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WWF Vixxxens Part 2
by Wonder Mike

Vince was pleased how the first photo shoot went, he was on the verge of
signing Dawn Marie to a contract, he hadn't decided yet. He summoned his
photographers Terrance and Philip and his videographer Mike to the office.

They where readying for the next shoot, Vince had been in contact with the
"Queen of Extreme' Francine, she wanted a contract badly, she was perfect for

The website was bringing in half a million a month, he could make up his
losses from the XFL by the end of the year. Vince knew the fans wanted hotter
action, he left it up to his crew to make the next shoot even hotter.

He knew Torrie Wilson was quickly becoming one of the most popular females in
the WWF, he summoned her to his office.

Torrie knocked on the door, she was wearing a pink and white bodysuit that
hugged every curve, Vince was very impressed.

Vince: Torrie, do you know why I have summoned you do the office.

Torrie: No sir, I don't.

Vince: It is time for your photoshoot for the new website. Have you seen the
site yet?

Torrie: I have never posed nude before, but I will do anything for the

Vince: That's the attitude that I like to hear, you are a welcome addition
for our family. Mike will escort you to the shoot.

The two went to the special room, Terrance and Phillip were there waiting.

Torrie: What's wrong with their heads?

Mike: Don't pay any attention, they're Canadian's.

Torrie: Didn't I see you guys in the movie "Not without my anus?"

Philip: Of course, now I want you to take the straps down of your bodysuit,
use your hands to cover your breast.

Terrance: That's a good girl, pinch your nipples, man your tits are huge.

Mike: Way to be a professional Terrance.

Terrance: Bite me, not you Torrie, bite your nipples, lightly.

Torrie: That's feels good.

Philip: Get on your hands and knees, let your breast hang free, that's a good
girl, now cup your breast.

Terrance: Now, pull that suit the rest of the way off, that is so nice.

Torrie: I don't know about that, I don't know if I want my privates out for
the whole world to see.

Terrance: Do it bitch.

Mike: Calm down Terrance, she doesn't have to if she doesn't want to. Relax
Torrie and drink this.

Torrie: Thanks Mike, I am a little thirsty, this is new to me you know.

Mike: Of course Torrie, now drink it all down, all of it, that's right.

Torrie gulped down the entire special bottle, she immediately began to rub
her fingers between her breast.

Terrance: That's it bitch now step out of that suit, make love to the camera.

Philip: You are a pig Terrance.

Terrance: Oink.

Torrie stepped out of her suit, she wasn't wearing any underwear, she
threw her hands up over her head and twirled around, the light bulbs where

Terrance: Lay on the bed.

Torrie fell backwards onto the bed, she put her hands behind her head and
laid back.

Philip: Spread your legs Torrie, as wide as you can, that's a good girl.

Torrie had legs that went on forever, she grabbed her ankles and spread her
legs as wide apart as she could, she began to giggle uncontrollably.

Terrance: Spread your lips now bitch.

Torrie stuck a finger from each hand into her mouth and propped it open.

Philip: Your other lips.

Torrie was still giggling, she couldn't stop herself, she stuck one finger in
her pussy, she then took a finger from her other hand and stuck it inside,
she spread her lips wide.

Mike: That's a very good girl, your shoot is going to double the membership
on the website, we will be able to charge 70.00 a month and the people will
pay it.

Terrance: Work your fingers in and out of your pussy, yeah baby do it, shove
two fingers in there.

Torrie: I like to use three fingers when I do this, if you don't mind.

Philip: Please, be our guest.

Torrie cupped three fingers and jammed them into her pussy, she moaned loudly
as the curve in her fingers hit her g spot.

Terrance: You need to work them in and out, that's what your fans want to

Torrie: You don't need to tell me how to do this.

Torrie stuffed three fingers all the way into her pussy, she began to work
them in and out faster and faster.

Mike: Damn. Look how wet she is, her pussy is dripping, I bet it smells good

Philip: Get on your hands and knees, wiggle that ass, that's a good little
bitch, stuff four fingers into your hot box, damn that's hot.

Torrie slammed four fingers in and out of her pussy, she then reached between
her legs and jammed a finger into her ass. She squealed as the finger entered
her tight ass hole, she slipped a second finger into it. Torrie began to
twist the fingers in her ass, then she began to twist the fingers in her
pussy, her entire hand vanished inside her dripping cunt.

Terrance: I think she's ready for the second part of the shoot.

Philip: I do believe your right, Mike?

Mike: I'll go get them.

Mike left the room Torrie continued to pump her hand in and out of her pussy.

Mike ran down the hall and back, he held the door open for his guest. The Big
Show ducked through the door way, he was wearing his black singlet, he put
his hands on his hips and laughed, Rikishi stepped in the room behind him, he
was wearing nothing but his make a difference jacket.

Torrie looked at them, the show said, watch and learned why I am the Big
Show, he then whipped out a fourteen inch cock, Torrie began to suck her
fingers Rikishi looked at the show, then opened his coat, he only had 10
inches, but it was as thick as Torrie's ankles, she began to salivate. The
show stood in front of Torrie, she was on her knees, he began to slap her
across the face with his cock, Rikishi stood on the other side of her, he
began to slap her with his man meat.

Rikishi: Open your mouth bitch

Torrie: Yes sir, may I please suck your cock?

Rikishi: Yes you may Ho

Torrie began to stroke Rikishi's massive cock, it grew even thicker, she
began to lick up and down the shaft.

Rikishi: Put it in your mouth bitch.

Torrie: It's too big, it won't fit.

Show: Shut up and suck that cock.

Torrie opened her mouth as wide as she could and began to shove the cock down
her throat, It was too thick though, she could only get the tip of it into
her mouth.

The Big Show bumped Rikishi out of the way, he shoved a finger into Torrie's
mouth, he then replaced it with his cock. He shoved eight inches of cock down
Torrie's throat, Rikishi stood behind her and jammed three fingers into her

Torrie: God, your fingers are fat, shove them deep inside of me, I need to

Rikishi began to pump his fingers in and out of her tight blonde pussy, The
Big Show shoved another two inches of cock down her throat.

Rikishi: I need to fucked now, bend over bitch.

Torrie put her hands on the floor and began to wiggle her ass.

Rikishi: Man, that's a nice ass bitch.

He then rammed his tool into her dripping wet pussy, Torrie screamed as it
entered her. The leg sized cock slid inch by inch into Torrie's pussy
spreading it wide open as it impaled her, it was seconds before all ten
inches where stuffed into her pussy.

The Big Show had ten inches of cock pumping in and out of her mouth, he
grabbed her by the hair and yanked as he fucked her face.

Torrie: That's it big boy, pull my hair, yank it hard, spank my ass Rikishi,
spank it hard.

Rikishi reared back and slapped her as, he slapped it harder again and again,
Torrie orgasmed every time he slapped it.

Torrie began to rock back onto his cock, she was pumping all ten inches of it
into her and wiggling her ass against his waist.

Rikishi: Ride me bitch.

Rikishi, pulled his cock slowly out of her pussy, it hung wide open for a
couple of seconds, Mike zoomed in for a close up he shot inside of Torrie,
Rikishi laid on his back and pointed to his cock.

Torrie faced him and lowered herself onto the cock, her juices dripped down
his cock as she bottomed out on top of him. Torrie began to slowly bounce up
and down on his cock, Rikishi held her around the waist and lifted her up and
down, the show had her hair wrapped around his hand has he fucked her face.
The Big Show was lifting Torrie up and down by her hair as Rikishi began to
thrust up into her, Torrie screamed with each stroke.

Torrie: God it feels good, I'm cumming again and again, fuck me harder, I
need it bad.

Terrance: You heard her boys, fuck her good, lets see you earn your pay.

The Big Show yanked his cock out of her mouth, Torrie tried to hold it with
her lips but it was no use, the show was behind her now.

The Big Show took aim at her ass, Torrie felt him poking at it and screamed.

Torrie: No, your cock is too big to fit in my ass, no please, you can't.

It was too late, the tip of the show's fourteen inches was already piercing
her ass, he let his 400 pounds ram the cock inside of it.

Torrie wailed as all fourteen inches worked it's way into her ass, Rikishi
began to thrust up into her as the Big Show pumped his cock in and out of her

She quickly adjusted to the two cocks impaling her, she began to bounce up
and down on both of them.

The two wrestlers began to fuck her harder and harder, each one trying to see
who could fuck her harder, Torrie finally went completely limp under the
relentless pounding.

The Big Show pulled his cock out of her ass, Phillip ran over and lifted her
off of Rikishi, he sat her on her knees and held her up.

The show shoved his cock into her mouth and began to stroke it, it only took
a couple of strokes before he emptied his load into her mouth, it began to
drip out and down her chest.

Rikishi quickly took the Big Show's place pumping his load into her mouth,
Torrie managed to look up and smile as the cum ram down her chin.

Mike: Lets get a shot of you swallowing, that's a good girl scoop it off your

Mike: Cut, that's a wrap, great shoot Torrie, Your a real pro, a credit to
the federation.

Vince looked at the raw photos and video, he decided to raise the price of
membership, this was a hot shot, the real good thing about it was he wouldn't
have to pay the Big Show or Rikishi for the week, this was his best idea

Shane came into his office and told him Francine had arrived. She was wearing
black spandex pants and a red halter top, her tits bounced up and down as she
walked into the office.

Vince: Welcome Francine, it is good to have you here at Titan Towers, as you
know we are doing a shoot for our new website, if we like what we see at your
shoot you will be given a quarter million dollar bonus plus a WWF contract.

Francine: That is great Mr. McMahon, what do you want me to do? I will do
anything to be a part of the WWF.

Vince: These young men will take you to the set, just do what they tell you
and everything will be fine.

Francine: Didn't I see you guys in the movie Ass's On Fire?

Terrance: Yes you did.

Francine: What's wrong with your heads? I'm sorry to ask, but it's weird.

Terrance: Why does everyone ask that? We're Canadians.

Phillip led Francine into the shoot room, Buck the donkey was waiting for
them, Francine looked at the donkey and looked at the guys.

Francine: What do you want me to do? Pose with the donkey?

Phillip: This is Buck, this is for an adult website, you can do whatever you
want, Dawn Marie was here earlier.

Francine looked at the photos from Dawn's shoot, she was intrigued, she
walked over to Buck and opened her mouth, the donkey shoved it's thick tongue
down her throat. She began to suck the donkey tongue as she stepped out of
her spandex pants.

She was completely bald, her pussy glistened from the lights.

Francine wasn't wearing any panties, she couldn't in those pants, her ass
hung free, she pulled her left boob out of her top and massaged her nipple.

Both breast where soon free, they where like giant balloons, she reached
between her legs and stared to rub her clit, her juices welled up inside of

Buck soon caught a whiff of her cunt, his cock began to unsheave and grow.
The donkey cock was resting against her leg, it was at least fourteen inches,
she reached down and began to stroke it, Buck began to sway from side to

Francine looked into Phillip's camera and smiled, she then exclaimed "This is
why I'm the queen of extreme."

She leaned over and shoved the donkey cock down her throat, Mike poured his
special drink back into the bottle, Francine quickly jammed 10 inches of cock
down her throat.

Phillip: Look, you can see the outline of the cock all the way down her
throat, I don't understand why she hasn't gotten a contract yet.

Francine began to work her head up and down on the cock, she pursed her lips
hard around the thick member, she took it deeper and deeper with each stroke,
she managed to bottom out and take all fourteen inches down her throat.

She looked over at the boys and winked, they couldn't believe the entire cock
was gone, Francine slowly pulled away letting the cock come out inch by inch,
she looked at the boys and smiled, she then rammed four fingers into her

Francine saw a small bench in the corner, she pointed at it, Mike ran over
and brought it to her, Francine laid on the bench and spread her long legs
as far apart as she could, she jammed four fingers from her right hand, then
four fingers from her left hand into her pussy, she licked her lips and
looked at Buck.

The donkey sauntered over to the bench, Francine reached between it's legs
and grabbed the cock, she positioned it between her legs, Mike, Terrance and
Phillip began to cheer her on as the tip of the cock began it's journey
inside of her.

Francine slid up the bench as she rammed six inches of donkey cock into her
wet pussy, she used both hands to stuff another four into her.

She began to grunt as groan as she worked the cock in and out of her pussy,
she was determined to take it all, she wasn't going to be beat out by Dawn,
Francine was the queen, she stuffed the entire cock into her cunt.

She slid harder up and down the bench, fucking herself with the donkey cock,
Buck loved the feel of human pussy, he thrusted forward ramming his cock into
her. Francine screamed as Buck began pumping his cock in and out, Mike tried
to reign Buck in, but it was no use, he was out of control slamming his cock
into the vixen.

Francine: God someone stop him, I'm cumming, he's fucking me too hard, I'm

Buck continued to pump his cock all the way in and all the way out of her
pussy, Francine was helpless under the onslaught.

She was helpless, but she was cumming, she lifted her legs in the air,
wrapping them around the donkey, she was taking the cock even deeper.

Buck was slamming his cock into her even harder, Francine could feel the cum
dripping out of the donkey's cock, she began to thrust up into him.

Buck finally pulled his cock out of her, a stream of cum followed it out,
Terrance and Phillip helped Francine to her feet, she was unsteady, a quart
of cum came dripping out of her pussy, Mike zoomed in on the puddle between
her legs.

Mike: That was great Francine, you are the queen, I am sure you will be
hearing from Vince about a contract.

Francine: I am sure I will.


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