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War Of Lust - France Vs Italy
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at an ECW/SmackDown Live Event near the loading dock area, La
Resistance members Sylvan Grenier and Rene Dupree are laying out their
strategy for their tag team match later in the night against Rob Van Dam
and Sabu. Both men are wearing blue wrestling trunks, and Rene smirks at
his partner, "Sylvan relax… we will dominate those two has-beens… they are
nothing compared to us… they are pathetic..." Rene says with a confident

"I am relaxed... but after arriving here in ECW... I do not wish to take any
chances with these rejects... We have to show our dominance... and take out
everyone... this is new war for us to fight..." Sylvan says.

Rene nods his head in agreement, "You have a point, perhaps after the match
we make our presence felt to the rest of the Extreme Trash..." Rene says with
a smirk.

"Yes... And we'll take the war to new heights..." Sylvan says as he smirks
confidently, "Because none of them are better than we are... in fact we are
better than they are... simply because we are French..."

"Oh yes... the most obvious fact... not one of them can equal our strength...
our stamina... and out intellect... "Rene replies as neither man realize that
their comments are being over heard by ECW's fiery Full Bodied Italian,

"Whoa...whoa....fellas let me get this straight..." The feisty, fiery Full
Bodied Italian, Trinity, says in her hot Italian accent as she cuts herself
into the conversation between Rene Dupree and Sylvan Grenier. Trinity presses
her lips together into a smirk and she raises an eyebrow "Fellas...let me get
this straight..." Trinity says as she folds her arms against her large, hot
and rounded chest "You two...think you're better because you're frickin'
French?" Trinity shakes her head "I don't think so Italians...
we're the real deals..." Trinity says with a smirk as she's dressed her in
short black leather skirt and a tight-fitting black top with the letters
"FBI" printed across her chest in red, white and green lettering.

Rene puts his hands on his waist as he looks at Trinity, "Mon
must not have... as they say... all your marbles... Italians are the bottom
feeders of Europe..."

Rene says with an extremely arrogant smirk on his face. Sylvan chuckles
slightly, "That is extremely true my friend..." Sylvan says as he looks at
Trinity, "An Italian can not stand up to the French..."

Trinity narrows her feisty Italian eyes slightly as she glares at Rene Dupree
and Sylvan Grenier "Yo...listen up you Italians...can beat your
French-wussy asses and fuckin' time...ya hear me!?" Trinity snaps back as she
unfolds her arms and takes a step forward to Rene and Sylvan as she balls her
fists tightly "Us Italians...can not only beat your asses down...but we can
beat ya asses at anything!"

"As the American would say... please..." Sylvan laughs as he folds his arms
over his smooth toned chest, "Us French are the best at everything... we are
the worlds best fighters... best lovers... best everything..." Sylvan adds
and Rene smirks as he nods his head in agreement.

Trinity slowly nods her head as she smirks "The best huh!? You fucks wanna
put your fucking money where ya mouth is!?" Trinity says with a bit of a
feisty snap in her hot Italian voice.

"We shall take on any challenge to show we are indeed the best at all
things..." Rene smirks as he holds his hands out as if to signal Trinity to
'bring it on.'

Trinity raises an eyebrow and laughs softly "Oh you fucks have no idea
whatcha gettin' yourself into..." Trinity says as she lightly cracks her neck
from side to side before she takes another steps forwards to Rene and Sylvan
"How about...we all have a old fashioned fellas up for that?"
Trinity asks as then gently cracks her knuckles.

Rene and Sylvan exchange glances and both get confident smirks on their
faces before they both look arrogantly at the feisty Full Bodied Italian,
"Mon Cheri... you have yourself an agreement... we shall par-take in your
little fuck-off..." Sylvan says as both he and Rene begin to lower their
blue wrestling trunks from their toned, muscular waists. As Sylvan removes
his wrestling trunks, he frees his impressive eleven inch cock, and as
Rene does the same, he exposes his own twelve inch dick.

Trinity presses her lips together and slyly smirks "Damn...fellas I'm
impressed with you actually got something big packin'
downstairs..." Trinity says, slightly insulting Rene and Sylvan before
she takes one final step forwards as she removes her tight-fitting black
FBI top and reveals her large, hot Italian tits. Trinity tosses her raven
black hair back as she tosses her top to the floor "Ya fellas ready for
the beat down!" Trinity says with a feisty snap as the Full Bodied Italian
ECW Vixen kneels down in front of Rene and Sylvan before reaching forward
and tightly wrapping her soft Italian hands around the hard, thick French
cocks of La Resistance, taking Rene in her left hand and Sylvan in her
right hand. Trinity slyly smirks as she glances up at Rene and Sylvan as
she quickly strokes her hands up and down their hard, thick French shafts.

Rene Dupree licks his lips and moans slightly as Trinity pumps her left hand
up and down on his large cock, "There's no dick... like a French dick... and
you shall see that first hand..." Rene says with a smirk.

"Oui... and you have two to deal with..." Sylvan adds as Trinity twists her
right hand around his cock as she jerks him off. Sylvan also bends down
slightly and begins to feel up Trinity's hot firm, round Italian tits with
his strong hands.

Trinity flicks her hot, wet Italian tongue against her teeth as she locks her
feisty Italian eyes with Sylvan and Rene "Well fellas...there ain't nothing
like a fine, hot Italian bitch..." Trinity says as she roughly slides her
hands up and down the smooth, hard shafts of Sylvan and Rene. Trinity slyly
smirks at Rene before she lowers her raven-black haired head to his cock and
opens her hot Italian mouth, taking his French cock into her mouth. Trinity
presses her lips tightly around his shaft as she begins to smoothly bob her
head on his cock as she sucks his French cock. While the hot, feisty Full
Bodied Italian bobs her head on Rene Dupree's cock, she continues to roughly
and quickly move her right hand up and down Sylvan's shaft as she removes
her left hand from Rene's cock and reaches over to place her left hand on
Sylvan's ball sack as well before she starts to massage his ballsack.

Rene Dupree licks his lips and he lays both of his hands on Trinity's head
and grabs two handfuls of her raven-black hair as the hot Italian Vixen bobs
her head rapidly on his large French cock, "Mmmmm... ahhh..." Rene moans as
he starts thrusting his cock in and out of Trinity's mouth, as she sucks him

"Mmmmm... you have... amateur skills..." Sylvan says with a moan as Trinity
pumps his cock with her right hand while playing with his large balls.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Trinity moans around Rene Dupree's thick, hard French shaft
as she coats his cock with her hot Italian saliva by the use of her soft,
wet tongue. Trinity slaps her wet tongue against the underbelly of his shaft
while she rapidly bobs her head at quick rate, lowering her head further down
on his large French cock. Trinity shift her feisty Italian eyes over to
Sylvan as she quickly pumps her right hand against his cock while she quickly
rubs and massages his ballsack with her left hand.

"Mmmmm yeah... mmm... quite... interesting..." Rene moans as he tries to
suppress the fact that he is enjoying the fierce blowjob the hot Full Bodied
Italian is giving him as he pumps his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Rene... I shall wager... she could not handle you while she attempted to
please me..." Sylvan says with a smirk as he looks down into Trinity's fierce
looking eyes as she works over his cock and balls with her hands.

Trinity slowly lifts her head up from Rene Dupree's French hard cock and
she narrows her eyes as she fiercely looks at Sylvan " fucks! Stand
closer ain't seen or felt nothin' yet!" Trinity says as she
slyly smirks while she glances back at Rene's hard, saliva-dripping cock.

Rene Dupree and Sylvan Grenier both smirk as they stand closer together, and
their large, hard, thick French cocks hang near each other as both men look
down at the hot feisty Vixen. "What are you going to... attempt?" Rene asks
with a knowing smirk.

"Shit...I ain't gonna attempt nothin' you fucks!" Trinity says with a slight
snap before she smirks slyly "I'm gonna fuckin' blow both of ya fellas at
once! Ya hear me!?" Trinity says as fiercely looks up at Rene and Sylvan
before she scoots closer on her knees towards the hard, thick French cocks
of La Resistance. Trinity tosses her raven-black hair back before she leans
in and opens her mouth before taking both of the hard and thick French cocks
into her hot, wet Italian mouth. The Full Bodied Italian presses her soft,
feisty lips around both shafts and begins to impressively bob her head
smoothly along the smooth, hard shafts on La Resistance as she sucks on both
French cocks, gradually picking up her sucking pace, as she starts to move
her head quicker.

"Mmmmmm... Jesus..." Sylvan moans as he feels his cock press against
Rene's as Trinity stuffs her face with both of the large, thick cocks of
La Resistance.

Rene once again grabs a handful of Trinity's black hair as she bobs her head
on the pair of big dicks in her mouth, "Ahhhh she is... rather... whore like
isn't she mon ami?" Rene asks his tag team partner as Trinity's warm, wet
saliva drips down their cocks and out of her mouth as she bobs her head on
both dicks.

"That goes without saying..." Sylvan replies with a moan.

Trinity instantly presses her feisty Italian lips around Sylvan and Rene's
French cocks, adding more pressure to their shafts as she quickly bobs her
head up and down on both French cocks while she deeply sucks on both hard,
thick cocks belonging to La Resistance. " stupid fucks..." Trinity
manages to groans around both French cocks as her hot saliva drips against
their shafts, as she gradually takes the cocks slightly deeper into her hot
Italian mouth.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm fuck..." Rene moans, "Time to take this war... to a higher...
level..." Rene says as he pulls his saliva dripping French cock out of
Trinity's hot, feisty mouth. Sylvan grits his teeth as Trinity's lips clamp
down around his cock as he deep throats it easily without having to deal with
Rene's. Rene then walks about behind the hot Italian Vixen and pulls her up
so that she's bent over with Sylvan's cock in her mouth, and Rene then yanks
down her sexy, black leather skirt, revealing her hot Italian ass and her
smooth, hot pussy. Rene then rams his cock into Trinity's pussy, which makes
her jolt forward so that her face is pressed against Sylvan's crotch with his
dick deep in her mouth.

"Ahhhh mmmmm..." Sylvan moans as puts his hands on Trinity's head as Rene
begins to fuck her from behind.

"Mmmm...mmm...ohhh...mmm..." Trinity groans roughly around Sylvan's cock as
she immediately starts to firmly push herself back against Rene Dupree's
hard, thick thrusting French cock as she slams herself back against his
smooth, muscular waist as she forces his cock deeper into her tight pussy.
Trinity closes her eyes as she easily deep throats Sylvan's French cock,
causing the head of his cock to smack against the back of her hot throat.

Sylvan places his hand on the back of Trinity's head and he slams his cock
down her throat with swift thrusts. "Ahhhh... ohhh yea..." Sylvan groans as
his balls smack against Trinity's chin as she sucks his cock like a vacuum.

Rene Dupree holds onto Trinity's sexy hips as he sharply fucks Trinity's hot
Italian cunt, "Ahhhh... mmmm... you like that French dick you Italian tramp!"
Rene grunts as she roughly slaps Trinity's ass.

" stupid fucks..." Trinity manages to groan around Sylvan's cock as
he deeply thrusts his hard French cock into her hot Italian mouth. Trinity
lashes her feisty Italian tongue against Sylvan's shaft as his shaft rakes
gently back and forth against Trinity's teeth. Trinity raises an eyebrow as
she firmly slams her hot Italian ass back against Rene's smooth, muscular
waist before Rene deeply thrusts his cock into her tight, warm pussy at a
rough rate, causing Trinity to quickly rock forward as Sylvan's cock sharply
grazes against her teeth.

"Ahhhh... ohhh ahhhhh..." Sylvan grits his teeth as his cock grinds over
Trinity's teeth as he fucks her mouth for a few moments more before he pulls
his saliva dripping cock out. Sylvan jerks her head up to look up at him as
saliva drips down her chin, "You are not... that good... but good enough for
us French..." Sylvan says. Rene Dupree lets go of Trinity's waist and gives
her one more hard thrusts before shoving her off of his cock and she collides
with Sylvan's toned muscular body.

Trinity stands up straight and smirks at Sylvan as she places her hands
against his toned, muscular chest to push herself away from the proud
Frenchman. Trinity raises an eyebrow as she folds her arms "And you French
fucks...are gonna fall down to like ya fellas always do!" Trinity snaps back
with a proud smirk on her hot Italian face before she licks her lips "Cause
face it fellas...ya French ain't nothin'!"

Sylvan smirks, "We shall not fall... we shall conquer..." Sylvan says as he
grabs Trinity and lifts her up into the air and lowers her pussy onto his
stiff saliva covered cock while remaining on his feet. "Ahhh..." Sylvan
groans as he feels his cock go deep into Trinity's hot Italian cunt.

Rene smirks, "You shall fall to the French in this war..." Rene says as he
stands behind Trinity and forces his large French cock into Trinity's tight
Italian asshole.

Trinity grits her teeth as she tilts her head back, slightly resting her head
against Rene's toned, muscular chest "Ohhh you fucks!" Trinity groans as she
rocks back against Rene's cock inside of her hot, tight Italian ass before
she starts to grind her hot Italian pussy against Sylvan's cock as he thrusts
his French missile in and out of her tight cunt "Ohhh you fucks ain't got
nothin'!" Trinity moans as she starts to quickly rock back and forth in
between Rene and Sylvan as the proud Frenchmen fuck the hot Italian as they
stands. Trinity wraps her smooth, tanned legs around Sylvan's waist as she
grinds her pussy sharper against his shaft.

Sylvan begins to sweat as he pumps his cock in and out of Trinity's hot pussy
with passionate intensity as he puts his hands underneath Trinity's tanned
legs to give her added support. "Ahhhh... admit it love the
French's dick!" Sylvan yells and grunts at the same time. Rene smirks as his
tag team partner's outburst as he reaches around Trinity's body to grab hold
of her hot, sweat covered Italian tits. The phenomenal French stud deeply
slams his hard, fat cock inside of Trinity's ass so hard that he has to
roughly pull out completely in between his thrusts.

" fucks! I ain't admitting' nothin'!" Trinity groans as she bites
down on her bottom lip as the hot Full Bodied Italian fiercely rocks in
between Rene and Sylvan as she starts to lightly sweat. " French
are so fuckin' weak!" Trinity moans loudly as she starts to bounce up and
down on the French cocks of Rene Dupree and Sylvan Grenier, as she sharply
slams down on both hard French-thrusting cocks.

"Ahhhh... mmmm we are not weak you Italian slut!" Rene replies with a deep
grunt as sweat drips off his hot, muscular French body. Rene pounds Trinity's
ass as he feels his balls tightening. "Ahhhh... ohhh fuck... ahhh..." Rene
groans as he begins to shoot his hot load of French cum into Trinity's hot
Italian ass.

Trinity smirks slyly and raises an eyebrow before she glances over her
shoulder and back at Rene Dupree "You were sayin' you dumb fuck!?" Trinity
says with a laugh as she continues to roughly rock her hot Italian body back
and forth on Sylvan's hard, thick French cock as she slams down harder on his
cock, while he thrusts deeply into her tight pussy.

Rene grits his teeth as he pulls his cock out of Trinity's cum dripping ass,
"It is not over yet..." Rene says as he pulls Trinity back a bit so she's
learning further than she wants too. With only her legs wrapped around
Sylvan's waist, Trinity can't do anything other than grind her pussy against
Sylvan's cock as the proud French stud continues to thrust into her pussy
while Rene holds her in a slightly awkward position.

Trinity closes her eyes "Ohhh you French fucks..." Trinity groans as she
feels Sylvan's French cock roughly slammed into her tight, hot Italian pussy
as Rene Dupree slightly holds her so that she is somewhat hanging upside-down
while Sylvan relentlessly fucks her Italian cunt. Trinity grits her teeth as
she closes her eyes while she manages to grind her pussy against Sylvan's
thrusting shaft.

Sylvan's body is completely covered with sweat as he fucks the hot Italian
Vixen as she's forced to hang from his cock thanks to Rene, "Mmmmmm ahhhh...
ahhh damn..." Sylvan groans as he begins to spray his cum inside of Trinity's
hot wet cunt as she squeezes his muscular waist with her smooth, sweat
dripping legs.

Trinity presses her lips together into a smirk as she slightly hangs
from his cumming French cock while Rene Dupree holds onto Trinity's hot,
sweat-dripping Italian body "Ohhh stupid fucks...told
French ain't nothin'!"

Sylvan breathes deeply as he recovers from dumping his load inside of
Trinity's hot Italian pussy, "This... was nothing but a warm up... this was
not the complete war!" Sylvan says as he pulls his cock out from Trinity's
pussy and he and Rene drop Trinity down the floor.

"Sylvan's correct... a defeat is often a victory... makes us more prepared
for the next battle in this war..." Rene says with a grin as Trinity sits up
on the cold ground after being dropped.

Trinity smirks as she sits on the cold ground of the loading dock area "You
fucks...I'm ready any fuckin' time to beat your asses down!"

Sylvan and Rene pick up their wrestling trunks and put them on, "We shall
see... next time... you better be prepared..." Sylvan says as he and Rene
begin to walk away.

Rene looks back at Trinity and smirks, "Until then mon cheri... au revoir..."


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