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By Wonder Mike

All the wrestlers where scared, they knew something big was brewing, Vince
McMahon had promised the world, he was in a special meeting with Shane, Jim
Ross and Stephanie, they knew it was big.

They had been waiting in the lunch room for an hour, Pat Patterson entered
the room and took a look around, he stood with his hands on his hips, he told
them Vince wanted all the women to report to his office a.s.a.p.

Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Lita, Molly Holly, Jackie, Torrie, Trish
Stratus and Ivory stood in unison and walked single file to his office, Pat
yelled at Lillian, "You Too" Lillian Garcia hopped up and fell in line.

All the girls lined up outside Vince's door, they looked at each other,
they were scared, they knew he was going to be releasing some people, this
had to be it. Dawn Marie and Francine came sauntering around the corner.

Trish muttered under her breathe, "That's all we need, more girls."

Francine just smiled, she was here to talk contract, she was surprised to
see Dawn, and all the girls lined up, she gave Dawn a quick hug.

Vince finally called them all inside, they walked in like it was a funeral

Vince: Buck up troops, it is good news for everyone we are going to open up
another divas site, it will be a pay site, and I will be giving each diva on
the site a third of the profits.

Trish: What type of cash are we looking at.

Vince: I'm glad you asked, our projections are for 30, 000 monthly
subscribers and 49 a month, I estimate just under half a million for the
month you shoot, we will do a quick shoot with every one we select for the
site to open, then we will do one girl a month. Every girls should do to
shoots a month, you will clear over a million for the year.

Molly: It sounds great, 49 seems like a lot, are you sure the fans will pay

Vince: Everybody knows there is one way to make money on the internet.

Dawn: PORN.

Vince: It will be an adult site.

Trish: Like Playboy?

Vince: It will be innovative.

Lita: It seems cool.

Vince: I am just tired of negotiating with Playboy, all the hard work, and I
get nothing, we will recoup our loses from the XFL, and buying WCW, this
money will be used to buy all the rights to ECW, we will then launch a 24
hour wrestling channel, we will break free from TNN and relaunch WCW and ECW.

Jackie: You are a genius.

Vince: Well spoken.

Dawn: What about me a Francine?

Vince: We will do a test shoot with you, we are also contacting other girls
who may be suitable, are you all in.

Torrie: I'm not sure, is it going to be total nudity?

Vince: We are charging for it, of course.

Trish: Come on, this will be huge.

Vince: We will make history.

Torrie: I'm in.

Vince: I think we will start with a Lita shoot today, we will also do a
Francine test, Lita head over to our press room.

Lita: Today? Are you ready?

Vince: I have been planning this for two months, I was just checking to make
sure we had all the clearance we need.

Lita headed to the press room, the other girls were confused by Vince's
choice of words, but they would make more money in this shoot then they
had in their entire career.

Lita walked into the press room, it was all pink, it had a bed and
dressers, it looked like a little girls room.

Lita: This is weird.

The photographers came into the room shortly after, they were ready to

Lita: Hi, I'm Lita.

Mike: I'm Mike, this is Philip, he is Terrance.

Lita: Hi Terrance, Hi Philip.

Philip: Hi Lita. Lets get rolling, you know what's going on?

Lita: Yes, it is an adult shoot, how do you want me.

Mike handed Lita a drink, she took it and looked at the strange brew.

Lita: What is it?

Mike: It will help you to relax, drink it all.

Lita gulped the drink down, it tasted good.

Mike: Take off your shirt, lets get some shots of you in your bra.

Mike: That's it, push your tits together.

Lita: I think we should take it slow, this is the first time I have done
anything like this. Have you guys done anything like this before?

Terrance: Me and Philip have done a couple of movies.

Lita: Cool, I feel funny, what where your movies?

Philip: We did Not without my anus, and Ass's on fire.

Lita: I remember reading about those, I didn't see them though.

Philip: I understand, lets get started, pull your pants down, we want to see
the top of that thong, that's it, pull the t back up.

Mike: I'm sorry Lita, you have to excuse them, there Canadians you know.

Lita: That's cool, I know a lot of those people, My panties are in my crotch.

Terrance: That's good, pull it up and down.

Philip: Yeah baby, like that, pull your panties into the crack of your pussy.

Lita: This feels so right.

Philip: That's it go for it girl, now unhook your bra, let your tits fall

Mike: That's it baby, push your tits together, now pinch your nipples, this
is gold, you will be rich a month after the site opens.

Lita: This is really cool, it feels nice.

Mike: Pull off your pants, lets see the entire thong.

Philip: Yeah baby, that's nice, bend over, shake that ass, pull your thong up
into the crack of your ass and pussy.

Mike: Do it baby, rub your panties from side to side, remember, the hotter
you are the more money you'll rake in.

Terrance: I want you to work it good Lita, stick your hand down the front of
your panties, that's a good girl, slide it up and down, make it feel good.

Lita: It does feel good, it is exciting thinking about the guys seeing me
nude, they will probably be whacking off.

Philip: That makes you hot doesn't it? Stick a finger in your pussy.

Lita: Yes, it feels good.

Philip: Damn, your wet, I can see the stain on your panties, I think you
should take them off.

Terrance: Yeah, you need to get those panties off.

Lita: They are stained.

Mike: Get on the bed Lita, your a good girl, spread your legs for us.

Philip: That's it baby, shove a finger into that wet pussy.

Lita: Like this?

Philip: Yeah, like that, go for it girl, work it in and out go for it.

Lita: Damn, it just feels right.

Terrance: Get that camcorder in there Mike, zip your pants back up and put
that thing away.

Lita: I think I might cum this way.

Mike: Hold on, Vince has themes he wants to do.

Lita: Themes?

Mike: Philip, go get the guys.

Philip ran out the door to the lunch room, he gave the signal. The guys
came running.

Mike heard them approaching the door and he told Lita, for the site, you
are going to pull the HOOOO train.

The Godfather, the big show Farook and Booker T came bursting in. Lita
shoved three fingers into her pussy.

Godfather: Bent the bitch over, this is going to be so good.

Booker T: Come on, lets see who the real Sucka in this place is.

Booker T whipped out his Fourteen inch member and began slapping Lita
across the Face, Vine walked in and grabbed a seat, all the while rubbing his
hands together.

Show: This is the way things should be done around here, it is stupid that
some dumb broad gets a bigger pop then me.

Godfather: Preach it show, lets give this bitch something to remember us by.

Farook: Lets quit the yakking and gets to the fucking.

Terrance: Amen.

Lita: Give it too me, Where's the beef.

Show: It's right here.

The giant Big show whipped out a 16 inch cock and began rubbing it against
Lita's cheek, Farook and the Godfather each whipped out 12 inches of man

The Godfather slipped in behind Lita, and shoved his cock deep into her
cunt, ita groaned as it entered her.

Philip: Make sure you are getting this Mike, this is priceless footage.

Vince: I wonder if we should make Stephanie a vixxen, I guess I'll do a poll
on the web site.

The Godfather grabbed Lita by the hair with one hand, he began to slap her
ass with the other, she rocked back and forth on his cock as he leaned back.

Booker tilted her head back, he shoved his cock down her throat, Lita
began to slowly swallow it all, Booker and the Godfather shoved her head up
and down forcing her to take all of Booker's 14 inches. She began to gag,
they slowly removed the cock from her throat.

Booker began to shove his cock down her throat again, this time Farook
joined him, they both began to work there cocks in and out of Lita's throat.

The Godfather began to slam his cock harder and deeper into her pussy,
Lita tried to scream, but her mouth was full, Vince began to clap, he loved
this stuff.

Big Show: I think it's my time now, bring her to me.

The Big show laid on his back, The Godfather stood up, lifting Lita into
the air, still impaled, he walked over to show, he placed Lita down on his
rock hard giant cock.

Lita's pussy slowly opened up to accept the girth of the Big show's cock,
The Godfather shoved her all the way down on it, Farook and Booker T then
began to lift her up and down.

The men slammed Lita on the show's cock harder and harder with each
stroke, The godfather stood over her and shoved his cock down her throat,
Lita wrapped her lips tightly around it.

Farook and Booker spun Lita around on the show's cock, her juices where
dripping down the show's cock, they spun her around again, she was facing the
big show now.

The big show wrapped his arms around her tightly, he began to thrust his
massive cock up into her, Lita managed to get out scream this time, his
thrusts where lifting her up into the air.

Farook climbed on top of Lita's back, he shoved his 12 inches deep into
her ass, The show's thrust where now lifting both of them into the air.

Booker T stood next to the Godfather, he pulled Lita's mouth open as wide
as it would go, he shoved his cock down her throat as far as it would go,
Lita was choking on two cocks now.

Dawn Marie was sitting across the hall, Shane and Stephanie where with
her, they gave her a third glass full of their special drink, her world was

Booker T and the Godfather where both fucking her face, Lita managed to
deep throat them both, both men wrapped their arms around her head and shoved
their cocks deep.

They soon both pulled their cocks out of her mouth, they where both limp,
Mike zoomed in for a close up of her mouth, Lita had swallowed both loads.

The Big show thrust harder and harder into Lita, she was bouncing up and
down, it was like an amusement park ride, Farook was along for the ride.

The show stood up, Farook wrapped his arms around Lita, The big show
lifted both of them into the air.

Farook held on with his cock firmly shoved all the way into Lita's ass,
The big show bounced her up and down on his cock as he walked around the

Vince: That is very impressive show, if you had this much stamina in the
ring, you would be the biggest star in the business.

The show dropped Lita to the floor, he lifted her head up and rubbed his
cock across her lips, Farook fell to the floor but quickly bounced up.

Lita tried to suck the big show's cock, it was just too thick, she laid it
on her tongue and stroked it, it didn't take long for him to spurt.

The big show came, and came, he flooded Lita's mouth until it began to
dribble out the corners of her mouth.

Lita: This is more than The Godfather and Booker T combined, I have never
seen this much cum before.

The big show was still cumming, he pulled on her red hair until he

Dawn Marie: I don't know what's wrong with me, I need to be fucked right now.

Shane: Hold on for a couple of minutes, I can get yo taken care of.

Dawn: I can't wait.

Farook then took his turn, he spurted before he could get his cock in her
mouth, he shot a stream of thick white cream right between her eyes, Lita
scooped it up with her fingers and let it drip into her mouth, she then
swallowed it down and smiled for the camera.

Dawn Marie burst into the room, she quickly grabbed Farook by the cock, he
backed away.

Farook: I'm done for the next hour at least.

The big show, Booker T and The Godfather quickly backed out of the room,
Dawn turned toward Vince.

Vince: Not me, not yet, this is still a tryout for you, I need to know how
bad you want to be in the w w f.

Dawn: I need it bad, I'll do anything.

Vince: That's what I wanted to hear, bring him in.

I security guard walked in pulling a leash behind him, a huge Doberman
Pincher trotted him behind him.

Owen trotted over to Dawn and began to sniff at her crotch, Dawn laid down
and spread her legs, "Anything" she said.

Owen slipped his head all the way up her mini skirt, Dawn spread her legs
as far apart as she could, Owen began lapping at her pussy through her

Dawn began to shake, even through her panties it was the best licking she
had ever gotten, she was cumming already.

She quickly ripped her panties off, she began to stroke Owen's head, the
dog shoved his tongue all the way into her pussy, Dawn's eyes rolled back
into her head as another orgasm hit her.

Vince told her she should repay the favor, after all it was better to give
than to receive, especially in the WWF.

Dawn reached up and grabbed Owen's cock, it began to grow, and grow, it
was ten inches long, she leaned over and placed it in her mouth.

Dawn began sucking up and down the doggie cock, she took it deeper and
deeper until the entire thing vanished down her throat, she looked over at
Vince, then she slowly pulled the cock out of her mouth, she looked into the
camera and exclaimed: "I'm going to be a star" she then shoved the cock all
the way back down her throat.

Dawn Marie rolled over onto all fours, she began shaking her ass from side
to side, she reached between her legs and shoved two fingers into her soaking
wet cunt.

Vince: Lets see just how bad you want to be a star.

Owen climbed on top of her, Dawn reached back and grabbed his cock and
told Vince, "This is how bad I want it." Dawn slammed the entire ten inches
into her ass.

She screamed as the cock pierced her ass, Owen began to thrust wildly into
her ass, Dawn began to shake, she was cumming again. Owen wrapped his paws
around her neck and slammed his cock all the way into her, his knot was the
size of a grapefruit, it slapped against her ass.

Dawn rocked back harder and harder, Owen quickly matched her thrusts, he
was well trained.

Vince: Owen is a pro, Steph has been training him, she is an excellent

Dawn was cumming again, she began to shake harder, she was dropping closer
and closer to the floor.

Vince: Let's see how bad you want it, are you tough enough? I don't know.

Dawn managed to pull away from the Doberman, she rolled onto her back
underneath him and began to suck his cock.

Owen stood still as Dawn once more took his cock deep, she began to stroke
it until he began to shoot.

Owen shot short hard streams, one after another, Dawn took each clear
spurt down her throat, she swallowed one stream just as the next one entered
her mouth.

Owen came for three minutes Dawn didn't miss a drop, when Owen finally
pulled away from her Dawn Jumped up and threw her hands into the air.

"I'm a star" she screamed.

Vince: Yes you are.

Vince: I wonder just how bad Torrie wants to be a star? I'll guess we'll find
out, Shane, call that girl Daffney, lets find out if she's tough enough to be
a WWF star.


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