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The following story is fiction, because I am not current on events in the WWF
I beg your indulgence on any errors in current story lines of actual facts on
Wrestler. It is supposed to be a "Behind the Scenes" adventure featuring as
many Diva's as I could.

WWF Diva's: In Heat Part 2: Daddy's Little Girl
by ASp1

The Titan Sports head offices in New York city. WWF owner Vince McMahon
has just finished firing his cousin Jerry McMahon for being 3 minutes late
for work, on the day of his wife's funeral. He smile as he sighs the
dismissal papers, and hands them to his secretary, Jessica Hotbod. As she's
about to leave the office she turns to let Vince know a visitor has just
arrived to see him. It is his daughter Stephanie McMahon. She has just
recovered from her 3rd breast enhancement... going from a 34D to a 38DD.
Vince smiles, and tells Jessica to show her in.

"Hi Daddy!" exclaims Steph as she bounces into the room, "I love my
Christmas present, I needed a knew Rholls, the old on had gotten dirty."

Vince felt his cock stiffen as his spoiled daughter pressed her new tits
against him. He wrapped his big arms around her, pressing them against him
harder. He gently ran his hand over Stephs back, and realized she wasn't
waring a bra. Steph grinned as she felt her father's cock against her thigh,
it was all she could do not to laugh, because it had gotten so small from
his steroid use. She remembered when she was 16 an walked in on him and Miss
Hotbod on his desk. He was so big back then, but she was to young to relay
appreciate it. Now in her early 20's she had learned allot form the wrestler
who worked for the WWF, and she wanted to show her father what she'd learned.
It was to bad her mother had locked a chastity belt on her, now all she
could do was take it in the ass.

"Well, let me see how the doctor's did this time." said Vince.

Steph smiled and began to unbutton her blouse. Her nipples stiffened with
excitement as she pulled back her top for her generous father. Vince smiled
and his balls tightened up, he reached forward and began to caress his
daughters tit's. He'd never been happier to have spent money on someone
before in his life.

"Miss Hotbod, please make sure I'm not interrupted." said Mr. McMahon over
the com, "I'm going to discuss some new angles with my daughter."

"Yes Mister McMahon." replied Jessica, "Do you need anything sir."

"No thank you Miss Hotbod," he said, "Just a few hours alone."

Vince leaned forward and began to suck on his daughter's fat nipples.
Steph groaned and ran her finger's threw his hair. For the last two weeks
no one had been able to touch her breasts because they hurt from the new
implants. Once the swelling and bruising was gone, she decided to let her
father be the first. He had been the one to pay for them, so why shouldn't
he be the fist to play with them. Besides Hunter was in L.A. doing a spread
for PlayGirl, who knew how many women he was screwing behind her back. Her
father's cock might have shrunk from use of enhancement drugs but his oral
organ was as big as ever. Steph placed her hand under Vine's chin and raised
his lips to hers. For long moments the father and daughter kissed
passionately as they removed each others clothing.

"Sit down daddy." requested Steph, "I want to show you what I've learned
in the locker room."

Vince's eye's widened as his daughter dropped to her knees. She took hold
of his steroid shriveled cock and began to stroke it. Steph had to suck on
her father's balls to keep from laughing at how small his dick was. If only
his competitor had known how pathetically hung her father had been, it would
have given them a mental advantage over him. Fortunately for Vince his wife,
daughter, and secretary had kept him believing he was the longest hardest man
in the world. Unfortunately Steph knew her mother had other interests lately,
but Steph was loyal to her father...or at least her inheritance. She let the
old man stick his shriveled cock in her ass, at least once a week.

"Thats a good girl Steph." said Vince as she licked the shaft of his
noodle, "You have your mothers mouth, but you technique surpasses her by

Stephanie's raven haired head began to bob franticly on her fathers tiny
cock. She could feel it gaining some width, but only grew to about 4 inches
at full erection. Her tongue worked the parental units member, causing him
to flinch and groan with pleasure. The daughter swirled her tongue over her
fathers throbbing cock head, as he ran his large fingers threw her hair.
Feeling his nad's had tensed to the point of agony, Mr. McMahon pulled his
daughter from his dick, and bent her over his desk. The owner of the WWF and
WCW pulled down his Steph's panties, to see the thong back of her chastity
belt. He slipped it to the side and proceeded to stick his face between
Steph's full round buttocks. The young woman squealed and giggled as she felt
her dad's tongue lapping at her star fish. It felt so good pussy juice seeped
out the edges of the tight leather contraceptive panties.

"Oh god daddy...that feels so good." groaned Steph in her sluttiest voice,
"Oh please, I want to cum on your cock not your tongue."

Vice stood up and spit in his hand. He stroked the saliva over his cock,
believing it need lubrication, and proceeded to penetrate his daughters ass.
Steph began to groan, and head came up off the table. She screamed as she
felt her dad small wang pound her remarkably tight backside. His knees
pressed against her legs. She felt his strong hands reach under her and grab
hold of the big tits he'd payed for, using them to increase his pace. Soon
Steph felt tears stream down he cheeks, as she came over and over again.

"Uh...oh no not again." whimpered Steph as she climaxed for the forth
time, "Please daddy...cum for me." she continued, "My poor ass can't stand
it any more pounding."

Suddenly Stephanie felt her father pull his cock out of her ass. He rolled
her onto her back and startled her torso. He shoved his dick between Steph's
38DD tit's and began to slide it back and forth. Steph smiled and licked her
full lips, wile squeezing her boobs against her father's member. Soon Steph
felt hot cum coat her cleavage and the underside of her chin. She sat up and
smiled, before sucking the remaining cum of her fathers cock.

"Your the best daddy in the world." said Steph.

"I love you too Steph." Replied Vince as he tweaked the 20+ year olds

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