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Welcome To The New ECW Part 5: Jazz
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At an the arena where ECW House Show, Test walks to the small backstage area
after defeating the Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer in a stiff, violent
match. Dressed in just his black and red wrestling shorts, the former
Intercontinental Champion smirks as he stops to grabs a bottle of water off
of a table, "Another night, another ass kicking delivered to that broken down
punk..." Test says with a laugh as he resumes his walking back to the locker
room area, where the tough as nails Extreme Bad Ass Vixen Jazz is packing up
after finding out she’s not going to be on the show. Test smirks a bit,
"Looks like once again, you get the shaft from being on the card Jazz..."

Jazz slowly looks up and narrows her eyes at the newest ECW Extremist, Test,
as she's dressed in a pair of tight fitting black pants and white tank top.
Jazz looks at Test intimidating as she folds her powerful arms over her chest
"What the yell did you say to me?" Jazz says, slightly snapping at Test.

Test chuckles a little, "I said looks like you got the shaft from being on
the card... this has to be... what... the fifth show you got bumped from
show." Test says with a cocky smile as he looks down at the longtime ECW

Jazz narrows her eyes more as she now gives Test a solid glare as she grits
her teeth "You got some attitude, boy!" Jazz slightly yells.

Test smirks, "So what... I'm part of the new breed here in ECW... hell I'm
already the biggest star here..." Test replies with an even more arrogant
tone. "Cause no one can past my test..."

"Oh think so?!" Jazz slightly yells in a gruff tone as she arches
one of her eyebrows "You think you handle a bitch like me?"

Test smirks, "I can handle you....I don't care if you got a reputation for
being a tough bitch... because I know you can't past the Test..." Test says
as he licks his lips slightly while folding his powerful arms across his

Jazz grits her teeth "Oh really think that?" Jazz replies is
a low, raspy voice. "Because...I am one tough BITCH!" Jazz yells before
slightly shoving Test.

Test takes a step back after Jazz shoved him, and the former WWE Superstar
steps right back forward to get in Jazz's face, "Listen you black bitch...
if I wanted to I'd bash your head in... but I much rather make you take the
Test... and see what you got."

Jazz grits her teeth as she looks up at Test "You got, white boy!" Jazz
yells, before roughly shoving the former WWE Intercontinental Champion up
against the wall in the hallway of the place where the ECW House Show is
taking place. Before Test has a chance to the tough bitch drops down to
her knees and quickly rips his black and red wrestling shorts off from
around his waist.

Test licks his lips as his nice, thick eleven-inch long cock springs free
from his black and red wrestling shorts after Jazz yanks them from his waist
all the way down to his ankles. "Looks like the Test is going to begin..."
Test chuckles as he steps out of his wrestling shorts. Jazz looks up at Test
and she grits her teeth as the tough ECW Vixen bitch, reaches forward and
roughly take hold on his thick, semi-hard cock. Jazz uses her powerful hands
and begins to stroke Test's cock to life. "Aww... shit... careful bitch...
you're going to yank it off..." Test laughs a bit while also grunting as
Jazz pulls on his thick cock. Test's cock in a few moments becomes hard and
rigid as he watches the former two-time WWE Women's Champion jerks on his

Jazz tilts her head back and laughs "Who's the bitch now!?" Jazz says in a
raspy voice before the tough as nails bitch opens her warm mouth and lowers
her head on the cock of Test. The ECW hardcore bitch wraps her lips
powerfully and tightly around his shaft before she begins to bob her head on
his thick, hard eleven-inch cock.

Test grinds his teeth together as Jazz powerfully sucks on his thick hard and
meaty cock with her hot moist mouth. Test puts his left hand on top of Jazz's
head and watches the Extreme Bitch with a bit of a smirk on his face, "I
ain't the bitch... you are..." Test groans as he starts thrusting his pelvis
forward to move his cock in and out of Jazz's mouth as blows him. Jazz
presses her teeth against Test's hard shaft and begins to raking her teeth
against the skin of his cock as she bobs her head more quickly and swiftly,
while she slaps her warm saliva around his cock. "Yeah... you black bitch...
suck that white cock..." Test grunts as he tilts his head back so that his
head is leaning on the wall. The former Intercontinental champion shoves all
of his cock forward with one thrusts so that his ballsack presses right up
against Jazz's chin. The Extreme Bitch holds back from gagging on Test's cock
as she deep throats his meaty dick insi de of her wet, warm-saliva dripping
mouth. Jazz tightens her lips aroun d his shaft as she sucks hard and quick
on his throbbing, eleven-inch cock.

"Ahhh yeah... come on you bitch... let's fucking... continue your test..."
Test says as he puts both of his hands on the front of Jazz's head and pushes
the Hardcore Vixen off of his cock, causing a string of saliva to drip from
her lips. The Rookie ECW Extremist pulls Jazz up to her feet and quickly
pulls down both tight fitting black pants and the black panties she's wearing
underneath them.

Jazz grits her teeth tightly "Is that all you got, bitch!?"

Test raises an eyebrow, "What the fuck do you think?!" Test yells as he turns
the black Extreme Vixen around so she's facing the wall. He puts his right
hand on Jazz's hip and bends his knees so he can impale his hard white eleven
inch cock into Jazz's black hot and tight pussy.

Jazz sneers as she grits her teeth "Ohhh you fucker!" Jazz moans in a raspy
voice before the hardcore bitch violently slams her body back against Test's
cock before the ECW rookie begins to thrust into her tight, hardcore pussy.
Test grits his teeth together as he wraps his left arm around Jazz’s body,
holding her still as he pumps his cock into her hot black cunt. The near
7-foot tall Canadian stud starts breathing heavily as he drives his cock in
and out of Jazz with sharp, short and swift thrusts. "Ohhh is that all you
got, BITCH!?" Jazz yells in a raspy voice as she taunts the ECW rookie while
banging herself back, slamming hard against his cock each time he tries
pulling out of her tight, black pussy.

Test groans, "No it's not you fucking black bitch!" Test yells back as he
wraps his right arm around Jazz's body so he can lift the former Women's
Champion up as he sinks down to his knees. Once he's down on the ground,
Test forces Jazz onto her hands and knees, and resumes fucking the touch
as nails woman from behind.

Jazz grits her teeth as she begins to sweat while Test drives his cock deeper
into her pussy "Mmmm fuck...bitch!"

Test firmly grasps Jazz's waist as he pulls the Extreme Vixen back towards
him. Jazz's firm ass cheeks smash back against Test's waist which makes the
powerful white stud rams his cock harder into her hot pussy, "Yeah... moan
it bitch... I know you like my white cock..." Test says arrogantly as gives
her a sharper thrust that makes her jolt forward. Jazz grits her teeth as
she looks over her shoulder at Test before she powerfully bucks her hips,
causing her entire body to slam back forcefully against Test's throbbing

Test presses his hands harder against Jazz's dark skin as his thick
eleven-inch cock flies in and out of her pussy. Sweat drips down his face
as he breathes harder and heavier as he stars to have trouble in keeping up
with the Extreme Bitch. "You black slut... is that all you... ahhh shit...
fucking... got..." Test grunts as he tries to slow down his thrusts but Jazz
won't let him.

Jazz laughs "Who's the bitch now!?" Jazz yells in her raspy voice as she
powerfully slams herself back against Test's throbbing cock as the new ECW
Extremist begins to drip of sweat.

"Ahh... uhhh... ohh... fuck you..." Test groans as he grinds his teeth
together and begins to cum inside of Jazz's pussy. The Canadian stud holds
Jazz still as he fills her up with his hot white cum.

Jazz tilts her head back and gives a raspy laugh "Ohhh who's the bitch now!"
Jazz yells as she feels Test's warm Canadian cum leak into her tight, warm

Test pulls his cock out of Jazz's pussy, "You fucking... whore... if I didn't
have my match with Dreamer a short while ago... I'd fuck you harder than
you've ever been." Test says as he tries to catch his breath while glairing
at Jazz.

Jazz smirks as she the hardcore bitch stand up, with a laugh "Who's the bitch
now, white boy!?" Jazz yells.

Test glares at Jazz as starts to stand up. "I ain't no bitch you’re the
fucking bitch..." Test says as he stands completely up and shoves her up
against a wall. "You're the fucking bitch!" Test yells.

Jazz grits her teeth tightly as she sneers at Test "Don't you fucking touch
me...EVER!" Jazz yells in a raspy voice as she doesn't back down from the ECW

Test smirks, "And what are you going to do about it huh?" Test says as he
raises his hand as if he's about to strike the Hardcore Bitch. Before he does
what he intends too, a heavy metal chair comes crashing against his back,
"Ahhhhh shit!" Test screams as he reaches for his back in pain as he turns
around to see who hit him.

Standing there with the chair is the Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer,
"Nighty night Test..." Dreamer says as he raises the chair and cracks it over
Test's head. The Rookie ECW Extremist instantly goes down following the chair
shot, and lays on the floor completely knocked out.

Jazz grits her teeth as she glares down, looking that the unconscious ECW
rookie "Who's the bitch now!?" Jazz yells before she spits at him.

Dreamer throws the chair down and shakes his head as he looks down at
Test before looking at Jazz, "Let me guess... he tried to show you he was

Jazz nods her head as she folds her arms over her white tank top, after she
pulls up her black tight-fitting pants "Yeah that white boy thought that he
was extreme." Jazz says with laugh.

Dreamer laughs a bit, "He better have learned his lesson that no one fucks
with you..."

"That's damn right..." Jazz says as she nods her head with a slightly wicked
smirk "Cause I'm a BITCH!"


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