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This story is set in November 1996, the night of WWF Survivor Series,
where Bret Hart made his return to the WWF by defeating a rising star named
Steve Austin. Hart had left right after Wrestlemania in March, where he had
dropped the WWF title to a man he legitimately hated, Shawn Michaels. A few
months after this, Shawn cut a promo where he said Bret had been having
'Sunny Days' lately, implying that Bret was having an affair with Tammy Lynn
Sytch, AKA Sunny. Bret was extremely upset about this, and attacked Shawn
after the show in an unscripted incident. A little while later, Bret divorced
his wife, which got me wondering if Shawn was telling the truth. Now then, on
to the story!

WWF Uncensored Part 1: Sunny Days For The Hitman (MF, cons, oral, anal)
by: Y2Curry (

Bret Hart sat down on a folding chair, exhausted. He was a bit sore, but
very pleased with his classic performance against 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin
minutes earlier. Considering that this was his first match in almost 8
months, he was ecstatic it had turned out as well as it had. Bret's rest was
interrupted by a knock at his locker room door.

"Come in."

In walked Sunny, the former valet of Chris 'Skip' Candido, who was her
real life fiancee. Despite the fact that she was engaged, Tammy had always
had a crush on Bret, and was delighted to see him back. He had always ignored
her flirtatious advances in the past, but she was hopeful things would be
different this time.

"Hey Bret. Long time no see."

"Yeah. Almost 8 months now."

Bret took great pride in being a devoted family man, but Tammy's flirting
had been becoming harder and harder to resist before he had taken his
vacation. He had hoped those feelings would go away during his time off, but
he couldn't stop himself from thinking dirty thoughts as she stood in front
of him in a tight tank top and skirt.

"Great match out there tonight."

"Thanks. I was happy with the match. But since this was my return match,
I figured the crowd would be pumped to see me back. Steve got almost as big
a pop as I did!"

"Yeah, he's really catching on. So what have you been up to?" she

"Nothing, much Tammy. Just spending time with my family, and letting my
body heal. Pretty boring stuff, actually."

"It must have been nice for you and your wife to be able to spend that
much time together."

"Yeah, sure." There was something in Bret's tone that told Tammy not all
was well in the Hart household. And she was right. Bret's wife, Julie, had
been a slim, beautiful woman when he had married her 12 years earlier, but
she had put on some weight over time. Too much for him to be sexually
attracted to her any longer. He had always thought he valued inner beauty
above all else, but this was really testing him. He couldn't stand to touch
his wife, much less get romantic with her. He had been hopeful that his time
off after Wrestlemania would allow him to reestablish a strong connection
with his wife. If anything, the 8 months of vacation time made Bret realize
just how damaged their relationship was.

"Doesn't sound like you had much fun, Bret. Is something wrong at home?"

"Not really. Just the normal ups-and-downs that happen in every
relationship." Of course, it was a much more serious problem for Bret, but
he wasn't one to discuss private matters outside the household. Tammy was
very good at sensing people's emotions through conversation, and she could
tell that the problems Bret was having at home ran much deeper than he was
letting on. Trying to figure out just what the problem was (and if she could
exploit it for her own gain), Tammy got an idea. "Hey Bret, can I see
pictures of your kids? I bet they've gotten so much bigger since the last
time I saw them!"

"Sure." He handed Tammy his wallet. She looked through some of the

"Wow, Dallas is growing so fast!" Tammy exclaimed as she saw the latest
school picture of Bret's oldest son. Finally, she came across a picture of
Bret and Julie's wedding day. She smirked as her suspicions were correct.

"Oh, your wedding picture! Look at how beautiful Julie is! Excuse me for
asking, but has she put on a little weight. Don't get me wrong, she still
looks great, but I just don't remember her being THAT thin when I saw her
last year."

Bret looked down before quietly replying, "Yes."

"Just out of curiosity: does that bother you at all?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, if Chris put on another, say, 50 pounds, I'm not sure I'd be as
attracted to him as I am now. Plus, I bet sex would be a lot less enjoyable
if one of us put on weight. Has that affected you at all?"

"Tammy, I don't feel at all comfortable talking about this kind of thing."

"So in other words, yes. It's not good anymore; the spark is gone. You
probably have a lot of pent up sexual frustration in you. Want to know a
secret? So do I. Chris can't satisfy my needs anymore. I think that we need
to have sex, for both of our sakes."

"Tammy, your attractive and all, but I'm a married man, and I've got a
fam--" Tammy cut Bret off in mid-sentence.

"Don't you get it, Bret? I'm not asking you to leave Julie. All I'm saying
is that we both need a good fucking, and I don't see why we can't solve that
problem. No one will ever know, I promise."

"Tammy, I'm sorry, but--" Tammy realized that mere words weren't going to
sway Bret, so she bent over, sticking her ass right in Bret's face. Bret
stopped talking and stared silently at Tammy's ass. Tammy hiked up her skirt
and started rubbing her asscheeks. Bret tried to fight his urges, but as is
usually the case with men, the smaller head prevailed. He reached out and
gave Tammy a hard smack across the ass.

"OOh, that feels good, Bret, do it again!"

Submitting to his lust, Bret began spanking Tammy's delicious tanned ass
repeatedly, each hit eliciting a cry of pleasure from the gorgeous valet.
After about 20 strikes, Tammy stopped Bret.

"As much fun as this is, honey, I don't want to be so sore that I can't
enjoy the rest of the night." She slid off Bret's shorts while the "Hitman"
removed his shirt. She slipped off his shoes & socks before turning her
attention to Bret's boxers. She got them off in no time, staring hungrily
at Bret's meat while he was undressing her.

"Wow, you're so much bigger than Chris!"

"And you are so much sexier than Julie. I can't wait to screw your brains

"Let's get right to that." Tammy pointed at the couch, and the
'Excellence of Execution' got the message loud and clear. He laid down on the
surprisingly comfy dressing room couch as Tammy began fingering herself. Once
she felt there was sufficient lubrication, the stunning blonde climbed onto
the couch and gave Bret's dick a couple of playful licks before slowly
lowering herself onto it. She started bouncing up and down on Bret's rod,
while he pleasured her breasts with his fingers.

", you're....big." Bret didn't respond, as he
was too busy with Tammy's tits. Because it had been some time since she had
been with someone this 'big', it didn't take very long for Tammy to orgasm.
She let out a high-pitched scream as she thrashed around. Bret became bored
with the current decision, so he pulled Tammy off of him. He instructed her
to get down on all fours, so she rolled off the couch and did as Bret asked.
Bret also got off the couch and came up behind Tammy, slamming his dick into
her from behind. Tammy gasped at his ferocity, but she soon adjusted and was
once again moaning in pleasure as the Hitman rapidly pounded into her.

"Fuck..uhh..just like that, Bret!"

Bret once again did not bother to respond; he just continued to screw
Tammy like a jackhammer. His frenetic speed eventually became too much for
either of them to handle, as they both orgasmed within a few minutes of
assuming their new positions. They both just lay there on the floor for a
few moments, catching their breath, before Tammy spoke.

"God DAMN, that was excellent!"

"Oh, I'm not through yet, Tammy. Do you have any lube with you?"

"I have some at my hotel room."

"Let's go then."

They both got dressed, grabbed their belongings and hurried to Bret's car.

"Tammy, what're we going to do about Chris?"

"Oh, don't worry. He flew out to Stamford after his match to go over new
character ideas with the creative team. He won't be back until tomorrow

The drive didn't take long, as the hotel was only a 5 minute drive from
the arena. Once they got into Tammy's room, they wasted absolutely no time.
Bret quickly took off his clothes, as did Tammy. Tammy dropped to her knees
and crawled over to Bret, smiling as she grabbed his cock in her hand. She
gave it a few good jerks before taking it into her mouth. She expertly
engulfed Bret's member, as he sighed in appreciation of Tammy's masterful
blowjob. Her incredible technique had Bret rapidly approaching his limit.
He warned Tammy of his approaching orgasm, and she just continued sucking.
'The Hitman' shot his load into Tammy's mouth, and she hungrily swallowed
most of it down.

"So, you ready to fill my last hole, Bret?"

"Yeah..just give me a minute here."

Tammy decided she didn't want to be patient, so she rubbed her ass up
against Bret's flaccid penis. Not surprisingly, it wasn't long before Bret's
member was no longer flaccid. Tammy sexily bent down and touched her toes,
sticking her ass out invitingly. Bret got the picture.

"Where's your lube?"

"In the top drawer."

Bret found the lube and squirted some of it into the palm of his hand. He
massaged the liquid on Tammy's ass, and slowly entered her tight asshole. She
groaned in pain, but Bret went slowly, giving her time to adjust. Eventually,
her painful cries stopped, and pleasure took over. Bret placed his hands on
Tammy's luscious ass as he slowly pumped in and out, savoring the feeling.

* * *


Shawn Michaels had lost the WWF title earlier in the night to Sid Vicious;
he didn't really care, as he already knew he would be winning it back in a
couple months. But there was something on his mind; the return of Bret Hart.
He didn't like the guy at all; hated him, actually. But he understood that
Bret was an immensely popular person, both among the fans and among the other
wrestler. So Shawn decided it was important to settle their dispute, and get
on the same page with Bret in an effort to help the WWF surpass WCW in the
television ratings wars. He had gone to Bret's hotel room after the show to
bury the hatchet, but no one was there. He spotted WWF road agent Tony Garea,
and approached him.

"Hey Tony, have you seen Bret? He wasn't in his hotel room."

"I saw him leaving the arena with Tammy. Try asking her. She's down the
hall and to the left."

"Thanks, Tony."

Shawn walked to Tammy's door, and was about to knock when he heard
moaning. He opened the door just a crack, and saw Bret fucking Tammy up the

"Hehe..way to go, Bret. It's about time he gave in to that tease's
flirting." Shawn said to himself as he quietly closed the door and walked

* * *

The next day...

An exhausted Bret Hart lie on his hotel room bed, reflecting. He felt bad
about cheating on his wife, but what was done is done. He would just have to
put the previous night's events behind him, and try to make things work with
his wife, for his children's sake. At least he knew his sinful deed would
never be uncovered. Tammy wouldn't tell anyone for the sake of her own
engagement, and no one else knew...

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