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Welcome To The WWE Part 3: Maria Kanellis
by Kristi and Dice

On an edition of Monday Night Raw, one of the cameras in the arena aims on
the Raw Broadcast team of Jim "JR" Ross and Jerry "the King" Lawler.

"We'll take you now to our newest broadcast colleague Maria...Maria take it
away." JR says as the camera switches over to show Maria.

Maria smiles and laughs a little "Thank you JR...I'm standing here with
Christian who has match later tonight with Chris Jericho..."

"That's right Maria, tonight, I will show the world exactly who is the real
Highlight of the Night," Christian says with a confident smirk

Maria looks at Christian a bit confused "I thought Chris Jericho was the
Highlight of the Night?"

"That's what he claims, but if he was the Highlight of the Night, then he
would have a lot of peeps, which he doesn't." Christian says, "Do you know
who has all the Peeps?"

Maria smiles excitedly "The Rock!? The Rock has the people, right?" Maria
asks in a ditzy tone.

Christian gives her an annoyed look, "Wrong, I have all the peeps. You know

Maria gives a weak smile and raises her shoulders "Why?"

"Because I stay where the people want me, I don't go off making B-Movies like
The Rock, nor do I go off making horrible music like Jericho. I stay where
the people want me," Christian smirks. "And tonight, I will show you and the
world that I'm the Highlight of the Night and that I'm also the Champion of
the Peeps." The camera goes off after the interview is over, and Christian
persona changes a little, "Good job Maria."

Maria smiles a bit "Thanks..." She then laughs a bit for no apparent reason.

Christian smirks as he moves his head a bit to check out Maria's body. He
licks his lips at how here pink outfit shows off her body. "You know Maria...
you got some potential... and a lot of talent..."

Maria sets down the microphone that she was holding "You really think so?"

"Oh yea... all you need to get better is a little help from Captain

Maria scratches her head a bit "Captain that like... Superman?"

Christian laughs a little, "Not exactly... but can introduce you to it... if
you want to get better."

Maria jumps a bit with excitement "Really!?"

"Oh yeah... just get down on your knees and it'll show up."

"Ok..." Maria laughs a bit as she gets down onto her knees in front of
Christian. She looks up at him a bit confused, and then looks around the
hallway a bit "Where is it?"

"Right here," Christian smiles as he unbuttons, then unzips his jeans. He
lets them fall to around his ankles, and then lowers his boxer shorts.
Christian takes hold of his cock, "Maria... meet Captain Charisma..."

Maria's eyes widen at the sight of Christian's cock, she licks her lips a bit
as her eyes are focused on his cock "Can I...."

Christian smiles and nods his head, "Go ahead... the Captain likes to meet
people up close."

Maria leans forward a bit as she grips his cock gently in her hands. Maria
then begins to move her hands up Christian cock in a gently upward movement
as his cock starts to come to life in her hands.

Christian moans as he moves his hand away from his cock, "Mmmm yea... the
Captain really likes to be held like that... and look, he's waking up..."

Maria smiles at Christian as she moves her hand down his shaft, soon she
begins to move her hands up and down his shaft, pumping his cock to life.
Maria leans her head down, sticking her tongue on her mouth and starts
licking down Christian's shaft.

Christian runs his fingers through her soft light brown hair, "Ahhh baby...
the Captain likes that alot..." Christian's cock jump a little bit when
Maria's soft tongue presses against the tip.

Maria slides her wet tongue down to Christian's ballsack. She holds his cock
straight up as she flicks her tongue against his ballsack.

"Oooo ahhh..." Christian says as Maria's tongue works wonders on his
ballsack. "That feels awesome Maria..."

Maria laughs a little as she works her tongue back up Christian's shaft,
leaving a moist trail behind where her tongue has touched. Maria opens her
mouth and takes the head of Christian's into her mouth. Maria wraps her lips
around his cock and starts taking his cock in and out of her mouth as she

"Ahhh damn..." Christian says as he gently presses the palms of his hands
against her head. He starts to thrust his cock into her mouth a bit, but
he doesn't go all out. Something about the light headed announcer makes
Christian want to be gentle with her.

Maria tightens her grip around his cock as she starts bobbing her head
quicker on his cock. Maria laps her tongue around his cock as she takes his
ballsack into her hands and begins to massage his ballsack.

Christian moans as he tilts his head back and closes his eyes, "Ohh god
Maria... you know how... to introduce yourself..."

Maria lifts her head up from Christian's cock and stands up licking her lips.

Christian smiles at her, "Hey... about you get out of that pink dress...
wouldn't want to ruin it."

Maria smiles a bit "Ok..." She then laughs a bit as she slides down her pink
skirt. She steps out of her skirt and Christian sees that Maria isn't wearing
any form of underwear. He licks his lips as he gazes are her smoothly shaven

Christian moves closer to her and presses his hand against her pussy. He
starts to rub her pussy with the palm of his hand. "This feels very nice..."
Christian says as he tilts his head a bit to kiss her neck a bit.

Maria licks her lips a bit as she leans her head back moaning "Ohhh...that
feels so good..."

Christian wraps his other arms around her waist to jeep her steady. He starts
rubbing her pussy a bit more intensely for a bit, then he moves his hand up a
tad, and inserts twos of his fingers into her pussy. "How does that feel?"
Christian asks as he moves his fingers in and out of her slowly.

Maria licks her lips as she runs her hand down Christian muscular chest
" feels so good!"

"You know what'll really feel good?" Christian smiles as he moves his fingers
from her pussy.

Maria closes her eyes letting out a moan repeating his words "You know
what...will feel better...."

Christian smirks as the beautiful, yet somewhat ditzy diva repeats his words.
He turns her around and places both of her hands on the wall of the interview
set. Christian then pushes his cock into her pussy slowly at first then he
thrusts the rest in a bit firmly.

Maria smirks as she looks over her shoulder, watching Christian thrust is
cock in and out of her hot pussy. She leans her head back some and moans

Christian grits his teeth a little as he pats the side of her hip with
his left hand. He starts moving his dick in and out of her pussy quicker.
"Damn... Maria... your pussy... is... awesome..."

Maria starts pushing back a bit on Christian's cock, slamming back with a
great force after each thrust. Christian moans as he starts to fuck her
harder. He pulls her back a bit each time he drills into her pussy.

Maria looks over her shoulder at Christian seeing the sweat pour down his
forehead " don't you..." Maria moans as she pushes
back harder on his cock.

"Yeah... fuck yea... you got a hot... tight... pussy..." Christian moans as
he pulls out of her pussy. "Do you like this?" Christian says as he slides
his cock up and down her ass crack and against her asshole.

Maria smiles as slight drops down sweat run down her back, she nods her head
with a tired look "Ohh...I love the ass!"

"Good... cause I..." Christian shoves his cock deep into her rear end, "I...
love... fucking... a cute girl's... ass..." Christian starts banging her ass
hard. He pulls her back against him with each thrust, which results in a loud
slapping sound when her ass cheeks collide with his legs. Maria places her
hand against her pussy and begins to rub her pussy gently as Christian fucks
her from behind.

Christian slides one hand from her hip up to her shoulder. He pulls her upper
body back, then turns her head so he can kiss her. Christian drills Maria's
cute booty quicker and he can swear that he makes her jump every now and

Maria inserts two fingers into her pussy moaning loudly "Ohhh...Christian...
fuck my ass!"

"I'd... rather... fuck... you... pussy again..." Christian says, as he pulls
out of her ass suddenly. He turns Maria around and moves her hand away from
her pussy. Christian lifts her up and presses her body against the interview
set, using his own body to hold her up. Christian spreads her legs apart and
wraps them around his own waist before he pushes forwards to insert his cock
into her pussy again.

Maria places her hands on Christian's strong shoulders as she starts bouncing
quickly on Christian's cock, rocking back and forth "Ohhh...I fucking love...

Christian licks his teeth the way his 'brother' Edge does as he pounds her
pussy harder, causes the interview set to shake a little bit. "Ahhh... you...
ohh fuck... like that cock... don't you..."

Maria comes down hard on Christian's cock as she does her best to bounce on
her own momentum, however Christian's thrusts are to strong and powerful.

Christian sees Maria trying to fuck him back and smiles a bit. He easily
lifts Maria off of his cock and stands her up against the interview set.
Before the interviewer knows what's going on, Christian turns her around
and pushes her down to her hands and knees. Christian pats her ass, "Do
you like it doggy style?"

Maria looks back at Christian over her shoulder and nods with a smile.
Christian kneels down behind her and gently inserts his cock back into her
pussy. He takes hold of her hips in order to pull her back onto his cock when
he thrusts forward. "Ahhh damn... you pussy is tight..." Christian moans.

Maria bites down on her bottom lip as she starts to push back some on
Christian's cock. Drops of sweat run down Maria's pretty face. Christian
licks his lips as sweat drips down his face. He pumps his cock into her
pussy a bit faster and harder, causing his balls to slap against her
repeatedly. Maria's eyes roll back into her head as she cums against
Christian's cock "Ohh...fuck..." She says in a tired whisper.

Christian pats her ass, "Did you... like that?" Christian asks as he tries
to hold himself back from cumming.

Maria nods her head, as her face is cover slightly in sweat, her hair is
soaked in her own sweat. Christian eases his cock out of her pussy carefully.
His cock is throbbing like crazy and anyone including Maria could see he's
close to climaxing.

Maria turns around sitting on her knees. She places her hand around his
shaft, and gently slides the cock into her warm, pleasurable mouth. Maria
wraps her lips around his cock and begins to bob her head back and forth on
his throbbing prick.

Christian's lower lip trembles a bit as he starts to feel himself cum. "Ahhh
shit... " Soon Maria's mouth starts to fill up with Christian's warm semen.

Some of Christian's cum drips out of Maria's mouth and onto her chin, while
a little drips onto the cold cement floor. Maria swallows the cum inside of
her mouth and then removes Christian's cock. Drops of cum slide down
Christian's shaft. Maria holds his cock straight up and begins to lick the
remaining drops of cum off of his cock.

Christian smiles down at Maria and pats her head, "Damn... I was right...
you do got a lot of talent..."

Maria licks her lips as she eyes up Christian. She then rolls her eyes
"Duh! I could have told you that..." She shakes her head "And they call me

The End

Next In The Series: Amy Weber

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