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Welcome To The WWE Part 5: Michelle McCool
by Dice And Kristi

In November of 2004, Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long hired a fitness
trainer named Michelle McCool to help keep the cruiserweights and other
highflying wrestlers limber to prevent injuries. Michelle has soon found her
being frequently helping the tag team of Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam prepare
for their matches than other wrestlers who are to stubborn to accept her
help. At the moment, Michelle is in Rey and Rob's locker room, leading them
in performing a straddle stretching exercise.

"Adios Mio, this hurts!" Rey says as tries to spread his legs further apart
to fully stretch out his muscles.

"Dude, you got to relax, right Michelle?" Rob asks as he does the stretch
with little to no problem.

Michelle laughs a little as she does the straddle stretch "Absolutely...Just
like Rob, Rey...relax, hun," Michelle says in her southern accent.

Rey relaxes a bit and is able to pull to perform the exercise a bit better
than before. "Whew... damn... it still hurts... I'm going to have to practice
this at home," Rey laughs.

Rob bends forward and touches his toes fairly easily as he shows off how
flexible he is for a guy. "Now, that's a stretch," Rob laughs as he
straightens up and extends his hands upward to the ceiling.

Michelle gets up from the floor and walks over to Rey, she kneels down and
places her hand gently on his thigh "Relax this muscle, right here, Rey."

"Ok, Michelle," Rey says as he tries to relax his thigh muscle, but another
muscle, namely his cock, is starting to come alive. Rey tries to take his
mind off of Michelle's hand behind on his leg.

Michelle runs her hand against his thigh. "Rey, you're too tense...relax, see
how easily Rob can do that?"

Rey looks at Rob as he does a perfect split, "Shoot I can't do that...." Rey
replies as he tries to do what Rob is doing, but only ends up causing his
crotch to brush against her hand by accident.

Michelle looks at Rey with a smile and a slight laugh "Hey it!"

"Watch what?" Rey asks as Rob laughs a bit.

"Dude that was a slick way to get her to feel you up."

"Huh?" Rey asks, totally confused, then Rob points to where Michelle's hand
is and Rey looks down. He's totally thankful he wears his mask almost all
time for his face is totally red. "Oh darn, Sorry Michelle..." Rey says as
he starts to apologize.

Michelle laughs. "Oh no need to apologize, hun...things like that happened
all the time."

"They do?" Rey asks.

Rob stands up and nods, "Yeah man... when I was learning how to do this
stuff... there were a lot of accident's like that... although I didn't have
a hot trainer like Michelle here." Rob smiles at Michelle and winks.

"Oh...Ya'll are too sweet" Michelle says blushing slightly.

Rob smiles, and looks at Rey, "Dude man, even just standing I can tell you're
tense as hell... you need to relax."

"Hey, I am relaxed..." Rey replies.

"Yeah, sure, then what's that straining in your pants," Rob laughs. Rey looks
down and sees he has a pretty decently sized boner in his tights.

He quickly covers it, "Shoot, I'm sorry Michelle... I didn't realize I...
well I had an...." Rey trails off a bit as he tries to come up with the right

Michelle laughs "Hun...its alright... maybe I could help ya relax more."

Rey gets a puzzled look in his eyes, "What do you mean?"

Michelle smiles "Well...why don't ya'll get undressed and I'll show ya."

Rob and Rey exchange looks, as they start to get the idea of what she has in
mind. They each remove their wrestling attires, except Rey leaves his mask
on. Rob smirks as Rey tries to feel comfortable naked in front of the woman
who supposed to be helping him stay loose.

"Rey relax man, she's here to help you loosen up so you're not so stiff all
the time," Rob pauses then laughs a bit at his own comment.

"Ha ha... very funny," Rey replies as he places his hands over his cock to
hide it from Michelle, even though she told him to strip down.

Michelle smiles a bit at how open Rob is to show himself off. Michelle laughs
a little "I see ya have nothing to hide there..."

Rob grins, "You know what they say, show it if you got it..."

Michelle nods "That's right sweetie..." Michelle says as she leans down
taking Rob's cock into her hands. She then begins to gently move her soft
hands against Rob's shaft, making his cock instantly grow in her hands.

Rob grins, "Damn... those are some good hands..." Rey angles his head and
looks at Michelle work over Rob's cock.

Michelle moves her hand down Rob's shaft to his ballsack, before she opens
her mouth and leans her head down. She takes Rob's cock into her mouth and
wraps her lips around his cock as she begins to bob her head on his cock.
Rob moans a bit as Michelle takes a bit more of cock into her mouth with
each bob. Rey moves a little closer and has taken his hands off his cock
and puts them on his knees to bend down a bit to watch the action. Michelle
gently pats her tongue against Rob's cock as she works her mouth around his
cock slobbering his cock all up as she bobs her head quicker.

"Damn... that looks good..." Rey says as he moves closer to Michelle, while
holding his cock in one hand. Rob pats her on the back of her head, when he
notices that Rey is standing just to the side of her.

"Hey... he wants to relax now..."

Michelle continues to bob her head on Rob's cock as she takes Rey's cock into
her hand. She wraps her hand around his cock and begins to guide her hand up
and down his shaft. Rob grunts as he feels Michelle's mouth over every inch
of his cock. Rey places his hand on top of Michelle's and helps her guide it
along his dick as he loosens his mask a bit. Michelle lifts her head up from
Rob's saliva covered cock; she then turns her head to Rey and takes his cock
into her mouth now.

"Oh damn..." Rey moans as he Michelle sucks on his cock softly. Rob looks
at his friend and smirks a bit as he literally watches Rey melt thanks to
Michelle's mouth. Rey places a hand on her head and plays with her hair a
bit as he continues to moan. Michelle tightens her grip around his cock as
she starts bobbing her head quickly on Rey's cock, rotating her mouth on
his cock as she does so.

Rey moans louder as he thrusts forward a bit into her mouth. Rob gets down
onto his knees and tries to find away to remove Michelle's tank top with her
having to stop giving head to Rey. Rob gets an idea and rips her top down the
middle and then slides it off her body.

Rob gets another huge grin on his face, "That's one hell of a body..." Rob
says as he runs his hands over Michelle's chest and back.

Michelle then lifts her head up from Rey's cock and licks down his shaft to
his ballsac. Michelle gently flicks her tongue against his balls.

"Oy mami... that's... very relaxing..." Rey says as Rob wraps his arms around
Michelle's waist and pulls her into a position to where he could fuck her
once her shorts are removed. Rob pulls her shorts down, then inserts his cock
into her tight pussy. Before he begins thrusting in and out of her, Rob makes
Michelle straighter her legs out, and then Rob holds them apart as he begins
to fuck her quickly.

Michelle lets out a moan as she takes one of Rey's balls into her mouth and
begins to gently suck on his ball, beating it around inside her warm mouth.
Rey moans as he wraps a hand around his cock and strokes it. Rob keeps his
hands on Michelle's legs, and starts to move them up and down a bit as
increases his pace.

"Fuck... I knew you were flexible... but damn" Rob grunts as he's amazed at
how well he can manipulate Michelle's legs from the position they are in.

"I bet she can bend in other ways too..." Rey says as he pulls out of her
mouth, "Lay back and let her ride ya." Rob does what Rey tells him to see
what he's has in mind. Michelle is now riding Rob, facing a way from Mr.
Thursday Night. Rey then smiles, and tells her, "Lean back as far as you
can... and try to put your hands on the floor."

Michelle smiles as bounces on Rob's cock intensely. She slows down a bit and
manages to lay her back right against Rob's chest. Michelle plants her hands
on the floors as she thrusts her pussy down against Rob's cock, she gives Rey
a sly smirk.

"Awesome..." Rey grins as he moves to her head is. Rey gently takes hold of
her head and has Michelle open her mouth. Rey then slides his cock into her
mouth, followed by leaning forward to where he can lick around the top edges
of her pussy. Rob thrusts upwards into Michelle's tight pussy while Rey
slides his tongue softly around the very edges that he can reach, as he bucks
his hips to thrust his cock in and out of Michelle's mouth.

Michelle rocks her head back and forth on Rey's cock inside her mouth. She
twirls her tongue against his cock as he pushes more of his long cock into
her warm and wet mouth. Michelle presses down hard on Rob's cock forcing his
cock deeper into her tight pussy.

Rey continues to slide his tongue around her pussy, and at various times,
he accidentally licks parts of Rob's cock. Rob raises an eyebrow when he
feels Rey's tongue, but is too interesting in his cock going in and out of
Michelle's pussy to care.

Michelle tightens her grip around Rey's cock as she slows down her sucking
rate, pressing her tongue against his shaft. She then begins to flick her
tongue gently against his cock as slight beads of sweat run down her pretty

Rey leans back and pulls his cock out of her mouth, and sits Michelle up a
bit. He spins her around so she's facing Rob. Rey then inserts his cock into
her extremely firm ass, and quickly begins to fuck it. He holds onto her
hips, and with each thrust into her, Rey slightly lifts Michelle up and
lowers her down onto Rob's cock.

"Damn her pussy is so fucking tight..." Rob moans as he sits up and sucks on
both of her tits.

"I bet she does man... let me take a crack at it..." Rey grunts as he fucks
her ass.

Rob stops sucking Michelle's beautiful breasts for a moment. "No way...
man... bang her pussy with me."

Rey smirks, "Good... thinking Rob..." Rey pulls out of her ass and works his
cock into Michelle's pussy. His cock grinds against Rob's instantly, before
he and Rob start fucking her tight pussy.

Michelle grits her teeth tightly feeling Rey insert his cock into her pussy
along with Rob "Oh shit...." Michelle closes her eyes as she adjusts herself
to the feeling. Rob and Rey fuck Michelle at different paces, Rey choosing
to bang her pussy as hard and fast as he can, while Rob goes with a subtler

Rob then gets an idea, "Hey dude... pull out of her... I got a cool idea."
Rey pulls out of Michelle's pussy and helps Michelle get off of Rob's cock.
Rob then stands up and positions two folding chairs apart. Rob stands on the
chairs and slowly begins to do a split. When he's completely down, he looks
at Michelle as he holds his cock. "How's this for flexibility."

Michelle smiles impressed "That's awesome, hun" Michelle says as she kneels
down and lowers her head to his cock. Michelle opens her mouth taking his
cock in once again. She wraps her lips tightly around his cock as she holds
onto the base of his cock, as she sucks his cock hard, like a vacuum.

Rey shakes his head, "Damn... shit I'm not even close to being that

Rob grins as he moans, "Hey... don't complain... her ass and pussy are free."

Rey smirks, "True..." Rey kneels behind Michelle and works his cock into her
pussy, as he slides his hand over her hips and ass. Rob closes his eyes and
moans as he runs a hand through Michelle's hair. Michelle twists her hands
against Rob's shaft as she looses her grip around his cock so she able to bob
her head faster, taking more of his cock into her sweet mouth. Michelle's
muffled moan bounce off of Rob's cock as she sucks. Rey steadily picks up his
pace, fucking Michelle's pussy faster and harder. Rey then pulls out of her
pussy and shoves his cock into her ass. Rob starts to slowly move his legs a
bit as he begins to stand up.

Michelle takes Rob's cock deeper into her mouth as she now deep throats his
cock. While she's sucking she cups his ballsack and begins to massage his
balls while she sucks.

"Fuck Michelle... you're good..." Rob moans as he pulls out of her mouth.

Rey continues to slam his cock in and out of her ass, "Damn... I wonder what
else she can do..." Rey wonders as he pulls out of her ass to take a quick

Michelle looks over her shoulder as she breaths heavily, sweat dripping down
her face "Ya'll tired already?"

Rob and Rey both shake their heads and grin. "We're not tired..."

Rey wipes some sweat off his forehead. Rob smirks, "Are you tired Michelle?"

Michelle shakes her head as she turns to them still on her knees "Of course
not, hun."

Rey and Rob look at her ass and smirk. They both get behind her, and Rob
pushes his cock into her ass first, but Rey's dick soon follows.

"Damn that's a tight fit!" Rey exclaims as he and Rob begin alternating
thrusts as they fuck her asshole.

Michelle looks over her should and smirks at Rey, as she totally relaxes her
body, which makes her pussy a bit looser. Rob and Rey appreciate the fact
that Michelle has almost complete control of her body.

"Ohhh yeah... fuck my pussy..." Michelle moans as she closes her eyes. Rob
and Rey's pace starts to become more intense. Michelle bites her lip as she
pushes back against them as hard as she can. "Ohhh oh fuck... I'm ... I'm...
oh god!"

Michelle starts to cum on the cocks inside her pussy. Rob and Rey continue to
fuck her tight pussy, but then they pull out of her. Rob strokes his cock a
bit and shoots his load onto her back. Michelle coos as the warm substance
settles on her skin, as Rey moves in front of her.

"I think I need a little something else to relax," Rey smiles.

"Oh I got just the thing..." Michelle laughs as she takes his cock into her
hands as she gets onto her knees. Michelle uses both of her hands to pump his
cock and a few moments later, Rey starts to cum. Some of his load lands on
her chest, while the rest lands on her chin. Michelle smirks up at Rey, "Are
you relaxed yet?"

"Oh yea... I've never felt so relaxed before..." Rey laughs.


This Series Shall Continue... Next In Line: Joy Giovanni

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