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Welcome To The New ECW: Rebecca DiPietro
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the October 17, 2006 edition of ECW on SCI-FI, Joey Styles and Tazz are
discussing the incident that just occurred between CM Punk and Mike Knox,
but their discussion soon changes to discussing the main event. "Tazz,
tonight Rob Van Dam gets what could be his LAST opportunity to get into
title contention..." Joey says as he turns to his partner to get his
thoughts on the main even for later in the show.

Tazz turns to his broadcast partner, Joey Styles "I know Joe! It's huge...Rob
Van Dam final chance to get a shot at the ECW Heavyweight Championship." Tazz
says as he taps his pen against the commentator table that he and Joey Styles
are sitting behind "I'm tellin' ya Joe, it's all on the line tonight for

"It certainly is Tazz... on July 4th earlier this year RVD was screwed by his
friend Paul Heyman... and it's been a long hard fought road to get back to
where can earn a championship match..." Joey Styles says, "And we're going to
get to find out Rob Van Dam's thoughts on this extremely important match...
and we send it back to our newest broadcast college, Rebecca DiPietro... take
it away!" Joey Styles says.

ECW's new Extreme Correspondent, the sultry and alluring Rebecca DiPietro
stands in front of the interviewing set with the ECW Logo in the background.
Rebecca presses her lips together and smiles softly as she raises the
microphone in her left hand up to her mouth "Thank you Joey..." Rebecca
replies as she turns to her right to face ECW's extreme high-flyer Rob Van
Dam "As you said...I'm standing with Rob...Van...Dam..." The sultry Rebecca,
dressed in a semi-skimpy black single-pieced outfit, pauses as she locks her
soft, seducing eyes with RVD " question do you prepare for
a match like this...what's your mindset going into your match tonight?"
Rebecca asks as she directs the microphone to RVD.

RVD, dressed in his dark black wrestling singlet, looks at Rebecca for a
moment, and then he smirks a bit. "My mindset? Rebecca my mindset is clear
and focused... tonight, this is my one and only chance to get my rematch for
the ECW Championship. When I came back, I started at the bottom and I've
worked my way up with the support of the fans, and tonight I'm going to do
what it takes to slay a giant. Besides, it's no big deal, it's just one
chance... and that's all the chances I need to beat Big Show so he'll have
to put the belt on the line against me."

Rebecca presses her lips together and nods her head with a smirk as she
listens to Rob Van Dam to speak, before pulling the microphone back to
herself "Well Rob...I must say...I wish you the best of luck tonight."

"Thanks Rebecca... and I know I'm going to win... because I'm... Rob...
Van... Dam..." RVD points to himself with his signature taunt as the
interview segment ends.

The sultry Extreme Correspondent, Rebecca DiPietro, bites down on her bottom
lip as she sets the microphone down after the segment ends. Rebecca smiles as
she glances at RVD "You know...Rob...I really do hope you win tonight..."
Rebecca says as she locks her soft, alluring eyes with RVD.

RVD smiles, "Thanks Rebecca... it certainly means a lot to know that people
are rooting for me..." RVD says as he slides the straps of his wrestling
singlet down from his shoulders so he can roll it down to his waist. RVD
then puts his hands together and stretches his arms above his head.

Rebecca licks her lips slightly as she sees the smooth, muscular chest of Rob
Van Dam " there anything I could do you prepare?"
Rebecca asks with a soft, sly smirk.

RVD lowers his arms and puts his hands on his waist as he looks at the
extremely hot ECW interviewer, "Well... I do like to be relaxed going into
a big match..." RVD says as he sees the look Rebecca is giving him.

Rebecca smirks as she raises her eyebrow "Oh really?" The hot Extreme
Correspondent replies as she licks her lips and folds her arms "I maybe...
could help with that."

RVD nods his head, "Yeah... maybe you could... do you got anyway to help me
get loose for my big match?" RVD asks as he checks Rebecca out by tilting his
head slightly.

Rebecca licks her lips and nods her head slightly "Oh...I think I could...but
you're way too over-dressed..."

"I am?" RVD says as he looks at himself, "Well I am only wearing one thing
technically..." RVD smirks a little bit, "So... I better just do away with it
then..." RVD says as he starts to push down his wrestling singlet from his

Rebecca smirks as she unfolds her arms and places her hands on her slender
waist "Oh...I think you should..." Rebecca replies in a soft, seductive

RVD smirks a bit, "Dude... you're pretty suggestive..." RVD laughs as he
pushes his wrestling singlet down from his waist and down his legs to free
his long, thick twelve inch extreme cock.

The ultra-sexy Extreme Correspondent, Rebecca DiPietro, presses her lips
together as she locks her soft, alluring eyes with RVD "Very nice..." Rebecca
says in soft, seducing voice as she tosses her soft, silky hair back and
kneels down in front of RVD "Since...I'm ECW's new Extreme Correspondent...I
need to get all the big scoops, right?" Rebecca asks as she looks up at RVD
with a playful smile as she wraps her soft, smooth hands around RVD's shaft.

RVD groans a bit as Rebecca wraps both of her hands around his thick cock,
"Mmmm dude... you got that right... and the scoops don't get bigger than
me... Rob... Van... Dam..." RVD replies as he puts both his hands onto his

Rebecca licks her lips with a seducing smirk across her alluring, beautiful
"Mmm...I sure hope I get a big scoop with you..." Rebecca replies with a wink
as she begins to guide her smooth, soft hands, up and down, against the hard,
thick shaft of Rob Van Dam as she gently strokes his cock at a slightly quick

"Dude... you might get more than just a big scoop..." RVD moans as Rebecca
continues to move her soft delicate hands along the length of his extreme
cock. The former ECW Triple Crown Winner groans a bit as he slightly moves
his hips to push his shaft against Rebecca's hands. Rebecca closes her eyes
slightly as she leans her head in towards RVD's hard, thick cock and parts
her lips as she presses the head of his cock against the entrance of her
warm, wet mouth. Rebecca wraps her soft, pouty lips underneath the head of
RVD's cock and begins to smoothly bob her head against his cock as the
Extreme Correspondent sucks solely on the head of RVD's hard, thick cock.

"Mmmm... ohhh dude... that's sweet..." RVD moans as the extremely hot
backstage correspondent sucks on the head of his cock, nursing it with her
warm, moist mouth while continuing to stroke the bottom half of his cock with
both of her hands. Rebecca gently twists her head against his cock as she
begins to softly tap her tongue against the head of his cock. The hot, sultry
Extreme Correspondent moans against RVD's cock as she gently works the tip of
her tongue into the piss-slit of his cock before she starts to lower her head
further down his shaft, taking him deeper into her soothing, warm mouth.
"Uhhhh dude... mmmm... boy... that's... one way to get a big scoop!" RVD
moans as he laughs slightly. He places both of his hands on top of Rebecca's
head and he holds back her soft, silky hair so that it doesn't fall forward
to cover her face.

Rebecca begins to slide her tongue against RVD's shaft as she starts to bob
her head more loosely on his cock as she bobs her head quickly on his cock.
Rebecca's warm saliva drips against RVD's thick, hard cock as she removes his
hands from his shaft and cups his ballsack with her right hand and begins to
massage his large ballsack as she sucks on his meaty cock. "Mmmm... ahhh
dude... sucking can be so good... people don't know..." RVD moans as the sexy
Extreme Correspondent takes inch after inch past her soft pouty lips. RVD
leans his head back and closes his eyes as Rebecca caresses his large
ballsack with her hand.

"Mmmm...mmmm...mmm..." Rebecca DiPietro moans against RVD's cock as she bobs
her head quickly along his hard, rigid shaft while she flicks her tongue
against his cock. Rebecca presses her lips tighter against his shaft and
slowly lifts her head up from his cock, rubbing her soft lips against the
skin of his cock as she lifts her head up, causing her warm saliva to drip
against his cock.

"Ahhh... ohhh man... that's cool..." RVD moans as he feels his cock pop free
from Rebecca's warm moist mouth. "Fuck... dude... you got ways of getting a
big scoop..." RVD says as Rebecca's warm saliva drips from his thick, meaty
extreme dick.

Rebecca presses her lips together as she smiles up at RVD "Oh...I have many
ways of getting what I want..." Rebecca says with a slight laugh as she
places her hands on the straps of her black single-pieced outfit that are
on top of her slender shoulders. Rebecca slides the straps down from her
shoulder and guides her top down from her chest, exposing her large, firm
and perfect tits as she continues to guide the top portion of her
single-pieced outfit down below her smooth, toned waist as she leaves the
pants portion still on.

RVD licks his lips, as he looks at Rebecca's large, firm, perfectly round
tits, "Dude! Those are some big headlights!" RVD says with a slightly dopey
grin as he rotates both his arms to keep them loose.

Rebecca bites down on her bottom lip as she slowly stands up and places her
hands on she smooth waist as she kicks of her black high heels "Ummm Rob...
would you like to finish me off?" Rebecca asks the sultry, alluring ECW Vixen
glances down at her tight-fitting black pants of her single-pieced outfit.

"Sure..." RVD says with a wide grin. He steps towards Rebecca and then puts
his hands on the tight-fitting black pants of her single-pieced outfit and
proceeds to tug them down from her smooth, sexy waist. RVD sinks down to his
knees and pulls Rebecca's black pants down, and as he does her, he soon gets
a very close look at her hot, smoothly shaved pussy. "Dude!" RVD says as he
licks his lips after he gets Rebecca's single-pieced outfit all the way down
to her feet.

Rebecca presses her lips together "I take like what you see?"
Rebecca asks with a sly smirk.

"Totally... dude... you've really got an EXTREMLY perfect body for ECW..."
RVD says as he looks up at Rebecca and licks his lips.

Rebecca smirks as she licks her lips and places her hands on her smooth,
toned waist "You...want to test out my see just how extreme it is?"
Rebecca asks in a soft, seductively alluring voice.

"Dude... you read my mind..." RVD says as he gets up to his feet. As Rebecca
has her hands on her smooth, toned waist, RVD puts his hands on her shoulders
and turns her around to face the back of the ECW interview set. The former
ECW World Champion then bend his knees and puts his left hand on Rebecca's
ass as he uses his right hand to guide his fat extreme cock towards Rebecca's

"Ohhhhh yeah..." Rebecca groans as she bends over slightly as she remains
standing as RVD begins to thrust his cock in and out of her hot, tight pussy
"Mmmmm...ohhh yeah Rob..." Rebecca moans as she begins to gently push her
rounded, cute ass back against his waist, forcing his cock deeper into her
tight pussy.

RVD licks his lips as he puts both his hands firmly onto Rebecca's smooth,
toned waist as he holds her a bit still. He thrusts his cock forward, moving
it in and out of her pussy. "Mmmm... dude... you're extremely tight..." RVD
moans as he gets more and more of his cock into Rebecca's hot pussy with
every thrust he makes.

Rebecca grits her teeth together as she closes eyes "Ohhhh Rob...give me that
big dick!" Rebecca DiPietro moans as he thrusts his hard, meaty cock deeply
into her tight pussy.

"You got it..." RVD groans as he begins to gradually increase the pace of his
thrusts so that Rebecca is almost stepping forward, then backwards to keep
herself right where she can feel his shaft be sharply driven into her cunt.
RVD smirks a bet as Rebecca reaches back and puts her right hand on his
shoulder to keep track of where he's at behind her.

"Ohhhh...ohhh...fuck yes!" Rebecca moans loudly as she begins to sweat as RVD
quickly and powerfully rams his cock in and out of her tight, warm pussy.

"Dude.. you're really hot..." RVD grunts as he slows down and then pulls
his cock out of her tight, warm pussy. The Extreme High-Flyer turns Rebecca
around to face him and he easily lifts the Extreme Correspondent up and gets
her hot, tight pussy onto his thick hard cock.

Rebecca tilts her head back as she wraps her smooth, tanned legs around his
waist "Ohhhhhh Rob!" Rebecca moans as she begins to bounce on his cock as RVD
stands, holding Rebecca as he thrusts up into her tight, sultry hot pussy.

With Rebecca's smooth, sexy legs wrapped around his waist, RVD is able to
keep he hands on Rebecca's waist as he pumps his cock firmly into her cunt.
"Awww... dude... now this... is really extreme!" RVD moans as Rebecca
grinds her pussy on his shaft as she bounces happily on him. The Extreme
Correspondent, Rebecca DiPietro, grits her teeth tightly as she slams
herself down on RVD's hard, thick cock at a rough, hard rate. Rebecca wraps
her arms around RVD's neck as she begins to rock back and forth on his cock
as he stiffly pistons his cock into her pussy, bouncing her quicker and
harder on his cock.

"Ahhh... ohhh fuck... dude... I can see... you like... ahhhh to be
extreme..." RVD grunts as he moves his hands from her waist and puts them on
her ass cheeks, where he pulls them apart with both his hands and presses the
tips of his two middle fingers against her tight asshole. He continues to
sharply slam his cock into her pussy as Rebecca almost pulls his head down
towards her large, firm, perfect tits, and he respond by slapping his tongue
against both of her tits.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh...ohhhh fuck Rob!" Rebecca moans loudly as she closes her eyes
with sweat dripping down her hot body "Ohhhh fuck me!" Rebecca tilts her head
back as she slams her body down on his hard cock and her hot, tight pussy
erupts with her own cum. "Ohhhhh shit..." Rebecca moans as she closes her
eyes and rests her sweat soaked body against RVD's muscular, sweaty chest.

RVD keeps slamming his cock into Rebecca's hot pussy as her warm cum flows
all over his thick, throbbing cock. "Mmmm yeah... aww fuck yea dude!" RVD
groans as he Rebecca's body trembles against his as she finishes cumming.
He then lifts her off his cock and lowers her to the ground in front of his
thick, throbbing extreme cock. "I got... something extreme for you..." Rob
says with a smirk as he helps Rebecca sit up on her knees.

The sultry, hot Extreme Correspondent presses her lips together as she opens
her eyes and looks up, locking her soft, seducing eyes with RVD "
do?" Rebecca asks as she licks her lips.

"Yeah... open wide... and close your eyes... and Dude... I'm gonna give you
an extreme surprise..." RVD says with a bit of a grin as wraps his left hand
around his throbbing cock and begins to stroke it.

Rebecca licks her lips as she closes her eyes once again and opens her mouth
as wide as she can, tilting her head back slightly " know I love
the big scoop..."

RVD moans a bit, "Well... dude... here comes... a big scoop..." RVD says as
he quickly pumps his cock. He aims it right at Rebecca's wide open mouth and
within moments he begins to cum, spraying his hot stick cum into her mouth.
Some of his sticky load lands around the edges of her pouty lips, but the
majority of his cum goes right into her eager mouth.

"Ohhhhh yesss..." Rebecca moans as RVD's warm cum splashes against her face,
while some lands in her mouth. Rebecca closes her mouth and swallows RVD's
warm, sticky cum before she licks her lips clean. Rebecca opens her eyes and
smiles up at RVD.

RVD grins down at her and he smirks a bit, "Damn... Dude... now... I'm really
relaxed..." RVD says as he lets go of his cock.

Rebecca smirks as she tosses her soft, silky hair back as she slowly stands
up to her feet. "Well Rob...good luck..." Rebecca replies in a soft, sultry
voice "You show those fans tonight just how extreme you are...because I know
for one..." Rebecca pauses and smirks "If those fans saw me in the Diva
Search...well..." Rebecca laughs "They haven't seen how extreme I can get


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