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WWF Rejects Play The Game
by Nami

"Eighteen....Nineteen.....grrrrr....TWENTY! Woo your turn Rena." Chyna
said as she finished a set of barbell curls. Chyna and Rena were working out
in the local gym, preparing for their upcoming tag team match. The gym was
host to many athletes and celebrities in the Western United States.

"Chyna, let's call it a day.... I am beat!" Rena cried, rubbing her own

"You are right Rena. Let's go hit the showers and hurry back home to eat."

Chyna and Rena made their way into the women's locker room, still sweating
and short of breathe from the work out. They saw a few famous people leaving
and greeted them.

"Wow there sure are alot of good looking bodies that go to this gym." Rena
said, stripping to her bra and panties. Chyna stared at the lacey silk bra
and panties of Rena. Rena turned and bent over, going through her bag. Chyna
stared at the thong that was only one meter from her face. She could almost
smell Rena's tasty pussy. Chyna stripped to her bra and panties very slowly.
Rena turned around to say something and she saw Chyna looking at her thong.

"What are you looking at?" Rena said flirting with Chyna.

"Rena.... your body.... it is just so.... so... sexy."

Rena blushed and smiled as Chyna was still staring at her breasts.

"Chyna, watch closely." Rena said.

Chyna nodded her head and just as she was about to answer, she saw Rena
take off her bra, exposing her large breasts.

Chyna smiled wide and gasped for air as Rena's hard dark nipples were
exposed to the moist air in the locker room. Just then, Rena slowly slid own
her panties, giving Chyna a free strip tease. Rena's pussy was trimmed very
short, almost shaved bald. Rena did a little teasing turn, flashing her butt
to Chyna.

"Your turn now!" Rena said.

Chyna slid down one bra strap, then the other. She unbuckled her bra, but
dangled it over her big breasts, teasing Rena.

"P-p-p-p-lease... please drop it Chyna. Drop the bra now!" Rena begged
very horny with a quivering lip.

Chyna smiled and said "Drop what? The bra? Why?" she was giggling and
teasing Rena.

Chyna dropped the bra.

Rena stared at Chyna's large melons and drooled. Chyna slid down her
panties and showed her clean shaven pussy. No hair at all. Rena wanted to
lick it so bad and play with it. It looked yummy. Chyna walked to the dor and
didn't see anyone.

"Ready for a shower?" Chyna asked with a grin. Both ladies wento the

As they were getting into the shower room, they both stopped and looked
at the last shower head at the end of the room. They were not alone. Soak and
wet, lathering up soap was none other than Karen McDougal! Karen made eye
contact with Chyna and Rena and immediately smiled at the 2 naked beauties.

"Come on in ladies... the water feels SO good!" Karen said with a smile,
looking both girls up and down. Suddenly the 3 ladies were all alone in the
showers, staring at one another's wet glowing bodies. Chyna made the first
move on Karen. She moved over and started rubbing soap all over Karen's back
and butt.

"Ohhh that feels nice Chyna. Come help her Rena." Karen said, as Rena
quickly came over. Rena didn't hesitate as she kissed Karen on the lips and
tickled her tongue.

Rena and Karen were locked in a passionate embrace, their bodies pressed
against each other and they were kissing deeply. Chyna watched this scene and
started to get all wet fingering her own cunt. Rena slowly licked her way
down Karens body, kissing , tounging, and sucking. "Yes Rena kiss me oh yeah
suck my titties. Oh your mouth feels so good touching me.

"Yes Rena that feels good! Slip your tongue deeper!!

Rena sucked one nipple, Chyna sucked the other breast. Karen rubbed and
pinched Chyna's breasts and before long all 3 women had hard nipples. "OHHH
RENA!" Karen yelled as Rena started to kiss slowly down her stomach to her
sensitive place. "Oh I have never been licked in my pussy before. I am going
crazy! Ohhh keep going down my stomach please!!!"

Chyna had her hands all over both Rena and Karen. She toyed with their
clits fast.

Rena yelled "AHHHHHH Uhhhhhhhh oh yeah AHH " as her clit was pulled and
touched and teased.

Rena had her head between Karen's thighs and she was very busy. Chyna was
touched for the 1st time. Karen reached down and slid 2 fingers into Chyna's
pussy while Rena licked down Karen.

"Yes finger my pussy Karen, OH YEAH ahhhh yes" Chyna was in heaven. Her
pussy felt so good.

"UHN JUST LIKE THAT RENA EAT MY PUSSY OH YES!!!!!!!" Karen said, her legs

Several minutes passed in this passionate shower encounter, all 3 ready to
cum, when the 3 ladies were startled by a voice.

"Enjoying yourself ladies?"

The 3 women turned to see HHH and Shawn Michaels nude in the shower, both
sporting big hard cocks.

"Wanna watch??" Rena said to the men, with a smile and juice on her face.

"Watch? Hell no. We wanna HELP."

With that, Shawn Michaels raised Chyna, almost scaring her, and pulled her
to the wall. Chyna's breasts pushed against the wet walls as Shawn Michaels
bent down and licked her ass hole and her pussy together."Oh YEAH!" Chyna
moaned as she was already wet as hell and her pussy was very sensitive.

Triple H made his way over to Rena and Karen who were laying on the
ground. They were in a 69 position eating each other's pussies rapidly.
Triple H saw Rena on top. She was exposed and her pussy wide open. H pushed
Karens head down a bit, making her focus her tongue directly on Karen's clit.
Triple H grabbed his 8 inch cock by the head nad slid into Rena with ease,
shocking her. Rena yelled as the cock filled her completely in one stroke.
HHH pulled out and slammed back in again. Then again. Then again.

"AHHHHH OHHHH wait AHHHHHHH UHHH!" Rena cried at the constant teasing of
her pussy. Karen, on the bottom, was licking HHHs cock every time it came out
and went back in.

"Please Shawn, stick it in my pussy. I need it now!" Chyna screamed as HBK
was giving her a good tongue licking to her cunt.

"Ready Chyna? Are you ready?"

"Yes Shawn give it to me!"

"Well before I do I got 2 words for ya....SUCK IT!"

Chyna immediately dropped to her knees and inhaled HBKs cock down her
throat. She bobbed up and down, doing all she could to get him as hard as
possible. IT didn't take long.. HBK stood up Chyna, spun her around, and in
one quick motion, slammed his cock in her pussy as far as it would go.

"YeSSSSSSS! OHHHH Yeah!!!" Chyna yelled, her echoes heard through out the
entire locker room. HBK began to pound away like never before. HHH was now on
his back on the ground. Rena was on his face and Karen was sliding up and
down, getting fucked on his big cock. HH was eating pussy and fucking another
at the same time!! The combined yells and moans of Rena, Chyna, and Karen
could be heard through out the gym. It was empty, but it was still loud.

"OH OH OH yeah Triple H that is the spot UHHNNNNN yeah" Rena moaned as
Hunter's tongue hit the spot.

Hunter was fucking Karen as hard as he could in this awkward position. Her
pussy was so warm and wet. iT felt good on his big dick. HHH decided to be
the leader of this DX crew and take charge!!!! "Stand up bitches!" he yelled
to Karen and Rena. Both girls looked puzzled.

"Suck my dick! Both of you at the same time! Taste your own cunt juices!"
HHH demanded. Rena looked like she didnt want to, so HHH grabbed her air and
shoved his cock in her mouth!

"GRRMMPH GMPH" Rena mumbled as she had a mouth full of cock. "Yeah suck it
you WWF reject HA HA HA!" HHH was taking control now. "Here give it to Karen
now!" he said as he slammed it in Karen's warm mouth.

"No, I ....." Karen protested.

"SHUT UP and swallow Karen!" HHH said. Karen seemed to not care anymore
and just sucked away. "AHHHH you like cock in your mouth don't you Karen!" he
said. "Rena lick my sack nuts while Karen blows me" Rena stuck out her tongue
and licked HHHs salty balls. "AHhhhhh shit that is good!" Now Rena you suck
me and Karen, lick my nuts!" He demanded. They immediately switched and went
to work.

"Oh yeah Chyna! You ARE so good! OH YEAH!" HBK moaned as chyna's pussy had
a wet grip on his cock. He was banging her from behind with everything he
had. Chyna was getting the fucking of a lifetime. "You sure are one big bitch
Chyna! You work out alot?" Shawn said fucking away.

"UH AH Yeah I work out UHN UHNNNNN AHHHHH 5 times a week OH FUCK YEAH
AHHH" Chyna could barely talk with Shawn's large cock making her pussy

Just then, HHH and HBK stopped almost at the same time. "Girls get on your
knees!" HHH said, as the 3 girls got on their hands and knees side by side.
HBK and HHH walked around the 3 and looked at their nice buts sticking up in
the air.

"Who do you want first Hunter?"

"I'll take Chyna. She has a great ass!"

"Good then Hunter, here is the deal. We fuck each one as hard as possible,
then every 30 seconds, move to the next girl, deal?" HBK said. "HA HA HA That
is one hell of a deal!"

"Ready? GO!"

HHH got behind Chyna and slid his dick in her pussy, just as HBK slid into
Rena. They started fucking as hard and as fast as possible. They didn't want
the 3rd girl Karen to be left out, so they took turns fingering and playing
with her pussy.

in unison as HHH and HBK really gave it to them. All 3 girls were getting
fucked harder than ever. Their asses were jiggling as their pussies were


HHH slid into Karen and HBK slid into Chyna. The fucking got harder this
time. Rena was getting fingered deep in her pussy and her clit massaged.
Suddenly, Karen yelled and squirted girl juice all over HHHs cock. She tried
to pull away but HHH had a good hold of her big ass and continued to pound


HHH slammed right into Rena's pussy and HBK did the same to Karen. Rena
was super tight on HHHs cock, but he didn't let up. Her fucked it deep while
spanking her ass. "Geyty up Rena! Take it deep ! Take my cock!" He rode her
like an animal and she screamed.

HHH got more aggressive. He pinned Rena to the floor, grabbed her tits
from behind, and started to give it to her good.

"UH you like that Rena? Ever been fucked this hard? Huh? OH OH OH GRRR UH
UH!" HHH yelled in her ear.

"NO HUNTER! OH AHH AHH UHN Your cock is the best. It AH AH AH OH AHH OHH
It feels so good UHN UHNNN UHNNN!"

"That's right, cause I am the leader of DX Rena! UHHHH UHHH FUCK YOUR
faster and harder than ever.

HHH's cock. Karen came for a second time from HBK fucking and she dropped to
the ground and laid their exhasted. HHH and HBK gave each other a high five.
They were glad. Then, they saw Chyna looking sad. "What's wrong Chyna?"

"I didn't get to CUM from you 2 guys fucking me and they did" she said

"Oh we ain't done yet girl."

Just then, HHH laid on his back and pulled Chyna on top of him. He slid
his dick in and Chyna started bouncing up and down with a smile as her pussy
was filled once again. Then HBK got behind Chyna and stuck his dick right up
Chyna's ASS HOLE!!!

"UUUUUUHHHHHHHH That feels good HBK! Fuck my ass!" Chyna was getting a
double dose of dick from her 2 favorite men. They pounded away at her tight

"Come back here bitches!" HH yelled to Rena and Karen. They came over


HHH pulled out of Chyna's butt and started to jerk off. Chyna thought she
was done, but HBK fucked her ass then.

"AHHHHH SHAWN OUCH!!!! MY ASS!!!! UH UH UH AHHHH OH !!" Chyna said. "I am
up Chyna's butthole.

HHH jerked off over Karen and Rena's faces. Their tongues were licking the
he shot load after load of CUM all over Rena and Karen's face and tits. He
rubbed the head of his cock all over their faces then. They sucked him back
and forth until he was limp again.

The 5 finished taking a shower and cleaning up. There was more cock
sucking and fooling around from the girls, but nothing major. Chyna and Rena
returned to thir lockers to get dressed as Karen slipped out the back door
and HH and HBK left. As Rena buttoned her shirt, she turned to Chyna.

"Now THAT was a workout!"

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