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Welcome To The WWE Part 1: Christy Hemme
by Dice & Kristi

In the month of September of 2004, on a particular Monday Night, the first
ever Raw Diva Search is coming to an end. The final two contenstants are
Christy Hemme, a firey red head and former Playboy Playmate of the Year,
Carmella DeCesare. Both of the beautiful women eagerly wait in the middle
of the ring as Jonathan Coachman opens an envelope and reads the wiiner.
"And the winner of the 2004 Raw Diva Search is..." The Coach pauses for
dramtic effect, causing both women to cross their fingers. Finally The
Coach lets the world know, "Christy Hemme!"

Christy jumps up in the air "Yeah!" She says throwing her arms up. Christy
skips around the ring excitedly as she celebrates, blowing kisses to the
crowd and posing for them.

"Contragulations Christy... I'm sure you'll make a fine addition to the divas
here on Raw..."

A short time later, Christy has returned to the backstage area, reciving
various forms of congratulations from some of the divas and from quite a
few male superstars. She skips happily pass the tag team of La Resistiance,
comprised of Robert Conway and Sylvain Greiner. Robert's eyes are immetiadly
drawn to Christy, he smacks Sylavin's arm and points towards Christy.

"Man... aren't redheads great?" Conway asks.

Sylvain smiles a bit, "Yes my friend... and I can tell she's going to be alot
of fun..." The two men both get smirks on the face then make their way over

"Hey there..." Robert says to get her attention. Before she can reply,
Sylvain takes her hand and kisses it then smiles at her.

"May we be the first to congratulate you on winning the diva competion,"
Sylvain says with a smile.

Christy smiles with a slight blush "Thank guys this is like totally
awesome. Its a dream come true!" Christy replies as she looks at Grenier and

"It is much better than a dream... you're a WWE Diva now..." Robert says,
"And you certially have everything it takes to make a good diva too."

Christy laughs a bit "I sure hope so!"

"You will... a beautiful madam like yourself has nothing worry about,"
Sylvain replies.

Christy places a hand on her hip " a does Raw Diva get treated around
here?" she asks.

Robert and Sylvain exchange glances for a hot second then smile at Christy.
"Well you are new... and it takes a little time to show how things go around
here..." Robert smirks a bit.

Christy then folds her hands with a raises eyebrow "Really? How so?"

"Normally... the diva's a treated for a night of fun on their first night..."
Sylvain replies, "But... since you have just won, we shall hold off on
that... you might have a lot of family and friends you want to call."

Christy smirks a bit and shrugs "If there's one thing I know how to
have fun! And baby I do it well!"

Robert grins a bit, "Well then... if you want to have fun... you might want
to follow us..." Robert and Sylvain start to head down the corridor towards
the locker room area.

Christy stays behind a bit, before running to catch up with Robert and
Sylvain. Christy pushes her way through, so she's now in between Robert and
Sylvain as the walk towars the lockerroom area " do you guys have

"We have many ways of having fun..." Sylvain says as both men take quick
looks at clevage.

"Yeah... we're probably to most fun guys on Raw..." Robert as as they reach
the closest locker room door, which is for the men's dressing room. Sylvain
opens the door peeks inside to make sure it's empty.

"Ah, perfect..." Sylvain says with a smile as he holds the door open for
Christy and Robert.

Christy walks into the lockerroom and looks around seeing that the lockerroom
is indeed vacant. Christy gets a smile on her face and instantly gets down on
her knees, while both Robert and Sylvain have their backs turn to the
red-haired Diva.

Sylvain closes the door as soon as Robert enters. They both turn to face
Christy and suddenly they feel their white and blue wrestling trunks being
pulled down. "What is this?" Sylvain asks in shock as they look down to see
Christy with her hands on their tights.

Christy smiles "I told you I know how to have fun!" Christy says pulling
both Sylvain and Robert's cocks out of their wrestling trunks. She grips both
cocks into her hands and begins moving her delicate hands up and down their
shafts making their cocks grow in her hands.

"That we can certainly see..." Robert says as Christy tightens her grip on
his shaft, making him moan a bit.

Christy opens her mouth inserting Sylvain's cock into her mouth, she wraps
her pouty red lips around his cock and starts bobbing her head back and forth
on his cock. Christy moves her hand quicker against Conway's cock, rubbing
the palm of her hand against his shaft.

Sylvain closes his eyes instantly, muttering various things in French to
express the plasure he's feeling. He places on hand on Christy's head and
runs his fingers through her red hair. Robert rocks his hips a bit, letting
Christy control everything from his waist on down with the way she's stroking
his cock.

Christy brings her hand up to the head of Conway's cock, squeezing the head
of his cock a bit as she starts twisting her head on Sylvain's cock, patting
her tongue against his cock while she sucks.

"Woah.... you got some... skilled hands..." Robert moans as his head bobs
a bit in rhytm of her hand. Sylvain finally says something in English,
"Simply... fabulous..." in his own was letting Christy know her blow job is
one of the best he's had.

Christy lifts her head up slowly from Sylvain's cock, she quickly grips his
cock with her hand and starts stroking and jerking off Sylvain's cock, while
she inserts Conway's cock now into her mouth. Christy starts off slowly
sucking Conway's prick, twisting her head and sucking tightly on his cock.

"Mmmm baby... you know what I like..." Robert moans as he watches her head
move along his cock. He keeps his hips relax so they move each time Christy
sucks on his dick, causing her to deep throat him a bit,

Christy begins bobbing her head faster on Conway's cock while she deep
throats him. Christy moans around Conway's cock as she moves her hand down
to Sylvain's ballsack and begins rubbing his sack.

"Ahh madam... if you please..." Sylvain gently pries Christy's hand off of
his cock and steps behind her. He takes hold of his hips a and puts her
into a doggy style posistion, allowing her to contining giving head to his
tag team partner. Sylvain holds his cock by the base and inserts it into
Christy's pussy.

"The French Invasion begins..." Conway says with a laugh as Sylvain slowly
pushes his shaft into her until it's completely inside her.

Christy lets out a moan around Conway's cock. Christy places both of her
hands on the base of Conway's cock and start pushing and pulling Conway's
cock in and out of her warm mouth.

"Woah mama..." Robert says as Christy practically fucks her own mouth with
his cock. Sylvain starts off fucking her slowly, making sure Christy has a
lasting impression of him/ He places his hands on her ass, massaging her
butt cheeks in between each thrust.

Christy starts pushing back on Sylvain's cock as she nibbles on Conway's cock
thats inside her mouth. Christy places her hand on Conway's shaft and at the
same time twists both her head and hand on Conway's cock. Robert places his
hands on Christy's head and pulls on her hair a bit. Sylvain's thrusts start
to fuck her a quicker pace. Sylvain eyes are glued to Christy's gorgeous ass
as an idea pops in his head. He pulls Christy back off of Robert's cock and
lays down on his side with her. He takes his cock out of her pussy and shoves
it into her ass unlubricated just to see how it feels.

"Ohhhh fuck!" Christy moans out in pleasure, she looks over her shoulder at
Sylvain and he thrusts into her tight asshole. Christy leans her head in and
kisses Sylvain's lips sliding her tongue into her mouth. Sylvain slides his
tongue againsts hers as he places one hand on her thigh. Conway kneels down
near Christy's head, stroking his cock in eager anticpation of having it back
in side her head.

Christy breaks Sylvain's kiss and turns her head back to Conway's cock,
she opens her mouth as Conway places his cock into her mouth and he starts
thrusting his cock in and out of her tight mouth. Sylvain pulls his cock out
of Christy's perfect ass and returns it into her pussy, giving her a sharp
thrust right off the bat. Conway again toys with her hair pushing his dick
further into her mouth. Christy's head goes completely down on Conway's cock,
taking it deeper into her oval cavity. Christy swirls Conway's cock in her
mouth, bobbing her head with no regrets.

"Ahhh fuck... you... denitatly know how to have fun..." Robert says as his
balls slap against Christy's face a bit. Sylvain is relativly silent, staying
focused on fucking Christy like only a French-Canadian can. He manages to
squeeze a hand under her in order to wrap that arm around her to pull her
back onto his cock.

Christy picks her head up from Conway's cock, she grits her teeth, with sweat
beeding on her forehead "I want more...."

Sylvain pulls out of her pussy as Rob lays on the floor of the locker room.
Sylvain stands up and helps Christy up, by lifting her off the ground. He
turns her in his arms and then sits her down on Robert's cock. Robert's cock
is noticeable thicker than Sylvain's and Christy can feel every inch of it.

Sylvain smirks at her, "You still want more, my dear?"

Christy moans as she rocks back and forth on Conway's cock "Ohhh...fuck...

"All right..." Sylvain replies as he moves behind her. He pushes her forward
a bit with one hand, then taps her ass with his cock, before he pushes it
into her asshole. Rob starts to thrust up into pussy as he partner starts
to steadily fucks her ass.

"Ohhhhh....yeahh..." Christy moans as she pushes back on both Sylvain and
Rob's cock with a great force "!" Christy says in
between breaths, gritting her teeth, her hands firmly placed on Rob's chest.

"Oh yes... that... a mighty... fine... pussy you have..." Robert replies with
a moan as grips her thighs, squeezing them a bit. Sylvaun resumes his quiet
thrusting as he places his hands on her shoulders, to massage them in order
to add extra stiumlation to Christy's body.

"Ahhhhh....ohhh...fuck..yeah!" Christy moans slamming herself down on
Robert's cock. Christy lowers her head kissing Robert, sliding her tongue
into her mouth.

Robert kisses her back, lifting his head a bit off the floor as he moves his
hands from her thights to her tits. He squeezes them rather firmly as Sylvain
pulls out of her ass, and pushes his cock into her pussy along side Rober's.
He grits his teeth a bit as does Robert as they both try to adjust to the new
tight fit.

Christy lifts her head up "Ohhhh dear god...." Christy moans as she looks
back at Sylvain.

"Something... wrong... madam?" Sylvain asks as he manages to give the
beautiful red-head some good thrusts.

Christy shakes her head, breathing heavily as sweat pours down her face "Oh
fuck no!" Christy then starts grinding her pussy sharply against both Rob and
Sylvain's cocks.

Robert and Sylvain both grin as they alternate thrusts into her, Roberto
continues to work Christy's breasts with his hands as Sylvain clenches her
ass cheeks a bit with his own hands.

Christy lets out a moan of extascy as she slides her hands through her hair
"Ohhhhhh fuck!"

Sylvain's muscles start to tense up as his body starts to react to the
action. He curses in French, then pulls out of her pussy.

"Something... the matter?" Robert asks.

"It's nothing..." Sylvain says as he stands over Robert's head and waves his
cock near Christy's mouth.

Christy looks up at Sylvain's cock and opens her mouth as Sylvain inserts
his cock into. Christy begins to rock her back and forth on his cock as she
bounces harder on Conway's cock. Sylvain rocks his hips to give Christy more
of his cock to snack on. Robert lifts his head to suck on her breasts, and
to keep his head off of the fact that Sylvain is standing over him. Christy
tightens her grip on Sylvain's cock as she bobs her head more on his cock,
taking inch by inch deeper into her warm mouth.

"Ahh madam... " Sylvain tries to warn her, but he starts to climax. He pulls
out of her mouth, unsure if she likes the taste of cum or not. His load lands
down on Conway's forehead.

"Oh... mother fucker!" Robert says as he closes his eyes to avoid it getting
in his eyes.

Christy laughs a little as she leans forward licking Sylvain's cock clean
of cum. Her lips glistening with Sylvain's cum, she leans down and starts
licking the cum off of Rob's forehead.

As soon as the cum is cleaned off of his face, Robert rolls over to where
he's on top of Christy, and starts to bang her with everything he's got.
Sweat drips from his foread down on her chest as Sylvain sits near his gym
bag, resting and watching at the same time.

Christy grips onto his strong arms, wrapping her sexy legs around his waist
"Ohhhh....fuck me harder!"

Robert grabs her legs and unwraps them from his waist and places them on his
shoulder. He stands up a bit and drags Christy up a bit, to where only her
shoulders and head are on the floor. Robert thrusts downward until he grabs
her arms and pulls her up as he stands up. He rushes to a wall and presses
her up against it, as he continues to drill her.

Christy's head bangs back against the wall as Robert thrusts deeply in her
pussy "Ohhhh....fuck....yeah!" Christy screams in pleasure.

"Yeah... you like that don't you..." Robert says as he continues to fuck her,
Her wraps his arms around her tightly, squeezing her a bit as he thrusts into

Christy slams down hard on his throbbing cock and moans loudly as she starts
cumming "Ohhhh Jesus!"

Robert feels her pussy tighten down on his cock, and he starts to cum inside
her, "Oh fucking hell!" Robert practically puts her in a bear hug as falls
backward and lands on the floor.

Christy grits her teeth and smiles at him as she remains ontop "You tired

"No... just need... a short bit to recover," Robert says with a grin. Sylvain
smirks, and comes over to Christy, "I have a great idea..."

Christy smiles excitedly "You do!?"

"Yes... how about... we all go back to the, what's it called here in
America... ah yes, the Mariot... and... invite some of the other grapplers
to par-take in the fun."

Christy gets off of Conway's cock and sits up on her knees with a smile "That
sounds like a fukcing blast!"

Sylvain smiles a bit, "Shall we gather out things then?"

Christy stands with a smile "You bet!"


Next in Line: Carmella DeCesare

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