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The following story is fiction, because I am not current on events in the WWF
I beg your indulgence on any errors in current story lines of actual facts on
Wrestler. It is supposed to be a "Behind the Scenes" adventure featuring as
many Diva's as I could.

WWF Diva's: In Heat Part 1: Wash Your Blues Away
by ASp1

It was a warm night in New York, and Lita had just finished her appearance
on Raw. She had come with in a hair of winning the WWF women's title in a
tournament. She was beaten by Jackie, the companies Token black female. She
wasn't to thrilled about the situation, but what could she do. It's not like
Jackie wasn't a good performer, or a bad person. She'd been ripped off in the
past, like losing the belt to Rena Mero a few years back, and not getting
many opportunities to get it back. Lita just couldn't shake the feeling that
something shady had gone on in the creative aria of the World Wrestling

"I'm feeling cheated guys." she said to Matt and Jeff, "I can't help
thinking something fucked up is going on with my career."

"What do you mean." said Jeff, getting into the shower with Lita, "You
were great tonight, and losing that match will put you into a program with

"I know." said Lita smiling at Matt as he too stepped into the shower,
"but I feel like something underhanded went down to get Jackie the belt."

Matt shrugged and began to lather up the bar of soap in his hands, one
half of the Hardy Boyz tag team then began to caress the upset woman's firm
tit's giving special attention to her nipples. Lita grunted, and closed her
eyes. She could feel Jeff's cock stiffening behind her, and reached around
to grab it. Slowly she stoked the throbbing 8 inch cock, while his brother
ran his soapy hand's all over her torso.

The twins knew how to make Lita feel better, a little two on one pampering
would help her forget her troubles. Lita loved it when the two of them would
fuck her, when she used to date Jeff a few years ago, they pulled a switch on
her. When she was ridding Matt's cock Jeff walked in an told her what they
did. So she sucked of one brother while fucking the other. It caused an
inevitable end to the relationship, but they still enjoyed threesomes once
and a while.

Lita bent forward and took hold of Matt's hips. He brought his stiff rod
up to her full lips and she began to lick it's wet swollen head. Meanwhile
Jeff knelt down behind her, and spread her pussy lips. The WWF diva groaned
as she felt her friends tongue lap at her tangy cunt, she began to suck on
his brother's dick like a lollypop. wrapping her lips around it's head, and
then pulling it out of her mouth while sucking it hard. She could feel her
stress being replaced with arousal and began to bob her head on the fat cock
before her.

"Oh yes, that the spot." commented Lita, as her pussy was fingered "Put in
another one ... uh...ooh...that's it."

Jeff stood up and slipped his cock into Lita's tight pussy and began to
pump her swollen pussy lips doggie style. The steam filled bathroom soon
echoed with cock muffled scream's of delight, as the Hardy Boyz proceeded to
fuck the depression out of the woman sweet little body. Loud smack's could
be heard as Jeff swatted the red head on her ass.

Jeff took hold of her long hair, and pulled her upright. She turned to
face him, and smiled. Getting on her knees she took hold of the twin's hard
cock and began to stroke it, while she wrapped her mouth round his tens wet
balls, and began to suck them. Matt knelt down behind his friend and slipped
his hand between her firm thighs. The young WWF star began to rub Lita's cunt
lips in a red circular motion, while he wiggled his thumb against her Hershey
hole. The red haired beauty grunted as she licked the shaft of her Jeff's
dick, she couldn't wait to feel Matt in her ass.

Matt bulled Lita back, and spread her glistening round cheeks. Slowly he
inched his 8" cock into her tight star fish. Lita gasped and began to deliver
a sloppy wet blow job to his twin brother. Jeff could hear the slap of his
brothers balls on Lita's cunt, as he fucked the young woman's mouth. Lita
grunted and slid the Hardy brother's cock into her through, before getting to
her feet.

"Time for some DP action." remarked Lita, "I want you in my pussy and Matt
back in my ass."

Lita leaned against the wall, and lifted her leg. Resting her ankle on his
shoulder, Jeff slid his cock into Lita's tight pussy. As Lita had requested,
Matt moved up behind her and slipped his 8 incher into her ass, witch was
even tighter dew to his brother's being in her vagina. The two brothers then
stopped moving, forcing Lita to thrust her pelvis back and forth, until she
was on the verge of cumming.

"God I'm so close...fuck me guys fuck me hard!" screamed the horny bitch.

The three began to move in unison. When Lita thrusted back, Matt pushed
forward, and when she pushed forward, so did Jeff. Suddenly Lita pushed the
twins away, and dropped to the shower floor. Her leg's twitch, and she
pinched her stiff nipples as she climaxed. Soon she felt the water turn cold,
followed by the white sticky cue of Matt and Jeff on her pretty face. Lita
smilled up, with an exousted look on her face, as the watter washed the cum
from her cheeks. She felt much better, but the feeling of a double cross
lingered on her thoughts.

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