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WWF In The RAW Part 4
by Kip Carson

The Godfather and D'lo are watching the Ho's strutting around the room.

"Come on over here, and give your pimp daddy a kiss" The Godfather says.

The 5 luscious beauties slither towards the large black man in the yellow
pants. The Godfather grabs the gorgeous blonde with the enormous jugs,
pulling her towards him. She presses her thick red lips against his mouth,
slipping her tongue inside his mouth. The Godfather kisses her passionately,
while the 2nd Ho begins rubbing his crotch. She slowly unzips, and unbuttons
his yellow slacks, removing his long snakelike black cock from within.

"You know you wanna suck it, don't you?" he asks.

She looks up at him with her pretty blue eyes, and quickly takes the head
of his enormous cock between her pretty lips.

"Oh yeah, suck it baby, suck The Godfather's big black cock" he moans.

She begins taking his large dick deep inside of her mouth. The Godfather
moans loudly as the Ho expertly deepthroats his long thick cock.

D'Lo motions for one of the other Ho's to come closer, and she quickly
kneels between De'lo's legs, and begins to undo his pants. De'lo's cock isn't
quite as big as the Godfather's but, it is still quite impressive...

The fiery redhead quickly takes all of his cock into her mouth. De'lo
moans as she begins deepthroating his cock.

"Oh yeah, suck me baby bitch" De'lo moans.

The Godfather has his hand up the gorgeous blonde's skirt, and is
furiously rubbing her wet pussy. She moans, and wiggles her excellent ass as
his fingers slip into her tight pussy.

The Godfather now pulls his cock from the brunette's mouth, and bends the
gorgeous blonde over, and quickly thrusts into her from behind. The blonde Ho
yells loudly as he slams his monstrous cock into her pussy doggy style. She
is panting and grunting as he fucks her furiously.

"Oh yes, give it to me baby" she moans.

The Godfather is happy to oblige his Ho, and he fucks her as fast and
hard as he can. She squeals with delight as his cock rams deeper into her
than any cock has ever done before.

"Oh it feels like you are tearing me in two" she yells.

She grunts loudly, and climaxes. Her pussy lips squeeze his large black
cock tightly, holding him deeply inside of her.

D'Lo moans, and his cum erupts into the redhead's mouth. She hungrily
tries to swallow all of his load, but much of it drips down her chin....

Another Ho, a petite Oriental gal, begins to lick the drooling cum from
the redhead's mouth and chin.

The Godfather moans loudly, and his cock pulsates and throbs inside of her
pussy. "Oh yeah, I'm gonna blow" he yells.

She grunts as his cum explodes into her pretty blonde pussy, filling it
with the hot jism. "Oh fuck yeah" the blonde Ho moans.

The Godfather grunts and continues to shoot his cum inside of her pussy.
She climaxes again as the hot cum totally fills her pussy. De'lo is spent,
and he falls back into the chair. The oriental and the redhead are
passionately french kissing, sharing his cum. The Godfather thrusts a few
more times, and then pulls his cock from her tight pussy. Cum pours from her
pretty pussy as she stands, and she quickly rubs her hand against her pussy
catching the hot white spunk.

She brings her hand to her mouth, and quickly licks and swallows the hot
cum from it. The Godfather smiles as he watches the Ho enjoying herself. He
and D'Lo quickly dress, and realize it's time for their match. The walk with
the Ho's in tow towards the ring. The blonde quickly tries to wipe the rest
of the dripping cum from her pussy. Godfather and D'Lo laugh about this all
the way to the ring.

* * *

Brandi is so excited...she won a backstage pass to the WWF. She is hoping
to get an autograph from her favorite superstar....THE ROCK.... She nervously
enters his dressing room, expecting him to be an arrogant asshole. She is
surprised at how nice and sweet he is to her.

Brandi can't help but stare at the large man. Her eyes quickly wander
down towards his crotch, and she drools as she looks at him up close and in
person. The Rock smiles as he notices Brandi staring at him.

"So, you want to see the People's Cock?" he asks.

Brandi looks at him, and nods a big yes. The Rock quickly pulls his trunks
down, and Brandi stares at his soft 6 inch cock. She sits and stares at it,
and he grabs her hand and places it on his cock. Brandi quickly begins to
stroke him, and his cock begins to harden. Brandi is quite thrilled as the
People's Cock grows to an impressive 10 inches.

"Oh God, Rock" she says.

"Mmmm, go ahead....suck the People's Cock" the Rock says with a big smile
on his face. Brandi wastes no time taking his cock into her pretty mouth.
The Rock moans as Brandi expertly begins sucking him deeply into her mouth.
Brandi moves her mouth quickly up and down the People's Cock, running her
tongue along his thick shaft.

The Rock moans loudly. He thrusts one of his big hands between her legs,
and begins to rub her wet pussy through her panties. Brandi moans loudly as
the Rock's hand slips against her hot wet pussy. "Mmmm, you are so hot and
wet" the Rock says to her.

Brandi hungrily continues to devour his cock, as he begins to finger her.
Brandi quickly removes her mouth from the People's Cock, and looks up at him.
"Please fuck me" she begs.

The Rock picks Brandi up, and carries her to the couch. He quickly pulls
her panties off of her revealing her pretty trimmed pussy. He pulls her wet
pink pussy lips apart, and begins to lick her wet pussy slit. Brandi climaxes
immediately as she watches the Rock suck on her swollen clit. The Rock
quickly slips between her legs, and begins rubbing his thick cockhead against
her wet pussy. Brandi thrusts against him, pulling his cock inside of her.

"Oh yes, fuck me" she moans.

The Rock begins to furiously fuck her hot pussy.

Brandi moans and grunts as his long thick cock rams deeply inside of her
pussy. "Oh yes baby" she yells.

The Rock moves his cock up and down in her pussy making her cum again.
Brandi wraps her long pretty legs around his muscular ass, holding his cock
deeply inside of her. Brandi moans again as she cums. The Rock begins to
moan, and he is sweating profusely. Beads of his sweat fall onto her face as
the Rock pounds away at her pussy. "Oh God baby" the Rock moans.

Brandi feels his cock swell and pulsate, and suddenly his hot cum erupts
into her pussy, filling it. "Oh yes" she moans.

The Rock keeps fucking away at her pussy, as his hot cum squirts into her.
Brandi continues to buck and thrust against him. As the last of his cum oozes
from his large cock, he slowly pulls it out of her.

Brandi, pulls him closer to her, and they passionately kiss. The Rock
grabs a magic marker and signs her panties for her, as he leaves the room.
Brandi can hear the running water, and realizes that the Rock is taking a

She quickly dresses, and puts her panties in her purse. What a souvenier!
Brandi wanders back out towards the audience, finding her seat. She cheers
loudly as the Rock makes his appearance. The Rock quickly lays the smackdown
on Shane McMahon, and he winks at Brandi, who is sitting in the front row.
What a night at the WWF...

To Be Continued...

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