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Welcome To The New ECW: Ariel
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"Welcome back to ECW on Sci-Fi!" Joey Styles, the Voice of ECW, says quickly
on the July 11, 2006 edition of ECW as the show is just coming back from a
commercial break "We now take you Ariel..." Joey Styles says as the
mysterious tarot card reading ECW Vixen Ariel, dressed in a long black laced
dress, appears in a slightly darkened room with numerous candles lit around
her as she sits at a table; on the table lay her tarot cards, facing down,
she presses her lips together as she narrows her eyes. Ariel slowly flips one
of her tarot cards over and smirks mischievously.

"I see a future.... a future with...BLOOD!" The mysterious Ariel says slowly
in a haunting voice as The Vampire, known as Kevin Thorn, the one has been
stalking been ECW on a weekly basis suddenly appears out of nowhere behind
Ariel. Thorn the Vampire grabs hold of Ariel's black hair and quickly yanks
her head to the right, exposing the smooth skin of her neck. Thorn licks his
lips as he opens his mouth exposing his two, sharp-razored fangs; he lowers
his head down and takes a bite out of the neck of the mysterious tarot card
reader Ariel. Thorn slowly lifts his head up from Ariel's neck and spits her
blood out at the video camera, filming their eerie altercation, coating the
lens of the video camera with Ariel's red blood.

"Yo Joey! What the hell was that!?" Tazz slightly yells.

"I don't know Tazz, but I guess anything can happen in ECW!" Joey Styles

* * *

Back in the darken room, The Vampire flicks his tongue against his blood
covered fangs and teeth. He is dressed in a black long sleeved shirt that is
tight over some areas of his upper body and loose in other, and a pair of
loose black slacks. Thorn stares at the cameraman whoís still in the room and
makes a sudden move that makes the cameraman think heís going to be attack,
and the cameraman runs out of the room as fast as his legs can carry him.
Thorn laughs as he hears the door slam from the darkness. "Pathetic..." Thorn
says as he looks down at Ariel, "Wouldn't you agree?"

Ariel slowly lifts her head up and looks up at Thorn as she places her left
hand on the side of her neck where The Vampire, Thorn, had taken a bit out of
the mysterious ECW Vixen. Ariel bites down on her bottom lip as she locks her
cold, dark eyes with The Vampire, who has been stalking the ECW Brand "Very
pathetic..." Ariel says with a slight, wicked laugh as she feels the cold
blood from her neck on the tips of her fingers of her left hand.

The Vampire licks his teeth and fangs cleans of the blood dripping them by
using his tongue, "He wouldn't even quench my hunger..." Thorn laughs as he
brings his right hand up and slides his fingers against the left side of
Ariel's face, "But that's another matter... for another time..." Thorn licks
his lips and smirks as he looks in Ariel eyes.

Ariel presses her lips as she looks down slyly, before the ECW tarot card
reader slowly rises to her feet, standing in front of The Vampire, Thorn.
"Mmmm...yess...that is for another time, what havoc shall we create tonight,
Master..." Ariel asks with a mischievous smirk.

Thorn chuckles slightly, "You are the fortune teller Ariel... you can tell...
what chaos we are going to create..." Thorn waves his left hand towards
Ariel's unique deck of Tarot cards that are sitting on the table. "Why don't
you...see... what our... future holds..." Thorn says with a slightly sinister
yet seducing tone.

Ariel licks her lips slowly "So...I shall..." Ariel says as she starts to
walk away from Thorn the Vampire and begins to slowly walk around the
circular table. Ariel lowers her eyes and slowly lays out three tarot cards
on the circular table. Ariel slowly looks up at Thorn and presses her lips
together as she picks up the first tarot card. The mysterious tarot card
reader glances down at the card "I see...Passion..."

Thorn smirks as he steps towards the small circular table, standing on the
opposite side of the table across from Ariel, "Interesting prediction of
what's to come..." Thorn slides the tip of his tongue against both of his
fangs, "What else do you see..."

Ariel slowly lowers her cold, dark eyes as she reaches down and picks up the
second tarot card she had laid down. Ariel slowly lifts the card up and looks
at the tarot card before she looks back up at Thorn. Ariel licks her soft
lips "I see...Lust..." Ariel says as she locks her cold, dark eyes with The

Thorn grins as his dark, evil filled eyes scan Ariel's clothed body, "Yet
another interesting prediction... and both... seem quite accurate thus
far..." The Vampire of ECW laughs slightly as he points at the final card
on the table, "One more card... I wonder what it will be..." Thorn smirks
as looks back into the mysterious woman's eyes.

Ariel smirks mischievously as she lowers her eyes down to the table once
again and slowly picks up the final tarot card that the mysterious ECW Vixen
had laid out. Ariel raises the final tarot card up to her lips and presses
her red lipstick-coated lips against the card, kissing the final card. Ariel
then lifts her cold, dark eyes up and locks them with Thorn "Mmmmm...I see...
Desire..." Ariel says in a lusted voice as she licks her lips.

Thorn narrows his eyes slightly as he smirks. He raises his left hand up
and turns it slightly upward, "A perfect prophecy... come here Ariel..."
The Vampire says in a commanding tone as he steps to the left side of the
circular table, "The future you have foreseen is going to happen... sooner
than even you would predict..."

Ariel licks her lips before she presses her soft, lips together "Mmmm...My
predictions are always right..." Ariel says softly as she narrows her eyes as
she steps towards Thorn.

"They more certainly are... You have yet to be wrong..." The Vampire says
as Ariel steps towards him until she's standing a short distance away.
Thorn motions at the long black laced dress the mystifying Extreme Vixen
his wearing and commands, "Remove your garments... I want to see... all of

Ariel gently grits her teeth together and places the tarot card she was
holding down on the circular table "Mmm...yes, Master...anything for you..."
Ariel says as she turns her back to The Vampire and looks over her shoulder
seductively "Can you unzip me...Master?" Ariel asks in a soft voice.

Thorn smiles, showing his sharp fangs and teeth as he silently moves to close
the gap between himself and Ariel, "Of course my pet...." The Extreme Vampire
says as he places his left hand on Ariel's left shoulder before he begins to
unzip Ariel's dress slowly with his right hand. Once her dress is unzipped,
Thorn pushes her dress open with his right and slides the fingers of his left
hand down along Ariel's spine.

Ariel closes her eyes as she licks her lips "Mmmm...Master..." Ariel moans
as she pushes her shoulder up, shrugging the straps of her black dress off
of her shoulder. The mysterious tarot card reader begins to slowly push the
black laced dress down her body. Once she lowers the dress below her chest,
her large tits are exposed.

Thorn licks his teeth and fangs as Ariel strips before him. "When you're done
removing your gown... turn and face me..." He says as he begins to lift the
black shirt he's wearing up. The Vampire continues to keep his eyes on Ariel
before he has to look away to remove his shirt from his upper body, revealing
a highly developed muscular chest, powerful arms and solid rock hard abs.

Ariel continues pusher her black dress down her stunning, toned body as she
pushes the dress past her waist and off of her rounded hips. Ariel lets the
dress drop down her smooth legs before stepping out of her black, laced dress
and turns around to face The Vampire, Thorn. Ariel presses her lips together
as stands in front of him dressed only in black, laced panties and black
heeled boots. "Mmmmm...Master, what is my bidding..."

Thorn smirks as he looks at every inch of the front of Ariel's hot voluptuous
and sinister body, "Lower yourself before me... and take off my trousers..."
The Vampire commands as he places both of his hands on Ariel's shoulders and
begins to push her down to her knees.

Ariel licks her lips and nods her head "Yes Master..." Ariel says as she
locks her cold, dark eyes on Thorn as she lowers herself down to her knees
in front of Thorn. The mysterious ECW Vixen reaches up and begins to pull
down The Vampire's black trousers.

The Vampire Thorn puts both of his hands on his hips and continues to look
down at Ariel, "My Pet... once your first task is complete... you shall have
a meal..." Thorn says, declaring Ariel can indulge herself with his cock once
it becomes free. The mysterious fortune teller pulls and tugs on his black
trousers causing Thorn's large, thick thirteen-inch shaft becomes exposed as
she lowers his trousers. Ariel licks her lips as she tilts her head back and
closes her eyes as she leans her head in towards Thorn's cock. Ariel presses
her tongue against Thorn's cock and begins to slowly slither her tongue
against Thorn's hard shaft as she gradually guides her tongue up his shaft.
Thorn laughs slightly as Ariel tastes his meaty cock with her tongue, "Mmm...
very good... my pet..." The Vampire says as Ariel finishes pulling down his
trousers down to his feet, and Thorn steps out of them. Now dressed only in
a pair of black ankle high boots, Thorn kicks his trousers underneath the
circular table without a second thought. Ariel slowly opens her eyes and
looks up at Thorn as she opens her wet, sinisterly warm mouth and wraps her
lips tightly around Thorn's shaft. Ariel softly moans against his cock as she
starts to bob her head on his cock, beginning to suck off her Vampire master.

"Oh yes... that's it my pet... please your master..." Thorn says with a
slightly sinister groan. He places his right hand on top of Ariel's head and
clutches a handful of her dark hair, "Indulge yourself Ariel... show me how
much... lust you have..." Ariel gently taps her tongue against Thorn's shaft
a she bobs her head quicker on his cock, grinding her mouth against his cock
as she sucks. The mysterious tarot card reader keeps her dark eyes locked on
The Vampire as she swiftly bobs her head on his cock, taking more of his
thick, throbbing cock into her sinister mouth. "Very good... very... very
good my pet..." The Vampire Thorn groans as he tightens his grip on Ariel's
hair. He suddenly places his left hand on the back of the Vixen's head and
pushes her down onto his meaty cock, making her take all thirteen inches past
her soft evil lips. Ariel moans against Thorn's cock as she deep throats him.
She presses her lips tighter around his shaft as she slows down her head

Even though he's enjoying Ariel sinister oral assault on his cock, Thorn
suddenly yanks her head off his shaft, and stands her up by pulling on her
hair, "That's good enough... for now..." The Vampire says as he pushes the
Extreme Vixen back against the circular table. He reaches down with his left
hand and suddenly rips off the black, laced panties she is wearing as soon
as he grabs hold of them.

Ariel licks her lips as she slowly sits up on the table as Thorn the Vampire
steps in between her legs as he gets a great off of her shaven smooth, wet
pussy. Ariel grits her teeth together as she locks her eyes with Thorn "Mmmm
Master.... I see...a future...of hot... steamy... sex..." Ariel says in a
soft, but haunting voice.

"You are... quite right... once again... my Pet..." The Vampire says as he
places his left hand on Ariel's left leg, while griping his thick cock with
his right hand in order to line it up perfectly with Ariel's shaved, sinister
pussy. Once done, Thorn lays his right hand on Ariel's right thigh and pulls
her forward as he rams his cock past the fortune teller's soft pussy lips,
effectively impaling her cunt with his dick.

Ariel grits her teeth as she tilts her head back, slightly pulling on her
dark, black hair with her right hand "Ohhhhh Master!" Ariel groans as the ECW
Vampire stalker, Thorn, starts quickly impaling Ariel's sinister pussy with
his hard spear-like cock.

Thorn using his overwhelming strength to drive his sharp shaft in and out of
Ariel's pussy while also pulling and pushing her back and forth on the table.
"Lust... Desire... Passion... you're prophecy has come true... so far..."
Thorn groans as he lowers his head down and lightly grazes his fangs against
the skin of Ariel's large tits.

Ariel closes her eyes as she keeps her head tilted back, starting to grind
her warm, sinister pussy sharply against Thorn's cock as her powerfully
thrusts his cock deeper into her pussy "Ohhhhh Master...ohhhh...yessss..."
Ariel groans as she leans back slightly, placing her hands firmly behind her
on the circular table, which she's on top of. The Vampire slowly lifts his
head up, while sliding his fangs over her skin, teasing that he's going to
bite into her once more. Thorn keeps his pumping his cock into Ariel's pussy
had a hard fast pace as he moves his hands from Ariel's thighs and places
them on her shoulders.

" are my desire..." Ariel groans as she starts
to gradually push herself against Thorn's hard, mighty cock every time her
thrusts his cock deeply into her warm, sinister pussy "Ahhhhhhh..." Ariel
moans as she closes her dark, cold eyes.

Thorn the Vampire lifts his head up completely from Ariel's chest and flicks
his tongue against the area on the right side of her neck where he bit her
earlier. "You are.... so good... my Pet..." The Vampire says as lowers his
arms and wraps them around Ariel's body. He lifts the Extreme Fortune Teller
off of the table and bounces her up and down on his fat cock, as he turns
around and leans against the circular table.

Ariel grits her teeth tightly as she places her hands against Thorn's
muscular chest and slightly digs her sharp nails into his chest as she starts
to bounce on her own moment on his hard cock as he leans back against the
circular table "Ohhhhh Master.... mmmmm yessss!" Ariel the ECW Vixen moans in

Thorn grinds his teeth together as he starts to squeeze Ariel's hot sinister
body as she bounces on his cock under her own momentum. "Grrrrrr.... my
pet... show me... your passion... lust... and desire..." Thorn grunts as he
tilts his head to the right and begins sucking on her neck where he took a
bite out of Ariel earlier.

Ariel bites down on her bottom lip as she bounces rapidly on his cock,
slamming herself hard down on his hard shaft each time she drops "Ohhhhh
Master...." Ariel groans as she starts to rock slightly on his cock.

The powerful Vampire lifts his head from Arielís neck, his lips, teeth and
fangs covered with her blood, giving him an almost terrifying appearance, but
it does not bother Ariel in the slightest. "You're so good my Pet.... you are
worth... your weight... in blood..." Thorn says as lifts Ariel off his cock
and stands her up on the floor. He turns her around and bends her over the
circular table.

Ariel turns her head back and smirks at Thorn as he steps right behind the
mysterious tarot card reader "Mmmmm Master...You are so wicked..."

"That I am... my little vixen.." Thorn replies as he pushes his thick
thirteen-inch cock back into Ariel's tight pussy. The lust driven Extreme
Vampire groans as he feels Ariel's sinister soaking wet cunt welcome his fat
dick back into it. As soon as his shaft is deep inside of her, Thorn resumes
plowing his cock in and out of the fortune teller's pussy.

Ariel licks her soft lips "Ohhhhh Master..." Ariel groans as she hangs her
head down while Thorn the Vampire powerfully dominates her wet, sinisterly
warm pussy.

As blood drips from his lips and as sweat drips from his body, Thorn
relentlessly slams his cock in and out of Ariel's hot pussy. He tilts his
head and groans loudly, "Ahhh.... my Pet... you're so worthy... of my
cock..." The Vampire lays his on Ariel's back and digs his fingers into her

Ariel grits her teeth tightly as she tilts her head back "Ohhhhh Master..."
Ariel groans as she begins to cum against Thorn's large, spearing cock.

Thorn licks his blood stained teeth and fangs as he feels Arielís pussy
tighten around his fat cock, "Yes... my pet... cum on my cock... show me
your lust... passion and desire..." He says as he continues to fuck the
sexy Extreme Vixen. Ariel's cold, dark eyes roll inside of her head as she
lays down against the circular table, while The Vampire, Thorn, plows his
hard cock deep into her wet, loose and sinister pussy. Without any sign of
stopping, The Vampire Stalker of ECW continues to plunge his cock in and
out of Ariel's cunt. "Ahhh... My... Pet.... you have earned... your...
reward... for your successful... predictions...." Thorn grunts as he starts
to blow his load inside of Ariel's cunt, flooding her pussy with his hot
vampire cum.

Ariel's body trembles and shivers as she feels The Vampire's warm cum flood
her wickedly, sinister pussy "Ahhhhhh Master...."

Thorn holds his cock inside of Ariel's pussy as he pulls her up from the
table, "Ahhh.... how... does that feel... my pet..." Thorn asks as he wraps
his arms around Ariel's sweat covered body while pulling his cock out of her

Ariel licks her lips as she leans her head back against Thorn's shoulder
"Mmmmm feels...wicked..." Ariel says with a groan.

The Vampire, Thorn, chuckles slightly at Ariel's reply, "Yes it was
wicked..." Thorn unwraps his arms from around her body and turns Ariel
around, "But tell me... what do you see... for our future..." The Vampire
asks with an evil smile.

Ariel licks her lips as she steps away from Thorn and slowly lifts up one of
her tarot card. Ariel slyly glances down at the card and smirks mischievously
as she lifts her cold, dark eyes locking her eyes with Thorn's eyes "You want
to know what I see?" Ariel asks in haunting voice.

The Vampire nods his head slowly, "Yes... tell me... what the future

Ariel grits her teeth as she slowly sets the tarot card down on the
circular table "Master...I see a future...a future of mayhem and chaos...and

Thorn laughs, "What a wonderful prediction my pet... but it is... missing

Ariel raises her eyebrow as she slightly leans back on against the circular
table "It is, Master?"

"Yes it is..." Thorn steps towards Ariel and licks his lips, "The future...
is going to have mayhem... and chaos... and destruction... but most
importantly... the future... is going to have blood..."

Ariel raises her eyebrow and smirks "Oh could I forget?" Ariel says
in soft, seductive voice.

"I believe... you didn't..." The Vampire laughs slightly as he grabs Ariel's
sweat soaked hair with his left hand and yanks her head to the left so her
right side of her neck is exposed again. "Let... the blood... flow..." Thorn
laughs before he lowers his head and bites her neck.


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