helmsley conspiracy to screw The Rock!"
"You're paranoid, J.R!" cried The King,"They've probably just come
to get The Title which The Rock stole from Mr. McMahon!"
The Rock had staggered to his knees, but before he knew what
was happening, Mr. Ass had grabbed him by the neck and the waistband
of his short and tossed him back into the ring. DX slid into the ring
and began pounding on The Rock, kicking The People's Champion down again
and again.
The Big Show angrily stepped forward and The Road Dogg broke off
to turn and face him.
He moved in close and wrapped an arm around The Big Show's back,
laughingly pointing to The Rock and chatting away animatedly. The Big
Show glared down at them, then slowly nodded his head and allowed a
smile to cross his lips.
The Road Dogg pulled his arm away and moved towards The Rock
again, ready to resume his attack. As he did so, The Big Show's grin
disappeared and he reached out, grabbed The Road Dogg by the back of the
head, twisted him around and slammed his massive forehead into Jesse's
The D.O Double G went down in a heap, and Mr. Ass spun about
as he saw it happen out of the corner of his eye. As he did so, his face
meet the massive boot of The Big Show and he went down, even as the
crowd caught up with what Paul Wight was doing and began roaring their
X-Pac turned and stared with wide eyes at The Big Show, who
towered almost two feet above the DX member. He looked down at The
Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, both rolled up into the fetal position and
in no position to help him.
He was no fool, and within moments X-Pac was moving through the
ropes to escape, but not before The Big Show caught him, pulled him back
into the ring and twisted him about.
One massive hand gripped X-Pac by the throat and the crowd roared
it's approval, and a moment later the degenerate was lifted up almost nine
feet in the air, then slammed down hard enough to shake the ring and
bounce him off the mat several times.
"King! King! Look at that!" cried J.R,"The Big Show just hit X-Pac
with the chokeslam from hell!"
"The Big Show just took out DX!" yelped The King in shocked
Big Show pushed X-Pac out of the ring with one massive boot, then
lifted The Road Dogg and Mr. Ass by the backs of their heads and chucked
them both over the top rope as the crowd roared it's approval, but not
for the reason Paul Wight thought.
Turning around, The Big Show's legs were grabbed by a recovered
Rock, who used leverage and the massive Wrestlers own momentum to take
him off of his feet and bring him down in a ring shaking SpineBuster.
The Big Show hit the mat hard, and moments later The Rock was at
his head, kicking his massive arm onto his chest before gripping his elbow
pad and pulling it clear, throwing it into the crowd where the lucky
fans scrabbled and grappled for it.
The Rock swung his arms back and forth, then rushed to the side
of the ring, bounced off of the ropes, leaped over The Big
Show's prostrate form, bounced off the other ropes and then stopped
right next to his opponent, lifted a leg, held his balance momentarily
as he raised his arm, cocked his elbow, aimed and then slammed The People's
Elbow down into The Big Show's chest.
"The most electrifying move in sports entertainment today!" cried
The King,"The People's Elbow!"
The Rock scrambled onto The Big Show's chest, hooked one huge thigh
and pulled it up as The Referee - who had been totally flummoxed by the
arrival of DX and their subsequent beating, unsure what The Tournament
rules on disqualification's were - dropped to his hands and knees and
brought his arm up and down.
The crowd cheered and cried out in excitement as The Rock claimed
the victory. At his announcers table, J.R gripped his hat and leaned
forward, as if fearing the huge outburst from the crowd would knock him
"You gotta believe that Mr. McMahon or Triple H sent out DX to
take The Rock out of this Tournament, but The People's Champion has
made it to Round 2 and King, King, as the second fighter, that means
Round 2 is going to be The Rock - The People's Champion - versus Triple
H - The Game!"
The Rock rolled out of the ring as The Big Show groggily sat up,
then moved to where The WWF Title lay. He slid back into the ring, climbed
up the turnbuckle and lifted the Title high, matched by a rise in the
crescendo of the crowds ecstatic cheers.
"We are out of time!" cried J.R,"For Jerry 'The King' Lawler, I'm
Jim Ross, and The Rock is one step closer to regaining that Title he holds
in his hands right now, but will Triple H and Vince McMahon allow that to
And with that, Raw went off the air.

The room was black, with no indication of size or shape, the walls
lost in the darkness. The only light had no visible source, it just
slightly highlighted the only objects in the room, giving them a light
blue outline which could just be made out to be a high-backed chair,
small table with a chess-board set into it.
The occupant of the chair stared down at the chessboard with
great interest.
"Black King sacrifices Black Rook," he growled, his voice low
and menacing,"White King takes Black Pawn."
He reached forward and lifted the Black Rook from it's position
between thumb and forefinger, holding it up to his inspection. It was
carved with a masters touch to an exact scale replica of Shane McMahon.
"You court disaster," he growled, then brought his finger and
thumb together, shattering the unique piece into splinters that crumbled
to ash before falling to the floor.
He lifted the Black Pawn next, which was large and hard to move,
but a pawn nonetheless.
"Wasted potential," the rooms occupant growled, then smashed the
replica of The Big Show as well.

"That was great!" laughed Shane, catching Hunter's hand and
closing the other over it, an affectionate hand-shake which seemed to
put to a rest any doubts DX might have had over this new merger they
had made with Vince McMahon.
For Road Dogg, Mr. Ass and X-Pac it was sometimes confusing as
to where their loyalties lay. Hunter was their leader, and he always
seemed to have some new scheme in the works, plans he didn't always tell
them about just so they would be more effective.
When Vince McMahon had taken The Rock out with the chair at
Wrestlemania the night before they'd been just as shocked as the rest
of the world, just as Stephanie and Triple H themselves had been. It
seemed that Hunter wasn't the only one with plans he didn't reveal to
others, even his own son Shane McMahon didn't seem to know what was going
on in his Father's head most of the time.
They'd taken Hunter's assurances that morning that Vince was now
with them with a grain of salt. How could Vince McMahon, whose daughter
Triple H had secretly romanced and wed behind his back, possibly want an
allegiance with DX.
But any doubts they'd had were severely crippled by Shane's
hilarious parody of Stone Cold Steve Austin, and now by the affectionate
handshake between Hunter and Shane.
"Welcome to the good life, gentlemen," laughed Vince McMahon,
grabbing a tray of champagne glasses from the bar in one of hundreds
of luxury Corporate Suite's where he spent his time during Broadcasts
on the road,"Cavier, Champagne, lobster, a world of business and financial
contacts, a world of the elite scrubbing each other's back in order to
prop each other up."
"Sounds like Sizzler," joked Road Dogg, popping a shrimp into his
mouth and grinning at Mr. Ass, who was eyeing the champagne warily.
"It sizzles!" replied Tori with a grin, her arm hooked with
X-Pac's,"I love the good life!"
"All for you baby," laughed X-Pac, kissing her cheek and patting
her rear at the same time. He made it sound like it was because of him
they were here, but if Tori noted that she didn't care.
"So we in this Tournament Mr. Mc.... Vince?" asked Mr. Ass, sipping
his champagne slowly to get used to the taste, still not totally assured
about being on a first name basis with his Boss,"What's the deal? How is
it going to work?"
"Watch this one, Hunter," chuckled Shane,"He wants to be The Champ!"
Triple H grinned and gently squeezed Stephanie's shoulder from
their place on the leather couch. She knew that meant he was about to
spin some shit and wanted her to hear it, so she snuggled closer to him.
"Deal is this, Billy," he explained, chewing on gum, an annoying
habit Stephanie hadn't broken him of.... yet,"This Tournament is designed
to fuck those idiots over once and for all."
This was accompanied by a general wave out the glass wall looking
out over The Arena, indicating he was talking about the fans who shelled
out cash to see them wrestle,"We meant to put The Rock out in the first
Round, then Shane would fuck with The Big Show's head and get him to lie
down or be disqualified or some good shit. You guys get a free ride
through The Tournament too, so that you'll be high up on the final rankings
list, but if we met up, you lie down for me."
"Hey hey, Dawg," muttered Road Dogg,"Just like that, we lie down!"
"Relax, Jesse!" grinned Hunter,"You lie down in The Tournament,
then after I've won it and proven beyond a doubt that I am The Game to
those morons, you'll be up there as number one contenders. I
guaran-fucking-tee you'll get your Title Shots after that, and they'll
be fair ones."
"I like the sound of that," muttered X-Pac, nodding slightly.
Road Dogg stepped back, his bad mood fading.
"Cool," grinned Mr. Ass, throwing back the rest of his champagne.
Stephanie smiled, her face hidden in Triple H's shoulder, then
lightly bit his arm through his jacket. He kept a straight face, but
she felt his arm squeeze her shoulders again, indicating he understood.
None of them would ever get a fair Title Shot, they would make
sure something interrupted or got in the way. Because he didn't want them
getting any ideas, he was The Leader, he was The Game, and as good as they
were, they would never be anything more than his support act.
The door to The Corporate Suite opened and Gerald Brisco and Pat
Patterson, the final members of the new McMahon-Helmsley Regime came
stumbling in.
"About damn time!" growled Vince,"Well? Where's The Title?"
Vince had sent Brisco and Patterson, of all people, down to
The Rock's dressing room to retrieve The WWF Title he had taken.
"Oh Mr. McMahon!" cried Patterson, pronouncing it Mac-Man,"He
wasn't there, so we went looking for him and... and we didn't find him
but we found The Big Show!"
"And?" asked Vince after a substantial pause,"So?"
"The Big Show was attacking The DX Express!"
Everyone sat up in shock, no one having expected to have heard
that. The DX Express had been Road Dogg and X-Pac's idea, coming after
an extensive 'brain-storming' session (a brain-storming Cheech an Chong
would have been proud of) and proven immensely popular with Triple H
and Stephanie, who had 'christened' almost every part of it. Normally
the idea of someone attacking a bus would have been laughable, but The
Big Show was the biggest living Wrestler in the World, and had already
proven capable of destroying a lot of things considered undestroyable,
such as an actual Ring and Vince's Titan-Tron.
"That fucking thing cost $250 Grand!" roared Triple H,"Get out
there and stop it!"
DX, Brisco and Patterson and Vince and Shane rushed out the
door, and Triple H rose to follow them, but found himself pulled back
by Stephanie.
"Steph, I gotta go!" he cried.
"Shhh, forget it honey," chuckled Stephanie, watching as the
door closed behind the last of the McMahon-Helmsley Faction,"I got a
better idea!"
"But The Express!" he cried again, agitated beyond words at the
thought of what The Big Show was even now doing to it.
"If The Big Show hurts it's too bad, Daddy will buy a
new one," she chuckled,"Relax Hunter, we're under the wing of Mr. Vince
McMahon now, objects don't matter anymore, they can be replaced just
like that!"
She snapped her fingers, grinning at her husband as she did so.
"Shit," he whispered,"You didn't have to work for anything one
day in your whole life, did you!"
"Not one!" she replied with a giggle, a huge smile on her face,
actually proud of the fact that she'd never worked for anything before.
"I totally dig you, Steph," he growled, and kissed her on the
lips,"You're not like any girl I've ever known."
"You're damn straight," she chuckled, kissing him back. They
continued like that, the kiss getting more and more passionate, their
tongues intertwining, Stephanie loving the rough feel of his unshaven
cheek against her smooth one.
She broke the kiss finally, then with a lecherous grin slid
over him, then down his body, her arms trailing over his chest as she
got onto her knees before him.
"Steph?" he asked, sitting on the leather couch, legs spread
wide with his wife, the daughter of his Boss, kneeling between his legs,
her chin resting on his crotch, hands over his chest, staring up at
him, a cheeky little grin on her face,"What are you doing?"
"Something naughty!" she giggled, then began to unbuckle his
"Shit, Steph!" he growled, looking about wildly, as if he expected
Vince or Shane to be standing there,"Your Dad could come back any second
"I know," she giggled,"That's what makes it so hot!"
A comprehending grin crossed his face, realizing that she intended
to go through with this, knowing that, like him, she got off on the
taboo, the naughtier the better. They were both a couple of degenerates,
and they loved it.
She pulled down his zip and undid the button above it, then
opened the crotch of his jeans and reached into the opening in his boxers,
sliding out his half-hard, thick slab of cock.
"Oooh, it gets bigger every time I see it!" she giggled at him.
"It's about to get a lot bigger, baby!" he hissed, pulling the
gum out of his mouth and slamming it into a now defunct ashtray set into
the table next to the couch,"You just keep doing what you're doing!"
Bending forward, Stephanie pressed her lips to the tip of Hunter's
prick, her crotch burning with need as she lightly kissed around the flared
purple knob of Triple H's penis.
"Oh yeah!" moaned Hunter,"I love it, I love it!"
One of Stephanie's small, soft hands, hands which hadn't done
a days physical labor in her life, circled around the base of his prick
and slowly began to jack him off, planting soft kisses over the head of
his cock, lightly flicking out her tongue and ever so gently applying
pressure to the eye of his penis.
"Oh yes, Steph, that's so good!" he moaned, rolling his head
back momentarily. She knew he was dying for it now, and usually she would
have teased him a little more, but time was of the essence, so she'd just
have to skip making him beg for it this time.
She parted her lips, sliding them over the glistening tip of his
fat cock, both her soft hands circling the base of his cock now as she
slowly stuffed her husband's prick between her lips and began to take him
into her.
"Ahhh, Oh!" gasped Hunter, turned on as much by the wet warmth
of his wife's mouth as the incredibly erotic image of Stephanie McMahon
taking his cock into her mouth as her beautiful eyes rolled up to stare
into his.
Stephanie, who was no stranger to blow-jobs, still found herself
fighting the gag-reflex as she went just a little too fast and took too
much of his cock down her throat too quickly, feeling his meat brushing
against the back of her throat.
She fought it off and continued to deep-throat him, spreading
her mouth wider and wider, the sound of her breathing filling the room
as she sucked air through her nostrils.
Once she had as much as she could get into her mouth for now, she
began to compress her lips against his rock-hard cock. She sucked firmly
on his cock-shaft, compressing and then softening her lips grasp around
his cock before she began to pull back, making a wet, slurping noise which
filled the room. She pulled back till just the head remained in her mouth,
then ran the tip of her tongue over his pisshole, then firmly against
the underside of his cock, where the shaft meet the flared head, before
slowly lowering herself back down over his prick again.
This was repeated again and again, faster each time, Stephanie
McMahon's head bobbing up and won, taking Hunter's dick deep into her
She dropped her mouth down over nearly the whole length of his
cock, then paused to close her eyes and inhaling the delicious, musky
scent of the base of his prick and his balls.
"Do you smell what The Steph is sucking?" he groaned, making
her laugh involuntarily around his cock, the contractions at the back of
her throat massaging and groping his cock.
To get back at him, she slid one hand (she had moved both arms to
a bent position on each side of her husband's waist) beneath his heavy
balls and began to tickle his nuts, making him sit up slightly in surprise
and push more of his cock into her mouth.
"Ahhhh Steph," he moaned, his hands coming down on either side of
her head, his fingers sliding between her long curls of hair,"Did you like
"Immmhmmmm," she moaned, her reply muffled due to having her
mouth stuffed full of cock.
"Then you're going to love this!" he grinned, and slowly began
to rock his ass up and down on the couch.
Stephanie moaned happily as she felt his cock fucking in and
out of her mouth, using her oral orifice like a cunt. Eager to
reciprocate, she bobbed her head down as he brought his crotch up, taking
almost all of his cock into her mouth this time as her tongue swirled
greedily around his cock. Her hand cupped his balls, rolling them and
fingering them as she worked her mouth up and down his cock as
he face-fucked her.
It was all coming together, her fingers tickling his balls,
her warm mouth bobbing up and down his cock, fucking into her face,
the image of her beautiful face hunched over his cock, lips spread wide,
the sound of her breathing noisily through her nose and the contractions
at the back of her throat around his cock was all too much for Hunter
in the first place, couple that with the knowledge that they were doing
this in Vince McMahon's Corporate Suite and he could return any second
to see his daughter sucking him off pushed him over the edge.
"Oh fuck yeah, Steph!" he moaned, then cried his catch-phrase
without even realizing he was doing it,"Suck it!"
Stephanie felt her crotch growing warmer, could feel the juices
building in her own cunt as she grew closer and closer to bringing her
husband off. She redoubled her efforts, sucking on Hunter's hard cock,
the sound of her mouth slurping over his shaft contending with the hot,
heavy breathing coming through her nostrils.
"Oh fuck, Steph, this is it!" cried Hunter, sitting forward
and grabbing the back of her head, hunching his cock up firmly into
her mouth,"I'm cumming!"
Surprisingly, Stephanie pulled herself away, jerking her mouth
off of his cock and pulling back slightly.
"Wha...?" he started.
"My face!" she moaned, her need obvious,"On my face, Hunter!"
"Oh fuck!" he moaned, the longing on her face and the nature
of her request bringing him off. He grabbed his wet, glistening cock
in hand and aimed it directly at her, blasting off a load of cum which
hit her squarely in the face, hitting her nose before the next spray of
sperm blasted on cheek, another hit her forehead while yet another strand
of ropy sperm landed in her hair.
She dropped her mouth to a hairsbreadth of his spasming cock-head
and caught the last brief shot of sperm directly into her mouth, the cum
pooling on her tongue, where she held it with a naughty look at her
"Oh that was fucking unbelievable!" moaned Hunter, leaning back
in his chair as Stephanie slid a bit more of his sperm of her cum-soaked
face and placed it in the pool collected on her tongue.
She got up and grinned at him, then rushed out to the adjacent
rest-room, where the sound of a tap soon emerged.
She stepped out a few minutes later, her face entirely cleared
of his sperm, she'd even washed the strands out of her hair.
"Well, no problems then," chuckled Hunter, coming forward to
kiss her. She opened her mouth to reciprocate, and he instantly recoiled
as she laughed.
The sperm was still pooled up on her tongue, and as he watched
she slid her tongue out and slid the thinnest sheen of it over her lips,
unnoticeable unless you were looking for it. Closing her mouth again,
she visibly swallowed, then grinned devilishly at him.
"What the hell....?" he started, then the door opened and she
quickly stepped up beside him, hooking his arm with hers and leaning
against his shoulder.
"What happened to you two?" asked Shane, stepping back in and
picking up his discarded champagne glass.
"Stephanie was worried The Rock might attack her while Big Show
distracted us, so I stuck around to protect her," lied Hunter instantly,
without hesitation or thought.
Stephanie seemed to snuggle a little closer.
"Good work, Hunter," said Vince, stepping into The Corporate
Suite and closing the door,"Road Dogg and the others have gone down to
the Police Station to make a statement, since legally speaking it's
DX property."
"So you got him then, Daddy?" asked Stephanie,"That horrible
Big Show?"
"Sure did honey, he'd shattered a windscreen and put a massive
dent in the fender just by punching it," explained Vince with a shudder,
imagining that raw power turned on him,"But some police were nearby and
with some help from us we over-powered him, although he broke two sets
of handcuffs and took a few taser shots first."
"Sounds like something out of WCW," chuckled Hunter.
"Who'd know," laughed Shane,"Nobody watches!"
Vince and Shane let out a long laugh, slapping each other on
the back. To think, Vince had once felt threatened by the pathetic
competition he now ridiculed on an almost daily basis.
"We gotta go now, Daddy," said Stephanie with a little grin,"I
want to get a long nights sleep before we head out on the road again
Then, before Hunter's horrified gaze she strode up to Vince and
gave him a peck on the cheek, followed by another to her brother. That
done, she turned around and beckoned to Hunter, who walked in a kind of
awestruck daze to her, waiting for an explosion from one of the two
McMahon men at any second.
There was none, just a mumbled good night from Vince and a wave
from Shane.
He was almost out the door when all that changed.
"Triple H!" snapped Shane, freezing Hunter's blood. Slowly,
reluctantly he turned around.
"Yeah?" he asked.
"Drive safe, buddy," laughed Shane, thumping Hunter's shoulder
good naturedly,"That's my little sister you've got with you."
"Sure, sure," gasped Triple H, trying not to let the words come
out to quickly. With that he turned around and left, closing the door
behind him and throwing an arm around the shoulders of his wife, who
was close to collapsing from badly suppressed tears of laughter.
"And they call me a degenerate!" laughed Triple H with relief,
and gave his wife a quick peck.... on the cheek.


The crowd roared as Smackdown! began, cheering and holding up
their signs as the camera panned over them. They were ready for anything
after the incredible events of Monday's Raw Is War, where they had seen
Triple H defeat Shane McMahon in a farce of a match, Chris Jericho and
Eddie Gurerro get the shit kicked out of them by Chyna and The Rock
come back from certain defeat to beat The Big Show.
"I'm an Ass Man!" sounded throughout the Arena, followed by two
thumping beats,"Yeah I'm an Ass Man!"
Billy Gunn - Mr. Ass - stepped through the entrance curtains and
lifted his arms, smiling at the crowd, half of whom were cheering for
him while the other half booed. He moved down the entrance ramp, stopping
halfway down to turn around and grip his asscheeks, making a humping
gesture before continuing down to the ring and hopping in, moving to the
center of the ring. He held up his microphone and grinned cheekily at
the crowds mixed reaction to his presence. They hated Triple H and X-Pac,
but despite all the bad things that he and The Road Dogg did with the
former duo, the crowds still couldn't quite bring themselves to hate The
New Age Outlaws.
"Now we're gonna kick things off DX style tonight!" said Mr. Ass
into the microphone with a smirk,"I got a message for my opponent, I'm
giving you the opportunity to just sit this one out and let me progress
through to Round 2 of The Tournament, because the only thing Mr. Ass likes
more than loving asses, is kicking them!"
He threw the microphone out and bounced against the ropes a couple
of times before settling against them, waiting to see if his opponent would
come out.
"Latino! Latino! Latino!" pounded throughout the Arena, and moments
later Eddie Gurrero was moving down the entrance ramp, eyeing Mr. Ass warily
as he headed down, constantly checking behind him for any sign of the rest
of DX.
He entered the ring and lifted his own microphone.
"Okay, Mr. Ass," he said with a dismissive wave of his arm,"You
think you can put out the fire of my Latino Heat? I think not, and I'm
going to enjoy kicking your Mr. Ass!"
Billy launched himself forward off of the ropes at Eddie, hoping
to surprise The Radical, but Eddie was ready, swinging the hand holding
the microphone forward and knocking Mr. Ass right down to the ground.
Referee Tim White's eyes widened in shock, but as the bell hadn't
yet rung, there was nothing he could do.
"Ring the bell!" laughed Eddie, and with a curse, White motioned
for the bell to ring.
Eddie through the microphone aside and put his foot onto Billy's
chest. Tim White dropped to his knees and counted.
And Mr. Ass kicked out.
Eddie clutched his head in shock, then pulled Mr. Ass up and
began hitting him with hard rights and lefts, then Irish Whipped him into
the ropes and then clotheslined him down to the mat. He threw his hand
up into the air, then climbed through the ropes and up to the
top turnbuckle, getting ready to hit Mr. Ass with his Jumping Leapfrog.
He threw his hands wide, stood up straight, and then leaped
incredibly high into the air.... and even as he did so Mr. Ass - who had
never been as hurt as he'd made out - leaped to his feet, dodged to the
side and slammed his fist up into Eddie's gut as The Radical came down.
As Eddie doubled over in pain, somehow managing to keep his feet,
Mr Ass grabbed him by the head, raised his free hand high into the air,
then leaped up and brought his leg down onto the back of Eddie's head
and slammed his face hard into the mat, executing his finishing move - The
Fame Asser.
The crowd laughed and cheered as Billy made the DX Trademark 'Suck
It' taunt to the prostrate Eddie, then rolled him over, covered him and
got a three count from Tim White.
He rolled out of the ring, turned to grin at the still unconscious
Eddie Gurrero, then headed up the Entrance Ramp, his position in Round
2 of The Tournament secured.

Vince sat in his very comfortable Corporate Suite, which gave him
a great view of the goings on in The Arena without having to get near
the crowds. He dipped a carrot into some dip and chewed at it, grinning
as he watched Mr. Ass get the three count.
"I told you he'd win," laughed Triple H, Stephanie leaning on his
shoulder contentedly, as Shane McMahon handed him over a 20
dollar bill,"Forget all that bullshit about his ass, he's a
great athlete."
"Yeah, yeah, just take your money Hunter," grumbled Shane, making
Vince chuckle.
The door to the Box opened suddenly, causing them all to sit up
as Kurt Angle burst in.
"Why haven't you answered any of my calls!" snapped the Double
Gold Medallist angrily at Vince, whose eyes were wide in shock at this
totally unexpected interruption,"I wanna know why I'm not in that
Tournament? I'm an Olympic Hero dammit!"
Vince's eyes narrowed angrily, even as Triple H cast an angry
glare at Stephanie, who was staring with concern at Kurt.
"The reason you're not in this Tournament, Kurt!" growled Vince,
standing up and stepping right up against Kurt,"Is because you'd just
embarrass yourself if you were, now get the hell out of this box! You may
be an Olympic Hero, but I'm Vince McMahon dammit!"
Kurt stared up at him in shock, then anger, but he thought better
of it when Triple H stepped up and cast a dark look at Kurt. Stephanie
shook her head at the Double Olympic Gold Medallist, concern etched over
her face.
He dropped his head, then turned and stamped out of the Box,
slamming the door behind him.
"You could have told him the truth, Daddy," complained Stephanie
as a scowling Vince slumped down into his chair.
"Tell him what, Steph," laughed Triple H,"That you made us keep
him out because you didn't want him to get a beating when it came down to
him getting in our way? Yeah, I'm sure he'd appreciate that!"
"Dick!" she snapped with a grin, pushing him away as he sat back
down next to her.
"Bitch!" he said back with a grin, pushing her.
They turned and started kissing, a bit too passionately for
Vince's liking, as he'd only just gotten used to them being married.
"Okay you two, cut it out, cut it out!" he growled with half a
smile,"You can be in love later on."
"Hey Pops, next fight is starting!" snapped Shane, who had moved
to the glass wall once Stephanie and Hunter had started in,"It's that
freak Buh Buh Ray Dudley and Chyna."
"Chyna's fighting that fruit loop?" growled Triple H, causing
Stephanie to cast a dark look at her husband. He had never explained to
her, and she'd been too chicken to come right out and ask him, just what
the deal between himself and The Ninth Wonder Of The World was. They
had drifted apart as she had become more competitive in The WWF and started
up her own allegiances and rivalries separate to his own, eventually
hooking up with Chris Jericho, although that seemed to have ended now as
They all moved up to the glass and stared down at the ring, as
well as the Titan-Tron and several large screens set up around the ring,
watching the action as it took place.

Buh Buh Ray had managed to get the upper hand over Chyna, much
to the crowds delight as the woman they saw as treacherous and deceitful
getting a beating. Buh Buh Ray hit her with lefts and rights, knocking
her down and then waiting for her to get to her feet before clotheslining
her back down again.
Scooping her up, he thrust her head between his legs, then scooped
her up and Power-Slammed her viciously into the ground.
Chyna bounced up and down as Buh Buh Ray threw his hands into
the air and a exultant, almost orgasmic look appeared on his face. The
crowd, knowing what was coming next, roared in approval at what they saw
as justice for Chyna's betrayal of Jericho.
"Wood! Wood! Wood! Wood!" they chanted as Buh Buh Ray rolled out
of the ring, reached under it and pulled out a table.
"Table! Table! Table! Table!" cried the crowd as Buh Buh Ray
slid it into the ring, then climbed back inside. He set the table up
by one corner of the ring, then pulled a limp, practically unconscious
Chyna to her feet.
Hopping up onto the top turnbuckle, he was seated facing forward
into the ring, the table only a foot away. He grabbed Chyna by her hair
and pulled her up the turnbuckle, ready to slide her up onto his shoulders
and Power-Slam her through the table. His face was set in total
concentration, his eyes wide and, as J.R had commented numerous times,
almost orgasmic....
And Chyna slammed her fist into his groin.
The orgasmic look disappeared from Buh Buh Ray's face, replaced
with intense pain as Chyna shook off her pain-induced lethargy and pulled
herself free from his grip.
Clambering up the turnbuckle, Chyna moved behind Buh Buh Ray,
grabbed him by the shaven hairs on his head and pulled him up so that she
stood on the top turnbuckle and he was on the middle one. She bent
him over, hooked his arms behind his back and then used her incredible
strength to lift him bodily into the air, pushing off of the turnbuckle
with her legs and smashing Buh Buh Ray through the table intended for
The crowd was totally silent, shocked by the incredible daring
of Chyna's aerial Pedigree. As the two Wrestlers - one male, the other
female - lay amongst the wreckage of the table, Referee Earl Hebner
shook his head, shrugged, and began counting up to ten.
As he reached 7, Chyna rolled over and crawled to Buh Buh Ray,
covering him with an arm and collapsing once again.
Earl dropped to his hands and knees and brought his hand up and
Again the crowd was eerily silent, and then from somewhere the
chant started and then slowly swelled.
"Chyna! Chyna! Chyna! Chyna!"
Earl helped Chyna to her feet and lifted her arm as the crowd,
forgetting her betrayal of Jericho for the moment, cheered her name, while
behind them Buh Buh Ray lay amongst the wreckage of the table, dead to the

"DAMN!" laughed Shane, clapping his hands together in admiration
at what he had just seen,"That Chyna is one tough bitch!"
"Watch your mouth, Shane," grunted Triple H, scowling momentarily
before smiling down at the ring as he watched Chyna leave.
"Oh? Why?" asked Stephanie tartly, making Triple H arch an eyebrow
at her.
"Because if she ever found out he said it, darling," said Triple
H with a grin, leaning down and kissing his wife on her forehead,"She'd
kick his ass nine ways to Sunday."
"Have you considered you might have to face her at some point in
The Tournament, darling?" replied Stephanie with an evil grin, putting
emphasis on the darling,"What will you do then?"
"I'll cross that bridge when I come to it," replied Triple H
dismissively,"Now watch, this is going to be a good one, Farooq and

Edge stepped over the Security Barrier after entering through
the crowd. Farooq waited in the middle of the ring, glaring out at
Edge as he flexed his muscles lightly, preparing for the match.
Edge moved to the ringside apron and slid into the ring, keeping
his lower body on the ground and pulling himself along by his hands.
Farooq blanched in disgust at this, and made his feelings clear
by throwing his boot up, missing Edge by a hairsbreadth. Edge leaped
gracefully to his feet, taking advantage of Farooq being thrown off
balance by leaping off his feet and hitting the powerful Acolyte with
a spin kick that took him off of his feet.
Referee Teddy Long quickly motioned for the bell to be rung,
starting the fight officially.
Edge pulled Farooq up by his arm, scooped him up and slammed him
back into the mat before delivering a series of bruising kicks to his
Meanwhile, unseen by Edge, the ring apron flapped up and Farooq's
partner Bradshaw slid out beneath the ring. He rushed into the ring,
grabbed Edge by his long hair from behind and twisted him around before
scooping him onto his chest, holding him there momentarily, then flipping
him over his head and hard onto the mat.
The Texan helped his partner up from the mat and then the two of
them pulled Edge up onto his feet and began laying into him, hitting
him back and forth alternately, Edge knocked back and forth, the young
Tag Team Champion out on his feet.
Farooq grabbed hold of Edge and lifted him onto his shoulder as
Teddy Long screamed for him to stop. Farooq just shook his head, grinned,
then flipped Edge over and slammed him into the mat, executing his finishing
move, The Dominator.
Teddy shook his head and motioned for the bell to be rung, even
as Edge's partner and brother, Christian came rushing down the entrance
ramp to help his brother.
He slid into his ring, but Farooq and Bradshaw were ready and
waiting, and as Christian leaped to his feet, Bradshaw smashed him with
a massive Power-Clothesline. Christian went down and moments later
was being kicked and pummeled by Bradshaw and Farooq.
"The winner of this match by disqualification," said the ring
announcers voice,"Edge."
However, for a winner Edge didn't look too victorious, lying in
an unconscious heap in the middle of the ring.
Christian was pulled up by Farooq and lifted onto the
big Acolyte's shoulder before being smashed with a Dominator moments
later. Both Farooq and Bradshaw handed out a couple more hard kicks to
Edge and Christian, then pushed past Teddy Long and demanded a microphone.
Farooq straddled Edge's chest, grabbed his head and pulled it
up, slapping him several times to snap him out of his unconsciousness.
"Listen to me, boy!" snapped Farooq to Edge,"We're just the
messengers, don't take this ass-whupping personally, and remember to never
get on a ladies bad side!"
With that, Bradshaw and Farooq left, ignoring the boos of the
crowd as they headed up the ramp.

"What a fucking idiot," muttered Triple H,"Giving up a chance
for The WWF Title because some ex-girlfriend paid him to beat up on that
pretty boy."
"You saying you'd put the Title before me, baby?" asked Stephanie,
her arm wrapped around his waist and her head resting on his shoulder.
"I'm The Game, Steph," replied Triple H with a grin,"I'd find a
way to honor you both."
"Your boy's up next," muttered Vince, staring at the schedule
that he had worked out for The Tournament. Being Owner Of The WWF had
it's perks, although Linda had given him some serious shit for 'ruining
Wrestlemania' and The Board had been less than impressed, he was still
their Boss and there was nothing they could do about that. He'd worked
out The Tournament - with an assist from Shane - so that everything
worked totally to Triple H's - and this his own - advantage.
Including this next match.
"He won't have a problem," chuckled Triple H as he watched X-Pac
and Tori move down the Entrance Ramp, X-Pac leaping up and down, throwing
jumping jacks and DX Taunts as Tori dropped to the ground seductively in
front of him,"He won't have a problem at all."

Inside the ring, X-Pac waited for his opponent, his
entire demeanor one of absolute confidence.
"WHAT DOES EVERYBODY WANT?!" rocked through The Arena as a blurry
image appeared on The Titan-Tron, quickly focusing in on the image of a
mannequins head with the words Help Me written backwards on it's forehead.
"HEAD!" cried the crowd.
"HEAD!" roared the crowd.
Al Snow stepped out through the entrance curtains, holding Head
above his own, bouncing it up and down in time to his music as he made
his way down the ring.
And seconds later, the entrance curtains parted again and The
Road Dogg Jesse James and Mr. Ass Billy Gunn charged through, the former
gripping a fold-up chair in his hands.
Before the crowd could even react, The Road Dogg smashed the
chair into Snow from behind, knocking him down to the ground. He struggled
to his knees and The Road Dogg blasted him across the back with the chair
again, then dropped it and pulled the schizophrenic Wrestler back up
and held him in place as Billy Gunn lifted up Head and slammed it into
Al's face.
That was almost the worst thing, for Snow to be hit by his own
Head seemed almost like he was beating himself.
Road Dogg and Mr. Ass dragged the unconscious Al to the ring and
rolled him in, then stepped back and saluted X-Pac cheekily.
X-Pac grinned, then turned to Tim White and snapped at him to
ring the bell to officially start the match. The Referee blanched, shook
his head angrily, then motioned for the bell to ring.
As it did, X-Pac unnecessarily lifted Al Snow up, kicked him in
the gut and grabbed the back of his head, lifting himself into the air
and using his own body-weight to drive Al's face hard into the mat. His
finishing move - The X-Factor.
He rolled Al Snow over, covered him - even going to the bother
of hooking his left - and got the three count as the crowd hissed and
booed, chanting,"X-Pac sucks! X-Pac sucks! X-Pac sucks! X-Pac sucks!"

As a tag team match between The Hardyz and T & A started up,
Vince McMahon settled back down into his chair as his Daughter
and Son-In-Law continued standing with arms around waists at the glass
wall, watching the match.
A knock on the door got Shane's attention, and moments later
he was at his father's side, whispering into his ear.
"Let him in," muttered Vince after a moments thought, and he
noted that Triple H had turned to look at him. He smiled inwardly,
Triple H didn't miss much, and despite the way he had forced his way
into Vince's family, the senior McMahon had to admit that he made an
excellent addition to the family.
Shane opened the door and The Big Boss Man entered, his head
lowered, his entire demeanor respectful, just like Vince expected and
"You wanted to see me, Boss Man?" asked Vince, motioning for Boss
Man to sit on the couch, which he did.
"Sir, I don't want to be disrespectful," said the veteran Wrestler,
his face pained,"Am I wasting my time?"
"Hmmm?" asked Vince, raising an eyebrow,"I'm not sure I understand?"
"I'm the Main Event tonight," stated The Boss Man,"A first round
Tournament match, Main Event at Smackdown! to see who will become the
WWF Heavyweight Champion and what I want to know is... after seeing what
happened to Al Snow, am I wasting my time? Am I just going to get screwed
after giving everything I've got in these matches?"
Triple H whispered something in Stephanie's ear, then went back
to watching Vince and The Boss Man carefully, Shane doing the same thing
from his position by the door.
Vince thought carefully before answering.
"I'm not going to lie to you, Boss Man, this Tournament is going
to be won by Triple H, no doubt about it, he's going to be The WWF Champion
again," he leaned back, seeing Triple H's small smirk and The Boss Man's
larger frown,"But this Tournament WILL act as a very effective ranking
system, and I give you my guarantee now, my personal guarantee, that you
will not be interfered with in any way by anyone in The McMahon-Helmsley
Regime. I reward loyalty, Boss Man, and you've always been loyal to me,
so once this Tournament is done, if you can work your way through the
rankings to number one, you'll get a one on one, no interference Title
Shot with Triple H, understand?"
Boss Man sat quietly for a moment, then allowed a small smile to
cross his lips,"I do, Mr. McMahon, and I want to thank you again for the
opportunities you've given me here in The WWF."
Vince extended his hand and The Boss Man shook it, then left the
Box to go prepare for his match.
"What a crawler," muttered Triple H with a shake of his head.
"Watch it Hunter," snapped Vince,"Boss Man had given this company
years of loyal service and he's always done what I asked of him. If he
does get up to number one contender you'll give him his one on one shot,
believe me, you can beat him, you know that, he's still one hell of a
Wrestler but he's not in your league."
"No one's in my league, Vince," replied Hunter with a sharp
grin, and turned just in time to see T & A get the victory over The
Hardyz thanks to a very revealing distraction by Trish Stratus.
"Main Event coming up," chuckled Triple H,"We'll see just how
good Boss Man really is."
"You'll see what an effective tool he is," replied Vince with
a grin, then turned to face Shane,"Get onto Hebner, Shane, tell him that
this is a no disqualification match-up."
Shane nodded and moved to a phone by the bar, picking it up and
placing a call down to the locker-rooms where Earl Hebner would be getting
into his Referee's garb.
And then The McMahon-Helmsley Regime moved to the glass wall to
watch The Main Event.

The Big Boss Man ignored the taunts and chants of,"Bossman sucks!
Bossman sucks!" easily. His mood was jubilant after his meeting with
Mr. McMahon, his future assured at The WWF with the knowledge that no
obstacles would be put in his path to getting a Title Shot.
Triple H was an arrogant son of a bitch but a great champion, yet
Boss Man was sure he had the so-called Game's measure and could beat him
in a fair one on one.
He was also extremely pleased to have been informed by Earl
Hebner just before the match started that this was a no disqualification
match-up. Given the nature of his opponent, Boss Man would need all the
help he could get, and right now the Night Stick he twirled in his hand
would come in very, very helpful.
None of his good mood was matched in his face however, as he
kept a mask of angry concentration over his features. He slid into the
ring and stood up, whirling the night stick about his arm with a casual
ease that belied the complexities of it's movement.
He had learned all he needed to know about fighting, about the
judicial use of foreign objects and every other dirty trick in the book
during his time in Cobb County, Georgia, when he had been the meanest
Bull-Screw Prison Guard to ever walk the metal tiers.
He stood in the center of the ring, arms at his sides, arms
clenching and unclenching into fists as he waited for his opponent, whom
he knew would be no pushover.
And then, with no warning whatsoever, the lights went
out throughout the entire Arena. The crowds roared and cheered, and
moments later a jangling, discordant note reverberated through the air
as a dim red light began to light up The Titan-Tron.
A blast of red exploded along the head of the entry-way and as
if from nowhere, Kane - The Big Red Machine - stepped through the fire,
moving with purpose down the entrance ramp. As the fire faded, the
rounded, corpulent figure of Kane's unlikely father - Paul Bearer - moved
behind him, clutching his fat fingers together eagerly, his face somehow
keeping an eagle-like alertness to it despite his pudgy, doughy features.
His son, who stood 7 feet tall and weighed well over 300 pounds,
reached the ring, then lifted one massive arm and pulled himself onto the
ring apron before stepping over the ropes and into the ring.
His black ringed eyes were inscrutable from behind his leather
mask, but that just made them all the more disconcerting.
The Boss Man was used to being the biggest man in the room, but
standing before Kane he lost nearly half a foot and over 50 pounds.
Kane lifted both massive arms high, then brought them down as
four flares of red fire burst up from the four corners of the ring.
This what was The Boss Man had been waiting for, as the four pillars
of flame reached their peak he charged forward and smashed his nightstick
into the side of Kane's face.
Kane jerked to the side and Boss Man followed through, pounding
Kane from side to side with his nightstick, doing his best to take the
big man down and keep him down.

"You see?" chuckled Vince, watching as The Boss Man pounded
Kane again and again,"Kane could have given us serious problems, but
The Boss Man will see to it that doesn't happen."
"Okay, okay," nodded Triple H with a smile,"I'll admit, it was
a smart move."
"That's my Pops!" laughed Shane, causing Stephanie to roll her
eyes with a grin.
They went back to watching.

The Boss Man was yelling at Kane, telling him to go down, telling
him he couldn't win, he should just lay down.
But he was getting worried, one blow would have taken any other
man down and kept him down, but so far Kane was not only still standing,
but seemed to be less effected by each subsequent blow.
He redoubled his efforts, laying into Kane, hitting him hard in
the head with vicious blow after vicious blow, pushing his massive upper
body back and forth but not moving his lower body at all.
And then Kane drew himself to his full height, not even flinching
slightly as the nightstick hit him over and over.
To The Boss Man, it felt like hitting a lead pipe or concrete wall,
there was no give in Kane at all, nothing.
One giant arm shot out and The Boss Man was choking, a gloved
hand wrapped about his own admittedly large neck easily. He felt the
nightstick pulled from his hand and watched in shock as Kane lifted it
before his face, grabbed the handle with a couple of fingers
while retaining his hold on the main stick, and then broke it in two.
The Boss Man was pulled close to Kane, finding himself staring
right up at the masked face, which was tilted as if in curiosity before
another hand grabbed him by the small of his back and he was lifted high
into the air and then brought crashing back down onto the ring mat. The
Choke-Slam drove the air out of him and he felt his eyes close.......
When his eyes opened again, Earl Hebner was crouched over him with
concern on his face. Sitting up, he looked out and saw Kane disappearing
through the entrance curtain with his father.
"Wh.... what happened?" he gasped.
"You lost," replied Earl gently,"Sorry Boss Man, I think Kane
knocked you out."
"No... dammit!" growled Boss Man, clutching his head and looking
furiously at the now deserted ring entrance.
But there was nothing he could do about it, he'd had his chance,
and he'd lost.

Vince and Triple H kept their faces impassive, but Stephanie and
Shane were furious.
"DAMMIT!" snapped Stephanie,"I want that big red retard out of
here, Daddy! I won't let him ruin our plans!"
"Relax, Steph," muttered Triple H calmly,"If he does get to the
final round, which he won't, he can't beat me, I'm The Game."
"Hunter's right, Stephanie, and it won't come to that, I won't
let it, believe me."
But despite his brave words, Vince's mind kept replaying Kane
snapping that nightstick in two with one hand.
And he wondered.

Farooq sat grumpily in his chair, waiting for Bradshaw to return
with more beer. He had been satisfied by a job well done after putting
a severe beating on Edge, but more than a little irritated at giving up
his chance for The WWF Title to do so.
His bad mood hadn't been improved when they'd returned to their
hotel room and discovered they'd drunk all their alcohol the night before
and forgotten to get any more.
The Acolytes knew that in their current mood any bar they went
to would probably end up the subject of a police investigation, so Farooq
had sent Bradshaw out to pick up a few trays of beer.
A knock sounded at the door and Farooq pulled himself out of the
armchair with a grumble. Had that idiot Texan forgotten his key again?
He opened the door and looked at blank space for a moment, till
he noted the top of a head in the bottom of his vision and looked down
to see Terri Runnels.
"Terri," he grunted,"Hi."
"Hey baby!" she giggled, sliding in past him and casting her
gaze about the room,"Where's the other one?"
"Huh?" he grunted, closing the door and turning around,"Bradshaw?
He's getting some drinks."
"How long is he going to be?" she asked him, and he noted that
she was once again dressed in the trench-coat she'd been in when she'd
come to their last hotel room.
"I don't know," he mumbled,"What do you want?"
"I wanted to come and thank you for the job you did on Edge," she
replied with a chuckle,"I didn't expect you to throw away your chance for
The Title, I found that kind of touching."
"The price you paid," he replied,"I wasn't about to wait to do
the job."
"Well I just wanted to thank you," she said, moving forward and
pressing herself against him. He could feel her large breasts against
his chest and her flat stomach against his crotch,"Thank YOU in particular,
for a job well done."
Farooq glanced about him, wondering if this could possibly be
a trick. Did she really intend to do what he thought she did?
"I noticed that all you got last time was a blow-job," she whispered
up at him,"And your big Texan friend got to have my pussy, when you're
the one who did all the work really."
"Terri, I'm not a subtle man, so just come out and tell me what
you want."
She stepped back with a grin, dropping her head slightly, almost
coyly, before turning around and letting her trench-coat drop to the
floor. As he had suspected, she was naked, and she stood before him,
her rounded ass exposed to his gaze. Before his very eyes, she bent over
and spread her legs, sliding a hand between her ass-cheeks and spreading
them apart to expose her pussy and pink, puckered asshole, which gleamed
with some kind of lubrication.
"I want you," she giggled,"To bring that big black dick of yours
over here and fuck me up the ass!"
Farooq's reply?
He was already stepping out of his pants.
She saw his half-hard cock exposed and squealed with excitement,
then dropped onto all fours, legs spread and ass swaying provocatively
about before Farooq.
The big Acolyte dropped down to his knees behind her and
grabbed Terri's hips, pulling her ass back onto his hard cock, the flared
head pressing against her tightly puckered anus. The lubrication she'd
already applied, coupled with her loose, relaxed attitude made it almost
ridiculously easy for Farooq to slide his long, thick cock into Terri
Runnels's tight asshole like a hot knife through butter. He groaned in
disbelief, clutching her hips as he arched his back and continued to push
inch after inch deep into her bowels.
"Ooooh yeah!" moaned Terri, loving the feel of his cock parting
her anal walls, stuffing his cock deep inside of her butthole,"That feels
so good!"
She pressed her ass back, speeding up the penetration of The
Acolyte's prick into her anus. Sooner than either had expected, his crotch
was bumping against her rounded ass, filling her asshole fully with his
thick cock.
Farooq threw back his head and let out a long, low groan of
pleasure before he began to pump his cock in and out of Terri Runnel's
tightly clasping butthole, her ass-cheeks rippling and her tits bouncing
lewdly with the rough impacts of his muscular black hips against hers
hot, curved ass.
Terri let out a long, low and extremely sensual moan as she
felt The Acolyte's cock sliding in and out of her hot, buttery asshole,
his heavy balls slapping against her cunt and clitoris, each thump of
his balls against her throbbing clitoris sending wild pulses of ecstasy
throughout her nervous system.
Turned on by the feel of her asshole around his
cock - the delicious feel of her flesh, the sound of her moans as she
hunched her ass back against his crotch - Farooq began ass-fucking Terri
faster, holding on tightly to her tapered hips as he pumped his cock into
her tight, clinging asshole with long, hard thrusts that made Terri's
tiny body shake and quiver with both the sheer ecstasy of being ass-fucked
as well as the sheer force of the powerful Acolyte's crotch slapping against
her ass.
Both their bodies were glistening with a fine sheen of sweat
from their exertions, causing the impact of Farooq's crotch against
Terri's ass to make a fleshy, slapping noise to echo around the room.
Terri's thighs were quivering, her ass-cheeks tensing as she
gasped and panted for breath, being brought to the brink of orgasm by
the delicious sensation of the hot, hard cock slamming in and out of
her asshole.
Farooq didn't let up, continuing to pump his cock inside of
Terri's hot, buttery asshole, making her squirm with pleasure as she
slapped a hand onto her cunt and began fingering herself, Farooq's balls
slapping against her hand as she squirmed her fingers into her pussy and
finger-fucked herself.
The Acolyte could feel his own orgasm building, his balls were
drawing tighter and the flared head of his cock seemed to be getting more
and more sensitive. He knew it was time, and let his instincts take over,
fucking Terri Runnels's tight butt-hole as hard as he could, slamming
against her ass-cheeks, making the flesh of her ass ripple and her big
tits to sway and bounce with every solid, connecting stroke of his cock
into her ass.
Farooq rammed his cock as hard as he could into Terri Runnel's
snugly sucking asshole as hard as he was able, making her squeal and moan
as he leaned over her and cupped her large tits in his powerful hands,
squeezing them as he pounded his prick deep into her hot, clasping anus.
Terri lowered her shoulders to the carpet, raising her ass higher
to accept Farooq's powerful thrusts. His hands gripped her tits firmly,
pulling her back onto his cock, slamming his thick, juice-covered shaft
deep into her hot, clasping anal passage.
They had both abandoned themselves to the pleasure of
the delicious, taboo nature of their sex. Had Bradshaw walked in at that
moment they would probably have ignored him, had they even noticed him.
It was all too much, the pleasure to unbelievable, the tightness
of Terri's asshole, the unimaginable heat, gripping on his cock, sucking
back on it, drawing his cum out, milking him for it as she fingered
herself towards her own orgasm.
Farooq crammed every last inch he could deep into Terri's butt and
ground himself against her curved ass, his teeth clenching and his eyes
squeezing shut as he finally found blessed relief and blasted what felt
like an endless supply of hot, seething sperm deep inside of
Terri Runnels's tight, heaving asshole.
Terri rocked and bucked backwards, grinding her ass with wanton
abandon back against The Acolyte's shooting cock. He was buried fully
inside of her clinging rectum, shooting thick ropy streams of sperm
inside of Terri's ass as she chewed on her lower lip, moaning low and
deep from the back of her throat.
Terri's mind was whirling, any possible coherent thought lost
in the magnificent, unending pleasure that was The Acolyte's blasting
cock buried deep inside of her tight, sucking asshole.
"AHHH! OH FUCK YES!!!!" Terri screamed, her mouth
opening wide,"DO IT! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER!"
Farooq, despite cumming, did just that, continuing to slam his
cock in and out of Terri's rectum, emptying the last of his ball's contents
into her buttery asshole.
Even that wasn't enough to stop the determined Acolyte, who kept
fucking her tight, clinging ass with slower, deeper plunges. He reamed
her ass mercilessly, hands squeezing and kneading her large breasts as he
continued to fuck her ass and she stabbed her fingers in and out of her
Terri moaned and writhed in utter sexual ecstasy as she was
pushed over the edge of orgasm, screaming and moaning, throwing her ass
back against his cock as she fucked her fingers deep inside of her cunt
while mashing her throbbing clit. Her juices slid over her fingers,
coating his thumping balls and running down between their thighs as she
shuddered and moaned through her orgasm, as Farooq finally slowed down,
sliding his cock deeply into her rectum one last time before relaxing
his body and lying over her. Her shoulders were down on the carpet,
her ass up in the air, Farooq draped over her, cock buried inside of her
asshole, hands still clutching to her large breasts.
Finally he rolled off of her, his cock pulling free slowly from
her ass, which sucked back on his member, not wanting to let him go. He
dropped down to his ass and sat there, panting slowly, his face flushed
and breathless.
"Ooooh," moaned Terri slowly, her hand still in-between her legs,
her ass still up in the air,"Oh that was so good!"
Farooq shook his head, then smiled slightly.
"Shit," he growled,"You ever want someone beaten up on, you just
let me know darling, you deserve it!"
She giggled, then rolled over onto her back and lay on her elbows,
large breasts lolling to the sides on her chest, a big grin on her face.
"I'm going to have to piss a lot of people of," she giggled,"So
I can have an excuse to come back to you!"

Bradshaw stepped out of the elevator, the woman moving past him
wordlessly. It wasn't until the doors were closing that he thought he
might have recognized her and turned back around, catching just a glimpse
of a trench-coat, blond hair and sunglasses.
He shrugged, then moved down the corridor and put the brown paper
bags filled with liquor bottles and six-packs down onto the carpet. He
turned the knob and the door opened, and he scooped the paper bags back
up and entered the room.
Farooq sat grumpily in his chair, as he had when Bradshaw had
"Here you go, you lazy bastard!" snapped Bradshaw good-naturedly,
tossing Farooq a beer. His fellow Acolyte caught it, opened it, and
threw back nearly the whole contents.
"Took your time," growled Farooq,"You think I got nothing better
to do than sit here waiting for you?"
"Whatever," snapped Bradshaw, settling down into his own chair,
opening his own beer. He didn't think he'd tell the obviously irritated
Farooq about the young fan who'd given The Texan a blow-job in the alley
behind the liquor store. Why further irritate Farooq, who obviously hadn't
gotten anything other than Terri's blow-job in the way of sex for quite
some time now.
- Sad bastard - chuckled Bradshaw to himself, finishing his beer
and starting another.

Raw Is War.

"Welcome to Raw is War!" cried J.R,"We are halfway through Round
One of The Championship Tournament and we've already seen some shockers."
"I may be The King, but you're The King of understatements!"
laughed Jerry Lawler,"We've seen The Rock beat The Big Show! Farooq give
up his chance to be WWF Champion just because someone paid him and Bradshaw
to beat on Edge! X-Pac totally destroy Al Snow, Chyna gave Buh Buh Ray
Wood, Mr. Ass overcame The Latino Heat and Kane took a licking from The
Boss Man and kept on ticking.... but all of that pales in comparison to
the amazing match-up between Triple H and Stone Cold Shane McMahon!"
"And you are The King!" responded J.R,"The King of selective
memory! Al Snow was screwed by The New Age Outlaws before the match
with X-Pac even started and I never, ever want to hear about the travesty
that was that Shane McMahon match!"
"None of that matters, J.R!" cried The King as a deep scratching
note filled the ring,"Because here's the first of tonight's matches, and
it's going to be a doozy."
Matt Hardy entered through the entrance curtains and moved down
to the ring, his face set into a furious mask of concentration. Given
who is opponent was, this was very understandable.
His music finished, and moments later, the exact same music
started up again and Matt's brother Jeff made his way down ringside,
sliding into the Ring and eyeing his brother warily.
"This is going to be a hellacious match!" cried J.R,"Brother
against brother, and they don't like it one damn bit!"
The bell rang and both Matt and Jeff slowly moved to the center
of the ring, then began to lightly bounce around each other, taking
swipes at each other's hands, neither really too anxious to attack the
other first.
However, they were Wrestlers, and when Matt saw an opening, he
couldn't help but go for it. Jeff overextended a swipe and Matt took
the opportunity to grab his arm and pull his brother towards him, turning
as he did and slamming his elbow into Jeff's face.
Jeff went down and Matt leaped on top of him, getting a count
of one before Jeff slid out from under him and leaped to his feet.
Matt, knowing his brother well, instantly saw what Jeff would
attempt and rolled out of the way as his brother leaped onto the bottom
rope and back-flipped over in a Moonsaw, landing hard on the mat and
knocking the air out of his body.
Matt scrambled to his feet and ran up the turnbuckles to the
top rope, then back-flipped off, hoping to land on his brother before
he had a chance to recover.
But Jeff had also visualized what he would do in this situation,
knowing his brother too well. Despite his winding, he had enough presence
of mind to reach up, grab the bottom rope and slide himself out of the
ring as his brother crashed into the mat behind him.
Jeff fought past the pain and shook off the encroaching darkness
on his vision due to his bodies lack of air. He leaped back onto the
ring apron, grabbed the top rope and leaped up to the top rope, balancing
perfectly for a second before leaping off it into the air, twisting
about 360 degrees and smashing into his brother's back.
The crowd roared it's approval, but Jeff's high flying antics
had come at a price, his body needed air and right now it had none, and
his brain had temporarily shut down his limbs until he could suck in enough
air to recover.
Referee Tim White stared down at the two prostrate bodies and
nervously began a count. He had to abide by his rulebook, and Tournament
or no Tournament, if both Wrestlers were down they had until ten to get
back up, and then they were out.
"We could see both Hardyz out here, King!" cried J.R,"Their high
flying antics might have taken them out of this Tournament!"
Tim White had gotten to 7 when Jeff Hardy kicked a leg, then sat
up, shaking his head groggily. Hearing the count continue, he managed
to pull himself to his feet, which ended it.
Beside him, Matt Hardy was also beginning to show signs of life,
but Jeff was still too fatigued to do much about it. He sucked in a
huge lungful of air, then pulled himself off of the ropes and lifted
Matt up.
He hit his brother with a couple of weak blows, then grabbed his
arm and made to Irish Whip him into a corner. However, Matt planted his
feet firmly and twisted Jeff back around, Irish Whipping him back into
the opposite corner.
Matt settled back into the corner that Jeff had tried to whip
him into earlier, then rushed forward and leaped into the air, slamming
the side of his legs hard into his brother's chest.
Jeff stumbled forward as Matt pulled himself to his feet, then
began to climb up the turnbuckle onto the top rope. Jeff was on his hands
and knees, shaking his head and trying to get his bearings again. He
turned his head to the side and saw Matt steadying himself onto the top
"No..." he whispered to himself, forcing himself to his feet
and leaping to the middle turnbuckle, grabbing Matt by the arm and pulling
him over him as he fell back himself.
Matt went right over, slamming into the mat hard even as Jeff
crashed down as well. Both brothers lay on their backs on opposite sides
of the ring and once again Tim White found himself counting up to ten.
"King, I think The Hardyz are in serious danger of putting each
other out of The Tournament, they're too evenly matched!"
"There's nothing like brother against brother!" laughed The
"Geez King, you'd sell tickets to Cain and Abel, wouldn't you!"
snapped J.R with a wry shake of his head.
"Forget that!" laughed The King,"That was more one sided than
a Tyson fight!"
In the ring, Matt and Jeff had gotten over the initial shock of
their falls and had come to the same conclusion. They needed space to
catch their breath and get their bearings.
They rolled out of the ring, starting up a new count from Tim
White. Both of the young men looked up at through the ring and saw each
other on opposite sides of the ring. Their minds, which worked on such
similar wrestling tangents, came up with the same idea instantly and they
didn't hesitate to execute.
Both Hardyz leaped up onto the security barriers and, using their
fantastic sense of balance, they ran around the barriers, coming to the
separations on either side of the entrance ramp and leaping into the air,
both attempting a cross-body block.
Matt managed to leap a little higher, hitting Jeff with more of
his body and forcing his brother down, both of them smashing into the
hard, unyielding ground beneath them.
The Crowd gasped and let out a woooh! of admiration at the two
Hardyz high risk move, more than impressed with how much each of the
Brothers put into their matches.
Matt pulled himself to his feet by the security barrier and rolled
into the ring, then back out, halting and count and then re-starting it
at zero. Turning about, he saw Jeff slowly pulling himself up by the
security barrier and instantly saw his chance.
The black haired Hardy rolled back into the ring, bounced off the
ropes, rushed forward, leaped onto the top turnbuckle and back-flipped
over, hitting his brother as he turned to face the ring and smashing
him back into the ground.
Again the crowd cried out their admiration for the high risk
move, turning to stare at The Titan-Tron as it showed a replay of Matt's
flight through the air into his brother's body.
Matt hauled himself to his feet, pulling a limp Jeff up and rolling
him back into the ring. Sliding back inside the ring, Matt pulled Jeff
up so they were facing, then hooked his brother's head under one arm,
grabbed hold of one leg and lifted him up into the air, ready to hit his
brother with the Fisherman's Suplex which doubled as a
Finisher Move/Pinning move.
Jeff's eyes fluttered open and it took a moment for him to sort
out his upside down view. Seconds later Matt was dropping him down
towards the ring mat and Jeff saw his last chance.
He wrenched his leg free from Matt's grip and extended both legs
out as far as he could, his feet catching on the top rope and halting
his fall. Using the ropes elasticity and his own remarkable dexterity,
Jeff pushed himself back up through the air, his head still gripped in
Matt's arm, and as he fell back on the opposite side his brother had
intended, gripped the sides of Matt's head, whipped his legs out on either
side of the other Hardy's waist and slammed his brother's face into the
ground in a devastating Face Jam.
"KING! KING! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!" cried J.R in shock,"What an
incredible reverse of the Fisherman's Suplex by Jeff Hardy!"
"You don't have to yell!" complained The King,"I'm sitting right
next to you!"
Jeff hauled himself to his feet by the corner post and slowly
crawled to the top rope, then drew himself to his full height and slid his
hands out on either side of himself, connecting his thumbs to his fingers
before he leaped up into the air, photo flash bulbs popping off as he
seemed to hang interminably in the air before dropping down, his head
tucking so that as his back connected with Matt's body his neck was
protected and he was able to roll over and off of his brother.
"What an incredible Senton Bomb!" cried J.R excitedly,"Matt
Hardy is out, but does his brother Jeff have enough left in him to get
the cover!?!"
The crowd, meanwhile, was going wild, jumping up and down and
cheering as they watched an exhausted Jeff crawl up over his brother,
covering him and got a count of 1, 2 and 3.
"What a way to kick off Raw! What a match!" cried J.R into his
"Calm down, J.R!" cried The King good-naturedly,"You're bouncing
up and down in your chair! It's not a pretty sight!"
Inside of the ring, Jeff Hardy was helping Matt Hardy to his
feet. Matt was a little unsteady on his feet and still very groggy,
but he was conscious enough to know he had lost and Jeff had won the
match. He pulled away from Jeff momentarily and steadied himself, then
allowed a slow grin to cross his face, he spread his arms wide. The two
young Wrestlers embraced momentarily, and then supported each other as they
left the ring and moved up the entrance ramp, the crowd applauding all of
the way.

Scotty 'Too Hotty' was moving down the corridor, getting himself
psyched up for a Light Heavyweight Title shot he would have later that
night with Dean Malenko, who would in turn be facing Scotty's Tag Team
partner Grandmaster Sexay on Thursday's Smackdown! as part of Vince's
All of that went out of the window, though, as a hand grabbed
him by the arm and pulled him into a closet, the door shutting behind
"What the he..." started Scotty, but a finger to his lips quieted
"Shhh," whispered a voice,"Quiet!"
A light flicked on and Scotty found himself face to face with
Kurt Angle.
"Angle? why are..."
"SHHHHHHHhhhhhhh!" snapped Kurt, and Scotty continued in a whisper,
unsure why he was playing along.
".... why are we in a closet?"
"Secret," replied the Double Olympic Gold Medallist enigmatically
to the young Light Heavyweight,"I'm here to make all your dreams come
"Hey! Hey!" snapped Scotty, making Kurt wince with his
loudness,"I know Brian and I used to put on a bit of an act for fun,
but I'm not gay man!"
"Oh fuck off, not that!" snapped Kurt angrily,"I mean your dreams
of a Title Shot!"
"I got a Title Shot, tonight, against Malenko," replied Scotty
coldly,"And if you don't mind, I'd like to go prepare for it!"
"No, no, not that, I mean the Big One! The WWF Heavyweight Title,
man! The dream! What we're all in Wrestling for!"
"Kurt, we didn't make it in, get over it!" snapped Scotty at
The Olympic 'Hero', then opened the closet door,"Once Vince has made up
his mind, it stays made up."
Kurt stood in the closet, glaring at nothing and clenching his
fists until his knuckles were white.
"Yeah, but Vince never crossed an Olympic Hero before," growled
Kurt, then left.

The crowd oooohed as D-Von Dudley bodily lifted Hardcore Holly
off of the ring mat, swung him over and smashed him into the ladder lying
on the mat below.
D-Von had come to the ring first for The Tournament match and
requested that Hardcore make it interesting by putting his Hardcore Title
on the line.
As The Hardcore Title was up for grabs 24/7 anyway, it didn't
really matter if Hardcore said yes or no, but the added advantage of his
agreement was that if D-Von won, he not only progressed to Round 2, but
he became The Hardcore Champion.
D-Von threw his hands up in the air, then stepped through the
wreckage of chairs, a broken table, a couple of kendo sticks and even
the ring-bell that had already made appearances in the match. He slid
out of the ring and grabbed two tables he'd pulled from beneath the
ring earlier, then threw them into the ring before sliding back in and
beginning to set them up, much to the crowds cheers and chants of,"Tables!
Tables! Tables! Tables!"
Crash Holly had been growing more and more agitated while watching,
and finally he snapped. Grabbing the scales that he and Hardcore always
brought to the ring, he slid into the ring, lifted the scales above his
head and charged at D-Von.
Hearing Crash's scream, D-Von twisted around and brought his
foot up hard into Crash's belly, causing him to drop the scales, which
slid underneath one of the tables D-Von had already set up.
The Dudley Boy grabbed Crash around the waist and tucked the
much smaller, allegedly over 400 pound, Wrestler's head between his
legs, then scooped him up high, turned around and smashed The Holly through
the second table he had set up.
The crowd roared it's appreciation at the pleasing sound of
flesh smashing through wood and the hard impact of a body against the
ring mat.
D-Von threw his hands high, exulting in the crowds cheers as
they chanted first Tables! and then Dudleyz!
Suddenly the cheering stopped and D-Von felt a sinking sensation
in his stomach. Knowing he shouldn't but helpless not to, he twisted
about and instantly felt the hard foot of a recovered Hardcore Holly
smash into his belly.
And now it was D-Von's head being tucked between a Holly's legs
and scooped up into the air, Hardcore impressing the crowd with his
strength as he turned and viciously power-slammed D-Von Dudley through
the table and into the overturned scales below.
The crowd winced and let out a sympathetic groan of pain, and
moments later Hardcore covered D-Von and got a count of three, retaining
The Hardcore Title and also progressing to Round 2 of Vince's Tournament.

"Come on, I want you to record this for posterity!" laughed
Triple H, motioning for the cameraman to follow himself, The Road Dogg,
Mr. Ass, X-Pac and Stephanie bringing up the rear,"I'm going to take
that Title The Rock stole from me back off of him and humiliate him on
The collected DX quickly slowed their pace and moved silently
down the corridor towards the door with The Rock's name on it.
"Okay, you all ready?" Triple H whispered to his crew, who nodded
with hard grins. Stephanie watched from beside the camera-man, her face
adulant as she looked at her husband.
"Okay," whispered The Game, moving up by the door and grabbing the
handle,"Count of three.... one... two.... three!"
He kicked the door in and rushed in, followed by The New Age
Outlaws and X-Pac. The camera-man - the live feed going through to The
Titan-Tron - rushed to the door and panned wildly about the room to see
what was going on.
"Where the hell is he!" roared Triple H angrily, his head swinging
about the empty locker-room,"Rock! Come out you chicken-shit!"
Stephanie moved into the room, her pretty face contorted in
frustrated anger.
Suddenly the camera-man found himself being shoved out of the way,
turning his camera just in time to see The Rock slam the door to his
room shut. He thrust a wooden bar through it, then yelled down the corridor,
motioning to somebody.
A second later a small forklift rounded the corner into the
corridor, Bradshaw of The Acolytes sitting on it, steering it down while
Farooq moved behind him.
The crowds cheering could be heard even this far inside of The
Arena, and seconds later the forklift was blocking the door, putting paid
to any chance DX might have had of bursting out.
Bradshaw leaped off of the forklift and was joined by Farooq,
moving up to The Rock.
"You watch that forklift, make sure no one gets them out of there,
"You hired The APA, Rock, we'll do whatever you ask," replied
Farooq with a grunt, folding his arms over his large chest.
"Good," replied The Rock, then turned to face the camera-man,"You
bring your candy-ass with me, Jabroni!"
The crowd's cheers were evident again, and the Rocky! chant
started up yet again as The People's Champion moved through the Arena,
heading outside where those not lucky enough to get tickets were hanging
about in the hope of a Hardcore match spilling out onto the streets or
getting their favorite Wrestler's autograph after Raw went off the air
immediately erupted into cheers as they spotted The Rock.
He moved along the wall of The Arena, counting off the windows he
saw until he came to one that corresponded to his dressing room. Sitting
outside it, prepared earlier, was a large carrier truck with what was
unmistakably a septic tank set on the back.
"Oh no, King, The Rock can't intend to do that, can he?" gasped
J.R, watching from inside.
"Stephanie's in there!" cried The King in dismay,"What does The
Rock think he's doing!?!"
Rocky knew exactly what he was doing, and seconds later he was
hurling a hose nozzle through the glass window, shattering it and leaving
it dangling just out of reach of D-Generation X, trapped inside.
"Now what I've done is shine up this here switch real
nice!" growled The Rock at the camera-man,"And now I'm gonna grab it
real tight, pull it down, and fill that room with something that's come
straight out of twenty thousand people's Candy Asses!"
The crowd roared in approval as The Rock pulled the switch down
and a grinding, groaning noise started up.
Inside his dressing room, the cries of disgust from DX and the
squeal of horror from Stephanie were clearly audible.
The Rock grabbed the camera and pointed it right at him.
"Triple H, you want humiliation on tape? Well The Rock says you
got it, and he knows that this time, at least, You SMELLLLLLLLL What The
Rock..... Is Cooking!"
And with that he stomped off as the crowd cheered and DX screamed
for help.

Val Venis entered the ring, the towel still around his waist,
the confident grin still on his face.
He wrapped his arms behind his head and began to gyrate his
hips, making the women in the crowd go crazy. He took the microphone
he held in his hand and grinned, then lowered his face.
"Hello.... La...."
Before he could finish his greetings, D-Lo Brown rushed him from
behind, knocking down to the ground and delivering a series of hard boots
to the alleged former Porn-Star's back.
"Hardly sporting from D-Lo Brown, King," noted J.R, watching
critically as D-Lo pulled Val up and began to pummel him with hard lefts
and rights.
"J.R, this is for chance at The WWF Title, a lot of these guys
see this as their only chance, and they'll do anything they can to get
there! You weren't a Wrestler, it's something you can't understand."
D-Lo delivered a series of hard chops to Val's chest, the stinging
report echoing throughout The Arena and eliciting impressed 'wooos' from
the crowd.
And then suddenly Val was fighting back, delivering his own punches
back, going hit for hit with D-Lo and slowly gaining the advantage over
'The Real Deal'.
"I guess you're right King, after the damage Val has taken, you'd
think it was over, but the allure of The WWF Title pushes Wrestlers past
their limits!" cried J.R.
Val had pushed D-Lo back into a corner, and his showboating nature
got the better of him. Delivering a hard left to D-Lo that almost took
the big man off of his feet, Val then stepped back, cast his arms back
and forth, through them up, then placed them behind his head as he began
to gyrate his hips before sliding his hands down his body.
D-Lo took the opportunity, throwing his arms forward and catching
Val by the neck, he gritted his teeth and threw all his strength into
lifting Val Venis high into the air, then let his legs fall forward and
his arms loosen, dropping Val hard into the ring mat, D-Lo's own fall onto
his ass increasing the pressure and velocity of Val's fall and knocking
the wind out of him.
"You're looking at The Real Deal now!" cried out D-Lo, rushing
to the corner and leaping up to the top turnbuckle. He drew himself to
his full height, extended his arms wide and shook his head back and
forth in his own, uniquely rubber necked fashion before leaping into the
air to execute The Lo Down. He brought his knees up and his arms down
momentarily, then extended them wide as he brought his large bulk down
towards Val.
Again, showboating ruined the chance for victory, as Val had enough
left in him to raise his knees. D-Lo slammed into the waiting hard cords
of bone and muscle and felt the wind knocked out of him.
Both men struggled to their feet, looking up at each other warily
before D-Lo rushed forward, swinging an arm at Val.
Venis bent his knees, dropping down and grabbing D-Lo around his
waist, then roaring with the strain as he lifted D-Lo into the air, twisted
about and then fell to his knees, slamming D-Lo hard into the mat, which
bounced him back up a couple of times before finally settling.
Val pulled himself to his feet and staggered to the corner post,
then hauled himself to the top turnbuckle and drew himself to his full
height. He lifted his arms up almost as if posing and flexing his muscles,
then gyrated his hips about to the crowds delight before leaping up and
off of the turnbuckle, bringing his arms in close and then spreading them
wide so he resembled a t-shape before he crashed hard into D-Lo's prostrate
The Referee dropped to his hands and knees and counted down 1, 2
and 3, giving Val Venis the victory.
Val lay still on top of D-Lo, then lifted his head, his face
a picture of exhaustion before he allowed a wide grin to cross his face.
He had won! He was going to Round 2!

Dean Malenko waited patiently in the ring, ready for Scotty
'Too Hotty' to make his appearance and try and gain The Light Heavyweight
Title from him.
He'd come to The WWF because quite simply lying down and letting
old men like Rick Flair and Hacksaw Jim Duggan cover him had been killing
him. He hadn't trained for all those years and spent all that time in
Japan, Mexico and other countries just to be a fall guy, some kind of
loser Jobber to old men who should have retired 8 years earlier.
And now he was in The WWF, where the competition was unbelievably
tight, where crazies seemed to lurk around every corner. Guys like Kane
weren't marketing gimmicks, and although Malenko drew the line at believing
Kane drew his strength from some kind of supernatural source, he could
believe that Kane himself believed it. Guys like The Dudleyz really
believed that they were out preaching a message, and Buh Buh Ray really
did seem to have some kind of sick fetish for putting women through tables,
rather than on them, as Malenko himself preferred.
But despite these... 'colorful' characters, Malenko was in no
doubt that he'd made the right move in coming to The WWF.
Scotty's music started and the crowd went wild, leaping up and
down as the man with the very vertical hair-do stopped to dance at the
head of the entrance ramp, then made his way down towards the ring, ready
for his shot at The WWF Title.

Vince McMahon stood glowering as Triple H, Stephanie and DX headed
down the corridor, a pathetic entourage who had until moments ago been
up to their waists in the contents of a septic tank.
How dare The Rock do something like that to HIS daughter! It was
tantamount to doing it to Vince himself, and Mr. McMahon had no doubt that
The Rock had been aiming to hurt Vince, whom he still blamed for the
debacle that had been Wrestlemania.
He would have gotten them out sooner, but The Acolytes had refused
to budge from the spot and in the end he'd had to send out his own personal
enforcers, The Big Bossman and Bull Buchanan to get them out.
The four bruisers were even now battling it out somewhere in The
Arena, but Vince had gotten them away and been able to move the forklift,
rip out the wood keeping the door locked and gotten his daughter, Son-In-Law
and their DX compatriots free.
"Mr. McMahon, we need to talk," piped up a voice at his shoulder,
and Vince turned to find himself facing Kurt Angle.
"Not now, Angle!" Vince snapped.
"No, now!" growled Angle,"I'm an Olympic Hero! It's True! You
have to listen to me!"
"I said NOT NOW YOU SAWED OFF LITTLE RUNT!" roared Vince, shoving
past Kurt and moving down the corridor after DX.
Kurt stood glowering after the departing McMahon, his fists
clenched at his sides.
"That's it!" he whispered finally,"Time for a little hardball!"

Scotty's face was the very picture of shocked expectation, and
the crowd was loving it as he turned to look about at them.
Malenko lay unmoving on the ground, the result of
Scotty's reversal of a hanging Pile-Driver, and now the other half of
Too Cool knew what he had to do.
Throwing his arms wide, Scotty began to hop around the ring
on one leg, moving about until he was directly opposite Malenko.
"Oh no! It's The Worm!" cried The King, half in disgust, half
Scotty dropped down to his belly and then, to the crowds delight,
began to slide up and down, using his entire body like a worm to bounce
towards Malenko. When only a few feet away, he leaped to his feet and
cast his arms up....
"HOOP!" cried the crowd.
.... back to the other side.
"HOOP!" roared the crowd again.
.... and then again to the other side.
"HOOP!" yelled the crowd in excitement.
Scotty threw his hands together, waved them about in small circles
as he body dropped forward, then planted his elbow firmly into Malenko's
chest, causing the diminutive champion's body to involuntarily jerk up
before settling down.
Scotty leaped to his feet and threw his hands wide, but suddenly
the crowds cheering stopped.
Before Scotty knew what was happening, he was being scooped into
the air and then falling backwards, smashing hard into the mat. His
dazzled senses caught just a flash of red, white and blue Wrestling attire,
and then a leg was dropping across his throat, putting him out for the
Referee Teddy Long roared in anger, matching the crowd's own
booing and catcalls, then motioned for the bell to be rung.
"The Winner of this match by disqualification, Scotty 'Too Hotty'!"
cried the announcer, but this was met with no cheers. Disqualification
meant that Malenko retained the title, despite Scotty's clear-cut advantage.
Lillian's microphone was pulled away from her and the
man responsible for this travesty lifted it to his lips.
"Now all you people need to shut up, and pay a little respect
to your Olympic Hero!" snapped Kurt Angle, creating an even louder roar
of anger.
"What the hell does Angle want? why did he interfere in that
match!" snapped J.R angrily.
"Maybe if you and all these other morons shut up, he'd tell us!"
The King retorted,"Show just a little respect to an Olympic Hero, J.R!"
"Now, I've got no beef with Worm-Boy over there!" Kurt continued,
motioning at the unconscious Scotty.
"Worm-Boy!" laughed The King.
"I should just get a parrot put in your seat, King, it'll save
us all some time and money!" snapped J.R.
"But a grave injustice has been committed in The WWF, and it's
up to me to set it right!"
This was greeting by boos and jeers from the crowd.
"It's True! It's True!" cried Kurt,"Your Olympic Hero has been
left out of Vince McMahon's Tournament! Now I ask you, who else in The
WWF but myself would make a better WWF Champion? You all know I'm the
absolute, utter best there is! My three I's...."
This sent the crowd over, they began giving thumbs-down gestures
and screaming obscenities, none of them wanting to hear about the three
I's again.
"It's True!" cried a worried Kurt, who had been sure these people
would see how suited he was to be Champion and rally behind
him,"Intelligence, Intensity, Integrity! What more could you ask for in
a WWF Champion?"
From somewhere in The Arena, a chant of Rocky! Rocky! started
up, and it was some time before Kurt was able to continue, as the crowd
gleefully took up the chant for their Champion.
"I was the world's first Euro-Continental Champion! And that is
true, my friends! We all know why Vince left me out of this Tournament,
it's because he's scared I'll make all the other WWF Superstars look
bad when I trounce them all and become The Champion!"
"Dangerous words from Kurt Angle," J.R muttered,"You do not want
to be on Vince McMahon's bad side!"
"I gotta agree with you J.R," replied The King with
concern,"Angle's making a big mistake going up against Vince!"
"So Vince!" continued Angle in the ring, as a groggy Malenko
sat up and was informed by Teddy Long that he was still The
Light Heavyweight Champion,"An ultimatum! Every time we go on the air,
everytime a match comes up, you'll have to wonder if Kurt Angle is going
to interfere and ruin the match. You'll have to face a lot of disgruntled
Wrestlers wanting to know why you didn't put their Olympic Hero into the
Tournament, I will make your promotional schemes a living nightmare, all
until you put me into this Tournament! And Vince! That is true!"
Angle threw the microphone away and left the ring, leaving a
confused but still Champion Dean Malenko and a victorious but unconscious
Scotty 'Too Hotty' on the mat.
"Brave words from Kurt Angle, and food for thought for Vince
McMahon!" cried J.R,"But now we have our Main Event coming up and it is
going to be a slobberknocker!"
"You got that right, J.R!" laughed The King,"Malenko's friend
Chris Benoit versus The Godfather and his ho's! We're going to see puppies!"
J.R shook his head with a smile as his co-commentator excitedly
began whistling and slapping his hands on their table. Sometimes he
wondered who was worst, some of the childish Wrestlers whom he'd meet or
the lecherous Jerry Lawler.

Chris Benoit's face was expressionless as he stood in his corner,
watching The Godfather dance about with his ho's. If he felt disgust
at Godfather's behavior, he gave no sign, if he felt lust at the sight of
the admittedly fine looking ho's, he gave no sign.
Almost universally recognized as the best of The Radicals and
one of the brightest, toughest up and comers in Professional Wrestling
today, Chris Benoit was not a man who gave vent to his emotions easily.
He hadn't worn the Intercontinental Title around his waist as he
came down to the ring. Whereas others would have needed the
extra adornment to show how good they were, how tough, Chris Benoit had
chosen to leave it behind because, quite simply, this wasn't an
Intercontinental Title match and he didn't need to bring it with him.
"Now," said The Godfather, holding his microphone up and extending
an arm to the audience,"The Godfather wants to know, are there any ho's
up here in this house?"
A surprisingly large number of males and females in the audience
all replied in the affirmative, which made The Godfather smile.
"All right then, well it's time, once again, for y'all to join
with me in saying, Pimpin' Ain't Easy!"
The crowd roared along with him and Godfather's grin was huge,
the delight of the ho's evident.
"All right then," he continued,"On to my opponent, Mr. Benoit
Chris eyed The Godfather from his corner as the much bigger man
approached to about the rings center.
"Now Chris, I ain't gonna make no bones about it, I'm a Pimp, we
all know it, and these are my ho's."
Again, raucous cheering from the crowd.
"And as a Pimp, I'd like to make you a little business proposal."
Benoit nodded slightly, his only indication that The Godfather
should continue, which he did.
"Now Chris, you take yourself out of this match, let The Godfather
proceed to Round 2 of The Tournament, and I'll let you have the pick of
any one of these fine ho's for the night at no charge.... now I can't say
fairer than that!"
Benoit just stared at the much bigger man, giving no indication
of being either threatened or interested.
"I think we got your answer, Benny," chuckled The Godfather,"I
guess you one of dem Canucks that prefers coalmining to being wrapped in
velvet, if you take my meaning!"
The crowd did and laughed loudly, but Benoit gave no indication
of being humiliated or incensed, which was plainly The
Godfather's intention.
The big man shrugged, then handed over his microphone and removed
his fur coat, handing it and his hat and silver tipped came to a nearby
blond ho, motioning for them to all to leave the ring.
"Look's like we're finally getting down to business," J.R said
with some relief,"For a second I thought we might not have a Main Event!"
"I'll say!" cried The King,"How could anyone turn down those fine
ho's? Oh wow, look at that one in green, J.R!"
The former Wrestler began whistling at the nearby ho's, who
turned and smiled at him as he called for their puppies.
Godfather and Benoit circled each other warily, then locked
together, pushing and shoving against each other's arms. Benoit was strong,
but The Godfather was much stronger and his greater height gave him better
leverage, enabling him to shove Benoit back against the ropes. The big
man didn't let it end there though, plowing forward with arms swinging and
slamming one massive, tattooed arm against Benoit's chest, sending him
flying over the ropes and into the ground before J.R and The King's
commentary table.
"Oh, The Godfather nearly knocked Benoit back to Canada!" cried
The King,"Ouch!"
"Ouch is right, King," replied J.R,"This one could be over, I
don't see Benoit getting back up from that."
The Godfather slid under the bottom rope and scooped Benoit up,
throwing him back into the ring before leaping back in himself. He
dragged Benoit up by the chin, scooped him up and then smashed him back
into the mat, causing The Crippler to bounce up and down several times.
The Godfather quickly dropped onto Benoit's body and Referee
Earl Hebner dropped down to make the count.
Benoit pulled his shoulder up.
The Godfather stared in disbelief at Hebner, who shook his head
and held up two fingers to show it had only been a 2 count.
Cursing, The Godfather pulled Benoit up and made to hit him with
a hard body shot, but before he could The Crippler shoved out with both
his hands, sending the unprepared larger man skidding back.
Benoit pulled back an arm and threw it forward, the chop catching
with teeth rattling intensity against The Godfather's massive chest.
"Oooooh!" cried the crowd in appreciation, and repeated it when
Benoit repeated the chop again, sending The Godfather against the ropes.
Grabbing the much larger man's shoulders, Benoit pulled him
forward and thrust his knee hard into The Godfather's belly, doubling the
big man over. He grabbed one massive arm and spun The Godfather towards
the ropes, but the big man halted his movement, planted his legs firmly
and hip tossed Benoit high up into the air and crashing back down into
the mat.
A large proportion of the crowd winced sympathetically at the
obvious pain that Benoit must be feeling, while other cheered and hollered
enthusiastically. The Godfather dropped his hands to his knees and
sucked in a lungful of breath, then pulled Benoit up and lifted him up
onto his chest before falling backwards, arching his back and slamming
Benoit hard into the mat.
"Oooh, a vicious Fall-Away Slam!" winced J.R,"Benoit has got to
be unconscious or close to it!"
"It looks like you can pencil The Godfather into Round 2, because
there's no way Benoit's getting up from that!" cried The King.
Again The Godfather covered Benoit, again Earl Hebner dropped
down and brought his hand up and down.
Benoit's legs kicked up, lifting his shoulders off of the ground.
"Uuuhhhh!" cried the crowd in disappointment.
The Godfather shook his head in disbelief, then pulled Benoit
back up and pulled the Canadian's head under his shoulder, gripping him
in a tight headlock and turning his back to Earl momentarily, allowing
him to smash one massive, balled fist into The Crippler's face, knocking
him back and into the mat.
"What was that!" snapped Earl angrily, knowing but unable to
prove that The Godfather had done something dirty.
"What? What?" replied The Godfather, shrugging as if he didn't
know what Earl was on about. He turned back to The Crippler and lifted
him up again before smashing him back down with a massive clothesline.
Not wanting a three-peat, The Godfather hauled Benoit back up,
tucked his head between his legs and grabbed the back of his pants, hauling
him up before dropping to his ass and slamming Benoit's bodyweight fully
onto his neck.
"What a Pile-Driver from The Godfather!" cried J.R,"That has got
to be it, Benoit has to be out!"
"If he isn't, he's not human! He's some kind of robot!"
The Godfather stood over Benoit's prostrate form, his hands on
his hips, breathing deeply. He shook his head, then amazingly chose to
haul Chris back up to his feet. He grabbed Benoit around the back of
his head with one hand and by one knee with the other, then hauled him up
over his shoulders.
"Is it... is it?" cried The King.
"Oh yeah, it's The Pimp Drop!" cried J.R,"And if he gets it,
Benoit won't be The Crippler anymore, he'll be The Crippled!"
The Godfather stood in the middle of the ring, grinning at his
ho's and basking in the cheers and cries of the crowd as they popped
pictures of him standing there, ready to deliver his finishing move to
The Crippler.
But Benoit had other ideas, and sensing The Godfather's pause,
took the opportunity to slam his arm down, his elbow connecting briefly
with The Godfather's head. It wasn't enough to do any damage, but it
was enough to startle the big man into loosening his grip and allow
Benoit to slide down his back.
Dropping to his knees, The Crippler grabbed The Godfather's ankles
and pulled, knocking the big man off balance and dropping him face first
into the mat. Benoit wasted no time, scrabbling over the length of the
Pimp's body and sliding his arm under his shoulder while his other hand
wrapped around the neck of The Godfather. He gripped his hands together,
causing The Godfather's arm to shoot out straight, sending lancing pain
throughout his arm socket, his neck and upper back. His legs hooked onto
The Godfather's outstretched arm, locking it in place.
"The Crossface Crippler!" cried J.R,"And they're right in the
middle of the ring! Can The Godfather get to the ropes? If he can't,
Benoit might just make the comeback of the century!"
Earl was right by The Godfather's face, asking him if he wished
to give up, he wanted to quit.
"NO!" snapped The Godfather, trying desperately to move his free
hand to reach for the ropes. But it was useless, the dangerous thing
about The Crippler Crossface, forgetting for a second that it hurt like
hell, was that it restricted arm movement, meaning that it was almost
impossible to get to the ropes.
"Benoit has that Crossface cinched in tight," cried J.R,"I don't
think Godfather will be able to get out, as crazy as it would have sounded
a minute ago, Benoit is going to win this match!"
"Don't worry!" cried The King, sounding truly concerned,"I'll
comfort the ho's!"
The Godfather's mind was running through a maddening series of
different images to try and keep his mind off of the pain. His time in
the Nation Of Domination, learning from then new boy Edge about a group
of ho's out on the streets being abused by a mean drug-dealing Pimp and
setting out with the youngster to rescue them, seeing the business
potential of bringing them into The WWF, that fine blow-job he'd gotten
just the previous evening. Even the events of a couple of minutes ago
when he'd held Benoit on his shoulders, ready to deliver The Pimp Drop,
ready to advance to Round 2.
- It was all clear, I could barely even feel him he was so damn
light - The Godfather thought through the pain, shaking his head as
Earl asked him again if he wanted to quit.
So light.
So light.
He'd been so light.
The Godfather's eyes lit up with renewed vigor and suddenly he
was lifting up, showing his remarkable strength by pulling Benoit up with
him as he got to his knees. He gritted his teeth, fought past the pain
of the Crippler Crossface Benoit was refusing to release, and pulled
himself to his feet.
"The gut-check here is incredible!" exclaimed J.R,"The Godfather
is showing not only remarkable courage in holding off against
the Crossface, but amazing strength as well by lifting Benoit up with
"Don't worry!" cried The King earnestly,"If The Godfather wins,
I'll help the ho's celebrate!"
The Godfather braced himself, then flung himself backwards,
rushing into the corner and slamming Benoit against the turnbuckle.
The Crippler slipped slightly, then gritted his teeth and pulled
himself back up, clinching onto The Godfather tighter, doubling the pain
still racing through the big man's body.
The Godfather snarled, roared, then flung himself back again
into the turnbuckle, finally jarring Benoit loose and dropping him to
the mat.
"He did it, he did it!" cried J.R in excitement!"The Godfather
broke the Crippler Crossface!"
The ho's were just as excited, leaping up and down which was, to
say the least, a very distracting sight.
"Oh ho! Look at those puppies bounce!" cried The King joyously.
The Godfather stomped back to the center of the ring, clutching
his shoulder and wincing in pain. He turned about and saw
Benoit, breathless and hurt in the corner.
Suddenly The Godfather's arms dropped to his sides, and then he
began to swing his arms to and fro, jogging in place as the crowd roared
in anticipation.
"The Ho Train!" cried J.R.
"The ho's!" cried The King.
"Toot Toot!" cried the crowd.
The Godfather came charging forward and launched himself into
the air, spreading his arms wide. Benoit saw him coming and
with everything he had left pulled himself clear, the massive Pimp smashing
into an empty corner.
"Ahhhh!" cried the crowd.
The Godfather managed to keep his senses, twisting about to
renew his attack, throwing off the pain.
But Benoit had seen that coming as well and was already spinning
forward, bringing his elbow up and connecting hard with The Godfather's
The Conductor Of The Ho Train went down to the ground and lay
there, all of his exertions catching up to him.
Benoit clenched his teeth, his neck straining as he drew his
thumb across it. He grabbed the top rope and pulled himself slowly to
the top turnbuckle. Turning about, he spread his arms wide and let
himself fall down to the ring below, his head crashing into The Godfather's
He pulled himself up and wrapped an arm over The Godfather's
chest as Earl Hebner dropped to his hands and knees.
The crowd couldn't help but moan slightly, they had expected The
Godfather to kick out, but he'd been too weakened by the lengthy Crippler
Crossface, then the elbow to the face and the Flying Head-butt had put
him over.
"Benoit advances to Round 2 after going through a war!" cried
J.R,"King, this just goes to show you what lengths our Superstars will
go to for that WWF Title!"
"Enough with that, J.R! I have to go comfort those poor ho's!"
cried The King, pulling off his headset and moving out from his table.
"Ladies and gentlemen, for Jerry 'The King-Dog' Lawler, I'm
Jim Ross and we'll see you on Thursday's Smackdown!"

As the last of the ring-crew packed away their things, D-Lo Brown
and The Godfather sat on packing crates in the Backstage Arena, sharing
a bottle of Wild Rose Turkey Whiskey. Both men were too big to get too
drunk of just one shared bottle, but it gave a nice buzz.
"So, D-Lo," muttered The Godfather,"How does it feel to be a
journeyman again?"
"Damn, man," muttered D-Lo,"I really, really wanted to be the
Champ you know."
"Ahhh the hell with it," laughed The Godfather,"Even if Vince
had let one of us win, can you imagine having to deal with him day in
and day out?"
"Yeah!" laughed D-Lo,"Or marrying that daughter of his?"
"Oooh!" shuddered Godfather,"I'll tell you, she's had more men
than most of my ho's!"
"Speaking of which....?" asked D-Lo with a grin.
"Hehe, Pimping Ain't Easy, son, you really want to get on The
Ho Train?"
"You looking at The Real Deal!" cackled D-Lo,"Come on, you know
what The Rock says, amongst a million other things!"
"Nothing quite like Poontang Pie," chuckled The Godfather and
the two men shared a laugh before getting up, wrapping their arms around
each other's necks and sauntering out of The Arena.

"Son of a bitch!" snapped X-Pac angrily, sniffing at his
arm-pits,"That smell is never going to come out!"
"Relax honey," replied Tori, drying her hair with a
towel following the long, long, long shower she'd taken, but otherwise
naked,"Believe me, you smell like nothing but sweet soap now."
"That bastard!" growled X-Pac angrily,"How dare he do something
like that to us!"
He referred to, of course, The Rock locking them in the locker
room and pouring the contents of The Arena's septic tank inside of it.
Vince had eventually gotten them out, but not before they'd
found themselves waist deep in shit and who knew what other foulness,
just the very stench of it enough to make them want to vomit.
"You need to calm down," Tori replied calmly, and moved over to
X-Pac's gym bag, opening it up and pulling out a plastic bag filled with
a green herb and several rolled up joints,"And I know just what will do
the trick."
Several minutes later they lay on couches in the plush hotel
rooms, another benefit of joining The McMahon's, sharing a joint and
feeling a great deal more relaxed.
"The problem with The Rock," muttered X-Pac slowly, carefully,
as if even speech was a great effort,"Is that he thinks he can just do
what he wants when he wants, but he doesn't play the game. It's like
Steve Austin, man, he pisses everybody off and then complains when it
comes back to bite him on the ass, says we don't play fair."
"This isn't grade-school," agreed Tori, after sucking in a large
toke and holding it in as long as she could,"Do what you want when you
want, yeah, but be on the good side of the right people, and they'll let
you get away with it."
"You got that straight, baby," laughed X-Pac, leaning over and
lightly kissing Tori, his lips brushing across hers,"Play the game and
the big boys will watch your back... I mean look at DX a year ago when
Vince was fully against us and we tried to play fair. Look at us now,
we're staying in the finest hotels, we're given guaranteed victories
over our toughest competitors, more Title shots than you shake a stick
at and high-powered back-up whenever we need it."
"Yeah," moaned Tori, kissing X-Pac with a little more passion
now,"We got the power, and you know what the best thing about power is?"
"It's a total turn-on," they said together, then laughed before
continuing to kiss, Tori eventually sliding over her nude body over X-Pac's
own, straddling the degenerate and cupping the side of his head as they
made out.
Tori's tongue snaked out to join his as they kissed, her hand
reaching down with her hands and wrapping around his stiff prick. The
eye of his penis oozed pre-cum as her fingers gently stroked the shaft of
his cock. As she did this, X-Pac massaged her ass, hands stroking over
her curved ass-cheeks, cupping the globes and squeezing them before he
snuck a finger into her cunt as she jerked off his cock while they ran
their tongues across each other's mouths.
And then she was pulling away, lowering herself down over his
stomach and down to his crotch, lips parting to take the flared head
of his cock inside of her oral orifice.
X-Pac leaned back and watched with great enjoyment as Tori began
to gently bob her head up and down over the head of his cock, her tongue
stroking up and down across his pisshole as her fingers tickled his balls
The Degenerate grasped Tori by side of her head and slowly began
to fuck up into her mouth, gently at first, then with greater intensity
as she kept on sucking and licking at his shaft. He couldn't help himself
and began to fuck her face, gripping her crotch tightly as he worked
his cock in and out of her mouth. She went along with this happily,
enjoying the feel of his cock filling her mouth, sliding between her
moist lips as he humped his hips up against her face.
The two continued this for several minutes, until X-Pac felt
in danger of blowing his load and, with some effort, pulled her sucking
mouth away from his cock.
She stared up at him with a bewildered look on her face, but
he just grinned at her and told her to sit back and let him deal with
her for now.
She sat up straight, sitting on his thighs, and he slid his
hands up her legs, running then down over the curves of her inner thighs
and gently cupping her cunt-lips. He began to finger her, sliding two
fingers up between her shaven cunt-lips as his other hand played with
her clitoris, rubbing and sliding over her erect love-button. She moaned
happily, leaning back so that she was resting on her elbows, straddled
legs spreading wide as she moaned happily at her boyfriend's
X-Pac grinned, sitting up and leaning his upper body forward,
displaying admirable flexibility as he lowered his face down to the
shaven pink flesh of her pussy, running his tongue up between her cunt,
licking roughly up between her slit, turning her on with the crudity
of his lapping tongue, because she knew just how skilled he could be when
he wanted to.
He pursed his lips over her clitoris and sucked gently on it as
he pushed his fingers up inside her snatch. Tori sighed lightly, humping
her pussy up against his face and his wriggling, talented fingers as he
ate her out.
Her juices flowed copiously, dripping out of her cunt, past his
fingers and chin, running down her ass-crack and between his thighs to
the plush leather of the couch. X-Pac withdrew his fingers from her
snatch, eliciting a moaned protest from Tori, until X-Pac slid his juice
covered fingers down her ass-crack, slid past the tightly compacted flesh
and pressed against her puckered asshole.
She squealed happily, realizing he was going to finger her asshole,
which was not only his fetish, but hers as well. It had been part of what
had led to her breaking up with Kane and betraying The Big Red Machine.
Despite her claims to the contrary, Kane was certainly not lacking in the
crotch department, far too big to accommodate her particular fetish.
Because Tori loved to be butt-fucked.
And X-Pac loved to butt-fuck.
It was a match made in heaven.
Despite her enthusiasm, despite the lubrication dripping off of
his finger and between Tori's ass-crack, X-Pac took his time, teasing her
as he slowly worked his finger deeper into her asshole, pushing slowly
forward until it was all the way in. He held his finger inside of Tori's
ass for a few moments, eyes locked with Tori's pleading ones, then he began
to saw his finger in and out of her ass as he continued to suck on her
clitoris, his eyes locked with Tori's.
He got her asshole loosened up nicely, then added a second finger
before continuing to finger-fuck her ass and suck on her clit.
Tori was lying back now, legs folded up under her, feet cupping
her ass-cheeks, elbows pressing into the material of the couch as she
humped her crotch up into X-Pac's face and slid her ass down onto his
intruding fingers.
X-Pac now had a steady rhythm going with his two fingers slowly
fucking his girlfriend's ass. His other hand had been gripping one of
her hips, but now he moved that down beneath his chin and cupped her
cunt, sliding fingers into her pussy as well as her asshole, sucking on
her clitoris all the while, driving her wild with pleasure, her body
twitching, her hands gripping her large breasts and squeezing her nipples
between thumb and forefinger.
X-Pac fucked both of her tight holes with each hand as he sucked
and licked at her clitoris, her leg's spreading wider and wider, her
crotch humping up and down onto his talented tongue and fingers.
Tori's breath was coming in short, panting gasps as her boyfriend
fingered her cunt and ass, sucked her clit and drove her wild with pleasure
as the mixture of erotic stimulation and the marijuana high gave her an
over-whelming feeling of well-being and satisfaction.
X-Pac's fingers were a blur, both in her cunt and her asshole, and
Tori began to cum, her panting, moaning body shaking and twitching, jerking
about involuntarily beneath him as he sent her over the edge and got her
His mouth was sorely tempted to leave her clit behind so he
could lap up her pussy-juices, but he resisted that to increase her own
pleasure, sucking on her clitoris even as she fucked her cunt into his
face, grinding against his mouth and nose and crying out loudly at the
amazing pleasure.
As she came down slightly, her body beginning to relax, X-Pac
pulled away and lifted his legs up, grabbing Tori's thighs and actually
flipping her backwards so her legs flapped out and she let out a squawk
of shock.
X-Pac laughed at her clumsy, naked predicament and she glowered
good-naturedly at him before getting into a more graceful pose, lying on
her back with legs spread, ass raised up and hands clutching her thighs.
"What you want, girl?" growled X-Pac, as if he didn't know.
"You know what I want, baby!" Tori giggled,"Take that big dick
of yours and slam it right up my ass!"
X-Pac grinned, as prone to a little building-up as anyone, in
truth his dick wasn't anything to write home about (unless you enjoyed
writing letters to your mother explaining how average sized your
boyfriend's penis was) but it was big enough to give Tori a real thrill
when he butt-fucked her.
Tori's eyes half-closed with pleasure as X-Pac's cock pushed
against her hot, puckered asshole, enjoying the feeling as he slowly
slid his prick deeper and deeper into her anus.
They both moaned at the pleasure of it all, X-Pac sliding fully
into her ass till his crotch was pressed against her curved ass, then
just sat there, letting her get used to his cock stuffed inside her
anus while he concentrated on not cumming from the delicious, tight
heat of her butt.
He began to once again play with her snatch, directly stimulating
her clit with his thumb, rubbing and rolling it over her already juicy
love-button as he slowly drew his cock back out of her asshole until only
the head of his penis remained inside of her, then slowly, deliciously
sunk back in to the depths of her bowels, causing a long, low moan of
pleasure to emerge from deep in the back of Tori's throat.
X-Pac began to pump his cock slowly in and out of Tori's ass,
plunging two fingers in and out of her juicy snatch while his thumb
worked on her clit. Tori bit down on her lower lip and moaned happily,
eyes rolling as she slowly humped her ass up onto his butt-fucking cock
and talented fingers.
Tori began playing with her tits again, fingering her nipples
and moaning for more as X-Pac sped up his cock-thrusts in and out of her
hot little asshole, feeling the tight clinging sheath of her rectum
pulling and tugging back on his cock every time he pulled back, driving
his already well sucked cock to higher and higher levels of
erotic sensitivity.
It was getting too much for him, following the all ready amazing
blow-job she'd given him, and now the feel of her asshole clinging and
sucking back on his prick, he knew he was going to cum.
He stopped concentrating on her cunt and just let the feel of his
girlfriend's ass around his prick carry him past the point of no return
as he pushed his cock into her rectum as far as he was able and ground
against her hot ass, humping his cock hard against her crotch as he
blasted his cum up into her butt-hole, shooting strings of ropy sperm
deep into her bowels, the feeling of which was enough to push Tori over
the edge once again as well.
X-Pac moaned and fell back onto his elbows, his cock pulling
half-way out of her asshole as Tori moaned and began to stroke her own
pussy, increasing the pleasure of her orgasm. X-Pac lay warily on his
elbows, looking like he did when he went through a tough match and just
managed to win it. His eyes narrowed in and he watched Tori as she used
her hands on her cunt, rubbing her clit with fingers so fast they were
almost in a blur. She moaned and groaning happily, her juices flowing out
of her pussy copiously, her back arched as she raised her ass, his cock
falling out of it, causing her asshole to ooze the cum he'd just shot deep
inside of her anus.
"Oh damn that's sexy," moaned X-Pac happily, then dropped back
down, arms splay to his sides as exhaustion caught up with him, mostly
thanks to the marijuana.
"Baby?" asked Tori a few minutes later, and looked up to see he
had fallen asleep.
She giggled, then crawled up beside him and slid her arms around
his neck, her breasts pressing into his chest as she dropped her face
into the crook of his neck and, a few minutes later, fell asleep as well.


Grandmaster Sexay grabbed the goggles, pulled them up and placed
them over his eyes. The crowd roared in excitement, camera bulbs flashing
as he leaped into the air, seeming to hang momentarily before falling down
and down till his leg crashed over Dean Malenko's chest.
The opening match for this edition of Smackdown! had been a high
flying affair, with Grandmaster Sexay dictating the pace of the match,
outclassing Dean Malenko who despite his talent for technical wrestling
couldn't compare to the agility and dexterity of Brian Christopher.
This was an important match for Brian, not just because it would
see him progress to Round 2 of The Tournament, but also because it would
enable him to avenge his partner Scotty 'Too Hotty' missing out on Malenko's
Light Heavyweight Title.
Malenko was totally out of it, Grandmaster's victory was assured,
all that was required was a pin and a count of 1,2 and 3.
And he intended to do that, but before he could he found himself
staring at the red, white and blue garbed Kurt Angle as he slid into the
ring, rushed over to Dean Malenko and began kicking at the prostrate
Brian rushed forward and pulled Kurt away, but not before he
heard the bell ring. He twisted about and saw Tim White leaning over
the ropes, instructing the ring announcer on his decision.
"The winner of this match by disqualification, Dean Malenko!"
The crowd booed angrily as Brian's face fell in shock, he had
lost! But he hadn't done anything wrong!
Unfortunately right or wrong had nothing to do with it, Vince
had - after some heavy prompting from The Referee's - set down the ground
rules of officiating The Tournament, including the stance to take on
disqualification's. If the bell had rung and someone got outside help,
they were disqualified.
Brian twisted about to yell at Kurt, but the Double Gold Medallist
was already out of the ring and rushing up the entrance ramp. He moved
through the curtains at lightning speed, gone almost as quick as he had
And then a second later he was flying through the curtains and
smashing into the entrance area. The crowd roared as the curtains parted
and the imposing figure of Rakishi Phatu entered, followed by an angry,
fired up Scotty 'Too Hotty'.
They grabbed Kurt and dragged him down to the ring, where Brian
was beginning to feel just a little bit better.
Angle was thrown into the ring and into a corner, and Brian and
Scotty stepped back to allow Rakishi to do his thing. The big man pulled
off his leather apron, standing in boots and the tight black trunks that
disappeared half-way up between his very ample buttocks.
Turning around, Rakishi slapped his cheeks a few times, then
rushed back and slammed his bulk into Kurt's body, dropping the Olympic
athlete to the ground, putting him in perfect position for what the
crowd knew was coming next.
"Hold it, hold it!" cried a new voice, and Too Cool turned to
face their boss, Vince McMahon as he moved through the entrance curtains,
microphone in hand.
Instantly boos and chants of Asshole! Asshole! started up from
the crowd, but a smiling Vince just ignored them, waiting for them to calm
"Now, Scotty 'Too Hotty', Grandmaster Sexay, Mr. Phatu, I know
that there's nothing more you'd like to see than Kurt Angle with his face
full of Rakishi's ample posterior...."
The crowd cheered as camera-men zoomed in on Rakishi's face,
which was as enigmatic as ever.
"But I have something in mind which may prove all the
more constructive to all parties concerned," continued Vince,"How would
you, Scotty 'Too Hotty' and Rakishi Phatu like a chance to get into this
Tournament we're holding right now, and how would you, Grandmaster Sexay,
who was obviously screwed tonight, like another chance to be in this
The crowd cheered and smiles crossed Grandmaster and Too Hotty's
faces. Rakishi's eyes were intense as always, but his facial expression
did not change.
"Well then, in that very ring tonight, following the last match
of Round One of this Tournament, Too Cool, Rakishi and Kurt Angle can
face off in an Elimination match. And the winner of this open,
no disqualification match-up will be in Round 2, I can guarantee you that!"
Kurt Angle had recovered by this point and slid out of the ring,
but at this announcement and the crowds subsequent cheers and cries of
encouragement to Too Cool, The Olympic Gold Medalist grabbed a microphone
and spoke up.
"That's more like it Vince! You know it makes sense!"
"You watch your mouth, Angle!" growled Vince,"Because your Guardian
Angel is no longer protecting you, it's time you woke up to the realities
of The WWF!"
With that enigmatic statement, Vince turned and left, while in
the ring a once again 'victorious' Dean Malenko staggered his way out
of the ring and made his way towards backstage.
In the ring, Grandmaster pulled out a pair of glasses and slid
them onto Rakishi's face as the crowd roared it's approval, and seconds
later Too Cool was dancing in the middle of the ring in celebration.

Perry Saturn turned from the small t.v and cast a glance at
Eddie Gurrero and Chris Benoit. He was the last of The Radicals to
enter The Tournament, and he had every intention of winning through as
his friend Benoit had, rather than lucking through like Malenko or just
barely missing out like Gurrero.
"What do you think of that?" asked Saturn.
"Forget it," replied Benoit calmly,"Vince McMahon doesn't change
his mind, those four are being played for fools."
Malenko limped into the dressing room and Eddie began to lightly
clap, casting an ironic grin at Malenko, who rolled his eyes and shrugged.
"It's The WWF, Eddie, expect the unexpected."
Eddie chuckled, then his face turned serious as Saturn embraced
"Good luck, Vato," Eddie said, embracing Perry as well,"Kick
that Texan Redneck's ass for me."
"And don't look for crazy Olympic Athletes to save your ass
either," grunted Malenko breathlessly, dropping to a bench.
Saturn grinned, then made his way out of the locker room and
down to the entrance curtains.

"It's time," said a member of the ring crew, poking his head
through the door then disappearing.
Bradshaw got to his feet and finished his beer, his fourth of
the evening but still totally unaffected.
"Kick his ass," mumbled Farooq.
"Right," muttered Bradshaw back, then left the locker room.

Bradshaw stepped into the ring and Saturn launched himself at
the Texan, pounding the big man with hard lefts and rights. The bell
rang to start the match as Saturn pounded his arms down onto Bradshaw's
broad back.
And the Texan laughed.
Suddenly Saturn was being pushed back and The Acolyte was raising
up, striding forward purposefully towards The Radical.
Saturn, never one to back down from a challenge, charged forward
and the two men begin pounding each other with lefts and rights, going
back and forth, neither one wanting to let up an inch.
But soon Bradshaw began to gain the advantage, getting in more,
harder blows that began to shake Saturn.
The smart thing to do then would have been to pull back, roll out
of the ring and catch his breath, then use his greater agility to beat
What Saturn did instead was try and rally and regain the upper
hand, and seconds later he was going down from a hard left to his forehead.
He instantly leaped to his feet again and was pounded back down, and this
time when he came up he was hit with Bradshaw's power Lariat. He went down
hard and found himself unable to get up, unprepared for the massive strength
that Bradshaw was exhibiting.
He felt himself picked up and lifted up onto Bradshaw's chest,
then seconds later was thrown back and smashed into the mat.
As if from a far away place, Saturn heard the hand coming down,
the slurred count of 1, 2....
He knew he had to get his shoulder up, he wanted to bring his
shoulder up, but he felt so sluggish, things were moving too slowly.
His shoulder finally twitched in response to his command, but it
was too late, and before he even had time to sit up, Bradshaw had left
the ring and was stomping up the entrance ramp.

"Any sign of The Rock yet?" Mr. Ass asked from his seat.
"De nada," muttered Shane, putting down the phone,"But Road
Dogg, you're up next."
"Wow, you must be really worried," chuckled X-Pac,"Can you really,
possibly defeat Chris Jericho!"
The three DX members and Shane McMahon shared a good laugh.
"Okay, let's get this over with," muttered Road Dogg,"Billy,
throw my plate into the microwave and set it for two minutes, we should
be back before it beeps!"
They laughed, then headed out of the box.

"Welcome to The Dogg House!" cried Road Dogg,"Where we like to
do it, Doggy Style!"
The crowd, still not able to bring themselves to hate Road Dogg
and Mr. Ass, went along with his speech.
"Yes it's me, it's me, it's that D O Double G, with X to the P to
the A to the C, Mr. Ass we call him Billy, we're here for a Tournament
you see, I'm gonna kick Jericho's heiney, and damn if I ain't sexee!"
The crowd cheered Road Dogg's mike skills as he handed it over
to Mr. Ass.
"Now, if you ain't down with all that, we got two words for ya!"
cried Mr. Ass, and the crowd joined him.
"So bring it on, Y2J," laughed Road Dogg, taking the
mike back,"Cause this Dogg's bite is worse than his bark!"
He tossed the microphone away, and seconds later The Titan-Tron
lit up with the Y2J Millennium Clock.
If the crowd had cheered for Road Dogg, they cheered twice as
loud for Jericho. X-Pac and Mr. Ass slid out of the ring and waited
at the foot of the entrance ramp for The Ayatollah Of Rock And Rollah.
The crowds cheering swelled, but it was lost in the loud beat
down of the clock on the Titan-Tron, and thus Road Dogg had no warning
as Y2J slid into the ring after rushing in through the crowd, grabbed
him by the shoulder, spun him around and kicked him hard in the gut.
The clock stopped as Jericho lifted Road Dogg up in a power-slam,
and the impact of Jesse James into the mat was lost in the
massive explosion that blasted at the head of the entrance ramp.
Jericho wasn't done, lifting Road Dogg high into the air again
and slamming him down once again, executing a double Power-Slam that drove
the last of the air from Road Dogg's body and put him fully out.
The crowd was going crazy and Jericho's music had started up
full bore, while X-Pac and Mr. Ass were moving up the entrance ramp,
ready to attack Jericho from behind when he moved through the curtains,
knowing he liked to do it back first.
The theme music hadn't even ended before Jericho got the three
count and slid out of the ring, leaped into the crowd and rushed away,
moving through the gaps pushed open for him by the Event Security Staff.
Jericho was through to Round 2, and it took X-Pac and Mr. Ass
another 25 seconds to work that out.

Triple H hopped out of the limo, reaching in and helping Stephanie
out as well.
"That was quite a ride," she chuckled.
"Bumpiest damn ride I ever took," complained Triple H angrily,
then let a smile cross his face as Stephanie's face fell,"But the kind
of bumps this Degenerate likes, baby!"
Stephanie gurgled with pleasure and leaped into his arms happily,
and Triple H's smile only widened when he saw the ambulance.
"Damn, the guys must have done one hell of a number of Jericho!"
Stephanie pushed her head into his shoulder.
"Let's go see, baby, I wanna see that freakshow bloody wreck of
a face up close and personal!"
"Ooooh! You really don't like him, do you!"
"I hate the Canadian bastard!" snapped Stephanie, then grinned
and rubbed her hair into his chest,"I guess there's something about
McMahon's and Canadians, we just don't get along!"
"Tell me about it," grumbled Triple H,"Just look at Bret Hart!"
He lowered her down and they walked hand in hand to the ambulance,
spotting X-Pac and Mr. Ass.
"Hey guys!" laughed Stephanie, waving an arm at the two DX members.
They turned to look at her, and the concerned looks on their
faces instantly told Triple H that something had gone wrong.
"What is it?" asked Stephanie, rushing up to the oncoming stretcher
and peering over,"Oh shit!"
"Jericho slipped in behind us, took out Road Dogg and got out,"
X-Pac whispered,"We didn't even know he'd been in the ring until he was
long gone."
"SHIT!" roared Triple H, kicking a nearby wall,"DAMMIT!"
"This D O Double G will be fine," groaned The Road Dogg, speaking
with some effort as he struggled out of unconsciousness,"Let the medics
do their thing, this outlaw's gonna enjoy getting a sponge bath from
some of them naughty Night Nurses."
Triple H shook his head with a chuckle, then turned back to a
relieved X-Pac and Mr. Ass,"Get back in there and make sure Test doesn't
beat Christian, I don't want him anywhere near getting a Title shot at any
point in the future, understand!?!"
The two remaining DX members nodded, then rushed back into The
Triple H pulled out his cell phone and flipped it open, dialing
into a direct line very few people had access to.
"Vince, yeah, listen, we got a problem...."

Christian had started the match very well indeed, twisting and
dodging out of Test's way, keeping away from the much bigger man, knowing
that one on one in a physical confrontation he would lose almost
But his spin-kicks, dives, back-flips and running could only
keep him out of Test's way for so long, and finally he was caught in
mid-air as he leapt off of a turnbuckle in an attempted cross body block.

Mr. Ass looked about him, confusion reigning on his handsome face.
"X-Pac? Where the hell are you?" he growled. The smaller man
had been right behind him, but now he was gone.
He shook his head, he didn't have time for this, the last t.v
monitor he'd seen had shown Test hitting Christian with a pretty painful
looking Pile-Driver.
He got to the entrance curtains and was about to rush through,
when hands gripped down hard on his ass.
"Huh?" he gasped.
"Wow, it's true, you do have a great ass!" giggled a sexy woman's
voice that reminded him of nothing more than a barbie doll for some reason.
He turned about and found himself facing the absolutely incredible
Trish Stratus, her gorgeous body poured into a deliciously revealing
little outfit.
"Hey baby, I gotta do something...." muttered Mr. Ass, trying
to remember exactly what he was meant to be doing anyway.
"Pity," whispered Trish, turning about and moving away, her ass
swaying to and fro,"There was something WE could have done together, if
you know what I mean."
Billy gulped, forgot entirely what it was he was supposed to have
been doing, and helplessly began following Trish.
She headed down a corridor, then stopped at a door.
"After you, sweetheart," she giggled,"I like watching that ass
of yours move."
"Ditto baby," Mr. Ass replied and walked through the doorway.
And straight into the big, meaty hands of Albert, the A of T &
A. He felt himself lifted into the air by the massive Wrestler, caught
a glimpse of an unconscious X-Pac lying in the debris of a broken, shattered
table and then he was smashing through one of his own.
"That should put a stop to any interference in our matches," growled
Albert contemptuously.
"Oh don't be mad, Albert," chuckled Trish, her voice no longer
so girlish,"They were just protecting their friend, just like we are."
She bent down and kissed Billy on his forehead, then her and
Albert closed and locked the door behind them, and went back to watching
their friend Test.

Test climbed the top rope, Christian laying on the mat below
him. The former fiance of Stephanie McMahon, before he'd found out what
she was really like, raised his arm, then leaped high in the air, cocking
his elbow and falling down, down, down into....
Christian had rolled out of the way, and Test bounced up and
over, ending up on his back, clutching his elbow in pain as Christian
rolled to the ropes, grabbing them and using them to pull himself to his
Slowly, painfully, Christian dragged his body to the top rope,
then turned himself round and struggled to keep his balance.
Test pulled himself to his feet, and seconds later Christian's
feet were slamming into his chest and knocking him back. The younger
brother of Edge and one half of the Tag Team Champions had hit the bigger
Test with a missile drop-kick from the top rope.
Test staggered backwards, still clutching his elbow, but the blow
had been more of a shock than anything else and Test hadn't even gone down
from the attack.
Christian rolled to his feet, Test rushing forward and swinging
his good arm at the smaller Wrestler, who ducked underneath him, then
slid his arms back and hooked Test's from behind, pulling them back to
Christian moved forward, causing Test's back to arch down, and
allowing his body to drop, Christian forced Test down to the ground hard
with his Finisher Move - The Impaler.
Christian's music started up and the young man hauled himself
to his feet, throwing his hands in the air as the crowd cheered for him.
Despite some of the morally ambiguous things he and Edge had done recently,
they were still favorites of the crowds.
He cast a weary and wary glance to the entrance ramp as Albert
and Trish Stratus approached, but they had no interest in Christian,
their only concern for Test.
Christian moved out of the ring and headed backstage, while
Albert pulled Test to his feet.
"You okay?" the gravely voiced Wrestler asked his partner.
"I'm okay, my elbow's just a little sore," replied Test,"You ready
for your match?"
"It's next, and it's not going to be a problem," replied Albert.
"I'll see to that," giggled Trish, and Test allowed a smile to
cross his lips.
"You sure that elbow's okay, man?" asked Albert.
"It'll be fine, but I can't stay back here," replied Test,"I'm
going to go put ice on it."
"Don't use our locker-room," replied Trish with a grin
at Albert,"We've got a couple of guests."
Test just shook his head as Albert laughed, then headed towards
As he moved through the curtains, Albert's opponent's music
started up.
"It's Sexual Baby!" murmured throughout The Arena and the crowds
cheered as Mark Henry - Sexual Chocolate - pushed through the curtains
and made his way down the entrance ramp.
He stepped into the ring and grinned at Trish in a way that,
despite his over 400 pound bulk and his officially endorsed title as
The World's Strongest Man, was almost boyish.
He blew her a kiss, then turned around in time to block a swinging
overhead punch from Albert, who was much taller than Sexual Chocolate but
nowhere near as big.
The bell rang as both massive Wrestlers locked up, pushing back
and forth against each other, trying to gain dominance.
Albert's greater height should have led to increased leverage
and an eventual domination, but this was The WWF, and Mark Henry wasn't
called The World's Strongest Man for nothing.
To his shock, Albert found himself being pushed backwards towards
the ropes. He struggled to push back, but Henry's strength was incredible,
absolutely phenomenal, and he knew he would soon be in a position where
he'd be totally vulnerable.
He responded by ceasing his pushes against Mark and instead pulled
him forward, bringing his knee up hard into Sexual Chocolate's gut hard.
This broke the lock-up, and Albert brought both arms down hard onto Mark's
broad back before pushing his opponent away and bringing one big boot up,
knocking Mark down.
He dropped down on top of him and Referee Tim White dropped to
make the count, but didn't get even a 1 count before Mark kicked out.
Albert began laying into Mark, hitting him with shot after shot,
driving him back into the corner, laying in a couple of kicks to Mark's
He pulled his arm back to throw a punch, and seconds later he
was on the ground, Mark Henry on top of him. The World's Strongest Man
had pushed forward and used his bulk to knock Albert off of his feet.
Mark rose to his hands and knees, then allowed himself to drop,
his 400 pound body crushing into Albert.
The crowd winced and wooed in sympathy, and Mark Henry lay where
he was on top of Albert. Tim White dropped to his hands and knees and
counted to 2 before Albert was able, barely, to lift one shoulder off
the canvas.
Mark got up and pulled Albert to his feet, then wrapped his
arms around the taller Wrestler's waist and lifted him bodily into the
air, crushing him with a massive Bear Hug. Albert threw his arms wide,
kicking his legs back and forth in the air, looking for purchase, some
kind of leverage to help him break free of Mark's grip.
"Do you give up?" asked Tim White, knowing that the pressure on
Albert's ribs must be intense and that he'd be losing air badly.
Albert shook his head, then slammed his open palms together hard
onto either side of Mark's head. With a roar, The World's Strongest Man
released Albert from the Bear Hug and clutched his head, his ears ringing
Albert fell back against the ropes, clutching his stomach with
one hand, gasping for breath. He shook his head, cleared it, then looked
up just in time to see Mark rush him and hit him with a clothesline, one
big, massive arm that took him off of his feet and dropped him to the
Mark began to pump the air with his hands, the flats of his
palms up to indicate he meant to Gorilla Press Slam Albert. The crowd
cried out in excitement, cheering at the prospect of seeing Mark Henry
doing one of the things he did best, pressing large weights.
Before he could do that however, Trish leaped up onto the ring
apron and reminded him of the other thing he did best.
She reached out and tapped his shoulder, and when he turned around
the beautiful blond fitness model grabbed him by the sides of the head,
pulled him forward and began to tongue him long and deep.
Mark was surprised at first, but quickly melted into the kiss,
his tongue running over Trish's, their mouths wide to accept each other's
tongues, saliva and breath.
Trish broke away and smiled at Mark, who grinned boyishly back
at her, then turned around and felt Albert's hands grip around his massive
The crowd cried out in astonishment as Albert strained, clenched
his teeth and let the cords on his neck stand out as he lifted the over
400 Pound Sexual Chocolate high in the air and then drop him to the mat so
hard that the whole ring shook.
Albert covered Mark's shoulders, hooked his legs and listened
carefully, waiting for the sound or feel of Mark kicking out.
Albert sighed with relief and rolled off of Mark, who sat up
clutching his head, shaking it slightly in disbelief.
Whether it was because he had lost or because Trish hadn't fallen
for his charms, only he would ever know.

"HOOP! HOOP! HOOP!" cried the crowd as Scotty 'Too Hotty' cast
him arms from side to side, then dropped his elbow down onto Kurt Angle's
His Worm completed, Scotty quickly pulled away, allowing
Grandmaster Sexay to leap from the top rope and hit The Double Olympic
Gold Medallist with The Hip-Hop Drop.
He too rolled away, the crowds cheers and screams of delight
growing to an ever higher crescendo as both Scotty and Brian grabbed the
unconscious Kurt Angle under his arms and dragged him to the corner post,
propping him up as Rakishi moved into position, bending over and slapping
his massive, dimpled ass-cheeks.
Kurt Angle had been a marked man the moment he'd stepped into
the ring of course. Even if he hadn't of all ready interfered in Scotty
and Brian's respective matches, he was in an Elimination match with three
Wrestlers who were close friends, he'd never stood a chance.
Even so, he'd put up a good fight, rushing into the ring last
and using his speed to attack first, amazingly going for Rakishi first
with an impressive Falling Reverse Suplex, then rolling up and slamming
a knee into Brian's gut before leap-frogging over Scotty 'Too Hotty' and
then catching him in a Reverse Neckbreaker.
But he was one against three, and two of his opponents were
far quicker than he was, and before too long Kurt Angle was well on his
way to being the first eliminated.
What Too Cool would do then remained to be seen, but they had
all agreed that Angle had to lose.
Rakishi stomped his feet, then charged back and slammed his
ass into Kurt's face, rubbing his ample posterior into The Double Olympic
Gold Medallist's features in a move that was not only humiliating, but
could be counted as both a power move and a choke hold.
As Scotty and Brian turned to face each other, tapping their
upheld fingers together in celebration. As they did so, the entrance
curtains opened and Vince McMahon appeared again, followed by
his Son-In-Law, Triple H.
Both carrying chairs.
They rushed down the entrance ramp and slid into the ring, Rakishi
noting the movement and twisting his head up just in time for a blue
chair to smash into his forehead.
Brian's view was obscured by Scotty, but he heard the boos, he
saw the chair from behind Scotty as it slammed into Rakishi's face. His
face fell and Scotty's became marred with confusion, turning around he
was just in time to feel the edge of Vince's chair slam into his gut,
knocking him double and receiving the flat of Triple H's chair over his
back. As he went down Brian's initial shook wore off and he charged
blindly at Vince, who stepped out of the way. Grandmaster Sexay ran past
him, hit the ropes, bounced back and felt the hard chair smash down over
the back of his head. He went down, his arms draping over the ropes and
causing him to lay over them.
Vince nodded angrily at Triple H, then pointed over to the corner
where Rakishi was getting waveringly to his feet. His face was slightly
marred with confused pain, but he angrily shook it off and drew himself
Rakishi fell against the ropes again as Triple H's chair slammed
down, then slumped down on top of Kurt Angle, crushing the small Olympic
athlete to the mat in what would technically be a pin, except Kurt's arms
were draped over the ropes.
Angrily, Vince motioned over at the prostrate Scotty and Triple
H rolled him over, covering him. The Referee stood staring down at
The Game, unsure what to do.
"You count down, moron!" roared Vince, and Teddy Long sighed,
then dropped to his knees and counted,"1, 2, 3."
Vince then turned around, grabbed Brian by the back and tossed
him back so he hit the mat hard. Triple H covered him too as the crowd
roared in anger, then Teddy Long counted,"1, 2, 3." before Triple H and
Vince turned, grabbed Rakishi by his legs and dragged him into the middle
of the ring.
Triple H covered him and Teddy Long dropped for the cover, hitting
1, 2 and....
Rakishi kicked out.
Suddenly the crowd was cheering and roaring in approval again
as Triple H was tossed off the big man and he sat up, shaking his head
in confusion.
Vince's face fell in shock, then he scowled and scooped his chair
back up. Triple H did the same and first Vince slammed his chair down on
Rakishi, then Hunter followed suit.
Rakishi dropped again and this time when Triple H covered him,
he got the full count of three.
Which left Kurt Angle.
Angrily Vince gesticulated at Triple H, who nodded grimly and
lifted a now groggy Kurt up and thrust his head between his thighs and
hooked his arms behind his back.
Vince - his face red with anger - motioned to Triple H, throwing
his hands up and then down to indicate it was time for The Pedigree.
Triple H turned his head as the crowd screamed and yelled it's
derision. He allowed just a tiny smirk to cross his face, then pulled
his legs up and dropped to his knees, dropping Kurt face first into the
The Game rolled him over, then got up to his knees and placed
the tip of pinky finger on Kurt's chest. Teddy Long got down and counted,
slower than usual.
The crowd booed angrily, but Vince just allowed a hard smile to
cross his face as Triple H got back up, turning to make his DX 'Suck It'
Taunt, much more restrained than his compatriots usually were but all the
more aggravating because of that.
Vince moved to Teddy's side and motioned for him to leave, then
grabbed a microphone and moved to the center of the ring.
"As you will recall, I gave my guarantee that the winner of
this match would be in Round 2 of The Championship Tournament. I am
not a man who makes guarantee's lightly, and I have kept my word on this
one once again."
The crowd booed at this obvious lie.
"Now, now, you all think I'm telling untruths? Well, that's
not the case at all. Remember only a little over half an hour ago, if
you can stretch your minds back that far...."
Boos from the crowds, a small grin from Triple H.
"... I said," continued Vince,"And I quote, that Too Cool, Rakishi
and Kurt Angle can face off in an Elimination match."
He paused, letting that sink in. A few of the more savvy crowd
members saw where Vince was going, but this just increased their own
anger as they realized they'd been duped.
"I never said that the elimination match was closed to those
participants or limited to four. I DID say that it was a No
Disqualification match, I DID say the winner would be in Round 2, which
he is, and I am happy to announce the winner...."
He turned to point at Triple H, who was lifting his arms up
"Hunter. Hearst. Helmsley!"
The crowd bayed angrily, but Vince ignored them, kneeling down
over Kurt Angle instead and grabbing him by the hair, lifting his head.
"Now you listen to me, you little bastard! You don't make demands
of me! You don't say what goes! I'm Vince McMahon, and don't you ever
forget it you little prick!"
With that, he stood up and moved out with Triple H, his Corporation
Theme Song playing as he left and Smackdown! went off the air.

The room remained black, the only occupant hidden in the darkness,
the blue outline from the hidden light source revealing nothing of his
16 of the original 32 pieces were gone now, splintered
and shattered, reduced to crumbling ashes lost in the impenetrable darkness
surrounding him.
Much of the moves made had come as no surprise to the rooms
occupant, he had even foreseen the wild-card Kurt Angle preventing the
White Pawn Brian Christopher from taking Black Pawn Dean Malenko. He
had found the clever move of White Rook Chris Jericho to take out Black Rook
Jesse James amusing, but had to admit surprise over White Pawn Christian
taking Black Pawn Test.
None of that mattered now, though, because something interesting
had happened. The pieces had been moved in such a fashion that now The
Black King and White King had placed each other in check, something unheard
of so early in a chess match.
He would watch the next move with great interest.

Raw Is War!

"Welcome to Raw Is War!" cried J.R,"And Round 2 Of The
WWF Championship Title begins tonight!"
"And what an incredible First Round it was!" proclaimed The
King,"On Smackdown! we saw Grandmaster Sexay put a hurt on Dean Malenko
like nothing we've ever seen until Kurt Angle interfered and gave Malenko
the victory! Perry Saturn tried to go one on one with Bradshaw and ended
up on his back for the 3 count! A cowardly Y2J...."
"Oh please!" cried J.R.
"J.R please! let me get a word in edgeways! Like I was saying,
a cowardly Chris Jericho attacked Road Dogg from behind to progress
forward, while Christian must have had Lady Luck smiling down on him
when he was able to get the win over Test, while Albert took out Sexual
Chocolate with a 'stimulating' assistance from the delectable Trish
"As always King, your selective memory is astounding!" cried
J.R,"The most important thing is, the first match of this second Round
will be a rematch of the end of Wrestlemania, People's Champion The Rock
versus Triple H - The Game!"
"Oh yeah we.... wait a minute!"
The King cut himself off as the familiar opening notes of Vince
McMahon's Corporation Theme Song started up.
"Business is about to pick up!" cried J.R, and seconds later
Vince McMahon was moving through the entrance curtains, followed by his
son Shane, Son-In-Law Triple H, daughter Stephanie and the rest of DX,
a recovered Road Dogg, Mr. Ass, X-Pac and Tori,"The whole damn gang is
Vince stepped into the ring, followed by the rest of The
McMahon-Helmsley Regime. He lifted his microphone, made to speak, then
dropped his head and shook it with a rueful grin as the audience cried
out,"Asshole! Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!"
"Now now, you're going to regret that word," chuckled Vince as
he turned to grin at Shane,"Because I'm about to say something that you're
going to love!"
The crowd bayed and booed, but settled down. Usually when Vince
said something like that, it meant something big was going to happen. Not
always good, of course, but always something big.
"Now as you know, my Son-In-Law Triple H was able, by the skin of
his teeth, to defeat my son Shane McMahon..."
The crowds taunts and yells renewed as they remembered that farce
of a match. It was almost half a minute before they calmed enough for
Vince to continue.
"And, of course, against all our expectations, The Rock somehow
managed to luck out a win against The Big Show...."
The crowd cheered uproariously and soon a chant of Rocky! Rocky!
Rocky! Rocky! had started up. This time Vince was forced to wait nearly
a full minute before he could continue.
"And thus, due to The Tournaments set-out, The Rock will face
Triple H tonight in the first match of Round 2!"
Triple H nodded grimly, then grinned down at Stephanie and lightly
kissed her forehead.
"And despite the fact that such a match is obviously Main Event
material, we have a very long Tournament to get through.... so The Rock
and Triple H are going to get it on right now!"
The crowd cheered and Vince grinned, nodding.
"Of course, of course," he said, motioning for calm,"Some of
these Tournament matches have seen interference throw off the proper
results.... I'm not naming names, Kurt Angle."
"Yeah, I was real disappointed in Kurt!" cried The King, knowing
that Vince was unimpressed with The Double Olympic Gold Medallist at
the moment,"What was he thinking?"
"Oh and I'm sure DX hasn't had their share of interfering!" snapped
J.R cynically.
"So, to insure the security of this highly charged match, I am
going to deputize as Security Staff five of the most gifted, toughest
Wrestlers in The WWF. X-Pac, Road Dogg, Mr. Ass, The Big Boss Man and
Bull Buchanan!"
The crowd roared in anger.
"Oh this is a travesty!" yelled J.R angrily,"Can you believe
it, King?"
"What are you talking about, Vince is trying to protect The Rock
and Triple H from that crazy Kurt Angle!"
"Oh please!"
"But still, what Referee could be relied upon to keep control of
such a highly charged match? No ordinary Referee, of course, so I have
taken the liberty of making the Special Referee for this match, my son,
Shane McMahon!"
The crowds baying and roaring had increased to fever pitch by
now as they realized that Vince was planning on screwing The Rock out of
any chance he might have had at regaining The WWF Title.
"So Rock!" cried Vince, as Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan walked
down the entrance ramp and joined DX outside of the ring,"You have ten
seconds to get out here or you'll be counted out..... quite frankly, I
don't think you have the grapefr...."
The Arena, cutting of Vince. The crowd went wild despite the knowledge
that all the decks were stacked against The Rock.
The People's Champion stormed down the entrance ramp, WWF Title
slung over his shoulder, pulled himself into the ring and moved up the
turnbuckle, throwing his head up and inhaling the potent atmosphere of
the crowd, smelling what they were cooking.
He dropped back into the ring and dropped the Title Belt to the
apron, then spun about as he felt the vibrations of the mat, turning and
throwing his arm up, blocking Triple H's own arm as he made to hit The
People's Champion.
Triple H suddenly found himself being hammered back across the
ring by The Rock, whose face was livid with anger. He knocked Triple H
back against the turnbuckle, pulled back his hand, spat on it and made to
throw it forward....
And Shane McMahon reached up and blocked it.
"No closed fists! No closed fists!" snapped Shane at The Rock,
who glared furiously at the son of Vince McMahon.
"Oh please! No closed fists, The Rock was hitting The Game with
open handed blows!"
"J.R PLEASE!" cried The King,"Shane's much closer than you to
the action!"
The Rock turned his attention back to Triple H and was spun about
again by Shane.
"You understand?" cried Shane,"No closed fists!"
The Rock gritted his teeth and twitched slightly in frustration,
then turned and felt The Games' knee slam into his gut. The People's
Champion doubled over in pain and Triple H quickly pushed his head between
his legs. Hooking The Rock's arms, Triple H moved forward for space to
execute The Pedigree.
The Rock, however, had other ideas and pulled his arms free,
grabbed Triple H by the legs and slammed him to the ground. Triple H
was momentarily shocked and The Rock took the opportunity to begin stomping
into The Game with vicious kicks.
Stephanie leaped up onto the ring apron and called out to Shane,
who turned around and then moved over to where she stood, his back turned
to The Rock and Triple H.
Instantly X-Pac rolled into the ring and rushed at The Rock, who
twisted about and caught the smaller DX Member around the chest, lifted
him up and slammed him into the mat.
"Rock Bottom! Rock Bottom!" cried J.R.
"Relax J.R, you'll do yourself an injury!" snapped The King,"Or
I will!"
The Rock turned again and blocked Mr. Ass' blow, pushing him back
into The Boss Man as he climbed through the ropes, sending him back into
Bull Buchanan as Mr. Ass rolled over the top rope. The Road Dogg rushed
up behind Rocky and grabbed him around the neck, setting him up for The
Stretch Armstrong. The Rock threw his elbow back, catching Jesse in the
side of the face, then turned, grabbed him around the neck and drilled his
head into the mat.
"A DDT puts out the last of DX!" cried J.R,"But The Game is back
Triple H pulled himself to his feet and charged at The Rock,
who twisted and caught The Game as he rushed past The People's Champion
around the neck and under one knee. He lifted the former WWF Champion
up high, twisted about, then fell back to the mat, all of his weight
slamming into Triple H's body.
"Oh a brutal Samoan Drop!" cried J.R,"That's gotta be it! The
Game must be out!"
Stephanie, who had been very leisurely chatting with Shane,
saw what was going on and snapped. Jumping from the apron, she rushed
back towards the time-keeper.
The Rock leaped to his feet and stood at Triple H's head, grabbing
at his armband and pulling it off as the crowd went apeshit. He threw
it into the crowd who scrabbled madly for it, then shook his arms back
and forth, accidentally catching Vince in the face as Mr. McMahon charged
at The People's Champion.
Vince rolled back, clutching his eyes, hit the ropes and went
over, falling into Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan.
"The Rock has decimated DX!" screamed J.R, overtaken with indignant,
zealous fury,"And now.... The People's ELBOW!"
"J.R! You're going to have a coronary!"
The Rock tossed his arms back and forth, then rushed against
one rope, bounced off it, leaped over The Game and bounced off the other
As he did this, Stephanie rushed back to the foot of the ring
and threw The Timekeeper's chair to Shane, yelling instructions to him.
As The Rock rushed forward and paused to cock his elbow before
delivering the final blow, Shane charged forward with speed born of
desperation and swung the steel chair in a wild swing, connecting hard
with the back of The Rock's head and sending him down into the mat.
The crowd's roar shook the rafters and Event Security had to
throw their arms wide and strain to hold back the mass of furious onlookers
as their emotions overtook them.
Dropping to his knees, Shane grabbed Triple H and rolled him
over onto The Rock.
At his commentators table, J.R was practically bouncing in fury
in his seat, his face red as a stream of anger poured from his mouth,
totally over-riding a flummoxed Jerry Lawler.
Triple H's arm over The Rock, Shane threw his arm up and down
at a furious speed, counting 1, 2 and.....
The Rock, eyes wide, threw his shoulder up.
The People's fury was gone in an instant, replaced with ecstasy
as their Champion pulled his shoulder up, then pulled himself into a
sitting position. His eyes were wide with pure anger and hate as he
turned to look at Shane McMahon. Standing up, his fists were balled
into tight clumps of flesh as he panted heavily, his gaze burning holes
into Shane's chest, seemingly straight to his heart.
Shane gulped nervously and frantically tapped his chest, the
WWF symbol meant to remind The Rock that as a WWF Official he couldn't
be attacked. If The Rock noticed, he didn't care, as he slowly advanced
on Shane, the crowd leaping up and down in anticipation.
And then Vince McMahon was in the ring, chair in hand as he
moved in behind The Rock, then threw his leg up and slammed it into
The Rock's groin.
"NOOO!" screamed J.R, who had gone even more berserk (this time
with joy) when The Rock had kicked out,"This just isn't right, dammit!"
As The Rock doubled over, Vince raised the chair high and slammed
it down onto Rocky's back. The Rock dropped to his hands and knees,
and Vince quickly motioned for Mr. Ass to approach. Billy Gun did so,
grabbing The Rock, lifting him slightly and then throwing his leg over
the back of The People Champion's neck and dropping him hard into the
mat - The Fame Asser.
Shane angrily motioned for The Rock to be turned over, then
climbed to the top rope.
"Oh come on, you call this impartial King!"
"Uh... um, maybe he spotted Kurt Angle in the rafters?" The King
offered lamely.
Shane cocked his elbow, then leaped into the air and fell down
fast, driving his elbow into The Rock's heart.
"Oh no, Shane fell accidentally!" cried The King.
"This is crap!" growled J.R.
Triple H was helped to his feet by Big Boss Man and Bull
Buchanan - X-Pac and Road Dogg still being out - as Mr. Ass and Vince
lifted The Rock up. The dragged The People's Champion to Triple H and
with the assistance of the other four, The Game hooked The Rock into The
Pedigree, then executed it.
Even before Triple H had properly covered Rocky, Shane was down
on his hands and knees bringing his hand down for the one count. He did
it again for the 2, and then a final time for the 3.
The crowd bayed and waved thumbs-down and one fingered salutes,
the odd DX fan jumping up and down to celebrate Triple H's victory.
"The Rock has just been screwed out of a chance for The WWF
Title!" roared J.R,"This Tournament is a farce! It's a farce!"
"Calm down J.R, you'll get fired.... again!"
"I can afford it!" snapped J.R back,"Why is Vince toying with
The WWF Superstars like this? It's an outrage!"
Triple H was held up by Mr. Ass and Bull Buchanan, lifting his
hands as Shane McMahon grabbed The WWF Title The Rock had brought to the
ring with him.
The Title was thrust into The Game's chest and he lifted it high
with an exhausted grin. He called for a microphone as he hugged Stephanie
with the arm holding The Title, then turned to face The Rock.
"Rocky, I win, you little shit! Why? Because I'm just that damn
As the crowd bayed angrily, Triple H delivered one last kick to
the unconscious People's Champion, then left the ring with DX, The McMahons,
Boss Man and Bull Buchanan. As they moved up the entrance ramp, various
WWF Officials, Referees and Medics rushed down to check on the health of
The Rock, who lay still and unmoving in the center of the ring.

Kurt Angle stood silently in front of a television monitor,
watching as The Rock was screwed out of his chance to win The WWF Title
for real.
Chris Jericho moved down the corridor, spotting the Olympian and
noting the fixed and rigid way he stood.
He moved up beside Angle and looked at the t.v monitor, seeing
the medics putting Rock onto a stretcher.
"McMahon's work, huh?" muttered The European Champion with a shake
of his head,"Don't let it get you down Kurt, just work your way around
Vinny, don't bother him and he won't bother you."
He slapped Angle on the shoulder,"Although I'm about to break
my own advice!"
With that enigmatic statement, he moved on.
"There's another option," hissed Kurt through fixed teeth after
Jericho had departed, then turned and headed for the nearest bank of
phones and put through a call to WCW Headquarters.

Chyna ignored the boos and cat-calls, the signs asking,"Why, Chyna,
Why?" and the taunts of She-Male! She-Male! That had been picked up after
Jericho had made a recent dig at her sexuality.
Quite a number of these taunters took the opportunity to ogle her
buttocks - gloriously exposed by the tight leather shorts she
wore - obviously understanding the lie of their cries, but crying them
And then a different kind of ass entered.
"I'm an Ass Man!" beated throughout The Arena, to a mixed reaction
from The Crowd,"Yeah I'm a Man's Man!"
Mr. Ass walked through the curtains and blew water from his mouth
into the air, then turned to cup his buttocks and make a couple of pelvic
thrusts before continuing on his way.
The Crowd was about 50/50 in their reaction to him. They hated
DX - or more precisely, Triple H and X-Pac - but they still loved the
Degenerate Actions of The New Age Outlaws.
As he reached ringside, the entrance curtains parted once again
and two new figures moved onto the entrance ramp.
The Road Dogg and X-Pac.
Now The Crowd was almost fully unified, all booing and crying out
in anger as the two DX Members moved to join Mr. Ass at ringside.
"Now what the hell is this!" snapped J.R,"Mr. Ass is one of the
purest athletes in The WWF, he doesn't need help to beat one woman, even
if it is Chyna!"
"Remember what Jericho said, J.R!" chuckled The King, after
checking to make sure that Chyna couldn't hear him,"Apparently Chyna
leaves the seat up, you know what I mean!?!"
"Oh please, more a case of sour grapes from Y2J, King," replied
J.R angrily,"Chyna is all woman, anyone can see that!"
The three DX Members stepped into the ring, then Road Dogg and
X-Pac broke off from Mr. Ass and moved up to either side of Chyna, talking
seriously to her about something the cameras weren't able to pick up.
Chyna looked thoughtful at first, speaking back to Jesse and X-Pac,
which brought nods from all sides. She patted X-Pac on the shoulder, then
stepped back as Road Dogg and X-Pac moved off and slid out of the ring,
leaving her alone with Mr. Ass.
"Some kind of consensus reached here, King," muttered J.R,"What
it is, I'm not too sure."
Mr. Ass and Chyna moved forward and locked up as Tim
White - relieved there wouldn't be a repeat of the fiasco that had been
The Rock/Triple H motioned for the bell to ring.
Billy and Chyna pushed back and forth against each other, then
suddenly Chyna dropped to her back and lay totally still. The New Age
Outlaw grinned, then dropped his body over her chest, enjoying the feel
of her large, leather-encased breasts against his own broad chest as a
bewildered Tim White dropped and counted 1, 2 and 3.
The crowd bayed in disgust as Billy got back up and lifted his
hands as Lillian announced him as the winner. Road Dogg and X-Pac slid
back into the ring and congratulated their partner, then all three turned
and grinned at Chyna, clapping gently as she got back to her feet and
returned the smile.
Jesse called for a mike, which was thrown to him, and he turned
to face the baying crowds.
"Now I'd like all of you Dawg's to join with me in welcoming
The Prodigal Daughter back to the fol...."
He was cut off as a sudden loud, familiar beat filled The Arena
and The Millennium Clock appeared on The Titan-Tron. The Crowd cheered and
threw their hands up as it counted down to zero, then The Arena went dark
before a massive explosion sounded and Chris Jericho appeared back first
through the entrance curtains, arms held out to his sides.
Turning around, he moved forward with mike in hand and threw his
wolfish grin at the cheering fans before motioning for silence, his music
fading away.
In the ring, The Road Dogg's face was a mask of confused anger
while X-Pac and Mr. Ass were just pissed off and Chyna had thrown her
arms wide in annoyed resignation.
"How appropriate!" cried Jericho,"That Chyna, The Thing That
"The Thing That Walks!" cried The King with a hoot.
"Jericho is walking a fine line here, King," murmured J.R quietly.
"... that Chyna is back with a group whose catch-cry is, say it
with me all you Jericholics,"
"SUCK IT!" cried the crowd happily as Y2J nodded and smiled,
successfully turning DX's own taunt against them.
"Because we all know that Chyna has plenty to suck, don't you
Chyna just rolled her eyes and turned around while X-Pac turned
to snap something at Mr. Ass.
"But Chyna, seriously, seriously," whispered Jericho, his face
serious now,"Tonight after you finish celebrating your reunion, once
you're done with Mr. Ass' ass! once you've shown Road Dogg the true meaning
of Doggy Style! Once you've shown that little midget their your own X-Pack,
remember, please remember, you must use a condom!"
The crowd had cheered with each successive taunt, but they fell
silent at the last comment about a condom. What did Jericho mean? What
joke were they missing?
"Because...." chuckled Jericho, smiling again,"We all know that
anything with something between it's legs like yours is fair game for
that filthy, dirty, disgusting, skanky, brutal, bottom-feeding, trash-bag
ho Stephanie McMahon!"
The crowd went absolutely wild.
"HE CAN'T SAY THAT!" screamed The King in total shock as The Road
Dogg and Mr. Ass cast shocked looks at each other, X-Pac's face went red
and Chyna's eyes narrowed.
"Just a word of advice from one of the boys, Chyna," chuckled
Jericho as the crowd relaxed somewhat,"And to quote Kurt Angle, It's True!"
With that he turned and left, his theme song playing as the
crowd began to chant,"Y2J! Y2J! Y2J! Y2J! Y2J!"

Triple H and Stephanie sat totally stock still on their expensive
couch, a celery stick dripping with dip held in The Game's clenched fist,
forgotten. They had been up celebrating Hunter's 'victory' over The Rock
and enjoying Chyna's return to DX, but all that was forgotten now after
Jericho's shock insults.
"Wha.... what did he call me?" whispered Stephanie McMahon, who
had grown up in an insulated rich-girl world and rarely suffered insults
until she had started making public appearances at
'Daddy's Work'.
"He is fucking dead!" growled Hunter low in his throat, then
stood up,"I will kill that Canadian fuck myself!"
He stormed out of The McMahon Corporate Suite as Stephanie followed
his progress with her adoring gaze.

X-Pac shook the top rope in frustration, then turned to snap
at his DX Team-Mates.
"We gotta go get that sonuvabitch!" he growled.
"That's what the crazy Canuck wants, Pac," returned The Road
Dogg,"Get us out there looking for him, fuck up your chance to progress
to Round 2, make us look like idiots."
"He's right," said Chyna, her eyebrows knitted together in dark
anger,"I know him, we spent a lot of time together before he tried to
get into my pants, it's how he operates, get us angry, break us up, the
old divide and conquer."
Billy grinned,"That why you broke it off, he made a pass at
Chyna smirked,"Yeah, can you imagine, a sawed off little runt
like him?"
"Yeah, you need a real Man's Man..." started Billy, moving forward.
"Calm down, Romeo," said Chyna with a chuckle, holding out a
restraining arm and shaking her head,"Believe me, you couldn't handle
the ride!"
Road Dogg and X-Pac burst into laughter and Billy shook his head
with a rueful grin. At the same time, the lights dimmed, spotlights
started roaming around The Crowd and the words,"You Think That You Know
Me...." boomed across The P.A System.
The crowds cheered and hollered, casting their gaze about for
Edge, waiting to see where he was coming from. X-Pac and his DX Team-Mates
cast their own eyes about, covering each side of the ring so that he
wouldn't be able to sneak up on them.
Suddenly Edge's music stopped, a scratching/sucking musical note
that rose beyond hearing before booming music filled The Arena and The
Hardyz came charging down The Entrance Ramp.
The Crowds cheered in excitement and DX assembled to face the
young Tag Team, and as they did Edge and Christian appeared over the
security railings behind J.R and The King's Commentary Table. They slid
into the ring and rushed DX, catching them unawares as The Hardyz slid
in as well and an all out melee started.
DX, however, were amongst the cream of the talented crop of WWF's
top Wrestlers and quickly recovered from the initial shock, fighting back
and quickly evening things up.
Edge and Mr. Ass went toe to toe, laying into each other with
lefts and rights. Matt Hardy locked up with X-Pac, falling to the mat
and rolling to the outside as Christian was clotheslined over the top rope
by Road Dogg, the young brother of Edge gripping The D O Double G and
pulling him out with him as Chyna quickly got the better of Jeff Hardy
and laid into him with such a hard right that he flew through the middle
and top ropes of the ring and smashed hard into the side of J.R and The
King's commentary table.
"It's pandemonium in here!" cried J.R, struggling to be heard
over the crowd,"DX going one on one with Edge, Christian and The Hardyz!"
"Has this match even started yet?" cried The King, seeing The
Referee standing uselessly in corner of the ring.
"I haven't heard a bell, King!" cried J.R, then his voice dropped
and he said slowly,"Oh no, The Ninth Wonder Of The World is coming after
Jeff Hardy."
Chyna slid under the bottom rope and threw a hard kick into Jeff's
underside, knocking him off his feet again before bending over to drag him
by his dyed hair to his feet.
Meanwhile, The Road Dogg had stunned Christian with a quick punch
to his face, and took the opportunity to hit the young Tag Team Champion
with his special combo of three lefts before shaking his hands at his
sides as he rocked his legs back and forth, then swung his right forward
to knock Christian off his feet.
The momentary pause gave the still relatively fresh Christian
all the opportunity he needed, however, and he ducked the swing, hooking
The Road Dogg's arms and dropping him to the hard concrete with an audible
"Oh a vicious Impaler!" cried J.R,"The Road Dogg is out, he's out!"
Chyna meanwhile, had totally decimated Jeff Hardy, and with a
quick smirk, she rolled him onto J.R's Table.
"Oh no, don't do that, don't do that!" cried J.R,"Chyna, this
isn't necessary!"
"Quiet J.R!" cried The King, eyes darting nervously at Chyna,
striving in what was - for him - an almighty effort not to look at The
Ninth Wonder Of The World's puppies,"Chyna does what she wants!"
"You're damn right!" growled Chyna, and began moving up onto
the table herself.
X-Pac swung his leg in an overhead arc towards Matt Hardyz' chest,
the young Wrestler catching the leg squarely. X-Pac, who had tremendous
balance, braced himself and then swung his body up so that his other leg
connected with Matt's face and brought him down to the concrete.
Mr. Ass had gotten the advantage over Edge finally, and with a
final kick to the young Wrestler's abdomen which doubled him over, Billy
rushed towards the far rope, bouncing off of it and charging back, leaping
up and bringing his leg down towards the back of Edge's neck.
Edge, through gritted teeth, pulled back and caught Billy's leg
in his arms, then twisted Mr. Ass around and swung an arm towards him
to hit him with a vicious clothesline. Mr. Ass caught the arm, though,
and Irish Whipped Edge to the ropes, chasing after him perhaps in the
hope of hitting him with a Bulldog.
But to the crowd's delight, Edge had regained control and used
his momentum to propel him forward as he lowered his shoulder into Billy's
abdomen, knocking Mr. Ass down hard onto his back as he executed The
Jeff had recovered somewhat, and was fighting Chyna toe to toe
on top of the commentary table. Still, even at his freshest he wasn't a
physical match for the powerful Chyna, and once again she was overcoming
Seeing X-Pac laying into Matt Hardy, Christian let out a roar
and leaped to the security railing, using his excellent sense of balance
to run around it, then leap to the adjacent turnbuckle and backflip off
of it.
X-Pac, however, saw him coming and moved out of the way, throwing
his arms down onto Christian's back and propelling him even harder into
the concrete floor below.
"OH NO!" cried J.R,"That young man is broken in half!"
"Oh um.... yeah!" cried King, flummoxed by his rather close-up
view of Chyna's delectable ass.
Matt Hardy had pulled himself to his feet as this happened, but
he had no time to do anything else as X-Pac delivered a kick to his
gut, then leaped into the air, grabbing the back of Matt's head and
slamming his face into the concrete.
"X-Factor! X-Factor!" cried J.R, then cast a nervous look up
at Chyna and Jeff,"Please, get down from there!"
Edge had pulled Mr. Ass to his feet, grabbed him by the back of
his head and tossed him over the top rope to join Road Dogg on the ground.
Turning his head, he noted Chyna booting Jeff hard in the gut, doubling
the young man over. He growled, then turned to rush for the opposite ropes,
meaning to leap over the top and hit Chyna with a flying drop-kick. However,
doing this just exposed X-Pac, who had leapt into the ring to attack his
opponent from behind. Thinking on his feet, even as X-Pac hesitated for
just a second, Edge dropped his shoulder and speared the young, tough as
nails DX'er over. He hooked his leg and turned his gaze at The Referee,
roaring for him to ring the bell.
The Referee threw his arms up in disgust, then motioned for the
bell to ring even as Chyna hooked Jeff's arms behind his back
and Pedigreed The Hardy Boy through the table. As J.R cried out in shock
and fell back on his chair to the security railing and The King let out a
squawk of terror, the bell rang and The Referee dropped to his hands and
"The winner of this match, proceeding to Round 3, Edge!"
Chyna sat up from the tangled debris of the commentary table,
Jeff a broken heap below her, her face contorted in angry confusion.
"Edge?" she growled,"What the fuck!"
The Crowd was leaping up and down in excitement as Edge pulled
his upper body up with his hands, allowing his lower body to stay splayed
on the mat as he shot a feral grin at the surrounding fans. He then
leapt to his feet and cast a worried look around the destruction in and
around the ring. Beside him and Chyna, all the other Wrestlers lay in
heaps on the ground or in the ring.
"This can't go on, dammit!" cried J.R from his seat, as Chyna
got up and moved around the ring towards the barely stirring Road Dogg
and Mr. Ass,"These interference's, DX coming in and fixing matches! Edge
had no choice but to bring his brother and friends for support, and this
is the result! Mr. McMahon has to do something about this!"
"Vince knows what he's doing!" cried The King in reply, then
cast a look down at Jeff Hardy,"Isn't ol' Red-Hair here supposed to
fight next, J.R?"
J.R cast a worried gaze at Jeff,"Oh boy, he had a tough enough
assignment already, facing the Big Red Machine, I think Jeff is going to
have to pull out!"
Edge was helping Christian and Matt up, and together the three
of them moved around the ring on the opposite side of Chyna and moved to
help Jeff up. The blond and red haired Wrestler was beginning to stir,
and with some help got to his feet. Arms around his brother and his
friends, he limped away from the ring and up the entrance ramp.
"Jeff Hardy is limping!" cried J.R,"This does not look good
at all!"
Meanwhile Chyna was in the ring as Mr. Ass and Road Dogg got
to their feet. She picked up X-Pac and threw him over her shoulder,
then carried him up the entrance ramp with a staggering Road Dogg and
Mr. Ass behind her.

Vince McMahon ignored the taunts and the boos from the crowds
as he waited in the ring for them to quiet. Finally, when they had had
their say, he lifted the microphone to his mouth.
"Well, it's been a night for surprises, hasn't it?" he murmured
with a grin.
"You're damn right there!" cried J.R, sitting in his chair with
a monitor on his lap, the remains of his table cleared up and taken away
"In fact," continued Vince,"Apart from Triple H's easy defeat of
The Rock nothing has gone as I would have foreseen."
The crowd booed at the obvious lie, the real events still fresh
in their memories from just a little under two hours ago.
"But all these interference's before the match can begin are just
too much, people are taking advantage and bending the rules to get ahead
in the competition, and we all know who they are...."
"We sure as hell do!" growled J.R,"DX has run rampant in this
Tournament, and it's only been good luck that X-Pac and Road Dogg aren't
still in it!"
"Quiet J.R!" cried The King from his chair,"Vince is speaking!"
"Well, it's time to face the consequences of these
actions, dammit!" snapped Vince,"I will not allow this flagrant disregard
of the rules to go on, is that understood, and I will see to it now that
one of these vile cheats get their comeuppance!"
"Hear that J.R!" cried The King,"And you call Vince... well, you
call him lots of things!"
"And so, hurt or not, I don't care, Jeff Hardy, get out here and
face the music!"
"JEFF HARDY!" cried J.R in anger,"Vince is trying to put the
blame on Jeff Hardy?"
The King was a bit taken aback at first, but he was a master of
towing the company line and quickly fell into place.
"Yeah, good!" he cried,"That'll learn that Hardy for interfering
in matches!"
The Hardy Boyz music started and with an obvious limp, Jeff Hardy
made his way out. Matt rushed after him, followed by a concerned Edge
and Christian. Edge himself was feeling tremendous guilt, after some of
the morally ambiguous things that he and Christian had done to The Hardyz
the younger team had been more than willing to help them out when it
became clear DX was going to try and screw him, and now Jeff was injured.
Matt grabbed Jeff by the shoulder and yelled something at him,
but an angry Jeff pushed his brother away and moved into the ring. He
had only been hit with Chyna's Pedigree ten minutes ago and the pain in
his ankle was still fresh, but he fought through it admirably.
"You three, out!" snapped Vince at Edge, Christian and Jeff,"There
is no room for blatant cheating and assists in The WWF!"
"Keep back, King!" cried J.R,"Lightning is bound to hit that
man sooner or later!"
"I know!" agreed The King, surprising J.R,"He DOES have a magnetic
J.R shook his head angrily as he watched Edge, Christian and Matt
leave with emotions ranging from anger to confusion to worry.
Once they were gone, Vince shot a hard look at Jeff, who glared
back at his boss, then lifted the microphone again.
"Now get out here you big dumb retard and fight your matc...."
Before Vince could finish, the lights went out, the crowds cheered
uneasily, and then the warped, twisted notes of Kane's theme music started
Even knowing what was coming, most people jumped slightly when
the red explosion rocked the entrance ramp and Kane moved down the entrance
ramp, his father nowhere in sight.
He pulled himself into the ring by grabbing the top rope, stepping
over it and moving to the center of the ring, right in front of Jeff
Hardy as he lifted his arms up, then dropped them suddenly, causing another
explosion of red fire to lance up from each of the four corners of the
ring. As they faded, the lights returned to the ring and Vince motioned
for the bell to ring.
Kane cocked his head slightly, as if curious at the sight of the
young, defiant Wrestler in front of him. Jeff allowed himself to swallow,
then brought a forearm down hard onto Kane's chest.
It was like striking concrete.
He winced, then attacked again, pounding on Kane, who simply stood
still where he was, watching with curiosity as the young man before him
threw everything he had at The Big Red Machine.
"Do you think Kane even knows Jeff's hitting him?" asked The
King nervously.
"I sometimes wonder if Kane even understands he's in
this Tournament!" returned J.R.
Jeff, realizing the futility of what he was doing, put all his
weight on his good leg and swung his hurt one at the back of Kane's knee,
knowing that hitting the bundle of nerves there would cause an involuntary
jerk of the big man's leg.
But instead screaming agony ripped through his ankle and Kane's
leg moved not at all, and seconds later Jeff felt one massive hand slap
down around his neck with an audible slap heard around the entire Arena.
"That's it Kane!" cried Vince,"Chokeslam his ass!"
Kane paused, turning his gaze from Jeff as he scrambled at the
vice like grip of the big gloved hand to stare at Vince McMahon.
McMahon's look of greedy, evil expectation dropped to one of
nervousness and he swallowed involuntarily as the black pits of Kane's
eyes gazed at him. He felt a shiver of fear race through his spine and
took a step back, hitting the corner post and leaping up in shock at the
unexpected contact.
Kane turned his gaze back to Jeff, but instead of Chokeslamming
him he swept Jeff's legs out from under him and lowered him to the mat,
and then through sheer power grabbed The Hardy by both shoulders and pinned
him to the mat.
Referee Hebner dropped to his hands and knees and began the count,
Jeff desperately trying to squirm free but finding himself unable to do
so. Kane seemed to be pressing him into the very mat itself and despite
his still comparative freshness he was powerless to kick out.
With that final count Kane released him and rose to his feet,
then moved with silent, eerie purpose towards Vince.
Mr. McMahon cast his head to and fro, looking for support as
The Big Red Machine towered over him.
One massive hand came up and Vince cringed in terror.... then
his eyes widened in shock as Kane cocked his head and then held up one
finger, slowing wagging it back and forth before turning and exiting the
"What the hell was that?" cried The King in surprise,"A warning?
A threat?"
"I don't know, but we are out of time!" cried J.R,"I'm Jim Ross,
and for Jerry 'The King' Lawler we're saying good-bye from the
most surprising Raw ever!"
And they were off the air.

"You getting on the bus, Angle?" asked D-Lo, who along with
The Godfather was one of the two friendlier Wrestlers in The WWF. Unlike
the others they didn't seem to have any kind of self-serving agenda against
everyone else.
"Uhhh, no," muttered Kurt, casting his head about nervously,"I'm
getting a lift."
Before D-Lo could say anything else, Triple H burst out of the
garage and strode towards the bus.
"Where is he?" snapped The Game angrily to no one in particular,
pushing past D-Lo Brown,"Where is that sawed off little runt?"
Triple H jumped up the stairs of the bus and poked his head down
the aisle, but all he saw was The Godfather, smoking a big ol' cigar
despite the no smoking signs, surrounded by adoring Ho's.
"The Game!" cried The Godfather through his cigar, holding up
one massive, tattooed arm in greeting,"You ain't caught the bus in a
loooong time! It ain't The Ho Train, but it'll do!"
"Is Jericho here?" roared Triple H.
"Jericho?" asked The Godfather with an arched eyebrow, then
turned and grabbed one ho's halter top, pulling it forward and pushing
his face close up to the cleavage,"Any Jericho's in there, darling?"
The ho giggled and with a growl of frustration Hunter turned
and stormed out of the garage.
"What's his problem, baby?" asked one Ho to The Godfather, her
arms draped around his massive neck.
"He's frustrated," chuckled The Big Man,"Can't say I blame him,
that little chicken-breasted wife of his can't give him much satisfaction,
plus she's seen more action than all of you put together!"
They all laughed, settling into the bus, ready for the long drive
to the next state and the next round of The Tournament. Soon a number of
other Wrestlers joined them and the bus set off, The Ring Crew packing up
and leaving, Vince and Shane spending the night with some of the local
Big-Wigs and enjoying a good spread of food and wine.
An hour after everyone was gone, a limousine pulled up and a
door opened, and a bronzed arm which had once been 'the largest in the
world' motioned for Kurt Angle to jump in.
Which he did.

The Next Night.

Jeff Hardy sat staring at his ankle angrily, almost willing it
to stop aching.
Chyna had Pedigreed him through J.R's Commentary Table, something
which had hurt, sure, but it hadn't been anything more painful than he
had done to himself in some of the more high-risk matches he and Matt
had put each other through.
But he'd fallen the wrong way, a one in a million chance, and
put a strain on his ankle. It wasn't too serious, a doctor had already
confirmed it was mainly bruises and would be gone by the following Monday,
although he'd have to take it easy on Thursday's Smackdown!
It wasn't the slight ache that bothered him, it was the fact that
it restricted him. He was a high-flier, a risk-taker, and he just couldn't
stand being grounded like this.
Worst of all, at the moment he probably needed him the most, his
brother Matt had disappeared for a night on the town with their friendly
rivals, Edge and Christian.
A knock at the door of the hotel room he was sharing with his
brother broke his attention away from his treacherous foot, and he turned
to stare at it.
"Who the hell could that be?" he muttered to himself, then said
a little louder,"It's open!"
The door opened and the last thing he'd expected walked through
the door. A slender, well formed woman with short black hair and dressed
in a tight, too tight, little nurses uniform stepped through the door,
closing it behind her.
"Miss Kitty?" he asked, shocked at the appearance of Chyna's former
valet, especially dressed as she was.
"Nurse Kitty," she scolded in way of reply, and then turned the
lock on the door and began to slowly, sexily sauntered her way across the
room, stopping at his side,"I'm here to make you feel better."
"Huh?" he gaped, all possible eloquence lost at this unforeseen
series of events.
She kneeled down beside his chair and her hands slid over his
leg, running down the length of his calf and gently, ever so gently,
massaging his ankle.
"Kitty...." he started, then caught her warning look,"Uh, Nurse
Kitty, why are you here?"
"To make you feel better," she replied with a grin, and leaning
down the beautiful young Kat gently kissed his ankle.
He couldn't believe it, this was a wet dream come true, was she
actually offering to him what he thought she was offering? And why? out
of the kindness of her heart? had someone put her up to this? Who? Chyna?
All those questions were forgotten instantly when she extended
the pink flesh of her tongue and lightly ran it over the length of his
And then she stood up and moved away, moving to the ledge that
extended out from one wall, serving as a multi-purpose bench for a myriad
of uses, for holding telephones, books, drinks, for eating and so forth.
Miss Kitty used it for her own purposes, bending over it so that
the tiny skirt of her nurse's uniform pulled up and revealed her smooth,
uncovered ass. She wasn't wearing any panties.
"I helped you Jeff, you want to help me?" she asked him with a
sexy little giggle.
All of Jeff's questions disappeared, he didn't care if this was
a set-up, Miss Kitty was one of the sexiest women in The WWF and she
appeared to be offering herself to him... who was he to say no!
He allowed his mind to capture the image before him forever before
moving, taking in The Kat's smooth, creamy thighs, tight little ass
straining against the tiny skirt of the nurse's uniform, which
was stretched over her slender back, leading up to her graceful neck
and short, silky black hair.
With that image forever in mind, he stood up and moved up close
behind Miss Kitty, hesitantly sliding his hands around her waist and over
her firm young breasts under the tight cloth of the uniform.
"Ahhh Jeff, that's more like it!" chuckled Kitty,"I was beginning
to think you'd never get it."
With this encouragement, Jeff pressed his crotch up close to
Kitty's ass, feeling his jeans tighten as his cock began to harden.
"Nice...." she moaned,"What about your brother?"
"He's gone," replied Jeff with a moan, fingers rubbing against
her nipples beneath the uniform,"He won't be back for hours."
"Good!" she moaned, squirming her ass back against his crotch,
making her intentions clear as his hands fondled her breasts through the
cloth of the nurses uniform,"Oh yes, that's nice Jeff."
"You like it, huh?" panted Jeff, nuzzling her neck, his natural
cockiness reasserting itself after his initial hesitancy.
"No," giggled Miss Kitty,"I love it!"
She pressed her chest forward against his cupping hands even as
she worked her firm little butt harder against his crotch, creating higher
arousal for them both.
"Oh yes, Jeff," she moaned,"Keep it up, I want you to feel me,
touch me, touch my pussy!"
She spread her legs wide for him, her skirt pulling up over her
cute little ass as he slowly humped against it. He didn't hesitate at all
anymore, sliding one hand away from her breasts and down over her smooth,
flat belly and between her legs, sliding under the hem of her skirt and
feeling the soft, bare mound of her vagina.
- Beautiful - he thought to himself as his fingers slid between
her moist cunt-lips, causing Miss Kitty to moan as she pressed her hips
forward against his hand, then humped back against his crotch, pumping his
fingers in and out of her juicy slit.
Jeff couldn't believe it, couldn't believe that only five minutes
ago he'd been facing the prospect of a boring night alone in a hotel room,
and now he was fingering the shaven pussy of one of The WWF's sexiest
Miss Kitty made a purring sound reminiscent of her name-sake,
hunching her crotch back and forth, feeling his fingers slide along
the slick, open groove of her cunt, dipping inside, pressing up her hot
pussy and driving her wild.
Jeff hunched against her as he fingered her pussy and massaged
one of her small breasts with the other hand, humping gently against her
tight little ass as he kissed her neck and nibbled at her ear. Miss
Kitty reciprocated by humping her hips against Jeff Hardy's hand as he
fingered her tight little pussy. She turned her head around slightly,
enabling Jeff to kiss her, their lips tasting each other, tongues gently
sliding into each other's mouths.
This gentleness was soon replaced by passion, as they kissed
each other hungrily, tongues probing into the furthest, deepest recesses
of their mouths. With a devilish grin, Miss Kitty sucking his tongue into
her mouth, bring one arm up and wrapping it around his neck as the other
slid under her legs and cupped his cock through his jeans.
They continued to french, Jeff fingering Miss Kitty's pussy
as she rubbed his cock, his other hand having slid between the buttons
of her tight uniform to squeeze and massage her breasts.
"I want you to fuck me, Jeff!" she moaned as she released his
tongue,"I want you to take this big dick I can feel between your legs
and shove it up hard into my pussy and fuck me!"
"Oh fuck!" he moaned, pressing his crotch forward against her
hand and tight little ass,"You bet your sweet ass I will!"
He slid his fingers out of her pussy and away from her breasts,
stepping back and grabbing the hem of her uniform, pulling it up over her
hips, exposing her cute butt fully for the first time.
As she unbuttoned the top of her uniform to expose her small,
firm breasts, Jeff ran his hands over the smooth, creamy flesh of her
pert little buttocks, enjoying the smooth feel of her ass-flesh before he
once again slid his fingers in-between her shaven pussy-lips, making Miss
Kitty whimper.
He clumsily unbuckled the belt on his jeans with one hand, dropping
his pants and grabbing his throbbing hard-on tightly in one hand. She
bent over the bench, wiggling her ass playfully for him as he positioned
the head of his cock between the cheeks of her firm little ass, right
against the entrance of The Kat's eager fuck-hole.
Miss Kitty bent over as far as she could, breasts pressing firmly
against the wood of the ledge as she spread her legs apart and waited for
the eagerly anticipated plunge of his cock into her cunt.
Her ass was so tight that even bent over with her legs spread,
the tight pucker of her asshole was hidden from Jeff, but he could see
the pink triangle of her shaven cunt-lips, ready to be spread open and
wrapped about his cock.
With a groan of pleasure echoed by Miss Kitty, Jeff pushed forward
and buried the tip of his cock between her clinging cunt-lips.
"Oh yes! Put it in me!" The Kat moaned, almost begging for it
as Jeff grabbed her by the waist and with a sigh of satisfaction, pressed
forward and buried his cock balls-deep into Miss Kitty's hot, shaven
Miss Kitty let out a long, low moan at the sudden, total and
eagerly anticipated penetration of The Hardy Boy's cock inside of her
pussy. She arched her back and grabbed the edges of the bench she leaned
over, pushing her ass back as Jeff Hardy fucked his prick in and out of
her tight little cunt from behind.
The Hardy Boy groaned happily as he pulled his erection back out
of her cunt, leaving only the flared, purple head of his cock inside of her
tight little twat before lunging forward again and once more burying the
full length of his cock into the vice-like grip of Miss Kitty's pussy.
"So fucking tight!" he moaned happily,"Oh it's so good!"
"Fuck me good, Jeff!" she moaned back at him,"Fuck my pussy good!"
He quickly got a rhythm going, sliding his cock in and out of her
hot little pussy with engine-like precision, the top of his cock rasping
over her clit, driving her wild with desire as he slid his hands over her
hips, around to her flat stomach and then up to her firm breasts, fondling
them eagerly as he fucked her with everything that he had.
"Oh yessss!" Miss Kitty hissed,"Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Jeff!"
Her cunt was on fire, squeezing and sucking on Jeff's lunging cock
as he fucked in and out of her, fondling her breasts, pinching her
nipples between thumb and forefinger.
Everytime he entered her cunt, his cock was dragging deliciously
across her clit, sending intense shivers of pleasure up and down her
spine, throughout her limbs, making her head feel light and tingling.
All of his concerns had disappeared, all of his hesitancy and
confusion faded away as he fucked The Kat with eager, hard thrusts of
his cock deep into her juicy pussy, his hips smacking loudly against her
wriggling butt-cheeks.
Miss Kitty had given up on trying to dictate the pace or throw
her ass back against his thrusting cock. Instead she just held onto the
bench for dear life and let herself go, enjoying the hot, hard fucking
that Jeff Hardy was giving her.
He began to grunt and moan louder, fucking his prick into her
harder than before, which Miss Kitty knew meant he was close. She began
grinding her ass backwards against him, encouraging him to keep his cock
buried deep within her, fucking her with short, hard, grinding strokes of
his cock.
She spread her legs as wide as she could and bent even lower over
the bench, thrusting her open cunt forcibly back against Jeff Hardy's
pistoning cock, getting as much penetration as she was able. Throwing
her juicy snatch back at him with everything that she had, squashing her
breasts against his hand and the wood of the bench.
Kitty was spiraling upwards towards a massive orgasm when she
suddenly felt Jeff's body stiffen and his cock swelled larger inside of
her, beginning to jerk.
"UGH!" he grunted, blasting the first streams of his jism deep
inside of Miss Kitty's cunt, his cock pulsing madly, shooting spurt after
spurt of thick, ropy sperm into The Kat's squirming pussy.
She squealed as she felt The Hardy Boy's hot load gushing up inside
of her cunt and she reciprocated, finally pushing her body over the edge
into an incredible orgasm.
Jeff continued to fuck her even as his balls emptied the last
of his cum into Kitty's cunt, he pulled his upper body backwards, keeping
his cock buried in her pussy, holding onto her tits and drawing her with
him so they stood upright as he fucked into her orgasming, spasming,
clenching cunt.
As she tossed her head back and moaned and cried out in pleasure,
hunching her ass back against his stroking cock, he nuzzled at her neck,
lightly nibbling at the flesh of her shoulder.
Finally reality caught up with his youthful vigor and his cock
slowed down it's thrusts into her. Finally he just stood, cock deep inside
of her cunt, slowly getting softer as she stood before him, her hands over
his as he fondled her breasts, both of them panting rapidly, trying to
catch their breath.
"How's your ankle, baby?" she asked him finally.
"What ankle?" he asked, genuinely confused, and she laughed.
Comprehending at last, he joined in and they both laughed, standing
naked in the middle of his hotel room, his cock falling free from her tight

As she opened the door to leave, he called her name.
"Yes, honey?" she asked, turning back around.
"Why did you come here?" he asked,"Really?"
She smiled at him, standing in the half-open doorway.
"Maybe somebody felt sorry about what happened to your ankle
and couldn't apologize in person," she replied with a grin,"Maybe I saw
what happened on Raw and knew it wasn't fair, so I came to make things
She paused, and allowed a cheeky little half-grin to cross her
sexy mouth,"Or maybe I just think you're hot."
With that, she stepped through the door and closed it behind her,
and left a bewildered but pleased Jeff Hardy behind.

WCW Wednesday Thunder.

It had been an odd couple of days for Kurt Angle, from that first
night's limousine ride, then the chartered flight followed by several
hours in a seedy hotel with a WCW Executive who paranoidly insisted that
'They' were after them.
But now he was standing in an Arena he'd been in only a few weeks
earlier, only back then he'd been there to Wrestle for The WWF and now
he was here as part of a courtship with WCW, who were going to try and
break him off his contract.
They had no idea how desperate he was to leave The WWF, and thus
he was being treated like royalty, just the way he liked it. Vince had
not given him the respect a Double Olympic Gold Medallist deserved, but
by pretending he liked it at The WWF and was just fishing at WCW to see
what they would be willing to offer him, he could up his asking price
by at least another digit.
Intelligence, one of his three I's.
"Wow, look at the crowd, gotta be twenty thousand out there!"
cried one of the Executives staring out at the crowd from the Corporate
Suite they were entertaining Angle in. He was in the room with a couple of
suits and Hollywood Hogan, once the most beloved icon in America, although
his glory days were now far behind him.
Angle peered out the window and hid his contempt, if there were
five thousand people in there he'd be very surprised indeed. Most of the
upper balconies were shrouded in darkness, to create the illusion that
the large Arena was filled to capacity, but when Angle had been there a
few weeks earlier with The WWF the place had been full and there had been
a couple of thousand people outside hoping to get in or catch a glimpse
of one of the Superstars.
However none of that was important, what was important was the
money they would be offering him.
"Better crowds, more money, the security of having Ted Turner's
backing, plus deals to appear in t.v shows, on radio and in
movies," chuckled Hogan,"What more can you ask for!?!"
Angle forced himself to stay calm, what they were offering was
sounding too good to be true, and in his experience if it sounded that
way, it probably was.
- He said better, not bigger, and t.v shows are low rating Fox
Late Night and Made For Cable Productions, - he thought to himself, - But
the money and Ted Turner's backing are all to real. -
"So who's doing the booking over there at WWF nowadays?" asked
Hogan with a grin,"Pat Patterson?"
"What? Booking?" asked Angle, not understanding,"What do you
"Who sets up the fights?" said The Executive, expanding on Hogan's
"Huh... oh, um, Vince and Shane usually set up the matches, but
the main ones kind of.... 'book' themselves if you know what I mean,"
offered Angle lamely, not sure how to explain that the main matches came
about from one Wrestler pissing off another one, usually involving Triple
H and The Rock.
"Oh... um, okay," replied Hogan, exchanging a confused look with
The Executive,"So, you ready to make the step to the best
Wrestling division in the world?"
"I'm ready to talk," replied Angle,"That's all I'm here for, to
"Of course," chuckled The Executive,"You understand, of course,
that when we bring in new, talented Wrestlers from other divisions that
we give them every opportunity to raise to the top. We provide whatever
they want, if they want to be a Face, we make them a Face, if they want
to be a Heel, we make them a Heel."
- Face? Heel? What the hell are they talking about? - thought a
confused Kurt Angle.
"Oh yeah, that sounds interesting," he replied, standing at the
glass wall, looking out over The Crowd, which seemed more interested than
chatting amongst themselves than watching the Hardcore match in the ring,
which involved a lot of extremely ugly, very over-weight men with bad
crew-cuts and dyed hair.
"We can set up a rivalry with an established player," continued
The Executive,"Build you up in the fans eyes... possibly a long running
thing with top competitors like Rick Flair or Terry Funk."
Kurt's face momentarily blanched as he considered fighting either
of the old men who had, admittedly, been great in their time but were
now long, long, loooooong past it.
- What do they mean set up a rivalry? - he asked himself, - What
are they going to do, tell them I called them names? -
If he didn't know better he'd think that they were talking about
fixing matches.
"Excuse me," he said,"I have to use the bathroom."
He moved into the adjacent bathroom, closing the door behind him
and turning to find himself facing Bret Hart.
"Hu...." he started, until Bret's mouth came up and close over
his mouth.
"Listen to me very, very carefully," whispered The Hitman, so low
it was almost indecipherable,"Because what I'm about to say is going to
have a big impact on your life."
He removed his hand from Angle's mouth.
"Why are we whispering?" whispered Kurt.
"Just listen," hissed Bret Hart,"I came to WCW because I had no
choice, Vince screwed me out of The WWF, a Federation I was happy to stay
in for another twenty years! WCW had offered me 9 million and I wasn't
going to turn it down just to sit at home doing nothing, so I came here,
and let me tell you, sometimes I wonder if even the money is worth it!"
"What do you mean?" asked Angle.
"The Wrestling here is fake!" growled Hart,"It used to be like
that in WWF as well back in the eighties, but Vince pushed us all over
the limit and all the show-boaters dropped out, guys like Hogan and
Macho-Man came here to WCW and kept on doing their little fake matches
while us at The WWF took things to the nth degree!"
Bret's eyes took on a faraway look, as if he was remembering
something beautiful.
"That was the best time of my life," he continued in his
whisper,"I never felt so alive as I did when I was facing guys like
Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. I wanted to keep doing it,
because I knew that when I had that Title, when I had that Belt around
my waist, I WAS the best in The World, and I mean that, there was not one
person better in the world than me."
He leaned forward, his teeth drawing in a snarl only an inch from
Angle's face,"And here it's just cheap! They do it all fake, everything
is choreographed, everything is practiced over and over again.... and I
could handle that if I had to, but they do it BAD!"
Angle recoiled at the hot exhale of breath that accompanied the
last word.
"They're shit here!" he whispered,"They can't even make real
faces and heels, The Crowd just doesn't give a shit, I don't even know
why they come to The Arena, probably it's got something to do with the
majority of the tickets being given away for free!"
Angle's face had taken on a horror-struck look as he considered
how close he'd come to signing on to this monstrosity of a Federation.
"So run, Angle!" whispered Bret,"Go back to WWF, go back and
go through all the shit you have to from Vince, just take it and just
keep giving it your best, because you know, YOU KNOW! that when you
win a Title in The WWF, you win it because you deserved it!"
Angle nodded, his face still fallen in dismay, then turned around
and stepped back out into the main room of The Corporate Suite.
"Ahh, good," said The Executive,"You're back, I want you to look
at this contract proposal...."
"Ahh yeah, sure," replied Angle, walking towards the door, the
eyes of The Executive and Hogan following his every move,"Just let me... um,
uh, just let...."
He gave up and just ran, throwing the door open and charging down
the corridor.
"NO!" cried The Executive, and pulled a Radio-Transmitter off of
his belt,"Angle is running, repeat Angle is running! Get him back now!"
He charged out of The Suite after the fleeing Olympiad.
Hogan sighed and sipped his champagne, and moments later Bret
Hart stepped out of the bathroom.
"You tell him to run?" Hogan asked Bret.
"Sure did," replied The Hitman.
"I hope the little prick makes it," returned Hogan,"Good luck to

Two figures charged out into the corridor in front of Angle,
blocking his escape route.
"Stop!" cried Dustin Rhodes, whose wife was still with The WWF
and greatly enjoying her relationship with The Acolytes.
"Yeah!" gasped Jeff Jarrett, he and Dustin's faces desperate,
sweat running down their faces,"It's not so bad here, you'll grow to
A new figure slammed into them from the side, plunging them hard
against the wall. As they tumbled over, the newcomer slammed a steel
chair over their heads, knocking them down.
"Run!" cried Tito Santana,"While you still can!"
Angle continued running, his heart beating fit to burst, his
breath coming in ragged gasps as he made his way towards the exit. As
he rounded the corner, he noted several Wrestlers waiting by the entrance
doors. Spotting him, Sting, Diamond Dallas Page, Booker T and The Wall
began running towards him.
Angle sped back around the corner, grabbed a door and leaped
inside, closing it behind him.
Turning around, the double Olympic Gold Medallist's eyes widened
as he took in the massive form of Bill Goldberg.
"Oh shit," he gasped.
The door opened, Angle trapped behind it, and Sting popped his
head through.
"Hey Bill," he asked,"You seen Kurt Angle come through here? you
know, the new recruit they're trying to pick up?"
Goldberg hesitated a second, then shook his head.
"No, haven't seen him," he replied with his hoarse, throaty
voice,"Heard you have to be beaten by Rick Flair tonight, sorry man...."
"Yeah, it's a living," replied Sting, then closed the door, his
running footfalls joining with those of his three companions and slowly
fading out.
"Than..." started Angle, but Goldberg cut him off.
"Just go," he said, looking near tears,"I only wish I could
join you."
Angle nodded grimly, then rushed out the door and down the corridor,
exiting The Arena and running until he couldn't run anymore.


The Crowd's cheers turned to boos as the familiar music of The
Holly's' started up and Hardcore and Crash made their way to the ring,
Crash carrying the familiar scales over his shoulder.
They entered the ring and leaped onto opposite corner posts,
throwing their arms highs to enjoy the 'adulation' of their fans, the
two fighting cousins living in a fantasy world far more exciting than
anything as mundane as reality.
"Hello..... Ladies!" came the cry throughout The Arena, and cheers
started up again as Val Venis moved through the entrance curtains, towel
wrapped around his waist, and stopped at the head of the ramp to throw his
arms behind his head and gyrate his hips.
The former porn-star moved down the ramp to the ring, hopping
in and pulling his towel free. He held a microphone in one hand, which
he lifted up as he cast one arm wide.
"Hello.... Ladi....."
"Wait wait wait!" interrupted Hardcore, holding up his
own microphone and cutting off Val,"Before you get all worked up, there's
something we have to sort out first."
Val cast a quizzical look at The Holly, who just grinned at him.
"We're in a Tournament for The WWF Heavyweight Title, and as a
Super-Heavyweight I just don't think you're in the class to fight me."
Val turned his head to The Crowd, as if to ask them if this guy
was serious.
"Now my cousin Crash here has brought in some scales, so why don't
you get on and see if you meet Super-Heavyweight class, that's 450 plus!"
Val shook his head with a throaty chuckle, then spoke into his
own microphone.
"Sorry boys, I only weight 275."
With that he turned, as if to leave, while Hardcore and Crash
exchanged satisfied grins. Before Val got halfway through the ropes,
however, he paused and turned back.
"But then again, of course, this...." he grabbed his crotch and
tugged at it with a grin,"Puts me over your 450 plus mark!"
The Crowd roared with approval, and with a grin Val through his
microphone high in the air. Crash threw his hand up to grab it as Hardcore
threw his eyes up to follow it's arc, and seconds later both of them were
hitting the mat as Val doubleclotheslined them.
The Big Balbowski covered Hardcore as the bell was rung, and
Tim White counted 1 and 2 before Hardcore was able to kick out. Crash
Holly had gotten to his feet, and with a roar he charged at Val, who
stepped aside and grabbed the back of the smaller Holly's head, using his
own impetus to throw him over the top rope.
He turned and saw Hardcore getting to his feet, and with a roar
Val charged and swung wildly, hoping to connect with Hardcore's forehead
and putting him out.
Hardcore, however, wasn't as out of it as he looked, and stepping
aside he pushed the overextended Val in the back, knocking him into
the still standing scales.
Tim White cursed, knowing that he should have removed the scales
before ordering the bell rung. Since Hardcore couldn't be proved to have
deliberately thrown him at the scales, he couldn't be disqualified.
Val staggered away, hitting the ropes and coming forward right
into Hardcore's arms.
The Hardcore Champion grabbed Val over one shoulder and under
one thigh, twisted him around and slammed him into the mat in a swinging
bodyslam. He hooked the leg, and three seconds later the bell was ringing
as Lillian announced him as the winner.
Hardcore threw his hands up in victory as The Crowd booed, but
their boos turned to cheers moments later as a chair smashed into Hardcore's
back and he went down hard.
Crash covered his cousin and called for Tim White to count, which
he did, and moments later Hardcore was sitting up and rubbing his head as
Crash Holly, the new Hardcore Champion, raced up the entrance ramp.

"Has anyone seen Kurt Angle?" muttered Shane McMahon as he entered
his Father's Corporate Suite.
Vince and Hunter had been discussing Chris Jericho, and things had
been getting fairly animated, but now they turned to face Shane with confused
"Why are you looking for Angle?" asked Stephanie from her seat
off to the side. She was still a little irritated at Vince and Triple H
who had, in conjunction, bullied her into removing her protection from
The Olympic Hero.
"He was due to fight Saturn tonight and he hasn't shown up."
"He left a message at Titan," replied Vince,"He's taking a weeks
vacation time, I've gotten Patterson to Re-book all of his fights and
bring in alternate Wrestlers."
"Whatever Big Mac," returned Shane, then leaned over and tapped
Triple H on the shoulder,"Chyna's back in DX huh? You must be real happy!"
Stephanie shot her brother a dark look, knowing he liked to stir
up trouble just to get at her.
"I'd rather have her with us than against us," replied Hunter with
a slight smirk at his wife, then his look darkened,"But X-Pac was supposed
to take care of Kane in the next round and that asshole Edge ruined that."
"That's okay, Hunter," chuckled Vince, leaning back in his chair
and placing his hands behind his head,"I have plans for that Big Red
With that enigmatic statement, he touched a remote to their large
t.v and the muted sound returned with a roar just in time to see the end
of an epic battle.

Chris Benoit had betrayed no emotion at facing his friend and
fellow Radical Dean Malenko, neither had Malenko, other than a quiet
curse and a more intense gaze than usual.
They'd begun by locking up, neither man getting the advantage
for long over the other. Both were submission specialists, both were
excellent technical Wrestlers, and both had a stubborn streak a mile
Benoit had gotten Malenko in a corner and hit him with a series
of resounding chops that had made the crowd oooh and aaah. Rather than
putting Malenko out, however, it seemed to fire him up and soon he'd been
hitting back with chops of his own, both Radical's exchanging blow after
blow, chops back and forth, the loud smack of a hand against chest echoing
throughout The Arena to the gasps of admiration and sympathy from The
The chops had begun to get harder and more violent, then more
sloppy, then descended into out and out pushing and shoving. Before you
knew it, Malenko and Benoit were rolling around on the mat, throwing and
tossing punches and boots at the other.
Benoit had been fighting back with the ferocity of a wolverine,
but at the same time he kept a cool clarity of mind that enabled him to
spot the weakness he was looking for.
Rolling away from one of Malenko's attacks, The Canadian Crippler
had thrown his arms about Dean's waist, pulled him up and lifted the small,
powerfully built Wrestler up and over in a powerful Belly To Back Suplex,
holding on tight and pulling Malenko back up before hitting him with
another and then another Belly To Back Suplex.
On the third Suplex, he'd held on and arched his back, throwing
all of Malenko's bodyweight into his shoulders as Teddy Long had dropped
for a count of 1, 2 and....
Malenko had pulled free and rolled away just in time, sliding out
of the ring and walking around the outside to clear his head and catch his
Sliding back in, he'd let Benoit charge him and chipped the back
of his ankle, bringing him down. Leaping up, he pulled Benoit's legs up
and threw pressure onto his shoulders, getting a 2 count before Benoit
brought his ankles together against the sides of Malenko's head and making
him release.
As Malenko had rolled away, Benoit had rolled up, twisted around
and clambered to the top rope. He leaped forward as Malenko charged to
tap his ankle, hitting The Radical hard with a Flying Shoulder Tackle
and bringing him down to the mat.
With no wasted motion, Benoit rushed to the other turnbuckle and
climbed to the top, turning and throwing his arms wide before letting
himself drop in a Falling Headbutt.
Malenko gritted his teeth and forced himself into a sitting
position, Benoit's head slamming hard into the mat and causing Malenko
to bounce slightly.
Getting up, the diminutive Wrestler grabbed Benoit's legs and
hooked them up to prepare for The Texas Cloverleaf. In desperation, Benoit
ripped a leg free and slammed his boot into Malenko's face, knocking him
back against the ropes. Benoit rose up slightly, and a second later
Malenko bounced back and threw his arm wide, clotheslining Benoit and
knocking him back down to the mat.
Forcing himself past the pain, Malenko had gotten to his feet and
pulled Benoit up. He grabbed his friend around the head and hooked his
leg, preparing to hit him with a Fisherman's Suplex. He pulled back, but
Benoit twisted his own leg between Malenko's to block it, then threw his
own body back, dragging Malenko with him, rolling him over and laying
firmly over his legs, his knees pressing into his chest as his shoulders
were pressing firmly against the mat.
He heard the count of 2, tried desperately to pull his shoulders
up but was unable to do so, Benoit had too much leverage over him, and
a second later - an eternity to Malenko - he heard....
The bell rang and Lillian was announcing Benoit as the winner,
his music playing across The Arena as The Crippler got to his feet and
raised an arm.
Malenko lay on the mat for a moment, then forced himself to sit
A hand appeared in his vision, the hand of Chris Benoit offering
to help him up.
Dean hesitated a second, then exhaled and allowed Benoit to grab
his hand and pull him to his feet. The two embraced and Malenko whispered
congratulations into Benoit's ear, then the broke apart and left the ring
One winner, one loser, two Radicals.

Bradshaw stood in the ring, rotating his shoulders slightly
as Farooq took up position outside the ring.
The Millennium Clock appeared, beating down towards zero as The
Crowd went wild. Everything went quiet, then a massive explosion sounded
and Jericho's music started up as Y2J stepped backwards through the
entrance curtains, arms thrown out to the sides.
He twisted about and called out something to the crowds lost
in the noise of their ovation. With no fear of the massive Texan waiting
for him in the ring, Jericho moved down past the equally muscle-bound
Farooq and slid into the ring. Pulling a microphone from his waistband,
he motioned for his music to stop and prepared to speak.
"Welcome.... to Smackdown!... IS.... Jericho!" he cried, The Crowd
crying along with him,"Now, I..."
"1, 2, this on?" the music pounded through The Arena, and The
Crowd began booing as the lights went down and green, purple and red
lights flicked over the length of the entrance ramp.
Triple H stepped out through the entrance curtains, pausing to
drink from his water bottle. He stepped forward, arms flexed at his side,
then blew the water in his mouth into the air, allowing the spray to
settle back down over his head.
His music faded and The Game pulled a microphone from his own
"You had a few things to say about DX, about Chyna, and
especially about my wife Stephanie!" growled Triple H angrily,"And now
that I've got you in that ring, boy, I'm going to kick your Canadian ass
all over that ring!"
He started down, but Jericho showed no fear, in fact he looked
almost amused. He lifted his own microphone and spoke.
"Hunter, Hunter, hold up, wait, let me apologize first."
Triple H stopped halfway down, pausing to raise his eyebrows as
The Crowd muted somewhat, Y2J apologizing?
"Oh but don't get me wrong!" laughed Jericho,"I don't mean that
I want to apologize to you for calling your wife a filthy,
dirty, disgusting, skanky, brutal, bottom-feeding, trash-bag
The Crowd went wild and Triple H growled angrily.
"No no, what I want is to apologize to all the filthy, dirty,
disgusting, skanky, brutal, bottom-feeding, trash-bag ho's out there
for comparing them to Stephanie McMahon!"
The Crowd were ecstatic now, and with a unbelieving shake of
head, Triple H rushed down the rest of the entrance ramp and straight
The Acolyte grabbed him firmly under his arms and shoved him
backwards, knocking him onto his ass.
"As strange as it sounds, Gameboy," called Jericho,"Bradshaw and
Farooq have nothing but my best interests at heart."
Triple H sat on his ass, staring up in disbelief at the towering
figure of Farooq. Jericho continued.
"Now Bradshaw and Y2J are going to get it on, uninterrupted, and
Farooq is going to keep you out there where you belong till it's over, then
him and Bradshaw are going to escort me out of The Arena, because Y2J has
hired the services of The Acolyte Protection Agency."
Triple H gritted his teeth and fumed, but he knew that he was
powerless to do anything. Farooq was dangerous enough sober, but drunk
like he was now he was down right lethal. And even if he was able to
get past Farooq he still had to deal with Bradshaw, who would not hesitate
to kick his ass.
"This isn't over you little runt!" growled Triple H into his
microphone, then threw it down and turned to leave.
"Go hit the showers, Triple H!" laughed Jericho,"You smell almost
as bad as your wife's reputation!"
The Crowd roared with laughter and Hunter twisted about and
charged the ring, hitting Farooq's extended forearm hard and going down
with a hard grunt.
Half a minute later he was being carried by the big Acolyte
towards the entrance curtains, and moments later he was thrown through as
Farooq turned and moved back towards ringside.
The bell rang and it was all business for Bradshaw, who was in
the odd position of fighting the man employing him. He moved forward
and locked up with Y2J, overpowering him and sending him stumbling back
towards the ring.
Bradshaw charged forward and swung his arm hard towards Jericho,
who twisted aside and threw his leg hard up into the back of Bradshaw's
He administered several more kicks to the Texan's knee, buckling
the big man's leg before he grabbed his arm and tried to Irish Whip him
across the ring. The Texan planted his feet however and pulled back on
Jericho's arm, reversing The Irish Whip and tossing him into the ropes.
As Y2J bounced back he ducked under Bradshaw's swinging arm and
bounced off the ropes, leaping up and drop-kicking Bradshaw's knee,
driving him to his knee.
Jericho rolled back up, grabbed the backs of Bradshaw's knees
and pulled back, knocking The Acolyte onto his back before leaping up
to the mat, then onto the bottom rope before springing back in a arcing
Springboard Moonsaw, crashing into The Texan's body and getting the cover.
The Referee dropped to his hands and knees and raised his arm
up, bringing it down for 1, 2 and....
Jericho sailed over The Referee and crashed into the mat, bodily
thrown off by Bradshaw, who sat up and shook his head with a hard look on
his face. He grabbed the top rope before him and pulled himself up, then
let go of the rope and turned about.
His face fell into a mask of confusion however, when his leg
buckled under him and he dropped to his knee. He shook his head in
stupid surprise, being too drunk and hard-headed to realize how badly
Jericho had hurt his leg.
Jericho had pulled himself to his feet and saw
Bradshaw's predicament, he instantly bounced back against the ropes
behind him as Bradshaw let out a low growl and launched himself forward
at his opponent. Jericho spun off his feet and his foot connected squarely
with the charging Bradshaw's jaw, halting his forward motion and twisting
his head back painfully before the back of his head connected squarely with
the mat.
Jericho pulled himself up and threw an arm out, calling out to
The Crowd who responded with a rousing cheer. Y2J reached down and gripped
Bradshaw by his legs, pulling them up and twisting The Texan around as he
cinched in The Walls Of Jericho.
The Crowd screamed in exaltation as Jericho gritted his teeth
in a ferocious grin. He pulled the legs hard, stretching Bradshaws body
and sending lancing pains throughout his limbs.
Even through the half-drunk haze the big Texan was
almost constantly in, even through his hard, tough-as-nails
Texan constitution he could feel the pain and he didn't like it, he didn't
like it one bit.
"Do you give in?" cried The Referee.
"Hell no!" snapped Bradshaw, and with gritted teeth he reached
out and clawed his way forward, dragging Jericho with him as he fought
past the pain, his body feeling loose and almost fluttery as his nervous
system responded to the pain by flooding his body with endorphins.
The rope, hazy through a vision clouded by alcohol and pain, seemed
to get no closer, but Bradshaw continued to claw his way forward, continued
to cry no when asked if he wanted to quit.
And then his hand was clamping onto the rope and holding on for
dear life. The Referee ordered Jericho to release The Walls Of Jericho
and with a grunt of disgust Y2J did so.
Turning around, The Ayatollah Of Rock And Roll-a grabbed Bradshaw
by his hair and pulled him to his feet, turning him around and throwing
his knee into The Texan's gut, doubling him over. He bent over the doubled
Bradshaw and wrapped his arms around his waist, ready to hit him with his
powerful Double Power-Slam.
But before he could do so, Bradshaw grabbed his legs and pulled
Jericho over onto his back. He held onto Y2J's legs and pushed them
forward, throwing all of his weight onto Jericho's legs which in turn
placed all their weight onto Jericho's shoulder.
Jericho found himself in the same position as Malenko in the
last match and Jeff Hardy against Kane on Raw. He struggled and kicked
but couldn't get free as The Referee counted 1, 2 and....
Jericho thumbed Bradshaw's eyes, causing The Texan to roar in
pain and release The Canadian. Y2J rolled away, pushing up and throwing
his back against the ropes and jumping forward to clothesline Bradshaw
down to the mat. The Acolyte's head slammed against the mat hard and
Jericho followed through, hooking Bradshaw's leg and getting a count of
1, 2 and 3.
The crowd cheered and leaped up and down as Jericho threw his
arms up and staggered around the ring, taking in the atmosphere of the
excited crowd.
Bradshaw sat up and shook his head, then pulled himself up and
stood at the end of the ring, rotating his shoulders lightly, looking
no different than he had before the match started.
"I need a damn drink," he muttered, then rolled out of the ring
and stood next to Farooq. They were joined moments later by Jericho, and
they escorted the victorious Y2J up the entrance ramp and out of The

Triple H slammed the door, moved through the suite with a roar
and kicked the fruit basket over, scattering food everywhere.
"You feel better?" asked Vince, sitting calmly in his seat with
his daughter next to him, looking concerned and a little scared.
"That shit humiliated me!" roared Hunter.
"And....? asked Vince, cocking his head and holding his hands up
in a shrug.
"AND?" roared Triple H furiously,"AND WHAT?"
"And are you going to piss and moan like an impotent jackass or
are you going to do something about it?"
Triple H paused, allowing his anger to drain away.
"What do you have in mind?" he said finally with a grin,"What's
that evil mind of yours cooking up?"
"Something I think you're going to like," chuckled Vince, leaning
back and drumming his fingers.

Albert waited patiently in the ring, without either Test or
Trish Stratus. He really didn't think he'd need any assistance against
his opponent.
The gothic music sounded and with a rush Christian charged in,
charging down the entrance ramp and sliding into the ring. He leaped
up, dodged under Albert's swinging arm, bounced against the ropes and
leaped up to deliver a flying drop-kick...
And was caught in mid-air by Albert.
He cast his head to and fro madly, trying to wriggle free before
he was lifted high, then thrown down hard into the mat. Christian bounced
up almost to Albert's waist, then slammed back down into the mat before
one of Albert's massive boots was settled onto Christian's chest and there
was a count of 1, 2 and 3.
And Round Two was over.

Sitting in blackness, the rooms occupant allowed a dark grin
to cross his face. His teeth showed up slightly in the blue light.
giving the unsettling impression of floating teeth in blackness.
"Black King takes White King," he growled to himself, holding
up the finely carved chess-piece carved in the image of The Rock, his
eyes narrowing before his shook his head, then gently placed the piece
down on the edge of the table, not destroying it like he usually would.
Usually the game would be over now, with The King-Piece gone,
Black should have won.
But this was no ordinary chess game, and it would continue until
only one chess-piece remained.
"White Queen sacrifices herself," he growled, picking up the
piece shaped like Chyna,"Black Rook progresses."
Chyna shattered in his hand.
"White Knight takes Black Knight," he growled with a dark sense of
satisfaction, crushing X-Pac's chess-piece and advancing the Ivory piece
indicating Edge.
"Black Knight takes White Pawn," he muttered, holding up the piece
shaped like Kane,"But are you a Black Knight?"
He placed the Black Knight back down and glared at it for several
minutes, the shook his head and went back to making his moves. He removed
the black pawn of Val Venis and Dean Malenko, The Black Knight of Bradshaw
and White Pawn of Christian.
The Game was getting interesting now, he thought to himself with
a grin of satisfaction, very interesting indeed.

"Oh yes, Triple H, prepare to go one on one with The
Rattlesnake..." Vince voice came from the t.v screen.
A roar from The Crowd shook The Arena.
"It is! It is! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!" - J.R's voice
"Oh no, not that rattlesnake...." - The King.
"Oh yes!" came a laugh from Vince McMahon,"Here he is! Stone
Cold.... Shane McMahon!"
Stone Cold Steve Austin angrily hit the Stop button on the remote
control and stopped the tape.
"Dirty son of a bitch," growled The Rattlesnake,"You think you're
The Man now huh, coz' Ol' Stone Cold's got a neck injury and you think he
can't do...."
"Steve?" came a woman's voice from out the back of the Living
Room,"Are you watching that tape again?"
Austin's tried to keep his dark mood, but once again failed,
he just couldn't stay mad when she was here, couldn't build up that
blind rage he relied on when her calming presence was about.
"Yes honey," he replied, and heard a small giggle from her.
"Come here, you big lug," she laughed,"Let me make all those
angry thoughts of yours fade away."
Obediently, Steve Austin moved through the kitchen and down to
the indoor Jacuzzi he'd had put in to his home to help with his
Sitting in it, wearing only a small white two piece bikini, was
Debra McMichaels, grinning happily up at him.
"I like the bubbles honey, you should spend more time in here."
Austin had only recently had his neck-brace removed, and now no
signs of the injury which had side-lined him for over nine months following
the hit-and-run remained.
Nevertheless his neck still required physical therapy,
rehabilitation, and massage. The latter supplied amply by Debra, who
enjoyed playing nurse whenever she could.
Stone Cold pulled off his Austin 3:16 shirt and unbuckled his
jeans, pulling off his boots and socks and getting ready to step into
the spa dressed only in his boxers until Debra held up a restraining
"No!" she snapped at him,"You're over-dressed."
He grinned at her, then pulled down his boxers, spotting the
unmistakably greedy look flash through her eyes when his prick was exposed.
He stepped into the Jacuzzi and settled down, sighing with relief
at the pleasure of the hot, bubbling water running over his muscles,
massaging and soothing them.
Once he had settled somewhat, Debra reached behind her back and
loosened the knot of her bikini top, letting it fall free and drop into
the water. She giggled at the unmistakable look of desire on Stone Cold's
face as her large breasts sprang free.
"What are you doing, honey?" he asked her with a grin, his voice
false irritation.
"What do you mean, baby?" asked Debra with a smile, willing to
play the game as well,"It's just so hot I had to take my top off, you
don't mind do you?"
"Hell no, darling," replied Austin nonchalantly, seeing the wide
grin slowly spread across her face,"I don't mind."
They both leaned back, both trying to keep straight faces, both
allowing small smirks to begin to tug at their lips. His eyes kept
threatening to stray down to her stiff nipples sitting just above the
level of the bubbling water.
"What's the matter, Steve?" Debra asked him with a grin, breaking
the silence at last,"You keep glancing down at my titties, do you like
looking at my titties, Steve? Do you like to hear me say that word,
He tried to keep his straight face, but she began to moved forward
through the water towards him, until her breasts were pressing against his
"Titties," she whispered to him, and that finally broke him, he
had to smile, had to laugh.
"YES!" she laughed, clapping her hands over her head and kissing
his forehead,"I win!"
"Yeah, yeah," he chuckled,"Well done."
She grabbed him by the shoulders and wriggled around slightly,
her large breasts squashing against his chest. Leaning her head forward,
she kissed him lightly on the lips, then again and then again, their
mouths opening wider, their tongues probing slowly in and out of each
other's mouths as they enjoyed the taste and feel of each other.
"I can feel you," she moaned, referring to Austin's now hard
cock, which was pressed against her belly, his balls firmly placed against
her white bikini bottom,"You're so hard, is that for me?"
"Only for you, darling," replied Austin, and they kissed again
before Debra used Stone Cold's broad shoulders to lift her upper body
out of the water, her breasts presented to his face.
"And these are just for you, baby," she giggled, as Austin took
first one breast, then the other into his mouth, sucking lightly on
her stiff, erect nipples. As he did this, Debra reached down with one
hand and grabbed the shaft of his thick cock, gently sliding her hand
up and down his cock while she ground her crotch up and down over the
knee he had thoughtfully raised between her legs.
Stone Cold moaned happily around the breast in his mouth, sucking
on the hard little pink nipple, his cock throbbing madly as she ran her
fist over it, Debra grinding her cunt up and down across his knee, panting
and moaning as she brought herself off on his knee.
"Okay, baby," she giggled,"That's enough."
With that she pulled her wet, glistening breasts away from his
mouth and stood up, turning around and sauntering across to the other
side of the spa, her magnificent ass-cheeks sliding against each other
before she turned around and sat down on the edge of the spa.
"What the fuck?" he grunted in surprise.
Debra just smiled, reaching down to her side and pulling on the
string holding her bikini bottom on. She pulled the knot free and then
grabbed the tiny triangle of cloth covering her crotch, scooted her ass
off of the edge and pulled her bikini bottom away, throwing it directly
into Stone Cold's face.
The Rattlesnake grinned, pulling the material away and dropping
it into the bubbling water beside him. The sight that greeted him was
a delightful one, Debra totally naked, legs spread, breasts heaving,
her shaven pussy-lips exposed to his gaze.
"Get over here, baby," she moaned,"Right now!"
Austin was not the kind of person who followed orders or commands,
but he did just as he was told in this case and slid across to the other
side of the spa. Debra took him by the back of his bald head and directed
his face to within an inch of her shaven pussy, topped off by the strip
of dark pubic hair above her clit.
He inhaled her sex, sniffing the delicious aroma of her
cunt-juices, then - unable to resist the temptation - breathed hotly
onto her exposed clitoris and parted cunt-lips.
"Ahhh, nice!" she moaned, spreading her legs wider, giving him
a better look at her pussy before she removed one hand from the back of
his head and ran a finger up between the slick, pink crevice of her
cunt. She slid another finger in beside it, ran it up between her cunt
lips and then around her clit, brushing gently against her love-button's
sides, moaning through parted lips, eyes half closed.
Austin slid his hands beneath her ass and grabbed her tight
ass-cheeks, squeezing them gently as he lightly ran his tongue up between
her cunt, following the path her fingers had taken, rolling his tongue
to cup her clitoris, creating a sheath around her love-button, then
extending and retracting his tongue several times in quick succession,
almost like her clit was a cock and his tongue a cunt.
"Dirty boy," she moaned happily, sliding her hands over his
head, loving the smooth feel of his bald head,"Big tough Texan, what
would your friends say if they knew you could suck pussy as good as you
"They'd be jealous as hell," grunted Stone Cold back,
then returned to tongue fucking her, making Debra squeal and shiver in
She grabbed the back of his head and crushed his mouth against
her hot pussy-slit, grinding her snatch into his face as Austin swirled
his tongue in and out, around and around her tasty pink pussy. She
squealed in pleasure as The Toughest S.O.B in The WWF slurped expertly
at her swollen cunt-lips, sucking on her stiff clitty before dragging his
tongue up and down between her shaven cunt-lips, then punching his tongue
between her cunt-lips and deep into her fuck-hole, tongue fucking Debra
and making her cry out in delight.
Austin moaned hungrily into her crotch, pressing his open mouth
tightly over her juicy twat, tongue darting in and out as Debra shivered
and humped her cunt forward against his mouth, running her pussy about
over his face, coating his face in her juices.
Debra, meanwhile, was whimpering low in her throat, panting and
gasping breathlessly from the pleasures of Austin's mouth and tongue as
he licked and sucked her humping, juicy cunt.
"Oh that's so good, Steve!" she moaned,"Oooooh yes, eat me! Eat
me out!"
Debra's entire body was quivering and shaking as Austin's lips
wrapped around her clit once again, pulling it deep into his mouth and
sucking firmly on her stiff little love-button.
"Oh shit! Oh yes! YES!" moaned Debra,"That's it, baby, keep eating
me! Oh! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!"
She was gripping the back of his head with a strength that belied
her slender frame, pushing the back of his head firmly against her hot
juicy cunt as she ground her pussy against his face, feeling his tongue
fucking in and out of her sopping cunt.
Debra bucked her crotch against his face as Austin created an
air-Tight seal over her cunt with his mouth and began to suck heavily
on her cunt as she humped against his face, coming closer and closer
to orgasm, ready to fill his mouth with her juicy cunt-cream.
His tongue continued to drag up and down between her shaven
lips before plunging deep into the depths of her velvet tunnel of love,
and this finally took Debra over the top, making her crotch explode with
her juices, hips bucking madly in circles, her seething snatch crushing
against Austin's mouth, mashing her juicy pussy over his sucking mouth
time and again.
Austin held onto her squirming, twisting ass with his hands and
used that as an anchor to keep his mouth firmly pressed against her
slit, sucking and lapping up her hot, orgasmic juices as she rode his
face, clutching his head and crying out in hard, panting gasps, shouting
out his name, her name, a long list of obscenities and finally, wordless
moans of sexual ecstasy.
Finally the flow of juices from her cunt slowed and then faded
to a trickle, her moans and shakes coming further and further between
until she came down from the wonderful orgasmic high she'd been on and
relaxed her body. She leaned forward as he finally pulled away from
her cunt and sat up, the tops of her breasts pressing firmly against his
forehead as she peppered his bald head with kisses.
"Oh baby, that was wonderful."
"No one eats pussy like a Texan," replied Stone Cold with a
slight smirk,"But most Texans don't brag about the fact."
"I can see why," moaned Debra,"Every woman in the U.S would
be moving to Texas!"
She looked down into the spa and noted that his own state hadn't
changed, his cock remained rock-hard and ready for action.
Smiling, she slid back into the water, pushing him back to the
center of the spa and straddling his thighs, his cock pressing firmly
into her flat belly.
Cupping the sides of each other's heads, they kissed again, Debra
getting off on the taste of her own juices all over his face and inside of
his mouth. She could taste it everywhere her tongue went, on his tongue,
on his cheeks, on the roof of his mouth, around his teeth, everywhere.
Austin's cock was rock-hard against her belly, pressing firmly
into the flesh of her flat stomach, throbbing and demanding attention.
"Well, well, Mr. Austin," she grinned,"I can guess what you'd
like next, I think!"
He just groaned as he felt her hand circling his cock-shaft,
running up and down the length of his fuck-pole beneath the water, the
hot bubbles running over it, combining with her fingers to create a
delicious friction.
"Well come and get it," she whispered into his ear, then pulled
away from him and moved to the edge of the spa, leaning over the side,
presenting her hot ass to him, dripping with water, legs spread, offering
the hot cunt he'd just eaten out to him.
She turned her head and looked back at him with a cheeky, sexy
"Come on baby, give it to me!"
"Oh hell yeah," moaned Austin, and quickly slid back across to
the edge of the spa, eyes fixed on the deliciously erotic sight of her
dripping, glistening pussy-lips between her rounded ass. He stood up
and slid his hands over her ass, caressing and fondling her buttocks as
his cock throbbed and pulsed, pointing directly forward, knowing what
direction it wanted to go in.
He slid a hand between her legs, cupping her cunt-mound and lightly
squeezing it, teasing HER this time, making her want it as he gently
rubbed and massaged her sensitive pussy, feeling her juices quickly
collect as her already highly aroused pussy was stimulated even further.
"Come on, baby!" moaned Debra,"Put it in me, now, please! Fuck
me, fuck me good!"
"You got it honey," he replied with a grin, then parted her
ass-cheeks with his hands and directed his erection between the lips of
her hot, sopping pussy, ready to slide deep into her tight little cunt.
The moment the tip of his cock slid between her cunt-lips, he
swore he could feel the walls of her cunt closing around it, sucking
him back in. He held his cock in place, then began to run it up and down
between her parted cunt-lips, teasing her wickedly, giving her just the
barest hint of penetration, driving her wild with desire, wanting him
to fuck her, fuck her fuck her!
Just when he felt her high sense of arousal beginning to get
just a little bit desperate, he acquiesced and slid forward, slowly sliding
his cock into her cunt, parting her pussy lips with his cock as he stuffed
her fill with his fuck-meat.
Debra inhaled and held her breath as she felt the whole length of
Stone Cold Steve Austin's cock sliding into her cunt, her pussy eagerly
spreading to accept his erection inside of her. She finally released
her breath and let out a long, low moan of pleasure as she slid her own
ass back onto his penetrating cock.
Her cunt was stretched tightly around his hot, hard cock as he
pressed his crotch against her curved ass, gripping her hips to anchor
her before he slowly began to pull his prick back out of her hot pussy
until only the head of his dick remained inside of her.
Then he pushed back inside of her, making her make a low keening
noise as she felt herself filled with hot, hard fuck-meat once again.
They fucked in unison, Debra sliding back and forth in conjunction
with his own rapidly increasing strokes in and out of her tight pussy.
the tight lips of her cunt sucked back on his cock every time he pulled
back, practically pulling him forward each time he began to slide back
into her. She ground her ass in tight circles, rotating her juicy snatch
around on his cock as he thrust in and out of her, increasing
the stimulation for them both.
Austin slammed his cock into Debra's cunt vigorously, his fucking
strokes into her picking up temp as he thrust in and out of her again
and again, his balls slapping against her swollen, erect clitoris, which
was already incredibly sensitive following the oral attentions he'd given
it and her first orgasm.
Austin stared down hungrily between them, watching as his cock
slid back and forth between Debra's lewdly spread cunt-lips, his hard
meat plunging in and out of her tight, clasping cunt as he fucked her
hard. His cock-shaft glistened with her pussy-juices, which grew more
and more copious with every stroke of his cock into her hot, juicy cunt.
Debra was rocking her body back and forth onto his cock, which
caused her large breasts to slide up and down the wet tiles surrounding
the spa, squashed against the floor as they were.
Sounds of his crotch slapping against her ass and her soft moans
of pleasure filled the room, as well as his pants of exertion as he
held back from cumming too quickly, wanting to bring her to a second
orgasm before he blasted his load deep inside of her hot, sucking cunt.
He drove his prick again and again into her tight, slick snatch
with increasing speed, giving it to her, fucking her deep with his hard
cock, stabbing in and out of her, pounding his cock deep inside of her
hot cunt over and over.
The two moaned, groaned, gasped and panted out loud, creating
a rough, almost musical beat with their alternate pants, huffs, puffs,
gasps, moans, little squeals, all punctuated by the steadily increasing
slap of flesh on flesh as his crotch met her ass.
Debra came again, her soft moans being replaced by more and
more desperate cries until she was squealing like there was no tomorrow,
squirming her ass back onto Austin's spearing cock, her pussy juices
flowing out around his fucking cock and running down between their thighs
into the bubbling water of the Jacuzzi.
The sucking, clasping feel of Debra's climaxing cunt pushed Austin
over the edge, the Rattlesnake stiffening up, his hips throwing forward
as he crammed all of his cock deep into her tight cunt and blasting shot
after shot of thick sperm deep inside of her Debra's trembling, quivering
Debra continued slamming back against his hard cock, riding
out her own orgasm before she too let her body's exhaustion catch up to
her and she just lay in a heap, draped in and out of the spa, Austin
lying on top of her, cock still buried in her cunt.
She turned her head when she felt his over her shoulder, and
they shared another kiss.
"Feel better?" she asked.
"Much," he replied,"Best damn physical therapy session I ever

He was settled onto the couch again when she emerged from the
shower in a short robe, towel wrapped around her head.
"Again?" she asked, seeing he was once more playing the tape
of the Raw following Wrestlemania, where Vince had played his little
joke on him, The Rock and half a billion people.
"I can't abide it," he growled, stopping the tape as Triple H
embraced Shane,"It's not the joke itself, it's the fact that he felt
free to make the joke without fear of getting a severe ass-whupping."
"You want him to be afraid of you?" she asked, confused,"Why is
it so important to you?"
"Because he's a Multi-Billionaire who holds the careers of all
of us in his hand. One word from him and we could be spending the rest
of our lives doing House Shows for Grade School kids," Austin explained,
settling back and opening a beer,"But when I was there I used to remind
him that for all that, he's still a man, and if he ever got too out of
line, too big for his boots and began abusing that power, old Stone Cold
would be there to Stunner to ass."
She settled down next to him and rested her head on his shoulder,
staring at the now blank t.v screen.
"Well, there's no point getting worked up about it baby," she
said at last,"Doctor's said your neck is better, but you still need to
take it easy for a few weeks before you're 100%"
"You're right, honey," he replied, kissing her forehead and putting
the t.v on to a old romance movie, which made her squeal with delight
and snuggle up closer to him.
- A few weeks, - he thought to himself with a grin of
satisfaction, - A Rattlesnake knows just when's the right time
to strike, Vince, you should never forget that. -

Raw Is War.

The Crowd's cheers and roars turned to boos and hisses and as
the familiar strains of 'No Chance' sounded and Vince McMahon made his
way to the ring.
He stepped in and just smiled as the now familiar chant
of Asshole! Asshole! Asshole! Asshole! started up.
"You know what?" said Vince into his microphone,"I am an asshole!"
The Crowd roared in approval at this rather startling admission
from a man for whom the truth was an obscure concept.
"That's right, I, Vince McMahon, am a total, complete and utter
More cheers and suddenly a whooping, upbeat chant of assholeasshole
assholeasshole! was pounding through The Arena.
"And by the end of this night, a number of Wrestlers are going
to realize just how much of an asshole I am!"
And with that, Vince stepped through the ropes and made his way
back up the entrance ramp.
The Crowd stood or sat quietly, totally puzzled by what had just
"King, what in the hell was that all about?" asked J.R from his
commentary table.
"I have no idea!" cried The King,"That was... that was bizarre!"
But The Crowd's confusion disappeared when Triple H's music
started up and The Game stepped through the entrance curtains with his
wife, Stephanie. Now nearly everybody was jeering and booing, screaming
and crying out angrily as the former WWF Champion and his wife made their
way towards the ring.
Hunter rolled in as Stephanie moved around the side of the ring,
and Triple H settled against a rope, waiting patiently for his opponent,
whose music started seconds later.
"I'm an ass-man!" pounded through the ring,"Yeah I'm an man's man!"
Mr. Ass walked down the entrance ramp, unusually subdued as he
prepared to face off against his friend and fellow DX Team-mate.
He rolled into the ring and stood facing The Game, his usual
cocky demeanor gone as The Crowd waited breathlessly for this one. They
usually half-cheered for Billy anyway, now that he was against The Game
they were totally in his corner.
Triple H yelled at Earl Hebner to start the match, and Earl
motioned with his arm to the Timekeeper, who rang the bell to begin the
first match of The Third Round.
"Well it had to happen eventually!" cried J.R,"With all of DX
involved in this Tournament and their penchant for 'helping' each other,
it was inevitable that one of them would eventually face The Game!"
"This is going to be emotional!" replied The King, sounding almost
close to tears,"Mr. Ass versus The Game!"
Billy Gunn ran a careful gaze over Triple H as he moved to the
middle of the ring, standing face to face with the leader of DX.
The Crowd had fallen silent, waiting to see what would happen now,
they all knew how good Mr. Ass was and were desperately hoping he could
upset Hunter.
Triple H said something to his friend, then motioned down at the
mat. Mr. Ass' face took on a look of confusion and he questioned Hunter
on what he had said.
"Some talk going on here, King, what is Triple H saying?" asked
"Be quiet, J.R, maybe we'll find out!"
Triple H motioned at the mat again, then held out one hand and
slapped the other down onto it three times, the intention obvious. The
look on his face seemed impatient, as if he couldn't understand why Billy
wasn't doing it all ready.
"Oh come on!" cried J.R as The Crowd realized what was going on
and began to boo,"Triple H, the so-called 'Game', is telling Mr. Ass to
lie down and give him the victory!"
"What are you talking about, J.R?" cried The King,"Triple H was
obviously just applauding Billy on his great ass!"
Billy shook his head slowly, as if in disbelief, then straightened
up, forced a grin onto his face and nodded as The Crowd's booing increased.
Mr. Ass began to lower and Triple H grinned, then his face fell
as Mr. Ass sprung back up and threw his forearm forward hard into The
Game's face.
Triple H went down hard, more surprised than hurt by the blow from
his DX Team-Mate. He stared in shock at Mr. Ass, who brought up one boot
to lay into Hunter's side. The Crowd was roaring and cheering in excitement
as they smelt an upset in the air.
Reacting with the reflexes that had made him one of the most
successful WWF Champions ever, Triple H threw his hands up and grabbed
Billy's boot, twisting his friend off of his feet and down to the ground.
But Mr. Ass, sometimes referred to as The WWF's purest athlete,
had excellent reflexes of his own and tucked into the fall so that he
was able to roll back to his feet.
Triple H was back to his feet, roaring in anger at Mr. Ass who
angrily motioned for The Game to bring it on.
"Hunter has underestimated Mr. Ass!" cried J.R,"This is going to
be a slobberknocker!"
With speed born of desperation, The Road Dogg Jesse James charged
down the entrance ramp and slid into the ring. He leaped up between the
two Wrestlers and threw his arms out to either side, crying out to them
to calm down.
Jogging down somewhat slower was X-Pac, who looked very confused
at this series of events. He didn't roll into the ring but instead moved
around to talk to Stephanie as Road Dogg tried to calm down Triple H and
Mr. Ass.
Stephanie whispered something to X-Pac who looked almost pained
before slowly nodding his head. Stephanie turned and grabbed a chair
sitting empty at ringside, handing it to X-Pac who moved back around
the ring to get behind one of The Wrestlers.
The Referee had had enough of all this and had moved to push Road
Dogg out of the ring, Jesse pushing back as he pleaded with Billy and
As Mr. Ass began to move forward to lock up with Triple H, X-Pac
slid into the ring behind him, rose his steel chair high and slammed it
down over Mr. Ass' back, doubling over Billy but not knocking him down.
As X-Pac slid out to The Crowd's boos, Road Dogg's face fell and
Triple H moved forward to tuck Billy's head between his leg, hook his
arms and drop him to the canvas in a staggering Pedigree.
The Road Dogg leaped out of the ring as The Referee turned to
see Triple H cover Mr. Ass.
As the 3 Count was made, Road Dogg pulled the chair from X-Pac
outside the ring and began yelling at X-Pac, who yelled back.
"Triple H gets the win!" cried J.R,"But are we seeing the end
of D-Generation X?"
X-Pac and Road Dogg had begun shoving each other back and forth
as Hunter rolled out of the ring and moved between them, this time playing
the part of the peace-maker.
Stephanie rushed in as well and after several minutes of angry
yelling, the four had calmed down somewhat.
Triple H motioned for them to leave and after one last look over
at his friend, Road Dogg sadly nodded and left Mr. Ass lying in the ring.

Edge sat with Christian, their belts over their
shoulders, discussing tonight's match.
Elder brother Edge was ready to face one of the most dangerous
Wrestlers in The WWF and knew the odds were against him. But then again,
during the period before he came to The WWF, back when he roamed the
streets at night the odds had been against him and he'd survived. He'd
been re-united with his brother - Christian - and after a brief period
under the rough hypnotic control of Gangrel and then the sinister black
mastery of The Undertaker, they'd risen their way to become WWF Tag Team
Now it was Edge's chance to go for the greatest prize in their
Industry, The WWF Heavyweight Championship, and no one was going to stop
Even a Big Red Machine.

The blackness that had fallen over The Arena was brightened by
a blast of red crimson fire from the entrance platform.
Kane moved down the entrance ramp, followed by his Father Paul
Bearer, who chuckled and drummed his fingers together in an almost manic
Edge waited in the ring, his brother outside it, knowing this would
be his biggest challenge, and he had no illusions that even if he fought
at his best it would still take a large amount of luck to claim victory
over a seemingly unstoppable force like Kane.
The Big Red Machine stepped over the ropes, stopping to grab
the end of one glove and pull it tight onto his hand before he held his
arms out to his sides, raised them, then dropped them down, causing a
pillars of red flame to blast up from each ring-post.
Paul Bearer moved around in front of Kane and grabbed his son
around the sides of his head, pulling him down so he could mutter the
appropriate instructions into his ear. That done, Kane's Father moved
through the ropes and stood facing up at his son, knowing that victory
was assured, while across the other side of the ring Edge's brother
Christian watched his sibling and hoped for victory.
Earl Hebner called for the bell to be rung, officially starting
the match.
Edge moved forward and, in a move which surprised everyone,
extended his hand towards Kane.
"What is Edge doing?" asked J.R,"Asking for a handshake with
Kane is like asking Jeffrey Dahmer over for dinner!"
"Haha, I like that!" laughed The King.
Kane surprised everyone even more by reaching out his own hand
and accepting Edge's. The two shook, then released as Edge darted back,
bouncing about the ring as Kane stood stock still in the center of the
Edge bounced off of the ropes and charged forward, throwing his
shoulder hard into Kane and bouncing backwards off of him. The young
Tag Team Champion bounced off of the ropes again and once more bounced
forward, this time not in control.
His forward motion was stopped abruptly when Kane threw out
one black gloved hand and caught the young Wrestler around the throat,
staggering him with both the force of his crushing grip and the pain
of the sudden halt.
The Big Red Machine grabbed Edge by the small of his back, ready
to chokeslam him. Before he could do so, Edge kicked up into
his opponent's gut, causing Kane to release him. Using his faster speed
to his advantage, Edge grabbed Kane's now loose arm and twisted it around
Kane's back, holding the masked Wrestler in front of him as he delivered
a series of bruising kicks to the back of Kane's knee.
Paul Bearer's son responded stoically enough, jerking his arm
forward and pulling Edge off of his feet, tossing him up and over his
shoulder and down towards the mat.
Edge gritted his teeth, reacting by instinct as he arched his
legs and planted his feet firmly on the mat, throwing all of his strength
against Kane's arm to keep himself from slamming into the mat.
"Come on, man!" roared Christian, thumping the mat and trying
to pump up his brother. He turned and raised his hands over his head,
clapping it in a regular rhythm in an attempt to get the crowd behind
his brother.
It worked, they began to clap at the same regular beat, and soon
a call of Edge! Edge! Edge! Edge! started up.
Hearing the cries of the crowd, the stomping and chanting of them
and his brother, was enough to push Edge over the limit of natural physical
With a roar of effort, Edge forced his legs up and flipped back
over Kane's massive arm, pulling him back with him as he landed squarely
on his feet, throwing his leg forward and slamming it into the back of
Kane's ankle, finally knocking him down to the mat.
He released Kane's arm and bent over, grabbing his knees and
breathing heavily as he tried to catch his breath.
"KAAANE!" cried Paul Bearer, and almost instantly Kane sat up,
as if pulled by a string.
Edge rushed forward in the same direction Kane was facing, leaping
up onto the bottom rope and springing backwards in a Cork-Screw Moonsaw,
twisting in mid-air to hit the still sitting Kane's chest and knock him
back to the mat.
Earl dropped to his hands and knees and brought his hand up and
down for a count of 1, 2 and....
Kane sat up again, throwing Edge off of him. The young Tag
Team Champion allowed no wasted motion, not bothering to cry out any kind
of useless protest of a slow count to Hebner. Instead he used his amazing
dexterity to leap to a crouched position, then bounced up and delivered a
standing drop-kick to Kane's face, knocking him back down again.
"Edge is running a mile a minute, not letting Kane get any offense
in at all!" cried J.R,"This has got to be catching up with him, I don't
think you want to get in an endurance match with The Big Red Machine!"
Edge rolled backwards and back to his feet, even as Kane was once
again getting to his feet. Edge bounced against the map and leaped
forward through the air in the hopes of catching Kane with a flying
clothesline before he was fully to his feet.
But Kane was deceptively agile himself for such a big man, and
he moved to the side and threw his arm out, once again catching Edge by
the throat. He caught Edge in mid-air and despite Edge's size managed
to hold him up, an effective choke as Kane steadied himself, then grabbed
the small of Edge's back once again.
"Yesyesyes!" chuckled Paul Bearer, seeing the chokeslam coming.
Kane raised Edge high into the air, ready to slam him hard into
the mat and end this match.
In desperation, Edge threw his legs out and around Kane's head,
slamming his ankles into Kane's ears and making him involuntarily release
Edge's throat.
Using his falling motion, Edge twisted his body and pulled Kane
off of his feet, rolling him over in a Hurricanrana, slamming Kane's back
hard into the mat.
Edge rolled away as Kane, of course, sat straight up and got back
to his feet. But this time Edge didn't make the mistake of leaping up
high into the air and leaving himself open for The Chokeslam. Instead
he dropped his shoulder low and Speared Kane around the waist, driving
The Big Red Machine back into the corner post.
Kane hit hard and his arms flew wide, and fighting through his
body's screaming fatigue, Edge grabbed one of Kane's massive arms in his
hands and fell backwards, pulling Kane into the Downward Spiral and
smashing his masked face into the mat.
His body was close to the point of blacking out, it demanded that
he relax and give himself a moments breath, but Edge ignored it, knowing
that he who hesitates is lost, or rather, loses.
Kane had rolled over and with a grunt of pain, Edge grabbed his
leg and hooked it up as he rolled all of his weight onto Kane's shoulders.
Earl dropped down and counted 1, 2 and....
Edge flew through the air as Kane sat up, turning his head as
Earl motioned for the bell to ring.
"The winner of this match, Edge!"
Edge himself didn't look the part, he was gripping
almost desperately to the middle rope, on his knees, sucking in huge
lungfuls of air, his blond hair lank and sweaty, plaster to his face,
neck and shoulders. He turned his flushed, red face to Kane who was
getting to his feet with absolutely no sign of having gone through any
physical exertion at all.
The Big Red Machine stood facing Edge, arms at his sides, fists
clenched. His face was unreadable behind the mask, but from the way his
shoulders were hunched and his fists were clenched it seemed pretty obvious
that he was angry.
"Oh boy, Edge may have won the battle, but he may lose
the war," whispered J.R,"Thing's don't look good."
Edge dragged himself to his feet and then, with some effort,
stepped away from the ropes and stood on his own two feet.
Kane cocked his head slightly, whether out of curiosity, interest
or just because his mask was blocking his view slightly it was impossible
to tell.
Edge staggered forward a couple of steps, then extended his hand
once again.
"Edge extending his hand again," said J.R, the crowd behind him
almost totally silent after the initial jubilation over Edge's
victory,"His respect for Kane is obvious, but what will Kane's reaction
"I think we're going to see an Edge pancake!" cried The King.
Kane stepped forward, towering over the tall Edge, then grabbed
his hand and shook it roughly before turning around and stepping over
the ropes, dropping to the floor beside his Father, who patted his back
before leading him out of The Arena.
Christian rolled into the ring and helped his brother to stand,
supporting him as Edge threw his hand up in the air to the cheers of the
"What a phenomenal match!" cried J.R,"And we still have a Main
Event to go, a Main Event that Vince McMahon has refused to tell anyone
the participants!"
As the two commentators began to discuss the unknown Main Event,
Christian helped the victorious Edge up the entrance ramp towards the
backstage area.

"Well, no more worries about Kane then?" chuckled Vince, sitting
on the comfortable leather chair next to the couch his daughter and
Son-In-Law sat on.
"I was never worried," lied Triple H with a grin.
"Gee Hunter, you think you can handle Edge?" laughed Stephanie.
"Oh I think he'll pull through somehow," replied Chyna with a
chuckle, and they all laughed.
All that is, except for Road Dogg, who stood at the window/wall
staring down at The Arena, thinking about his friend and former DX Member,
Mr. Ass.
"Come on, we better get ready for The Main Event," muttered Vince,
getting up,"Has anyone seen Shane?"
"He told me he had to go check something out," replied Triple H
as he helped Stephanie up and wrapped an arm around her shoulder,"It's cool,
we won't need him, let's go give our 'moral support' to X-Pac."
They laughed as they left, Road Dogg moving out last of all.

"The following contest is for The World Wrestling Federation
European Championship!" cried Lillian, making the crowd roar in excitement,
knowing that that meant Jericho.
"Jericho wasn't scheduled to appear tonight!" cried J.R,"We all
know that he'll be facing Prince Albert on Thursday's Smackdown! for a
place in Round Four of The Tournament!"
"Quiet J.R, we're about to find out who he's facing!"
"Introducing first," continued Lillian,"The Big Show!"
"THE BIG SHOW!" cried J.R and The King together.
"WELLLLLL! WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW!" cried The Big Show's music,
and seconds later the big man was moving down the entrance ramp.
"And now...." started Lillian, after The Big Show had thrown his
arm up and caused the explosion to blast across the ring apron behind
him,"The second challenger in this fall's count anywhere, no
disqualification Triple Threat match-up, X-Pac!"
X-Pac's music blasted throughout The Arena as the crowd's booed.
"King, you have got to believe that this is what Vince McMahon
meant when he said he was going to show the world what as asshole he really
"I love it!" laughed The King,"Jericho is going to pay for those
horrible things he said about Stephanie McMahon!"
"Hang on a second, King!" cried J.R,"Look who's with X-Pac!"
X-Pac had entered with Tori, as usual, but he also had with him
The Ninth Wonder Of The World, Chyna.
The crowd's booing intensified again and chants of 'X-Pac Sucks'
were replaced with chants of 'She-Male! She-Male! She-Male! She-Male!'
which the DX Members ignored stoically.
And then Jericho's music began, and The Crowd roared in excitement
as their hero emerged backwards through the entrance curtains, arms
outstretched, ready to accept the challenge issued to him.
Inside the ring, The Big Show was bellowing at X-Pac to stay out
of his way and not try anything. X-Pac just grinned at The Big Show
and turned to watch Jericho stomp towards the ring, yelling at The Crowd
around him, psyching himself up for the match.
"Jericho is walking into the lion's den!" cried J.R,"He has more
guts than sense, perhaps, X-Pac would be tough enough on his own, but
The Big Show as well!"
Jericho rolled into the ring and instantly ducked an attack by
X-Pac, kicking the D-Generate in the gut, hooking his head and dropping
him to the mat with a hard DDT. The Crowd roared in excitement as Jericho
threw an arm up high, then reached down to grab X-Pac by his legs, turning
him around into The Walls Of Jericho.
"The Walls Of Jericho!" cried J.R,"This one could be over!"
But it was a Triple Threat match, and as Jericho turned around
a massive, meaty hand slapped around his neck, causing him to drop X-Pac
before he was lifted bodily into the air by The Big Show.
Jericho kicked wildly as he was held up nearly nine feet in the
air, then he was thrown down hard into the mat, bouncing up several feet
and crying out in pain from the powerful Chokeslam.
"RAAAARRRR!!!!" roared The Big Show, throwing his arm up wide,
and then doubling over in pain as Chyna dealt him a low blow, one massive
forearm slamming into his groin.
The Crowd roared in anger, and seconds later a steel chair was
slamming into The Big Show's back as Tori smashed it down over the massive
back of The Big Nasty Bastard.
It didn't bring The Big Show down, but it staggered him enough to
give Tori time to hand the steel chair to Chyna, who delivered another
staggering blow to The Big Show as Tori grabbed her boyfriend and dragged
him over Jericho's prostrate form.
"No disqualification! No disqualification!" cried The King in
almost desperate excitement.
The Referee gritted his teeth, seeing Chyna continue to pound
The Big Show with the chair, Paul down to his hands and knees
now, refusing to stay down.
But it was No DQ, and he had no choice but to drop down and
count out 1, 2 and 3.
The bell rang as Tori helped X-Pac to his feet, thrusting The
European Belt into his hands, the young Wrestler throwing his arm up in
celebration as he desperately tried to regain his senses.
"The Winner of the match, and NEW World Wrestling Federation
European Champion," cried Lillian,"X-Pac!"
The Crowd hissed and booed, ignored by DX as Chyna finally floored
The Big Show for good. The jeers and cat-calls only increased as Triple
H and Stephanie moved through the entrance curtains, followed by Vince
They got into the ring, each taking turns to congratulate a now
tired but recovered X-Pac on his 'victory' over Jericho. Then Chyna and
Triple H grabbed Jericho by his arms and hauled him up to his knees as
Stephanie watched with an evil grin.
"I told you all I was an asshole!" laughed Vince into a microphone,
but no cheers greeted his proclamation this time,"And now Jericho knows
how much of an asshole I can be!"
He turned to glare at Jericho, who was shaking his head about
dizzily, trying to figure out what the hell had happened.
"Sonny, if you EVER call my daughter something like that again,
I'll make you wish you'd never left Canada!"
With that he stepped back and allowed Stephanie to step forward
and deliver a series of stinging slaps to Jericho's face, shocking him
back to full alertness, although he was still powerless to pull out of
the iron grip of Triple H and X-Pac.
"This is what you get when you fuck with us, runt!" hissed Triple
H into Jericho's ear,"All your little sayings, all your little jokes can't
help you now, no one can hel....."
The Crowd went crazy, leaping up and down as The Rock's music
blasted throughout The Arena. In the ring, Triple H and X-Pac released
Jericho and snapped to attention.
"The Rock! King, it's The Rock!" cried J.R,"The People's Champion
is back! We haven't seen him since he was screwed out of This Tournament
by DX!"
"I hear it, I hear it!" muttered The King,"Calm down, you'll
give yourself a coronary!"
The Rock moved through the entrance curtains as Jericho rolled
out of the ring and lay on the mat, his entire body aching in pain.
"The Rock has had.... enough!" cried The Rock as The Crowd roared
in approval,"And The Rock says...."
But before The People's Champion could finish, the entrance
curtains parted and Shane McMahon charged through, a steel chair in hand
which he swung wildly, knocking The Rock down.
The Crowd booed at this cowardly attack as in the ring a wide
grin split Vince McMahon's lips.
Shane brought the chair down again hard onto The Rock's back,
knocking him down again before he threw the steel seat away and pulled
The Rock to his feet. Gripping the waist-band of The Rock's Wrestling
trunks and the back of his head, Shane pushed Rocky forward and bodily
threw him off the entrance platform down ten feet to the concrete below
as the Crowd cried out in disbelief.
"NO!" screamed J.R in horror,"Shane has thrown The Rock ten feet
down to the concrete! The Rock is broken in half!"
Shane stared down at The Rock where he lay on the ground, a small
smile on his face before he turned to face the ring where Triple H, X-Pac
and Vince were exchanging high fives, while Chyna stood with arms folded
under her large breasts, a slight smirk on her face. Tori and Stephanie
squealed in delight and hugged each other as they watched Shane close his
eyes and roll his head in a mockery of The Rock, smelling what the people
were cooking.
Vince clapped sardonically, then spoke into his microphone again,
ignoring the rush of Officials who moved to where The Rock lay, helping
him onto a stretcher.
"And that's what happens to anyone who gets in our way," he
growled,"Remember it, because we ARE assholes!"
With that, Vince, Hunter, Stephanie, Chyna, Tori and the new
European Champion X-Pac left the ring, leaving behind a pain-ridden
Jericho and an unconscious Big Show.
And Raw went off the air.


Chris Benoit stood in the center of the ring, waiting quietly,
patiently for his opponent.
The music began and the crowd's reaction was mixed as Hardcore
and Crash Holly strode down the entrance ramp towards The Ring.
Hardcore had surprised everyone by making it this far, although
his strength and skill were acknowledged by all, he had always had the
air of a Journeyman about him, someone who would reach a certain level
of success but never make it to the heady levels of WWF Champion or even
Number One Contender.
But if he could defeat Benoit, and then the winner of
the Jericho/Prince Albert match, he would face either Triple H or Edge
for The WWF Title.
And with Crash and the scales in his corner, he had a better
than even chance.
Benoit watched, no emotion on his face, waiting, waiting, waiting
for the right moment, waiting for Hardcore and Crash to be just the right
distance away.
And then, when they were less than a foot away from Ringside,
Benoit made his move, charging forward and baseball sliding beneath the
bottom rope, his legs smashing into the base of the scales Crash carried
over his shoulder, twisting it around so it slammed into the back of
Hardcore Holly's head.
Hardcore went down, his head slamming into the ring apron and
knocking him out while Crash was spun about by the leverage Benoit had
gotten from the scales.
Benoit quickly rose to his feet, seeing Crash continue his spin
and swing an arm wildly at The Canadian Crippler. Benoit ducked, and as
Crash spun around yet again The Radical grabbed the Holly Cousin around
his waist, lifted him high and slammed him down to the mat across his
knee, the Atomic Drop sending a pulse of pain right from the base of
Crash's spine right up to his head.
This, coupled with the dizziness of his spinning, left a
disorientated Crash open to a bruising clothesline which knocked him down
and kept him down.
Turning around, Benoit grabbed Hardcore Holly by the waist of his
pants, slid him into the ring, followed him in and quickly hooked a leg.
Referee Teddy Long shook his head, motioned for the bell to ring
so it could, belatedly, start the match, then dropped and counted one, two
and three.
As Benoit stepped up and allowed Teddy Long to raise his arm,
his fellow Radical Perry Saturn moved down the Entrance Ramp and scooped
up Crash Holly, throwing him into the ring. He slid in after him, covered
him, and after a snap from Benoit, Teddy Long dropped down and counted
one, two and three yet again.
"The winner of this match!" cried Lillian,"Progressing to Round
4, Chris Benoit, and following the 24 hour, 7 days a week ruling for
Hardcore matches, the new Hardcore Champion, Perry Saturn!"
The two Radicals turned and slid out of the ring, moving up the
Entrance Ramp while the two recovering Holly's in the ring lay defeated.
For now.

"The following contest is for The WWF Tag Team Championship of
the World!" cried Lillian,"Introducing first, the challengers, representing
DX, Road Dogg and X-Pac!"
The crowd booed, having lost even the slight amount of respect
they'd retained for The Road Dogg since he'd just allowed his partner,
Mr. Ass, to be ostracized by the rest of DX.
"And now, introducing...."
"You Think That You Know Me!" those words interrupted Lillian, the
lights in The Arena going down as The Crowd cheered, spotlights darting
over their moving, hustling forms as they looked for a glimpse of....
"The Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian!"
A roar from one section of the crowd as they spotted Edge and
Christian, moving through the tunnel created by two lines of
Event Security, who kept the more excitable fans from getting their hands
on the Brothers.
Edge and Christian slid into the ring and moved to opposite
corners, leaping onto the bottom turnbuckle and holding their Tag Team
Belts high. Edge thrust out his tongue in a leering grin that sent waves
of dizziness through the majority of the female crowd.
Seconds later, Road Dogg slammed a fist into Edge's kidneys
as X-Pac grabbed Christian's ankles and pulled back, dropping the younger
brother's chin down hard into the top turnbuckle.
As Edge doubled over the top turnbuckle, Road Dogg pulled away
his Tag Title Belt and turned to yell something at X-Pac.
Referee Tim White swung his arm wildly, calling for the bell to
be rung, knowing that DX wouldn't use the belts as weapons once the bell
had gone, since it would disqualify them.
But despite this logic, after the bell rang Road Dogg and X-Pac
still charged at Edge and slammed the back of his head with the belts,
knocking him down to the mat.
Once again Tim White was motioning for the bell to be rung, this
time to end the match.
If DX heard, they didn't care, as they continued to pound on Edge
with the belts, as The Crowd's boos grew louder and louder.
DX's intention was clear, they had sacrificed their opportunity
for the belts so that they could put Edge out of commission and ensure
Triple H would be in the final.
And then suddenly the crowd was cheering as a new player entered
The Arena, Billy 'Mr. Ass' Gunn charging down the Entrance Ramp with a
blue chair in hand, his intentions obvious.
Road Dogg and X-Pac saw him coming, but had no time to prepare,
no time to attack. As Billy slid into the ring they were already moving
through theirs, but even so it was only X-Pac's height that saved him
from the swinging chair of Mr. Ass.
DX stared up in angry disbelief at their former friend and ally,
who brandished the chair in preparation of a renewal of DX's attack.
The Crowd cheered as Mr. Ass held off Road Dogg and X-Pac, who
kept attempting to get back into the ring.
Triple H, Stephanie, Vince and Shane emerged through the Entrance
Curtains, their faces confused, angry, irritated.
Billy twisted his head about, holding the chair up but knowing
that he was outnumbered, especially with Edge and Christian still down
and out.
But the odds evened out moments later when the sound of a bomb
falling sounded, and then The Dudleyz emerged through The Entrance Curtains
followed by The Hardyz, Too Cool and Rakishi.
Suddenly The McMahon-Helmsly Regime found themselves surrounded
on all sides, 20000 screaming, cheering fans all around them, 7 Wrestlers
behind them, 3 Wrestlers in The Ring.
Suddenly Vince was regretting his decision to kill 4 birds with
one stone when he'd taken care of Kurt Angle.
"Okay, okay, let's all calm down!" cried Mr. Ass into a microphone,
standing in The Ring with Edge and Christian, the latter having recovered
and helped his elder Brother up,"There's no need for a fight today, all
I want is for me, Edge and Christian to leave here unharmed, okay?"
Vince stared up at Mr. Ass, feeling relief, there was room for
negotiation, that was fine by him.
But Triple H was livid, furious that Mr. Ass could have 'betrayed'
him like this, how dare he!?!
"Forget it!" roared Hunter, but luckily his words were lost in
the roars of the crowd and the lack of microphone, and Vince was able
to over-ride him.
"You got a deal, Billy," called Vince, ignoring the furious glance
his Son-In-Law shot him,"We'll step aside, you go through, we all go home
Billy nodded, then him, Edge and Christian moved out of The Ring
and slowly, carefully moved past The McMahon-Helmsley Faction and up to
their waiting allies, The Dudleyz, Hardyz, Too Cool and Rakishi Phatu.
X-Pac and Road Dogg rejoined Vince, Shane, Stephanie and Hunter
and cast angry glances over at the retreating Wrestlers.
"Well that was a waste," growled Road Dogg,"We threw away our
chance for The Belts and only just got started on giving Edge the beating
he deserves."
"Relax," replied Vince, his face expressionless, ignoring Hunter's
low cursing,"I have a plan."

Chris Jericho sat in the locker room, rubbing liniment into
his aching muscles.
The affects of The Chokeslam from The Big Show were fading, but
his body still ached badly. He allowed a wry grin to cross his face,
he'd known The Big Show was strong, had even faced him a couple of time
before back when they'd both been in WCW, but he'd never taken the full
brunt of The Show-Stopper before and it hurt like a son of a bitch.
And now he was going to go out there and fight a guy only a few
inches shorter than The Big Show.
Prince Albert, or Albert as he preferred to go by now, apparently.
With a shake of his head, Jericho stood up, slowly slid his silver
jacket on, and began making his way out towards the ring, wondering if
Albert was at all concerned about this match.

Albert looked down at Trish Stratus through glazed eyes, watching
her full red lips as they slid smoothly up and down his
glistening cock-shaft, any concerns he might have had about the upcoming
match totally evaporating with the first contact of his manager's moist
lips around his cock.
Trish grinned around the cock she was sucking, eyes alight with
fiery, almost mocking glee as she sucked hungrily on the flared head of
his prick as she fisted the base of his long, thick cock.
Although the sexy fitness model had made it clear time and again
to Test and Albert that she was off limits to them, she had been known
to occasionally break her own rules in order to relax one of her boys
before a big match.
In this instance, she wanted Albert to be relaxed and calm when
he got into The Ring with Jericho, knowing that the smaller Wrestler was
an expert at distracting and infuriating his opponents. She didn't want
that to happen, she wanted Albert to be WWF Champion, because that would
only raise her own exposure.
What was good for T & A was good for her.
It also helped that she enjoyed sucking cock, and couldn't wait
for Albert to spray his thick, ropy cum into her sexy mouth. The tip
of her tongue ran up and down his piss-hole, taking his oozing pre-cum
into her mouth.
Her pussy was pulsating with desire, throbbing with need as
she ran her mouth over his cock again and again, each time taking more
of his length down her throat. Her eyes were locked on Albert's face,
fixated on the way his face was contorting in pleasure, his eyes tightly
closed, neck lounging back slightly as his mouth parted and he moaned
Trish grinned around his cock, loving the reaction as much as
the act itself. She loved the power she held over men, whether it was
by use of her body, through a kiss or, in this case, more creative use
of her mouth.
She giggled happily as she felt Albert's balls pressing against
her chin as she incredibly managed to take the full length of his massive
cock into her throat.
She grabbed ahold of his buttocks and squeezed them tightly,
cocking her head slightly to the side and slowly tightening and loosening
her lips around the thick slab of cock-meat inside of her mouth.
Albert moaned with pleasure and reached down to grasp her by the
sides of the head, slowly working his cock in and out of her mouth, gently
fucking her face.
Trish allowed him to dictate the pace, let him use her mouth as
a receptacle for his stroking cock, knowing that he needed to feel powerful
and in charge for this next match, and she was the only one who could do
that for him.
Trish moaned happily around his cock, loving the feel of his penis
as it sliced back and forth into her oral orifice. She could feel her
crotch growing damp, the pink material of her tight shorts darkening as
her tongue wrapped around his invading prick and formed an inner sheath
which drove the big Wrestler wild with pleasure.
Her muffled moans were echoed by Albert's as he gripped Trish's
head with both large hands and fucked in and out between her moist, red
lips as his balls slapped against her chin, tightening up as he prepared
to blast his load down her throat.
Trish wrapped her arms around his hard, muscular ass, pulling
her face lovingly to his crotch as he fucked his prick in and out of her
mouth faster and faster. She pressed her tongue firmly against the
underside of his invading cock, sliding it over the thick purple vein
running up the upper length of the under side of his penis.
Albert grunted sharply, pulling his cock forward and burying it
in her mouth, making short, hard humping motions in and out of
her stretched mouth as he went over the edge and came, spraying the back
of Trish's throat with squirt after squirt of thick, ropy cum.
Trish eagerly swallowed, taking in all of his ejaculation, sucking
as much of it down her throat as she was able, feeling some of it squirting
back along her cheek and emerging through her lips, cum running down her
chin as she continued to suckle on the massive cock crammed into her
beautiful mouth.
"Oh yeah!" Albert moaned happily, gripping Trish's head, fooling
himself for the moment that this beautiful woman was his,"Yeah! Suck it
Trish, suck my cock!"
He could feel Trish's throat contracting rhythmically around his
cock as she swallowed his cum down her throat, milking the last, dribbling
flow of jizm from his prick as she made a low, moaning noise from deep
in her throat, coupled with the sucking, smacking noise of her lips around
his cock.
Albert was hunched over her, his hands stroking her blond hair,
cock stuffed into her beautiful mouth as she continued to suckle on his
member, her hands squeezing his muscular ass.
"You'll want to get going soon, Albert," spoke up Test, who had
been sitting in a corner trying to read a paper and ignore the erotic
scene before him,"Or Jericho will win by Count Out."
With a low sigh, Albert pulled his cock out of Trish's mouth,
making his manager whine softly, then ran his hands over his bald head
before shaking his massive head to clear his thoughts.
"Feeling relaxed? Feeling good?" Trish asked him with a grin,
sliding the tip of one finger between her lips.
"Feeling great," he returned with a moan,"Gonna kick some Y2J
He moved away, getting ready to clean himself up before heading
out to The Ring. He stepped into the small shower and began a quick
wash as Trish got up and pulled her tight pink shorts off, her shaven
cunt and curved ass revealed to Test's gaze before she pulled on a pair
of panties, then an identical pair of pink shorts.
"And how are you?" Test asked Trish, as she walked around the
room, hoping to burn off some of the excess sexual energy she'd picked up
from giving Albert the blowjob.
"Fine," she replied,"I'm just nervous, I hope Albert wins."
"Sure," chuckled Test, and went back to reading his paper. He
wasn't going to fool himself by claiming that he hadn't been turned on
by that, and that he didn't want to throw Trish over the nearest bench
and fuck her brains out, but he knew he wouldn't do anything. For one
thing, she didn't want to create tension between Test and Albert by
beginning to actively sleep with one of them, and secondly, he'd made
a vow to be celibate for at least a year following the horrible emotional
rollercoaster his former fiance Stephanie McMahon had put him through.
So he ignored his body's desires and tried to be interested in
the article about George Bush Junior's cocaine habit, knowing that Trish
was extremely aroused and would be looking for some way to exorcise that
excess sexual energy.
When the agitated beauty finally found someone to help her release
that energy, Test didn't know whether he should feel jealous... or pity
the poor fool.
Albert emerged from the shower, drying himself and getting into
his wrestling attire.
"Ready?" he asked them.
"Ready," replied Trish with a grin, Test getting to his feet and
clasping hands with his partner, grinning at him.
"Kick his ass," he chuckled.
"You know it," rumbled Albert good naturedly, and with that, T &
A headed out towards the ring, followed by a prime example of T & A.

The crowds cheering faded as Jericho removed his jacket and the
yellowing bruises on his back became apparent, as well as the slight
wince that crossed his face as he removed the garment.
Albert stood irresolute as a statue on the other side of the
ring, so big and motionless that it seemed he must be carved from granite,
some impossibly sculpted figure left by a master artist with a sense
of humor in the ring.
Trish and Test stood outside The Ring, confident in
their compatriots' ability to do the job on Jericho.
Y2J cast an appraising eye over Albert, then moved into the center
of the ring. Seconds later Albert broke the illusion of being sculpted
from stone by stalking forward so he stood eye to air with Jericho, whose
head only came to Albert's chin.
Earl Hebner motioned for the bell to ring, and instantly Jericho
threw several quick kicks to the side of Albert's knee, hoping to take
the bigger man off of his feet.
Albert took it easily, absorbing the impact of Jericho's kicks
as he planted the leg firmly against the mat to brace himself, then
brought his other leg up and smashed his massive boot into Jericho's face,
knocking him down.
Pain screamed through Jericho's back as he hit the mat hard, and
through his dazed vision he saw Albert raise one massive arm and start to
fall forward, bringing the elbow down to crush into Jericho's chest, which
would undoubtedly out Y2J out of The Tournament, and perhaps even off the
active roster.
With a groan of effort, Jericho rolled out of the way, feeling
the bounce of the mat as Albert smashed fully into it. The Crowd cheered
at Jericho's escape, but the Canadian knew it was only a brief,
momentary advantage that must be exploited.
He rolled up to his feet and bounced against the ropes, knowing
Albert would already be up to his feet. Jericho pulled his body up,
throwing his legs forward and hitting Albert's massive flank in a drop-kick
which surprised the still unbalanced big Wrestler, knocking him against
the ropes but not over them, as Jericho had hoped.
"RRRRAAARRRHHHH!!!!" roared Albert, whose experience had proven
to him that a lot of noise from such a big man usually froze his opponents.
In this case, however, he was only giving his opponent a moment
of opportunity, and Jericho once again leaped up, hitting Albert's wide
chest with a spin kick which knocked the massive Wrestler over the top
rope and down to the mat below.
Albert spun right around, managing to land on his feet and cast
his gaze up, seeing Jericho rush to the corner, leap to the top rope and
spring backwards in a Flying Moonsaw. His body seemed to catch in mid-air,
flash-bulbs popping all around as The Crowd roared it's excitement, and....
....Albert caught him.
The Crowd's cheers instantly froze as Albert braced his legs,
hoisted Jericho up with both arms, draped him over his shoulder, then
flipped him forward and smashed him to the concrete below.
The Crowd winced in sympathetic pain and a low Ooooooh emanated
from them as Albert dropped down, scooped Jericho up, and then raised him
high over his head with both arms.
He turned and moved to Ringside, effortlessly tossing Jericho
over the top rope to the mat below.
Albert grabbed the top rope and hauled himself to the apron,
then stepped over the ropes and dragged an exhausted, flushed Jericho to
unsteady feet.
"Going for a ride, little boy!" growled Albert with a whisper
into Jericho's ear, then grabbed him by the throat and lifted him high
into the air, ready to execute a Throat Toss which would leave Jericho
unconscious beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Albert held Jericho up, close to eight feet, for far longer
than he needed to, enjoying showing off his strength, also knowing that
the grip of his massive hands around Jericho's neck would be choking the
Ayatollah Of Rock-And-Rollah.
Sensing enough was enough, Albert let a big grin split his lips,
then prepared to throw Jericho forwards, allowing his back to crash into
the mat....
.... and Jericho's leg slammed between his legs and right hard
into his balls.
A small whimper emerged from Albert and his big hands released
Jericho, the Wrestler dropping to his legs and managing to keep himself
from collapsing.
Referee Earl Hebner was confused, he knew that something had
happened but wasn't sure what. His eyes had been on Jericho's throat,
but now Albert had suddenly released him?
Albert felt hands grip the back of his knees, and moments later
he was dropping down to his back, his legs pulled out from under him.
Jericho cried out to The Crowd, who roared in excitement as, with
great effort, he began to turn Albert by the legs, turning him and turning
him into The Walls Of Jericho.
Albert roared in pain, his back and his arms burning with intense
agony as Jericho cinched in his Submission move, sending wave after wave
of pain throughout the big Wrestler's body.
Earl began to charge forward, meaning to get beside Albert and
ask him if he quit. As he began to move, Trish Stratus 'innocently' swung
her arm and tapped his ankle, knocking Earl off balance and dropping
him hard into the mat, knocking him out.
The Crowd booed angrily, even as Albert let out a sob of despair
and began to tap out, unable to handle the incredible pain
lancing throughout his body.
Test leaped into the ring and rushed towards Jericho, who released
Albert but wasn't in time to prevent being hit with a massive clothesline
which dropped him to the mat.
Test began laying into Jericho, kicking and kicking Y2J as Albert
rolled about on the mat, clutching his back in agony.
Trish slid in beside him and helped the big man up, Test kicking
and beating Jericho the whole time.
With a grunt of pain, Albert stretched his back, then moved up
beside Test and began to kick Jericho as well.
The Crowd was roaring at T & A, trying to make them stop by the
sheer force of their anger. When that didn't work, a chant of,"Rocky!
Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!" began but The Rock did not eventuate. No
one knew what had happened to Rocky since The Ambulance took him away.
It was helpless, Jericho was without a friend in the world.
Test and Albert froze in their tracks, The Crowd went quiet,
and moments later Paul Wight, The Big Show, stormed through the Entrance
Curtains and down the Rampway.
He pulled himself up to the Ring Apron and over The Top Rope, and
as Test rushed forward to try and reason with him, The Big Nasty Bastard
rose his boot up high and slammed it into Test's face.
The former fiance of Stephanie McMahon almost pulled a 360,
twisting around and smashing into the mat.
"RRRAAARRRHHHH!!!!" roared Albert, charging The Big Show as The
Crowd roared their excitement.
His attempt to startle or scare his opponent might have worked on
anyone else, but The Big Show was one of the few men in the world who
could say there were bigger than Albert.
That the noise of a massive hand slapping around Albert's neck.
"ROOOOOAAARRHHH!!!!" that the roar of anger from The Big Show as
he lifted the massive Albert nine feet into the air with only one arm.
That the sickly impact of flesh against the ring-mat as The Big Show
dropped Albert hard to the mat.
The Big Show stood in the center of the ring, three men lying
motionless around him, a panting grin on his face.
Trish Stratus charged into the ring and began to beat on the
broad back of The Big Show, yelling at him for doing such damage to
her men.
The Big Show turned around and simply roared at her, and Trish's
face fell, then she turned and rushed out of the ring.
Test was hauled out next, dropped to the mat below before The
Big Show turned and dragged Jericho on top of Albert's prostrate form. He
noted Earl's signs of movement and quickly stepped over the top rope,
then began walking up the Entrance Ramp, a concerned but fearful Trish
Stratus running ahead of him.
Earl raised his head slowly and saw Jericho lying on top of Albert,
his years of experience and training working in conjunction with his
instinct. He was a Referee, he had to make the count.
He crawled forward and raised his arm up.
As The Crowd cheered in excitement and Jericho's music played,
the man himself simply lay on top of his defeated opponent, unaware of
his victory, unaware of the intense pain which would wrack his body over
the next week, when he would face a man who was known for good reason as
The Crippler.

Sitting in his black room, the occupant smashed the chess-piece
shaped like Mr. Ass, then once again lifted the Black Knight of Kane.
"Curious," he muttered,"Always so enigmatic, even to me."
He smashed the piece with some reluctance, finding it
more difficult than usual to do so.
He removed the Hardcore Holly pawn as well as Prince Albert's,
leaving only four pieces.
A Black King and Black Knight, A White Rook and White Knight.
Triple H, Benoit, Jericho and Edge.

"Hello," said Lita, staring at her reflection in the mirror, a
wide grin on her face,"My name is Lita, I'm The World Wrestling Federation
Woman's Champion."
She giggled at her own foolishness, but couldn't help herself,
she was finally The Woman's Champion!
True, her opponent hadn't exactly been tough, The Fabulous Moolah's
best days were behind her. But Lita still felt justifiably proud, after
all, she'd had to contend with interference from Mae Young as well as
the not inconsiderable, positively not female, Mark Henry.
And yet she had won, and now she was The WWF Female Champion.
Throwing her hands over her head, Lita bumped her hips back and
forth in a little victory dance, watching her reflection in the mirror,
noting just how much hotter she looked with the belt around her waist.
She wanted to celebrate, she wanted to go crazy, but Essa Rios,
her partner, was on sick-leave, which left Lita alone. She hadn't made
many friends in her short time in The WWF, although Eddie Gurrero was
already an enemy following both a defeat at the hands of Essa and her
own spurning of his advances.
"Latino Heat indeed," she huffed, then turned herself around,
looking over her shoulder at the way her tight red pants ran over her
ass-cheeks,"I got your heat right here!"
"You sure do."
She spun around in shock, gasping loudly as her heart leaped in
her throat. Seeing her the intruder was, she calmed somewhat, but still
remained on guard.
"So where are your pet gorilla's?" Lita asked Trish Stratus, the
beautiful blond leaning against the door-frame of the locker-room, a
smug smirk on her face.
"Test and Albert are commiserating being knocked out of Vince's
little Tournament," replied Trish, pushing herself off the door-frame
and stepping into the locker-room. She closed the door behind her and
slowly sauntered into the room, walking around Lita, eye's running over
her curved, athletic body,"Men can be so silly about their little belts...
although maybe it's not just men?"
Lita ran her eyes up and down Lita's body, noting the good muscle
tone under the blonde's deceptively soft skin. She was a fitness model,
however, not a Wrestler, and by herself was no threat to Lita.
"I love your tattoo," giggled Trish from behind Lita, running her
fingers up the Champion's right shoulder,"It's so sexy."
"What do you want, Trish?" asked Lita sorely, not liking the
liberties that the sexy woman was taking with her.
"I don't know," chuckled Trish, clearly knowing very well, then
slid her body around to Lita's front, pressing her large breasts against
Lita's own,"Can you think of anything?"
"I don't know what you're thinking, lady," growled Lita,"But I
don't swing that way."
"And how do you know?" asked Trish, eyes large, the very picture
of innocence,"Until you've tried?"
Lita turned her face to and fro, not wanting to back down from
the fitness model, but not wanting to encourage by peering straight into
her un-nerving gaze.
"Look lady, I just wanted to celebrate winning my Title, I don't
"OH! A celebration!" squealed Trish excitedly, leaping backwards
and clapping her hands together. She was acting all together girlishly,
which created a contrasting image with her amazing, definitely grown
up body,"Let's celebrate!"
"I was kind of thinking alone," replied Lita firmly, trying not
to be amused by Trish's antics, trying to forget about the feel of the
other woman's breasts against her own.
"If you're into that kind of thing," giggled Trish, and slowly
ran a finger between her legs, up over her bare stomach, between her
breasts, over her neck and chin before sliding it between her lips,"I
prefer to think that two's company."
"Listen you little cum bucket!" snapped Lita, tired of all this
posturing, she stepped up to Trish and grabbed her by the wrist, pressing
her body against the blondes, her face only inches from the other
woman's,"I don't know what your game is but I...."
"Oooh, I love this whole Lucy Lawless thing you've got going
on," giggled Trish, then slid her hands around Lita's waist and cupped
her rounded buttocks, pressing her breasts firmly against the other
woman's and lightly rubbing back and forth,"Can I be your Gabrielle?"
"Wha... what?" gasped Lita, totally taken aback by this unforeseen
set of circumstance.
Trish's only reply was to lean up and kiss the startled Woman's
Champion, pressing her lips against Lita's, their moist lips brushing
against each other's, Trish's tongue slowly sliding between Lita's lips
again and again.
The startled red-head did nothing at first, then found herself
reciprocating the kiss, returning it, her own tongue sliding between Trish's
lips and.....
"WHOA!" she gasped, pulling away and staggering backwards across
the locker-room,"WHOA!"
"What's the matter, lover?" asked Trish with that same sexy grin
as before, once again pressing a finger-tip between the moist red lips
which Lita had just tasted.
"Now hang on!" gasped Lita, shaking her head, trying to clear it
of the mad thoughts rushing throughout her mind,"Hang on! I'm not a
"Like I said," replied Trish, sauntering forward, the stronger
Lita stumbling backwards before her until her back slapped against the
wall and Trish was pressing her body against her, face inches away,"How
do you know until you've tried?"
She kissed Lita again, and after a few moments, Lita kissed her
Trish took Lita's right hand in her own and drew it behind her,
pressing The Federation Woman's Champion against her tight, cut-off pink
shorts, her fingers sliding over the sheer material of the shorts and
the firm, warm flesh of Trish's ass.
"You like that?" Trish whispered to Lita, breaking their kiss,
then slid Lita's hand over her hips and pressed it between her legs,
feeling the moist heat between her legs, seeping through the sheer material
of her tiny, pink shorts,"Can you feel my need? I bet I can feel yours."
With that, Trish slid her free hand down between them and cupped
Lita's crotch, squeezing her mound lightly and feeling the heat emanating
from the other woman's sex.
"Let's celebrate, lover," she whispered to the panting, still
shell shocked Lita, then kissed her again as she squeezed and massaged
the Champion's cunt with one hand and used the other to help Lita bring
her off.
The two continued kissing, tongues sliding in and out between
each other's lips as they fondled each other's vaginas through the now
sopping material of their shorts. Trish released Lita's hand, which
continued to cup and squeeze the fitness model's cunt, and slid her hand
around to slide it gently over the Champion's ass-cheeks, cupping and
squeezing the toned, firm globes.
Trish moaned happily into Lita's mouth as she felt her shorts
pulling up between her cunt-lips, joined by Lita's finger as the Champion
pressed two fingers forward and entered her digits as far into Trish's
pussy as the thin, sopping material would enable it.
Trish grinned, grabbing Lita's probing tongue with her lips and
sucking her lips back and forth over the other woman's tongue. This
incredibly erotic action send a jolt of sexual pleasure through Lita's
crotch and she began to grind her crotch down in small, humping circles
over Trish's hand as she slid her own hand past the waistband of Trish's
tight shorts and pressed two fingers to the knuckles inside of the sexy
manager of T & A's cunt.
Trish moaned sharply, her mouth closing firmly around Lita's
tongue before she went back to the regular sucking motion that she had
used to great effect on Albert earlier that evening.
Lita pumped her fingers in and out of the burning, wet heat of
Trish's cunt as she ground her own crotch onto her lover's hand, feeling
Trish jerk and twitch in pleasure.
An evil grin crossed Lita's face as she continued to enjoy the
tongue-job Trish was giving her, and she pressed her thumb against the top
of Trish's clit and pressed it down firmly onto the sawing fingers plunging
again and again into the blond woman's cunt.
The Female Champion rubbed and rolled the stiff clit between her
thumb and pumping fingers, causing Trish's breathing to become ragged
and harsh around Lita's tongue. She began to pant and moan as
the pleasure inside the hot blond built higher and higher. The blowjob
she'd given Albert earlier to calm him had only served to work her up
more, and now Lita was going to bring her off within a matter of minutes.
Trish had to stretch her neck higher and higher as her legs
spread wider and wider apart, forcing Lita's fingers deeper inside of her
sucking, gripping pussy.
"Uhhhhhmmmmmmm yeeeahhhh," moaned Trish, Lita's tongue coming
free from her mouth as she dropped lower, her own fingers gripping tighter
than before to Lita's crotch and curved ass, more from a need for balance
now than in an effort to get Lita off. Her body was hunched down, almost
squatting down as she threw her head back and shuddered out an orgasm.
Lita stared down at Trish's climaxing body with a hungry, almost
feral look as she continued to slam her fingers in and out of Trish's pussy
and rub and grind her clitoris. She felt a strange kind of power at making
the hot blond cum, knowing that she'd shifted the dynamics of this bizarre
encounter. Trish was no longer in charge, now she was. Winning the Title
was nothing compared to the moans and squeals of pleasure, the shaking
and quivering of Trish as Lita's fingers pumped in and out of her cunt
beneath the sodden material of her pink shorts.
Then Trish went limp, her hands releasing Lita's crotch and ass
and her legs collapsing as she fell to her hands and knees, head down,
blond hair hanging in sweaty, twisted locks as she breathed heavily, her
body heaving up and down as she tried to catch her breath.
"Oh... oh... fuck... I... oh Lita!" moaned Trish finally, and
lifted her head, looking up at Lita standing over her, her legs spread,
her red leather shorts pulling up slightly between her cunt-lips, her large
breasts rising and falling as she stared down with flushed face, red lips
parted, eyes alight with desire.
Trish was looking up at her almost in awe, mixed with a deep-seated
sexual desire. Lita just grinned at her, the pulled Trish to her feet and
kissed her again before seating her on one of the benches running along the
wall. She got down to her knees and leaned forward, her mouth beside
Trish's ear.
"You wanted to celebrate? Let's celebrate."
The Female Champion began to slide her hands up and down Trish's
thighs, running them from knee to thigh, then higher and higher, working
her way down between Trish's legs. Grabbing her inner thighs, Lita lifted
them high and pulled them wide, making the tight material of Trish's
shorts stretch wide, forming almost a second skin over her sodden, dripping
crotch, her cunt-mound prominent.
Trish just swallowed nervously, unsure how to react to this new
confidence that Lita had found, now domineering the blond who had initiated
the action.
Lita leaned forward, her hands gripping onto Trish's thighs as she
lowered to face until it rested just above the blond woman's large, firm
"Give them to me," she whispered to a wide-eyed Trish, who quickly
acquiesced by grabbing her tight bra-shirt and pulled it open, revealing
her firm breasts, erect nipples pointing right at Lita's mouth.
The red-head grinned, then lowered her head and let her tongue
flick over Trish's right nipple, then closed her lips over it and began to
suck on it gently.
She sucked the nipple and surrounding flesh into her mouth and
lapped at it with her tongue as her lips sucked it in and out. Her hands
released Trish's thighs and came up to knead her large breasts together,
tugging and nibbling at the stiff, pink nipple in her mouth, lapping at it
with the tip of her tongue as she massaged and fondled the other woman's
She moved from nipple to nipple, pinching and nibbling at them
lightly with her teeth, suckling at the tit-flesh with her mouth as Trish
let out low moans of pleasure, eyes rolling behind half-closed eye-lids,
lips parted, sweet air panting out between her moist, red lips.
Lita's own firm breasts were pressing against Trish's flat belly,
rubbing up and down against her hard stomach as she suck on Trish's
nipples greedily. She finally pulled her mouth away from the sexy blonde's
nipples and began to kiss down the underside of her firm breasts, down
her flat stomach, her tongue circling around Trish's belly button as her
hands gripped the waist band of Trish's shorts and pulled them down over
her hips, exposing her shaven pussy. Her hands began to stroke up and
down Trish's inner thighs as she kissed past the blonde's light rectangle
of pubic hair and finally pressed her lips against her pink shaven vaginal
lips, causing Trish to once more drop her head back and let out a long,
low moan of pleasure.
Lita's grin widened even as her eyes narrowed, and without warning
she slammed her hand against Trish's exposed cunt and rubbed her erect
clitoris furiously, sawing fingers clumsily into the already highly
aroused blonde's snatch.
Trish's hips bucked upwards in orgasmic shock and she let out a
wordless groan of pleasure as she arched her back, thrusting her breasts
outwards as her lips parted and teeth clenched.
Lita's grin just widened as she plunged her fingers deeply into
Trish's gushing snatch, her thumb furiously grinding against her clitoris
as she brought the blond off again and again and again, reducing her to
a bundle of nerves, each one on fire with erotic stimulation.
Finally her body went limp, fucked out by Lita's ministrations,
her highly aroused body sprawled over the wooden bench, arms and legs
akimbo, large breasts rising and falling rapidly as she tried to catch
her breath.
Lita couldn't believe the feeling of power she had gotten from
making Trish orgasm, she felt a heady sense of power which turned her
on more than any other person had ever been able to before. She grabbed
her red top and pulled it over her head, then shimmied out of her tight
shorts so that she stood as naked as Trish.
She dropped her tongue back down to Trish's pussy and lewdly
dragged it thickly between Trish's shaven cunt-lips, tasting the delicious
cunt-cream still oozing from her hot pussy. Her tongue continued to trail
up Trish's body, running over her stomach and back to her breasts, Lita's
own breasts firmly squashing against Trish's abdomen. She took a moment
to once again suckle at Trish's tits, then rose to kiss the exhausted blond
woman once again, their breasts squashing together, rubbing back and forth
against each other, nipples sliding stiffly over each other.
They slid their bodies over each other, kissing passionately,
thighs sliding over their naked pussies, rubbing against their clits
and driving them both wild with desire.
Lita broke the kiss, pulling her tongue from Trish's mouth before
she once again lowered herself down and grabbed the firm, tanned breasts
of Trish Stratus in hand and squeezed them together before swallowing the
nipples into her mouth yet again. She chewed and sucked and nibbled at
the stiff nipples and firm tit-flesh surrounding them, making Trish moan
low and deep in her throat and squirm about beneath her.
Lita laughed madly around the firm, tasty breasts held within her
hands and in her mouth. She mashed them together, squeezing and plumping
them, pushing them firmly against each other and lifting them, fondling
her mammaries as her tongue lapped furiously along her nipples and she
sucked her stiff nipples like two tiny cocks.
Once again Lita broke away from Trish's breasts and rose to kiss
the sexually overwhelmed blond, their breasts mashing together once again
as she ground her body against Trish's, her leg between Trish's thighs,
grinding over her clit as Trish's ground over hers.
Both women moaned and panted in harsh, ragged breaths, Trish's
head rolling madly, Lita following it with every movement, every rotation,
their lips pressing against each other, tongues running over each other.
Finally Lita broke away and stood up, taking a limp Trish by
the arm and pulling her to her feet.
"My turn," Lita whispered into Trish's ear, then swapped places
with the hot blond and sat down on the sweaty, juice covered bench where
Trish had been moments before. She sat up straight, spreading her legs
wide and then leaning back, lifting her shaven cunt-mound, the small dark
patch of pubic hair above it highlighting her darkly tanned skin-tone.
Trish lowered herself to her knees, her body trembling from near
physical exhaustion. She licked her lips hungrily as she stared at
Lita's shaven cunt-lips, and then she slid herself across the floor and
placed her hands onto Lita's knees, sliding them up her legs and between
her inner thighs before pressing her thumbs between the soft, tight cleft
of her cunt.
Gently, with experienced digits, Trish parted Lita's pussy and
pulled it wide, exposing the gleaming pink flesh of her inner vagina,
her erect clitoris and the dark round opening of her fuck-hole.
Leaning forward, Trish slid her tongue gently up, then down the
pink flesh of Lita's tight cunt. This caused the Woman's Champion to
moan and arch her back at the delicious sensations that ran up through
her spine. Although she had dominated the sexual encounter so far,
she was still a novice, and Trish had obviously had a lot of experience
with this particular use of her tongue before.
Trish pressed her tongue forward into Lita's cunt, cleverly
wriggling the pink flesh of her tongue to run it up against both the top
and bottom of Lita's spasming, twitching pussy.
Grabbing Lita's thighs firmly, Trish pulled her face close to the
other woman's crotch and twisted and scooped her tongue in and out of
her hot fuck-hole. Her tongue pumped up and down inside of Lita's cunt
as the hot red-head moaned happily and humped up against her lover's face,
her hands gripping onto Trish's head, pushing her face firmly into her
Lita gasped loudly as she felt Trish's tongue slide up and down
across her clit, fingers parting her cunt-lips and holding them open as
Trish's lips closed around the slick little love button and began to suckle
on it, her tongue continued to wriggle eagerly across it.
Lita's chest was heaving up and down, her large breasts rising
and falling rapidly as she built towards her first orgasm. She panted
for breath, her hands gripping Trish's head, holding her down against her
crotch as she arched her back and squeezed her eyes shut, biting her lower
lip tightly.
A wave of orgasmic passion washed over her, drowning Lita in
all encompassing sexual ecstasy. She sobbed with pleasure, her ass humping
off the slick bench, cunt grinding into Trish's mouth and face as her
wet snatch blasted a thick stream of hot cunt-cream into the woman's mouth.
Trish squealed gleefully as she lapped up the hot pussy juices,
thrusting fingers deep into her own pussy with one hand while the fingers
of the other slammed in and out of Lita's humping cunt.
Lita cried out again and again, her body shuddering and trembling
as wave after wave of sexual pleasure rocked throughout her body until
she finally let out a long, low groan of exhausted pleasure and let her
body flopped to the bench.
Trish continued to lap at Lita's oozing cunt-juices, taking the
hot cream into her mouth, swallowing it down, rubbing her face into Lita's
cunt and drenching cum all over her face.
When she had taken as much as she could into her mouth, she
pulled away and slid herself up Lita's body, their sweaty bodies sliding
over each other, firm flesh caressing firm flesh below. Their breasts
pressed against each other and the two stared into each other's face.
Lita looked wearily but happily into Trish's face, the blond
smiling before she slid a hand through Lita's sweaty red locks and lifted
her face up as she leaned down and kissed the hot woman.
Her lips slid softly over Lita's as her tongue probed between her
lips, their tongues running between each other as they once again tasted
each other's mouth, tasting their own cum in the other's mouth.
Eventually they broke away and stood up, staring at each other
with more affection than lust. Hesitantly, uncertainly, Trish stepped
forward and hugged Lita, then stepped back and quickly grabbed her clothes,
pulled them back on, then rushed out of Lita's Locker-Room.
Leaving behind a very confused, but very satisfied,
World Wrestling Federation Woman's Champion.

Raw Is War

"This is it!" cried J.R as Raw went on the air,"Round 4 of The
Title Tournament begins today, and it is going to be Triple H versus
The Edge!"
"What a night! What a week!" cried The King,"We're down to the
last four! Triple H - The Game - versus Edge and Chris Jericho versus
The Crippler, Chris Benoit!"
"And on Thursday Night's Smackdown!" continued J.R,"We saw DX
try and put an end to the threat of Edge, and fail miserably when they
were interrupted by Mr. Ass!"
"And I would not like to be in the shoes of The Dudleyz, The
Hardyz, Too Cool or Rakishi!" laughed The King,"They prevented Vince
McMahon from going about his business and that is NEVER a good idea!"
"I have to agree with you on that, King," cried J.R, something
he almost never said,"Vince is well known for holding a grudge, and he
almost always comes out on top!"
As if on queue, the strains of 'No Chance' sounded and The Crowd
began to boo. Seconds later Vince was moving down The Entrance Ramp,
a small smile on his face as The Crowd chanted,"Asshole!
Asshole! Asshole!"
He stepped into the ring and stood quietly as they chanted,
then he grinned and began to speak.
"You know, ever since I announced this little Tournament to decide
once and for all just who deserves to be The WWF Champion, we've been
getting a lot of mail, phone-calls, e-mail, telegrams wanting to know
when the final match would be held."
"That is true!" cried J.R,"We have been flooded with messages to
our Main Office, at and WWF Magazine. But we don't know! Apart
from Vince and maybe Shane, no one knows when or where The Final will be
"Quiet J.R!" snapped The King,"Of course it's true if Vince
says it, now let him speak."
"In addition," continued Vince,"A number of Wrestlers have taken
some recent liberties, ganging up together and trying to influence my
decision making. Now you know what happened to Kurt Angle...."
Boos from the crowd, who hadn't liked Angle but hated Vince more.
".... but still these other Wrestlers haven't learned the golden
rule.... You Don't Mess With The Boss!"
"That's right, J.R!" cried The King,"A lesson you could learn!"
"And so," went on Vince,"I'm pleased to make a number of fight
announcements today for a Pay-Per-View coming up, in only six days time."
"Six days!" cried J.R,"King, we don't have any mention on our
iteniaries of any Pay-Per-View, what is Vince talking about!"
"Now I know some of you are a little confused.... or at least
more so than usual," chuckled Vince, eliciting a boo from The Crowd,"So
allow me to explain to you."
"He's going to explain, J.R!"
"I heard him, King," muttered J.R with a sigh.
"At the end of this broadcast of Raw, tickets go on sale for
the Pay-Per-View that will decide once and for all who deserves to be
The WWF Heavyweight Champion Of The World."
Vince paused to allow that to sink in, then continued,"But that
will only be the icing on the cake. Because also we are going to see a
number of problem cases here in The WWF resolved."
"Ominous words from The Owner Of The WWF," noted J.R, while The
King hung on his boss' every word.
"First of all, to The Hardy Boyz....."
The Crowd roared in approval, cheering for the young Tag Team
who had swept through The WWF like a lightning bolt and raised the bar
for all other Tag Teams.
"Since you seem to enjoy helping your friends Edge and Christian
so much, I'm going to give you an opportunity to help them.... help them
to lose their Titles as you go two on two for The Tag Team Championship!"
The Crowd booed, even as they also felt a secret excitement at
the idea of once more seeing The Hardyz and Edge and Christian going at
it again.
"And if that isn't enough to whet your appetite, how would you
like to see X-Pac put his European Title on the line up against a mystery
opponent who I can guarantee would take any other Wrestler in the world
to the edge everytime!"
"There's that word, J.R!" laughed The King,"He guarantees!"
"I heard him," muttered J.R,"But I'd trust him about as far as
I could throw you.... he's up to something."
As The King protested Vince's innocence, The Owner Of The WWF
went on.
"Too Cool, you're going to be left Too Flat when you face The
Big Show in a Handi-Cap match," went on Vince,"And if I see even one
mottled cell of Rakishi Phatu's fat ass near that ring you will
be disqualified and FORBIDDEN from competing together as a Tag Team ever
"That's huge!" cried J.R,"Vince is picking up business! That's
three amazing matches he's announced, not including The Final of The
"Uggggh!" cried The King, who bore a suspicious resemblance to
Brian Christopher.
"And of course, this Pay-Per-View will see Wrestling history
made when, for the first time ever, my daughter Stephanie McMahon will
face off with WWF Women's Champion Lita for The Federation Women's Title!"
"WHAT!" cried The King.
"WHAT!" cried J.R.
"Now now, relax," chuckled Vince as the crowd began to
enthusiastically chant Slut! Slut! Slut! Slut!"I have one more match to
announce, a special, No Holds Barred, Free-For-All, All-Comers Hardcore
Brawl for The Federation Hardcore Championship!"
The Crowd cheered, loving the incredible lengths Wrestlers would
go to become Hardcore Champion.
"And then we will see The Final Match of The Heavyweight
Championship Tournament. Some of you may be asking why there will be
Intercontinental Title Match-Up that night, others may be wondering why
I am making Edge defend his Tag Team Championship when he may very well
be in The Final Match...."
"I was wandering that," muttered J.R.
"Shut up, J.R!" growled The King,"Don't think till Vince tells you
what to think!"
"Because, quite simply," continued Vince,"I can be sure... no, make
that I can Guarantee...."
The Crowd booed.
"There's that word again, J.R!" laughed The King.
"That The Final Match Of The Tournament will be my Son-In-Law,
Triple H The Game versus The Canadian Crippler Chris Benoit!"
With that, No Chance started up again and Vince McMahon began to
move out of the ring. Then he stopped, and turned back.
"Oh by the way," he said with a grin,"I forgot to mention the
name of The Pay-Per-View.... be sure to buy your tickets to see, The Game!"
And with that, Vince left The Ring and moved up The Entrance
Ramps, ignoring their boos and taunts, a small grin on his face the
entire time.

Hardcore Holly lay twitching on the ring, The Big Show standing
triumphant over him. The Big Nasty Bastard had just
choke-slammed HardCore and put him out of the match, his massive boot
on Holly's chest as the count of three was run down.
Paul turned and demanded a microphone, given immediately to him
as were most things the 7 Foot 2, 520 Pound Monster demanded.
"Hey Too Cool!" roared Paul Wight, his powerful voice
reverberating throughout The Arena,"I ain't got nothing personal against
you, but let's get this straight, I don't lay down for no one,
not anymore, no matter how 'Cool' they are."
With that he threw the microphone aside and stormed out of The
Ring, leaving Bob Holly twitching on the mat, Crash Holly an unconscious
heap in the smashed remains of J.R and The King's Announcer's Table.
Like he said, he didn't lay down for anybody.

Vince raised an eyebrow as Chris Benoit entered his Corporate
Suite and settled down across from him on the luxurious leather couch
usually occupied by Triple H and Stephanie.
"I assume you have a good reason for being here?" Vince asked
eventually, when Benoit did not offer any kind of explanation, demand or
"Triple H is going to be Champion, isn't he."
Benoit's words were a statement of fact, not a question, and the
Canadian's direct approach set Vince momentarily at a loss for words.
"If he beats you, yes," replied Vince,"I've already guaranteed
that you'll beat Jericho...."
"Spare me," interrupted Benoit smoothly,"I knew from the moment
you announced The Tournament it was part of a plan to make Triple H The
Champion. You could have just given him The Belt, it's your right,
but that's not your style, is it."
Again, not a question but a statement.
"Keep talking, it's amusing," muttered Vince.
"You like to drag people along, lure them in, make them think
they have a chance, and then rip the rug out from under their feet. And
why? Just to remind them that you're The Boss, you're The Man In Charge."
Benoit leaned forward, his unshaven face inches from McMahons.
"I respect that, you're cold and calculating, you think long term
and you're successful."
Benoit leaned back.
"You're The Boss."
Vince narrowed his eyes. Benoit was an enigma, the kind of
dangerous thinker who could cause problems for him. He would never have
given Benoit a position her at WWF, but at the time of his Employment both
Vince and Shane had been on a self-imposed 'sabbatical' while his daughter
and Son-In-Law had run riot over The Company.
"I'll make it look good," said Benoit,"And I'll make Hunter look
damn good, and then I'll take the three count and be The Number One
Contender for The Title, and you're Son-In-Law will be The Champion....
and I'll do all this on two conditions."
"You're making conditions?" growled Vince.
"Reasonable ones," replied Benoit,"In exchange for giving you
an undisputed WWF Champion with no taint of a fix, I ask for two little
"Let's hear them, I might consider them," muttered Vince, leaning
back in his seat.
"I want my fight with Jericho to be uninterrupted," said Benoit,"I
don't want any help, fixed referees or any of that bullshit. I want to
beat him man on man, one on one."
"That's unacceptable," growled Vince,"I will not allow that little
bastard even the slightest opportunity to be Number One Contender!"
"But think about it," returned Benoit,"When I beat him it'll prove
I'm better than him, and when Triple H beats me it'll prove that Triple
H is the best.... The Game."
Vince narrowed his eyes, his devious mind whirling.
"Can you guarantee you can beat Jericho?" asked Vince.
"Yes," replied Benoit without the slightest hesitation,"I've
taken his measure, he's mine."
Vince grinned,"Fine, condition one met, so what's your second?"
"As Number One Contender, I am guaranteed a Title Shot
at Summer-Slam, and I want a fair match, him and me one on one."
Vince hesitated for a second, then smiled and nodded. He'd lied
so many other times in his life, what was one more?
"You got a deal," he said, and extended his hand, which Benoit
accepted and shook briskly.
A minute later The Radical was gone, sliding past Shane McMahon
as Vince's son headed for The Corporate Suite.
"What was that about?" Shane asked his Father, settling down on
the couch and looking out through the glass wall down to the ring where
Triple H and Co. were heading for The Ring.
"Just a loose end tied up," said Vince with a grin, and went back
to watching both the t.v monitor set up beside them and The Ring itself
below them.

Triple H stood in the ring with Stephanie X-Pac, The Road Dogg,
Chyna and Tori.
"Edge!" snapped Hunter into a microphone,"I know you took a bad
beating on Smackdown! I know you're hurting, and believe me, you come
out here I am not going to go easy on you!"
"What is Triple H saying?" J.R asked angrily,"Is he suggesting
that Edge not come out?"
"I wouldn't!" cried The King,"He's The Game!"
"If you come out here tonight!" growled Hunter,"I will retire
you just like I retired Mick Foley! I will end your career and leave you
broken in the middle of this Ring! Why? Because, I'm just that damn good!"
Hunter stepped back, a smile crossing his chewing jaws as The
Crowd booed, Stephanie lay her head against his shoulder and there remained
no sign of Edge.
"I knew you had a little sense in that pretty boy head of you..."
started Hunter.
"You Think That You Know Me!" interrupted The Game and The Crowd
went wild, leaping up and down and straining to find Edge as The Arena
lights dimmed and spotlights raced over The Crowd.
"Edge is here!" cried J.R,"Edge is here, he has not been
intimidated by Triple H's threats and has come to get him some!"
A section of The Crowd went crazy as the walls of Event Security
moved them aside and Edge moved through the vacated spot, an imposing
image with his long hair seeming to glow from the back-lighting coming
from panels along one wall and his face and body almost lost to the
blackness of his sunglasses and trenchcoat.
Tori and Stephanie quickly made their way out of The Ring as
Triple H, X-Pac, Road Dogg and Chyna formed a line across the center of
The Ring, waiting for Edge as he leaped onto a Security Railing and
crouched there, glaring at DX over the top of his sunglasses, a feral
grin on his face as flash-bulbs picked up the dramatic image.
The crescendo of The Crowd's cheering rose even higher but went
unnoticed by DX as from behind them Christian and The Hardyz charged
down The Entrance Ramp and slid into The Ring.
Road Dogg, X-Pac and Chyna found themselves being thrown to the
mat hard as they were caught from behind by the unexpected attack. Triple
H turned in shock as he saw them going down out of the corner of his eye,
and Edge took the opportunity to spring forward, landing on the Ring Apron
with a cat-like grace, then using the top rope's springiness to bounce
him over the ropes and deliver a hard drop-kick to Triple H.
"The Hardyz have come to help Edge and Christian!" cried J.R,
leaning forward over the replacement Announce Table, clutching his wide
hat to his head,"They'll face each other at The Game in six days, but for
now they are united! And things are not going DX's way!"
"Shut up, J.R!" cried The King, sounding near tears,"This is a
Edge threw blow after blow at Triple H, connecting squarely with
The Game's chest, arms, sides, face and head. The constant attacks
continued to keep Triple H from recovering and beginning a
Road Dogg, X-Pac and Chyna were attempting to do so, but for once
the element of surprise had not been theirs and they were discovering
the difficulty of fighting back from a surprise attack.
Jeff Hardy, eager for a little revenge on Chyna after being
Pedigreed through an Announce Table several weeks earlier, clotheslines
The Ninth Wonder Of The World over the top rope and instantly leaped onto
the top turnbuckle, ready to launch himself through the air at her.
Christian hauled X-Pac up with both arms and tossed him between
the top and middle ropes, sliding out after him as Matt Hardy hit Road
Dogg with a Hurricanrana of the top ropes. Jesse rolled out of The Ring
and hit the floor, and Matt Hardy slid out under him.
Edge irish-whipped Triple H across the mat, Hunter hitting the
ropes and bouncing back. Edge moved forward, meaning to hit him with
a hard right-hand, but The Game had been given the time he needed and
instead caught Edge by his long blond locks and hauled his face down
into Hunter's own knee.
Edge dropped to his knees, then fell to his back as Triple H
fell back slightly, then threw his arms over one another across his
crotch, the classic DX Taunt.
The Crowd booed as Hunter grabbed Edge and pulled him
up, thrusting Edge's head between his thighs and hooking his arms, ready
to deliver the Pedigree as Road Dogg, X-Pac and Chyna fought back against
Christian, Matt and Jeff Hardy with varying degrees of success.
With a roar of effort, Edge pulled back, bodily lifting the 275
plus pound Triple H up and tossing him over his back onto the mat behind
Edge dropped back against the turnbuckle while Triple H clutched
his back in anguish. The bell to start the match had rung the moment
the other six Wrestlers had fallen or slid out of The Ring, and now the
match was officially on.
Christian swung a clothesline at X-Pac outside The Ring, who
ducked it causing his opponent to spin around. X-Pac caught Christian
hard in the gut with his boot, leaped up and grabbed Edge's younger
brother by his hair and drove his face to the concrete below, a hard
X-Factor which put Christian out.
X-Pac allowed no wasted motion, hauling himself to his feet and
leaping onto The Ring Apron. Referee Earl Hebner immediately rushed
to block him, turning his back on the two Wrestlers in the ring.
The Crowds cheers returned as a new figure emerged through The
Entrance Curtains, Mr. Ass Billy Gunn charging down The Entrance Ramp
towards The Ring.
Triple H pulled himself to his feet and began to stagger towards
Edge, who looked absolutely exhausted.
But the young Tag Team Champion was playing possum, and the moment
Triple H hit the center of The Ring, he leaped forward and Speared The
Game to the mat, making the ring shake with the impact.
The Crowd went crazy, while at his Announce Table J.R was in
near orgasmic ecstasy.
"KING! KING! That was a Spear!" cried Jim Ross,"This is over,
Edge has outsmarted The Game!"
Edge leaped to his feet, his trenchcoat whipping about as he
drew his thumb over his neck, making the call-sign for The Downward
Billy Gunn slid into the ring, spun Edge around, slammed his
foot into The Tag Team Champions gut, then leaped up and dropped his
leg over the back of his neck, forcing his face into the mat, hitting
him with The Fame-Asser.
The Crowd was almost totally silent, and then slowly booing and
hissing started up as Mr. Ass dragged Triple H over Edge and rolled out
of The Ring.
X-Pac instantly leapt off the apron, allowing Earl to turn around
and spot Triple H covering Edge. He dropped to the mat and threw his
hand up.
Instantly Mr. Ass was rolling back into The Ring, making the
'Suck It!' taunt at the shocked Hardy Boyz, who had just realized they'd
been duped.
Road Dogg, X-Pac, Chyna, Tori and Stephanie rolled back into The
Ring and surrounded Mr. Ass, hugging him and laughing.
Triple H sat up dizzily, clutching his head and taking in the
scene before him. Slowly he got to his feet, Stephanie instantly moving
to his side, acting as both a comfort and a prop.
Hunter cast a hard gaze at Billy Gunn, then a sudden grin crossed
his face and he laughed before holding his arms up and embracing his
fellow DX Member.
"It was all a ruse!" growled J.R, his mood matching the baying
Crowd's perfectly,"Edge has just been screwed out of a place in The Final
Match of this Tournament and it's a damn shame!"
"Shut up, J.R!" laughed The King,"This is perfect! The Game is
going to The Game!"
With those prophetic words, Raw went off the air.

Road Dogg, X-Pac and Tori all stared expectantly at Stephanie
McMahon as she sucked in the last of the smoke and held it for a few
"Oh yeah!" she gasped at last, a huge grin splitting her lips
and a mad tingle rushing through her head.
"YEAH!" laughed the three DX Members, clapping Stephanie on
the back as she handed the pipe over to X-Pac and staggered to the couch,
dropping down forever into the plush leather, which massaged her back,
running smoothly over her aching muscles and joints, making her smile
"Hey!" laughed Triple H from the bedroom,"Get in here, Billy's
gonna make some crank calls!"
Road Dogg and X-Pac giggled madly and staggered into the master
bedroom of the Luxury Suite Vince McMahon had booked for them in the
Hotel. Tori turned and grinned at Stephanie, seeing the languid, happy
look on her face.
"What is it?" she asked Vince's daughter and Hunter's wife,"You
getting a massage from Mario or just flying?"
Stephanie just chuckled, and Tori slumped down next to her, her
face quickly taking on the same relaxed look as the marijuana took effect
and her body became relaxed, softening and becoming limp.
"My nipples are erect," Stephanie murmured at last,"Isn't that
cool? They're just poking right out through my shirt."
"Yeah?" asked Tori, intrigued, and cast her gaze down
onto Stephanie's chest,"They don't look that erect to me."
"No, they are," muttered Stephanie lightly,"Look."
She took her top and lifted it up, exposing her small breasts,
her nipples indeed erect.
"So they are," agreed Tori with a nod, then leaned down
and, without even wondering why, lightly flicked her tongue across one
stiff pink nipple.
Stephanie giggled, reaching down and lightly petting Tori's hair.
"That's nice," she murmured,"Do that again."
Something, the likely the marijuana, had made her nerves become
extremely sensitive to touch, her body felt raw, alive to touch and
sensation, and the moment Tori's tongue had made contact with her nipple it
had felt like a depth charge had gone off in her breast, expanding over her
chest and out to the tips of her tingling fingers.
Tori did as asked, lightly flicking the end of Stephanie's nipple
several times with the end of her tongue. Stephanie giggled and pulled
her knees up.
"That tickles!" she laughed.
Tori sat back up and grinned at Stephanie, and both women slowly
leaned forward and lightly brushed their lips together. Stephanie's
tongue lightly brushed between Tori's lips, then both women parted and
sat looking at each other, both grinning, Stephanie's heart racing at a
mile a minute.
"This is sooo naughty!" she giggled, getting off on the taboo
nature of what they were doing.
"Do you think I'm beautiful," X-Pac's girlfriend asked her outright.
"Oh yes, Tori," Stephanie replied with an emphatic nod,"You really
are so beautiful!"
"You want to..." Tori lowered her head, smiling with closed eyes,
embarassed,"You want to touch my breasts?"
"Oh yes," whispered Stephanie with wide eye,"More than anything!"
Tori sat back and grabbed the end of her DX shirt, a green bar-code
curved across her breasts, and pulled it up to expose her large, round
Stephanie let a small smirk pull at the corner of her lips, then
reached out and lightly touched Tori's naked breast. Despite the number
of times she'd felt her own breasts - felt herself up while masturbating,
flicked her fingers over her nipples or ran the edges of her fingers around
her tits - she found the touch of Tori's breast different somehow, warm
and soft in a way touching herself had never been.
"You like that?" Tori asked, moaning softly,"I do, it feels good,
squeeze them, caress them....."
Stephanie did so, running her fingers softly over Tori's large
breasts, the tips of her fingers flicking over Tori's nipples.
"Your nipples are erect too," giggled Stephanie, somehow finding
this both arousing and amusing.
"I know," groaned Tori softly,"Suck on them, suck my nipples."
Stephanie didn't hesitate, she just brought her face down to Tori's
chest and pursed her lips, sliding them over Tori's nipple and beginning to
suckle on it, doing the job crudely but exciting Tori nevertheless, her
body extremely sensitive to the oral ministrations of the young, spoilt
daughter of Vince McMahon.
Stephanie moaned happily as she felt Tori slide her hand over
her head and pet her in what seemed a loving fashion. It made Stephanie
feel so good, so loved, making the taboo nature of what she was doing now
seem all the more like the right thing to do.
They say like that for several minutes, the only sound the light
suckling of Stephanie's lips around Tori's breast and the muted laughter
from one of the bedrooms as Mr. Ass asked a local 24 Hour greengrocer if
he had Prince Albert in a can.
And then, coming to some sort of decision, Tori pulled a reluctant
Stephanie away from her glistening breast and took her by the shoulders,
lightly kissing her before gently directing her onto her back on the
Tori grabbed the light cords holding Stephanie's shirt together
and pulled the knot clear, tossing Stephanie's shirt away and then lowering
herself down to lightly nuzzle at the crook of her neck, nibbling at her
shoulder as Stephanie raised her ass off the couch and shimmied out of her
She was wearing no panties.
Tori noted this fact with great interest, and within moments she
had crawled back till her head rested just above Stephanie's crotch, closing
her eyes and inhaling the scent of Stephanie's sex.
Stephanie gasped roughly as Tori lowered her face and slipped her
tongue between her wet slit and began to lap away at the delicious pussy
juice that had been gathering there. Triple H's wife arched her back
as she let out a long, low moan of pleasure, her legs spreading lewdly
as she felt Tori lapping away at her pussy.
"Oh yes, Tori," moaned Stephanie,"Do it please! Eat me! Eat me
X-Pac's girlfriend, although she had only the barest lesbian
experience, knew just what to do to get Triple H's wife going. She buried
her face into the young woman's pussy and thrust her tongue deeply into
her, sliding her tongue in and out, tongue fucking Stephanie McMahon's
hot pussy.
"Uhhhh, mmmmmmmm!" moaned Stephanie, biting her lower lip,"Oh
Tori flicked her tongue in and out between Stephanie's snatch,
pursing her lips around Steph's clit and sucking firmly on the stiff little
love button, each inward inhale sending a jolt throughout Stephanie's
"Oh yes! Yes! So good!" cried Stephanie happily, hands gripping
Tori's head,"Do it! Do it!"
Tori just grinned, continuing to suck firmly on the hard nub of
flesh, amazed as she always was that such a small, round little object
could bring such pleasure.
Stephanie let out another gasp of surprise as she felt Tori's
hands grip her perky little breasts and begin to massage them firmly.
"Yeah! Yeah!" groaned Stephanie,"Eat me out! Feel up my titties!"
Tori gobbled hungrily at Stephanie's cunt, hands sliding all over
her breasts, taking Steph to higher and higher levels of pleasure, moaning
and panting and gasping for breath until.....
Tori broke away.
Stephanie whined like a dog, wanting the pleasure back, her spoilt
up-bringing unable to deal with having her will thwarted.
"What are you doing?" she sobbed, fingers slamming down between
her legs and jerking herself off.
"Relax," replied Tori, sliding her own tight black pants off,
pulling her panties down and stepping out of them before she twisted her
body around and lowered her crotch over Stephanie's face,"I just want a
little action too."
Stephanie felt a dirty thrill rush throughout her body at the
thought of eating out another woman for the first time, and she giggled
crazily before grabbing Tori's curved ass-cheeks and enthusiastically
pulling the other woman's crotch firmly against her face.
Tori let out a gasp of surprised pleasure, then dropped her own
face back down into Stephanie's cunt and returned to suckling at her hot
Both Tori and Stephanie felt more aroused than they ever had
before, each excited by the newness, the dirtiness, the taboo nature of
the hot lesbian 69 they were involved in. Their hands caressed each
other's bodies, running over the smooth curves of backs, shoulders,
breasts and buttocks.
"OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! YES!" cried Tori, whose own arousal had
quickly grown following Stephanie's crude but enthusiastic tongue-fucking,
humping her face erotically down onto Stephanie's face and throwing her
head back as she came, showering Stephanie's face with her cunt-juices
before throwing her own face back into Steph's cunt.
Stephanie gurgled happily and eagerly lapped away at the hot
cunt-cream drenching her face, her legs rising and falling, jerking
up and down as she threw her ass up again and again, sliding her cunt all
over Tori's face.
"Immmmmmmmmm," moaned Stephanie, throwing her ass up and clenching
her compact little ass tightly, slurping the last of Tori's cum as she
felt her own orgasm peak and explode, her juices running out of her pussy
and being caught by Tori's hungry, sucking mouth.
The two lay wrapped in a hot 69, both happily suckling at each
other's cunts, tongues sliding around inside their pussies as they tried
to get every last drop of cum from their lover's pussies.
Finally they just lay against each other, slowly, languidly
sucking on the other's pussy, breasts pressed into their flat waists,
hands squeezing their hot asses.
In the other room, DX's crank calls had become reduced to blatant
foul-mouthed insults.
".... AND YOU'RE A FUCKING FAG!" cried Mr. Ass excitedly, bouncing
up and down on two feet while wide grins split Road Dogg and X-Pac's
faces, a slight smirk on Triple H's as he stood back and watched the three
at work like an older brother might watch his younger siblings at some
X-Pac threw the receiver down and threw his arm high.
"YEAH!" he laughed, and then they began to throw high fives all
"Steph!" laughed Triple H as his wife came walking by, looking
sweaty and flushed,"You're missing a prime example of Degenerate Behavior."
"Gotta shower lover," replied Stephanie, then a dangerous smile
crossed her face and she turned back, kissing her husband on the cheek
before heading off to the bath room.
Triple H watched her go, then held his hand to his cheek and
lightly sniffed his fingers, remembering what his little Degenerate wife
had done just a few weeks earlier.
"She wouldn't have.... would she?" he whispered to himself with
a dark grin, then shook his head with a laugh and went back to watching
X-Pac as he dialed a new number chosen at random.
"Hey ass?" asked X-Pac seriously,"You know you're an asshole,
As X-Pac hung up and joined The New Age Outlaws in throwing some
more high fives, Triple H shook his head again.
It didn't get any better than this.


It had all come down to this, the road from Wrestlemania leading
to Thursday Night Smackdown! and a Main Event which would decide who would
face Triple H - The Game - at Sunday's Pay-Per-View, which had ominously
been entitled The Game by Vince McMahon.
Benoit had walked to the ring once again without The WWF
Intercontinental Title. It was not on the line, and he saw no need to
bring it with him. The Crowd had been silent, their quiet matching
Benoit's own robotic-like visage.
But unlike Benoit, this was a quiet ready to break, and it did
when Jericho's Millennium Clock appeared, beating down to zero and placing
The Arena once again into total silence, all lights out before a massive
explosion rocked The Entrance Platform and Y2J appeared backwards through
The Entrance Curtains, arms outstretched before twisting around and casting
his roguish grin at The Crowd.
They roared for him, their hero, someone they'd pinned their
hopes and needs on. The Rock was out of The Tournament and perhaps out
of The WWF forever after what Shane McMahon had done to him. Stone Cold
Steve Austin recovering from neck surgery after a vicious hit-and-run
at Summer-Slam last year, The Undertaker who knew where, Kane defeated,
Edge screwed out of his rightful place in The Final Match.
Chris Jericho was all they had left.
He entered The Ring, casting a dark glare at Benoit who stared
back at him impassively, then moved to the center of The Ring.
"Welcome!" he cried into his microphone,"To Smackdown! Is.
Benoit folded his arms across his chest and settled back against
the ropes.
"Now Chris Benoit!" proclaimed Jericho, pronouncing
Ben-Wa Ba-Noyt,"Congratulations on making it all the way to the fourth
round of Vance's little Tournament, but you my as well pack your little
bags and head home, because there is no damn way The Ayatollah Of Rock
And Rollah is going to let down all these Jericholics and get beaten
now. Y2J is going to be The WWF Champion, and things are never....."
"E... ev... EVER!" continued the crowd.
"....going to be the same again!" finished Jericho with a sly
sidelong glance at The Crowd, then threw the microphone aside and moved
in close to Benoit as Teddy Long motioned for the bell to ring.
The two Canadian's circled around each other, making testing
swipes at each other before locking up. The two small but powerful
Wrestlers pushed back and forth, neither giving an inch until with a
surge of strength, Jericho pushed Benoit backwards, the Crippler stumbling
into the ropes.
The Crowd cheered at this minor victory for Jericho, but Benoit
was instantly stride forward again and locking up once more with Y2J.
Both Wrestlers pushed back and forth, but this time it was Benoit
who gain the advantage, shoving Jericho stumbling back against the ropes.
They were back to where they had started, none of them had the
advantage over the other, and it was obvious that they could continue on
like that all night and never gain an advantage.
Benoit eyed Jericho carefully, then stepped to the center of the
ring and lifted his arm up high, making the call for a test of strength.
Jericho cast a wary gaze about him, then slowly moved forward
and gingerly raised his own arm, his fingers locking with Benoits, read
to test their strength against each other.
Jericho rose his other hand, the sign for Benoit to lock fingers
with the other arm too, but instead The Canadian Crippler pulled Jericho
forward and slammed him in the gut with one knee.
Y2J doubled over, wheezing in pain as the hard knee caught him
unprepared and winded him. Benoit, quicker than a mongoose, thrusts
Jericho's head between his legs, hooked his arms around his waist and
lifted him high in the air, holding him up in preparation to slam him
down to the mat in a back-breaking Jack-Knife Powerbomb.
Before he could, however, Jericho kicked his legs wildly and
shifted his center of balance, allowing him to slide down over Benoit's
back, twist The Crippler around, deliver a knee to his opponents gut and
then drop him face-first to the mat with a DDT.
Benoit rolled over, clutching the back of his thick neck in
agony as Jericho bounced back against the ropes, throwing his body up in
a low drop-kick into Benoits face, knocking him back down.
Benoit wasted no time, grabbing the bottom rope and hauling himself
out of the ring. He staggered backwards, rubbing his face and glaring
angrily at Jericho.
"Come on, baby!" cried Jericho, a massive grin on his face as The
Crowd cheered him on. Benoit snapped something angrily and turned his
back momentarily, and instantly Jericho launched himself forward, dropping
to the ground and using his own forward momentum to baseball slide through
the ring, thinking to catch The Intercontinental Champion in his kidneys
and knock him into the Security Railing.
But Benoit's turn had been bait to lure Jericho into doing just
this, and The Crippler quickly stepped aside and grabbed Jericho's ankles
as he slid through, hauling him forward and dropping his head to the
concrete below.
Benoit allowed a small smile to cross his face before grabbing
Jericho by his long hair and pulling him to his feet, then sliding him
back into The Ring.
Leaping onto the apron himself, Benoit quickly climbs to the
top turnbuckle and draws himself to his full height, throwing his arms
wide and allowing himself to fall forward in a Falling HeadButt.
He dropped down, his head extended, arms wide and connected hard
The mat.
Jericho had pulled himself into a sitting position at the last
moment, and instead of connecting with his head with Jericho's chest
Benoit connected with hard, unyielding ring-mat.
Jericho dazedly turned his head and noted Benoit lying flat
on his face. With a grunt of pain, he hauled himself to his feet, ready
to leap onto the bottom rope and deliver a Spring-Board Moonsaw. But
before he could, Benoit - whose head was incredibly hard - slid an arm
out and gripped onto Jericho's ankle, dropping him face-first down to the
Clambering over Jericho's body, Benoit hooked in The Crippler
Crossface, hyper-extending Y2J's arm and stretching his neck, sending
incredible pain throughout Jericho's back, neck and arm.
Benoit cinched The Crippler Crossface in tighter, sending a hard
bolt of pain through Jericho's back before releasing it slightly, easing
the pain before cinching it in again. This caused Jericho's body to
involuntarily relax, making the next wave of pain all the more painful
and soul-shattering.
Jericho gritted his teeth, his blond hair draped in sweaty locks
to his face as he squeezed his eyes tight and desperately tried to fight
through the pain.
"Do you give in?" cried Teddy Long,"Do you quit?"
"NO!" hissed Jericho, desperately trying to use his own free
arm to wriggle his body forward. But he was locked into one of The
Federations deadliest Submission Maneuvers right in the center of the
ring, his chances were not good.
Benoit cinched in a little tighter, causing a sharp intake of
breath from Jericho as waves of dizziness over took his body, his back
felt like a knife was being driven deep into his spine.
"Do you give in, Jericho?" asked Teddy Long, his face close to
Y2J's,"Do you quit?"
"I..... said..... no!" growled Jericho, and with a roar thrust
his free arm beneath his chest and began to slowly, painfully push up
both his own weight and Benoit's with one arm.
The Crowd, sensing something was going on, began to chant out
for their Hero, calling,"Y2J! Y2J! Y2J! Y2J! Y2J!"
Benoit twisted his head about madly, unable to understand how
this could be happening. He cinched The Crippler Crossface in as hard
as he could, but Jericho did not relent, he just kept raising his body
and Benoit's up.
With a soul-rending cry of pain, Jericho extended his arm to
it's fullest, then arched his back, coming up to a kneeling position,
Benoit draped over his back, Jericho's arm twisted out to the side.
Benoit's mind was filled with images, memories of The Godfather
lifting him up over his shoulders, breaking The Crippler Crossface, almost
getting the victory.
Could Y2J do that? Did he have that strength.
No way, growled Benoit to himself, berating himself for allowing
such a negative thought to cross his mind. Jericho was just having a
momentary fight-back, he didn't have the strength to break The Crossface,
his body must be flushed with endorphins which were dampening the pain,
but that would fade soon and the pain would be worse, Jericho would
fold then and Benoit would win.
The chants of Y2J continued, and then with a grunt of agony
Jericho hauled himself to his feet, dragging Benoit off of his feet
and standing in the middle of the ring, his face red with exertion and
lack of air, Benoit hanging on for dear life.
The Crippler Cross-Face was still cinched in, however,
and although the vertical base Jericho now found himself in had released
the pressure somewhat, the pain was still there and now added to that
was the weight of Benoit hanging off his neck.
Jericho spun himself - and Benoit in addition - until he was facing
one corner rope, and then with the last of his energy charged forward
and used his fantastic sense of balance to jump from bottom turnbuckle
to middle to top, and then allowed himself to fall backwards as The
Crowd oooohed in appreciation.
With an audible, meaty thud Jericho's entire weight slammed down
onto Benoit's after a fall of almost five feet, and the shock was enough
to finally break Benoit's Crippler Crossface.
Jericho rolled over and lay on his back next to a stunned Benoit,
his face red and his hair matted to his head by perspiration. Teddy Long
stood over them, his eyes wide as a spontaneous burst of applause started
up from somewhere deep in The Crowd, swelling in appreciation of the
magnificent effort Jericho had just put up.
Shaking his head, Teddy rose his arms and began to count slowly,
the crowd quickly joining him.
With a groan, Jericho rolled over and swung an arm across Benoit's
Now Teddy Long was making a different count, dropping to his hands
and knees and counting....
Benoit kicked up, rolling away and shaking his head to clear it,
while Jericho rolled onto his back again and once more tried desperately
to catch his breath.
Benoit staggered to his feet and shook his head, still the fresher
of the two Wrestlers despite the hard fall he'd taken. He moved forward
and grabbed Jericho by the sides of his head, pulling him up by the hair
and thrusting him against a corner post.
The Crowd ooohed in sympathetic pain as Benoit hit Jericho with a
hard chop, then another and another, the echoes of the chops reverberating
throughout The Arena.
He grabbed one of Jericho's limp arms and began to pull
him forward to Irish Whip him into the opposite corner, but Y2J wrenched
free and shoved Benoit back, then hit The Canadian Crippler with a vicious
chop of his own, staggering Benoit, who had not been prepared for an attack
from Jericho, whom he'd thought was spent after the almighty effort he'd
made to break The Crippler Cross-Face.
Jericho hit Benoit with another hard chop, but this time Benoit
retaliated and soon the two Canadian's were chopping each other's chests
back and forth, grimacing in pain as the chops echoed throughout The
Benoit, still fresher, gained the upper hand and chopped Jericho
back into the corner, then grabbed Y2J's arm and Irish Whipped him forward
a couple of feet before catching him around the waist, pulling him in
close and then suplexing him over his back hard into the mat.
Teddy Long dropped to make the count, but Benoit did not hold
Jericho's shoulders down, instead twisting about and bodily lifting Jericho
again to perform another Suplex.
But The Crippler had made the mistake of performing The Rolling
Suplex too close to the ropes, and in last minute desperation Jericho
threw out his legs and hooked the top rope. This halted his momentum and
Benoit's own motion caused him to slip and drop, Jericho once more slamming
down on top of him, inadvertently covering The Crippler.
Teddy Long had been getting up again, but he was needed to make
the count again and dropped once more to his hands and knees, raising
his arm and making a count of 2 before Benoit's used the ropes proximity
to his own advantage and threw one leg up onto it, halting the count.
"ARRRHH!" cried The Crowd, who had been counting along in hope of
a win for Jericho.
Y2J rolled off of Benoit and both wary Wrestlers got to their
feet, leaning against each other for support, both too proud to listen to
their moaning, aching bodies.
Benoit shoved Jericho back angrily and swung another chop at
the Canadian, who ducked under and stepped around behind The Wolverine,
grabbing his arm and twisting him around.
A hard knee slammed into Benoit's gut, doubling him over, and
Jericho grabbed him around the waist, hauling him up into the air and
slamming him back down to the mat in a bone-rattling Power-Slam.
The Referee dropped to make the count, but Jericho wasn't finished
yet. He gritted his teeth, hissed in pain and with a tremendous effort
lifted Benoit back up into the air, once again coming to head height
before slamming The Crippler hard into the mat, executing a
Double Power-Slam.

Sitting in The Corporate Suite, Hunter sat forward angrily,
throwing his wine glass to the carpet.
"That stupid bastard is going to lose it! You shouldn't have
said we wouldn't interfere!"
"Relax," muttered Vince, extending a restraining arm over Hunter's
chest,"This isn't over yet."

"1!" cried The Crowd as Teddy Long dropped his arm for the count
of one.
"2!" they roared as he brought his hand down for the second time.
"3!" they cried in ecstasy, but Teddy's hand did not join them.
Benoit had kicked out.
Jericho sat on his butt, eyes wide in shock as The Crowd realized
what had happened and started up a low baying. Teddy Long threw his
arms over at the Time-Keeper, holding up only two fingers to assure them
that the count had only been two.

Vince allowed a small grin to cross his face, as Hunter's own
grimace slowly, begrudgingly shifted to a smirk.
"Okay, okay, how'd you know?" asked Triple H as Stephanie settled
her head down onto his broad chest once again.
"Benoit told me he owns Jericho," replied Vince with a smile,
leaning back in his chair,"And when a man like Benoit says something like
that, he means it. Trust me Triple H, it's all going according to plan,
Benoit will win, he'll put up a good fight but do the right thing and
lay down for you, and no one will ever be able to say that you're not The
Game again."

With a weary shake of his head, Jericho got to his feet and Benoit
did the same.
It wasn't fair! Jericho thought, he'd hit Benoit with his best shot
and it hadn't been enough.... what did it take to put Benoit down!?!
Benoit moved towards Jericho, who swung a clumsy arm at his fellow
Canadian. The Wolverine ducked under the blow and reached down to grab
Jericho's ankle, dropping him down to the mat.

"And now The Crippler," chuckled Vince,"The match is Benoit's,
The Title is yours, Hunter."
Triple H just grinned and toasted wine glasses with a contented

Benoit scrabbled over Jericho, ready to lock in The Crippler
Crossface once again.
Jericho's eyes - hazed over with pain and fatigue - suddenly
widened as he realized what was about to happen. With a speed and energy
born of desperation, with one last surge of adrenaline, Jericho scuttled
backwards along the mat, causing Benoit to over-stretch and rush past
Y2J grabbed Benoit's ankles and knocked him down to the mat,
and reaching deep within some heretofore unknown reserves of strength,
pulled himself to his feet and grabbed Benoit's ankles, throwing his legs
over Benoit's and hauling his body up into the modified half-crab that was
his signature move, The Walls Of Jericho.
The Crowd went crazy and Benoit's eyes bugged out of his head
as incredible pain lanced through his spine. His teeth gritted and his
arms involuntarily jerked about as Jericho cinched in The Walls Of Jericho
hard, right in the middle of The Ring.

Vince sat in shock on his chair, while Triple H reacted violently,
leaping out of his seat.
"Get down there and get him!" he roared at the assembled
McMahon-Helmsley Faction. Road Dogg, Mr. Ass, X-Pac, Chyna, The Big
Bossman, Bull Buchanan and Shane McMahon all leaped to their feet and
rushed out the door, followed by Triple H.
"Daddy?" pouted Stephanie,"I don't want Jericho in the final!"
"I know honey," sighed Vince, wishing not for the first time that
he hadn't spoilt his daughter so much as a child,"I know."

"Do you give in?" asked Teddy Long, this time asking the question
of Chris Benoit.
"Noooo!" hissed Benoit, clawing at the mat, desperately trying
to drag his way to the ropes that seemed so near and yet so far away.
The pain was incredible, beyond anything Benoit had ever felt
before, beyond even the incredible pain he'd faced as a young trainee
in Stu Hart's Dungeon, beyond even the agony of Bret Hart's Sharp-Shooter,
something he had never thought possible.
But he refused to surrender.
Slowly but surely he was getting closer and closer to the ropes,
every extra piece of pain brought him one step closer to ending that
pain, finishing that pain.
He dragged himself ever closer, thinking of anything, anything
at all to take his mind off of the incredible pain.
His hand, extended to it's furthermost, was almost there now,
but his vision was blurring, it was hard to see, everything was doubling
and trebling in his sight.
"Do you give in?" asked Teddy Long yet again.
"Ne.... never," gasped Benoit, his fingers brushing the rope,
causing it to move slightly. He was only a moment away now, and he felt
a heady sense of triumph that took away the pain, he had done it, he just
had to grasp the rope, he had survived The Walls Of Jericho.
"Ne.... never," he muttered one more time.

A burst of cheering rocked The Arena, stopping The McMahon-Helmsley
Faction dead in their tracks.
"No..." gasped Hunter, bringing up the rear,"No FUCKING WAY!"
They charged through The Entrance Curtains and saw their worst
fears realized. Teddy Long stood in the ring, holding an exhausted Chris
Jericho's arm up high, the Wrestler barely able to stand. On the mat
before them lay Chris Benoit, who had never given up but passed out from
the pain, his body shutting down to protect itself from the agony his
fighting spirit had not allowed him to give in to.
The Crowd was cheering and applauding, jumping up and down and
chanting Y2J! Y2J! as Jericho's music started up and Lillian announced him
as The Winner Of The Match and Finalist to met Triple H at The Game.
Sections of The Crowd began booing when they spotted Triple H
and his cohorts, but The Game ignored them, his eyes zeroing in on Y2J
standing triumphant.
"Let's get him!" gasped X-Pac from beside Triple H,"We'll put
him out of commission, he won't be able to compete on Sunday."
"No," replied Hunter after a moment, and let a hard smile cross
his lips. He raised his hands and clapped slowly, sardonically for Jericho,
then turned and walked away,"This is just going to make it all the sweeter
when I win."
He left Jericho to his moment of glory.

"Black Knight faces White Rook," he muttered, sitting in the
impenetrable blackness,"Black Knight's move."
The White Knight of Edge and Black Knight of Benoit were gone,
leaving only two pieces on the chess-board. The Game was nearly over,
the only question remaining, when it was all over, would 'The Game' be

Friday Night.

The Receptionist stared nervously at the two men loitering around
the Lobby Entrance. They were both young, with long hair and lean frames,
and they moved with an easy grace which had at first appealed to the
young man.
Now he wasn't so sure, they seemed to be doing a lot of hanging
around, hardly even talking to each other. Finally, one of them walked
over to Reception. He was tall, and his features - while not classically
handsome - were unique and appealing.
"Is this the hotel The WWF Wrestlers are using?" he asked The
"Sorry sir, I can't divulge that information," replied
The Receptionist coolly.
"Cool, it is," replied the man, then turned and moved back to his
"Well?" Vampiro asked him as he got back,"Is this the one or
"It is," Kidman replied confidently,"He's been on the run for
a couple of weeks now, the only friends he has outside his family are in
The WWF, so when he comes here we grab him and take him back to WCW, get
him to sign up."
"You ever feel bad about doing this type of thing?" Vampiro
asked Kidman after a few moments.
"Yeah," replied the other man,"But Turner's got us by the balls,
we gotta do what he wants."
"Yeah," sighed Vampiro.
The two stood quietly for a moment, depressed.

In the hotel basement, Kurt Angle lifted his head out of the
sack of clean towels delivered a half hour earlier and sighed with relief.
He'd gone straight to the airport after escaping The Arena where
WCW had been romancing him, but while coming out of the toilets had spotted
The Steiner Brothers walking about, obviously looking for someone, most
likely him.
After that he'd gone to The Bus Station to catch a Greyhound,
and there Buff Bagwell had been loitering about the ticket office. He'd
been trapped, and had effectively found himself on the run from a company
which would obviously stop at nothing to grab him before he got back to
the safety of WWF.
That was all over now, he just had to see Stephanie, pump a little
information out of her, and then everything would be all right.

Stephanie McMahon stepped out of the bathroom and moved to the
couch in the center of the room. Picking up the remote, she flicked on
the t.v to an old black and white movie.
"When men were men and women were alcoholics," she quipped to
herself, settling down on the arm-rest. She was dressed only in a short
silken robe which covered her ass.... barely.
Sitting down on the arm-rest, the robe rode up, revealing that
she wasn't wearing any panties, as usual.
What wasn't usual was that her vagina, which usually was shaved
with a thin strip of pubic hair above it, was now completely, totally and
absolutely bald.
Hunter, despite his claims to the contrary, had been more than
a little irritated over Jericho making it into The Main Event at The
Game. To make him feel better, Stephanie had done something she knew he'd
always wanted her to do, something she'd never been that interested in.
She'd shaved her cunt bald.
And now she had to admit that she liked it, it felt kind of sexy
to be walking around totally bare like that. The only irritation was,
she had to deal with re-growth until she could make an appointment to get
a 'permanent' bikini wax as she'd previously had on her pussy-lips and
the greater area of her crotch.
She'd finished off her shower by shaving the days re-growth,
wondering if this was how men felt when they had to shave every day. After
that she'd applied some baby-oil to sooth the red skin over her clitoris,
and some more oil on her vaginal lips as well.... just for fun.
It was, of course, the edible kind, since Hunter had taken to
oral sex with a vengeance following her hairless nature.
Sitting on the arm-rest now, watching James Dean as he made his
way enigmatically through the movie, she dipped a finger between her legs
and scooped up some of the oil, lifting it to her mouth and absently
sucking it into her mouth.
She grinned around her finger as she tasted the rather distinctive
taste of her own pussy-juices mixed with the oil.
She looked about, as if expecting someone to have suddenly just
appeared in the room (Hunter and DX had gone out for a boy's night out),
then shook her head with a grin and turned herself around so her feet were
set onto the carpet, facing towards the door as she parted her legs and
parted her cunt-lips with the fingers of one hand.
"Anyone with a key could just walk through that door any minute
now," she giggled naughtily,"And the first thing they'd see would be me,
little Stephanie McMahon, legs spread and fingers on my pussy."
She blushed furiously at the dirty things she was saying, as well
as the thought of someone walking in on her masturbating. It could be
anyone with access, a maid, Hunter, other members of DX, even Shane or
her Daddy.
Aroused by the possibility of getting caught, Stephanie leaned
back and slid the middle finger of her other hand deeply up inside of her
cunt, squirming deep inside till the digit was planted right inside of her
hot, juicy, oiled up snatch.
"Oh yeah," moaned Stephanie happily as she felt the delicious,
welcomed intrusion of her own finger between her slit,"That's so dirty,
I'm such a naughty girl!"
She pumped the finger in and out, repeating the movement over and
over, finger-fucking herself on the couch, legs spread lewdly with the door
right in front of her.
She moaned happily, eyes half closed and moist lips slightly
parted as she sawed the finger in and out of her cunt, the knuckle of her
thumb rubbing firmly over her clitoris, the combination of the two sending
wild jolts of pleasure throughout her entire body.
Her nipples felt incredibly sensitive as they grew erect against
the silken material of the robe. By moving her body slightly, she caused
the almost liquid material to rub over the tips of her nipples, making them
ache with need.
She chewed on her lower lip as the incredible pleasure of the
finger-fucking she was giving herself took over her every thought. She
could feel her cunt contracting around her finger, her tight little
asscheeks clenching and unclenching as the silk ran over her nipples and
her body jerked and shook involuntarily.
Her small breasts heaved up and down, her chest rising and dropping
again and again, faster and faster. She heaved in air, low moans escaping
her breath with every exhale. She had begun to actively hump her hand,
her ass dragging along the smooth material of the couch's arm-rest,
her body bucking like she was riding a wild bull.
"Oh Hunter yes!" she cried, imagining her husband fucking her,
slamming his big Triple H cock in and out of her tight little pussy,
fucking her hard until he pulled his cock out of her and jerked off all
over her tight little body. She wanted to he drenched in his cum, to have
it dripped off her small titties, to run down her face, out of her mouth
and down her chin.
She thrust her cunt down hard as she squirmed her fingers deep
inside of her pussy, thumb still rotating back and forth over her hot,
burning clitoris.
"AHHHH!!!!" she howled, slamming her cunt out over the arm-rest,
resting entirely in her hand now as she came. Her juices flooded out
over her palm and probing fingers, Stephanie struggling to hold all of
her dripping juices in her hand, her hips involuntary jerking back and
forth in an erotic simulation of sex as she humped her own hand.
Her back arched and her small tits pressed against the silken
material of her robe. She pulled her hand away from her cunt, the other
instantly replacing it, and pressed the cum-slick fingers under her robe,
cupping her breasts in turn, running her slick, juicy fingers over her
nipples, rubbing them between her fingers as she wound down from her
incredible orgasm.
Her body shuddered a few more times, a couple more jerks
of pleasure before she released her tight grip on both breasts and cunt
and fell back onto the couch, legs flopped to the sides, arms clutching
her breasts, eyes wide and mouth hanging open as she sucked in air. Even
this felt erotic to her charged body, the way her tits rose and fell
against her hands incredibly exciting.
A hurried knock at the door shocked her into a sitting position,
and she cast her gaze about in fright. Realizing the sound came from
outside her room, she stood up and wrapped the robe tightly around her
body again and moved to the peephole, peering through.
"OH!" she gasped, and pulled the door open.
And Kurt Angle tumbled into the room.

WWF : The Game!

"Welcome to... The Game!" cried J.R as camera's panned over
the roaring Crowd, zooming in and out on excited faces and signs, the
close to 20,000 fans response to the start of this Pay-Per-View was
ecstatic. They all knew that today, history would be made one way or the
"And remember that name, J.R!" laughed The King,"Because when
all is said and done, when the smoke has cleared and the Ring Crew have
packed up, everyone will remember that The Game IS The Game."
"I think there's somebody who'll disagree with that, King, and
his name is Y2J Chris Jericho, who fought his way through an absolutely
incredible battle with The Canadian Crippler Chris Benoit to arrive in
The Main Event tonight."
"You Think That You Know Me!"
The Crowd's cheers intensified as Edge's music began and the
lights dimmed and spotlights darted across those lucky enough to have
picked up tickets in the 25 minutes it had taken to sell out The MCI
Center in Washington.
"And here are The Tag Team Champions!" cried J.R, almost as
excited as The Crowd,"Christian and his brother Edge, who was screwed
out of his rightful place in tonight's Main Event by Triple H!"
"What are you talking about, J.R?" asked The King as Edge and
Christian made their way through The Crowd,"It was a great match, sure,
but The Game won it fair and square, just like he always does."
"I only have two letters in response to that, King," replied
"Yeah," chuckled The King, content in his toadying,"I wish they
could have been there too!"
"Oh for the love of...." grumbled J.R as The King let out a little
Edge and Christian stood in the ring now, on opposite ring posts
staring out into The Crowd, presenting amazing photo opportunities for
those with the benefit of flash photography.
And then a deep, scratching note rose higher and higher throughout
The Arena, driving The Crowd wild again as The Hardy Boyz moved through
The Entrance Curtains and stopped at the head of The Ramp, throwing their
arms to their sides, Matt spitting out water in an impressive cloud to
the platform below. This coupled with the thumping music and the obvious
vitality and energy of the two young Wrestlers sent The Crowd into a
empthatic burst of energy.
The Hardyz rushed down to the ring and slid in, quickly jumping
onto opposite ring posts, Jeff Hardy adjacent to Christian and Matt Hardy
adjacent to Edge, giving yet another photo opportunity to the tens of
thousands who had brought cameras with them.
"You gotta believe that Vince McMahon is hoping to break up the
friendship of these two fantastic young Tag Teams!" cried J.R,"Their
similarities are remarkable, both could have dominated almost any era of
WWF History, and we are so lucky to have two such amazing, amazing sets
of brothers at the same time!"
"Yeah, but we'll see how close their friendship is once one of
them is beaten!" laughed The King,"How friendly do you think Edge and
Christian will be with them if they lose their titles, and how will Matt
and Jeff feel if they miss out on their opportunity tonight!?!"
"Jerry 'The Vulture' Lawler, ladies and gentlemen," muttered J.R.
Inside The Ring Referee Teddy Long had motioned for the bell to
ring and each team took a moment to wish each other good luck, even
though both hoped the other would lose.
After a moments consultation with each other's team-mate, Jeff
and Christian moved to their respective corners and Edge and Matt began
to circle each other warily.

Stephanie's back came up against the wall and her eyes widened
in happy surprise. She let out a little squeal of delight as her husband
slid his hands across her sides, running them up under her tight little
shirt and cupping her small breasts.
"Filthy little degenerate!" she giggled,"What do you want?"
"Like you don't know, you little vixen!"
They laughed, Hunter got off on this partly because he dug her
so much, but also because she was his Boss' daughter and thus forbidden
fruit. They'd romanced each other in secret, married in secret, then
manipulated and played with the emotions of her brother, Father and 'fiance'
Test for their own amusement.
Hunter was a degenerate, someone who did what he wanted when he
wanted because he wanted to. He hadn't always been like this, for quite
some time he'd acted like royalty, poncing about and irritating the hell
out of everyone. Then he'd fallen under Shawn Michael's wing and learned
what it was to be your own man, to do whatever you wanted because you
Stephanie, on the other hand, was a spoilt little rich girl
who just got off on being naughty. Raised by such conservative parents,
her Father on the road much of the time, she'd developed a fetish for
being as wild as she could be. The more filthy and perverted, the more
'wrong' or dirty it was considered, the more she got off on it.
So now, as Edge, Christian and Matt and Jeff Hardy put their
bodies on the line for The Tag Team Titles, here was Stephanie and Hunter
getting ready to get it on in the backstage tunnel, between the two
sets of curtains that lead out to The Entrance Platform.
Anyone could come along at any time, they knew that, knew that it
was not only possible but likely considering the intrusive nature of
many of The WWF's Wrestlers. That fact, coupled with the fact that their
were 20'000 people just a few meters away made it about as naughty and
as wrong as it could get.
And that just made Stephanie and Hunter all the more eager for
Hunter tore the spaghetti straps around the back of Stephanie's
shirt apart and let them drop down, revealing her small, perky breasts
to his gaze.
As Triple H bent down and began to suck on them, her hands were
reaching down and fumbling with her husband's belt. Moments later,
his pants came down around his ankles as she pulled them down, then pulled
his mouth away from her tits as he grabbed her short little skirt and
pulled it up around her waist.
She wasn't wearing any panties.
"Dirty little slut!" he growled at her, knowing that from him the
words weren't an insult but playful banter. She enjoyed being talked dirty
to, got off on it, because it made her feel dirty and cheap and sexy as
"Gonna fuck you now, Steph!" he growled at her as she squealed in
joyous anticipation, lifting her up against the wall as she eagerly spread
her legs out and felt his hard cock pressing against her cunt.
At his request she'd shaved herself totally bald just a few nights
earlier, which had been followed by some long, extremely satisfying oral
sex for both of them. And now he was going to do it, with her Father and
brother possibly going to arrive at any minute at The Arena, with 20
thousand screaming fans only meters away from them, their cries rocking
The Arena.
He pressed his cock forward, parting her bald cunt-lips easily
before encountering the tight resistance of her vagina. With only the
slightest application of pressure, Triple H pushed forward and parted her
fuck-hole, pushing himself into the velvet heat of her pussy.
"Ooooh yes!" he moaned as Stephanie let out a long, low groan
of satisfaction.
"I love your cock in me, Hunter," she moaned,"I love feeling you
fuck me, putting that fat degenerate cock of yours inside of my cunt!"
He loved hearing her talk dirty, saying cunt and cock and fuck,
hearing those filthy words coming from her lovely, pampered mouth.
Her ass pressed back against the wall as Hunter thrust all the
way inside of her sopping cunt, beginning to make quick, hard thrusts into
her, causing her body to slide up and down against the wall as young
Wrestlers only twenty meters away smashed and pounded on each other for
the sake of a couple of belts.
Stephanie's eyes were closed and her mouth open as she gasped
louder and louder, moaning breathlessly away at her husband, demanding that
he fuck her, screw her, slam it to her!
Triple H was only too happy to comply, gripping onto her thighs,
holding her off the floor, fucking into her with quick, jack-rabbit
thrusts as his large upper body came forward, pressing her small tits
against his chest.
He was fucking her hard, slamming his cock into her again and
again, fucking his wife, the daughter of his boss. Stephanie cried
out in pleasure, leaning forward and pressing her tits hard against Triple
H's chest, her nipples rubbing against her husbands as her ass squashed
and twisted against the wall, grinding her tight little ass about as
she let out a squeal of pleasure lost in a roar of approval from The
Crowd as Jeff Hardy executed a Spring-Board Moonsaw off of the top rope
and out of The Ring, knocking down Edge, Christian and even his own
brother Matt.
"Oh fuck yeah!" Hunter snapped,"You love this don't you, you
little slut, you fucking love getting screwed like this, like the dirty
little whore you are!"
If anyone else had ever said those kind of words to his wife she
would have been horribly offended and he would have kicked the offenders
ass. But between them she just found the derogatory comments arousing,
just wanted to hear more of it, more and more.
Leaning over him as he fucked in and out of her tight little
pussy, her legs bouncing up and down on either side of her body, she
ran her long hair over his neck and back as she nuzzled and kissed at
his neck.
They were thrill-seekers, always looking for the next high,
the next boundary they could cross and this was always a particular
favorite of theirs. Their adrenaline was pumping, they felt alive, so
very very alive.
They were young and they were going to live forever, feeling like
immortals in the ecstasy that was their sexual fulfillment.
Her legs were bouncing up and down as Hunter fucked her, jerking
slightly as her body's nervous system was hit by a series of involuntary
twitches, brought on by the great pleasure that she was feeling.
"Oh yes Hunter!" she cried out breathlessly,"Do me, Hunter! Fuck
me raw!"
- Raw is War! - his mind thought crazily and he laughed, the
beautiful incoherent madness that was sexual pleasure stopping him from
making any sense.
Each of her legs shot out straight in opposite directions, her
cunt clamping down around Triple H's cock as she approached orgasm, the
short fucking had been hard enough and their surrounding arousing enough
that she knew it was only a matter of time before he came and came hard.
"YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!" she hissed, her voice barely raising above
a whisper and she clenched her teeth and rolled her eyes back in her head.
Her bald cunt seemed to be milking on Hunter's cock, the velvet
heat stroking and jerking around his member as she started to cum, her
entire body stretching out as wide as it could, arms locked around his
neck, her hips slapping down in short, hard little thrusts, her ass making
small little circles that ground along the wall behind her.
"Ahhh shit!" grunted Hunter, and came, shooting his sperm deep
inside of her pussy, mixing with her juices as they came together, her
own pussy sucking back on his cock as he continued to thrust in and out
of her.
Eventually they slowed, her legs dropping down lower and lower,
her head coming to a rest in the crook of her husbands neck and shoulder
as he relaxed his grip on her thighs and lowered her legs back down to
the floor.
She lay against the wall, Hunter over her, his cock still filling
her pussy, her head buried in his neck, lightly nuzzling at his hard
flesh. He sniffed at her hair and his hands slid behind her to cup her
asscheeks, squeezing them gently as they both stood still, breathing
deeply, getting their energy back.
Finally he pulled out of her and stepped back, his eyes locked
on the image of his member extracting itself from her juicy, shaven bald
vagina. He grinned shakily at her, then reached down and pulled up his
pants, buckling his belt and pulling up his zip before he stepped forward
and slid a hand between her legs, feeling her dripping pussy. He slid a
finger insider of her, making her moan as his other hand squeezed her tight
little ass.
They kissed, tongues snaking over each other as they sucked face,
finally pulling away and grinning at each other.
Triple H pulled his finger out of her pussy and held it up to
her mouth, and with a daring little grin she grabbed his hand and slid
the finger into her mouth, sucking on it like she would a lollipop or,
if you were lucky enough, a cock.
"Filthy little girl!" he growled at her, then pulled his finger
free and kissed her again, ignoring the shaking in The Arena, the roars
and cheers coming from The Crowd, the moans of commiseration as some
clever move didn't quite come out right.
He stepped back and she pulled her skirt back over her thighs,
then picked up her shirt and held it to her front, turning around so
that Hunter could re-tie the spaghetti straps.
"Hot enough for you, Steph?" he asked with a chuckle as she
turned back around.
She replied by licking the tip of her finger and holding it to
her ass, making a hissing noise.
He laughed, then wrapped him arm around her shoulder before the
two of them turned and moved backstage, startling Road Dogg, Mr. Ass
and X-Pac, who were sitting on several crates a few meters away discussing
a possible product endorsement they'd been offered.
"Hunter, Steph?" asked X-Pac, surprised,"What were you guys
doing in there?"
Road Dogg nudged Mr. Ass with a wink and they both chuckled,
and X-Pac slowly took on a comprehending look. He shook his head and
looked down sheepishly, realizing how naive he'd sounded.
"You're a big boy, X-Pac," laughed Stephanie, pressing her head
against Hunter's shoulder,"I'm sure Tori will show you one day!"
They headed off, leaving behind a furiously blushing X-Pac and
loudly laughing New Age Outlaws.

The Crowd was going wild, leaping up and down following the
ten previous minutes of the match,
Suplexes, body-slams, drop-kicks, top rope back-flips, Senton
Bombs, pile-drivers, steel-steps, arm-drags, roll-up pins, hurricanrana's,
scissor sweeps, Moonsaws, baseball slides and even a run around The
Security Railing into each other had all been seen in this match-up.
Just when The Crowd thought it was too much, that the other
Wrestler had taken too much damage, he'd kick out and slowly the tables
would turn.
The Match had taken place as much outside of The Ring as inside
of it, and right at this moment Teddy Long was counting towards ten as
all four Wrestlers duked it out Ringside.
Matt tried to irish whip Edge, who reversed it and slid The Hardy
Boy inside of The Ring, rolling in after him just as Teddy Long got to
ten, just saving him from disqualification.
Jeff and Christian had been reduced to hitting each other with
lefts and rights, and Christian had managed to get the upper hand. Hitting
Jeff square in the gut, he hooked his arms around Jeff's and turned him
around so they were back to back, then dropped to the concrete, hitting
The Hardy Boy with The Impaler.
Inside of The Ring, Edge irish whipped Mat into the ropes and
charged towards him, dropping his shoulder to spear his opponent. Matt
leaped high instead, slapping his hands onto Edge's back and leap-frogging
over him, hitting the canvas running and bouncing off of the ropes.
Edge bounced against the ropes as well, recovering enough from
missing The Spear to turn about just in time for....
"SPEAR!" exclaimed J.R,"Matt Hardy just hit Edge with The Spear
and has taken him down!"
"That's Edge's move!" cried The King.
Matt lay on the canvas, all of his energy taken up in avoiding
The Spear and hitting Edge back with it. He managed to crawl forward
and, with a last gasp, dropped his forearm over the prostrate Edge's
Teddy Long dropped down to the canvas as Christian got up from
executing The Impaler and dropped back exhausted against the Security
Railing. He cast his gaze up, eyes widening when he saw Matt sprawled
over Edge, The Referee counting 1, 2 and.....
"We have new Tag Team champions!" yelled J.R as The Crowd cheered
for The Hardyz,"The Hardy Boyz have beaten Edge and Christian in an
absolutely phenomenal Tag Team Match!"
"I don't believe it!" replied The King,"These guys practically
killed each other!"
Inside The Ring, a dazed but understanding Jeff Hardy embraced
his brother, while Christian explained what had happened to Edge. The
Former Champions supported each other and staggered over to The Hardyz,
extending their hands, which the new Champions accepted.
"Greats sportsmanship from these young athlete!" J.R said in
a way that sounded almost proud.
"That's sickening!" snapped The King, disgusted,"You
don't congratulate a team that beats you, you hit them over the head with
a steel chair!"
J.R didn't reply, just shook his head with a wry smile as Jeff
and Matt lifted their belts, then hoisted them over their shoulders and
helped each other up The Entrance Ramp, followed by an exhausted Edge and

"Enjoy it while you can, boys," chuckled Road Dogg, emphasizing
the 'boys' as The Hardyz stumbled backstage with the Tag Team Belts slung
over their shoulders. Behind them came an equally exhausted Edge and
Christian, who cast dark gazes at the four members of DX before them,
Road Dogg, Mr. Ass, X-Pac and Tori,"Those belts will be back around the
waists of The New Age Outlaws before you know it."
"Why don't you just go suck it," muttered an exhausted Edge,
who'd had enough of DX, who had cost him his chance at The WWF Heavywieght
"Good comeback!" Road Dogg laughed after them as the four young
Wrestlers moved away. He turned back to X-Pac and took on a mein of
mock seriousness,"Can you handle this on your own, X-Pac?"
"Oh I'll struggle through.... somehow," chuckled X-Pac, before
sliding his arm through Tori's and heading to the entrance curtains as
Howard Finkel announced that the following contest was for The World
Wrestling Federation European Championship....
Road Dogg and Mr. Ass watched him go, then turned and exchanged
a look that X-Pac might not have liked before heading back for Vince's
Corporate Suite.

"So I guess you're all wondering," X-Pac cried out into his
microphone,"Who is my mystery opponent going to be?"
Fans indeed, did want to know, and many had signs drawn with
their versions of X-Pac and possible opponents, including such unlikely
choices as Hulk Hogan and The Brooklyn Brawler.
"Well," laughed The Degenerate,"I won't keep you in suspense
any longer...."
"Who is it? Who is it?" cried out The King excitedly.
"Be quiet and maybe we'll find out," scolded J.R.
"I will face tonight, The World's Most Dangerous Man,
Ken Shamrock!"
The familiar music of the former Ultimate Fighting Champion
blasted into The Arena and the crowd looked about hopefully, but although
the music continued and Shamrock's video montage went on, there was no
sign of him.
"Oh this is ridiculous," growled J.R in disgust,"Ken Shamrock is
on the shelf while recuperating from very serious injuries and X-Pac
knows it, there's no way he'll be here to fight!"
X-Pac looked about him in the ring, shrugging and turning to
cast a quizzical glance at Tori, who shrugged back in apparent confusion.
"Come out, Kenny!" called X-Pac into the microphone,"Show the
world how dangerous you are, or are you scared?"
Again, no Ken Shamrock.
"Guess he's nothing but a chicken-shit bi-atch," laughed X-Pac
as The Crowd booed, then turned to Tim White,"I guess we better start up
a Ten Count, Ref, then you can declare me the winner by disqualification."
Tim White shook his head in disgust, then raised up his arm and
called out one.
And Too Cool's music started up.
The Crowd went wild, jumping about and looking to see which one
it would be, Scotty, Brian or....
The man with the moon-like ass made his way determinedly towards
The Ring, his face set in an impassive glare right at X-Pac, who looked
totally unconcerned by the possibility of facing the over 400 Pounder.
"Calm down, calm down!" laughed X-Pac as Rakishi reached The
Ring Apron and prepared to clamber up,"Before you go getting any ideas
that you're going to make a surprise victory, show me the piece of paper
from Ken Shamrock marking you as his replacement."
Rakishi's face didn't change expression, but he stopped on The
Ring Apron while Tim White shook his head and motioned for him to leave,
accompanied by The Crowd's boos.
"Not that I couldn't beat you, Phat-Man!" laughed X-Pac,"But
we don't let just anyone go for The European Title."
With a shake of his head, Rakishi dropped to the concrete, turned
around and headed back up The Entrance Ramp as The Crowd chanted out
loudly,"X-Pac sucks! X-Pac sucks! X-Pac sucks!"
"You don't like me, I got two words for ya!" roared X-Pac at The
"X-PAC SUCKS!" roared The Crowd as one, over-riding him.
The Degenerate glared sullenly at the assembled fans, who had once
loved him and cheered for him until he and Tori had found lust together
and dropped the lead weight that had been Kane.
He opened his mouth to speak again, ready to call for Tim White
to continue counting, when once again music interrupted him, this time
the unmistakably patriotic and sporting beat of Kurt Angle.
The Crowd glanced at each other uneasily, Kurt Angle? Did they
cheer or boo?
The Double Olympiad strode through The Entrance Curtains with
a look on his face just as determined as Rakishi's had been. The Gold
Medals sat against his chest, and in one hand he clutched firmly to a
piece of paper.
"Kurt Angle is back!" cried J.R,"Missing since he had the crap
kicked out of him by The McMahon-Helmsley Faction, missing amid wild
rumors of a signing with WCW, Kurt Angle is back!"
"What's he doing here!?!" cried out The King in concern. His
instinct was to support The Double Olympiad but his underlying traits
of toadying and kissing-up to Vince negated that.
Kurt Angle rolled into The Ring and thrust the piece of paper
into Tim White's hand. The Referee studied it carefully, then a small
smile cross his face before he nodded soberly and motioned for the bell
to be rung.
"What's that idiot Referee doing?" cried The King.
"This match is underway!" replied J.R,"Somehow, someway, Angle
has gotten clearance from Ken Shamrock to replace him in this match!"
"Did Shamrock even know he was in it?" cried The King, then
shut his mouth sharply as he realized he'd called the veracity of the
match into question.
X-Pac was desperately arguing with Tim White, who steadfastly
held to his ruling that the match continue. Swearing in frustration,
The Degenerate grabbed Tori by the arm and yelled at her to go get The
Outlaws, Triple H, Chyna, Shane McMahon anyone!
She nodded, concern etched on her face, then rolled out of The
Ring and rushed backstage.
The Crowd, having seized on the fact that X-Pac was not pleased
by Angle's presence, had begun to chant his name again and again, causing
X-Pac to throw his head around from side to side, disconcerted by the
sudden feeling of claustrophobia he was getting in this large Arena.
With a roar, The European Champion charged forward at his opponent,
who sidestepped easily and hip-tossed him high into the air, turning
him upside down and slamming his back hard into the canvas.
The Crowd roared it's approval as Angle quickly pulled the stunned
X-Pac to his feet, held him doubled over and clubbed the back of his neck
a couple of times, dropping X-Pac back down to the canvas again.
Grabbing The Degenerate by his long, black hair, The Olympic
Hero pulled him to his feet and threw back his arm to slam X-Pac back
down to the mat.
Before he could, The Champion threw his hand up and raked Kurt's
eyes, causing him to stagger back as X-Pac threw his hands across his
crotch in the Suck-It gesture and then charged forward, launching himself
into a Flying Body Press.
Angle, who was extremely strong for his diminutive stature and
had learned to master leverage to make up for it, twisted aside and caught
X-Pac around the shoulder and between the legs, twisting himself around
and Power-Slamming The Champion to the mat, also hooking his leg and
making a legal pin.
X-Pac kicked out more from instinct than anything else, seriously
winded by the crushing blow that had been multiplied by Kurt's weight
and his own forward motion.
He pulled himself to his feet as Angle leapt to his own, and
using the balance that had made him a star, X-Pac launched into the
air, twisting about in a Spinning Heel Kick.
Angle jumped back a step and threw his arm up in a sweeping
gesture, knocking X-Pac's leg off to the side and causing him to fall in
an untidy heap on the mat.
Reaching down, Angle grabbed X-Pac by one leg and hauled him to
his feet, then bounced back several times to build up momentum before
falling backwards and tossing X-Pac over him, flying through the air,
hitting the ropes, bouncing back and slamming into the mat once again.
"Ooooh," winced The Crowd in empathy.
"Angle is destroying X-Pac!" cried J.R,"We are going to have a
new European Champion!"
"Don't speak so soon!" cried The King,"Tori has gone for some
help to get this trespasser out of The Building!"
Kurt pulled X-Pac up and grabbed him around the neck, hooking
his leg and Suplexing him backwards.
The European Champion ripped his leg and head free in mid-Suplex,
however, and managed to land on his feet behind Angle.
The Double Gold Medallist twisted around and was hit with a hard
boot to the gut, doubling him over. With a weary sense of triumph,
X-Pac leapt into the air, casting his legs on either side of his opponent
as he grabbed Angle's head in preparation for The X-Factor.
Angle, one of the smallest Amateur Heavyweights in history as
well as one of the most successful, grabbed X-Pac's legs with his hands
and dropped down to his ass, slamming X-Pac into the canvas in a shocking
Sit-Down Powerbomb.
Kurt had held onto X-Pac's legs and lifted them up to put weight
on the shocked European Champion's shoulders, and Tim White dropped to
his hands and knees and counted along with The Crowd.
"We have a new European Champion!" cried J.R,"Kurt Angle has
come out of nowhere and gained back the Title he lost at Wrestlemania!"
"He's a trespasser!" cried The King in desperation,"Somebody get
him out of The Arena!"
With a satisfied grin, Angle stood up and allowed Tim White to
raise his hand as The European Title was handed to him and The Crowd
finally, finally cheered for him.

The door to the Corporate Suite burst open and Triple H shot
straight up. He had been enjoying a nap on the couch, needing the rest
after what he and Stephanie had done twenty minutes earlier.
"What the hell?" he snapped as Stephanie came out from the shower,
wrapped only in a towel as she dried her hair.
"What's going on?" he growled as The New Age Outlaws rushed into
the room.
"Where's Vince? Where's Shane?" asked Mr. Ass,"Angle just won
The European Title!"
"What!?!" roared Triple H.
"What?" cried Stephanie, eyes wide as she remembered the little
midnight rendezvous two nights earlier. Remembered how he'd broken down
and told her of his horror run from WCW, how he wondered if there was a
place for him in The WWF. Stephanie, always having had a little thing
for him, even after Vince and Triple H had bullied her into withdrawing
her protection from him, had quickly tried to tell him it would be all
right. He could join The McMahon-Helmsley Faction, she'd told him, they
looked after their own. She'd then told him of their brilliant plan to
have X-Pac fight Ken Shamrock at The Game, and since Ken Shamrock couldn't
Wrestle due to injuries, he'd have to sign a waiver clearing any
And then Angle had left, just as she'd been about to offer herself
to him, and she hadn't seen him since.
Had he found Ken Shamrock and gotten the clearance? Could that
possibly be? If so, he had betrayed her... but could she reveal to her
husband that she was the leak?
"You fucking heard me!" growled Mr. Ass,"There's a fucking leak
in the faction, I'm betting Brisco or Patterson, they let Angle know
how to get a shot."
Triple H cast his eyes about, still a little grainy from sleeping
in his jeans and leather jacket.
"I don't know where Vince or Shane are," he muttered at
last,"Where's X-Pac?"
"Tori made him go to hospital to check his spine," spat Road
Dogg angrily,"Angle did him over pretty good, by the time we made it out
there he'd left with the belt."
"Get onto Brisco and Patterson," snapped Triple H, fully awake and
totally in command now,"Chyna is getting ready for your Title fight,
Steph, but you stay with me until it's time for you to get out there,
She nodded, her concern over her knowledge of just who the 'leak'
was washed away by her love for Triple H as he took command of
the situation.
They rushed their way out of the Suite, leaving it deserted.

Back in The Ring, The Big Show stared in half amusement, half
contempt at the much, much smaller Scotty 'Too Hotty' and Brian
'Grandmaster Sexay' Christopher.
"This is not going to be pretty," muttered J.R into his microphone,
shaking his head slightly,"The Big Show had made it clear he is tired of
being a puppet and has proclaimed on numerous occasions that he is not
going to lie down for anyone. That's bad news for Too Cool, who are going
to pay the price for interfering in Vince McMahon's business."
"It's never a good idea to get in Vince's business," muttered
The King, whose features bore a strangely similar appearance to Brian
Christopher's,"Where is Vince anyway?"
"Vince and Shane have not been seen so far today,"
replied J.R,"But I can guarantee that they will be here, Vince will not
let anything get in the way of his moment of triumph."
In The Ring, Earl Hebner was calling for the bell to be rung,
and seconds later Scotty 'Too Hotty' was charging forward towards The
Big Show, who raised one big boot and slammed it into the
smaller Wrestler's face, dropping him instantly.
Brian charged as well, and a massive arm slammed across his
chest, clotheslining him to the canvas.
With a roar, Paul Wight lifted his arm high, call-sign for his
choke-slam, The Show Stopper.
"Is this one over all ready?" cried J.R as The Big Show lifted
Scotty to his feet,"Are we about to see The Show Stopper?"
Instead, wanting to be sure, The Big Show lifted Scotty high
above his head with both arms, holding Scotty over nine feet in the air
before stepping forward as he released him, letting him fall close to
ten feet down.
The Crowd winced and oooohed in sympathy as Scotty bounced back
up close to five feet then dropped back down. The Big Show turned back
and scooped up Brian, holding him up high above his head, ready to drop
him too, to the mat.
Scotty, acting more on instinct than anything else, scooped
himself to his knees and slammed his forearm up hard between The Big
Show's legs.
"Low Blow!" cried J.R,"But Earl Hebner missed it, he was looking
up at Grandmaster Sexay!"
Brian himself dropped down to his feet, bending his knees to
absorb the impact before he hooked The Big Show's head under his arm
and dropped him down to the mat in a DDT.
Grandmaster Sexay helped Scotty 'Too Hotty' to his feet, then
the two men grabbed one each of the prostrate Big Show's massive legs
and held them up, turning to look at the cheering Crowd and then at
"Oooh, making a wish!" cried The King as Too Cool pulled Big
Show's legs in opposite directions.
"This is a smart move on Too Cool's part!" cried J.R,"Taking the
big man off his feet, hurting his legs, keep him down!"
They dragged The Big Show up by both his arms, both men straining
to lift the 520 pound monster. Holding him up, they both wrapped their
arms around his head, grabbed his side and with straining muscles heaved
back, lifting The Big Show up.
The Crowd roared in approval as they lifted The Big Show 1 foot,
2 feet, 3 feet.....
It was too much for them, and The Big Show dropped back to his
feet, then with a roar arched his back, throwing back his head
and suplexing both members of Too Cool with only his neck.
"Oh my goodness that is power!" whistled J.R in almost shocked
Brian Christopher found himself dragged to his feet, then two
massive, meaty paws were clutching him around the neck and tossing him
almost effortlessly across The Ring.
The Big Show turned around with a satisfied look on his face, then
threw his arms up and caught Scotty around the neck as he leapt at The
Big Nasty Bastard, then choke-tossed him across the ring and
into Grandmaster Sexay.
"Such incredible power from The Big Show," cried J.R, shaking
his head in disbelief,"Both Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 'Too Hotty' are
incredible athletes in their own rights, but The Big Show is in another
league again."
Both Brian and Scotty helped each other get to their feet, and
turned just in time to be double-clotheslined back down to the mat by
The Big Show.
The Crowd had begun chanting,"Rakishi! Rakishi! Rakishi! Rakishi!"
but he would not be coming. Vince's ruling had been clear, Rakishi was
not allowed to come out and help Too Cool or they would be forbidden from
competing together ever again.
Scotty was blindly crawling around The Ring, refusing to stay down
as Brian grabbed the bottom turnbuckle and pulled himself into a sitting
position. With some effort, Scotty got to his feet and stumbled back
against the ropes as The Big Show once again made the call-sign for his
He turned and saw Scotty leaning against the ropes, and thinking
he'd finish him off for good he charged forward towards Scotty 'Too Hotty'.
With a groan, Scotty grabbed the top rope and pulled himself aside
as Brian grabbed the rope and let himself drop, throwing all of his weight
into pulling the rope down.
The Big Show hit the ropes and went right over, spinning about
and slamming into the concrete below. The Crowd roared in excitement as
Too Cool saw their opportunity, fought past the pain and fatigue in their
bodies and pulled themselves to adjacent corner posts.
As The Big Show got to his feet with a shake of his head, just
as Scotty leaped through the air towards him, twisting his body in a
Cross-Body Block intended to slam Paul Wight back down to the concrete.
And The Big Show caught him against his chest with ease.
Grandmaster Sexay still stood on the corner however, and with
The Big Show not looking he was able to leap forward and deliver a missile
drop-kick to Paul's broad back.
With a grunt The Big Show dropped Scotty and stumbled forward,
his face slamming into the corner post. He grunted in pain and twisted
back around, stumbling about as Brian and Scotty got to their feet and
gripped one each of their opponent's arms and rolled him back into The
Amazingly, after being rolled in The Big Show got back to his
feet, but was still weaving about, his eyes glazed and his body slack
and yet somehow, someway still standing.
Scotty and Brian slid into The Ring with rejuvenated energy
and bounced to opposite sides of The Big Show, bouncing off of the ropes
and leaping forward, hitting him from front and back with clotheslines
which staggered him, but did not put him down.
"The Big Show is weaving about like a drunken sailor!" cried
J.R,"But he will not go down!"
"Haha!" laughed The King,"He takes a licking and keeps on ticking!"
Brian and Scotty exchanged astonished looks at each other, then
Brian rushed backwards to bounce against the ropes yet again, followed
seconds later by Scotty.
Brian bounced back and came face to sole with one big boot, going
down instantly as The Big Show shook off his dizziness.
Scotty bounced back and Paul stepped out of his way, and as Too
Hotty bounced back The Big Show raised his boot yet again and knocked down
"THAT'S ENOUGH!" roared The Big Show angrily, his voice loud
enough to be heard without aid of a microphone.
He hauled Brian up and with one massive swing of his arm irish
whipped Grandmaster Sexay towards the ropes, lifting one arm, ready to
clap one meaty paw to Brian's throat and choke-slam him.
Brian hit the ropes and bounced back, but used his own forward
motion to spring into the air and drop-kick The Big Show, staggering
him enough to step backwards and trip over a huddled up, hurt Scotty.
The Big Show fell back, hit the ropes and stretched them almost
enough to reach the canvas, then bounced back falling face forward towards
the mat.
Brian hooked his neck as The Big Show fell forward, pushing his
head down at a steeper angle and delivering a fast, modified DDT to his
Brian threw one hand up, index finger extended as he ran about
in a tight little circle, then rushed to the corner and climbed to the
top rope. Turning around so he faced inside the ring, he pulled his
goggles from his forehead and let them slap back down over his eyes.
The Crowd roared it's appreciation as Brian cocked his elbows
in against his sides and did a small little dance, then leaped high into
the air, throwing his leg up and dropping it down over The Big Show's
"The Hip-Hop Drop!" cried J.R and The King in unison.
And The Big Show sat up with a roar.
"Uh oh," muttered The King.
"Oh boy," gasped J.R.
Paul Wight grabbed his throat and, with a snarl, turned his gaze
onto Grandmaster Sexay. He got to his feet as Brian leaped back against
the ropes and jumped forward, attempting a low drop-kick in the hopes of
knocking out his opponents knee.
With a grunt, The Big Show swatted Brian away like a normal
person would swat a fly. With only one arm he hauled Brian up to his feet,
the grabbed him around the waist, hauled him high into the air and slammed
him down hard to the canvas with a Jack-Knife Powerbomb which sent him
bouncing across the mat.
The Big Show stared down at Brian with a satisfied smile, then
turned around and felt his legs grabbed by Scotty's hands before his vision
spun wildly, dropped to the canvas in a side-walk slam.
Scotty's twisted around with a wild look of shock on his face,
The Crowd roaring in expectation as he threw his arms wide and began to
hop around The Ring on one leg until he was opposite the side of the
stunned Big Show.
"I don't believe it!" cried The King,"It's The Worm!"
As The Crowd roared it's delight, Scotty dropped down to his belly
and began to slide up and down, using his entire body like a worm to bounce
towards The Big Show. When he felt he was close enough, he bounced to his
feet and cast his arms up....
"HOOP!" cried the crowd.
.... back to the other side.
"HOOP!" roared the crowd again.
.... and then again to the other side.
"HOOP!" yelled the crowd in excitement.
Scotty threw his hands together, then waved them about in small
circles before allowing his body to drop down and....
Straight into Paul Wight's waiting hand.
The Crowd's cheers died out as Scotty stood at a 45 degree angle
over The Big Show, arms now flailing about wildly as The Big Show gripped
onto his throat with one massive hand.
"ARRRRRHHH!!!!" roared The Big Show, almost incoherent in his
rage as he got to his feet and then lifted Scotty nine feet into the air
and slammed him back down to the mat.
Brian had staggered to his feet, and was just in time to feel
the choking slap of Paul Wight's hand on his throat before he too was
choke-slammed down hard to the mat.
With a growl, The Big Show got down to his knees and slapped his
hands down onto the chest of Scotty and Brian.
"A valiant effort from Too Cool," cried J.R over The Big Show's
theme music,"But in the end The Big Show was just too much for them,
he seems almost unstoppable!"
"I really thought they had him," replied The King,"But The Big
Show proved too big in the end, and I know that wherever he is, Vince
has got to be happy."

Vince McMahon was pissed off.
"What the hell is going on!" he roared at the driver of his
"Traffic is bad, sir," replied his driver,"I think they got one
of them Wrestling Shows on somewhere tonight, maybe near The MCI Center,
where you're going."
"Oh spare me...." muttered Vince at the stupidity of the hired
driver who didn't even know who he was driving.
"I know," chuckled the driver as Shane rolled eyes at
his Father,"Wrestling is so fake!"

"It's time, baby," Hunter said to Stephanie, tossing aside his
cell-phone,"I can't get ahold of your Brother or your Father on their
phones, we'll have to do this without Shane as Special Guest Referee."
"Don't worry, I'll kick her ass," chuckled Stephanie,"You're The
Game, I'm Mrs. The Game!"
Hunter stared at her blankly for a second, then snorted and
laughed out loud as Stephanie cast a saucy glance up at him.
"You are so cute!" he laughed, wrapped an arm around her and
lightly smacking her ass,"Get out there and kick some Lita ass, baby."
They kissed lightly, then Stephanie opened the door to find Chyna
waiting for her.
"Ready?" The Ninth Wonder Of The World asked.
"Ready," chuckled Stephanie, and the two women left Triple H
by himself.

"What is the fucking hold-up here!" growled Vince at the driver
of the limo,"I thought you got us out of the traffic!"
"I did sir," repeated the driver, suppressing a sigh,"Some asshole
in front of us in a pick-up is...."
"I don't need to hear it!" snapped Vince angrily, releasing
the intercom button and cutting off all contact with the driver, who had
a tinted screen behind him.
"Still nothing!" snapped Shane angrily, throwing down
his cell-phone,"The reception in this city is terrible!"
In the front seat the driver shook his head, they wanted to know
what the hold-up was but then they didn't want to hear it.
He shook his head and with a slight chuckle cursed the driver of
the pick-up in front of him, who almost seemed to be deliberately slowing
him down and getting in his way.
He peered at the plates of the truck and snorted.
What else could you expect from a Texan?

Stephanie McMahon moved up to Teddy Long and whispered low in
her throat.
"You just go along with everything, buddy, if you want to still
be drawing a paycheque tomorrow, understand!"
Teddy glared at her in shock, was she actually out and out saying
she was going to cheat? Even Shane and Vince at least made a pretense
of playing by the rules.
Stephanie moved away with a sweet little smile, ignoring the
chants of slut! slut! slut! slut!
Chyna moved right up into Teddy's face, a far more
imposing physical specimen than Stephanie.
"Just go along with it," she growled at him,"Or I will have your
nuts, understand?"
Teddy gulped and, when Chyna refused to look away, slowly nodded
and moved away.
Lita stood on the other side of The Ring, a dark look on her face
as she sized up Chyna.
- That bitch is big, - she thought to herself, - No, wrong, that
bitch is FUCKING big!"
Lita had defeated The Fabulous Moolah to gain her title, which
hadn't been all that difficult, then defended it on several occasions
against tougher competition the likes of Tori and Ivory. But she had
never faced Chyna before, and she found herself a little in awe of the
woman who had battled on an equal level with superstars like Triple H,
Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and even The Undertaker.
She found herself almost wishing Essa Rios, her partner and
close friend, was here to offset Stephanie having Chyna in her corner,
but didn't think it likely to make much difference.
She was going to lose this match and she knew it.
The bell sounded and instantly Stephanie rushed forward, throwing
her arm up and tossing a wide spray of powder into Lita's eyes.
The Woman's Champion clutched at her eyes in mock-pain, despite
having closed her eyes before the powder could hit. Seconds later, she
felt arms, arms much to big to be Stephanie's, grab her and shove her
between what felt like a toned set of thighs.
And strangely, she offered no resistance.
Her arms were hooked over her back, The Crowd's booing rocking The
Arena, at his commentary table J.R was sputtering in disgust and The King
was squawking in delight.
Lita closed her eyes and hoped, and then The Pedigree was executed
before Stephanie McMahon covered Lita with a grin and waited for the sound
of the 1, 2 and 3.
And waited and waited.
Turning her head she glared angrily at Teddy Long who was staring
down at the powder-eyed Lita. He turned his gaze back at her, then shook
his head and stepped back, folding his arms over his chest.
Chyna stormed forward, but he remained resolute.
"What are you going to do!" he growled,"Knock me out? That'll mean
no count anyway."
"Guess you're right," growled Chyna, then slammed her fist into
Teddy's face and knocked him out.
She dropped to her knees and grabbed one of The Ref's limp arms,
rose it and dropped it once, twice and three times.
The Time-Keeper stared at shock into the ring as Chyna got up and
cast him a dark gaze. Gulping in terror, he quickly rang the bell and
Howard Finkel rose up and said without much enthusiasm.
"The winner of this match, and new World Wrestling Federation
Woman's Champion, Stephanie McMahon."
The Crowd's booing continued as Stephanie got up and lifted the
title belt handed to her by Chyna high. This soon turned into chants of
slut! slut! slut! slut! which she ignored, picking up a microphone and
bending down besides Lita.
"Sorry, Lita, I guess the best woman won....."
The Crowd roared angrily.
"But I'll tell you what, I'm such a great Champion, I'll let you
have a re-match tomorrow night. And you have my word that no one from
the McMahon-Helmsley Faction will be there.... except for Chyna of course,
she is my bodyguard after all."
She stood up and held the belt high again, ignoring the boo's of
The Crowd, then her and Chyna left The Ring and moved backstage.
And Lita slowly got to her feet in The Ring, acting well but
truthfully not as furious as she should have been.

Triple H clapped his hands together and rubbed them gleefully,
his face a picture of glee.
"Chyna whomped Lita but good," observed Road Dogg.
"Wrong," replied Triple H, his smile slipping slightly,"Stephanie
beat Lita one on one by herself, remember!"
He cast his gaze back to the t.v screen as Road Dogg and Mr.
Ass, who had just administered a pretty severe beating to a perplexed
Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson, turned to exchange a look. They both
nodded, having come to their final decision.

"The Following match-up is a Special, No Holds Barred, Free-For-All,
All-Comers Last Man Standing Hardcore Brawl for The Federation Hardcore
Championship!" cried Howard Finkel, standing in the middle of The Ring.
"Try saying that three times fast, J.R!" laughed The King with
a clap of his hands.
"This is not going to be pretty," replied J.R,"Hardcore matches
never are, but this is going to be a Hardcore Brawl."
"Say it J.R!" laughed The King,"I know you want to!"
"All right," chuckled J.R,"It's going to be a slobberknocker."
As The King laughed, the Radical's music started up and Perry
Saturn - The Hardcore Champion - made his way down to The Ring, accompanied
by Dean Malenko and Eddie Gurrero.
"Perry Saturn joined by his fellow Radicals, but there is no sign
of Chris Benoit," observed J.R,"Nor has anyone seen him since Jericho
defeated him on Thursday Night's Smackdown!"
The Crowd was booing at The Radicals, but even so it was still
came as a surprise when they cheered as Hardcore Holly's music started
and the self-proclaimed Super-Heavyweight made his way out.
Holly slid into The Ring, and instantly The Radical's were on
him, pounding and kicking at him as Earl Hebner called for the bell to
be rung.
"This one is under way!" cried J.R,"No rules in this match, except
if you're pinned you're out, no matter who pins you, and The Hardcore
Champion must be pinned for the belt to change hands!"
"And it doesn't end until all comers have been dealt to!" chimed
in The King,"This one could go on all night!"
"And we'll stay right with it!" cried J.R,"This broadcast is
going out live across America, The United Kingdom and South Africa and
when all is said and done, nearly one half a billion viewers will have
seen the events transpiring here tonight!"
In The Ring, Hardcore had received a pretty severe beating from
The Radicals, who had taken to using such objects as trash-can lids,
chairs and even microphones on their opponent.
Saturn chuckled, slapping Malenko and Gurrero on the back before
getting down to cover Hardcore.
With a nod to each other, Malenko and Gurrero raised the chairs
they were holding high and smashed them down over Saturn's back, dropping
him hard to the canvas over Hardcore.
Earl Hebner dropped to make the count, but with a kick from
Malenko, Saturn was rolled over onto his back. The Light-Heavyweight
Champion grinned, then dropped down and covered his friend and team-mate.
Earl dropped down and counted 1, 2....
Gurrero grabbed Malenko's leg and tugged him off Saturn, then
dropped over him himself and got a count of 1, 2 and 3.
"We have a new Hardcore Champion!" cried J.R,"But this isn't
over yet."
Gurrero stood up and instantly Malenko was in his face, demanding
to know why he'd stopped him getting the count.
"You already got a title!" snapped Gurrero back at Malenko,"Now
we both got one, so calm down!"
Malenko scowled, then nodded and stepped back, indicating that
Gurerro should continue to pound on Hardcore, who was recovering slightly.
Eddie grinned, turned around and received a chair square to his
back, knocking him down.
Now Gurrero and Saturn were both out, Malenko both Light
Heavyweight and Hardcore Champion.
"There are no friends in a Hardcore Brawl!" cried J.R,"And no
one knows that better than Dean Malenko!"
Saturn and Gurrero were rolled out of the ring, both staggering
to their feet and throwing their arms around each other's shoulders to
support each other. They turned to look back at Malenko, who stood facing
them, his arms to his sides in a shrug that almost seemed to say,'what?
can you blame me?'
But the new Hardcore Champion's good mood was ruined seconds
later when he was spun around, kicking in the gut and then powerbombed
down onto a dented trash-can by Hardcore Holly.
The Title's namesake covered The 'Iceman' and got the three count,
regaining his Hardcore Title finally. He leaped to his feet and threw
his hands wide as The Crowd cheered for him.
But the Brawl was far from over, and as The Radical's
were dispatched, three other Wrestlers who had been biding their time
all decided it was time to make their move.
Al Snow charged in first, swinging an arm at Hardcore who ducked
it, caught him from behind and raised him up before hitting him with an
Atomic Drop. The Godfather leapt to the Ring Apron and received a chair
shot to the face, knocking him back down to the concrete.
But then, as if from nowhere, Gangrel rushed from beneath The
Ring, grabbed Hardcore around his waist and threw him back in a Suplex.
Gangrel DDT'ed Al Snow as he staggered around to face him, but
when the former Brood-Master rushed forward to punch Godfather off of
The Ring Apron, his blow was blocked and a HeadButt put him down to the
Godfather stepped over the ropes and shook his head ruefully as
Al Snow determinedly got to his feet again after The Atomic Drop and DDT
he'd been hit with.
Seeing The Pimp, Al Snow swung out of instinct and connected
with The Godfather, who hit him back with a hard right. The two Wrestlers
started going toe to toe as Gangrel sat up and shook his head, then turned
and found his head been thrust under Hardcore's armpit.
Demonstrating remarkable strength, Hardcore lifted Gangrel up over
his head until he was upside down, then held him for several seconds
before dropping his head hard into the mat.
"That was a Falcon Arrow, King, Gangrel is not getting up from
that!" cried J.R.
"Ouch!" exclaimed The King.
"Best color man in the business," commented J.R, totally deadpan.
Godfather slammed Al Snow with a hard right, dropping him to the
mat, then twisted about Hardcore before he could cover Gangrel, lifted
him high and dropped him in a Reverse Atomic Drop.
Amazingly, Gangrel had somehow found his feet, but lost them
instantly when Godfather scooped him up, draped him over his shoulders
and then tossed him down to the canvas in The Pimp Drop.
The Pimp covered Gangrel, who had used all of his energy up
just getting to his feet after The Falcon Arrow, and got the count of
three, eliminating Gangrel but not winning The Title. He would have to
pin Hardcore or whoever bet Hardcore to do that.
Al Snow and Hardcore had managed to get to their feet, and Holly
charged at his former Job Squad Mentor, thinking to hit him with
a Neckbreaker.
Al saw him coming though, and with impressive agility kicked his
leg up and connected squarely with Hardcore's chin, the force of The
Super-Kick and Hardcore Holly's own momentum actually spinning him around
360 degrees.
Al Snow's face split into a massive smile, and then one of The
Godfather's massive arms was slamming across his chest and knocking him
down. He scooped both men up and measured both weaving Wrestlers for
blows which would put them down for the count. As he swung at Hardcore
though, the Champion reached up and raked his eyes.
The Godfather swung about and Al Snow hit him with a quick right
hand, and as he swung back Hardcore hit him with a right of his own. The
Pimp hit back, and suddenly all three men were hitting each other back and
And then the thumping, booming music of The Acolytes started up
and Farooq and Bradshaw came stomping down The Entrance Ramp. Farooq
slipped in first, grabbed Al Snow and lifted him high before slamming him
down with The Dominator.
As The Acolyte covered Al Snow, The Godfather lifted Hardcore onto
his back and then hit him with The Pimp Drop. He grabbed the dazed and
hurt Holly's leg, meaning to cover him, until Farooq pulled him up and
began pounding him with hard shots which The Godfather began returning,
the two of them going back and forth across The Ring.
Outside The Ring, Bradshaw had pushed aside the Timekeeper and
grabbed his chair, turning just in time to see The Godfather get smashed
by The Dominator and covered by Farooq.
"Farooq has eliminated Al Snow and The Godfather within a
minute of entering The Ring!" cried J.R,"If he can cover... wait! It's
The Lethal Weapon!"
Al Snow's sometimes partner charged down to the ring, Kendo
Stick in hand, and slammed the butt end into The Acolytes stomach, then
grabbed him head, turned around and slapped his leg back, connecting
squarely with Farooq's chin.
He turned about and a trash-can lid smashed into Blackman's face,
staggering him. Hardcore pulled the kendo stick from Steve Blackman and
smashed it down over the back of The Lethal Weapons neck.
He didn't go down, but retreated backwards and found himself
caught up in a bearhug from Farooq. He was lifted high, squeezed and
then slammed down to the mat.
Test came storming down the entrance ramp and came into the
ring, noting Hardcore resting in one corner and Farooq pulling Blackman
The Acolyte called for Test to help him with Blackman, holding
The Lethal Weapon from behind as Test picked up a chair and slammed it
down hard into.... Farooq.
With astonishing speed Blackman had pulled himself free, dodging
aside so that the big Wrestler had hit Farooq with all the considerable
strength at his disposal.
A standing Super-Kick connected with Test's chin and dropped
him, and Blackman took an uncharacteristic moment to throw his arms wide
and roar in self-appreciation.
He turned around and this time the chair slammed right into his
head, wielded by Farooq's fellow Acolyte, Bradshaw.
Blackman was gone.
Bradshaw helped Farooq up, and both turned to stare up at the
Entrance Ramp as the Holly's music started up again and Crash Holly
emerged.... with a keg.
The Acolyte's exchanged a look, then swallowed slightly as they
saw Crash draw himself a beer with a smile, lift it up to his nose to
sniff it, then held it out and poured it over the side of the Entrance
Platform to the concrete below.
Bradshaw and Farooq's eyes widened and with a roar they charged
out of The Ring and charged up the Entrance Ramp.
With a chuckle, Crash Holly dropped the keg onto it's side and
rolled it down the Ramp. Seeing the extremely heavy object coming towards
them, Farooq and Bradshaw dropped down and threw their arms up, just
managing to stop the full keg from running them down.
And the Crash Holly charged forward and leaped through the air,
hitting The Acolytes with a Flying Double Clothesline, knocking them down,
causing the keg to roll over them and down to Ringside.
Crash covered them both with a grin, and Earl Hebner rolled out
of The Ring and counted down 1, 2 and 3.
"Crash Holly has just eliminated The Acolytes with the help of a
keg!" cried J.R,"I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before!"
Back in The Ring, Hardcore and Test were hitting each other back
and forth, the fresher Test getting the better of Hardcore, who had been
in the Brawl from the very beginning.
Crash Holly did not rush in to help his cousin, moving around The
Ring instead and looking about for a weapon.
Test body-slammed Hardcore to the canvas and then rushed to the
top rope, ready to deliver the Diving Elbow which was his Signature
Move and put Hardcore out of the match.
As he climbed up, Val Venis rushed out from backstage, leaped
over the moaning, twitching Acolytes and jumped to onto The Ring Apron,
slapping the back of Test's ankle and dropping him face-first down to
the canvas.
Hardcore staggered to his feet as Val leaped down and scooped
up Test, even as Crash slid into the ring with a steel chair in hand.
Grabbing Test around the neck, Val lifted Stephanie McMahon's
former fiance high and tossed him over the top rope, crashing down to
the Security Railing outside The Ring as The Crowd oooohed in sympathy.
Val rolled out of The Ring and covered Test, and Earl dropped to
the mat inside The Ring and counted 1, 2 and 3 as Crash Holly slammed his
chair into Hardcore's head, staggering him backwards before hitting him
yet again and knocking him down, his face cut and bleeding badly.
Crash hooked Hardcore's leg and pounded the canvas, getting Earl's
attention. The Referee turned around, checked Hardcore's shoulders, then
counted 1, 2 and 3.
And once again Crash Holly was Hardcore Champion.
He threw his arms wide, crying out in exaltation at regaining
The Title, then turned around and found himself lifted into the air and
slammed to the mat on his back by D-Lo Brown, who had rushed
in unannounced and unseen.
D-Lo lifted his hands high, celebrating his status as Hardcore
Champion. Val Venis rolled back into The Ring, neither hearing the
slow, sweet tune of Mark Henry's music as he came down the Entrance Ramp,
past Farooq and Bradshaw as they achingly, tiredly rolled the keg of
beer to backstage.
Val and D-Lo had locked up in The Ring, but when they saw Mark
Henry getting into The Ring out of the corner of their eyes they twisted
about in time to be hit with a hard double-clothesline.
Both down, Mark got down to his knees and pressed his hands
firmly into the two Wrestler's chests. Earl dropped down and counted
1, 2 and....
Val kicked out, but D-Lo remained down, so Earl continued to
count, and D-Lo's career as Hardcore Champion was over.
"King, this is what makes The Hardcore Title so difficult to
hold onto!" cried J.R,"The 24-7 rule means that no matter how strong
and how resilient The Champion, lack of sleep, anxiety, paranoia will
eventually bring them down!"
T & A's music played for the second time that night, and the
huge Albert came storming down The Entrance Ramp, carrying a table under
his arm.
He slid into The Ring and set up the table as Mark Henry gave
up on trying to squeeze Val Venis into submission. The World's Strongest
Man dropped Val, who staggered around and right into Albert's hands, who
lifted him fully off of the canvas, turned him around and dropped him
through the table.
Getting down into the smashed, splintered debris of the table,
Albert covered Val and got the three count, then turned to face Mark
Both incredibly strong men began to pound on each other, each
one trying to get the upper hand. In a battle of strength versus strength
however, Mark Henry's position as World's Strongest Man would not be
challenged, and soon Albert was dropped down to the canvas. Mark leaped
up into the air and crashed down hard onto Albert, and got the count of
1, 2 and 3.
"The World's Strongest Man remains Hardcore Champion!" cried
J.R,"Is this the last challenge? Who remains to enter The Brawl after
everything we have just seen?"
He got his answer moments later when a dark, brooding beat filled
The Arena and the massive, leather-clad Viscera strode down the Entrance
The Crowd, who had struggled to find a favorite with the rapid
elimination's and instead concentrated on appreciating the lengths the
Wrestlers were going to, fixed on Viscera as someone hated and began to
boo and hiss.
Viscera ignored them, sliding into The Ring and swinging one
massive arm at Mark, who stepped aside and wrapped his arms around the
big man's bulk and then, shocking everyone, bodily lifted Viscera up.
"I don't believe it! Viscera is nearly 500 pounds!" cried J.R.
"He's The World's Strongest Man!" laughed The King.
As impressive as the feat of strength was, however, the bearhug
was probably causing as much pain for Mark Henry as it was for Viscera,
and the big man took advantage of that by slamming his hands against
either side of Mark's ear.
Mark released him, and Viscera slammed his forearm down hard
against The World's Strongest Man's back, dropping him to the canvas.
Big Vis leaped up and cast his arms wide, dropping The Viscera
Splash on Mark Henry. He hooked one big leg and Earl Hebner dropped
Viscera was Hardcore Champion.
"Big Vis has beaten Mark Henry, and who has got the guts to go
one on one...." started J.R.
The Big Show, who had already fought Too Cool earlier that night,
moved down The Entrance Ramp and stepped up onto The Ring Apron, stepping
over the top ropes and throwing his arm up as he roared and fireworks
blazed up back on the Entrance Platform.
Viscera charged him and The Big Show threw out one massive hand,
catching Vis by his throat, grabbing him by the small of his back and
then with neck muscles straining, lifted the 500 Pound Wrestler high into
the air before slamming him back down to the mat.
"I don't believe it!" cried J.R.
"The Big Show just choke-slammed Viscera!" choked The King,"I
didn't think that was possible!"
The Big Show stepped over Viscera and threw his arm up high,
not noting the small figure who was charging down the Entrance Ramp,
diving beneath the bottom rope.
The Big Show was calling for a microphone, and as it was handed
to him he heard Earl Hebner dropping his hand once, twice and three times.
Whirling around, The Big Show's eyes widened as he saw Taka
Michinoku roll out of The Ring, dart around it, scoop up The Hardcore
Belt and then start running back up The Entrance Ramp.
"Taka Michinoku just became Hardcore Champion!" exclaimed J.R
in surprise,"And now he's getting out of here!"
The Big Show stepped over the top rope, hating the idea of having
to search around backstage for Taka. Theoretically the Brawl could go on
indefinitely, or at least for six weeks, after which a Title Shot would
be mandatory or it would be stripped.
Taka disappeared through the curtains, then reappeared moments
later as he was tossed back through by the emerging Dudley Boyz, who
carried two tables each with them.
They dropped them down, then D-Von scooped up Taka over his
shoulder as Buh-Buh Ray grabbed his head and pulled it right down to
the hard platform below.
"3-D! 3-D!" cried J.R.
D-Von covered Taka and Earl rushed past The Big Show, who had
stopped at ringside, and dropped down to count 1, 2 and 3.
Buh Buh Ray, meanwhile, had grabbed one of the tables and pulled
it's legs out. He carried it to the head of the Ramp and carefully
lowered it as far as he could down the side before dropping it the rest
of the way to the concrete below. Sliding over the side of the Ramp,
The Dudley Boy dropped a couple of feet to the table set up below as
new Hardcore Champion D-Von set up the next table and handed it down to
him, then dropped the third and fourth down himself.
"The Dudleyz have set up four tables one on top the
other," remarked J.R,"Why I do not know, but Buh Buh Ray is climbing
back up the tables to the Entrance Platform."
Once he'd helped his brother back up, D-Von turned to face The
Big Show, who had taken on a bemused look, and began calling him up.
"The Dudleyz calling on The Big Show!" cried J.R,"Are they crazy?
The Big Show proved earlier tonight he can more than hold his own against
two Wrestlers."
The Big Show began to determinedly make his way up the Entrance
Ramp, and D-Von and Buh Buh Ray instantly turned and rushed through
the curtains, as if they hadn't expected him to take them up on the
As The Big Show got to the platform however, they returned,
chairs raised overhead as they charged The Big Nasty Bastard.
The Big Show raised a big boot and kicked right through the
chair, buckling it and slamming it back against D-Von's face, knocking
him down before Paul Wight slammed his fist through Buh Buh Ray's chair
and knocked him down as well.
Grabbing a Dudley each with his big arms, The Big Show dragged
them down the ramp, then tossed them into The Ring before he reached under
The Ring and pulled out two tables that lay there.
Climbing back into The Ring, he set the tables up on either side
of The Ring, picked up D-Von and chokeslammed him up, then down through
the table. Turning around and ignoring The Crowds sympathetic moans
and winces, he hauled up Buh Buh Ray and chokeslammed him as well, right
through the other table.
"Turnabout is fair play for The Dudleyz!" cried J.R.
"Haha!" laughed The King,"The Big Show just gave The Dudleyz
The Big Show dropped down and covered both his opponents, and
Earl Hebner once more dropped to count 1, 2 and 3.
"The Big Show is The Hardcore Champion!" roared J.R,"And you
gotta believe that there isn't anyone willing to go through Hardcore
hell to take the Title from him!"
The Big Show scooped up the microphone he'd gotten earlier and
moved into the middle of The Ring before crying out in his deep, hoarse
voice,"Is there anyone out there whose got the guts to go one on one with
me, The Big Show?"
The Crowd booed, more out of sympathy for The Dudleyz than out
of dislike for Paul Wight.
"Not many people willing to pick up that challenge," J.R commented
to The King,"The Big Show is 7 foot 2, 520 pounds of mean!"
And then suddenly Too Cool's music was playing and The Crowd was
going wild.
"Too Cool are back for more?" cried The King in astonishment.
"That's not Too Cool!" replied J.R excitedly as The Crowds cheers
suddenly increased,"It's Rakishi!"
And indeed it was, Rakishi Phatu was storming down to The Ring,
sliding his way underneath the bottom rope, leaping up and delivering
a Super-Kick to The Big Show as he stomped forward.
The Big Nasty Bastard staggered back but did not go down, and
so Rakishi delivered another Super-Kick, then another and another, each
of them connecting squarely with Paul Wight's chin, each one staggering
him but not dropping him.
Rakishi shook his head, then stepped forward to launch another
Super-Kick, but this time The Big Show threw out his own arm and gripped
Rakishi by the neck, ready to choke-slam him.
But The Phat-Man was having none of it, and grabbed The Big Show's
big arm with his two, pulled the arm away and twisted him around into an
arm-wrench, then thrust him forward hard into the post.
"Rakishi one of the few people in The WWF with the strength to
do that to The Big Show!" exclaimed J.R,"And The Big Show is dazed!"
Paul Wight twisted around, face contorted in pain, and a fifth and
final Super-Kick hit him, finally knocking him down.
All 7 foot 2, 520 pounds of Big Show fell backwards seemingly in
slow motion, flashbulbs popping as his back crushed into the corner and he
slumped down to a sitting position on the mat, arms draped over the bottom
Rakishi turned around and began to slap his copious ass-cheeks,
much to The Crowds delight and The King's disgust. Charging backwards,
he backed that ass hard into The Big Show, rolling it around, giving Paul
Wight what was affectionately known as The Stinky Face.
With a muffled roar, The Big Show threw his hands up and pushed
Rakishi away, then pulled himself up, wiped his face, then threw his
hand out and caught Rakishi's throat as The Phat-Man turned around, then
lifted him high and choke-slammed him down to the canvas.
With a gasp, The Big Show dropped to his knees and slapped his
hand onto Rakishi's chest, and Earl Hebner counted 1, 2 and 3.
The Crowd booed as The Big Show got back up, grabbed the
microphone and wiped his face again.
"Anyone else!" he roared,"Anyone else wanna go one on one with
this Big, Nasty Bastard?"
"I don't think...." started J.R.
And then the lights went out.
The Crowd went wild as the discordant notes of music began, the
Titan-Tron filling with the image of blood red clouds before a massive
explosion of red fire blocked out the Entrance Platform and Kane, The
Big Red Machine, walked out to the head of The Entrance Ramp.
Silent as always, Kane lifted an arm and pointed at The Big Show,
then pointed at the floor in front of him as The Crowd roared
it's approval.
Wiping his face one more time, The Big Show angrily stormed up
The Entrance Ramp as the lights came back up, throwing his arm wide and
slamming it against Kane's chest with a running clothesline which...
Did nothing.
Kane's upper body rocked slightly, but his legs remained planted
firmly to the ground. The Big Show stepped back, astonished, then charged
forward again and ran straight into Kane's boot.
He staggered back, not falling himself, but Kane was following
through, launching his hand up and thrusting it into Paul Wight's throat,
then grabbed The Big Show by the sides of his head, doubled him over,
grabbed him on either side of his waist and with a massive display of
strength hauled The Big Show up and then crashed him down onto The Entrance
Ramp, doing the unthinkable and Jack-Knife Powerbombing Paul Wight.
"That was the most amazing thing...." cried J.R, eyes wide, The
King speechless beside him,"Kane just power-bombed The Big Show! The
Big Show!"
Paul lay on his back, gasping for breath, and in his upside down
vision he saw the unchanging mask of Kane fill his vision before one
black gloved hand slapped onto his throat and hauled him to a standing
The strength in Kane's hand was like iron, crushing down onto
The Big Show's throat, cutting off his air as he was led back onto The
Entrance Platform, right next to where The Dudleyz had earlier set up
the four tables.
"No... he can't mean to...." started J.R, as The Crowd realized
what The Big Red Machine meant to do and began roaring their approval.
"Forget it, Kane, that's 500 plus pounds..." started The King
with a sarcastic smile.
And then Kane lifted The Big Show several feet into the air, held
him there over the tables below, flash-bulbs popping amongst The Crowd
as Paul clutched at the hand gripping his throat.
And then Kane threw The Big Show down, smashing him through
all four tables, down straight ten feet through wood and steel and pain.
Kane threw back his head, his long hair twisting about, then he
grabbed the cuff of one black glove and pulled it tight before he began
to make his way down The Entrance Ramp.
"The Big Show is broken in half!" shouted J.R, struggling to be
heard over the chant of Kane! Kane! Kane! Kane! Kane!
"He killed him!" gasped The King,"Somebody call the police!"
"Forget that," replied J.R,"Call him an ambulance.... or a hearse!"
"We don't need a hearse," snapped back The King,"Kane's already
buried him under those tables!"
Kane was moving alongside The Entrance Ramp now towards where
he's chokeslammed The Big Show, and to The Crowd's shock they saw The Big
Nasty Bastard pulling himself out of the smashed remains of the tables,
weaving about wildly, eyes rolling crazily, a roaring, waahing noise
emerging from his throat.
"I don't believe it! The Big Show has gotten back up!" cried
J.R,"How is that possible?"
Kane stepped forward without pausing, seemingly unfazed at The
Big Show not being unconscious or dead, grabbed Paul around the shoulder
and between the legs, lifted the 500+ pound man with deceptive ease,
twisted him upside down and then dropped to his knees, The Big Show's
head smashing hard into the concrete and smashed remains of the tables.
"Tombstone Pile-Driver!" yelled J.R and The King in concert.
Kane grabbed The Big Show's arms and crossed them over his chest
in a chillingly similar method to the way undertakers did with corpses,
and threw his head back as a sweating Earl Hebner dropped down and counted
1, 2 and 3.
Kane stood up and raised his arms high, then brought them down,
causing an explosion of flame from the four corner posts. Earl Hebner
was staring down at The Big Show in concern, watching as paramedics charged
towards them then froze the moment they saw Kane. They held back until
The Big Red Machine began to move towards The Ring, then rushed ahead to
check on The Big Show's condition.
Kane pulled himself over the top rope and stepped into the middle
of The Ring, turning to look at The Entrance Ramp. It remained empty,
The Dudleyz having recovered and staggered away after The Big Show left
them inside The Ring earlier.
"Surely no one is going to challenge Kane!" asked J.R.
The Crowd waited breathlessly, but no one emerged, nobody was
THAT crazy in The WWF.
Earl came to his decision, turned and waved to the Time-Keeper,
who rang the bell as Howard Finkel got up and spoke into his microphone.
"The Winner Of This Match, and NEW World Wrestling Federation
Hardcore Champion - Kane!"
Kane's music began again and Earl grabbed The Hardcore Title,
taking it over to Kane and holding it out to him.
Kane stared down at The Belt, then cocked his head slightly,
alternating between looking at it and Earl Hebner, who was sweating
nervously and swallowing involuntarily.
Then Kane took the belt from him, turned and stepped over the
top rope, then walked up The Entrance Ramp with the belt hanging loosely
in one arm, trailing along the Ramp behind him.
"King.... did Kane even know this was for The Hardcore Title?"
asked J.R.
"I don't think he knows much of anything!" replied The King,"But
I do know this, even with the 24-7 rule in effect, I think we've just seen
the start of a very, very long reign as Hardcore Champion!"

Triple H paced around the room, then looked up anxiously as
the door to the Corporate Suite opened. His hopeful look lapsed back
into irritated concern again when he saw it was The Road Dogg and Mr.
"Where the hell is Stephanie?" he growled at them.
Hunter had been waiting enthusiastically for his wife, ready to
congratulate her on her magnificent victory over Lita. But she hadn't
come back to the suite, know one could find her anywhere, both her and
Chyna were missing.
"Dude, Kane just won The Hardcore Title," spoke up Road Dogg.
"What the FUCK DO I CARE!" roared Triple H, standing up and
throwing his champagne glass across the room,"WHERE THE FUCK IS STEPHANIE!"
"Hunter," replied Mr. Ass calmly,"Kane won, The Hardcore Brawl
is over, it's time for The Main Event."
Triple H glared at him angrily for a few moments, then cursed
and kicked the couch for want of anything better to do.
"Let's go then!" he growled, and stormed through the door, leaving
The New Age Outlaws behind.
"Any regrets?" Road Dogg asked Mr. Ass.
"After that display, not at all," replied Billy Gunn, then the
two followed Triple H out the door.

Halfway down the corridor Brisco and Patterson emerged, out of
shape, out of breath, arms flailing and waving.
"Triple H! Triple H!" they cried,"We found Chyna!"
Hunter's head shot up, his eyes alert, boring into Brisco and
Patterson's eyes, frightening them with their intensity. In their day
they'd been amazing athletes who had ruled their game, but Hunter was
like nothing they'd ever met. He was no cheap gimmick, he was no flash
in the pan, he was The Game.
"We found her coming out of the Ladies Room!" gasped Brisco,"She
was holding her head, said Stephanie wanted to use it after she won the
belt. They went in, the lights went out and when she woke up Stephanie
was missing. We told her we haven't been able to find her and she told
us to tell you not to worry, that she'd find her for you."
A small frown crossed Hunter's mouth, then it changed into a
slight smirk.
"Whoever grabbed Stephanie, Chyna will track them down!" he
laughed,"It'll be that fucker Jericho's doing, he'll have her tied up
somewhere! Go find Chyna, tell her where you've looked, check out the
rest, then get her to ringside where she belongs."
He moved past Brisco and Patterson, The Outlaws in tow,
and prepared himself to make history.
Tonight he would destroy Jericho, and Chyna would see to it that
Stephanie was there to see his moment of glory, the moment he proved
beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was, The Game.

"The following match is The Main Event of the evening!" Howard
Finkel called into his microphone,"And is for The World Wrestling Federation
Heavyweight Championship!"
The Crowd went wild, and before Howard could introduce
the first challenger, he introduced himself.
The Millennium Clock began counting down, the legend Y2J blazed
above it, hitting zero before the lights went out and The Arena went totally
And then the massive explosion rocked The Entrance Platform and
Chris Jericho stepped backwards through the curtains, arms out wide before
he spun about and glared about him, drinking in the atmosphere of The
Crowd, using them to psyche him up, energize him.
"Welcome!" he cried into his microphone,"To The Game, Is....
The Crowd cheered at his implied statement.
"Because Special K, tonight you will meet your match and more in
The Ayatollah Of Rock And Roll-ah!"
"Did Jericho just call Triple H Special K?" asked The King,
"I think he did!" replied J.R.
"I came to The WWF to rescue it from obscurity!" continued Jericho,
moving down The Entrance Ramp as he spoke,"And after I win The Title
tonight, all you Jericholics can rest assured that things will never...."
"EV.... EV... EVER!" continued The Crowd.
"Be the same again!" finished Y2J.
He hopped into The Ring, moving past Howard Finkel and Tim White,
sliding the microphone out of The Ring as he prepared for the biggest
match of his night.
"And now," started up Howard Finkel,"Introducing The Second
"1, 2, This on?" spoke Triple H's theme music, and then his music
began as a multi-colored spectrum of light danced across The Entrance
Platform before Triple H stepped through. He stepped into the lights,
dropping his head so that shadows played across his face and chest, giving
him an imposing, dark look. He wore only briefs, boots, arm and knee
pads, which served to accentuate his incredible physique. He was taller,
weighed more, was stronger and more experienced than Chris Jericho, and on
paper at least he was the favorite to win.
He took water from the bottle in his hand into his mouth, then
cast back his head and spat it out before pouring the last of the contents
over his head. Behind him, Road Dogg and Mr. Ass followed a few meters
behind, their faces blank, expressionless.
Triple H got to Ringside and stepped up to The Apron, turning
around and spraying more water into the air.
He reached down to Mr. Ass, who handed him a microphone, before
turning around and glaring at all three men in The Ring.
"Finkel, you got it wrong, I'm not the second challenger, I'm not
the first, third, fourth or fifth challenger! I am The Game, I AM The
WWF Champion, and everyone of these idiots here knows it!"
The Crowd booed as Hunter waved his arm around to indicate The
"Jericho, you say The Game Is Jericho? Well we both know that I
am The Game, because I am the very best, THE VERY BEST! in WWF history,
and I'll prove it to you in just a few seconds, when I deliver the worst
beating you've ever received in your short, Canadian life!"
The Crowd had begun chanting,'Asshole! Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!'
but he ignored them.
"But first, I want you to tell me what you did with Stephanie,
tell me where she is now, and maybe I'll only put you in hospital for
a couple of weeks instead of the rest of your life!"
Jericho arched an eyebrow, reminiscent of The Rock, then shook
his head and said something to Tim White, who shrugged back. His voice
couldn't be heard, but his expression and lip movement made it clear
enough what he'd asked.
"What the hell is he talking about?"
"No?" growled Triple H,"Fine, because this match hasn't started
yet, so all bets are off!"
With that he threw the microphone down and yelled at The Outlaws
to get into The Ring.
"Oh come on!" snapped J.R,"Triple H wants The Outlaws to do a
number on Jericho before the match even begins!"
"Come on, J.R!" retorted The King,"Y2J has done
something, kidnapped Stephanie I think, and Triple H is just doing what
any good husband would do!"
"For someone who calls himself The Game, he lets a lot of people
do his dirty work for him!" complained J.R,"Why doesn't he just deal with
Jericho by himself?"
Outside The Ring, Mr. Ass and Road Dogg had turned to face each
other, as Triple H asked them what the hell was taking so long.
The New Age Outlaws shrugged, lifted their fists, then shook them
several times before making shapes with them.
Mr. Ass scissors, Road Dogg paper.
Billy smiled while Jesse sighed, then The Road Dogg scooped up
the microphone and shook his head before talking into it.
"Sorry, H H H, but this time you'll have to do it on your own,
The Bad-Ass and I didn't sign up to DX to be grunts.... when you want to
be a Group again, you're welcome to come calling!"
With that, The New Age Outlaws turned around and began walking up
The Entrance Ramp.
Leaving Triple H alone with Jericho.
"The Outlaws are leaving!" cried J.R, his excitement matching
The Crowds as they cheered Road Dogg and Mr. Ass' decision,"Hunter has to
do this by himself!"
"They can't do that!" exclaimed The King.
Hunter was roaring in disbelief at the departing Outlaws, and
was just about to leap down and go after them when Jericho rushed up behind
him and twisted him around, slamming him with a hard right before pulling
him right over the top rope.
Tim White motioned for the bell to sound as Howard Finkel slid out
of The Ring.
"It's on! The Final Match of The Game has begun!" yelled J.R,
clutching his hat as if the Crowd's roar was a physical wind which could
blow his head-gear off,"Jericho has had enough, Triple H must face him
alone, X-Pac is in hospital! Chyna and Stephanie are missing! The Outlaws
have left! There's been no sign of Vince and Shane! It's Triple H versus
Y2J for The Title, and it's one on one!"
The stunned Triple H was being hammered by Jericho, who had
taken his opportunity and was seeing WWF Gold within his reach. He
grabbed Hunter around the neck and hooked a leg, executing a Fisherman's
Suplex which left Hunter's back set firmly on the canvas, his leg still
hooked as Tim White dropped to his hands and knees and counted 1, then
2 before Triple H kicked out.
"We came within a heartbeat of it all being over!" cried J.R,
his heart beating faster than was good for him, his face red with exertion
as he talked more than breathed.
Hunter had rolled away and come up on the opposite side of The
Ring to Jericho, both Wrestlers glaring at each other, sizing each other
up as they began to circle about, looking for an opening.
They threw their arms up and locked together, pushing back and
forth before Hunter used his greater strength to twist Y2J into a headlock,
meaning to choke him down.
Jericho responded by slapping his hands against The Game's back
and shoving him forward into the ropes, thinking to bounce him off and
roll him over into another pin.
But Triple H clasped onto the ropes, so as Jericho bounced back
his hands were ripped free of Hunter by his own momentum and he crashed
into the canvas. Letting go of the ropes, Hunter dived onto Jericho and
hooked his leg, Tim White dropping down and getting only a count of one
before Y2J kicked out.
The Canadian quickly got to his feet, but Triple H was ready for
him, slamming him with several well placed rights before grabbing the back
of his head and slamming him face-first into Hunter's knee.
Y2J went down hard, and Triple H quickly followed through, all
business now that he was in The Ring. If there was one thing he knew it
was Wrestling, and if there was a dirty trick or counter to be used,
he knew it. He grabbed Jericho and hauled him up, slapping the Canadian's
head between his thighs and beginning to hook up his arms.
"Triple H going for the Pedigree all ready!" gasped J.R
in astonishment,"This could all be over in a matter of seconds!"
With strength born of desperation, Jericho ripped his arms free
and scrabbled backwards, sliding out of The Ring. He glared up at Triple
H, wiping his face with his forearm and shaking his head to clear it
before a small smile crossed his face.
He scooped up the microphone that Road Dogg had left behind and
raised it up.
"You want to know where Stephanie is, Special K?" he asked with
a chuckle,"All right, I'll tell you, she's backstage taking numbers, like
the filthy, dirty, disgusting, skanky, brutal, bottom-feeding, trash-bag
ho that she is!"
The Crowd roared with laughter, while Triple H's roar was one of
fury as he leaped through the ropes to get at the infuriating Canadian.
He swung an arm wildly, which Y2J easily dodged. He grabbed Hunter's
arm and whipped him around, sending him slamming into a corner post.
As Hunter staggered backwards, Jericho rushed forward
leaping up and gripping The Game by the back of the head, slamming his face
hard into the ring steps, which reverberated across The Arena with the
"Jericho has outsmarted The Game!" bellowed J.R,"Triple H had
the advantage and Y2J tricked him into giving that advantage up! Now the
ball is in the other court!"
"Shut up, J.R!" lamented The King,"Anyone would think you didn't
want Triple H to win!"
"I don't, you idiot!" snapped J.R.
"What did he ever do to you?" questioned The King as Jericho
rolled Triple H back into The Ring.
J.R shook his head in disbelief, knowing that The King wasn't
deliberately being infuriating. He was such a toady that he'd actually
made himself forget all the beatings J.R had received at Triple H's hands,
not to mention having his arm broken.
"Gee King," he muttered sarcastically,"I guess it's just personal
Jericho had climbed up to the top turnbuckle, and as a groggy
Triple H got to his feet, Y2J leapt off of the top turnbuckle, hitting
Hunter with a Missile Drop-kick which connected squarely with his opponents
face, dropping him straight to the canvas.
The young Wrestler allowed no wasted motion, leaping onto the
bottom rope beside the prostrate Triple H and flipping backwards in a
Spring-Board Moonsaw, landing hard on Hunter's chest and hooking his leg
as Tim White dropped down to make the count, a count which The Crowd
roared along with.
Hunter kicked out as Tim White brought his hand down the third
time, making The Crowd moan in disappointment, then boo slightly at Triple
H for daring to kick out.
Jericho pulled Hunter up and pulled on his arm, preparing to
irish whip him. But Triple H planted his legs firmly, pulled Y2J back
and slammed his knee into The Canadian's gut, spinning him over onto the
Triple H cast his eyes angrily over his opponents form, then
pulled him up and in a display of his power, lifted Jericho bodily up
over his head and carried him into the corner before dropping
him face-first first into the top turnbuckle.
Jericho bounced backwards, his back slamming into the mat, arms
twitching before coming up to his face in reaction to the pain. Hunter
dropped to his knees beside Y2J and grabbed him by the hair with his left
hand while he formed a fist with his right and began to pound Jericho's
"Oh man, Jericho's lip is split open, Hunter is making him bleed,
and you can see he's enjoying it!" snapped J.R.
Indeed, Hunter was grinning ferociously, pounding on the stunned
Jericho before he pulled him to his feet and then slammed his forehead
into Y2J's, dropping him back down to the canvas.
He didn't give Jericho a moments rest, pulling him back up and
hooking his leg before lifting him upside down over his head, holding
him there in another display of his power, before dropping Jericho face
first down into the mat.
The Crowd was silent now, except for the odd Triple H fan, as they
watched Jericho being pounded and slammed around the ring. He was bleeding,
sweating, his arms were limp and his eyes seemed unfocused. If he had been
The Rock they would have felt sure he would be able to come back, but
Jericho wasn't The Rock, he was smaller and weaker than The Game, and his
speed advantage had been effectively negated by the sadistic Hunter
Hearst Helmsley.
For the first time they found themselves thinking, might Hunter
actually win this? Defeat their hero and once again be WWF Champion?
Triple H sensed The Crowds quiet and allowed himself a laugh,
finally he was getting the respect he deserved from them. He had retired
Mick Foley, put The Rock in hospital, seen off The Undertaker, The Big
Show and Kane, but only now was he getting the respect he knew was his
by right.
He pulled Jericho to his feet and made the DX taunt, then hooked
him into The Pedigree as The Crowd watched silently before dropping Jericho
face first into the mat.
"Oh no it's over," whispered J.R.
Triple H got up and waved his arm in a small circle as he bowed,
the trademark of his old days as 'The Royal' Hunter Hearst Helmsley. It
had infuriated Crowds then, but now it enraged them, and a baying, roaring
howl rose from the 20,000+ Crowd.
Jericho lay motionless on his front, and with a slight nudge
of his toe, Hunter rolled him over before placing his foot squarely onto
Jericho's chest and raising his head high in a parody of Smelling What
The Rock Was Cooking as The Crowd booed and Tim White dropped down and
counted 1, 2 and.....
Crowd went wild and Hunter staggered backwards, put off balance by Y2J's
sudden movement.
"WHAT!" shrieked The King.
"I don't know how!" gasped J.R breathlessly,"Maybe Triple H wasted
too much time? I don't know, but somehow, someway, Jericho has kicked out!"
The Crowd's worst fears had been washed away in a new wave of
optimism as Jericho pulled himself into a sitting position, face contorted
in pain. Hunter pulled him to his feet and pulled back his arm to punch
Y2J down again, but Jericho stepped back and threw a hard chop across
Hunter's chest, making The Crowd 'ooooh' in appreciation. Hunter staggered
back, and instantly Jericho hit him with another hard chop, then another
and another, driving him back into the corner.
He grabbed Hunter, ready to irish whip him across The Ring, but
again Triple H managed to reverse it, spinning about and driving Jericho's
face hard into his knee, knocking him backwards.
Breathlessly Hunter followed through as The Crowd's cheers died
down again. The Game pulled Jericho up and shoved his head between his
legs again, hooking his arms in preparation for yet another Pedigree.
The Crowd's fears returned, only to be swept away again when
Jericho wrenched his arms free, grabbed Triple H's ankles and dropped him
hard onto his back.
The Crowd's roars intensified to mammoth proportions as Y2J
held onto Triple H's legs, slowly turning him, turning him around into
The Walls Of Jericho.
Hunter fought it with everything he had, remembering all to well
how this same move had knocked out the tough as nails Chris Benoit. But
Jericho had the advantage of leverage, and with the chanting of 'Y2J! Y2J!
Y2J! Y2J!' rocking The Arena, Jericho found the strength to turn Hunter
over and cinch in The Walls Of Jericho.
"The Walls Of Jericho!" whooped J.R,"The Walls Of Jericho! And
Triple H is right in the middle of The Ring!"
Hunter clawed at the mat, gritting his teeth in agony as he
shook his head in answer to Tim White's questions.
"Do you give in? Do you surrender? Do you quit?"
The Crowd was leaping up and down, eyes wide in exaltation,
mouths gaping, faces flushed red with the exertions of their screams as
they watched The Game being put through agonizing pain, knowing that he
would have to quit, that he would have to voluntarily give up The WWF
Heavyweight Championship.
Slowly, agonizingly, Triple H clawed his way towards the ropes,
Tim White stepping back, still asking his questions but his main attention
on Hunter's hand. If he could reach the rope, Y2J would have to release
Hunter from The Walls Of Jericho.
Hunter pulled himself closer and closer, The Crowd going
breathlessly silent now as they wondered if he could do it? Jericho
just kept cinching it in tighter, his neck muscles straining, his arms
pulling back on Hunter's leg, his knee forcing into the small of The Game's
back and sending unbelievable pain throughout his body.
Triple H's fingers brushed the rope slightly and he allowed a
grin to cross his pain contorted face, he was there, he was going to....
And then the rope was getting further away as Jericho dragged
him back into the middle of the ring.
Y2J's face had an almost sadistic grin planted across it, he had
allowed Triple H to get within an inch of breaking the hold before dragging
him back into the center of The Ring.
He was breaking not only his opponents body, but his spirit as
Triple H's face fell to the mat and sobs of pain escaped him before
he clenched his teeth and began clawing forward again. The only thing
keeping him going now was his pride, his stubborn belief that he WAS The
Game, he was that damn good, and he would not be beaten by a sawed off
little runt like Chris Jericho.
But the pain, the pain was so much, so bad, so deeply entrenched
that he felt close to tears. How could something this painful be a legal
move, why wasn't the Referee making him break it?
"Do you give in?" asked Tim White again.
Triple H threw his head up and glared in desperation at Tim White,
and thus saw something far back at the Entrance Curtains which steeled his
"No!" he growled.
The Crowd began booing, but Tim White's concentration was all
on Triple H, and he ignored them, the only thing in his gaze Triple
H's arm and face..... and then the mat coming rapidly towards him as
someone grabbed his ankle and pulled him down and then out of The Ring.
He was twisted around, his vision and found himself face to face
with a furious Shane McMahon, who held Road Dogg's discarded microphone in
his hand. The son of The WWF's Owner threw back his arm and brought it
forward, the microphone in his fist slamming into Tim White's face and
knocking him to the mat, unconscious.
The Crowd bayed angrily as Shane - who had finally arrived at
The MCI Center and rushed on ahead of his father when told by Brisco and
Patterson what was going on - kicked Tim White, then jumped up on the
Ring Apron and grabbed the top rope, ready to get in and hit the unseeing
Jericho from behind.....
The crowd went wild, their faces twisting about to the Entrance
Platform, their cheers increasing if such a thing was possible as The
Rock emerged through the curtains.
Shane had frozen on the Ring Apron, eyes bulging as the unexpected
arrival of The People's Champion heralded a change in plans.
As in, run!
"The Rock is back!" howled J.R hoarsely,"Shane McMahon put The
Rock in hospital several weeks ago, but now he's back!"
Shane watched nervously as The Rock made his way down the Entrance
Ramp, then just before The Great One could reach him he dived to the side
and charged up the Ramp. The Rock turned about and with several leaping
strides caught up with Shane and grabbed him by the back of his black
shirt, twisting him around and catching him around the chest.
The Crowd roared it's approval, knowing what was coming next.
"HE CAN'T DO THAT!" squealed The King,"That's hard steel! He'll
break Shane's back!"
"Did Shane care when he tossed The Rock off that platform all those
weeks ago?" demanded J.R,"Turnabout is fair-play!"
The Rock grabbed the small of Shane's back with his free hand,
then lifted the young McMahon high as he fell forward, smashing Shane's
back hard into the steel.
"Rock Bottom! Rock Bottom!" exalted J.R,"Shane is down! DOWN!"
The Rock got up and threw his gaze down to Ringside, his eyes
locking with Triple H's as The Game clawed at the canvas, still locked in
The Walls Of Jericho. He raised The People's Eyebrow, then lifted Shane
up over his shoulder and carried him out through the curtains.
"I don't know where Shane came from? I don't know where The Rock
came from? But they're both gone now and it's Jericho and Triple H by
themselves again!" shrieked J.R, his voice practically gone now.
"Yeah, but we got no referee!" The King reminded his
Co-Commentator,"And without a referee, no one is winning this match!"
Back in The Ring, Triple H was once again almost at the ropes,
not realizing that with Tim White gone he could have half his body out of
The Ring and it wouldn't matter. Even so, the moment he was within a
fingers grasp The Rope, Jericho shook his head with a feral grin and
pulled him back into the center of The Ring.
The Crowd's cheers and enthusiastic good nature shifted and
changed, however, as the Entrance Curtains parted once again and Vince
McMahon emerged, shaking his head angrily and stalking towards The Ring,
his face red with fury at Jericho for daring to be winning the match.
"The Owner is here!" proclaimed J.R angrily,"What in the hell is
this all about? Why can't we just have Triple H and Jericho going one on
one without interference?"
"He's The Owner!" spat The King,"He'll do what he wants to do!"
Vince got to Ringside, Triple H's face fixating on his
Father-In-Law's appearance as a possible end to his pain. Vince put his
foot onto the Apron, ready to pull himself up and.....
The sound of breaking glass filled The Arena.
The Crowd stood up as one, arms thrown high as their heads turned
once again to The Entrance Platform. Vince's head twisted to join them,
eyes wide in surprised panic, mouth dropping as the Toughest S.O.B in
the WWF emerged for the first time in close to nine months.
"It's Stone Cold! Stone Cold!" J.R managed to get out, his voice
hoarse and breaking,"Stone Cold is here! The Rattlesnake is back! Austin
has returned!"
As Steve Austin stomped down The Entrance Ramp, Vince held his
arms out and slowly began moving towards his nemesis, mouth moving at a
mile a minute.
"What's Vince doing?" cried The King,"Is he trying to negotiate
with Steve Austin?"
"Well that's a bad mistake, Austin isn't the kind who can be
bought!" returned J.R,"Vince has just entered a world of hurt, and my
bet is it all goes back to that farcical Stone Cold Shane McMahon/Triple
H fight at the beginning of this Tournament!"
Vince reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his chequebook,
his eyes wide, a desperate smile fixed on his face as Stone Cold stared
at him expressionlessly.
Vince pulled out a pen and opened the chequebook, signing his name
to it and putting it out to cash. He held it up to Austin and smiled,
the cameras pulling close enough to hear him say.
"What about it, Austin?"
Austin simply stared at Vince, then a small smile crossed his
face and he nodded. The Crowd's cheering trailed off into stunned silence,
Austin was actually going to take the bribe!
Vince grinned more confidently now, and held out the cheque towards
Austin, and as he did so The Rattlesnake kicked him hard in the gut,
doubling him over before he turned about and grabbed his Boss around the
neck and dropped to the ramp.
"Stunner! Stunner! Stone Cold Stunner!" roared J.R, his voice
coming back in full force,"Vince is out!"
The Crowd was cheering in full force once again, leaping up and
down as Stone Cold stepped past Vince and moved to ringside, his eyes
locking directly with Triple H's. When he was sure Hunter was seeing
him, saw the look of despair and fear on his face, The Rattlesnake grinned,
then held up the middle fingers of both hands before he turned and moved
"Two one fingered salutes for Triple H from The Rattlesnake!"
cried J.R,"Austin has returned to The WWF and prevented Vince McMahon
from interfering in this Title fight!"
Austin reached down and scooped up Vince's cheque, stuffing it
into his jeans pocket before grabbing one of Vince's ankles and dragging
him up the Entrance Ramp, then backstage.
"Triple H remains in The Walls Of Jericho," J.R continued, once
he had calmed somewhat,"In all the incredible action going on outside
The Ring we've lost track of the fact that Hunter had held out against
The Walls Of Jericho for longer than any other Wrestler ever! But he has
to know that he can't do this forever, Jericho has him beaten, it's just
a matter of time."
The Crowd had begun chanting Y2J as Jericho - who knew something
had been going on but hadn't been unable to turn around to see - continued
to cinch in The Walls Of Jericho, but those chants turned to boos as
the third McMahon of The McMahon-Helmsley Regime arrived.
Stephanie McMahon stepped through the Entrance Curtains with
Chyna in tow, The Ninth Wonder Of The World apparently having found her
eventually. The two women rushed down The Entrance Ramp as a smile crossed
the weary, anguished face of Triple H. His wife was here and there were
no more surprise appearances possible to stop her.
Stephanie rushed to Ringside, ignoring the chants of 'Slut! Slut!
Slut! Slut!' coming from The Crowd. Chyna arrived beside her as Stephanie
cast her gaze down on Tim White, who was moaning and moving slightly now,
recovering from the blow Shane had hit him with.
"Wake him up!" Stephanie ordered Chyna,"I'll pull Hunter to the
Chyna nodded and Stephanie leaped onto The Ring Apron, pushing
half-way through the ropes and reaching out for Hunter, who reached back
with his own arm. They clasped hands and with straining muscles Stephanie
began pulling her husband towards the ropes.
She pulled back further and further, Jericho feeling the tug
back but strangely not pulling back against her.
And then, when Stephanie had pulled Hunter almost to the ropes,
the unthinkable happened as Chyna grabbed Stephanie by her hair and waist
band of her pants, then yanked her back and dropped her hard to the
concrete outside.
"WHAT!?!" cried J.R and The King together.
The Crowd stopped booing, shocked by this unexpected move on
Chyna's part. Stephanie sat on her ass, staring in surprise and shock
at The Ninth Wonder Of The World. She pulled herself to her feet and
yelled angrily at Chyna, asking her what the hell she was doing.
"Spoilt bitch," growled Chyna, and leveled Stephanie with a hard
right which took her out for the count.
The Crowd cheered uncertainly, and then Chyna turned to cast a
slight smirk at Hunter before she threw her arms over her crotch in the
classic DX Taunt.
The Crowd roared it's approval as they saw Triple H's perplexed
face drop into one of total dismay as he realized that the woman he'd
always felt he could trust betrayed him. She turned away and grabbed
Stephanie's hair, dragging her backwards up the ramp.
"This is... I don't know what this is!" gaped J.R.
"J.R! Chyna just knocked out Stephanie!"
"I know King, I know!" snapped J.R, then his mouth spread into
a grin,"And King! Stephanie gave her word earlier to Lita that she would
give her a re-match, and the only member of the McMahon-Helmsley Faction
allowed at Ringside would be Chyna!"
"Ahhhh!" was The King's only reply.
It was all too much for Triple H, the constant, back-breaking
pain of The Walls Of Jericho, the betrayal of The Outlaws, the heartbreak
of Vince and Shane being prevented from helping him, then finally Chyna
taking out Stephanie, it pushed past his stubborn refusal to quit and
he gave in.
With a heavy heart and a barely stifled sob, Triple H began tapping
the canvas as The Crowd roared loud enough to shake The Arena. It was
all over, Hunter had tapped out, Hunter had lost.
"It's over!" cried J.R,"Triple H is tapping out, he held out
against The Walls Of Jericho longer than anyone ever has, but in the end
it was too much and he has quit!"
Jericho heard the tap, knew it for what it was and
with a triumphant grin he released Hunter and stepped forward, throwing
his arms wide and letting a laugh spill from his lips as The Crowd jumped
up and down, some hugging, others close to tears as they realized The
Game's run as Champion was finally over....
And Tim White hadn't seen a thing.
"Just a second!" snapped The King,"We've got no Referee! We've
got no Referee!"
"Oh my...." started J.R,"Bu... but...."
Triple H had hauled himself to his feet and was clutching his
back in agony as Jericho stepped up onto the corner post and threw his
arms high. The Game turned around and looked over the ropes, spying
Tim White, seeing he was crouched over on all fours, making the connection.
The Crowd's cheers had begun to die, as they too began to realize
that Tim White hadn't seen Triple H tap out. Jericho's arms dropped,
his exultant face falling as he realized that something was wrong. He
turned just in time to see Triple H straighten himself and fight past the
He was alone, he was without help, some of his closest friends
had betrayed him, but his belief in himself had suddenly returned as he
realized that this wasn't over yet.
"I am The Game!" he growled at Jericho as Y2J dropped back down
to the mat and cast a dark look about for The Referee. He hadn't realized
that Tim White had been taken out of the match by Shane McMahon, he had
thought it was over, but it looked like it was just beginning.
"Let's play!" snapped Jericho back at Hunter, and they charged
each other.
"This fight is going to continue!" gasped J.R,"It ain't over yet!"
The two Wrestlers went blow for blow in the middle of the ring,
standing toe to toe as they hit each other with lefts and rights, neither
giving an inch, both determined to come out on top.
Triple H would usually have dominated a physical confrontation
like this, but he had just suffered through five minutes of one of the
most physically excruciating submission moves in Wrestling today. And
so, to his shock, he found himself being forced back by the fresher
Jericho, knocked back until he was in the corner.
Jericho smashed his chest with several loud, echoing chops across
the chest, then grabbed Hunter and prepared to irish whip him.
Yet again Hunter reversed it, knocking Jericho down with a hard
clothesline. Triple H grabbed Jericho's legs, lifting him up in what
at first looked like preparation for The Walls Of Jericho, but he dropped
backwards instead, tossing Y2J over him and hard into the opposite corner,
his face bouncing off of the turnbuckle.
Hunter got to his feet and allowed a grin to cross his face, the
once unendurable pain in his back forgotten. He pulled Jericho up and
with a heave of one arm tossed Jericho over the top rope and down to the
concrete below. The Crowd winced in sympathetic pain, many of them
still too shocked that the match wasn't over.
The Game slid out of The Ring and pulled Tim White to his feet,
slapping him several times to wake him up.
"Wha?" gasped The Referee.
"Wake up, fuckwit, it's time for me to win!" he snapped, then
rolled him inside of The Ring.
He scooped Jericho up and rolled him in as well, then cast a
slow gaze back up the Entrance Ramp.
"You'll regret that, Chyna," he growled, then rolled into The
Ring as Tim White staggered to his feet and slumped up against a corner
He pulled Jericho to his feet, throwing his head between his
legs as The Crowd booed, hooking Y2J's arms over his back. It was time
to end this farce and once again become WWF Heavyweight Champion, to
once more be The Game.
Except nobody had told Jericho.
With a roar, Y2J shoved Triple H forward, ramming him into the
turnbuckle and causing The Game to release his arms. Y2J pulled backwards
at once as Triple H stepped forward and grabbed his arm, meaning to irish
whip him against the turnbuckle, but this time it was Jericho who planted
his feet and reversed the move.
Triple H's back once again slammed against the corner post, and
as he stumbled forward Jericho slammed his foot into Hunter's gut, doubling
him over.
The Crowd roared in astonishment as Chris Jericho thrust Hunter
Hearst Helmsley's head between his legs and hooked his arms behind his
"He can't mean to....?" started The King.
"He does!" replied J.R,"He does!"
With a feral grin, Jericho lifted his knees and dropped down to
the mat, slamming Triple H's face into the canvas with his own signature
move, The Pedigree.
Jericho rolled Hunter over and crawled on top of him, hooking
his leg as Tim White stumbled out of his corner, made his way to
the opposite side of The Ring on unsteady legs, dropped down to the mat,
checked Hunter's shoulders, then raised his arm and brought it down again.
The Crowd roared out the number, all eyes on the two Wrestlers
and one Referee, standing frozen in place, afraid to even blink.
Triple H's eyes flicked open and a groan escaped his lips, what
the hell was going on? He had to kick out, he had to kick out right now
before it was too late. He started to raise his legs as Tim White brought
his hand down again....

Outside The MCI Center a cabbie sat smoking with several other
drivers, waiting to pick up the stream of customers who would be making
their way out of The Arena in the next ten or so minutes.
They all sat up straight, eyes wide as a massive roar shook The
Arena, causing dogs to bark and cats to screech, several moving cars to
weave slightly and horns to beep.
"What the fuck was that?" snapped one cabbie.
"Fucked if I know," replied another, taking another drag on his
cigarette,"Something big just happened, I guess."

Triple H was on his knees, arms at his side, a look of total
despair on his face. His wide eyes were locked on Tim White's face as
his mouth hung open in disbelief.
Several feet away from him, Chris Jericho lay on his back, eyes
closed and a wide smile crossing his exhausted, bloodied face. His
arms and legs were spread-eagled, his chest rose and fell rapidly as The
Crowd leaped up and down, hugging and laughing, tears streaming down
"Here is your winner, and NEW...." started Howard Finkel, and
another massive cheer burst up throughout The Arena,"World Wrestling
Federation Heavyweight Champion, Y2J, Chris Jericho!"
"Jericho! Jericho! Jericho!" screamed J.R, his hoarse throat
forgotten for tonight at least,"Y2J has beaten The Game, Y2J IS The
"This isn't right!" cried The King,"How did that Jericho do it?"
"One on one, with no interference, no cheating, no chair shots or
belt shots or ring-bell shots!" continued J.R, ignoring The King,"Chris
Jericho has proven to be a better competitor than Triple H! Vince McMahon's
plan has backfired, we have our worthy Champion now, but it is not Vince's
Son-In-Law, it is Chris Jericho!"
The Crowd's cheers died down as Chyna emerged from the Entrance
Curtains and made her way down The Ramp, hopping into The Ring as a wary
Jericho got to his feet and had his arm raised by Tim White.
She stepped forward and the two stared at each other momentarily,
then huge grins split their lips and they embraced as The Crowd roared
and cheered.
"Jericho and Chyna!" exclaimed J.R in shock,"Was this their plan
from the very beginning? Did Jericho deliberately lose The European Title
to get Chyna into The Faction's good books? Did Chyna help Stephanie
become WWF Woman's Champion just so she would trust her? Has Chris Jericho
outsmarted Vince McMahon?"
"Look at that!" gasped The King as, inside The Ring, Jericho and
Chyna kissed to The Crowd's immense approval.
"I'll take that as a yes!" laughed J.R.
"But he said she was a She-Male!" gaped The King, not comprehending
even now.
Triple H clasped the top rope, physically, mentally and emotionally
exhausted. The look on his face as he saw Chyna and Jericho embrace and
kiss would be plastered on magazines, websites, posters, photo-albums
and scrapbooks for years to come.
Jericho stepped between Chyna and Tim White, The Title Belt handed
to him before the two lifted his arms high and flash-bulbs popped around
The Arena.
The WWF Heavyweight Title was wrapped around Jericho's waist and
he and Chyna stepped out, turning to wave around at The Crowd, acting
more like a Royal Couple than a pair of Wrestlers.
Tim White followed them, stepping aside as they turned and lifted
their arms again at the head of The Entrance Platform, before moving out
through the Entrance Curtains as The Crowd chanted,'Y2J! Y2J! Y2J! Y2J!'
over and over again.
Then they were gone, and only Triple H remained in The Ring,
head down, on his knees, arms limp at his sides.
He would remain that way for some time.

3 Hours Later.

"I am thinking!" snapped Vince in answer to his daughter's angry
question,"That maybe I can salvage something from this mess of a night!"
The McMahon's had all been done over that night, Stephanie had a
severe black eye from where Chyna had laid her out, Vince's entire body
ached from The Stunner he'd received, and Shane had been taken to hospital
following The Rock Bottom he'd gotten.
"But him, Daddy!" whined Stephanie,"Not him!"
"Just go get that loser husband of yours!" growled Vince at his
daughter, who he usually found endearing but now just found irritating,"And
go back to the Hotel!"
She stared at him with wide eyes, lips quivering, then rushed off
with a sob.
"Fuck it," growled Vince, then put on his best possible game face
and went to knock on the door.
Before he could do so, it opened and, to his surprise, the former
Woman's Champion Lita walked out with a large smile on her face.
"Tell your daughter I'm looking forward to tomorrow," chuckled
the red-head to her Boss, then sauntered past him.
"Come in, Vance!" came Jericho's voice,"The door is always open!"
Vince limped into the Locker-Room, taking in the sight of Chris
Jericho sitting on a comfortable looking leather couch, Chyna settled
against him, their arms around each other's shoulders.
The Belt was still around Jericho's waist, somehow making him seem
bigger, stronger, more intimidating.
"Well, what can I say," Vince said slowly,"Congratulations."
He remained standing, the oldest - and possibly only one he had
left at his disposal - trick in the book for dominating a room.
"Thanks, Vance," replied Jericho with a smile, his bloodied lip
cleaned up now, a slightly scab of dried blood the only indication it had
been there,"Can we do anything else for you?"
"I was wondering what your plans are now?" asked Vince with what
he hoped was a charming smile,"As WWF Champion you'll find your book is
pretty full, you'll have to deal with almost constant challenges, you'll
have to sort out the real Number One Contenders from the Journey-Men
looking to exploit an opening. I can help you with that, Jericho, I
can organize matches for you that people will remember for years to
come, for instance on Raw tomorrow night....."
"The Rock," interrupted Jericho.
"WHAT?" cried Vince, throwing his head about in terror, fearing
that The People's Champion was behind him.
"The Rock," explained Chyna,"Tomorrow night on Raw, Chris will
defend his Title against The Rock."
"The Rock?" questioned Vince thoughtfully,"Isn't he getting a
bit boring now? He had plenty of chance over the last year to become
Champion and couldn't do it. Triple H, on the other hand...."
"Triple H needs to learn to start doing things for
himself again," snapped Jericho,"I really thing you've given that walking
hype-machine enough chances now. He was damn good, but he let everyone
else do his work for him, and he got soft, so he can work for his next
"But The Rock...."
"Is going to get the chance he deserves," interrupted Chyna,"And
this time he'll get to go one on one with no interference. If he wins,
he deserves to be Champion."
"Now hang on...." started Vince angrily, then froze as Chyna
got to her feet.
His 'domineering' position was totally lost as the sexy
woman - who was over 6 foot and weighed over 200 pounds - moved forward
to within a few feet from him.
"Don't fuck with us, Vince," Jericho warned from his seat as
Chyna stared directly into Vince's eyes, using his Boss' real name for
once,"We'll make you a lot of money, create a lot of heat for The WWF."
"The Rock, Kane, Benoit, The Big Show, Edge," growled
Chyna,"They'll all get their opportunities against Chris, they'll make
for some of the greatest Main Events of all time."
"So just go with the flow," chuckled Jericho,"And just get used
to having a Champion who isn't in your pocket."
Vince weighed up his options, knowing he was no match for Jericho
even in his best condition, and he wouldn't stand a chance against Chyna.
The Owner Of The WWF turned and, limping slowly, left the Locker
Jericho and Chyna waited till Vince was gone, then burst into
laughter before she sat back down and moved close to him.
"I love it when you get all butch," chuckled Jericho,"You're so
"Enough of that She-Male bullshit!" she scolded with a smile,"I
let you say shit like that to fool Triple H, I don't want to hear it
Jericho grinned and drew her close.
"You have the word," he chuckled,"Of The WWF Champion."
They kissed.

His eyes rolled forward, pupils unreadable in the dim blue light
which permeated the blackness of the room.
He reached down to the chess-board and lifted the small, carved
Ivory Chess-Piece and used it to knock over the Black King.
"Rook takes King," he growled, low in his throat,"Curious."
He set the Rook, carved in the image of Chris Jericho, into the
place once inhabiting by The Ivory King-Piece - The Rock - and smiled, his
teeth glowing a light blue in the darkness. He lifted formerly smashed
piece of The Ivory Queen - Chyna - and set it beside The Rook - Chris
Jericho - then settled into his high-backed chair.
"Excellent," he said with a low laugh,"Excellent."
And with that, The Undertaker brought his fist down onto the
carved images of Jericho and Chyna, crushing them into dust.

The End.

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