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WWF In The Raw Part 7
by Kip Carson

There's quite a bit of commotion going on outside in the parking lot. A
long black limo has pulled up, and there are people scurrying up to see who
has arrived. The driver steps around and opens the door, and out steps a very
lovely Mrs. Linda McMahon. She is dressed in a shiny tight fitting evening
gown, and it is clinging to her beautiful mature body. She smiles and waves
to the crowd as she enters the arena. What could Linda McMahon possibly want?

She goes to Vince's office, and sees no one there. She looks around the
office a bit, and bends down by Vince's desk. She stands up holding a pair of
panties. "Now who could these belong to?" she mutters aloud.

She knows damn well that they belong to Trish Stratus. She looks quite
angry at first, but then begins smiling a very devilish grin. "Two people can
play this game, Vince" she says to herself. Linda exits her husband's office,
and begins strolling down the hall. She stands outside a dressing room,
looking quite nervous. The name on the door reads "CHRIS JERICHO". Linda
knocks on the door, and Y2J answers.

"Uh, hello, Linda." he says.

"May I come in?" Linda asks Chris.

"I guess." he replies.

Linda enters Y2J's dressing room, and sits on the sofa. "Have a seat,
Chris." she says, patting the cushion.

A very confused Y2J sits besides his boss's wife.

"Chris, I'm sure you know that Vince and Trish have a thing" she says.
Y2J nods his head. "Well, I want a little side action as well" she says.

She slips her hand between Y2J's legs, and lightly strokes his crotch.
Chris attempts to pull away, but she throws her arms around him, and pulls
him close. She presses her mouth over his, and as her wet tongue thrusts
into her mouth, he reciprocates, by thrusting his own tongue into her mouth.
The two begin passionately kissing, and Chris's cock begins to stiffen.
Linda feels his cock growing beneath her hand, and her grip tightens on him.

Linda begins rubbing up and down Y2J's throbbing shaft, making it even
bigger and harder. "Oh yeah, it's so big" she moans.

She begins fumbling with his pants, and slips them off, leaving him there
totally naked. His cock is almost 10 inches long, and very thick.Linda gasps
as she sees it. She grabs it with her hands, and grips it lovingly. She
begins stroking up and down his large cock. She begins sliding to the floor,
and kneels between his legs. She just stares at his large throbbing cock,
and drool begins trickling from her mouth.

She lowers her head, pressing her mouth against the tip of his cock. He
softly moans as she begins taking him into her mouth. It's been so long
since Linda sucked a cock. She licks all around the pulsating mushroom
shaped head. Her tongue flicks at the tip of his cock, milking a trace of
precum from him. She tastes the semi-sweet cream, and quickly slurps it down
her throat. Linda begins taking more of Y2J's cock into her mouth, until the
head of it rests against the back of her throat. She begins expertly moving
her mouth up and down the entire length of his large erect cock. She cups
his balls in her hand, and plays with them while she savors the taste of his
thick throbbing boner.

Chris is moaning a bit louder, and Linda moves her mouth faster and
faster, fucking his large cock with her hot wet mouth. Chris thrusts his
hands against Linda's chest, and begins squeezing her medium sized breasts.
Linda isn't wearing a bra, and her erect nipples poke stiffly against the
thin material of her evening gown. Jericho pinches her nipples firmly,
making her squirm beneath his fingers. Linda sucks him yet harder, and
faster, making his precum ooze in large amounts. She hungrily swallows every
precious drop inhaling it down her greedy throat.

Y2J slips the straps of her evening gown downward, lowering her dress
beneath her breasts. He looks at her mature, firm breasts with the tiny pink
erect nipples. He firmly pinches both nipples squeezing quite hard, making
her grunt. She can feel the throbbing cock as it becomes even stiffer, and
it excitedly pulses in her hand, and she knows that he is about to cum. She
squeezes his balls, and gently nibbles the head of his cock. Chris moans,
and his cum erupts into her mouth. She moans as the first sweet gusher of
cum shoots against her tongue. She eagerly swallows his cum, moving her
mouth quickly making his cock shoot more and more of the thick white cum.

"Oh yeah" Chris moans, thrusting against Linda, forcing his cock against
the back of her throat. Linda sucks and jerks his cock until every drop of
cum has leaked from his massive cockhead.

She lets it fall from her mouth, and she looks up at him. Chris pulls her
towards him, and presses his mouth over hers. He begins lowering her evening
dress, until she is standing wearing only her pink satin panties. Chris
presses his face between her legs, and begins licking her pussy through her
panties. Linda moans, and her pussy is already wet and gooey.

"Oh dear God" she moans.

Chris slips her panties over and laps at her pussy.

She thrusts against him, as his tongue touches her swollen clit. "Yes,
suck it for me" she moans.

Chris quickly removes her panties, and spreads her pussy lips apart. She
is wet, and hot. His tongue slips into her pussy like it's melted butter.

Linda moans, and jerks as Y2J's tongue probes the wet sweet insides of
her neglected pussy. Linda cums immediately, her pussy juices gushing from
her hot pussy hole.

"Oh yeah baby" she moans.

Chris continues sucking and licking on her hot pussy making her cum many
many times. Linda is wanting to fuck, bad. She reaches between his legs, and
grabs his still fully erect cock with her hand.

"Fuck me baby" she moans.

Chris bends the lovely Mrs. McMahon over the sofa with her hot ass in
the air. He presses the massive head against her pussy, and she moans as it
begins sliding inside of her.

"Oh God" she moans, thrusting backwards, impaling her pussy with Y2J's
large cock.

Her pussy tightens around his cock, tightly milking it. Jericho thrusts
wildly driving his cock all the way against the back of her cunt. Linda cums
over and over, her tight pussy clamping around his cock.

"Oh yeah" he moans, fucking her wildly.

"Mmmm, shoot it for me, fill my pussy" she moans.

Chris pumps away furiously moaning and grunting with each thrust.

"Oh yeah, I'm cumming!" he yells. His cock stiffens inside of her, and
she feels the first blast of hot cum as it shoots inside of her.

"Mmmmm" she moans.

Chris continues slamming away inside of her pussy, filling her with cum.
Linda is moaning very loudly, and suddenly the door bursts open.....

"What the hell is going on here?" a voice yells.

There stands HHH, Linda's son-in-law. Linda pulls away from Jericho, his
cum dripping from her open freshly fucked pussy.

HHH looks at his naked mother-in-law, standing there. He feels his cock
grow, and he feels a bit confused.

"Hunter....." she stammers.

Hunter walks over to his mother-in-law, and presses his fingers over
her mouth. "Shhhhhhh" he whispers.


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