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WWF In The Raw Part 5
by Kip Carson

Stephanie McMahon Helmsley is furious at her father as she watches
GTV. He and Trish Stratus are acting like they are alot more than business
associates. She watches as her Dad sits on the couch in Trish's private
dressing room.

"I can't believe he gave that bitch a room like that" Stephanie yells. She
throws a major temper tantrum, getting herself all worked up.

HHH walks in and sees his bride in her rage. "Come on Steph, maybe it's
not what you think" HHH says.

"No, I just know that he's fucking her!" Steph yells at her husband. "I
should go in there and kick her ass!" Steph screams, running out the door.

HHH knows better than to try and interfere. He has already faced the wrath
of Stephanie more than once, so he lets her go.

Stephanie runs down the hall towards Trish's dressing room. She notices
that the door is slightly open, and she starts to go in. She hears moaning
from inside and she peeks in. There is her father, sitting on the sofa, his
pants around his ankles. Trish is on her knees rubbing her large soft breasts
up and down his thick cock.

"Oh yeah, Trish!" Vince moans.

Stephanie stomps off towards her own dressing room. "I knew it, I knew he
was fucking that slut!" she yells.

Vince looks down at the lovely blonde Trish as she slowly licks up and
down the shaft of his massive erection.

"Oh Vince, it's so big and hard" Trish softly moans.

Trish takes Vince's overly large cock between her breasts, and slowly lets
him tit fuck her.

"Mmmm yeah Trish, that feels wonderful" Vince moans.

Trish takes the enormous head of Vince's throbbing cock into her luscious

Vince watches as his long thick cock disappears into her sweet wet mouth.
"Oh God" he moans as she deepthroats him.

"Mmmmm" Trish moans.

Trish moves her mouth up and down Vince's thick pulsating cock, licking
all along the thick shaft of his cock. His cockhead brushes against the back
of her warm wet throat, and this causes him to moan loudly. He reaches down,
and grabs both of her large beautiful breasts, and begins squeezing them as
she works wonders on his cock with her talented mouth.

"OH yeah" he moans, firmly squeezing her large pink erect nipples.

Trish's pussy is so wet that she now has a damp spot on her white skirt.

She thrusts one of her hands between her own legs and begins rubbing her
overly wet pussy. She works her mouth faster and harder on Vince's throbbing

"Mmmm Trish, I wanna fuck you baby!" Vince moans.

Trish removes her mouth from Vince's cock, and quickly peels her panties
off. Vince grabs the cotton panties, and presses them against his nose. He
inhales the wonderful sweet aroma of Trish's pussy.

"God you smell good" he moans, sniffing her pussy juices from the cotton

"Mmmm, I taste even better" Trish moans, as she brings her pussy juice
soaked fingers to her mouth.

Vince watches as Trish licks her own juices from her fingers.

"You're so nasty" Vince says, watching as Trish licks her fingers clean.

"But, I love it" he moans.

Trish pushes Vince back onto the couch, and she straddles his enormous
erection. She lowers herself onto him, moaning as the head of his large cock
slips between the tight pink pussy lips.

"Oh yeah" she moans, thrusting herself onto him harder.

His large cock slides all the way into her tight pussy, making her grunt
loudly. Vince thrusts upwards ramming his cock deeply into her. Trish grabs
her breasts, thrusting them into his face.

"Suck them" she yells.

Vince eagerly accepts her large pink nipples into his hungry mouth.

He hungrily sucks each nipple, alternating between them, as Trish bounces
up and down on his enormous cock. Stephanie is on the phone with her mother.

"Mom, Trish was rubbing her tits on Daddie's cock." Stephanie whines.

"Well, Steph," Linda says to her daughter, "we are separated" Linda adds.

"I'll get her, I'll get him" Steph says, slamming the phone down.

Vince moans loudly, thrusting upwards causing Trish to climax.

"Oh yeah Vince, fuck me baby" she moans loudly.

Vince is fucking her as hard as he can. Trish's tight pussy is squeezing
his cock like a vise.

"I'm cumming again, baby!" she yells. "Oh Vince, shoot it in me, fill me
with your cum" she moans.

Vince grunts and his cum erupts inside of Trish's hot, sweet pussy.

"Oh yeah, that's it!" Trish moans, feeling his thick wad fill her pretty
pussy. She grips his cock tightly with her pussy, working all of his cum from
the pulsating head with her vaginal muscles. "Mmmm, give it to me" she moans.

Vince continues thrusting, filling her pussy with his hot cum. Trish
presses her mouth over Vince's, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. They
passionately french kiss, as the last of his cum oozes into her. Trish slowly
climbs off of her boss, watching as some of the hot stickly cum oozes from
her parted pink pussy lips.

"Ooh, messy, isn't it?" she says. Trish wipes the cum that oozes from her
pussy with her fingers.

She brings her fingers to her mouth, swallowing the thick creamy cum.

"Mmmm, tasting good, as always" she moans.

She quickly drops to her knees and devours Vince's still hard cock. She
moves her mouth up and down, furiously, squeezing his balls with her hand.
Vince moans, and thrusts against her mouth. Trish moans loudly as she sucks
his cock with great passion. Vince thrusts and thrusts, and Trish works her
tongue all over his throbbing cock.

"Oh yeah, here it cums" Vince moans.

Trish hungrily swallows the first blast of Vince's cum as it shoots into
her mouth. She grabs the thick shaft with her hand and furiously jacks him
off, aiming the large head at her tits. She watches as the hot, white cum
splashes onto her pink nipples. She jerks him rapidly, milking all of the cum
from his cock.

Jet after jet of his hot cum shoots all over her face and tits.

"Oh yeah" she moans.

Vince lays there exhausted. "Damn, your a hard one to keep up with" he
says, looking down at the cum covered Trish.

"You keep up just wonderfully, boss" Trish moans.

She runs to the shower, and Vince pulls his pants back on. Vince leaves
Trish's dressing room, bumping into a furious Stephanie in the hallway.

"I saw you and Trish" she yells, "she was sucking your cock, wasn't she?"
Steph says.

"Now, Steph" Vince stammers.

"No, Dad, not now.....I don't want to discuss this any more" she says.
Steph runs down the hall.

Vince heads towards his office, as Steph runs without purpose all around
the backstage area, snapping at everyone in sight. She rounds the corner and
runs square into Stone Cold Steve Austin.

"Whoah, slow down, little lady." Stone Cold says to her. "Fuck you,
Austin....just fuck you!" she yells. She starts to run off, then turns back
around. "Uh, Steve....come here" Steph says, in a soft sexy voice.

"What the hell do you want?" he says to her.

"OH, I don't know, maybe we should try harder to get along" Steph
continues, slowly opening her blouse.

Stone Cold starts to walk away, but as Stephanie removes her bra, and he
glances at her firm titties, he just kind of stands there in awe.

"Maybe we should become closer" she says, slowly rubbing her tits across
his smooth muscled chest.

"What are you talking about?" he says, feeling her hard nipples against
his oiled chest.

Steph slips her hand between his legs, rubbing him furiously. "This should
really piss Daddy off" she thinks, as she unzips his denim shorts.

Stone Cold stands there half dazed as Steph drops to her knees, taking his
semi-erect cock into her mouth. "What the fuck" he thinks, and picks Steph
up, carrying her to his dressing room.

Steph is breathing erratically as he places her on the sofa. His cock is
now fully erect, and Steph stares at the thick hard throbbing meat, only
inches from her mouth.

She slowly licks all around Stone Cold's throbbing cockhead, loving
licking every inch. Stone Cold slides his hand up Steph's skirt, feeling her
wet pussy through her satin panties. Stone Cold quickly rips the panties from
Steph's body with one tug.

"Wow" she says, as Stone Cold's finger finds her erect clit.

She hungrily takes Stone Cold's cock into her mouth, moving it up and
down, devouring every throbbing inch. He softly moans, thrusting against
Stephanie's mouth. He pulls her pussy lips apart, thrusting a finger inside
of her. It's very tight, and he furiously fucks her with his finger as she
deep throats his cock. Steph quickly repositions herself, on top of the
Rattlesnake, in a 69. She moans as she lowers her pussy onto his mouth.

They go at it wildly, devouring each other's hot sex. Steph quickly
climaxes, and her juices spray from her hot pussy onto his face. She moans,
and moves her mouth faster and harder on his cock. He thrusts wildly,
moaning. Just as the first jet of his cum erupts into her mouth, the door
opens, and there stands Vince. Steph quickly removes her mouth from Stone
Cold's cock, and begins to furiously stroke him, his cum shoots all over her
face, and neck. Vince just stands there, with a shocked look on his face. He
watches as the Rattlesnake's hot creamy cum sprays all over his daughter.

"Mmmm, isn't this how Trish does it?" Steph says, moving her hand up and
down Stone Cold's cock, making more and more cum ooze from the enormous head.
She strokes him until he softens.

Vince turns and heads down the hall. He can't believe it, Steph is acting
like such a whore.

"Austin?" he thinks to himself. "I can't believe that she sucked Austin,"
he mumbles. Vince is furious at the Texas Rattlesnake. "He'll pay for it, in
the ring tonight" Vince screams.

TO BE CONTINUED...........

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