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Welcome To The WWE Part 4: Amy Weber
by Kristi and Dice

It's the middle of November in 2004, and in the locker room of the reigning
WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield has gathered his cabinet, which includes
his Chief of Staff, Orlando Jordan and his Co-Secretaries of Defense, Doug
and Danny, The Basham Brothers. JBL takes off his cowboy hat, and starts to
speak. The Bashams are dressed in black sweaters and pants, while Orlando and
JBL are dressed in matching gray suits, with white button down shirts. The
only difference is that JBL is wearing a yellow tie and Orlando is wearing a
red one. JBL raises his hands in his traditional pose to get the other's

"Gentleman..." JBL pauses as his staff quiets down to pay attention to what
he has to say. "After much thought and consideration, I have decided to add
another member to my cabinet, in a position that requires the nature of
someone who can deal with the pressure of being a member of my staff."

"Great JBL, who's the new guy?" Orlando smirks, assuming that JBL paid off
another wrestler to join his group.

"Orlando, the new ‘guy' isn't a guy at all... gentleman, I'm implore you to
graciously welcome my new Image Consultant, Ms. Amy Weber." JBL walks over to
a door that leads out into the hallway, revealing to his Cabinet the newest
member of the team.

Amy Weber, contestant of the 2004 Raw Diva Search, walks into JBL's locker
room with a confident smirk on her face. She places her hands on her hips,
after shaking JBL's hand. "Thank you Mr. Layfield, it is a pleasure to be on
your cabinet," Amy says with a head nod. Amy is dressed in black skirt that
rests above her knees and a light blue-buttoned shirt.

Orlando and The Bashams look at Amy in a bit of awe as JBL introduces his
cabinet to her. "Ms. Weber, these are Orlando Jordan, Doug and Danny
Basham... the other members of my cabinet... as you can see, they don't
exactly live up to the motto you said to me when I was interviewing you."

Orlando asks out of curiosity, "What's her motto?"

Amy smirks "" Amy then turns to JBL "Take Mr.
Layfield for example...his image, screams success! Which is exactly what he

"You know that's absolutely right Ms. Weber," JBL chuckles as he looks at his
watch. "Whew I have to be going... I have a little matter to personally take
care of." JBL puts on his cowboy hat and heads for the door, he stops and
looks back at Orlando. "Orlando, makes sure Ms. Weber is comfortable and that
her needs are met."

Orlando nods with smile, "No problem JBL." Once JBL leaves, Orlando looks at
Amy, "So, is there anything I can get for you?" The Bashams smirks a bit as
they watch Orlando suck up to JBL's image consultant.

Amy smiles as JBL starts to exit his locker room, she then puts a finger in
the air "Oh JBL...remember, Image is everything!"

JBL laughs a bit, "I'll be sure to remember that..."

Once JBL leaves, Orlando looks at Amy, "So, is there anything I can get for
you?" The Bashams smirks a bit as they watch Orlando suck up to JBL's image

Amy shakes her head but then takes a look at Orlando's attire, she nods a bit
"Its a good thing JBL, hired me."

Orlando looks down at the way he's dressed then at her with a raised, "What
do you mean?"

Doug laughs a bit, "I think she's trying to say your image isn't good."

Amy laughs a little. "I wouldn't be talking either.... you two definitely
need an image makeover," Amy says looking at Doug and Danny Basham.

The Bashams exchange looks at Orlando folds his arms. He gives Amy a cocky
smirk, "Well... since you're JBL's image consultant... how do you plan to
make us over?"

Amy sighs a bit "Well need to get out of those awful clothes."

The trio of men exchange looks, and Danny speaks up and asks her, "You sure
that's a good idea?"

Orlando starts to loosen his tie a bit, "Hey... she wants us out of our
clothes... so we better strip..."

Doug smirks, "Yeah, it's her job to make sure we look good... and she
wants to start right now." All three men start to undress themselves,
completely removing every piece of clothing they have on including socks
and underwear/boxers. They all modestly cover their crotches out of the
respect for Amy.

Orlando then looks at her, "All right... we're stripped."

Amy folds her arms and nods a bit, "I think I need a closer look... move
your hands." And with that Amy gets down on her knees, which totally catches
the trio of men by surprise as they move their hands from their crotches.
"Hmmm... at least there's something about you guys that I don't have to
fix..." Amy shocks then them again by taking Orlando's cock into her hands.
Orlando practically gasps as Amy begins to stroke his black cock bringing it
to its full size.

"Ms. Weber... what are you.... Doing?" Orlando moans as Amy twists her hands
on his cock.

"I'm conducting and up close image evaluation..." she replies with a smirk
before taking his cock into her mouth. Amy starts bobbing her on his shaft
slowly. Amy lifts her head from his cock and licks the slides of his
chocolate meat stick. Orlando is breathing very heavily as Amy takes his
balls into hands. She massages his nut-bag as she takes his cock back into
her mouth and resumes sucking on it at hard fast pace. Amy closes her mouth
tightly around the top half of his cock, sucking on it like a human vacuum.

"Ohhh fuck..." Orlando moans as he starts to cum inside of Amy's talented
mouth. Amy swallows his entire load as easily as possible before moves her
head off of his softening cock.

"Hmmmm... not bad..." Amy smiles as turns towards the Bashams. She takes
hold of Doug and Danny's hard cocks into each of her hands and begins rubbing
them. Amy adjusts how she was kneeling a bit, to where he ass is sticking
out. The Bashams both smirk down at Amy as she licks the head of one cock
and then other. Amy soon gets into a patter of whatever she does to one she
does to the other. Amy sucks Danny's cock and playing with his balls while
stroking Doug's cock. She soon switches what she's doing to each brother,
sucking on Doug's prick while stroking Danny's.

"Damn... JBL really found... a good... image consultant... " Doug says with
a grin.

"Fuck yea..." Danny moans in agreement as Amy deep throats his cock.

Meanwhile, Orlando has slowly been recovering from the sudden blowjob Amy
gave him a not to long ago. Orlando kneels behind Amy and hikes her skirt up
over her hips. While holding Amy a bit still, he inserts his cock into her
pussy and quickly begins to bang her pussy.

"Oooo Ohhhh Orlando..." Amy moans as she pulls both Bashams' cock closer to
her mouth and starts sucking on both as best she can. Orlando grips Amy's
hips pulling her back onto his cock as he slows down and gives her some
painfully slow sharp thrusts, making Amy moan around the two cocks she has
at the entrance of her own mouth.

"Hey... guys... you want... a crack at her pussy?" Orlando asks as he pulls
out of her pussy.

"Fuck yeah..." Danny grins.

"Yeah man... thanks for offering us the sloppy seconds..." Doug laughs.

"Hey, there's nothing sloppy about my pussy..." Amy says, "I keep it well
groom since my image is important to me, just like yours should be to you."

"Yeah, ok sorry..." Doug smirks as Amy gives him a look.

"Well you're going to have to fuck my pussy... Danny is going to get the
first shot at my ass... now lie down."

Before Doug could say anything, Orlando reminds him, "Hey JBL said to make
sure her needs are met, so you better lay down."

"Fine by me," Doug says with a grin as he lay down. When Orlando looks back
at Amy to tell her that everything is cool now, he sees that Amy has gotten
undressed and that her clothes are neatly folded in a bundle a few feet from
where she is. Amy mounts her self on Doug's cock and lets out a satisfied
moan. Before she starts riding she looks at Danny and smirks.

"Get you cock in my ass... now..." she says as she leans forward a bit. Danny
gets a grin on his face as he moves behind Amy and works his cock into her
asshole. Much to his and Doug's surprise, Amy quickly starts moving back
against Danny's cock while slightly grinding down on Doug's. The Bashams feel
a little embarrassed by this and soon start thrusting in and out of her pussy
and ass. Danny takes hold of Amy's hips to lift her up and down on Doug while
banging her fine ass from behind.

"Ohhhh yea... fuck me good boys...." Amy moans as she stops what she's doing
in order to let the Bashams go to town on her body. Amy loves the different
styles they are using on her for Doug's thrusts at relatively slow and firm,
while Danny's are quick and hard. Amy pulls on her own hair slightly as she
looks at Orlando jerking off slowly. Amy licks her lips hungrily as Orlando
manipulates his cock while watching her getting double-teamed "Mmmm
Orlando... bring that... big... black cock over here..."

Orlando complies with Amy's request and walks over to stand near her. He
holds cock at the same level of her mouth and Amy soon wraps her lips around
it. She sucks his cock hard and deep, moaning nonstop around it as the
Bashams continue to ravage her two holes. Orlando takes hold of her hair to
adjust how she's bobbing on his cock. Orlando makes her deep throat his cock,
which she does freely before he starts to blow his load directly down her
throat for the second time. Orlando pulls his cock out of mouth with a
pleasurable sigh.

When Orlando moves away from Amy, the Bashams start to stand up with their
cocks deep in her pussy & ass. Amy wraps her legs around Danny's waist as
Doug and Danny bounce her on their cocks.

"Ohhh ohhh shit..." Amy moans as she starts to cum. The Bashams have been
fucking her nonstop since they've entered her body and soon they drop the
beautiful image consultant on the floor of the locker room. Amy knows that
they are both close to cumming, so she takes hold of both men's cocks and
strokes them quickly until the cum on her chest. Amy licks both cocks clean
of any remaining cum on the trickling out of the tips of both dicks. When
she's done Orlando extends his hand to help her stand up.

"Damn.... That's a good look for you," Orlando smiles.

Amy laughs a bit, "Well you know what I say..."

Orlando and The Bashams cut her off by saying, "Image is everything."


This Series Shall Continue...

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