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Welcome Back
by Tazz

(Copywrite Brotha!, by TAZZ...STEAL IT..AND YOU GET CHOKED OUT!)

Chyna, once a shunned away misfit, has blossomed into a superstar over
night. Chyna has been a female phenom in the WWF as of late. Appearing on
many talk shows, magazines and her newest appearance...Playboy. This story
will depict events that happened shortly after she posed in Playboy.

Chyna laid slouched on a leather counch in the women's locker room,
wondering how well her acting was with Eddy a few moments ago, it was live,
so there was no room for error.

"That was great out there!" Squeeled Terri Runnels in a rather astonished

"You really think so, I just hope J.R thought it was good." Said Chyna.

"Oh don't even worry babe, you were terrific." explained Terri. "Well, I
got to get going, I know my man is waiting." Said Terri.

"Oh, you gonna give him any tonight?" Said Chyna, jokingly.

"Oh yeah, I just met him last week, the passion hasn't died yet." Giggled
Terri, as she walked out the door.

Then Chyna got up and left the lockeroom, and started down the hall to
find Eddy. Chyna finally caught up with Eddy. "Hey Joanie, I just talked to
J.R, and he said we did great!" Said Eddy.

"Well, it looks like our storyline may be over soon, seeing that I'm
turning heel and all, I just want to say that it was nice working with you."
Said Eddy.

"Ah, thats sweet Eddy." said Chyna in a sweet voice. Then Chyna walked
off. Eddy stood there and stared at Chyna's well-rounded ass as it moved in
perfect unison when she waked, as she disappeared down the hall.

"DAMN! I wish she would have let me hit that!" Eddy thought to himself.

Chyna went into her own personal lockeroom, she opened her locker and
grabbed some clean clothes. She went into the shower room, and threw her
clothes on the counter. She stood in front of the mirror, and began to take
off her clothes. She pulled her leather top over her head, uncovering her
large breasts.

While Chyna was undressing, J.R walked in her lockeroom, looking for her.
He almost walked right past the shower, but he turned his head just in time
to see her, and he jumped back quickly. "OH MAN! if I had walked any further
she would have saw me in the mirror." J.R thought to himself. J.R peaked his
head around the corner just in time to see Chyna fondling herself. "WOW, she
looks even better naked in person than in Playboy." J.R whispered to himself.

Then he turned around to examine the room, when he saw Chyna's gym bag. He
approached the bag and saw that it was already open, which was great for him
because he didn't have to tamper with a noisy zipper. He reached in and
pulled out a purple thong. "YOU COULD FLOSS WITH THIS THING!" J.R said in a
quiet voice.

Then he heard the water come on in the shower, so he figured she wasn't
gonna be out for a while, so he had plenty of time to nose around in her
stuff. So he place the thong under his nose and inhaled the feminine scent.
"Mmmmmmm...she smells soooooooo good." Thought Jim. He dropped the panties,
and reached into the bag again, this time he felt something solid, so he
grabbed it, pulled it out... to his suprise...IT WAS A NINE INCH DILDO!

J.R's cock hardend with the very thought of where this fake cock has been.
He fantasized for several minutes about what Chyna has done with the fuck
toy. He was too wrapped up in fantasizing about Chyna that he did not hear
the shower turn off.

"Can I help you Jim?" Asked Chyna, who only stood about 10 feet behind
him. J.R jumped at her voice, and dropped the dildo onto the gym bag in front
of him and turned around. Apparently, Chyna did not see J.R drop the toy.

"Yes,, I need to speak to you in my office for a few minutes
before you leave, is that O.k?" Asked J.R, not knowing if she had seen him
with her toy.

"Are you okay J.R, you seem nervous?" Asked the concerned woman.

J.R spoke in a more calm and collected voice this time, knowing that she
didn't see him with her pleasure toy. "Nah, it's just that I have sort of a
suprise for you in my office." Said a calmer J.R.

where he says he has a suprise, then he pulls out his cock...> Chyna began
to childishly think to herself. "Oh, well sure I can make it , just let me
get dressed first, and I'll be right there!" Said a slighty excited Chyna.

J.R turned around and left the room, he closed the door behind him and
sighed. "WHEW! That was damn close!" He giggled to himself, as he strutted to
his office down the hall.

Chyna began to get dressed, but stopped when she noticed that her dildo
was on top of her bag instead of in her bag. "OH SHIT!" Chyna said to
herself. "Did I take this out?...or did J.R come in here and snoop through
my things while I was in the shower. Either way, he had to have seen it."
Thought Chyna. "Shit! I can't go into his office and face him now, not when
he knows that I have sex toys in my bag, what am I gonna do...?" She thought.
"I hope thats not the reason that he wants to see fire me for
bringing stuff like that to work. "Well, I don't have a choice." Said Chyna.
She finished getting dressed, grabbed her gym bag and headed out the door.

Moments later, Chyna entered J.R's office without even caring about the
incident earlier, she just wanted to hear what he had to say and get the hell
out of there so she could get home and use her beloved dildo. "Hello, Jim.
What did you want to speak to me about?" Asked a not so nervous Chyna.

"Well, I'm really not the one who wants to speak with you, somebody else
does, let me go get him." Said J.R. Jim got up and went in the other room.

So Chyna found this as a perfect opportunity to do a little snooping of
her own. She went behind his desk and looked in his desk drawers, Chyna
didn't really know what the hell she was looking for, she just wanted to pay
him back for snooping through her stuff. She opened the bottom desk drawer to
find nothing but office supplies, but when she closed the door, and looked
down, she saw something VERY interesting. She saw the November issue of
Playboy with her in it, and an open jar of Vaseline under his desk, on the
floor. "Holy shit!" Chyna mummbled to herself.

She picked up the Playboy and opened it to the pages that she was on, and
saw greasy finger prints that were obviously made with Vaseline. She tried to
turn the page, but it was stuck, finally she pried it open with her nails,
and saw dried up sperm all over one of her pictures. "Oh my God! J.R has been
whacking off to my nude photos." said the Amazon, in a whispering voice.

Then she heard the doorknob in the other room turn, so she dropped the
greasy magazine, and hopped over the desk as fast as she could. Just then,
J.R walked back into the room with Mark Henry, Henry had a young boy with him
as well. "Mark!" Shouted Chyna. She ran over to him and gave him a big hug.

"How have you been?" Asked Mark, while they were still embraced.

"Oh, things have just been getting better and better for me!" said the
excited lady.

"Good, good, I heard that you were in Playboy." said Mark.

The very mention of the word "Playboy" reminded Chyna of the cum covered
magazine under J.R's desk. "Oh, yeah, I just hope everyone likes the
pictures." said Chyna.

"Ah, don't even worry, with a body like can you go wrong?"
said Mark, jokingly.

"Boy, you sure have lost a lot of weight Mark!" insisted Chyna.

"I know, I look good don't I?" Laughed Mark.

Hours flew by while they all taked. She met, and talked the boy and found
out that it was Mark's nephew. "Before I leave, Chyna, Can I get an
autograph?" asked Marks Nephew, Stephan.

"Sure baby!" said Chyna, in a sweet voice.

She turned around and leaned over J.R's desk and began to sign the kid's
photo. But then she looked up in the mirror accross the room, in front of
her, and saw the kid pointing at her ass, and bucking his hips at it,
pretending like he was screwing her doggystyle. This began to anger Chyna.
Her day was just one bad occurence after the other. First, J.R snoops through
her stuff, then she finds out he's been beating off to her nude pictures, and
now this little bastard is acting like he's fucking her. Chyna turned around
suddenly. The kid stopped his childish antics immediately.

"Look you little fucker, I don't appreciate you acting like your fucking
me behind my back while I'm trying to do something nice for you!" shouted
Chyna. "And you, Mark, just standing there and not doing anything about it!"
roared the pissed off Chyna.

"Ah, calm down Joanie!" said the snickering J.R.

"No, fuck you, Jim!" shouted Joanie. Jim Ross just looked at her in shock.

"Don't think that I don't know that you were jerking off to my naked
pictures, I saw the Vaseline and my Playboy under your desk!" said Chyna.
"If you wanna jerk off to something, why don't you jerk off to this..."

Chyna ripped off her top, letting her massive tits bounce free from the
tight fabric. All three men stood back in absolute shock. Then Chyna pushed
Stephan against the wall. "Okay you little bastard, you wanna pretend like
your fucking me, well why don't you stop fucking around and do it then."
Joanie said. She unzipped his pants, and pulled his semi-hard cock out of
his underwear. She leaned forward and licked the tip of the head, making it
twitch. Then she swallowed his prick, deep throating his erection, getting
it harder than cement, then she pulled it out and began to jerk him off

"Oh fuck!" Shouted Stephan.

Meanwhile, J.R had already grabbed Chyna's dildo out of her bag, he then
pulled down her spandex shorts, and proceeded to rubbed the artificial dong
along Chyna's wet slit.

Chyna was massaging her hardened nipples with one hand, and slowly
stroking Stephan's fully erect 8 inch cock, while she licked and slurped on
his hairy nuts.

Mark went over to J.R's desk and grabbed the jar of Vaseline, he smeared
a good helping across his gigantic 9 incher, and started to slowly jerk-off
to the hot action in front of him.

Jim turned on the vibrating dildo, and started to stimulate Chyna's clit
with it, while he flickered his tongue at her vaginal opening.

"Oh baby...Ahhhhh, yeah Chyna, thats it, suck my dick white bitch!"
sounded Stephan, as Chyna continued her oral assault.

Chyna stopped licking Stephan's balls, and looked up at him, she looked
into his eyes, and started to talk dirty to him. "Oh, baby, you like having
your dick sucked, huh? You gonna fuck me with this? Huh? Are you gonna fuck
me with this big, black cock of yours? Oh yes!" moaned Chyna, as she
continued to slowly stroke Stephan's hard prick.

J.R finally pulled his tongue away from Chyna's wet folds. "Yeah, Chyna,
you didn't expect this, did you? Huh? Oh baby, your such a fucking whore!"
J.R said to Chyna. Then J.R continued to tongue her cunt.

Chyna's response to J.R was a loud moan of approval. Now J.R decided to
replace his tongue with his fully erect cock, he pulled his pants down and
his boxers, and smacked his hard prick across Chyna's firm cheeks a few

Chyna pulled Stephan's cock out of her mouth, and turned her attention to
J.R when she felt the tip of his prick press against the back of her sopping
hole. Slowly he forced his fat penis into Joanie's tight vagina, inch by
inch. "Oh, J.R, your so big!" squeeled Joanie.

J.R kept her cheeks parted as he thrusted deep into her. J.R pulled Chyna
way from Stephan, and laid down, letting Chyna ride him backward. She rested
her palms on the floor behind her, and bounced furiously on J.R's dick.

Mark had just come out of the restroom, washing all the Vaseline off his
cock and hands.

Stephan approached Chyna, and grabbed her enormous tits, finally stickinghis cock in between them. Chyna closed her jugs over his lubed shaft, and
began to rub her tits up and down it. Chyna sucked the tip of his prick as he
tit fucked her.

"Oh, J.R, I wanna do it on the desk baby." Told Chyna. So Chyna got off
him, and laid back on the oak desk, she willingly spread her legs for Jim.
"Come on baby, don't keep this hot snatch waiting." said Chyna, in a slutty
voice. J.R lined his cock up with her tight hole.

"Hey Jim, don't get greedy man, let the lil' man have some."

"Oh, be my guest...if you think you can handle her." Said Jim, smiling.

"Oh yes, Stephan, baby, fill my pussy up...I bet you'll like it way more
than my autograph." laughed Chyna.

Stephan rubbed his erect penis along her slit, then finally jamming it up
her hungry pussy. Stephan gripped her strong thighs, while he pistoned into
her cunt. Chyna grabbed her ankles and put her legs on his shouders, giving
him easier access to her vagina.

Mark stood behind Chyna, she immeadiatly grabbed his 9 inch cock, and
inhaled it. Mark got up on the desk, and began to lower himself up and down
over Chyna's face, makng his cock slide in and out of her warm mouth.

J.R stroked his cock at this glorious sight.

After a few more hard thrusts into Chyna's pulsating cunt, Stephan pulled
out slowly. "Hey, come get you some of this, Uncle Mark." said Stephan.

So Chyna pulled Mark's dick out of her mouth. "Oh yeah, Mark, come get it.
Fuck my pussy, Mark!" Shouted chyna.

Mark picked Chyna up, he laid back on the desk, and Chyna strattled the
big man. Mark held his cock into place, while Chyna impaled herself on it.

J.R sat in his office chair, and rolled toward the desk where the action
was, to get a great close-up view of mark's cock sliding in and out of Chyna.
J.R stroked his cock fast while he watched Mark's cock enter and exit Chyna's
glistening pussy.

Chyna played with her giant tits as she bounced on Mark's huge prick.
"Stephan, I want you to fuck me too, baby!" squeeled the amazon slut. So
Stephan got up on the desk, behind Chyna. Mark and Chyna boith stood still
while Stephan entered her pussy.

J.R was now stroking his cock like crazy, as he watched two black cocks
fuck Chyna's pussy.

"OH YES, FUCK ME DEEP!" Shouted the whore. Chyna's cunt was completely
full with two huge cocks in it.

Both Mark and Stephan heavily thrusted into Chyna's spasming vagina, while
she screamed, and moaned in pleasure. Mark sucked on chyna's melons, as he
probed her cunt his large dick. Stephan had finally had enough, he pulled out
of Chyna's crowded cunt and shot his hot jizzm all over her sweaty ass

"Oh yes, shoot it all over my ass!" cooed Chyna.

"Oh fuck Chyna, I'm gonna fuckin' cum, baby!" hummed J.R, so J.R
approached Chyna's face.

Chyna placed his cock in between her huge boobs, while she sucked the
head. "Oh Jim, please cum on my tits, baby!" instructed chyna.

Soon after that, J.R spewed gob after huge gob of hot sperm on Chyna's
breasts. Now that Chyna had drained J.R and Stephan of their goo, she wanted
Mark's hot load next. Chyna started to gyrate her hips as fast as she could,
making Mark shout in pleasure.

"Mark, I want you to cum on my face, baby, do it NOW!" Chyna demanded.

Mark couldn't take anymore of her tight snatch, so he pulled out of
Chyna's percolating vagina , and Chyna laid on her back, awaiting his hot
sperm. After a few seconds of Chyna beating Mark off, he Shot the biggest
load of his life on her slutty face. Long, thick str ands of hot jizz landed
on Chyna's face, covering it.

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