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Welcome To The New ECW Part 6: Beulah McGillicutty
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

In his office in the backstage area of an ECW Live Event, Paul Heyman sits in
his leather arm chair, tapping his fingers on his desk. "Tommy has to learn a
lesson... He must realize what I'm doing is for ECW's future..." Heyman says
with a dark smile on his face. He then turns in his chair to look at his two
personal security guards known as the Riot Squad, Doug and Danny Basham. Both
men are dressed all in black pants, black shirts and jackets. "You two have
your assignment... make sure your visit with Ms. McGillicutty..." Heyman
chuckles slightly, "Is extreme..."

The two men nod their heads and leaves Heyman's office. With their orders
clear, Doug and Danny head towards the ECW Vixen's locker room area. Once
they arrive, they head to one particular locker room, and Danny knocks on
the door, "OPEN UP!" Danny yells as Doug steps back to kick the door down
in case the door isn't opened.

Shortly after the door to the ECW Vixen's locker room and the wife of Tommy
Dreamer and ECW Original Beulah McGillicutty stands in the doorway dressed
in a pair of tight fitting black pants and a black top. Beulah raises her
eyebrow as she places her hands on her hips "Ummm...Can I help you two?" The
true Queen of Extreme, Beulah, asks as she looks directly at the two members
of Paul Heyman's personal Riot Squad, also known as the Basham Brothers.

Doug steps forward and shoves Beulah backward, "Yeah... you can shut your
fucking mouth!" Doug says as he and Danny enter the ECW Vixen's locker
room. Danny closes the door and locks it as Doug sneers at Beulah, "We got
a message for that broken down has-been Dreamer...." Doug says as he takes
off the black jacket he's wearing and rolls up the sleeves of his shirt.

Beulah raises her eyebrow a bit more "Oh really...well whatever you want to
tell Tommy, you can tell me!" Beulah says with a snap as she stands up to
Paul Heyman's personal bodyguards.

Danny laughs as he takes off his own jacket, "Oh that's exactly what we're
gonna do bitch... Paul Heyman wants you to give it to that scab..." Danny
says as he and Doug approach Beulah. Doug reaches forward and grabs Beulah's
right arm and yanks her towards him.

"What the hell!" Beulah yells as she manages to jerk her right arm away from
Doug Basham after he pulls her to him "Just what the hell do you think you're

Doug laughs, "My job!" Doug replies as he grabs the collar of her black top
and starts jerking on it. Doug stretches Beulah's top out so he's able to rip
her top down the middle, exposes her round perky tits and her black bra.

"Yeah bitch... the boss has a special message for ya..." Danny says as he
rips open Beulah's black tight fitting pants and yanks them down from her

"Well you can tell your boss to FUCK OFF!" Beulah yells as she firmly pushes
both Doug and Danny away from her and takes a step back "If you don't leave
now..." Beulah begins to say as she points at the Basham Brothers.

The Basham Brothers both smirk as they pull off their black shirts and toss
them down to the floor. "You ain't gonna do nothing..." Danny says as he
licks his lips, "We got orders from the highest person here in ECW... Paul
Heyman..." Danny laughs as he and Doug step towards Beulah while unbuckling
their belts.

Beulah narrows her eyes and glares at both of Paul Heyman's Riot Squad
" tell...your boss...he's...a sick bastard!" Beulah manages to yell
out as she continues to back up, however her voice begins to gradually waver
as the original Queen of Extreme is slightly frightened and intimidate by
both of the Basham Brothers.

Doug chuckles as he undoes his pants, "Oh you should know that better than
anyone... since you worked for him in the old ECW...." Doug says.

Danny unbuttons and lowers his own pants plus his white briefs, freeing his
seven-inch cock. Danny grins at Beulah as he approaches her, "But this is the
new ECW... and all you old relics need to realize that..." Danny says with a
sick smile on his face.

"Hey! Me...along with Tommy Dreamer and guys like The Sandman made ECW what
it was and is! Paul Heyman needs to realize that!" Beulah courageously yells
back as Doug and Danny Basham begin to close in on their prey, the innocent
Beulah McGillicutty who is now backed up against the far wall in the ECW
Vixen locker room.

Doug removes his pants and his black briefs, freeing his own seven-inch cock,
"We don't care.... Heyman's the one that made you... and he wants us to break
ya..." Doug says as he and Danny grab Beulah and push the ECW original down
to her knees in front of them.

Beulah grits her teeth as she looks up at both Doug and Danny with a solid
glare "You boys got some nerve!" Beulah says with her teeth gritted.

Danny laughs a bit, "Don't fucking try to kid us bitch... Paul's told us
about you..." Danny says as he grabs a handful of her brown hair and jerks
her head back. "You were the pass around whore of the old ECW..." Doug says
as he grips his cock and presses it right up against her lips, forcing it
into her warm wet mouth. With Doug's cock inside of her warm, soothing mouth,
he lowers her head down on his cock as he forces his cock deeply into her wet
mouth. Before Beulah has a chance to lift her head up, Doug begins to thrust
his cock in and out of her sweet mouth.

"Ahhhh yeah... you dirty bitch... take that cock..." Doug says as he grabs
hold of Beulah's hair. The older of the two men thrusts his hips back and
forth, pushing his cock deeper into Beulah's mouth each time.

Danny smirks as he watches Beulah, "Fight all you want... you ain't going to
get out of this..." Danny says as he kneels down and removes the remains of
Beulah's top and her bra.

Doug pulls his cock out of Beulah's mouth and smacks her face with his saliva
coated dick, "How'd you like that big dick in your mouth bitch?" Doug laughs.

Beulah grits her teeth "Tell Paul to FUCK OFF!" Beulah yells as Danny
finishes removing her ripped top and her bra.

Danny smirks as he pushes Beulah onto her back. He grabs Beulah's legs and
spreads them apart, "Paul's doing this for your own good..." Danny laughs as
Doug pins Beulah's shoulders down to the floor.

Beulah glares up at Doug and Danny as she struggles to lift herself off of
the floor, however Doug's strength keeps the original Queen of Extreme
restrained. "Get off me!" Beulah yells as Danny lowers himself on top of
the defenseless Beulah McGillicutty.

Danny licks his lips as he presses the head of his cock against her smooth
pussy, "Shut up!" Danny yells as he shoves his cock into her pussy with one
strong thrust and begins driving it in and out of her cunt with sharp, swift

Beulah clenches her eyes shut as feels Danny's cock ram repeatedly into her
sweet, tight pussy " fucker..." Beulah groans as she shakes her
head. Doug Basham, keeping her shoulders down on the floor, move slightly to
Beulah's slide before ramming his cock back into the defenseless Beulah
McGillicutty's warm, wet mouth.

"Ahhh yeah... you like this shit don't ya..." Doug groans as he holds his
cock inside of Beulah's mouth. Danny steadily pumps his shaft in and out of
the ECW Original's hot tight pussy. The younger Basham brother keeps his
hands on Beulah's legs, pinning them to the floor while continuing to fuck
her. Beulah tries to pull her head away from Doug's cock as her warm saliva
sprays against his cock, however Doug begins to roughly thrust his cock into
her mouth forcing Beulah to suck on his meaty cock.

Danny licks his lips as he watches Doug fuck Beulah's mouth with his seven
inch shaft. "Shit... she's a little cock hungry whore just like Paul said..."
Danny says as he pulls his cock out of Beulah's pussy. Danny wipes some sweat
from his baldhead as he Doug pulls his cock out of Beulah's mouth.

"Let's turn this tramp over..." Doug says before he and Danny turn Beulah
over onto her stomach. Doug gets behind Beulah as Danny moves her side. The
older Basham brother pulls Beulah up to her hands and knees and rams his cock
right into her tight cunt with out any warning.

Beulah grits her teeth as her small, petite body jolts forward "Ohhh fuck
you!" Beulah moans.

Doug smirks as he grabs a hold of Beulah's waist, and holds her still as he
starts driving his cock in and out of her pussy with excessive force. "Ahhh
you wanna fuck me? Be my guest...." Doug laughs as he rams his cock hard and
deep into her pussy just as he starts pulling her towards him. Beulah closes
her eyes as her petite body roughly slams back against Doug's waist and his
hard cock as he powerfully pulls the true Queen of Extreme back against his

Danny, meanwhile, is moving in front of Beulah and grabs a handful of her
brown hair and pulls it back. "Open up that fucking mouth bitch..." Danny
says as he holds his cock against her lips. Doug continues to slam his
seven-inch cock in and out of Beulah's pussy, which makes her jolt forward
following every one of his thrusts.

"Ohhh you fucking..." Beulah begins to yell before Danny Basham thrusts
his cock deep into her hot mouth, silencing the Extreme Vixen. Beulah gags
instantly as Danny starts to drive his cock in and out of her mouth, causing
her saliva to drip and fly on his cock.

Danny tightens his grip on Beulah's hair and he pulls her hair back every
time he shoves cock as deep as possibly into Beulah's mouth, "Ohhhh yeah....
suck it... gag on that cock... take it you bitch..." Danny groans.

Doug smacks Beulah's ass as he pumps his cock in and out of her soaking wet
pussy. Doug grits his teeth as he gives Beulah hard thrust after sharp thrust
with his balls smack against her skin, "Fuck... she's hot..." Doug says as he
pulls his cock out of her pussy and smacks her ass cheek again. Beulah's wet
tongue laps around Danny's cock as her tongue bats back and forth against
cock while he slams his cock deeper into her wet, warm mouth causing the head
of his cock to smack against the back of Beulah's small throat.

Danny groans as he holds Beulah's head down all the way on his cock, "Uhhhh
shit.... Doug... let's show... this cunt... some extreme action..." Danny
moans before yanking Beulah's mouth off of his saliva covered cock.

"Good idea..." Doug says as he bends down and picks Beulah up from the
floor. As Doug holds Beulah up, Danny spreads her legs and shoves his cock
back into her hot pussy, then he takes over holding her so that Doug can
stick his own dick into her tight asshole.

Beulah grits her teeth tightly as she suddenly slams down hard on both Danny
and Doug's cock as they impale her tight pussy and tight asshole "Ohhhhhh
fuck!" Beulah moans.

Danny and Doug press their bodies against Beulah's hot body as they pump
their cocks in and out of their pussy and asshole. Danny keeps his arms
around Beulah's body and squeezes her tightly, "Ahhhh.... yeah... you like
the NEW extreme action... don't ya... bitch..." Danny says as he drives his
cock hard into her pussy, while Doug ravages her tight asshole.

Beulah grits her teeth tightly " two!" Beulah closes her eyes, as
she slams down hard on both cocks as she repeatedly bounces on both cocks as
the two Basham Brothers of Paul Heyman's Riot Squad thrust their cocks into
her pussy and asshole.

"Ahhhh yeah... this bitch loves this shit..." Doug groans as he grinds his
teeth together. He continues to roughly fuck her ass and her pulls her back
towards him so he can thrust his cock as deep as it will go into her. Doug
grinds his teeth together, "Ohhh.... shit fuck...." Doug groans as he starts
to cum inside of Beulah's tight ass.

Beulah shakes her head as she feels Doug's cum flood her tight asshole
" he's a fucking sick freak!"

"You worked for him.... you know how he is..." Danny grunts and laughs at the
same time as he continues to pump his cock in and out of her pussy. "You're a
sick freak... for being in ECW..." Danny adds as he starts to cum inside of
her pussy, flooding her with his warm spunk. Beulah closes her eyes and
shakes her head as she feels now Danny's cum invade her innocent pussy.

After Danny finishes cumming in her pussy, he and Dough both pull out of
Beulah's ass and pussy and drop the beautiful vixen down on the floor, and
then both Basham Brothers get their clothes and get dressed. Doug looks down
at Beulah and smirks, "Here's the message for Dreamer bitch... tell him he
better stay out of Paul's face... or else... we'll do this to you again...
and do much worst to him..."

Beulah grits her teeth "Oh you just bring it, bitch! Tommy and I and all the
other ECW originals won't back down!"

Danny laughs as he and Doug finish getting dressed, "Hey if you old rejects
won't back down... we'll make you..." Danny says as he and Doug walk to the
door of the ECW Vixen's locker room.

Doug looks back and Beulah and smirks, "Yeah... this is the NEW ECW...
welcome to the new extreme..." Doug says as Danny opens the door and both
members of Heyman's Riot Squad leave.

Beulah grits her teeth and shakes her head "Something has to be done about
that asshole!"


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