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Welcome To Smackdown
by Brent M Denny & Cerberus

It was another ho-hum segment on Smackdown. Thier divas division was
obviously lacking. Teaming up with the Guererros, Torrie Wilson was set to
do battle with the Bashams and their mistress Shaniqua. When it came down
to it, the Bashams and Guererros cancelled each other out, eventually
brawling to the back, leaving the legal opponents in the ring. Torrie was
obviously outmatched, and, in a matter of seconds, was pinned 1-2-3 after a
big boot. However Shaniqua wasn't done. She put Torrie between her legs,
obviously signaling for a powerbomb. It was then that Paul Heyman's music
shocked all as he stood at the entrance way.

"Now Shaniqua, normally I don't have a problem with physical violence, but
what you're doing is uncalled for. Not because she's weaker than you, but
because of the profitable gain I make off of her. So I'm asking you nicely,
leave her alone today."

Shaniqua merely stood there a moment before shrugging her shoulders and
picking Torrie up, drilling her to the canvas with a powerbomb, laying waste
to the pretty blonde.

Paul's eyes were wide.

"Okay! That's it! You wanna disregard a simple request of your boss,
you'll be sorry!"

The scene faded quickly and Torrie's character was rushed to the back. Of
course she was fine, as Shaniqua was generally very careful about power
moves. She went up to Paul, complimenting him and receiving compliments
back for the segment.

"So I don't mean to pry, Paul," started Torrie, "but what do you have

Paul grinned "Well Vince agreed that our division of divas is lacking. So
to make up for it, next week we're debuting Victoria to turn face and feud
with Shaniqua."

Torrie's jaw dropped. "How come you didn't tell me sooner! Is she here

Paul was puzzled. "Well yeah, she's right down the hall...but what's the
big deal?"

Torrie regained her cool suddenly. "Just a lil tradition us ladies have,
never you mind."

Torrie immediately went to her locker room dove into her own personal shower
which was definatly a "Treat" not every arena's locker rooms had they're own
individual showers sometimes the divas had to share which wasn't always so
bad some very interesting and quite fun events happened due to shairing
showers Torrie sure had her share of fun with Nidia Shaniqua hell even
Stephanie on one ocassion. But the past wasn't on her mind Torrie got the
sweat off of her body got dry and then dressed in her evening where.

The top Torrie was wearing was A pink shredded long sleeve top with one
sleeve was missing, and their were ample amounts of cloth missing from her
abdomen area. her bottoms where normal except for being the same colour as
her top obviously and her shoes where also the same colour Torrie then got
her fresh make up on and brushed her hair so it was free but smart looking
and then she headed down the hall to where Paul Heyman had informed her
Victoria was.

There was a rapping at Victoria's door. It startled her, as not many people
should have known she was there. She was hesitant to open the door. She
cracked it open just enough to see Torrie's trademark grin.

"Hi Victoria" she said in a clear pleasant voice. For some reason, the
soothing sound of her voice made Victoria happy to open the door up, and
invite Torrie in.

", not to be rude, but what are you doing here? Nobody's really
supposed to know I'm here."

"I asked Paul what the deal was with interupting me and Shaniqua he hadn't
told us he was gonna do it before hand made me a little worried I was
thinking he was gonna give Shaniqua an order to beat the crap out of me and
put me on the shelf like Vince did Stephanie. He told me the plan told me
you where here and so I took it upon myself to do the "tradition"."

Torrie explained her trademark grin widening over her pretty face.

"Ah...but, that still doesn't exactly explain why you're here."

Torrie nodded, understanding.

"Well, you may not be aware, but it's always been a tradition for the number
one lady to take out a new girl and show her a good time. See on Raw, it's
the women's champ obviously, but here on Smackdown, I win by default since
Vince won't give anybody but me any airtime. So I just felt I'd take it
upon myself to show you around the town tonight. You up for it?"

"Do I have to pay?" Victoria asked.

Torrie laughed a giggle "One of the rules of the tradition is that the new
girl doesn't pay for anything all night."

Victoria smiled "So a night on the town and free booze well give me a second
to think about it." Victoria said "Sure i'm in." she then said almost

"Excellent!" chirped Torrie. "Just one request dear, you may want to change
a bit."

Victoria blushed at the fact that she was wearing an old T-shirt and green
sweat pants. "True," she laughed.

She quickly flung the shirt over her head. Torrie's eyes bulged when she
saw her toned body now in a red lacy bra. She involuntarily turned around.
Victoria rolled her eyes.

"Oh c'mon Torrie, it isn't anything you haven't seen before."

Slowly Torrie turned around just in time to see the sweats come off, and a
red thong greet her. While she was turned around, Torrie smiled a different
grin. This one was of lust and appreciation.

Victoria loved to show off her body she felt she'd worked so many god dam
years getting it to what she considered "perfect" that she had every right
to show it off in public and she did at every opertunity and this sure
sounded like an opertunity to her. She had been outside it was quiet a warm
night considering it was ment to be winter and comming close to Xmas she
decided to wear her favourite outfit which was a black and purple bra like
top with a cut just around the center that showed off a bit of cleavage she
also wore knee high black boots and purple and black shorts she then flung
her hair behind her and ran her fingers through it kind of like she did when
she was "in character" only this time she wasn't acting sycho it was just to
make sure there where no knots etc in it she then spun around to see Torrie
who quickly changed her facial expression to a rather embaressed smile
Victoria simply smiled she'd seen that look before it was the "Oh shit I got
caught staring look" she'd seen and worn that look before herself.

Torrie averted her gaze and quietly mumbled. "Shall we?"

She left the room rather quickly. Victoria took her time and sauntered out
of the room. She always had a positive self-image, and getting another
woman to look at her that way was a total ego boost, not to mention a huge
turnon. She'd never been with a woman, but she was definitely open to any
and all ideas, thus making her crazy gimmick all the more believeable. She
approached Torrie in the hall.

"So, whereto first?"

Torrie thought.

"Well I know where I want to go, but they don't have drinks there, so
let's head out to a bar and chat a bit before we go to the evening's big

Torrie didn't mind that she hoped she'd be able to keep her hands and even
more importantly her eyes to herself she knew Victoria had caught her
stairing now either she passed it off as nothing or she passed it off as
something and just waited to see what Torrie did again which brought up the
question what should Torrie do next? Should she make a move make a
suggestion etc or do nothing and just enjoy the evening as friends? Torrie
figured she'd just let the night decide either way.

"Sure." Torrie said comming back to reality as the warm weather outside as
the two ladies had exited the building hit her.

"I know just the place." Torrie said as she hailed a taxi and they both got
in "Tropicana Island" Torrie told the driver.

There was an awkward silence in the 5 minutes that the car ride took, and
all the time, Torrie avoided Victoria's piercing gaze. Similarly, Victoria
confidently smiled at the blonde never taking her gaze away from her. It
lasted a relatively short time, as they exited the cab and got a secluded
table, and ordered a couple drinks and to keep them coming. Torrie got her
Strawberry Daquiri, while Victoria had a Bloody Mary. They quietly sipped
their drinks for a couple minutes, but soon loosened up.

"So," started Torrie, hoping to start up a new subject.

"Aren't you worried that you'll never get another shot at the women's belt
now that you're on Smackdown?"

Victoria smiled "I've been woman's champion maybe not the greatest but at
least I was good enough talented enough to hold the title at least I can say
i held the title that legends like Moolah and Mae Young Alundra Blaze and of
course Chyna held now I want to go deeper into my acting ability ya see i
consider RAW a Physical show where as Smackdown now that is where the true
entertainment is I mean which show had a soon to be mother in law kissing
her soon to be daughter in law. Which show had a father clothesline and
powerslam his own daughter? which show had two former playboy covergirls
kissing dead on the lips? I don't think it was RAW."

Victoria said with a big grin on her face telling Torrie some of her most
favourite and memorable SD momments.

"Y'know, the guys happen to wrestle there too," Torrie joked as she sipped
on her drink. "Besides, not alot of people consider those the best written

Victoria shrugged her shoulders. "Well that's not the wrestler's fault. We
have to do our best with what the writer's give us. I think if you try not
to take it seriously and allow yourself to laugh, the shows have been just

"So any plans to forfill the fans nickname for you?" Torrie asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Well Chyna entered Playboy had two major successes doing it so is "The
Next/New Chyna" gonna grace the cover of Playboy and be the fourth WWE diva
to do a PB magazine?" Torrie asked Victoria then said something that Torrie
hadn't counted on her saying or asking she said "Would you like it if I did?"

Checkmate, thought Victoria. Torrie's face told the whole story. At this
point she was mere putty in the manipulator's hands, but the night was still
young, she definitely was intrigued as to where this would go.

"Umm..well, it'd be good for business," mumbled Victoria. "And what would
you think," persued Victoria.

Torrie's voice reached a whisper. "I think you'd deserve the fame. You have
a great body, you're a great wrestler, you should definitely be the next
woman to represent us."

Victoria sat back, genuinely suprised by the honesty.

"Well, maybe I'll have to give it another thought then. I turned them down
last month, but they'll be calling soon with a renegotiating offer. Maybe
it'll be as good as you think it will."

Torrie just smiled a nervous smile.

"Would you excuse me while I go to the bathroom?" Torrie asked needing to
get out of this "hot" situation.

Victoria's smile widened Torrie knew she was like mouse that a cat (the cat
being Victoria) had by the tail and was just toying with her before she made
the kill the question was how would Victoria kill Torrie would she make her
move first or would she say she's sickened by Torrie in that way or something
similar Torrie had had her share of "luck" as far as women went but she had
had her fair share of "bad luck" with women Torrie made a break of the ladies
room greatful for being able to break the tension that was growing at the
table she'd just left.

Torrie splashed her gorgeous face with cool water, as both a physical and
metaphorical way of cooling off. She took deep breaths and stared in the
mirror. She couldn't understand if Victoria was just teasing her or if she
really wanted her. Either way, she was spiraling out of control. She had
no choice. While the bathroom was empty, she rushed into an empty stall and
stuck her hand into her tight fitting jeans. She rubbed herself violently,
quickly getting a rush of adrenaline. She kept banging into the stall but
kept her voice muffled. She kept going for just a couple minutes, enough to
drain the unmititaged passion out of her. She panted, a tad exhausted. She
just exited the bathroom, but felt even hotter as she left. She realized
not gratifying herself only made her plight worse.

Victoria watched as Torrie crashed back into her seat almost.

"Have a fight with the hand dryer?" Victoria asked Torrie looked at her
puzzled. "Your hair." Victoria pointed out. Torrie quickly got her brush out
of her bag and began to brush it.

"I splashed some water on my face to try and cool myself off it's getting
hot around here but they didn't have any paper towels so I had to use the
hand dryer."

Torrie explained. Victoria looked around a breif momment she then scooted
her seat round next to Torrie's.

"Here." she said taking the brush from Torrie's hand "Let me." Victoria added
and she slowly began to comb Torrie's hand with the brush with one hand while
her other creeped over to Torrie's crotch she gently stroked up and down and
down and up and she could just about feel the dampness of Torrie's thong
through her bottoms.

"It sure seems to be getting hot in some places more than others."

Victoria said moving her hand away and concentrating on the hair brushing.

Torrie was petrified. She was totally afraid to movie. Her body stiffened
and shuddered all at the same time. Victoria's soft caress made her yearn
for more, but being in a public place. Victoria intentionally leaned her
ear over to Torrie's lips, giving her permission to deeply sigh and moan
right to her. This kept going on until Torrie's golden locks were perfectly
brushed, and Victoria pulled away. Both their glasses were empty and Torrie
could only stare at her seductress. Victoria never lost her confident smile.

"So, where are we going to next."

Torrie could hardly believe her ears. She had desperately wanted Victoria
right now, but she was still making her do what she'd originally intended.

"Oh...uh, the city carnival."

Victoria perked up.

"Ooo, this should be fun!" But in her mind, she wasn't thinking of the
carnival itself, she was thinking of all the ways she could continue to
tease Torrie, even using the carnival itself to her advantage. They paid
for their drinks and ordered another cab, whisking them off to the fair.

They reached they're destination both got out and the first place they went
was to some of the stalls they each took turns on the stalls but neither of
them won anything then Torrie saw the "Shoot the ducks in a barrel" game a
game she was famous for winning she dragged Victoria over payed the amount
needed for a go and then she was ready for action.

"Here, you first," urged Torrie, eager to see an amateur. She watched over
Victoria who had trouble hadling the toy rifle.

"Here, put it up against your shoulder," as Torrie leaned over, helping
Victoria. Victoria couldn't help but feel Torrie's massive bosom pressed up
against her back. And if she wasn't mistaken, she could feel hardened nipples
pressing against her as well. Victoria shot and did an amiable job, but not
enough to win a prize.

"Now I'll show you how it's done," joked Torrie. "Oh, we'll see about that,"
whispered Victoria, setting her plan into action as Torrie took aim.

"Let's win a prize together."

Victoria said as she stood right behind her prey reached out and linked arms
with Torrie as well as putting her hands over Torrie's she wanted to be like
Torrie's shadow right up against her tightly Victoria knew her bottoms where
wet not visibly but definatly feelably so she made sure her crotch and
Torrie's ass where making the most contact as well as her bosom and Torrie's
back and her arms and hands with Torrie's arms and hands she wanted them to
feel as if Victoria and Torrie where one person either that or Victoria was
a snake wrapped around Torrie's body of course to on lookers it just looked
like two friends having fun together or maybe Victoria showing Torrie how to
aim etc.

However, Victoria felt like toying with her. Her first shot was off target
thanks to Victoria blowing lightly in her ear. Torrie shook it off and
regained concentration, only to once again miss, thanks to Victoria standing
on her tip toes, and, as a result, rubbing her crotch up Torrie's ass.
Finally she stopped long enough to get 3 dead on shots, and win a stuffed

Torrie was given it and she then gave it to Victoria.

"Here." she said handing it too her friend

"You helped me with this."

Kind of like teasing Victoria saying "nice try but not good enough."

Victoria just smiled and accepted it.

"Thanks I think i'll call it Torrie because it's beautiful and huggable just
like you."

Victoria said that may have been a weak response in the teasing department
but Victoria didn't care what she basically was saying "I'll try again soon"
kind of thing they then moved on to the actual amusements such as the big
wheel etc.

Victoria lead Torrie to an enormous roller coaster, but suddenly felt
resistance. Torrie stopped her from walking.

"No offense, but I sorta have this problem with heights." Victoria frowned.
"Well I kinda wanted a thrill...hey, I know. You okay with being scared?"

Torrie nodded. "Yeah, just not with heights though."

With that, the two walked hand-in-hand to the haunted house. The two looked
at each other anxiously before getting on their cart. Victoria loved being
scared almost as much as she loved seducing Torrie, and couldn't help but
want to mix the two. At every suprise, Victoria would jump and clutch
Torrie's thigh tightly.

With each Fright Victoria's hand would move higher and higher up Torrie's
leg untill it was one more fright away from contact with Torrie's bottoms
crotch area again however Torrie was quick to move as Victoria was
frightened again she moved her hand for the crotch area but Torrie's hand
blocked it and moved her's and Victoria's hand down to inbetween them Torrie
didn't know how much more teasing she could handle if Victoria's hand had
sucseeeded in touching her fabric and the fabric touched her thong and the
thoung touched her pussy there would of been no stopping her orgasam luckily
for Torrie the ride finally ended soon after that

Torrie coughed, and let a moan escape her lips, remaining undected by
Victoria. They climbed out of the car as Torrie glanced at her watch.

"It's getting kinda late huh?"

Victoria concurred, "Yeah,but there's one more ride I wanna go on, then we'll
leave, okay?" Torrie smiled and agreed, and Victoria, almost like a child,
skipped along to the Bouncy Castle.

She took of her shoes which was a rule with any Bouncy Castle as did Torrie
and then they both dove in and just like little kids again bounced up and
down and even started having a game to see who could bounce highest pretty
soon Victoria noticed they where all alone and with the Carnival being half
empty now would be the perfect time to go in for the kill and so she did.
She tried to go as high as she could and then when she landed she
purposely/accidently triped up and crashed into Torrie forcing them both to
crash on the bouncy castle floor with Victoria on top and Torrie on the

At first they laughed loudly. But once the laughter calmed down, they
couldn't help but stare into one another's eyes, just inches apart. Torrie
slowly realized that this was the moment, and Victoria knew it too, for the
gap between them closed, and both women closed their eyes and enjoyed a
slow, deep kiss, finally sparking the first open release of what they felt
all night.

Torrie closed her eyes she didn't have to keep them close with in a single
second of them locking lips she was lost. Lost to her lust her desire her
passion her need for this to happen she just closed her eyes and let go it
didn't seem like either of them where in control as they both seemed only
intent on kissing but slowly but surly Torrie made an attempt to move her
hands to Victoria's waist but Victoria's hands soon stopped her and slowly
moved Torrie's hands above her head making a dimond shape when they joined
together. Victoria then moved her arms down to Torrie's waist and just held
her waist although it wasn't a major manover it did add a strange kind of
eroticness to the kissing.

The complete wave of sexuality was more intense than anything either girl
had experienced. They weren't all the way. Heck, they hadn't even made it
to second base. But the seduction was complete. Both women knew this
moment was hours in the making, and both completely reveled in the moment.
Torrie felt a light sensation on her lips, a flick of Victoria's tongue.
She was asking permission to enter her mouth. Torrie puffed her chest up
and opened, inviting Victoria in. The two exchanged tongues, deeply probing
one another. After a solid minute of French play, Victoria broke her kiss,
staring directly at Torrie.

"My place, or yours?"

Torrie licked the tip of Victoria's nose and then said "Which ever is closest
my pussy and I have waited all night and neither of us are prepeared to wait
much longer." Torrie said being serious and joking at the same time.

"Well, if that's how you feel."

They left the carnival and crossed the street to a motel where it was obvious
the carnival performers were staying. Victoria quickly checked a room while
Torrie waited impatiently. Victoria walked back out into the lobby, swining a
key nonchalantly. Torrie snatched it, read the number, and practically
sprinted to their room down the hall, opening it up for Victoria, still
slowly walking.

By the time Victoria reached the room which to be honest was pretty shabby
the decorator obviously knew nothing of taste or style but the look of the
room didn't matter to Victoria as she entered and closed the door behind her
the only thing on her mind and in her sight of vision was Torrie who was sat
at end of the bed totally nude from top to tail with her hands covering her
breasts and her crossed legs blocking Victoria from seeing her pussy with a
trail of nearly totally destroyed clothes leading the way to Torrie and to
the bed.

Victoria was pleased with herself. Not only had she completely seduced a
woman she'd long lusted after, but she snagged the last king-size bed in the
hotel, ensuring plenty of room for the both of them. She quickly reached
for a Do Not Disturb sign and put it outside, shutting the door for the last

"Now, is there some message you're sending to me Ms. Wilson?"

"Yes" Torrie said wearing the biggest smile she had ever worn on her face.

"Three little words" she said holding up three fingers she then held each
finger up as she said them.


Torrie said the last word in a demanding tone but the smile still eched on
her face Victoria smiled a dominating smile. She'd never been more proud of
her sexual prowess than now. She slowly waltzed over to the bed, hovering
above Torrie. With ease, she shoved her down on the bed, but Torrie managed
to keep herself covered while Victoria threw her shirt off, still sporting
her silky red bra.

"Take this off me." Victoria then said refering to the bra. "I want to be
able to put it back on afterwards mind." She said in a kind of warning tone
Torrie just smiled more as she reached up with her long arms and worked on
the clip that held the bra together she finally heard a snap and the bra
fell to the floor.

Torrie now gave up trying to hide her body, she laid on the bed, sitting up
and raising her arm. She made a "come hither" motion to Victoria, who sexily
crawled upon the bed until she was directly above the blonde. For a few
seconds there was only breathing.

"Are you ready for me Torrie?"

"More than anything," replied Torrie. Finally another massive kiss, this time
right into a French kiss. Both women hungrily kissed each other quickly and

Torrie was the first to make an "agressive" move this time she rolled over
so Victoria was on her back and Torrie was on top

"Right little Miss Seductress you've been in control of me all night long
it's pay back time bitch" Torrie said both agressive and playful she then
moved down and took a nipple imidiatly into her mouth and began to attack
it with her mouth teeth and tounge while with her free hands she attacked
the other breast and nipple.

Victoria's eyes opened wide as one hand held her other breast and the other
had a handful of Torrie's hair. Torrie helped Victoria, and began massaging
her other breast along with Victoria's free hand.

"Oh yeah...right there," cooed Victoria as her nipples began to stiffen at
an alarming rate.

Torrie just smiled as she went to work on Victoria's breasts intent on role
reversing with Victoria Torrie knew she'd been played by Victoria all night
so now it was her turn to be the seductress and Victoria's turn to be the
seduced Torrie was intent on sending Victoria into such a sexual frenze she'd
be practically begging Torrie to go below.

Torrie's long tongue rolled on top of Victoria's nipple, as a long sigh
escaped her raven haired lover. She switched breasts then, throwing
Victoria's hand away and working over her tit in a similar fashion to the
previous one.

Victoria couldn't belive she'd actually toyed with this women she didn't
know if Torrie was as good as this un-turned on or if it was her seduction
that had sent Torrie into this mode of sexual pleasuring whatever it was she
liked it she liked it alot.

When it came down to it, Torrie was not using any technique at all. She
merely let her body take over and continued licking Victoria's body. Once
both nipples were both completely soaked, she used her tongue to slide all
the way down her body. From her breasts down to her stomach, in a circle
around her belly button and just below before achingly turning back, much to
Victoria's chagrin.

"Turn over," commanded Torrie, and her lover obliged. Now she ran her tongue
again from the small of her back all the way up the length of her spine,
coming up to Victoria's neck before meeting her lips with another passionate

They then broke the kiss.

"Are you turned on enough yet."

Victoria giggled "If you think a little licking is gonna get my motor running
then your not as smart as you appear on tv."

"Is that a challenge?" Torrie questioned.

"You better belive it." Victoria said smiling.

"Well then I guess I better use my GOOD hand" Torrie said with that, Torrie
ran one hand down Victoria's back, using her finger to cause a slight
shudder. She then totally caught the submissive diva off guard by thrusting
a digit deep into her pussy.

"OH SHIT!" shouted Victoria who quickly began moaning as Torrie's left finger
began pumping in and out of Victoria, still lying on her stomach, clutching
the blankets with her hands desperately.

Torrie sensed this was what would send Victoria into the frenzy so she added
the next finger then the third and then the fourth untill all four fingers
where deep inside Victoria working in unison not trying to make her cum
simply make so horny she'll beg for Torrie to finish her off to speak.

Paying attention not on her fingers but on Victoria's moans, she tried to
adjust accordingly. When her pace quickened, she slowed down until Victoria's
breath came back before speeding up again. The constant game of highs and
lows drove Victoria wild. Finally she kept pumping past where she'd
previously gone.

"Oh yeah, yeah, YEAH!!" shouted Victoria when suddenly, nothing. It all
stopped. Victoria's boddy still shuddered as her orgasm was just another
two seconds away. Torrie turned her over with her own strength and stared
right at Victoria.

"Say what I want to hear or it stops here and now." Torrie said no
playfulness in her voice time just 100% seriousness

"Eat me, bitch. You've had your fun, now fucking give me my orgasm!"

Torrie smirked happily. "That's my girl."

And with that Torrie dove down and dove as far as she could go into
Victoria's pussy now she had a new mission to give Victoria not one but two
orgrasams she rammed her tounge as far into "the sychotic" one's pussy and
all four fingers as well she was intent on giving Victoria everything she
wanted and more.


Victoria was screaming at the top of her lungs as she grinded her hips
subconsciously into her lover's awaiting mouth, who used her tongue to
skillfully lick ever inch of Victoria's body. Finding the clit all ready,
Torrie knew she wasn't going to get multiple orgasms out of Victoria if she
got it all ready. Rather, she began to like long circles right around the
soft flesh.

"Oh God, OH GOD!" shouted Victoria. It wouldn't be long now, thought Torrie.

And didn't take long at all a few good fingers in the right places a few
good toungings and wave after wave of Victoria's hot juicy come was Torrie's
reward she got so much she couldn't take it all and she ended it up with it
in her mouth as well as all over her face once Victoria's orgasam or orgasms
Torrie couldn't tell how many she'd had if all that juice had come due to one
or 100 she didn't care either Victoria was satisfied and so was she in a way
at least in a mental way she decided to wait untill Victoria got her breath
back for her to be satified physically and sexually.

Between quick breaths, obviously searching for air, Victoria managed to get

"Three...three right in a row....holy shit, that was amazing."

Torrie was satisfied with her work, effictively feeling she had made
Victoria's night.

"I'll give you a few minutes to regroup before you fuck me."

Victoria managed to turn her head to the side, seeing the complete
seriousness in the blonde. She was impressed, she didn't think Torrie was
so domineering.

After she finally managed to get her breath back the two kissed again only
this time Torrie seemed the dominating force in the kiss contring the kiss
in a werid way and it was Torrie who broke it.

"This isn'ty gonna get me off."

Torrie said.

"Where the hell did the sweet an inocent Torrie go?"

Victoria asked with a smile.

"You sent her into hiding and brough out this Torrie."

"Well I hope the old Torrie says hidden I prefer this Torrie." Victoria said
and with that she began her slowly snake like move down to Torrie's crotch.

"However, just because you're trying to toughen up, don't think you've beat
the originator," quipped Victoria, who now let her tongue do the talking.
With expert skill, she lashed about Torrie's inner thighs and front of her
pussy, managing to give her intense flashes of pleasure, but not nearly as
deep as she was hoping for. Torrie's moans were soft and frequent. She was
hoping for so much more, because she knew if foreplay could make her this
hot, she could barely imagine what it'd feel like inside. But for now, she
could only take the pleasure, as Victoria's strong arms simultaneously
groped her large breasts and soft pink nipples, while continuing to hold her
body in place.

Victoria with her pure strength and returned honryness only this time
honryness to serve instead or be pleasured flipped Torrie over and began
working her fingers and tounge on her lover's ass cheeks licking kissing and
caressing them and then she moved up to Torrie's back and worked all the way
up to Torrie's shoulders and then her neck she then flipped her over again
and worked her way back down working on Torrie's neck Breasts nipples and
stomach and belly bottom and then went back to work on Torrie's pussy.

Victoria seemed to be going exactly backwards from what Torrie did, but what
was about to happen was entirely worth it. Finally Victoria parted her lips
and pushed her tongue deep inside the blonde. Now amount of foreplay could
prepare her for the warm, sensational feeling she got from this. Her head
rocked from side-to-side, completely overwhlemed with incredible feelings.

It took Victoria a while but she eventually found Torrie's clit and worked
it over as she had worked Torrie's entire body over and pretty soon Torrie
was thrashing about on the bed like a mad woman but no matter how much she
thrashed nor how much she moved and tossed about Victoria seemed glued to
Torrie's pussy and clit and pretty soon Torrie stopped moving and just got
ready to have her orgasam as did Victoria get ready to recive Torrie's

"OH GOD, OH GOD! HERE IT COMMMMES!" Torrie screeched as her entire body
tensed up and relieved itself by releasing a massive amount of orgasmic
fluid into Victoria's awaiting mouth. Unlike her untrained friend, she
was ready for it, and quickly gulped down every drop from Torrie's body.

After she had feasted on Torrie's juice Victoria and Torrie actually got
into the bed and snuggled up next to each other

"Oh by the way I forgot to say what I always say at the end of the wellcome."

Torrie said Victoria who had had her eyes closed opened them to look at
Torrie. "Welcome to Smackdown Victoria."

The two laughed and had one last goodnight kiss and then snuggled up next to
one and other and drifted off to sleep.

The End

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