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Stratus, or Lita.

Hello! My name is Eric Golebski, Some of you might remember me, I wrote two
S Club 7 stories, anyway I got lots of positive responses from those to
stories for my detailed sex scenes, now after seeing the televised show
staring the WWF divas, called WWF Divas Sex on the Beach, I couldn't resist
writing this sex story about the three hottest Diva's, I would have written
this story sooner but my hard drive died and I didn't have a computer for
over 5 months, now I have a brand new computer, ENJOY the story!!!!

WWF Divas: Sex On The Beach Part 1
by Eric Golebski

Trish Stratus lay on the beach staring out into the ocean as the sun was
beginning to set, "This place is so beautiful, I wish I could stay here
forever," Trish thought to herself.

A little ways down the beach Stacy Keibler was finishing her late
afternoon jog, nearing the hotel, she was about to leave the beach when she
spotted a figure lying on the beach, as Stacy got closer she recognized that
it was Trish Stratus in a pink bikini watching the ocean. Stacy decided to
go over to Trish to see what she was up, Trish didn't notice Stacy approach,
she jumped a little when Stacy touched her shoulder, "Hey Trish."

"Oh, hi Stacy, you scared me."

"I know," giggled Stacy, "so, how are you Trish."

"Well to tell the truth Stacy, my muscles are so tense from the photo
shoot today, first we walked over 2 hours, to this rock face, that was about
20 feet high, and they said I should climb it because it would make for an
unbelievable shot, so I agreed and started to climb, but at about 6 feet I
lost my footing and fell landing on my back, and its sore now, watching the
ocean relaxes me, and helps me to forget about the pain."

"Awe, your poor back, would you like me to give you a back rub?"

"You wouldn't mind Stacy?"

"No not at all, I would be happy too."

"Here let me undo your bikini straps."

Stacy reaches down and unclasps Trish's straps and letting them fall down
on the sand beside Trish's breasts. Now Trish doesn't know that Stacy has
been bisexual since College. Stacy was getting very turned on as the sides
of Trish's breasts were revealed to her. Stacy started by lightly rubbing
Trish's shoulders getting an instant moan of comfort from Trish, "Oh Stacy
that feels so good, thank you so much."

Stacy continued to rub Trish's shoulders, Stacy starting to massage
Trish's shoulders deeper and stronger realising the tension from Trish's
muscles, "Trish your muscles are so tense, try to relax, I will have you
feeling much better in no time."

Stacy moved her massaging lower, to Trish's sides above her breasts,
rubbing her ribs, slowly moving her fingers closer to Trish's breasts, "Not
yet", Stacy told herself, "she needs to be more relaxed," so Stacy continues
down Trish to her lower back, she began massaging Trish's waist.

"Oh," Trish moans. "Stacy, if you hadn't become a wrestler, I'm sure you
would have made an incredible massage therapist."

"Thanks Trish, I'm glad you are enjoying it," with that Stacy made her way
back up to Trish's shoulders, massaging each spinal column individually. Once
Stacy got back up to Trish's shoulders she began to deep tissue massage them,
as Stacy did this she leaned down and innocently gave Trish a nice little
kiss on her neck. Trish thought little of and though of it as Stacy showing
her affection towards her, Trish just smiled, but also feeling a little
turned on. Stacy leaned down and another little kiss on Trish's neck again.
This time Trish looked back smiling and said "What was that for?"

"I just love the smell of your perfume, I leaned down to get a better
smell when my lips brushed your neck," Stacy said smiling.

Trish turned her head back towards the ocean, gazing at it smiling, Stacy
began to rub her way back down to Trish's sides, massaging closer and closer
to the sides of Trish's breasts, finally letting her finger tips rest at the
beginning of Trish's amazing breasts. Taking a deep breath, "This is it",
Stacy thought to herself, with that Stacy slowly let her fingers travel down
the sides of Trish's breasts, not getting any indication from Trish yet.

Stacy let her fingers begin to rub the sides of Trish's breasts. Trish
felt Stacy's touch on her breasts, was shocked and was about to ask Stacy
what she was doing, but just as she was about to say something, she stopped
herself and realised how good this actually felt, better then any man's
touch, so she decided to let Stacy continue her massage. Stacy continued to
rub the sides of Trish's breasts, when she realised what she was doing and
thought of how what she was doing might ruin there friendship or even get
her fired from the WWF if Trish told anybody, so she was about to stop when
she the surprise of her life when Trish lifted her chest while giving out a
little moan and saying as if reading Stacy's mind "Please continue Stacy,
don't stop."

That's was all the encouragement Stacy needed as she raised one of her
luscious long legs over Trish, putting her knees in the sand on the sand on
each side of Trish's ass so she was kneeling over Trish's ass, Stacy then
slid her hands over Trish's breasts, feeling Trish's hard nipples under her
palms, "Oh Trish you are so beautiful I have always wanted to do this, ever
since I met you."

"Stacy your touch feels so amazing how could I not let you continue."

Stacy began to lightly squeeze Trish's incredible tits, taking one hand
off Trish's breasts she reached down and picked up Trish's bikini top and
toss it over to the side, putting her back on Trish's breasts she took her
rock hard nipples between her thumb and fore finger, she began twisting,
pinching and pulling on them, making Trish moan in pleasure and raising her
ass, putting pressure through Stacy bikini bottoms to her pussy, Stacy
closing her eyes feeling Trish's ass raise up against her bikini covered
pussy, Stacy then leans forward her bikini cover breasts resting on Trish's
back as she began to cover the back and sides of Trish's neck in butterfly
kisses why she continued to play with Trish's nipples.

After about 10 minutes of this, Stacy turns Trish over, straddling
Trish's waist, she sits up and reaches back and starts undoing the straps
of her bikini top, revealing her smaller but still amazing breasts to
Trish, smiling Trish reaches up and takes a hold of Stacy's shoulders
pulling Stacy down on top of her, there breasts pressing together, Trish
then put her hands on Stacy's head pulling her face down until there lips
meet, they begin kissing each others lips, Stacy was the first to open
her mouth letting her tongue snake out sliding over Trish's lips, excitedly
Trish opened her mouth and letting a girls tongue enter her mouth for the
first time, Stacy slid her tongue into Trish's mouth, Stacy started to
explore Trish's mouth with her tongue, letting slide over Trish's tongue,
Trish began to massage Stacy's tongue with her own like she had done with
men in the past, but this was different more sensual and pleasing she
immediately liked it more then kissing a guy, Stacy let here twist around
in Trish's mouth, Trish then closed her lips around Stacy's tongue and began
to suck it, giving it its own little blow job, Stacy began to move her upper
body up and down letting her nipples rub against Trish's as Trish sucked her
tongue, much to Trish's disappointment Stacy pulled her tongue out of Trish's
mouth, Stacy couldn't help but notice the pout on Trish's lips.

Stacy giggled and said, "Don't worry Trish I'm not finished with you yet,

Trish's pout quickly turned to a sexy smile, smiling back Stacy began by
kissing Trish on the chin, going lower she covered Trish's chest just above
her breasts with kisses before continuing lower, Stacy let her tongue slide
out at the top of Trish's breasts, dragging it down letting slide over the
top of Trish's tits and down over her right nipple and over the bottom of her
tit, then licking across the bottom of Trish's breasts, reaching the left
breast, Stacy slid her tongue up and over the nipple and then back down again
taking the nipple in her mouth this time, glancing up seeing Trish's eyes
close while she arches her neck back her lips parting letting out a sigh of
pleasure, Stacy went back to focus on the nipple she was sucking, letting
her tongue flick over the delicious cherry in her mouth, with her free she
reaches up and take hold of Trish's right breast massaging and pinching the
nibble, as she flicked her tongue over Trish's nipple she took it between her
teeth and began to lightly nibble on it.

The sky was a light orange as Lita made her way down the path towards the
beach, "I can't wait to take a dip in the ocean before it gets dark, its just
so much more relaxing in the evening," Lita thought to herself, as she got
further down the path she could see the beach, she then noticed something
odd, there was something about 20 feet away from the path on the beach, as
she got closer to the end of the path she saw that it was two people making
out, "Pooo, that's juicy", she thought to herself, but as she got closer she
gasped, seeing that it was two of her business associates making out, and
even more surprising it was two of her fellow Diva's Stacy Keibler and Trish
Stratus, at the end of the path she had a clear view of what they were doing.

She ducked behind a near tree so they wouldn't see her. Lita then realised
how turned on she was, watching her to co stars like this, which was strange
because never in her life was she attracted to another women, even in the
change room during events where they would change in front of each, seeing
them both naked had done nothing to turn her on, but this show of erotica
was more then attractive to her. Lita watched as Stacy took her lips off of
Trish's left nipple and kissed over to her right one, taking it into her

Lita forgot all about her swim and dropped her towel, revealing her blue
thong bikini, Lita realised her nipples had become and could be seen poking
through the fabric of her bikini top, letting two of her fingers begin to
stroke the top of her breasts, not quite sure if she should be enjoying this
so much, Lita could see Stacy's tongue snake out and flick over Trish's erect
nipple, Lita began to move her hands down over her big breasts cupping them
through the fabric smiling at there weight, thinking that any guy would love
to massage them, letting one hand massage her right breast through the
bikini, she let her other hand venture down her flat stomach, stopping at her
belly button just long enough to tug her piecing twice, going down further
finally reaching the waist band of her thong bikini as she watched the site
in front of her, as Lita let her hand slide into her thong over the little
patch of red pubic hair she had just at the top of her pussy, and down over
extremely wet outer lips as soon as her fingers touched her lips a shot of
electricity wiped through her body up to her brain causing her eyes to close,
not realising she had moved out of cover from the tree.

Stacy took her lips away from Trish's nipple, and was about to
passionately kiss the blonde beauty, but felt odd like someone was watching
them, she quickly glanced around, but since the light of the day was
beginning to diminish she didn't notice Lita at first, but when she looked
again she saw Lita at the end of the path with her eyes closed and mouth
open, one hand on her breast the other in her bikini bottom, by now Trish
was wondering why the treatment on her nipples had stopped, so she looked
up and saw Stacy smiling at something, looking in the direction Stacy was
she saw Lita pleasuring herself.

Stacy turned to Trish and leaned down and whispered "Hey, why don't you
and I sneak up behind our little spy and give her the surprise of her life?"

Trish giggled quietly, and said "oh yeah", grabbing there bikini tops and
tossing them out of view they quickly and quietly hurried to the side of the

Lita was moaning quietly as she slid her fingers up and down her pussy
lips, opening her eyes to see what they were doing now, but when she opened
her eyes she was disappointed to see that the couple had gone, taking her
hand out of her bikini bottom and off her breast, thinking "Oh well, maybe
they will do it again before the photo shoot is over", with that she bent
to pick up her towel just as Trish and Stacy crept up behind her, as she
stood all of a sudden she felt two hands cup her breasts from behind, she
was about to let out a scream when another hand covered her mouth, then she
felt hot breath on her ear then Lita heard "Its just us", the voice said as
it flicked its tongue over her ear lobe. The hand left her mouth as Lita
realised it was the two Diva's she had just been watching moments ago.

Lita breathed a sigh of relief as the other two burst out laughing, then
Lita realised the two hands were still on her breasts, glancing down she
realised one belonged to Stacy and the other too Trish, the hands began to
rub Lita's breasts in a circular motion, Lita licked her lips at the feeling
Stacy and Trish were giving her Stacy leaned in close to Lita and said "We
saw you watching us, a minute ago, and we decided we are going to make you
feel so good tonight under the stars."

With that Stacy began to kiss her down Lita's back as Trish took hold of
both Lita's breasts kissing her neck, as she brought her hands down to the
bottom of the bikini letting her hands slide up pulling Lita's bikini up over
her breasts, Trish licked Lita's neck as she cupped Lita's warm tits in her
hands. Meanwhile Stacy had kissed her way down to Lita's firm but seldomley
seen ass, and began to plant kisses all over her smooth ass cheeks, letting
her tongue lick each ass cheek, then letting her tongue slide just inside
Lita's ass crack licking up the length of the inside of Lita's ass just
beside the fabric of her thong the was covering her pussy. Lita had turned
her head now had her tongue shoved in Trish's mouth as Stacy teased her ass,
Lita was in sheer heaven as she kiss Trish, Trish had taken off Lita's bikini
top and tossed it aside, and was now exploring Lita's tongue as she pinched
Lita's nipples, with her breasts pressed against Lita's back. Stacy licked up
the other inside of Lita's ass cheek.

"Now for some fun", Stacy thought to herself, Stacy lets her tongue travel
across the fabric of Lita's thong, pushing with her tongue as it touches the
fabric, causing Lita to moan into Trish's mouth, putting her head between
Lita's thighs and sticking out her tongue letting rest against the fabric and
letting it slide over the entire length of her pussy right over Lita's fabric
covered asshole, reaching up Stacy grasps the waist band of Lita's thong
slowly pulls her thong down her legs, Lita lifts each leg allowing Stacy to
pull off her thong and throw it aside. Stacy moving her head back between
Lita's thighs could smell Lita's wet sex, letting her tongue slide out of her
mouth and touching the tip to the horny Diva's pussy, tasting Lita's pussy
for the first time, and she loved it. Trish removed her mouth from Lita's and
began to slide her hand down towards the front of Lita's pussy, over the
whisp's of red pussy hair to the glistening lips, and began to rub the top of
Lita's pussy the Diva to moan, Trish found what she was looking for, Lita's
clit, which she took between her finger tips, rolling it around, making Lita
moan and moan, Trish continued rubbing at Lita's clit. Stacy had her tongue
and was flicking it over Lita's swollen pussy lips tasting her juice, with
her fingers she spread Lita's lips and started licking inside letting her
tongue penetrate Lita's love canal, as Stacy ate out Lita she took her thumb
and pressed it against Lita's tight asshole, making Lita gasp out a surprised
moan. Lita had never been touched, licked, or fucked there before but quickly
loved the feeling. Feeling no signs of Lita stopping her, Stacy let her thumb
slip into Lita's ass smiling as she heard a satisfied high pitched moan as
her finger slipped in. As Stacy flicked her tongue around in Lita's pussy she
began to gently at first then harder and faster slide her thumb in and out of
Lita's ass. Lita felt she was about to explode, Trish's fingers on her clit
and and Stacy's tongue in her and Stacy's thumb sliding in and out of her ass
was just to much for her, Lita came an earth shattering orgasm, her juices
flooding out over onto Trish's fingers and into Stacy mouth, Stacy happily
swallowed the juices down, loving the taste.

Stacy stood up as Trish removed her fingers from Lita's clit, kissing Lita
on the cheek, saying to Lita, "So how did you enjoy that, babe"

"It was amazing," said Lita.

"You taste fantastic Lita," said Stacy into Lita's ear.

"Lets move this to the beach," said Trish

"Yeah where there is more room," Stacy added.

"Sure" said Lita with a sexy smile.

Bending down to pick up Lita's towel, Stacy gave the other two Diva's a
perfect view of her ass, her bikini beginning to wedge its way up in her ass.
Stacy took hold of Trish's hand, and Trish taking hold of Lita's, they walked
hand in hand down to the now moonlight beach. Stacy knelt down, laying out
Lita's big beach towel. Trish then laid down on her back, motioning to Stacy
to sit on her face, Trish was very eager to taste pussy for the first time,
"Stacy, I would love to lick your pussy, but I have never eaten pussy before
so I'm not sure how good I will be," said Trish.

"Don't worry sweety, I'm sure you will get the hang of it quickly," said
Stacy, with that Stacy slid off her bikini bottom, showing off a beautiful
completely shaved pussy, Trish licked her lips at the site of this. Stacy
swung a leg over Trish's face and slowly lowered herself down, Trish looked
up seeing Stacy's pussy just inches from her face, Trish cautiously licked
Stacy's outer lips, tasting her sweet wetness for the first time and
immediately fell in love with the taste, and she wanted more.

Lita not wanting to be left out, got between Trish's legs also awaiting
her first taste of pussy, reaches forward and hooks her fingers under the
waist band of the last Diva to still have her bikini bottom on, pulls it down
as Trish raises her ass, letting Lita pull it off, revealing her pussy which
had a patch of golden pussy hair above neatly shaven pussy lips, already wet
with juice, Lita slid her own body Trish's until she got to the blonde's big
breasts, taking a hold of and putting her mouth over the nipple feeling it
harden even more then it already was between her lips, Lita flicked her
tongue over the swollen nipple, gently tugging it with her teeth, before
moving to the other one to give it the same treatment.

Trish took her fingers and spread apart Stacy pussy lips and began to
slide her tongue up and down the slit, her nose tickling Stacy's clit, Stacy
took her own tits in her hands and began to squeeze them, pinching her
nipples as she was being eaten by Trish. Trish raised her face up so she
could lick Stacy's clit, she began to flick her tongue over the sensitive
nub, causing Stacy to moan uncontrollably. Lita sucked on Trish's nipple as
she began to slide a hand down Trish's flat stomach until she felt the
blonde's pubic hair, she gave it a little tug, causing Trish to raise her
hips, Lita lowered her hand until her fingers came into contact with Trish's
extremely wet pussy lips, with four fingers, Lita began to rub Trish's pussy
in a circular motion causing Trish to moan into Stacy's pussy, causing Stacy
to moan from the vibrations of Trish's moan, Lita Spread Trish's lips with
two fingers giving her access to her pussy hole, Lita then eased her to other
fingers into Trish, and began to slide them in and out as her thumb was
rubbing her clit, Trish again started to buck her hips into Lita's hand,
making her finger fuck her faster, Lita kept her fingers sliding in and out
of Trish's pussy as she began to kiss her way down Trish's stomach getting
closer to her dripping cunt, Lita swirled her tongue around in Trish's navel
before going down further, letting her slide through Trish's golden pussy
hairs, and Lita new that she was about to give Trish some intense pleasure,
because unlike the other two Lita had a tongue stud which she was going to
use to her advantage on Trish, Lita removed her fingers from and took a sniff
of Trish's wet womanhood taking in the intoxicating smell, Lita first decided
to tease Trish so she licked up both sides of Trish's pussy not touching the
actual pussy just the side teasing her applying pressure, Trish moaned in
anticipation, Lita thought to herself, "That's enough teasing, time to taste
that pussy", Lita began by licking up the length of Trish's pussy, from top
to bottom, finding the taste incredible, Lita spread Trish's pussy lips, and
began to push her tongue into Trish's pussy as far as it would in the hole,
pushing her tongue in and out fucking her with it, she then had a better idea
and began to rub her tongue stud up and down her hole, then she began to slap
her tongue against the entrance causing the stud to enter and exit the hole.

In the mean time Stacy had lay down on Trish and they were in a 69
position, she was kissing Trish's stomach as she watched Lita eat her out,
Lita had let go of Trish's lips with her fingers, so Stacy reached down and
spread them for Lita so she could get better access. Lita moved her tongue
up to Trish's exposed clit and took it between her lips sucking a flicking
her tongue over it, Lita began to nibble on the sensitive piece of skin
causing bolts of pleasure to shoot through Trish's body, making her let a
series of quick high pitched squeaks, letting Lita know she was doing a very
good job, Lita squeezed Trish's clit between her lips and began to vibrate
them together driving the Diva to a very intense orgasm, her juices began to
flood into Lita's mouth, Lita managed to swallow all but a little bit, so
she raised her face up to Stacy and they immediately locked into a passionate
kiss sharing what was left of Trish's juice, Lita gave Stacy a final kiss,
and got up and walk over to where Trish had her face buried in Stacy pussy,
furiously licking her pussy, Lita said "Mmmm, I wanna help you make Stacy

All Trish could do was moan in response. Stacy went down onto her hands
and knees and so did Lita so they were side by side ass to face, Stacy
reached down and slid three fingers into Lita's pussy and began to kiss her
ass cheeks, Trish was working on Stacy's pussy so Lita began to rub her
middle finger around Stacy's puckered hole circling it before leaning down
and and letting her tongue slide over her tight hole, Lita stuck her tongue
out farther so that her tongue stud was able to push its way into Stacy's
ass, Lita began to wiggle it around getting several moans out of Stacy,
Stacy was rubbing two fingers over Lita's asshole now letting both slip into
Lita's ass, while three of her fingers were pounding in and out of her pussy,
Lita started to push her tongue into Stacy's ass, Lita began sliding her
tongue in and out fucking Stacy's ass with her tongue, much like she was
doing with Trish's pussy a little while ago. This was to much for Stacy, and
she began to cum like a waterfall, Trish was sucking and licking Stacy's clit
she just couldn't get enough of the juice that was pouring out, Lita began
moaning loudly and began bucking her hips into Stacy's fingers, pushing
herself into an equally intense orgasm.

After the girls had finished all three of them ran into a moonlight ocean
for a nighttime swim. After they were done cleaning each other off they
collected there belongings up and went back to the hotel, talking amongst
each trying to come up with idea's on how to get a few of the other Diva's
to participate in some hot lesbian sex.
_ _ _

Well that's my story, I haven't written one in over a year and this one by
was the longest one I have ever written, I hoped you liked it, you can
contacted me with your positive and negative comments at
or icq me at 51029923, thanks for reading!

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