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WWF Love Part 1: Y2J And Steph
by True Stoop

While HHH was in the ring celebrating at Wrestlemania Y2J was in the back.
Y2J was pissed and went into his locker room. Steph was concerened and
followed him to his locker room. She knocked on the door softley.

Steph: Chris, it's me, Steph. You okay?

Steph slowly opens the door and peaks in and sees Jericho sitting on the
couch looking down at the floor trying to calm down. Steph locks the door
and walks over to him. she nexts to him and put her arm around his back and
lowers her head to his. She starts to speak softly.

Steph: Listen Chris its okay. You can still get him later.

Chris: I know but this was the big one... wrestlemania!

Steph: Well I know but you still mad it to the main event. That's awesome in

Chris: I guess.

Steph: Listen how about I make you feel better with a massage.

Chris: That sounds good.

Steph: Get on the floor. Stomach on the ground.

Y2J does just that and lays on his stomach. Steph sits on his butt and
starts to massage his sweaty shoulders and back.

Chris: Oh Steph that feels great.

Steph: Thanx. Hold on sec.

Steph stops massaging him and takes of her top revealing her huge tits
in her black bra from Victoria Secerts. She drops the shirt in front of
Jericho's head but he doesn't notice because his eyes are closed. So she
undoes her bra letting her beatiful boobs fall out and bounce a little.
This time she drops the bra Jerichos head.

Chris: Steph whats this?

Steph: My bra. You like it?

Chris: Yeah but...

Chris rolls over onto his back while Steph still sits on him but now on
where his dick on his pants. She can feel his penis growing underneath her
as he looks at her wonderfully large D cup boobs.

Steph: Shh... Don't worry. Its okay. No one will know and I know that you
been looking at me ever since you first came here.

Chris knows this is true. Steph grabs Chris's hands and places them onto
her smooth breast. Jericho begins to massage them and play with her pink
nipples as they spring to life and become hard as rocks. He grabs on and
begins kiss her boob and lick around her nipple in cirlces coming closer and
closer to her nipple. Steph can hardly stand the wait and is about to but her
nipple in his mouth when he finally gets to her nipple. he kiss it at frist
and then begins to suck on it licking it at the same time inside his mouth.
Steph begins to moan with pleasure.

Steph: Oh... yeah... Jericho... you love tits don't you? You love to suck on
them don't you? They feel so good in your hands when you rub them don't they?

Steph knew the anwser was yes to all the questions because she could
slowly feel his cock growing underneth her causing his pants to rub up
against her black thong underneath her skirt. Steph pulled her giant tits out
of Jericho's mouth and stood up. Chris got up to and sat back on the couch.
Steph sat on his lap facing him and began to make out with him. Chris put his
hands on her bare back and then slowly began to lower them down to her skirt.
He pulled her skrit up so he could see her round ass in her thong. He pulled
the thong over onto her ass check and began to rub her wet pussy lips. She
stoped kiss him as she began to moan and sucked on her neck.

Steph: Oh yeah... yes... oh put your fingers inside me... yeah like that...
yeah... thats it.... oooo.... Chris....

Y2J slowly stuck his fingers inside Steph and began to pull them in and
out slowly at first and then faster and faster. Jericho took his free hand
and began to rub here ass and grab it. Steph began to moan loudly and threw
back her head as Jericho switched from 2 fingers to 3.

Y2J: Yeah Steph you like don't you?

Steph: Oh yeah Chris... faster... yes...

Chris: Yeah.... you like it when finger you?

Steph: Oh yeah baby... I love it... Come Chris Spank me... I've been a bad

Chris takes his hand that was rubbing her ass and begins to spank her hard
while her fingers her. She starts to moan from the pain and pleasure. He
continues this talking dirty with her. After about 2 minutes of spanking and
fingering she gets up and pulls off her skirt. She then sits down on the
couch and Jericho gets on his knees on the floor. He slowly kisses her inner
thigh moving closer and closer to her clean shaved pussy. He makes it to her
pussy and slowly kiss it and then licks it slowly. finally he begins to
tongue fuck her, sticking his tonuge inside her. she grabs the back of his
head with hand and grabs her tit with the other. She lifts her boob up to her
mouth and licks and squezze it.

Steph: Oh yeah Jericho... Thats the spot... don't stop... put your fingers
back in too... try 4 this time...

Chris does as hes told and puts 3 fingers in. He attempts 4 fingers but
can't get it all in so her goes on with 3 while he licks her pussy juice up.
Steph begins to shake and wraps her legs around his head setting them on his
shoulders. Steph is about to cum and sticks her cheast high in the air and
pulls her head back while grabbing Y2J's head with both hands.

Steph: Oh... Oh... Yes... here comes... I can feel... go faster... yeah...
yeah... oh YES... YES... Iam CUMMING!!!!!! Don't stop keep going...

Chris keeps on licking as Steph has her orgasm shooting her cum all over
his face. When shes done he pulls out his fingers and Steph grabs them and
begins to lick the cum off them. They then kiss for a while and she licks the
cum off his face.

Steph: How bout I lick somthin else now?

Steph stands up and Y2J sits on the couch. He lifts his hips up in the
air and Steph pulls off his tights. reaveling his hard 7 inch cock stickong
straight up in the air. Steph pulls his boots and tights completly off and go
up to his dick and licks from his balls to his tip slowly. Steph then grabs
it starts to lick around the tip of it until ,what seems like forever to
Chris, she inserts it into her mouth only taking about half of it. She begins
to move her head up and down with her hand going up and down with her head.
Jericho puts a hand behind her head and helps push down his cock. With his
free hand he fondles with her lovely breast that are dangling in the air.

Chris: Oh yeah Steph... you like that huge dick don't you?

Steph: Oh... yes... its... huge... it... taste... so... good... I... can't...
wait... until... you... fuck... me... with... it...

Steph says all this every time she comes to the top of his musclar cock.
She licks the bottom of it down to his balls and begins to lick them. She
rubs them softley then puts them in her mouth licks them up in down inside
her mouth. She drops them out her mouth and slide her hands up Chris' muscle
until her face is in front of his. She begins to talk and kiss and the same

Steph: I can't wait mush longer... I need... your huge cock... inside me...

Chris: Well I don't... to make you... wait any... longer...

They kiss a little longer then she turns around and grabs his cock with
one hand and sits on it while she puts his dick inside of her. Her back is to
Jericho and he puts her hands on her hips as she begins to move her ass up
and down slowly at first. She puts her hands on his knees and moves faster.
Chris stars at her plump butt moving up and down his shaft. Steph starts to
moan with all the pleasure.

Steph: Oh yeah... thats what Iam talking about... Such a nice dick... so
big... so good... so beatiful... Oh yeah... I love your enromous cock!

Chris: Yeah... you like that Steph... you little slut... you like my big dick
in your pussy?

Steph: Yeah... I love... Oh yeah Iam a naughty little slut... I am a little
slut that loves your penis.

Steph is going all out now. going faster and faster. She whips back her
head getting hair out of the way. She then moves her hands up her stomach and
onto her huge breast and start to rub them as they bounce all over. Steph can
fell shes about to come slows down. just moving her hips now from side to
side. She archs back so her cheast is up in the air and her head is next to
Jericho's. they make out while Chris grabs her boobs and rubs them. Steph
stops while there doing this so Jericho starts thrusting his hips up into her
causing to maon even more. They continue the postion for 5 more minutes then
she stands up and gets on all fours on the couh.

Steph: Yeah ride my doggy style...

Chris: You've bad little slut... you need to be spanked!

Steph: Yeah spank me hard... I've been very bad!

Chris slides his plusing cock into her pussy and rides her doggy style
thrusting his hips against her perfect ass. He begings to slap it hard making
it red. STeph moans with a combonation of pain and pleasure. Jericho begins
to grunt as he can feel it coming. Steph raises her head up look at the
ceiling as Chris slides his hands onto her boobs and massages them while he
pounds away. Steph leans back so her back is up against his stomach and they
kiss each other while Chris continues to thrust his penis into her pussy
harder and harder. finally he pulls out and stands up on the floor and Steph
gets on her knees and sucks his cock.

Chris: Here we go... oh yeah...

Steph: Get on my face and tits... yeah here we go...

Chris pulls out of Stephs mouth and begins to wack off a little until he
cums all over her face and tits. She licks the rset of the cum of his dick
and then lick her tits clean. Steph wipes of the cum and the sweating Chris
lays on the couch. Steph even more sweater goes and lays on top of him laying
her huge boobs onto his cheast.

Chris: You really did make me feel better.

Steph: Hey thats what friends are for.

Chris: Come take a shower with me and then Ill you off at your hotel.

Steph: Thanx.

They make out for a little while longer and go take a shower with some
four-play and then get dressed. Chris dropped Steph while she gave him a long
blowjob and they said that they while have to go out some time and to it

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