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Welcome To The New ECW Part 1: Kelly Kelly
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the arena where ECW on Sci-Fi is airing from for the week, ring announcer
Justin Roberts stands in the middle of the ring with microphone in hand as
he prepares to announce the next segment that's going to take place. After
getting the signal from the timekeeper at ringside, Roberts raise the
microphone and says, "Please welcome Kelly Kelly with Kelly's Expose!"
Roberts announce and moments later a spot light appears on stage.

"Alright! Here we go Joey! A new breed unleashed..." Tazz, one half of
the ECW announce team says with a laugh as some music plays and ECW's
exhibitionist Kelly Kelly walks out from the backstage and raises her
arms up as she stands an the ECW entrance way. Kelly blushes a bit and
pushes her shrugs up cutely before the ECW Vixen, dressed in short black
bottoms and a black bra, proceeds to walk over to the small stage setup
for 'Kelly's Expose'. "Just don't say puppies, I beg you, Tazz..." The
voice of ECW, Joey Styles, comments.

Tazz looks at his broadcast partner as if he was just insulted, "Do I look
like the King? And those aren't puppies, those are tomatoes..." Tazz shoots
back as he turns his attention back to watching the beautiful Extreme

Meanwhile, in the backstage area, two of ECW's veteran extremists, Justin
Credible and Stevie Richards are watching 'Kelly's Expose'. "Damn I love
this part..." Justin says, dressed in jean shorts and a black sleeveless

"It's just incredible..." Stevie comments, and he's dressed in jeans and a
black ECW t-shirt as he and Justin watch as Kelly Kelly stands on the small
stage and bites down shyly on her bottom lip as the ECW Vixen begins to sway
her hips around in the rhythm of the music playing. Kelly turns around to
her back to the audience and the video camera, raising her hands above her
head and begins to shakes her cute, little butt.

Justin licks he lips, "Whew... damn... she's a hot chick... she can have an
expose anytime she wants in my opinion..." Justin says as he keeps his eyes
glued to the monitor.

"Yeah..." Stevie nods his head, "And she can spread those buttons too..."
Stevie adds, referring to the music that Kelly Kelly has used for expose in
recent weeks. Kelly playfully looks over her shoulder and presses her soft
lips together, as she remains with her back to the audience, before she
places her hands on her hips and begins to slowly lowers her short black
bottoms. The black bottoms slowly travel down the smooth, tanned legs of
the Extreme Exhibitionist, Kelly Kelly.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah..." Stevie bites the knuckle of his right index finger as
he watches Kelly's backside become exposed.

Justin cocks his head down to the right as if he was trying to look up
Kelly's butt crack, "Did I say I loved this part of the show?"

"Yeah you did..." Stevie replies, "Now shut up and watch it..." Kelly
playfully smiles and winks as she slowly pulls her black bottoms back up
and turns around, so she's now facing the video camera and the audience.
Kelly blushes a bit as she points towards top and the ECW audience cheers
the hot, young Exhibitionist on. Kelly reaches over her shoulder with her
left hand and slowly unclips her black bra. However, just as Kelly Kelly
is about to peel the black bra away from her chest, her overly-controlling
boyfriend Mike Knox makes his way out with a white towel and covers up the
young Exhibitionist and begins to take his girlfriend Kelly Kelly to the
backstage area, disappointing the fans, who of course boo the efforts of
Mike Knox.

The fans aren't the only one who are disappointed with the actions of Mike
Knox, Justin Credible and Stevie Richards moods have both hit the floor.
"You have got to be kidding me... he's done it again..." Justin says as he
folds his arms.

Stevie shakes his head, "Yeah, his girlfriend is an exhibitionist for crying
out loud..." Stevie says as at the ECW entrance way Mike Knox is sending
Kelly Kelly to the back before his match. The young ECW Vixen, Kelly Kelly,
holds the white towel wrapped around her body and folds her arms over the
front. Kelly frowns and then pouts as once again the Exhibitionist was unable
to finish her performance; the young and smoking-hot, Kelly Kelly lowers her
head with disappointed before she slowly turns around to walk back to the ECW
Vixens dressing room.

Justin and Stevie turn away from the monitor and they both start to head
towards the ECW Extremists dressing rooms. "Man, someone really has to do
something about Knox... Kelly wants to let her hot body out for everyone to
see..." Justin says, complaining about Mike Knox's actions.

Stevie isn't listening to him as he's look straight ahead for he sees Kelly
Kelly walking ahead of them. Stevie steps up his pace as he walks to catch up
to her, "Hey Kelly..." Stevie calls out to get her attention

Kelly slowly lifts her head after hearing her name and casually stops
walking, she slowly turns around with a soft and innocent, youthful smile
"Yeah..." Kelly Kelly says shyly.

Stevie smiles at the young ECW vixen, "Saw your Expose tonight, you were
hot..." Stevie says as Justin comes walking up behind them.

"Yeah I saw it too... you were smoking..." Justin adds, "It really sucks that
your boyfriend cut you off from finishing again..."

Kelly pushes her shoulder up, cutely "Yeah...but he's my I
better listen to him.." Kelly replies innocently cute as she nods her head.

"But you're an exhibitionist too... he should respect that..." Justin says,
"Especially since you're here in ECW..."

Stevie smiles, "Speaking of you being here in ECW... have you had.., your
extreme induction yet?" Stevie asks as he places his hands on his hips.

Kelly raises her eyebrow a bit as she looks at Stevie Richards "Extreme...
Induction?" Kelly shakes her head a bit confused as she loosens the white
towel wrapped around her stunningly, hot body. "What's that..." Kelly Kelly
asks shyly as she presses her slender shrugs up.

Stevie's smile gets a bit wider "Well... an Extreme Induction... is me...
and Justin here... taking you to the extreme..." Stevie says as he licks his
lips a bit.

Justin catches on to what Stevie is implying and quickly adds, "Yeah... it's
kinda like your exposes.... except it's a bit private... but still hot..."

Kelly scrunches her nose up a bit "Well....I don't know....Mike is going to
be done with his match soon, and he'll be mad if I'm not waiting for him...."
Kelly says innocently as the young, sweet ECW Vixen bites down on her bottom

"So? This is ECW... he has nothing to be mad about... since he's going to get
his own extreme induction..." Justin says as licks his lips, "But his isn't
going to be as nice..."

Stevie moves and puts an arm around Kelly Kelly's shoulders, "So what do you
say... you want to get extreme?"

Kelly pushes her shoulders up to a shrug "I...don't know...I guess...I could
go extreme..." Kelly says shyly " be fun?" The young Exhibitionist
asks cutely.

"Oh yeah, it'll be loads of fun..." Justin says with a big smile, "you're
going to love it..."

Stevie nods his head, agreeing with the former ECW World Champion, "How about
we head back to our locker room..." Stevie says as he looks down at Kelly's
chest when the white towel around her body dips down a bit.

Kelly slowly nods her head and smiles innocently "Ok..."

"Great... let's go..." Justin says, before he, Stevie and the young Extreme
Exhibitionist start walking to the Extremists locker room area.

Kelly casually loosens up the white towel, wrapped around her body, a bit
more as she walks with the two ECW Extremists "What's...going to happen with
my extreme...induction?" The young Kelly Kelly asks.

Stevie licks his lips, "Oh... you're going to be... getting... how shall I
say this... fucked..." Stevie says as he keeps his arm around her shoulders.

Justin nods his head, "Yeah... we want to see if you're as extreme as you
seem..." Justin smiles as he looks back over his shoulder at her as they get
closer to their destination.

Kelly shakes her head innocently "Ohhh...I don't know about that...Mike would
be...." Kelly begins to say.

"He would be cool with it... it's an ECW Tradition..." Stevie says, cutting
her off, "I've been apart of ECW for a long time... every one of the vixens
we've had has had an Extreme Induction...."

Kelly pushes her shoulders up "Alright...if you say so..." Kelly says as
she nods her head and enters the ECW Extremists dressing room after Justin
Credible pushes the door open for the young ECW Vixen.

After Kelly steps into the dressing room, Justin Credible and Stevie Richards
enter the room behind her, and Justin closes the door. "Ready to get extreme
Kelly?" Justin asks with a wide smile as he locks the door.

Kelly smiles cutely and nods her head "Yeah...I guess so..." Kelly says as
the Extreme Exhibitionist begins to slowly remove the white towel from around
her body.

Justin and Stevie both look right at Kelly's body as she lets the white towel
drop to the floor, and both men licks their lips as they stare right at her
black bra which is hanging on her body just by the straps. "Oh damn... Your
boyfriend is crazy for not letting you show yourself off..." Justin says as
he quickly takes off his black sleeveless shirt.

Stevie nods his head, "Yeah, you're hot... make that extremely hot..." Stevie
says as he takes off his t-shirt as well.

Kelly blushes a bit " mean it?" Kelly asks as she begins to slowly
remove her black bra, by sliding the straps down her shoulders until she
reveals her bare, young and perky chest.

Stevie nods his head, "Yeah we do... we most definitely do..." Stevie answers
as he starts to unbutton his jeans. He pushes them down to reveal his red
boxers, which he also pushes down to reveal his fairly thick nine-inch shaft.

"Kelly, you're a top hot babe..." Justin says as he undoes his jeans shorts
and shoves them down with his underwear from his waist to his ankles, quickly
showing off his own eight-inch shaft.

Kelly slowly glances down at the two cocks belonging to Justin Credible and
Stevie Richards, she licks her lips "Mmmmm...may I..."

"Yes you may..." Justin smiles as he steps out of his shorts and underwear,
then he kicks his clothing to the side.

Stevie licks his lips, "Yeah you don't have to be shy with us..." Stevie says
as he slides a hand through his own brown hair.

Kelly pushes her shoulders up and blushes "Ok..." Kelly says innocently as
she steps towards Justin and Stevie, lowering herself down onto her knees in
front of the two ECW Extremists. Kelly reaches up with both hand and takes
Justin's cock into her left hand, while taking Stevie's cock into her right
hand. The young Exhibitionist, now only dressed in her black bottoms, begins
to stroke the cocks of the ECW Extremists.

"Mmmm.... yeah...." Justin moans as he pushes his cock forward against
Kelly's left hand. He places a hand on Kelly's head and plays with her blond
hair, "You've done this before...." Justin says, complementing her on how
she's handling his shaft. Meanwhile, Stevie is bending down a bit and is
feeling Kelly's right breast with his hand while occasionally giving her
nipple a bit of a squeeze. Kelly shyly smiles up at Stevie and Justin as she
works her soft, delicate hands all over their two hard shafts.

Steven stands up and smiles down at her, "Mmmm.... hey... is there
something... more extreme you can do with our dicks?" Stevie asks as he feels
Kelly give his cock a bit of a playful squeeze.

"Yeah... can you like suck it?" Justin asks with a bit of smirk. Stevie looks
at Justin and shakes his head while keeping himself from laughing at what
Justin just said.

Kelly licks her lips and blushes "Ok..." Kelly says as she leans up on knees
and flicks her tongue against the head of Justin's cock, before doing the
same to the head of Stevie's cock, before she circles her tongue on the head
of Stevie's cock and then does the same to Justin.

Justin closes his eyes a bit as Kelly makes sure to give his and Stevie's
cock equal treatment, "Ohhh yeah.... gotta love a babe that keeps everyone
involved..." Justin says as he moans.

Stevie nods his head, "Yeah, she knows to be fair..." Stevie says in
agreement with Justin as he strokes Kelly's hair with his hand. Kelly smiles
up at Justin as she flicks her tongue against the head of Justin's cock
before opening her warm, wet mouth and taking Justin's cock inside of her
extremely wet mouth. Kelly Kelly wraps her soft lips around his cock and
begins to slowly bob her head up and down on Justin's hard cock.

Stevie frees his cock from Kelly Kelly's hand and he steps around behind her,
"I think we should start getting extreme..." Stevie says as he kneels behind
her and begins pulling her body up so her cute young butt is sticking into
the air. Stevie pulls down her black bottoms, sliding them down slowly,
exposing her smooth ass cheeks and the black thong she's wearing.

"Ohhh man.... she's just incredible in giving head..." Justin moans as he
holds on to Kelly's head as she bobs her head back and forth along the length
of his cock. Kelly closes her eyes as she gently pats her tongue around his
shaft as she bobs her head at a decent pace. Kelly Kelly lowers her head
further down on his cock as she starts to twist her mouth around on his cock
as she slaps his cock with her warm saliva.

Behind her, Stevie licks his lips as he tugs her black thong down from her
hips. Once Kelly's thong is lowered, Stevie lifts Kelly's legs one at a time
to pull it and her black bottoms off of her legs so that now the young
Extreme Vixen is totally naked. "Fuck you're sexy..." Stevie says as he grips
his cock and presses the tip of it against the entrance of Kelly's pussy. He
places his hands on her slim hips and holds her still before he pushes his
nine-inch long shaft into her warm, tight young shaved pussy. Kelly moans
softly around Justin's cock as she continually lifts and lowers her head at
a quickening rate, sucking the ECW Extremist's cock. Kelly taps her tongue
gently down his shaft as she lowers her head down, taking inch by inch into
her warm, young mouth.

"Uhhh.... damn... she's good... fuck wish she was with us back in the old
days... she'd fit in nicely..." Justin says as he begins thrusting his cock
forward, sliding it in and out between Kelly's juicy lips. Stevie grunts a
bit as he steadily thrusts his cock in and out of Kelly's pussy at a quick
pace. Kelly begins to gradually push herself back against Stevie's cock as
he thrusts his cock deeply into her young pussy, upon each thrust Kelly's
body jolts forward making her deep throat Justin's incredibly thick cock.

"Ahhh.... fuck... she's so... damn tight..." Stevie says as he starts
thrusting into Kelly with increasingly harder thrusts.

Justin wipes a bit of sweat that's forming on his head as looks down at her,
"Oh man... I can't wait to fuck Stevie... I'll show her why I was an Impact
Player..." Justin says as he steps backward, slowly pulling his thick eight
inch dick out of her mouth, causing a string of saliva to hang from the tip
of his dick.

Kelly licks her lips as she slowly lifts her soft, young eyes to look up at
Justin. Kelly blushes "Can...I find out..." Kelly asks innocently.

"Yeah.... you can...." Justin smirks as he walks to a couch and sits down on
it, with his legs spread.

Stevie pulls out of Kelly's pussy, and smacks her butt cheeks with his meaty
cock, "Go ahead Kelly... but the Stevie Express isn't done yet..." Stevie
says with a grin.

Kelly looks over her shoulder back at Stevie and blushes "Ok..." Kelly says
before she walks over to the couch and gently straddles Justin's hard, think
cock. Kelly flips her blonde hair back as she places her soft hands on top
of Justin's shoulders. The young ECW Exhibitionist begins to slowly rock back
and forth on Justin's cock, gradually bouncing as well.

"Ohhhh yeah...' Justin moans as he puts his hands on Kelly's hips to control
how she bounces on his shaft. Justin leans his head forward and sucks on her
young breasts. Stevie stands up and he casually walks over to the couch,
standing right behind Kelly. He bends his knees a bit so he's able to press
the thick tip of his dick against her butt crack. As Kelly bounces on
Justin's dick, she feels Stevie's dick sliding against her butt crack.

Kelly closes her eyes as starts to gradually slam down harder on Justin's
cock as he thrusts his cock deeper into her tight pussy "Ohhhhh yessss..."
Kelly the young ECW Vixen moans as she begins to sweat. Justin groans as he
pumps his cock up into her pussy whiling continuing to suck on her tips. He
slides his tongue around Kelly Kelly's stiff nipple, while behind her,
Stevie Richards is easing his cock between her ass cheeks and eventually
is pushing the head of his shaft right against her tight asshole.

Kelly licks her lips as she tilts her head back "Ohhhh ...." Kelly groans as
she gently pushes herself back against Stevie's cock, forcing his thick cock
into her tight asshole.

Stevie bites his tongue as he feels how tight Kelly's asshole is around his
cock. "Ah shit... god damn..." Stevie says as he starts thrusting in and out
of her butt. At first the Extreme Veteran has trouble gaining momentum as he
drills young the young Exhibitionist’s ass, but as her asshole becomes
accustomed to his penetrating dick, Stevie starts fucking her with longer
and harder thrusts.

Justin lifts his head from Kelly's chest and licks his lips as he feels her
grinding her pussy against his dick, "Ahhh fuck babe.... you're extreme...."

Kelly licks her soft lips as she suddenly and quickly slams down hard on
Justin's cock "Ohhhhh shit!" Kelly moans as she slows down and allows Stevie
to quickly thrust into her tight asshole. Justin pushes himself off the
couch, so that now he and Stevie are both standing. The two well-hung
Extremists begin bouncing the slender Extreme Vixen up and down on their
dicks as they press their sweaty bodies against her to keep Kelly from

Kelly gently grits her teeth as the young ECW Vixen bounces quickly up
and down on Stevie's cock in her asshole and Justin's cock in her pussy
"Ohhhhh.... ahhhh... fuck... yesss..." Kelly groans as she grinds her
pussy sharply down against Justin's cock as she sweat drips off of her
stunning, tan body.

"Ahhh... uhhhh shit... yeah.... ahhhh damn..." Justin groans as he tilts
his head back. The former ECW World Champion drives his cock sharper into
Kelly's tight pussy just before he begins to cum.

"Ohhhhhh...." Kelly moans as she feels the warm cum flood her young, tight
pussy "Mmmmm...." Kelly licks her lips as she flips her sweat-dampened blonde
hair back, accidentally smacking her blonde hair against Stevie's face.

"Hey...." Stevie laughs a bit as Kelly's sweat-soaked hair hits his face. He
wraps his arms around Kelly's waist as Justin pulls out of her and falls back
onto the couch.

"God damn... I'm spent... that was... just... incredible..." Justin says as
Stevie puts Kelly down on the floor of the dressing room.

Stevie looks down at her and smirks as sweat trickles down the sides of his
face, "Hey... Kelly... can you show me... some oral exhibition..." Stevie
says with a smile.

Kelly licks her lips and pushes her shoulders up cutely "I suppose I
could..." Kelly says as she kneels down in front of Stevie and opens her
warm, wet and young mouth. Stevie inserts his cock into her warm mouth and
the ECW Exhibitionist responds by wrapping her soft lips around his cock and
the sweat covered ECW Vixen begins to swiftly bob her head as she sucks on
his cock.

Stevie places a hand on Kelly's head, and flips her sweat soaked hair back
so it's not hanging over her beautiful face. "Mmmm... shit yeah.... don't
stop..." Stevie moans as he closes his eyes as he gets closer to blowing
his load inside of Kelly hot moist mouth. Kelly Kelly gently taps her tongue
against the underbelly of Stevie's cock as she presses her soft lips tighter
around his shaft and starts to deep throat his cock.

Stevie's mouth hangs open as leans his head back, "Ohhhh have mercy...."
Stevie moans as he starts to cum inside of Kelly's mouth, fill her mouth with
his hot load. "Ohhh fuck me..."

Kelly moans softly against Stevie's cock as she casually swallows his warm
cum. Kelly slowly pulls her head away from his cock and licks her lips as she
looks up at Stevie Richards and innocently blushes.

Stevie looks down at her and smiles as he tries to catch his breath after
climaxing, "So... how... did you like... your extreme induction..."

Kelly pushers her shoulders up as she places her soft hands on her knees as
she sits up. Kelly Kelly smiles innocently and shyly smiles "Well...if you
promise not to tell Mike..."

"We ain't going to tell him..." Justin says as he sits up on the couch.

Stevie nods and smiles, "Yeah, you're an Extreme Vixen... we're not going to
tell him..." Stevie says with grin, "So... did you like it?"

Kelly blushes and scrunches her nose up as she slides the lone pink highlight
strand of hair behind her left ear and nods shyly "Yeah...I liked" Kelly says with a cute laugh as she slowly stands up from
kneeling on the cold locker room floor.

Stevie licks his lips as he looks at her sweat covered body "Awesome... Kelly
Kelly... you are now... officially an Extreme Vixen... and you're now...
fully inducted into E...C...W...."

Kelly blushes and then shakes her head with a cute smile "'s...E...


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