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Welcome To The New ECW Part 2: Trinity
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the arena where the weeks Smackdown/ECW tapings are being held, the three
male members of the Full Blooded Italians, Big Guido, Little Guido Maritato
and Tony Mamaluke are relaxing after finding out they had the night off. Big
Guido, wearing a sleeveless white shirt and black jeans, stands by the door
with his arms folded, while Maritato and Mamaluke are sitting at a small
table. Maritato, wearing gray pants and button shirt, takes a drink of a
bottle of water, "You know paisans, this new ECW is pretty damn good."

Mamaluke, wearing his wrestling tights and leather vest, nods his head,
"You're right boss, we don't have to worry about some mook bouncing out

Maritato laughs, "Don't bring that up... besides we got the ultimate perk...
that Trinity is fine piece of ass..."

Mamaluke laughs a bit, "Yeah... she's a hot number..." Maritato looks around,
"Hey speaking of which... where is she at?"

Big Guido looks at the two talented wrestlers, "Trinity went to talk to
Heyman about our matches for the house shows..."

Maritato nods his head, "She's hot and has brains, she's a keeper, hope she
gets back here soon."

The locker room door slowly opens and in walks the new manager of the Full
Blooded Italians, Trinity, dressed in a tight pair of black pants and a
black top that is tied together at the center of her large chest. Trinity
closes the door behind her and places her hands on her rounded hips "Alright
fellas...listen up!" Trinity says as she raises her hands up and slightly
claps them together "I just got back from talking with Paul..." Trinity says
as she takes the time to look at each of the three Full Blooded Italians:
Big Guido, Little Guido Maritato and Tony Mamaluke "And he said you guys are
going to be pairing up at a few house shows in tag matches.." Trinity begins
to slowly pace back and forth, walking in front of the three Italians. "Now
I know you three fellas have the night off...but that doesn't mean you have
it easy tonight, you still have to keep focused and on task" Trinity says.

Maritato looks at Trinity with a smirk on his face, "Hey, I've been wrestling
for almost fifteen years... I think I know how to stay focus when I have a
night off..." Maritato says as he looks at Trinity.

Mamaluke raises his right hand a bit, "Hold on boss, Trinity is our manager,
let's see what she's got in mind.... she probably has some special techniques
to make us even more focused."

Trinity folds her arms as she stops pacing and stands in front of Mamaluke.
She nods her head and smirks "That's I want the FBI to be the
most dominating group in ECW…and I intend to making us the dominate group."
Trinity glances to her left at Maritato and then to her right at Big Guido
"So…tonight, you may have the night off from ring...but you don't have the
night off with me. Got it, fellas?" Trinity says in a serious tone.

Maritato smirks, "All right Trinity, so what do you want us to do, run laps
around the building? Do Push-ups?" Maritato says as he chuckles a bit.

Mamaluke raises an eyebrow, "Hey, back in the neighborhood, this dame I used
to work with said that once... and it didn't mean no work-out like that..."
Mamaluke says as he looks at the fiery-Italian beauty.

Trinity smirks and raises her eyebrow at Mamaluke "Fellas...Tony, might be
onto something..."

Maritato looks at the man he held the ECW Tag Team Championship with, "All
right Tony, spit it out what are you talking about?"

Mamaluke licks his lips, "Hey, figure it out, we get the night off from the
ring... but not the night off with her..."

Maritato thinks for a moment and smirks, "Ah, a little bada-boom, bada-bing

The silent giant, Big Guido seems to crack a smile, "Sounds fun..."

Trinity presses her lips together and smirks as she folds her arms and nods
her head "Sounds fun?" Trinity laughs and looks at Big Guido "Big
is fun.." Trinity scans her head down the lined-trio of the Full Blooded
Italian and then points at the three of them "But...its going to be what I
want, got it fellas?"

Maritato licks his lips slowly, "All right Trinity... since you're the
manager... what do you want?"

"Sounds good to me..." Mamaluke replies as he stands up from the chair he's
sitting on and proceeds to remove his leather vest, which he drops to the
floor. As he starts to take off his wrestling tights, Maritato stand up and
begins to unbutton his shirt.

"This is going to be better than winning a match I bet..." Maritato says as
he takes off his shirt once it's unbuttoned. Big Guido doesn't say anything
as he strips, taking off his white sleeveless shirt off first, and then
starting on his jeans. After a few moments, all three male members of the
FBI are both naked and standing in front of Trinity. Big Guido proves he
lives up to his name for he has a 14 inch shaft, but Mamaluke and Maritato
both have thick 12 inch long dicks.

Trinity looks down as she examines the three cocks she has to work with.
She licks her lips "Excellent..." Trinity says with a smirk before she
looks at Little Guido and snaps her fingers as she gets his full attention
" can help me get more comfortable." Trinity says as she
steps towards Tony Mamaluke and Big Guido. The hot, extreme Italian ECW
Vixen kneels down in front of Mamaluke and Big Guido. She reaches up and
takes hold of Big Guido's 14-inch cock with her left hand and takes a hold
of Mamaluke's cock with her other hand. Trinity begins to stroke the cocks
of her two Italian studs as her other Italian stud, Little Guido, kneels
down behind her and begins to shed Trinity of her clothing.

Mamaluke licks his lips as Trinity strokes his cock, "Mmmm... you look like
you enjoy handling authentic Italian sausage..." Mamaluke says as Trinity
pumps his and Big Guido's dicks to hardness. Little Guido Maritato pulls off
Trinity's black top after untying the knot at the center of her chest before
lowering her pants. Trinity lifts her eyes up and looks up at Big Guido and
Mamaluke before she leans her head and presses her tongue against the large
head of Big Guido's cock before doing the same to the head of Mamaluke's
cock. Trinity gently taps her tongue against the head of both cocks as Little
Guido Maritato lifts Trinity up slightly so he can remove her tight black
pants off of her smooth, tanned legs revealing her stunning, nude Italian

Maritato licks his lips as he slides his hands over the smooth skin of
Trinity's lower back, hips, thighs and ass, "Whew... hotter than Heatwave..."
Maritato says as he squeezes both of her ass cheeks.

Mamaluke licks his lips as Trinity whips her tongue against his and Big
Guido's large impressive dicks, "Ahh I don't need to see her naked to know
that..." Mamaluke says as closes his eyes. Big Guido remains fairly silent
but he moans whenever the Italian Vixen taps her tongue against his giant
cock. Trinity opens her warm mouth and casually lowers her head down on
Mamaluke's cock, wrapping her lips tightly around his shaft. The Italian
beauty begins to bob her head swiftly on Mamaluke's cock as she works her
smooth left hand glide up and down Big Guido's long, thick shaft. As Trinity
bobs her head on Mamaluke's Italian cock, she scoots back slightly and grinds
her ass against Little Guido's cock.

Little Guido Maritato groans a bit when Trinity's firm ass press back against
his cock. "Think she wants something..." Maritato laughs a bit before he
grabs his shaft with his right hand and slides it down against Trinity's
backside. The tip of his cock slides right down her ass crack as he guides it
down to her pussy. With perfect timing, Little Guido slides his thick foot
long shaft into Trinity's tight Italian pussy.

Mamaluke groans as he feels Trinity's hot wet mouth all over every inch of
his dick as she sucks his impressive dick, "Ohh fuck... she's good..."
Mamaluke says as he places his right hand on Trinity's head and pushes her
hair back. Big Guido folds his arms across his chest as Trinity left hand
moves along the length of his huge cock. Trinity slowly lifts her head up
from Mamaluke's cock and flicks her tongue against the head of his cock,
before tossing her smooth, black hair back as she turns her head to Big
Guido's cock. Trinity licks her lips as she opens her mouth and lowers her
head onto his cock. Wrapping her lips loosely around his shaft, the Italian
ECW Vixen begins to bob her head on Big Guido's large 14-inch cock and
begins to push herself back against Maritato's cock as her thrusts into her
tight, wet pussy.

"Shit..." Big Guido groans a bit as Trinity bobs her head intensely on his
massive shaft. The Giant Italian Monster unfolds his arms and clenches his
large hands into two giant fists.

Meanwhile, Little Guido is pushing his cock in and out Trinity's pussy with
sharp swift thrusts that makes the Vixen move forward following each one.
"Uhhh... ohhh yeah.... you're so damn fucking hot..." Maritato moans as he
tilts his head back when Trinity slams back harder than he expects. Trinity
begins to moan against Big Guido's cock as she bobs her head quicker on his
cock, slapping her tongue and her warm saliva against his hard, 14-inch cock
as she steadily sucks on his cock. Trinity reaches over her right hand and
places her hand around Mamaluke's cock that is still slightly coated in her
warm saliva and begins to rub her saliva against his shaft as she strokes
him. The Extreme Italian beauty, bucks her hips slightly as she slams her
backside quickly back against Maritato's cock, forcing his cock deep into
her warm pussy as she starts to try to deep throat Big Guido's monstrous

"Ahh..." Big Guido closes his eyes as he realizes what Trinity is trying
to do. He places both of his large hands flat on top of Trinity's head and
pushes her head downward on his shaft, which helps Trinity take almost every
inch on his cock past her lips.

Little Guido licks his lips as he starts to pull out of her cunt, "Shit...
Tony... you gotta fuck her twat... she's pure Italian..." he says with a
smirk. "Boss... I can... ah... tell.... she's a Full Breasted Italian..."
Mamaluke replies as Trinity strokes his spit covered dick with her right
hand until she slowly stops. Trinity slowly removes her hand from around
Mamaluke's cock as she focuses solely on taking Big Guido's cock entirely
into her warm mouth. She closes her eyes as she lowers her head further
down on his cock until she completes her tasks of taking all of Big Guido's
large, 14-inch cock into her warm, pure Italian mouth. Breathing through
her nose, Trinity begins to slide her tongue around his cock as she holds
his cock deep in her mouth.

Big Guido grinds his teeth together as he thrusts his cock forward, causing
his huge ballsack to smash against Trinity's chin. "Fuck..." Big Guido grunts
as Trinity handles all of his Italian sausage.

Tony Mamaluke moves behind Trinity and takes Little Guido's place. "Get ready
Trinity... I'm gonna slam it in..." Mamaluke says, and a moment later he rams
all of his twelve-inch cock into Trinity's wet pussy, making her jolt
forward. Before she can react completely, Mamaluke begins pumping his shaft
in and out of her pussy at a fast pace.

Trinity's moans bounce off of Big Guido's cock as she starts to slowly lift
her head up from his cock while Tony Mamaluke rams his cock deeply into her
tight, moist pussy. Once Trinity lifts her head up, she tosses her black hair
as her warm saliva drips down Big Guido's large shaft. Trinity grits her
teeth as she looks over her shoulder as the Italian stud, Tony Mamaluke,
quickly darts his cock into her Italian pussy. "Ohhhhh fuck yesss..." Trinity
groans as she bends over a bit more while she stands and gets fucked from

Mamaluke wraps his arms around Trinity's waist, holding her steady as he
repeatedly drills his cock in and out of her pussy, "Uhhh yeah... you fucking
like that big dick..." Mamaluke grunts as he asks his question.

Big Guido folds his massive arms and looks at Mamaluke, "I'm bigger..." He
points out, which gets Maritato to laugh.

"Yeah you are big guy... go sit down... only Trinity is getting on you is if
she's on top..." Little Guido says with a smirk. Big Guido nods his head and
walks slowly towards a couch, which he sits on.

Trinity licks her lips as she looks back over her shoulder at Mamaluke "Hey
Tony...fella, pull out..." Trinity says with a smirk

Tony Mamaluke makes a face, "Shit... I was... just getting... started..."
Mamaluke says as he pulls his impressive cock out of Trinity's tight, wet
pussy. He gives her a smack on the ass as he smirks. "I'm gonna fuck that
later..." He tells her.

Little Guido licks his lips, "You're not the only one who's going to stuff
her ass..." Maritato says with a smirk.

Trinity smirks "Settle down fellas..." Trinity says as she starts to walk
over to Big Guido who is sitting on the couch. She smirks as she starts to
straddle his lap "You ready for me big man?"

Big Guido nods his head, "Yeah..." He says as he gets more comfortable on the
couch as Trinity positions herself better on his massive lap. Mamaluke and
Maritato both stand with their arms folded as they stand a few feet away and

Trinity toss her black hair back as she lowers herself on his large,
monstrous 14-inch cock "Ohhhh fuck, fella..." Trinity groans as she grinds
herself down on his cock. Trinity smirks "You take control big man..."

Big Guido nods his head and paces his strong hands on Trinity's waist and
begins lifting her up and down while rocking her back and forth on his huge
Italian shaft. With his incredible strength, Big Guido is able to lift her
up almost completely off his dick, but then he lets her fall back down.

Mamaluke and Maritato both smirk as they watch Big Guido make Trinity impale
her own pussy with his big 14-inch cock. "Trinity's on a wild ride..."
Maritato comments.

"Yeah, and she's enjoying herself too..." Mamaluke replies.

Trinity grits her teeth as she turns her head and looks back at Mamaluke and
Maritato " two just going to stand there?" Trinity says in a rough
tone as she bounces quicker and rougher on Big Guido's cock all do to his
incredible strength and power.

"Yeah..." Mamaluke says with laugh, "Just kidding... of course we're going to
join in..." Mamaluke walks over to the couch and kneels one leg on it as he
angles his 12 inch cock a bit upward. "Just gotta time it right..." Mamaluke
says as he waits for Trinity to get in the right spot as she rides Big Guido.
When she does, Mamaluke thrusts his cock up into Trinity's tight asshole.

Maritato licks his lips, "Just remember Tony... I'm banging her ass later..."
Maritato says as he walks over to the couch, climbs on to it and stands to
the left of Trinity, "Hey Trinity.... you didn't blow me earlier..." he says
as he grips his cock with his right hand while placing his left on the wall
behind the couch.

Trinity licks her lips " big piece of Italian Sausage..." Trinity
says with a moan as she bounces on Big Guido's cock, slamming down harder as
Tony Mamaluke begins thrusting his cock in and out of her tight asshole.
Trinity the Italian beauty tilts her head back and holds her mouth open as
Maritato thrusts his cock into her warm, wet mouth. Trinity wraps her lips
around his cock and begins both her head along his shaft as she's double
teamed by her other two fine, Italian studs.

Little Guido Maritato releases his cock from his right hand and uses his now
free hand to grab hold of Trinity's fairly long black hair. "Ahhh... yeah...
suck it..." Maritato groans as he plunges his cock deeper past her lips. Big
Guido keeps his own moans silent as he thrusts his shaft up into her pussy
while pushing her back and forth on his dick. The Giant Italian as pushes
Trinity back against Mamaluke who's rapidly fucking the Fiery Italian's ass
with sharp thrusts, causing his waist and balls to smack against her
backside. Trinity closes her eyes as her moan bounce and vibrate against
Maritato's cock as she bobs her head swiftly on his cock as she twirls and
twists her tongue against his large piece of Italian sausage. Trinity lowers
her head further down on Maritato's cock taking a few more inches into her
warm, wet mouth as she starts to grind her pussy sharply down against Big
Guido's monster of a cock.

"Ohhhh ahhh shit...." Mamaluke grunts as he fucks Trinity's ass. He puts his
hands on her shoulders as he continues to give the Trinity every inch of his
cock into her asshole. "Shit... damn it..." Mamaluke grinds his teeth as he
begins to cum inside of Trinity's tight butt, filling her with his hot cum.
Trinity gently presses her teeth against Maritato's cock as she feels her
tight asshole fill up with the warm, gooey cum of Tony Mamaluke. Trinity
moans against his shaft as she taps her tongue around the sides of his cock
while she bounces quickly and drops down roughly on Big Guido's large,
14-inch cock.

Mamaluke slowly extract his spent dick from within Trinity's asshole, "What
a woman..." Mamaluke says as he heads over to the table and sits on the chair
he was sitting on earlier.

Maritato smirks, "Looks like it's my turn... to fuck her ass..." he says as
he removes his cock from Trinity's hot wet mouth, causing some of her saliva
to spill out and slide down her chin. Maritato gets off the couch and stands
on the floor, "Hey Trinity... I know you like Big Guido... but I want to do
you a different way..."

Trinity looks over her shoulder and raises her eyebrow with a smirk "You do,

"Yeah... I do... how about you get on me for a bit... with my dick up in your
hot ass..." Maritato says as he sits on the couch next to the huge Big Guido
who is still bouncing Trinity up and down on his thick 14-inch cock.

Trinity licks her lips "Mmm….I like that..." Trinity says with a smirk as
she lifts herself off of Big Guido's large cock and stands up before pushing
Maritato onto the couch. Once Little Guido is sitting on the couch, Trinity
turns around and backs, slowly sitting down on Little Guido's lap as she
gently takes his throbbing cock into her tight asshole. Trinity tosses her
dark hair back as she reaches behind her and places her hands on his slightly
sweaty chest and begins to bounce on his cock.

Maritato licks his lips as Trinity rides his cock with her ass, and he
groans with pleasure as he feels her ass cheeks press down against his waist
whenever she comes down on his dick. "Ahhh ohhh yess ride me..." Little Guido
moans as he reaches around in front of Trinity with his hands and grab hold
of Trinity's large breasts. Meanwhile, Big Guido stands up from the couch and
gets in front of Trinity. He kneels down far enough so that he's able to
insert his huge cock back into Trinity's pussy. Because of his height and
weight, Big Guido is able to give Trinity incredibly forceful thrusts even
though he's dick in and out of her pussy slowly.

Trinity grits her teeth as she locks her eyes on the Giant Italian, Big Guido
"Ohhhhh ahhhh fuck!" Trinity moans as she starts to sweat while Big Guido's
forceful thrusts causes her to bounce rapidly on Little Guido's cock buried
deep in her tight asshole.

Big Guido is sweating noticeably as he plows his huge dick in and out of
Trinity's tight soaking wet pussy. The giant Italian grunts like a monster as
he clenches his eyes shut, "Mama Mia!" Big Guido groans as his cock starts to
erupt inside of Trinity's pussy, giving her another rush of hot cum.

Trinity tilts her head back and groans as she feels Big Guido's warm cum
flood her wet, warm pussy "Ohhhhhh fuck, Big Fella...." Trinity closes her
eyes as she feels Little Guido Maritato dart his cock deeper into her tight
asshole as she bounces quicker, and slams down harder on his cock.

Big Guido grunts a bit as he pulls his huge cock out of Trinity's pussy and
stands up straight. "Fuck... that was... fun..." Big Guido says as he wipes
sweat from his head and moves away from the couch.

Little Guido Maritato keeps his hands on Trinity's breasts as he thrusts his
cock up into her ass, "Ohhh yeah... you're fucking great..." Little Guido
groans as he moves one hand down to Trinity's pussy and begins to finger fuck
the Extreme Italian Vixen.

Trinity closes her eyes and licks her lips as she bounces steadily on Little
Guido's cock inside of her tight asshole "Ohhhh awww yeah...finger that
pussy!" Trinity groans as Little Guido furiously rubs her wet pussy with his
left hand and his fingers. Trinity the 'Full Breasted Italian' begins to cum
against Little Guido's hand "Awwww...fuck me..." Trinity groans.

Maritato licks his lips and closes his eyes, "Ohhh shit... fucking you... is
going to keep us... all focused..." Maritato groans as he continues to finger
fuck Trinity's pussy with his left hand, keeping her in the on the brink of
ecstasy after her body shaking climax. "Ahhh... fuck yeah... oh man..."
Little Guido arches his back slightly as he starts to cum inside of Trinity's
ass. "Ohhh shit..." Little Guido lays back on the couch and groans as he
stops rubbing Trinity's pussy. "Fuck you're great..." Little Guido moans.

Trinity smirks as she slowly lifts herself off of Little Guido and tosses
her slightly sweat-moist hair back "Alright...fellas..." Trinity says as she
breaths heavy "All we have to do is stay focused...and…. the…FBI...will be
the dominate… E...C...W..."


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