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Welcome To The New ECW: Brooke
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

Inside the dressing room of Extreme Expose, Kelly Kelly and Brooke are
talking about ECW's newest Vixen's memorable debut as apart of Kelly's
Extreme Expose. Kelly looks into the mirror as she fixes her hair as she
also looks at Brooke, "Brooke it's so cool that you're in Extreme Expose!"
Kelly says with a bright smile on her face, "You totally shook it up out
there..." Kelly says.

The stunning and sultry ECW Vixen, Brooke, bites down on her bottom lip as
she cutely presses her shoulders up "Oh I know Kelly! I'm so excited to be
part of Extreme Expose..." Brooke pauses and blushes a bit "I have to
admit...I was a bit nervous out there..." Brooke confesses as she glances
back at Kelly Kelly as she looks into the mirror fixing her blond hair. The
newest ECW Vixen is dressed in a pair of black and red bottoms and a matching
black and red top, wearing the outfit she debuted with on television.

Kelly smiles, "Oh you have nothing to be nervous about, I knew you'd be
great out there..." Kelly smiles, "And with Layla helping us with the
moves... we're going to make ECW more extreme..." Kelly says cutely as
she finishes fixing her hair.

Brooke smiles and nods her head "Oh I know it!" Brooke says excitedly as she
gently places her left hand against Kelly's back "But Kelly...I need to...
ummm...ask you something..." The sweet, sultry Brooke says as she bites down
on her bottom lip as she glances at the mirror seeing the reflection of
herself and the Extreme Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly.

Kelly smiles and pushes her shoulders up, "Sure! Ask away Brooke..." Kelly
replies as she flips her blond hair back slightly.

Brooke shyly lowers her head "Ummm...that guy...CM know that
straightedge he know taken?" Brooke asks with a sweet
and eager smile as she slowly licks her lips.

Kelly bites her bottom lip down cutely, "Um... I don't really know... but...
he's single I think... and..." Kelly smiles as she looks down, "And boy... is
he a hunk!" Kelly says as she cutely pushes her shoulders up.

Brooke's soft, innocent eyes slyly widen with excitement " think
he's single!?" Brooke smiles and slowly nods her head "Boy...I'd sure love
to be taken to the edge...the straightedge with him..." Brooke pauses and
presses her lips together " think he's still around?"

Kelly nods her head, "Oh yea... CM is like always the first to show up and
last to leave..." Kelly says cutely as she bites her bottom lip.

"Great!" Brooke smiles before she steps away from Kelly Kelly "I think I'm
going to go find him and..." Brooke pauses before she slowly licks her lips
and smiles, giving her friend Kelly Kelly a sly, sultry look "
know..."introduce" myself..." Brooke says before she releases a cute laugh
as she heads to the locker room door to leave "See you later Kel..."

Kelly smiles and laughs, "See you Brooke... you better tell me what
happens..." Kelly says as she watches Brooke open the locker room door.

Brooke smiles and glances back at Kelly Kelly "Oh I will...and I won't leave
anything out..." Brooke says with a cute laugh before she exits the locker
room and steps out into the hallway.

* * *

A short time later, inside the locker room of ECW's straightedge Extremist
CM Punk, the man himself is pacing back and forth a bit, wearing a pair of
black work out pants as he unwraps the athletic tape from around his wrists.
"Cannot believe Striker refusal to accept his defeat..." Punk says to himself
when there's a soft knock on the locker door, "Come in..." Punk says as he
throws the athletic tape into a trash bin.

The locker room door slowly opens from out in the hallway and the slyly
sweet, Brooke, slowly peeks her head into the locker room with a soft smile
on her adorable face "Hi..." Brooke says with an irresistible smile before
she opens the door further to CM's locker room, so that the ECW newcomer can
enter the locker room of the straightedged Extremist.

Punk looks at Brooke and smiles a bit, "Hi... can I help you?" Punk asks as
he puts his hands on his waist.

Brooke bites down on her bottom lip as she slowly starts to approach CM Punk
"Oh...well...I've just heard so much about you...and I wanted to meet you..."
The sultry and adorable Extreme Expose member says as she presses her soft
lips together while she looks at CM Punk.

Punk nods his head and smiles, "Well... it's nice to meet you... and... I
guess you know who I am... but I didn't quite... catch your name..." Punk
says as Brooke gently pushes the locker room door close.

Brooke smiles slyly as she casually extends her left hands "I'm Brooke..."
Brooke says before she pauses and lightly tosses her dark brown hair back
"I'm a member of Extreme Expose..." Brooke adds confidently as she takes a
good glance at CM Punk's straightedged hunk of a body.

"Oh... right, right..." Punk nods his head, "I heard Kelly was putting a new
Expose together..." Punk says as he looks at Brooke, "Well... it's very nice
to meet you Brooke..." Punk says as he catches her looking right at his body.
"Is... there something... strange on me?" Punk asks as he looks down at
himself and then at Brooke and smirks a bit.

Brooke smiles and shakes her head "Oh at all..." Brooke
says as she obliviously checks out CM Punk's smoothly toned, tattooed upper
body " are a hunk..." Brooke says as she nods her head.

CM Punk laughs a bit, "Thanks... and... I have a feeling... you've been
talking to Kelly..." Punk says as he slides a hand through his medium length
black hair.

Brooke presses her lips together and she nods her head "Oh yes...I have been,
she's said some pretty hot things about you..." Brooke says with a soft laugh
as she places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips as she lowers her eyes
from CM Punk's upper body, to the crotch of his black workout pants.

Punk smiles, "Why do I have the feeling... Kelly... hyped up everything about
me..." Punk says as his crotch starts to noticeably swell up a bit as Brooke
looks right at it, and she can tell there's nothing smalls about CM Punk's
real 'Anaconda Vice' without seeing it.

Brooke raises an eyebrow slyly, but cutely as she lifts her eyes up and locks
her soft eyes with CM Punk "Well...she did have a lot to say..." Brooke says
as she takes a step forward towards CM Punk "She...sure said you and her have
gone to the Extreme...many times..." Brooke says with a smile, before she
gets a real serious look on her adorable face "And I want to find out for
myself..." Brooke says in a soft, but firm tone.

CM Punk nods his head, "Ok... well... if Kelly is telling... everyone about
me... I guess I do have to prove myself..." Punk says with a smile as Brooke
takes another step towards him as Punk starts to slowly push down his workout
shorts a bit.

Brooke licks her lips as she slowly and eagerly nods her head "Oh yes you
do..." Brooke says with a smile as she places her hands against the straps of
her red and black bra-like top as she slides her hands up against the straps
of the bra on her shoulders until she reaches over her shoulders and unclips
the bra from the back before she starts to slowly remove the red and black
bra from her upper body to expose her gorgeously rounded, firm and hot tits.

"Whoa... those... are nice..." CM Punk says as he takes a long look at
Brooke's hot, firm, round tits as she drops her red and black bra-like top
down to the floor. Punk then lowers his workout shorts down his toned legs
and steps out of them. When he stands straight up, Brooke gets an instant
view of CM Punk's hardening thirteen inch cock.

Brooke smiles as her soft eyes widen " wasn't lying about
you..." Brooke says as she nods her head and licks her soft lips before she
takes a step closer to the hunky straightedged Extremist. Brooke shyly lowers
her head and presses her lips together as she stands a short distance in
front of CM Punk "Can I...I mean...can we take things to the extreme?" Brooke
asks with a sweet, sly smirk as she lifts her head up to look at CM Punk and
she raises an eyebrow at him.

CM Punk nods his head, "Be my guest..." Punk says with a smile as he puts his
hands on his waist as Brooke sways her hips a bit before she starts to slowly
sink down to her knees in front of him.

Brooke licks her lips as she comes face to face with CM Punk's fully
hardened, thick straightedged cock "Ohhh...I'm going to have fun with
this..." The sweet, sly Extreme Expose member says as she reaches forward,
while on her knees in front of CM Punk, and gently places her soft hands
around Punk's hard, thick shaft. Brooke sweetly smiles up at CM Punk before
she starts to slowly stroke her hands against CM Punk's stiff shaft in a
teasing manner.

CM Punk smiles and licks his pierced lips, "Mmmmm... have all the fun you
want..." Punk says as he watches Brooke move both of her soft hands up and
down the length of his rock hard straightedge cock. Punk also lets out a few
soft moans when Brooke uses just the thumb, middle and index fingers of her
right hand around his shaft, making him feel two different sensations has she
strokes his shaft. Brooke bites down on her bottom lip as she tosses her soft
dark brown hair back before she leans her head down and gently flicks her
wet, warm tongue against the large, thick head of CM Punk's straightedge
cock, while she continues to stroke her left and right hands against his cock
with different speeds and movements.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm..." CM Punk smiles and licks his lips as he feels Brooke's
soft wet and warm tongue dance around the head of his large, thick stiff cock
as she moves her hands at different rates on his cock. Punk places his right
hand on Brooke's head and moves her dark hair back as she flicks her tongue
against the bottom of his cock.

Brooke lifts her head up slightly and locks her soft, sly eyes with CM Punk
as she gently flicks and taps her wet tongue against the large, thick head
of CM Punk's straightedge cock "Ohhh...Kelly wasn't lying..." Brooke cutely
moans as she closes her eyes when she starts to slowly circle her wet tongue
around the head of CM Punk's cock as she slows down both of her hand
movements against his thick, hard shaft.

"Mmmmmm... ohhh... wow... that's... pretty hot..." CM Punk moans as Brooke
works over his hard, thick cock with both of her soft hands and wet tongue.
The straightedge Extremist licks his lips and closes his eyes as he feels
drops of Brooke's saliva drip down the length of his cock, and with Brooke
still jerking his meat, she rubs her saliva all over his cock. "Oh... what
else... did... Kelly say?" Punk asks.

Brooke lifts her head away from CM Punk cock and she smiles up at CM Punk
"Well...Kelly bang like no other..." Brooke says with a sly smirk
as she removes her hands from CM Punk's straightedge cock before she scouts
back on her knees away from CM Punk.

CM Punk laughs, "Boy... Kelly sure says a lot..." Punk says with a smile,
"But I guess I do have to live up to my reputation..." Punk adds as he
starts to get down on the floor with Brooke, "So... let's get that very
hot looking bottoms off..."

Brooke bites down on her bottom lip as she slyly glances at CM Punk "I
suppose we do..." Brooke says as she licks her lips and she places her hands
against her black and red bottoms before she starts to slowly push them down
from her smoothly rounded hips as she guides them down her smooth, stunningly
tanned legs as she exposes her hot, sweetly shaven pussy.

"Wow..." Punk says as he looks right at Brooke's extremely exposed hot,
smooth pussy, "Now... that's straightedge..." Punk says as Brooke slides her
bottoms down to her ankles and she kicks them off of her legs. Brooke smiles
and blushes as she cutely lowers her head before she scouts back on the
floor a bit and she then lays down on the cold locker room floor before the
straightedged Extremist moves in closer to the sweet, sly Extreme Expose

CM Punk moves toward Brooke and spreads her legs apart and lifts them up so
that her feet point towards her head. Punk then slides his thick hard cock
into Brooke's hot, tight pussy and he groans a bit, "Mmmmm... ohh whoa..."
Punk groans as he feels Brooke's tight pussy squeeze his cock before he
starts to thrust it in and out at a slow firm pace.

Brooke gently grits her teeth together as she leans her head back against the
cold floor "Ohhh...mmmm...ohhh yeah..." Brooke moans as she closes her eyes
while she feels CM Punk's hard, thick straightedged cock slide in and out of
Brooke's tight pussy easily "Ohhh...ohhh...yeah..." Brooke moans as she
starts to gently push herself against CM Punk.

CM Punk continues to hold Brooke's legs up in a 'V' position as he pumps his
cock in and out of Brooke's pussy, and he slides it deeper into her pussy
with each following thrust he delivers. "Ahhhhh... mmmmm... yea..." CM Punk
moans as he steadily picks up the pace, using quicker and slightly sharper
thrusts with every passing moment.

Brooke arches her back slightly as CM Punk begins to thrust his straightedge
cock deeper and quicker into Brooke's tight, warm pussy "Ohhh...mmm yesss...
Kelly was right about you..." Brooke moans as she opens her eyes and leans
forward a bit to place her hands against CM Punk's smooth, toned stomach as
she feels his body move with each thrust he delivers to the ECW newcomer. CM
Punk licks his lips as he feels Brooke's hands sliding against his smooth,
toned stomach as he starts slamming his meaty cock in and out of Brooke's
pussy and his balls slap against part of Brooke's sexy ass as she grinds her
pussy against him.

Brooke slowly slides her soft hands against CM Punk's smooth, toned upper
body before she places her hands against his chest as she easily rocks back
and forth against CM Punk's hard, thrusting cock and she starts to gently
grind her pussy against his cock "Ohhh...ohhh...yeah CM...fucking Punk...fuck
that pussy..." Brooke moans as sweat begins to drip off of her sweet,
adorable body.

CM Punk licks his lips as drops of sweat fall occasionally from his face,
"Hold on... I got to live up to what Kelly said about me..." Punk says as he
legs go of Brooke's sexy legs and then pulls his meaty cock out of Brooke's
pussy. Punk smiles a bit when Brooke makes a cute pouty face before he turns
her over onto her stomach and then pulls her up so that she's sitting high up
on her knees. Punk grips his cock and aims it Brooke's pussy and slowly
slides it back into her before wrapping both of his tattooed arms around
Brooke's stunning hot body. "Mmmm..." Punk groans as he begins to thrust into
Brooke once again while rocking her back and forth on her knees as Brooke
leans her body back against him and tilts her head back so that it's resting
almost on his right shoulder.

Brooke closes her eyes and gently grits her teeth once against as her smooth,
tanned back is pressed against CM Punk's smooth, toned chest while he thrusts
his cock slowly, but deeply into Brooke's tight, warm pussy from behind.
"Ohhh... mmm...ohhh yeah..." Brooke moans as her cute, rounded ass is pressed
back firmly against CM Punk's waist. Brooke leans her head in towards his
neck and gently flicks her tongue against the side of his neck, before she
softly kisses the side of his neck.

"Mmmmm ohhh yea... mmmm... this... is kinda... what Kelly told you I did...
ain't it?" Punk grunts as he asks as he steadily thrusts his large, thick
cock in and out of Brooke's pussy. The straightedge Extremist places both of
his hands on Brooke's hot, round firm, sweat covered tits as he tilts his
head a bit and flicks his tongue against Brooke's tongue when she's about to
flick her tongue against the side of his neck once again.

"Ohhh...awww...yeah..." Brooke softly and cutely moans as she keeps her eyes
closes as the tip of her tongue touches the tip of CM Punk's tongue before
she gently flicks her tongue against his tongue. Brooke lightly pushes
herself back against CM Punk's cock as his cock slams deeply into her tight,
wet pussy as sweat drips off fo the Extreme Expose member's body.

CM Punk gently squeezes both of Brooke's hot tits with his hands as he and
Brooke continue to flick their tongues against each others as Punk sharply
slams his entire cock into her hot wet pussy. Sweat rolls off of CM Punk's
smooth, toned body as he leans his head away from Brooke's, "Mmmmmm you and
Kelly... are totally extreme..." Punk says with a groan as he unwraps his
arms from Brooke's body and pumps his throbbing cock in and out of her tight

Brooke presses her lips together "Of course...we're Extreme Expose..." Brooke
replies as she breathes heavily as sweat drips down her body. Brooke then
leans forward and bends down onto her hands and knees, as she's now on all
fours, while CM Punk continues to slam his straightedge cock in and out of
Brooke's hot, tight pussy. Brooke pushes herself back against CM Punk's cock,
causing her ass to lightly bounce against his smooth, toned waist.

CM Punk slides his hands over Brooke's smooth, hot round ass as he drives his
cock in and out of her pussy with rapid-fire thrusts. "Mmmmm... ohhhh wow...
ahhh yea..." Punk groans as he pulls his throbbing cock out of Brooke's pussy
and rests the head of it right against Brooke's ass crack, which spreads her
ass apart slightly.. Punk grips his cock with his right hand and gives it a
few strokes, "Mmmm fuck..." Punk moans as he starts to cum and his warm
sticky load sprays against the skin of Brooke's ass crack and drips down
between her ass cheeks.

Brooke presses her lips together as she glances over her shoulder and
cutely smiles at CM Punk as feels his warm cum drip down her ass crack
"Ohhhh shit..." Brooke groans as she closes her eyes open again as she
breaths heavily and sweat drips down her adorable face and body.

CM Punk holds his cock against Brooke's ass crack until he's finishes
unloading his cum, "Mmmm... whew... I hope... that was as good as Kelly said
it would be..." Punk says as he then slides two fingers down against Brooke's
cum dripping ass crack.

Brooke slowly opens her eyes and smiles slyly at CM Punk "You were...but
maybe...sometime...Extreme Expose...can give you a special dance...that's
just for a straightedge hunk, like you..."

CM Punk smiles, "I think I'd like that... it sounds... totally... extreme..."

Brooke bites down on her bottom lip "Well...there's nothing more extreme than
being in ECW...and I think I'm going to find out greatly..." Brooke says with
a sly smirk as she tosses her slightly sweat-dampened hair back.


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