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WWF In The Raw Part 6
by Kip Carson

Vince McMahon is furious with Stone Cold. Having just watched him violate
his little girl, he is dead set on revenge. Vince decides to tell Hunter, and
then book a match between the two. He is on his way to Hunter's dressing room
when he runs into Debra. She is wearing her usual tight low cut dress. Her
awesome puppies are about ready to pop out, and for a minute Vince forgets
his mission.

"Uh, hello Debra" he stammers.

"Hi Vince, what's up?" Debra asks, looking down towards his crotch.

"Well, that depends" Vince says with a big smile. Vince has told Debra what
happened between Stone Cold and Steph. So, she knows that Vince is dead set
on getting even with him.

Trish happens to walk by while the two are talking, and she gets rather
jealous of the situation. "What are you doing Vince?" she asks, looking at
him, and then at Debra.

"Oh, we were just talking" Vince says.

"Yeah, I bet you were," Trish says sarcastically.

"Now, just wait a minute!" Debra yells at her. "What are you implying" she

"Well, if the shoe fits" Trish says, starting to run off.

"Wait a minute" Vince says.

Debra takes full advantage of the situation, and pulls Trish to her. Trish
is shocked as Debra plants a big wet kiss right on her lips. Trish finds it
to be quite hot, and her pussy begins to moisten as Debra's tongue slips
inside of her mouth.

Needless to say, Vince is becoming fully aroused by the site before him.
Debra slips her hand up Trish's skirt, and begins rubbing her sweet pussy
through her panties. Trish is moaning, and she reaches out and grabs both of
Debra's extremely large breasts with her hands, and squeezes them firmly.
Trish his humping against Debra's hand, her juices gushing from her pussy.
Her panties are soaked.

"Mmmm, you're so wet" Debra moans.

Debra drops to her knees, and places her mouth over Trish's wet panties.
Trish moans as she feels the heat from Debra's breath as it goes through her
cottony panties. Debra slips the elastic leg over a bit, revealing Trish's
pretty pussy.

"Mmmm, it's so pretty" Debra says right before slipping her tongue into
the wonderful wet pussy hole. Trish melts, and spreads her legs widely. She
grabs Debra by her long straight blonde hair, slamming her face against her

"Oh yeah, lick my pussy baby" Trish moans.

Vince removes his cock from his pants and begins stroking. Precum oozes
from him mighty member as he furiously jacks off. Trish is moaning loudly,
her pussy spasming beneath Debra's wet tongue. Debra finds Trish's pussy to
be quite succulent, and her tongue probes the sweet tangy pussy. Trish
climaxes quickly, her juices gushing into Debra's mouth. Debra hungrily
swallows every bit of Trish's hot pussy cum as it pours from her over excited

"OH yeah baby" Trish moans, furiously bucking her hips, grinding her pussy
against Debra's mouth.

Vince's hand is a blur, vigorously pumping up and down his thick shaft. He
slips Debra's dress up a bit, and tears her panties from her. Debra's pussy
is very wet, and he enters her from behind quite easily. Debra grunts as his
long hard cock slams into her pussy. He feels her pelvic bone as he rams into
her furiously. With each thrust of his mighty cock, Debra sucks Trish's pussy
a little harder. Debra moans loudly, her voice vibrating against Trish's
clit. Trish moans and climaxes again. Tasting Trish's excellent pussy, mixed
with the thrusting of Vince's large cock into her tight pussy drives Debra
over the edge.

Debra climaxes intensely. Her tight pussy clamps onto Vince's cock, he
moans, shooting his cum deeply into her pussy. The 3 begin moaning loudly,
thrusting against each other. Vince's cum shoots fiercely into Debra's pussy.
She can feel each blast of hot sticky cum as it erupts into her. Trish moans,
thrusting against Debra's mouth.

"Oh fuck, you have to stop" Trish grunts, pushing Debra's mouth from her

Vince slowly removes his cock from Debra's pussy, watching as his cum
pours from her shaved pussy. Debra moans as she feels the hot gooey cum run
onto her enlarged clit. Trish quickly crawls between Debra's legs.

"MMmmm, let me return the favor, honey" Trish moans, sliding her tongue
against Debra's pussy slit.

She tastes Vince's cum mixed with Debra's pussy juices, and she goes wild.
Trish hungrily licks and slurps every drop of moisture from between Debra's
legs. She furiously rubs Debra's large clit, while probing her pussy hole
with her wet tongue. Debra moans, holding Trish by her honey blonde hair,
grinding her face into her pussy. Vince is still semi-erect, and he presses
his cockhead against Debra's large pouty mouth. Debra slowly takes Vince's
cock into her mouth, licking all around the enlarged head.

Vince softly moans as Debra sucks his cock to another full erection.
Debra grips the thick shaft with her soft hands, and gently strokes it up and
while sucking furiously on the enlarged head. Vince's precum oozes from his
pulsating cockhead, and Debra slurps it down, hungrily. Trish's tongue swirls
all around Debra's swollen clit, and Debra grunts as she climaxes. Trish
thrusts her tongue inside of Debra's tight pussy hole, and licks the oozing
pussy cum as it pours freely. Debra thrusts against Trish's mouth, grinding
her spasming pussy against her pretty face. Trish is covered with Debra's
sweet pussy cum.

Debra moves her mouth faster and faster, working Vince's throbbing cock.
She feels it swell in her mouth, and as he grunts, his cum erupts. It shoots
wildly, landing against the back of her throat. Debra swallows each hot blast
of cum as it squirts from his massive cock. Trish crawls from between Debra's
legs, and disappears. Debra continues sucking and stroking Vince's cock until
the last of his cum shoots into her mouth. Vince holds Debra by her bleached
hair, shoving his cock deeply into her warm throat. Debra feels Vince's cock
soften in her mouth, and she slowly allows it to fall from between her lips.

"Mmmm, that was nice, Vince" she moans.

Vince is wore out. "God, Debra, that was absolutely wonderful" he moans,
as he begins to dress.

Debra quickly fixes her panties and dress, giving Vince a quick kiss as
she walks away.


Steph McMahon Helmsley spots Trish rounding the corner.

"You BITCH!" Steph yells as she runs towards the blonde bombshell. Steph
tackles Trish to the hard concrete. She grabs Trish's long blonde hair, and
begins slamming her head against the floor. Trish is crying, and begging for
Steph to stop. Steph is in a rage, and she is really beginning to hurt Trish.
Lita walks by, and quickly breaks them apart.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Steph yells at Lita.

Lita looks at Steph, and at Trish... "Save it for the ring" Lita says.

Lita begins walking away, and Stef attacks her from behind. Lita quickly
spins around, and doing a quick huricanrana, takes Stef to the floor. Steph
is stunned, and lays there motionless.

Trish thanks Lita, as she climbs from the floor. Trish looks at the
motionless Steph, and smiles a big smile. Trish raises her skirt, and lowers
her bare pussy against Steph's face. Steph slowly comes to, and can't move,
as she is pinned beneath Trish's wet pussy. Trish looks down at Steph. Steph
is fighting furiously, but Trish has her pinned. She is squeezing her thighs
against Steph's head. Steph's face is smothered by Trish's pussy. Steph
inhales Trish's sweet aroma, and gets a quick taste of her, as her juices
trickle into her mouth. Steph is extremely pissed at Trish, yet she is
getting quite aroused by her sweet smell and taste.

"Lick my pussy" Trish moans.

Steph's tongue swirls against Trish's pussy, as if it has a mind of it's
own. Trish moans, and Lita just stands there watching. Stef begins to get
into it, and she is lapping at Trish's pussy quite furiously now. Trish is
moaning, and she begins rubbing Stef's pussy with her hand. Stef is quite
wet, and as Trish raises her skirt, she finds Stef's panties to be totally

"Mmmm, aren't we excited?" Trish asks.

Lita's own pussy is now becoming wet, and she is panting a bit. Lita
slides her hand inside of her leather pants, and begins rubbing her pussy.
Lita softly moans, as she rubs her own clit.

Lita slowly removes her pants, and her thong panties.

"Mmmm, yeah, come over here" Trish moans. Lita stands in front of Trish,
who pulls the red haired beauty next to her. Trish places her mouth over
Lita's bare pussy, sucking her clit into her mouth. Lita moans, and begins
shaking violently. "Oh God" she moans.

Trish is climaxing, her pussy juices gushing into Steph's mouth. Steph's
own pussy is so hot, she begins fingering herself. Stef rubs her pussy
passionately, stroking her clit, inhaling the aroma of Trish's wonderful
pussy as she climaxes into her mouth. Lita climaxes, her pussy squirting it's
tasty juices. Trish loudly slurps Lita's juices into her mouth.

"Mmm Goddamn" Lita moans.

Trish's tongue probes Lita's pussy like a small snake, wiggling around
inside of the hot pink hole. Stef's tongue slips against Trish's asshole, and
she gently pushes it inside of the puckered hole. Trish grunts, and she
climaxes again.

"Oh fuck" she moans.

Lita grinds her pussy against Trish's face, as Trish fucks her pussy with
her talented tongue. Lita wants to have a taste of pussy, and she quickly
pulls away from Trish. She climbs between Steph's legs, and gently pulls her
pretty pussy lips apart with her fingers. She starts licking up and down the
wet pussy lips, working her tongue into the hot pink hole. Steph is so hot,
that she immediately climaxes.

"Oh yeah, cum for me baby" Lita moans, sucking on Steph's swollen clit.

The 3 ladies are now lying in the floor, sucking and licking on each
other's pussies. Lita's tongue laps at every inch of Steph's hot pussy, as
Trish works on Lita. Stef is still alternating between Trish's hot pussy and
her pretty ass. The 3 climax simultaneously, moaning, groaning and thrashing
about wildly on ther floor. Ivory and Steven Richards walk up, and see the 3
ladies in their lesbian passion.

"How disgusting" Steven Richards says.

"You should be ashamed, you are giving women a bad name" Ivory says. The
3 ladies look up and quickly pull apart.

Lita quickly jumps up, wrapping her thighs around Ivory's neck, pulling
her to the floor. Steven Richards tries to help Ivory, but is quickly subdued
by Trish and Steph. They hold the man down, and Stef begins undoing his white
pants. She quickly undresses him, and removes his underwear. Steph looks at
his 3 inch penis, and laughs hysterically. "God, it looks like a dick, only
smaller" she says, pointing.

Lita is grinding her pussy against Ivory's mouth roughly. Ivory is
fighting her violently, trying to push her off. Steven is getting quite
humiliated as Steph and Trish poke and jab at his tiny cock.

Steven Richards' cock is now erect, and is about 4 inches long, and about
as big around as a pencil. The 2 women are laughing loudly, and making fun of

"No wonder your so anti-sex." Trish says.

Lita now pisses on Ivory's face, the yellow urine covering her, running
down her face. Ivory is crying. Steph and Trish see this, and they both take
turns pissing on Steven Richards. Trish squats above his tiny erection, and
begins pissing. He feels the hot urine splash all over him, and he moans,
shooting his load. Some of the white gooey cum lands on Trish's thigh.
"Ooooh, how disgusting" she say.

She quickly straddles his face, making him lick his own cum from her.

The 3 women look at the 2 Right to Censor members, lying in puddles of

"Mmmmm, censor that!" Steph says.

Steph, Trish and Lita quickly gather their clothes, and head towards the
ladies shower.

"Trish, maybe I judged you too quickly" Stef says.

"Well, I can understand why you might be mad" Trish says, Lita just

"I'm sorry," Steph says.

"Me too," Trish replies.

Steph and Trish press their lips together, and begin kissing. Their
tongues passionately meeting in a wild french kiss. Lita watches as Trish
and Stef hold each other tightly, still in a passionate liplock.

"God, get a room!" Lita says, laughing.

Steph, Trish and Lita get into the shower.

Stef and Trish are still getting pretty friendly, but Lita quickly
showers, getting ready for her match against Ivory.


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