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by Roseli

Ever since Jamie Koppee won the WWE Diva search, she was treated like shit
by the other Divas. She never understood why, seeing as how she always gotten
along with women. As a matter of fact, she often fantasized about being with
many of the WWE Divas such as Stacy and Trish. She tried approaching Stacy,
but later on regretted it because she acted like a snobby bitch. Trish was
actually very nice, but Jamie felt embarrassed when Trish caught her looking
at her tits rather than making eye contact when having a conversation.

Whenever Jamie found out that she was going to have her very own photo shoot
for the WWE website she was excited. She couldn't wait to show off her tits
and ass to all of the WWE fans. While getting ready for her shoot, Jamie was
surprised to see none other than WWE Diva Molly on the same set as Jamie was
suppose to shoot on. Out of all of the Divas, Jamie absolutely loved Molly.
She always wondered how it would be to knead her ass and tits with her hands,
but she heard that Molly wasn't just portraying a virtuous character on TV,
but that was how she was in real life. Jamie thought that she'd never have a
chance at Molly, but the least she could do was go over and introduce

Jamie: "Hello, I'm Jamie. I'm a..."

Before Jamie could finish her sentence, Molly interrupted her.

Molly: "I know who you are Jamie, its nice to meet you."

Jamie: "No, the pleasure is all mine, I'm a huge fan."

"Thanks, but I think that I'm an even bigger fan of yours," Molly said as
she looked Jamie up and down quickly, hoping not to get caught. With that
being said, Molly abruptly left the set quickly and left Jamie in a state
of confusion.

Jamie never knew that posing for pictures could be as easy as it was. She
had been a model for a few years, and she knew that to get perfect photos
it took long hours in uncomfortable positions to make a great finished
product. But for some reason, she wasn't even concentrating on her shoot.
There was only one thing on her mind: Molly. Was Molly hitting on me? I
thought she was clean and wholesome? What the hell did she mean when she
said that she was a big fan of mine? All of these thoughts were going
through Jamie's head that she hardly even noticed that the photographer
said that they were done for the day. After putting on her white robe over
the skimpy black bikini she was wearing for the shoot, she made her way to
her dressing room.

As Jamie was approaching her dressing room, she could hear light moaning
coming from the other side of the door. Thinking that it was just the
television that she left on earlier, she walked in to see something that
she never thought she'd see. Sitting on the leather couch completely nude,
Molly was quickly fingering her neatly trimmed pussy. Before Jamie could
say anything, Molly stopped fingering herself and stood up.

Molly: "Would you mind closing the door please?"

Jamie: "Shit, I'm so sorry Molly, I really am..."

Jamie began to step out of the room and close the door, but Molly stopped

Molly: "No, come in, and close the door behind you..."

Jamie couldn't believe it. There was Molly, completely nude in her dressing

Molly: "I know what you are thinking Jamie, and I would just like to say
that what you see on TV is not what you always get. Sure, I play a pure and
wholesome character on TV, but the truth is, that's not me at all. The truth
is Jamie, I want you. I saw you when you were competing in the Divasearch.
I've seen some of your stuff, but I'd like to see it all."

Molly walked up to Jamie and ran her fingers through her silky brown hair.
Jamie was in complete shock. Could this be happening? Molly wants me? Who
would've thought that she was a lesbo? Jamie just closed her eyes and went
along with everything that Molly did. Molly slowly untied Jamie's terry
cloth robe and eyed Jamie like she was a piece of meat. Not being able to
wait any longer, Molly then untied the back of Jamie's black bikini top.
She then took Jamie's breasts in her hand and started kneading and rubbing
them. Molly then stopped, to Jamie's surprise.

Molly: "Like I said, I want to see all of you..."

Molly sank down to her knees and slowly pulled down Jamie's black G-string.
Marveling the sight of Jamie's nude body, she knew she couldn't wait any
longer. Molly took Jamie's hand and led her to the leather couch and pushed
her down rather aggressively, but Jamie didn't care. She knew that she would
enjoy everything that Molly was about to do. Molly sat down facing Jamie and
started kissing her. This made Jamie wet with anticipation. Then, Molly laid
Jamie down. Molly mounted her and started slowly grinding her pussy against
Jamie's. This was such an incredible experience for Jamie, that just the
slightest movement of Molly's pussy on hers made her cum faster than she has
even before. When Molly felt Jamie's cum against her own pussy, she started
kissing down Jamie's chest until she reached her belly button. This was pure
torture for Jamie, she wanted Molly to taste her so she could taste Molly.
Finally Molly made her way down to Jamie's pussy and started licking up
Jamie's sticky cum. It took two minutes of that to make Jamie cum for the
second time. Molly couldn't get enough of Jamie's cum, and Jamie couldn't
get enough of Molly's tongue.

Molly: "You know Jamie, I'd say that your cum is the best that I've ever
tasted, and I'm no stranger to cum."

This was sending Jamie over the edge, but there was something that Jamie had
to do to be completely satisfied.

Jamie: "Its your turn Molly, I want to give you what you just gave me."

Molly: "I have no problem with that".

They both sat up and instead of Molly laying down like Jamie did, she sat up
on the couch. Jamie got off of the couch and slowly sank to her knees, and
Molly opened her legs. To Molly's surprise, Jamie grabbed Molly's legs and
put them on her shoulder so she could get every inch of Molly that she
wanted. As soon as she put her tongue into Molly, she felt like she was in
heaven. She was hoping that Molly was enjoying this as much as Jamie was.
Jamie felt like she could do this forever, but she didn't have to because it
didn't take long for Molly to cum right in Jamie's mouth. Even though Molly
was cumming, Jamie wasn't done. She took her index and middle finger and
quickly thrust it in and out of Molly's pussy, causing Molly to scream in
ecstasy. Molly ended up cumming for the second time within the span of ten
minutes. Jamie withdrew her fingers and slowly licked them up and down,
savoring the taste of Molly's cum.

Jamie woke up a few hours later, drenched in sweat. She thought that she
had been dreaming, but when she felt a breath of warm air on her back, that
confirmed that it was all real. Jamie laid there for awhile, fantasizing
about some of the other Divas. She knew that Molly didn't really get along
with the other Divas, so asking for a threesome with someone like Trish or
Stacy was out of the question. "Wait a minute," Jamie thought out loud.
"Isn't she Gail Kim's mentor? They're both good friends, so why not?" She
smiled, knowing that suggesting this to Molly would be a wonderful idea for
the both of them.

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