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Welcome To The WWE Part 2: Carmella DeCesare
by Kristi And Dice

In the backstage area of the arena of where the annoucnment of the 2004
Diva Search winner was being held, Carmella DeCesare is pacing back in forth
alone near where the catering section is. She balls her fists and then knocks
several trays of food off of one of the tables as the thoughts of what
happened to her earlier that night. She was one of the two finalists for the
Diva Search, it was between herself and Christy Hemme, and Carmella lost.

Carmella folds her arms, angrily, as she shakes her head "This isn't fair! I
should have won!" Carmella continues to pace back and forth "Christy Hemme
won? A nothing...a nobody! Hell, I'm the Playboy Playmate of the Year! I
should have fucking won...the only way Christy won, was because she was to
busy on her back!" Carmella grits her teeth as she balls her fits "If I could
get my hands on her...."

As Carmella throws her temper tantrum, it draws the attention of Evolution's
Triple H and Batista. The two men watch her throw her hissy fit before
approaching her. Hunter grins, "If it's Christy you really want... then it's
Christy you'll get... depending on what you're willing to give in return..."
Hunter laughs, knowing his statement will get her attention.

Carmella, with her arms folded, turns around with a raised eyebrow. She gives
an irrestiable smirks "I'm listening..." Carmella says, as she dressed in a
tight pair of black pants and black somewhat see-through tank top.

Hunter, dressed is a black suite with a blue button shirt, grins as he
explains, "You see Carmella... Evolution... which includes myself... and the
big man Batista here, we run Raw... and we can give you what you want..."
Batista, dressed in a tan suit and a black button shirt, folds his arms and
remains silent.

Carmella nods her head a bit as she steps to Hunter, "I like what I'm
hearing," she says with a slight laugh. "I want Christy Hemme," Carmella says
with a bit of anger as she grits her teeth.

"I can see that..." Hunter smirks, "And I'll make sure you get her... but I
think we'll all feel more comfortable discussing this at the hotel lounge...
how about you ride with us... so we can talk about it on the way."

Carmella licks her lucious lips slightly "You got a deal..." she says with a
head nod.

A short time later in the limo, Batista, Carmella and Hunter are sitting in
the back area. Batista and Hunter both have taken off their suit jackets and
have laid them on one of the seats. Batista is sitting on one of the side
seats, while Hunter and Carmella sit together. Hunter places a hand on
Carmella's thigh.

"It's a shame the fans didn't vote for you... but now... you have an
opportunity to show them they picked wrong," Hunter says as Batista casually
looks at her legs.

Carmella gives a cocky smirk. "That's right! I mean, I am the Playboy
Playmate of the Year!" Carmella says as she looks at Hunter, then at Batista.

"I know... but I'm curious... what are you willing to do to get your revenge
on Christy Hemme for stealing what's rightfully yours?" Hunter asks as he
moves his hand along her thigh.

Carmella slides a strand of her dark silky hair out of her glamerous face.
She then shrugs, "Anything..."

Hunter smirks, "Anything as in... say... would you blow big Batista over
there right here in the limo?"

Carmella unfolds her arms from her firm chest, "Hunter, I'd blow anyone to
get a piece of that bitch Christy!"

Hunter removes his hand from her thigh, "Then why don't you get started...
because to get at Christy... you're going to have to do a lot."

Carmella smirks a bit as she gets off of the seat in the limo and kneels
down on the floor of the limo in front of "the Animal of Evolution" Batista.
Carmella licks her lips imaging the size of the Batista's cock. Carmella
leans up and unbuckles his belt. She slides the belt off and starts to unzip
the big man's pants.

Batista's cock almost rips through his pants as it becomes erect. Batista
starts to unbutton his shirt, revealing his perfectly muscled bound chest.
Hunter starts to remove his own shirt as Batista's cock comes through his
pants when Carmella opens them enough, revealing perhaps one of the biggest
cocks Carmella will ever see.

Carmella's eyes widen at the sight of Batista's monsterous cock. Carmella
licks her lips as she places both of her hands around Batista's thick cock.
Carmella begins to move her hands up and down not only Batista's thick shaft,
but along shaft as well.

Batista spreads his legs wide apart, and does the same with his arms, placing
his arms on some of the seat. The Animal is now totally realaxed, except for
his cock. Batista looks down at Carmella's hands as she tries to tighten her
grip on his shaft.

Hunter shakes his head, "Don't bother Carmella... many have tried and
failed... no one has ever really managed to man handle his cock in their
hands..." Hunter says with a smirk as he loosens his own belt.

Carmella lowers her head a bit and sticks her wet tongue out of her mouth.
Carmella presses her warm tongue against his head of his cock. She begins to
circle her tongue against the tip of Batista's cock. Batista closes his eyes
as he supresses any moans that he has building. Hunter has unzipped his pants
and has pulled out his cock, and is freely stroking it slowly. Carmella opens
her mouth taking his cock into her warm mouth. She wraps her pretty lips
around Batista's large shaft and begins to bob her head on his cock start at
a slow and gentle pace.

Batista lets out a low moan of pleasure, which causes Hunter to raise an
eyebrow. "Damn... you must got some real talent Carmella... Batista' moaned
a little," Hunter laughs.

Carmella begins to bob her head quicker on his cock, taking more of Batista's
monsterous cock into her hot mouth. As Carmella sucks on Batista's cock, she
places both of her hands back on his shaft and begins to stroke his cock as
she sucks.

Batista places one of his powerful hands on the back of her head and lightly
presses her head further down on his cock, but stops when he notices her
gagging. Both men are impressed that Carmella is able to take over half of
his cock into her mouth.

"Holy shit... the fans really fucked up," Hunter says with a grin. Hunter
pushes his pants all the way off his legs. "Hey Carmella, why don't you come
over here and show me how you're going to play the game..."

Carmella lifts her head up from Batista's monsterous cock. Her saliva drips
off of his throbbing cock as she turns around in the limo and now faces the
leader of Evolution, Hunter. Carmella tightly grips his shaft in her hands
and begins to move her hands against his shaft as she leans her head down
licking the head of his cock. Carmella gently works her tongue into his
piss-slit before opening her mouth and devouring his cock into her mouth.

"Ahhh yeah... that's it... play the game Carmella... and everything you want
will be yours," Hunter says as he leans back into his seat and closes his
eyes. "You're defiantly are in a class by yourself..."

Carmella wraps her lips tightly around his cock as she starts bobbing her
head quickly on Hunter's cock as she twists her tongue on his fairly large
cock. Carmella cups his ballsack into her hand and begins to massage his
balls as she sucks him off.

"MMM yeah..." Hunter says as he opens his eyes and he's greeted by the
sight of Batista sliding off of his seat and behind Carmella. The Animal of
Evolution looks as her ass for a moment, thinking about fucking her Playboy
caliber ass, but instead, he pushes it into her pussy. Batista grunts a bit
as he feels her pussy stretch to accommodate his monstrous prick.

Carmella's body jolts forward, taking Hunter's cock deeply into her warm
mouth. His dick hits the back of her throat, however she continues to give
Hunter then best oral pleasure she can as she starts pushing against
Batista's cock.

Batista grunts loudly as he quickly moves his cock in and out of cunt with
noticeable force. With each thrust, he forces Carmella to go all the way down
on Hunter when she's not ready. Hunter takes a little mercy on the former
Playmate of the year and pulls his cock out of her mouth so she won't choke.

Carmella lets out a painful moan "Ohhhh godd!" She looks over her shoulder
at Batista as she sees the intensity on his face as he drills her hot pussy.
Carmella turns her head back to Hunter and begins to lick down Hunter's

Batista now grips Carmella's hips and pulls her back roughly onto his shaft
with each thrust. Both men watch as her head snaps a back and forth with each
powerful movement Batista does to her. Hunter smirks at Carmella, "How do you
like Big Dave's work?"

"Ohhh...I fucking love it!"

Hunter then waves his hand, and Batista pulls out of Carmella so suddenly
that she ends up flat on the floor of the limo. Hunter holds his cock
straight up in the air, "What are you waiting for Carmella?"

Carmella gives him a sultry smiles as she gets up from the floor of the limo.
Carmella gently places her hands on Hunter's shoulders as she straddles his
cock. Carmella lets out a moan as she comes down on his cock. Carmella starts
bouncing on his cock as she rocks back and forth at the same pace. Hunter
cups one of her breasts and holds up to his mouth. He sucks on it hard,
before the bite down a bit on the nipple. Hunter puts an hand on her ass and
slaps her hard.

Carmella moans wildly as she slams down on his cock " like that
wet...cunt....don't you?"

Hunter grins as he tries to keep his moans low, "Yeah... that cunt of
yours... is top notch... but you ass... feels like it's perfect..." Hunter
says as he squeezes her ass cheek tightly with one hand.

Carmella looks over her shoulder with an exhuasted looked "
think you can fit in too?"

Batista nods quietly as he moves towards them. Batista places both hands on
her ass cheeks then he shoves his huge dick into her asshole in one shot and
with alot of force. Batista drills her behind so hard that he actually lifts
the beautiful runner up off of Hunter's cock which impresses the Game.

"Ohhhhh shit...holy fuck!" Carmella yells as her asshole tightens around
Batista's monsterous cock.

Batista sits her back down on Hunter's cock as and the two powerful men pound
both her ass and pussy at the same time. Batista's quiet grunts are counter
with Hunter more vocal moans of pleasure as they move Carmella between them.

"You like all that cock Carmella?" Hunter asks in between deep breaths.

Carmella quickly rubs her own pussy as she bounces quicker on Hunter's cock,

Batista drills her ass harder than ever as he grips her body with his
powerful arms. He helps Carmella lift herself up and down on Hunter's cock
as he continue to ravage her asshole. Hunter puts his hands behind his head
as he watches the show.

"Ohhh...drill that ass!" Carmella moans as she aggressively rocks forward on
Hunter's cock.

Batista then pulls her off of Hunter's cock and sits down on his seat, with
his cock still buried in her ass. He starts lifting her up and down on his
cock, making her take his entire cock deep into her ass.

Hunter smirks, "Ride that cock Carmella..."

Carmella places her hand against Batista's muscular chest as she pushes her
up on Batista's cock as she rides his cock inside her tight asshole. Carmella
then lets herself drop down on his cock with a hard and deep impact. Batista
grunts again, but he continues to remain silent. Hunter licks his lips and
moves off his seat and gets infront of both of them. He presses his cock
against her pussy and starts pumping it in and out of her pussy.

"Ohhhhh....shit..." Carmella moans as some sweat drips off of her back and
onto Batista's chest.

Hunter's thrusts are slow, but powerful. He puts his hands on Carmella's
thighs as he drills her cunt. Batista holds Carmella fairly still, even
though she's rising and fall on his cock that's in her ass while getting
fucked by Hunter.

Carmella grits her teeth " pussy..dont you?"

"Fuck... yeah... you've got... the best pussy... for the Game to play..."
Hunter grinds his teeth together. Batista starts breathing a bit heavier as
Carmella tightens her ass a bit to squeeze his cock.

Carmella roughly pushes against Batista's cock letting out a loud moan

"Fuck..." Batista says, speaking for the first time as he moves his around a
bit to thrust up into Carmella's ass as Hunter pops his own hips repeatedly
to drill her pussy with everything he's got.

Carmella tilts her head back as sweat drips down her neck "Ohhh...yesss..."
Carmella moans as she rocks back and forth between Hunter and Batista's
muscular bodies.

Hunter pulls out of Carmella's pussy and sits down on one of the limo seats
and wipes his forehead. Hunter motions for Carmella to come to him. "I
haven't sait this in a while... but get down there and suck it babe..."

Carmella looks back at Batista and he pulls out of her ass. Carmella crawls
over to Hunter and bends down opening her mouth, taking his cock into her
mouth. She wraps her lips around his cock and starts bobbing her head on his

"Yeah that's it... suck that big cock..." Hunter moans as he tries to keep
himself from cumming by actually wrapping both his legs around Carmella's
body to keep her from working his cock to hard or too fast with her mouth.
Carmella moans against his cock as she continues to bob her head on his
prick at a gentle pace. Carmella press her tongue against his shaft as she
begins lapping her tongue, while she sucks him.

Hunter hisses a bit and soon starts to cum in her mouth, "Fuck no..." Hunter
yells angry at himself as his cum trickles about out of Carmella's mouth as
she continues to suck on his dick.

Carmella pushes his cum to the back of his mouth as she swallows his cock.
She picks her head off of his cock and licks the head of his cock clean of
his hot cum. Some of Hunter's cum glistens on her soft lips.

Hunter smirks at her, "Very good... why don't you let Batista fuck your
brains out till you scream out in pleasure?" Hunter says as Batista moves off
of his seat and gets closer to Carmella to grab her.

Carmella licks the remaining cum off her silky lips. She smirks and looks at
Batista "You ready big man?"

Batista nods just before he grabs her and picks her up. He sits her on the
seat he was sitting on, spreads her legs apart then drives his monsterous
dick into her cunt, and doesn't stop until it's completely inside her pussy.

"Ohhhh shit!" Carmella moans as she pushes against his cock a bit.

Batista grunts loudly as he starts to pounds her pussy harder and faster than
she's able to push back against him. He wraps his powerful arms around her
delicate body and slightly squeezes her tightly with each sharp thrust.

"Ohhh...shit....year" Carmella moans as she starts cumming on his cock
Batista doesn't slow down at all to give her time to enjoy her climax. He
continues to fuck the hot former Playboy centerfold like the Animal he's
hyped to be.

Hunter sees how the huge men is fucking her and calls out, "Carmella... you
better tell him where you want his cum now... cause he's going to blow a huge

"!" Carmella moans, " Playboy Slut...I

Batista pounds her cunt some more then with a primal scream he shoots his cum
deep into her pussy while still thrusting in and out of her.

Carmella opens her mouth, however no moans come out of her mouth. Carmella
places her hands on Batista's strong arms and strokes her hands his arms.

Batista starts to slow down his thrusts steadily, until he comes to a stop
and slowly pulls out of her pussy. He sits next to her as Hunter moves to sit
next to her as well.

"So... what exactly do you want?" he asks as he puts an arm around her.

Carmella sits up with a smirk "I want...a match with that..." Carmella pauses
and smiles "I want Christy Hemme in a I can kick her ass!"

"You want it, you got it as soon as I get Eric Bischoff on the phone..."
Hunter smirks, "But until then... how about we teach you all you need to
know about Evolution..."

The End

Next In The Series: Maria Kanellis

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