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The following story is fiction, because I am not current on events in the WWF
I beg your indulgence on any errors in current story lines of actual facts on
Wrestler. It is supposed to be a "Behind the Scenes" adventure featuring as
many Diva's as I could.

WWF Diva's: In Heat Part 3: The Boss's Son
by ASp1

Jackie threw her newly won WWF women's title over her and walked into the
locker room. The Nubian beauty was slightly bruised and very tired, but other
wise in good shape. She turned towards the back of the locker room, where
she saw the heir to the World Wrestling Federation, and her boss's son, Shane
McMahon sitting naked on a bentch. Even more disturbing was the sight of her
golden haired manager and friend Terri Reynolds, knealing on the floor befor

"It's about time you got here." said Shane, "I thought you said she knew."

Terri couldn't reply because her mouth was full of Shane's big balls, but
Jacquelyn did recall something about owing somebody. The cahmpion dropped her
belt onto the bench beside Shane, and untied the knot in her purple top. The
muscular body of the champ caused Shane to gasp. He took hold of her big
black breasts and began to suck on the larg dark nipples. Jackie looked down
at Terri with a disgusted look on her face. She couldn't beleive her friend
would do this to her. At least she was willing to pay the price of success
with her, rather then just throw her to this Irish pig unassisted. Then again
Terri liked being fucked by powerful men, something about her being able to
take controle during sex.

"Lighten up Jackie, it's one fuck in your long life." commented Terri as
she licked the cock head before her, "Besides at least he has a decent sized
dick, not like his old man."

"That's because Vince is an idiot." said Shane "He was more worried about
the size of his muscles then the size of his organ..." he continued, "...why
do you thing mom messes around?"

Jacqueline felt her button fly jean's pulled down from her hips, revealing
a dark trim muff, and full pink lips between her thigh's. Shane's hand's
carresed her entire lower body, her flat rippled belly, full round getto
booty, and lutios full libia. He grunted, and Jackie could see Terri working
his cock hard with her mouth, while she fondled his shaven scrotum. The Champ
felt Shane place her left thigh on his right shoulder, he then leaned forward
and pressed his strong lips against her soft wet cunt. Slowly Jackie began to
grind her pelvice into Shane's face. Maybe this kind of dept wasn't so bad
after all, she tought.

Shane grabbed Terrie by her long blonde hair and pulled her up on the
bench. He ordered her to lay on her bck and spread her leg wide. Standing up,
he istructed Jackie to get on her hands and knees and start licking the other
woman's pussy. The two looked like the Ying and Yang, when the black beauty
crawled over the bloned bombshell. The young McMahon moved behined Jackie and
slid his cock into her tigh snatch. His rythem started out slowly and Mz.
Jacquelin cooed as she sucked on Terrie's plump pussy lips, she could feel
her friend licking her pussy while Shane pushed his cock harder and further

Shane pulled his dick out and slipped it into Terri's mouth. The tanned
temptress started to finger Jackie's cunt, witch was slick with juice, she
was so wet Terri could fuck her with three finger. Then she held the plump
love lips open for Shane to insert himsel again. Jackie slapped the sides of
her gal pals ass as she felt the cock in her cunt build momentum, she thought
she would smell smoke, from the ficktion of the pounding male member inside
her, just as she was about to cum tho' the man pulled out.

"Hay!" exclaimed Jackie, "I was so close to cumming, what the fuck did you
do that for?"

"This is about ME." informed Shane, "You wanted the women's belt, now I
get what I want, if you don't cum TO BAD!!!"

Shane walked around to the other end of the bench, and smacked Jackie on
the face with his dick. She opened her mouth and the chubby yonger man
shoved his cock into her mouth, while Terri licked her pussy. Jackie didn't
care much for sucking cock, but she knew she was good at it. She had those
full African American lips to thank for that. No woman in the WWF, except for
maybe her Tough Enough co-star could bost lips of equal fullness. Groaned as
she saw Shane stick his dick into Terri's pussy, the black woman ran her
fingers over the fat puffy cunt lips as he pumped his rod in and out of it.
This was alot more intense then anything Jackie had ever dreamed. She felt
Terri jerk and whither underneather her firm body. Shane would take turns
pumping Terri's snatch and then Jakies mouth, but wouldn't let either girl

"Oh ya...this is it baby!" grunted Shane grabbing Jacqueline by the hair,
"I'm gonna cum bitch... right on you face."

Suddenly Shane pulled his dick out of Terri's pussy, and a huge load of
cum shot out. Jackie felt a warm stick glop hit her right on her sentuous
lips, and some caught her on the cheek. When it was all over the black beauty
could feel her anger swell, the spoiled brat had gotten cum in her hair. CUM
IN A BLACK WOMAN'S HAIR. Jackie pulled the son of a bitch off the bench and
kicked him in his drained balls. She wraped her arm around his head, and
using the bench as a lounching pad delivered a tornado DDT. Shane's head
smashed into the locker room floor and spit his fourhead open. Jackie took
her WWF women's title and threw it on the ground beside him, before getting
dressed and leaving for the hotel.

The long as I feel like it!

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