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Welcome To The New ECW Part 4: Francine
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the locker room of an ECW House Show, the original Hardcore Icon, The
Sandman is sitting on a metal chair in the locker room. Dressed in blue jeans
and a classic "Sandman Drunk 24/7" t-shirt, Sandman reaches down to a case of
beer that's sitting next to him on the floor, "Nothing like a cold one to
loosen up before a night of extreme action," Sandman says as he pops open the
can of beer and guzzles it down in near record time. After tossing the now
empty can to the side, The Sandman reaches down for another beer when the
locker room door opens and Francine walks in. "Yo Frannie... want one?"
Sandman says as he motions down with his hand to his case of beer.

"No thanks..." The Queen of Extreme and ECW Vixen, Francine says as rubs the
back of her neck, closing the door behind her after just competing in an
'Extreme Bikini Showdown' with ECW's exhibitionist Kelly Kelly in which the
extreme newcomer, Kelly won, and of course in ECW fashion lead to a classic
catfight between Francine and the young Kelly Kelly, before Kelly's boyfriend
Mike Knox came to Kelly's aide and roughed the original Queen of Extreme. Now
dressed in a tight black tank top and tight but comfortable pair of black
pants, Francine walks over to one of the empty metal chairs inside of the
locker room and sits down.

"Your loss..." Sandman says as opens the second beer and drinks it all, "Ahhh
that hits the spot..." Sandman says before letting out a belch. "So...who won
this time? Kelly again?" Sandman asks as pokes a bit of fun at his long time
Extreme Comrade.

Francine continues to rub the back of her neck "Yeah..." Francine says with
a bit of disappointment in her voice "Then her stupid-ass boyfriend came out
and treated my like a fucking ragged doll..." Francine says as she looks at
The Sandman "I've been roughed up in the past...but man this asshole gave me
a beating..."

The Sandman laughs a bit, "Damn he must've really done a number on your if
you're complaining.... after all those piledrivers, DDTs and powerbombs
you've taken over the years... you must be getting old..." Sandman says as
reaches down for another beer, "Here, this will make you feel better...."
Sandman tosses the beer to the Queen of Extreme.

Francine shrugs her shoulders "Awww what the hell, I am hardcore aren't I?"
Francine says with a laugh as she pops open the tab on the can of cold beer
"And I can drink with the best of them, you remember don't ya?" Francine
says before taking drink of her beer.

"Yeah I remember... you drank The Dudleys under the table plenty of times..."
Sandman laughs a bit as he gets himself another cold can of beer. "So... do
you still get down, dirty and hardcore like the old days?" Sandman asks as he
takes a long drink from his beer.

Francine raises her eyebrow as she folds her arms over her chest after
setting her beer can down on the floor of the locker room. "Why would you
care if I'm still like that?" Francine asks with a slight smirk as she looks
at The Sandman.

The Sandman finishes off his beer and tosses the empty can over his shoulder,
"You can guess can't you?" Sandman replies with a smirk as he looks back at

Francine's smirk widens "What are you saying, old want to get
hardcore?" Francine says as she unfolds her arms from over her chest.

"Damn straight I do..." The Sandman takes a bit of a long look at Francine's
chests and at how her tank top fits snugly against her body.

Francine laughs slightly as she slowly stands up and places her hands on her
hips "So…you wanna go, extreme...huh?" Francine asks as she casually glances
at Sandman's crotch while he remains seated.

The Sandman spreads his legs enough so that Francine can see a very
noticeable bulge at the crotch of jeans, "Yeah I do Frannie... I want to see
if you can get as hardcore or as extreme as you used too..."

Francine slightly licks her lips "Oh...I may be a bit older, but I can still
get extreme..." Francine says as she steps between Sandman's legs and sinks
down on her knees before she starts to undo the belt around his somewhat
baggy black jeans.

Sandman smirks, "I guess we'll find out..." Sandman says as he lifts himself
a bit off the chair after Francine unbuckles his belt. He unbuttons and
unzips his jeans so that The Queen of Extreme can tug down his baggy jeans
before he sits back down on the chair. Francine grits her teeth gently as
she looks up at Sandman as he kicks his baggy jeans away before Francine
begins to lower his blue boxer shorts. The Sandman licks his lips a bit as
Francine tugs down his blue boxer. The Sandman's ten-inch cock pops out of
his boxer shorts when Francine lowers them enough. When his blue boxers are
down at his feet, the original Hardcore Icon kicks them off, and leans back
on the chair.

Francine smirks "Ohh...just like the old times" Francine says as she gently
places her hands around the fat shaft of Sandman's cock and begins to stroke
her hands against the surface of his shaft, making his cock instantly hard in
her soft, hardcore hands.

"Yeah..." The Sandman grits his teeth slightly as Francine manipulates his
cock, making his thick ten-inch shaft become a throbbing thick hard cock.
"You haven't lost your touch Frannie..."

Francine looks up at Sandman with another sly smirk "I'm still the Queen...of
Extreme!" Francine says before she opens her warm mouth and lowers her head
on The Sandman's cock, taking his cock into her warm and wet extreme mouth.
The original Queen of Extreme begins bob her head on the length of Sandman's

The Sandman leans his head back and looks up at the ceiling, "Ohhh yes you
are...." Sandman groans as he puts both of his hands on Francine's head and
holds onto her long brown hair as the Extreme Vixen rapidly bobs her head up
and down on his fat ten-inch cock. Francine begins to guide her wet, skilled
tongue around Sandman's cock as she bobs her head swiftly along his throbbing
shaft as she sprays his cock with her warm, soothing saliva. The Sandman
licks his lips as Francine sucks on his hardcore cock, "Ahhh... yeah... only
thing better... than drinking beer... and beating people up... is getting
head..." Sandman says as the Queen of Extreme deep throats all of his cock,
and the original Hardcore Icon can tell that Francine isn't gagging at all.
As Francine bobs her head swiftly and her warm saliva drips down his
throbbing cock, the Queen of Extreme taps her tongue against his cock as she
lowers her head further down on his cock, ta king his cock deeper into her
warm mouth.

"Uhhh shit Francine... you still suck dick better than anyone I know..."
Sandman groans as he closes his eyes a bit and enjoys the warmth and
moistness of Francine's mouth while her tongue smacks against the underside
of his fat cock. "Ohhh fuck... how about... we get extremely hardcore now..."
Sandman says as he leans forward, grabs the top of Francine's tight black
tank top and begins lifting it up with the intention of taking it off of her.
Francine gradually lifts her head off of Sandman's cock as he lifts her
tight, black tank top off of her body to reveal her nicely sized, firm tits.
The Sandman looks down at Francine tits and smirks, "Damn... they still look
fucking good... even without beer on them..." Sandman says as he stands up
from the chair and takes off his t-shirt. Francine licks her lips as she
stands up and starts to push her tight black pants off of her hips and down
her smooth legs. Francine steps out of her black pa nts, revealing her
smooth, hot pussy.

The Sandman looks down at Francine's smooth extreme pussy and grins, "And
that defiantly still looks fucking great..." Sandman says as he picks
Francine up by scooping the Queen of Extreme into his arms. The Five-Time
ECW World Champion carries her to a table and sits her on it, and then he
spreads her legs, steps between them and plunges his fat cock into her hot

"Ohhhh yesss!" Francine groans as she slightly wraps her legs around his
waist and places her hands on his strong arms, while he starts to powerfully
thrust his cock into Francine's extreme pussy "Ohhhh shit…you haven't lost a
beat either..." Francine moans.

The Sandman grunts a bit as he thrusts his cock in and out of Francine's
tight cunt, "You can thank... my... diet for that..." Sandman replies as
he drills Francine's pussy with sharp fast thrusts. He puts his hands on
Francine's hips and pulls her towards him each time he drives his cock all
the way into her.

"Ohhhh fuck...yeah you remember what I like!" Francine moans as The Sandman
roughly slams his cock deeply into her extreme, tight pussy. Francine leans
back slightly and begins to grind her pussy against his cock as the Hardcore
Icon invades the Queen of Extreme's pussy. The Sandman grinds his teeth
together as he ravages Francine's cunt. As he pulls her towards him, The
Sandman lifts Francine's lower body up so that her ass leaves the table
following every one of his hard thrusts. Francine tilts her head back and
closes her eyes "Ohhhh fuck yesss!" Francine moans as she starts to
aggressively push herself against Sandman's cock every time he pulls his
throbbing, hard cock out of her warm, tight pussy.

"Shit... you're still.... a hot babe to fuck..." The Sandman grunts as he
leans forward slightly so he can wrap his arms around The Queen of Extreme's
hot body. He lifts her off the table, and turns around so that he's leaning
against the table. The Hardcore Icon starts bouncing her up and down on his
fat cock as she starts to do the same but on her own momentum. Francine grits
her teeth as she moves her hands from Sandman's arms to his shoulders and the
original Queen of Extreme begins to bounce rapidly on her cock, slamming down
harder on his shaft each time she drops down. The Sandman lowers his hands
down to Francine's ass and uses his arms to make a cradle to better support
Francine's body when she drops down on his cock. The Hardcore Icon continues
to thrust his cock into the Extreme Vixen's pussy so that each down she drops
down on it, she jumps backup.

Francine tilts her head back as she suddenly slams down on his cock extremely
hard as the ECW Vixen's body begins to drip of sweat "Ohhhh...awww...I...
still...fucking…got it!" Francine moans as she breaths heavily.

"You... most certainly do..." The Sandman says as he grunts. The beer
chugging, cane swinging wrestler leans away from the table so he can turn
around again to face it. He lifts Francine off of his big ten-inch pole and
drops her back onto the table. He pulls her off the table, stands her up,
turns her around and bends her forward slightly before ramming his cock back
into her hot cunt.

Francine looks back over her shoulder and smirks "Ohh...we're fucking
hardcore!" Francine groans as The Sandman begins to impale her tight, wet
pussy from behind and the ECW Vixen starts slamming herself back against his
thick, hard cock.

The Sandman smirks as sweat drips down his rugged face, "Damn... fucking
straight we are..." The Sandman moans as he smacks both sides of her hips
with his hands. The Hardcore Icon yanks The Queen of Extreme backward as he
plows her cunt viciously with his hardcore shaft.

"Ohhh yess...mmm fucking yess!" Francine moans as she feels his ballsack
against skin as her deep impales her pussy with his cock. The deeper the
Sandman thrusts his cock into her pussy, the harder and rougher Francine
slams herself back against his hard, thick cock.

The Sandman clenches his teeth as he slams his cock harder into Francine's
pussy, but he looks at the chair he was sitting on her, "Frannie.... we're
going... to get more extreme..." The Sandman grunts as he pulls his throbbing
fat dick out of Francine hot tight extreme pussy, and smacks his cock against
her ass cheeks. The Sandman walks over to the chair, picks it up and brings
it back over to the table and Francine. "Here... kneel on this..."

Francine smirks and she raises her eyebrow as she looks over her shoulder
at The Sandman. "I see we are..." Francine says with a slight laugh as she
kneels on the metal chair with her back still facing the Hardcore Icon.

The Sandman smirks as he goes get his case off beer and he puts it up on
the table. He gets a beer care out of it, pops the tab and drinks the whole
contents of the can. "Needed to refuel..." Sandman smirks as he gets behind
Francine. He bends his knees a bit firmly takes hold of The Queen of
Extreme's waist before forcing his whole ten-inch cock back into Francine's
extremely tight pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck..." Francine groans as the Sandman slips his hard, throbbing cock
back into her wet pussy and begins to thrust deeply into her pussy once again
With the force Sandman is using to the fuck the Extreme Vixen's pussy while
she kneels on the chair, the chair itself starts rocking back and forth.
Every time he drives his shaft forward, the chair tilts that way and the back
of it hits the edge of the table, while every time he pulls back, the chair
falls back to it's normal position. The Hardcore Icon grunts and groans with
every thrust he delivers into Francine's cunt as he pounds her pussy with his
fat shaft.

"Ohhhh fuck yes...mmm that's it!" Francine groans as she slams herself back
suddenly against the Sandman's cock and the Queen of Extreme begins to cum
against his cock.

The five-time ECW Champion clenches his teeth together as he feels Francine's
pussy tighten around his penetrating cock. "Ahhh... shit... fucking awesome
to fuck you're cunt..." Sandman grunts as he starts to cum inside of
Francine's climaxing pussy, flooding her with his hot load. Francine bites
down on her bottom lip as she feels Sandman's warm cum fill her tight pussy.
Francine smiles as she looks over her shoulder and nods her head at Sandman,
with sweat dripping down her face.

The Sandman groans as he keeps his cock inside of Francine's pussy for a few
moments before he pulls out. "Mmmm... now that... was extreme..." The Sandman
smirks as he slides the head of his cock over her butt cheeks.

Francine smirks and nods her head again "Yep...and we're still hardcore!"

"Got that right..." The Sandman says, "We can show those new guys a thing or
too about being extreme and hardcore...."

Francine smirks as she stands up straight as she turns around to face the
Sandman with her arms folded "Yeah…and I plan on showing those new bitches a
thing or two about being hardcore..."

The Sandman laughs, "That's the spirit... show them why you're the Queen of

Francine nods her head with a laugh "Oh yeah...that sounds like a good idea
to me."


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