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Welcome To The WWE
by DivaLover

Paul London had just gotten a WWE contract, and was feeling mighty proud of
himself after reaching his goal of being a WWE Superstar. He had been in
OVW training hard, and waiting for the call so he could make his debut on
SmackDown. It turned out that all they wanted to use him for though on his
debut was to be thrown around by the monster Brock Lesner. Paul was not
pleased by this, and after SmackDown he was furious. After the show was
over, and the trainers told him he was okay. Paul stormed back towards his
lockeroom, furious.

"Hey, what's the problem?" said a sultry female voice to his side as he went
down the hall.

Paul turned and saw Dawn Marie standing in her lockeroom door in her usual
short skirt, with a top that shows off her cleavage. She then winks at him,
and Paul looks around confused wondering if she is talking to him.

"Um...Are you talking to me, Dawn?"

"Yeah, there is nobody else here. So what's the problem?"

Paul then looks down, and shakes his head. "Well I came to SmackDown tonight
hoping for my big break, but they just put me in a match against Brock
knowing I couldn't win. It's a load of crap."

"Trust me, I know how it is to not get any TV time. The only time I can even
get on camera is if I'm running out or facing that huge bitch Shaniqua.
Things around here suck sometimes. You're Paul, right? I'm Dawn," she then
steps forward, and extends a hand to him. Paul shakes her hand, and nods his

"Yeah, I'm Paul London. I was trained by Shawn Micheals, but I guess that
doesn't mean much around here. Anyways I've always been a huge fan of yours

"Thanks Paul," Dawn then steps even closer to him. Her chest is now up
against his, and she is looking into his eyes. "I'm sure you've got loads of
talent too. I bet you also have alot of frustration, and energy you need to
get out of your system. Am I right?"

Paul's eyes shoot open in shock, and he swallows hard. He then tries to speak
but nothing comes out. Dean then just giggles a bit, and takes him by the
hand. She then pulls Paul into her lockeroom, closing the door behind her.
Dawn then locks it, and stands against the door with Paul in the middle still
looking as if he is in shock.

"You know, Paul. Maybe we could become a team, and then Vince and Stephanie
would have to notice us. We're both good looking, and talented there is no
reason we shouldn't be stars. First though, I think we need to get to know
each other a bit better. Like if I'm going to team with you, I need to know
what you're capable of doing."

Paul then nods his head quickly "Yeah, sure. Anything you want, Dawn."

Dawn then pulls Paul towards her giving him a hard kiss, her tongue entering
his mouth. At first Paul was in too much shock to do anything back, but after
a second he pulled Dawn in closer and returned the kiss. Dawn then rubs her
hands down Paul's body, rubbing his chest and stomach before her hand slides
down his short. She then starts to rub Paul's groin inside his underwear.
Paul leans his head back, and lets out a moan as Dawn smiles at him. She then
pulls his shirt off, and begins to kiss her way down his body. Finally Dawn
falls to her knees, and slides his pants, and boxers down. Paul's semi-hard
dick pops out in Dawn's face, and she licks her lips. Paul then looks down at
her as she smiles.

"This is what I like to see in a man I team up with," Dawn said as she
started to stroke his now hard 8 inch cock. Paul just nods his head, feeling
too much pleasure to even respond. She then takes holds it in her hand, as
she licks from his balls all the way up to the tip of his cock where she
swirls her tongue around the head making Paul let out a moan. He then looks
down at her again, right as she takes it deep into her mouth. Dawn then
starts to bob her head up and down his dick, as her hand strokes it while she
goes. Dawn then slowly slides more and more if Paul's cock into her mouth. He
puts his hand on her head, pushing her more and more getting it deeper own
her throat until the whole thing is in there. Again Paul leans his head back,
and lets out a loud moan as Dawn deepthroats his dick. Dawn then slides it
out of her mouth, and again begins to suck it in and out of her mouth. She
then pulls it out, and slaps it against her tongue with a giggle. Dawn then
strokes it a bit more spitting on it first, and then she stands up her hand
still wrapped around Paul's hard cock.

"Oh Dawn, that was the best blowjob..." Paul says as he moans from Dawn's

"You want to feel my tight pussy, Paul?" Dawn whispers into his ear.

"Yes, please, Dawn."

"Lay down on the floor then."

Paul London the gets down on the floor his erect dick sticking straight up
as Dawn stands above him. She then unbuttons her blouse, pulling it off
revealing a black bra. Dawn then pulls the bra down showing Paul her big
beautiful breasts. She then pulls up her skirt, showing to Paul that she
wasn't wearing any panties. Then Dawn lowers herself so she is crouching
right about Paul's cock. Then she grabs it, and slips the tip into her wet
pussy. Dawn then lets the whole thing slide into her as she lets out a loud
moan of pleasure. Paul then grabs on to her hips, guiding her up and down
his hard cock over and over. Paul then starts to pump her faster and faster
on his hard dick, as he stares in amazement at her beautiful breasts

"Ooohhhh Yes!" screams Dawn as she grinds her wet pussy down on his dick.

"Dawn, I think I'm going to blow it soon" Paul moans out as he pulls Dawn
down and sucks on her nipples. As Dawn hears this she slides off his dick.
Dawn then pulls her bra off as she slides down Paul's body. She then places
his dick between her breasts. Paul looks down with a smile as she starts to
tittie fuck his cock.

"That is great Dawn...oh I'm gonna cum!" says Paul which only causes Dawn
to go faster. Then she takes his dick into her mouth right as his hot load
begins to shoot out of it. Paul is moaning out load as his cum bursts into
Dawn's awaiting mouth. She swallows all that she can, letting the rest ooze
out of her mouth and drip on to her breasts.

"That was great Paul, I think you're going to be a great addition to the
roster" says Dawn as she licks some cum off her face.

"You're amazing Dawn..." is all Paul can utter as he lays there exhausted.
Paul then just passes out afterwards from exhausttion from all the nights
events. Dawn then gets dressed, and leaves the naked Paul London laying on
the women's lockeroom floor with a smile on his face.

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