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We Servin'
by Crank Case

(Okay assume just for a second that the storylines espoused by the various
feds are at least a little true, then read the story.)

Test and Albert were pissed. They'd gotten their asses kicked by the APA
several times over the past couple weeks. It had all started on Sunday Night
Heat two weeks ago when they's played poker with the APA and lost all their
cash. Then Trish Stratus walked in. They'd used her stripping as collateral
against their money and they'd lost badly. As a result Trish had forced them
into matches against the Acolytes that they'd been less than successful in.

Trish just wouldn't stop influencing Foley to put them in matches where
they'd get their heads knocked in. So they went to see they guy behind both
the APA and Ho services in the WWF. This guy had every hired gun and hooker
in the WWF in his jurisdiction. They were going to see the top dog. They
were going to see Commisioner Mick Foley.

They knocked on the door to the commish's current office... the boiler
room. Foley spoke cheerily, "Come on in guys! Nothing I like better than
seeing T&A, where IS Trish anyway? No, seriously guys, what dou you want?
Another match with the APA?"

Albert screamed, "Sweet fucking lord NO!"

Test patted a weeping Albert on the shoulder and spoke softly, "So sir,
we're actually here to ask for the services of a couple of your girls."

"Which two?" Foley replied, "The two dollar variety?"

Test said, "Actually we were thinking about Mandy and Victoria..."

Foley did a spit-take with the water he was drinking, "My two top hoes?!?!
Vinnie doesn't pay you two enough for them!"

"That's where the second part of the deal comes in, we also need the
services of the APA," Test replied.

Foley jumped up and shouted, "Sweet lord what did Stephanie DO to you

"Not like that!" Test screamed, "In return for Mandy and Victoria, we'll
let you and the Acolytes have the key to Trish's dressing room..."

Now Foley was listening.

***Trish's dressing room, later that night***

Raw had just finished and Trish didn't bother to flip on the light as she
took off her ever-present cowboy hat and trench coat. The lights came on and
she whirled around to see Test and Albert siiting at her dressing table with
Mandy and Victoria on their laps.

"Look guys," Trish said, exasperated, "I've told you guys plenty of times
that you aren't getting any off me and to not hang out in here. And what the
HELL are you bringing you skanks in here for?!?"

"Actually Trish," said Foley's voice as he walked out of the shower room,
"they're MY skanks. T&A are just renting them. They're paying"

Trish looked at him like he was warped, "WHAT THE HELL...forget it! I'm
outta here!" Trish strode defiantely to the door in her baby blue vest and
white leather skirt. She opened the door and walked right into a black APA
shirt. She stared up at the smiling face of John Bradshaw and muttered, "Oh

Bradshaw pushed her back into the room and Ron Simmons came up right
behind him, locking the door. Test had stripped off the daisy dukes and bra
that Mandy had been wearing and she was now rubbing her cute nose against
his crotch as she deep throated him. Albert had Victoria naked pressed
against the mirror and was sucking on her big jugs as she played with his
hairy chest and said, "I KNEW fucking the McMahons would pay off!"

Trish looked up at Foley who was sporting a huge tent in his sweats.
"Never was one to be teased, Trish," he said mockingly.

She begged him on her hands and knees, "Please Mick, I'll do anything..."

Mick got right down in her face, "You don't seem to understand your
situation. There are five men in this room who you've screwed over in one
way or another, and we're pissed. You say you'll do anything I want... I say
you'll do EVERYTHING I want! And THAT is final! Strip the bitch boys."

Trish screamed as Simmons and Bradshaw ripped off her vest, exposing her
huge jugs. They flipped her upside down and slid her skirt off her raised
legs. She was wearing a baby blue leather thong underneath.

"Geez Trish," said Mick pulling out a camera, "With gear like that I might
just put you on my "entertainment" staff! That's it boys hold her arms and
legs. That's a good shot of her tits. Turn her around... the internet guys
are gonna go nuts!" Mick happily snapped a roll of film for his collection
and for blackmail.

Mandy had her legs wrapped aroun Test's waist as he sunk his ten inch
prick into her sweet shaved cunt. Mandy was moaning, "Oh..oh...oh fuck me big
daddy..oh..lord...yess!" Test sucked on her erect pink nipples and fondeled
her d-cup breasts. He ryhtmically pounded her against the wall and her juices
dripped out of her snatch and onto the tiled floor.

Albert had set Victoria on the vanity shelf and spread her legs. He
sucked her large brown nipples and left a trail of saliva from her tits to
her stomach. The he dipped his head lower to her slit. She had shaved her
pubes into a small strip and Albert ran his fat toungue along that strip and
down her lips. Victoria moaned and ran her hands across his huge bald head.
Albert parted her lips with two fingers from his right hand and massaged her
asshole with his left index finger. He inhaled her scent and drove hs face
into her pink folds. Albert sucked on her engorged clit and shoved two fat
fingers into her pussy. Victoria screamed and came loudly, covering Albert's
face with her girl juice.

Foley had Simmons and Bradshaw hold Trish's arms. Foley walked over to
Trish and tugged the leather panties off her legs. He stuffed them in his
pocket and mentioned something about "ebay will love these." Foley shoved a
finger into Trish's dry cooch, "By the end of tonight, you'll be by best
bitch! Alright guys, start her up."

The APA knocked Trish on all fours. Simmons got in front of her and
dropped his jeans, displaying his hardening twenty inch member. Trish gasped,
she'd never seen a cock that big. She didn't see Bradshaw free his seventeen
inches behind her. Bradshaw tapped her cuntlips with his member. Trish looked
around and saw the cock that was going to enter her dry cooch. "No.." she got
out before he rammed it in to the hilt. Her screaming mouth was filled by
Simmons' cock. Ron had shoved ten inches in on the first thrust.

"Damn! I've never had a non-professional bitch get that much in on the
first hump!" he exclaimed.

Bradshaw retorted, "Yeah well I got all mine into her and she's dry... so
what does that tell you?"

Test was slumping in Trish's chair as Mandy rode his cock like the pro
she was. She'd already come twice on Test's meat missle and was coming upon
three. (No pun intentded.) Test grunted and smiled at his good fortune.
"Hey," he thought, "Maybe Foley will let me take a pop at Trish later." Mandy
came again, flooding the chair in cum. The contractions on his cock finally
sent Test over the edge and he exploded in Mandy's flowing cunny.

Victoria was bent over the vanity table and Albert was humping her cooch
with his foot long dick with abandon. He was only warming her up for the
fucking he had planned. The bald headed sasquatch removed his dripping dick
from Vikki's snatch much to her chagrin. She didn't have to wait long for him
to re-enter however, as she spread her asscheeks and speared her asshole.
"Agh!" she yelped as she wasn't ready for the intrusion. Al couldn't last
long under the extreme pressure and blasted a huge load in Victoria's anal
cavity. Both hoes dropped to their knees and cleaned T&A's cocks, as was
customary under the leadership of the Pimpmissioner Mickey Foley.

Trish was being double teamed by the huge dicks of the Acolyte Protection
Agency. It had hurt at first, but after ten minutes of pistoning from the
APA she was cumming and dripping hr juices all over her dressing room. She
moaned like a common whore and clamped her throat and vaginal muscles on the
APA's cocks. Trish had come twice from the Agency's ministraitions. Bradshaw
unloaded in her snatch and she came again, cum pouring from her cooch. She
alternately licking his cockhead and sucking his dick.

"Shit this bitch got a mouth like a hoover!" Simmons said. He emptied his
load on her moaning face. Trish dropped to the floor passed out.

Foley had the ho's take Trish into the shower and clean her up. The hoes
were careful to get all the semen off her and left her sitting against the
wall. She was just waking up when Foley walked into the shower naked. His
fifteen inche schlong dangled in front of him. The broken Trish moaned at
the sight.

"Stand up bitch. Turn around, put you hands on the wall," Foley ordered.

Trish complied and stuck her plump butt out at him. The shower spray
ran along her back and into her asscrack. Her perfectly globular asscheeks
glistened in the spray. (What I'm sayin' is, girl got a fine ass!) Foley
walked behind her and rubbed his hard-od against her dripping pussy slit.

Foley whispered in her ear, "I always thought you had the best ass in the
business. You should show it off instead of hiding it under that coat." He
cupped her firm flesh in his hands and kneeded her butt like dough. Trish
moaned and layed her head on the commish's shoulder.

"Ever been fucked in the ass?" Foley asked.

Trish didn't think about the question and moaned, "No, hurts too much."
Her eyes flipped open in horror as the implications of her statement sunk in.

Foley shoved eight inches of his cock between Trish's fabulous globes and
into her virgin asshole. Trish screamed. Mick kissed her neck, fondeled her
right tit, and frigged her clit with his left hand. Foley manipulated Trish's
screaming body like the mack he was as he pumped his tool into Trish's brown

Trish screams turned into moans around the nine minute mark. Her
asshole hurt, but Foley was making her drip like a faucet from his manual
ministrations. She screamed, "OHHHHHH MIIIIIIICK!!!" And splattered girl goo
over her legs and the drain.

Mick couldn't take the pressure on his cock and he started to cum. He put
one huge glob into her asshole but quickly knocked her to her knees and spun
her around in time to pop two shots on her pretty face and the remaining five
shots of cum she swallowed. She came twice more just from swallowing his

He picked her up by the hair and said, "You're my newest ho. You'll fuck
who I want when I tell you. Questions?"

"No, Mr. Foley," Trish replied as she came down from her fifth orgasm.

Mick got out of the shower and put on his sweats and t-shirt. Trish
walked out a moment later to see T&A emptying their loads into the hoes'
mouths. Foley, the APA, Mandy, Victoria, and Trish left exited; leaving T&A
basking in the afterglow.

Mick popped his head back inot the room, "Oh by the way guys..." He threw
two t-shirts at them and continued, "You've been moved up to the A team. Have
a nice day."

Test and Albert opened the shirts and in bold red lettering they said
"Foley Protection Agency."

The End

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