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Note To Joy Giovanni Fans: Considering the size of the Big Show, not much
could've been done in this story without her being crushed, so please, no
complaints about the length.

Welcome To The WWE Part 6: Joy Giovanni
outline by Kristi
written By Dice


The Thanksgiving edition of Smackdown featuring Big Show's Thanksgiving
celebration is underway. Big Show is the ring along with Tazz, Michael Cole,
Josh Mathews, Tony Chimel, and Smackdown's newest Diva Joy Giovanni. Luther
Reigns interrupts the party and ends up throwing a pie into Joy's face. Big
Show sees enough and gives Luther a pounding. The Thanksgiving Party as
always ends in a food fight with Joy throwing a pie into Big Show's face.

Later That Night...

At the hotel where the WWE Superstars are staying in, Big Show and Joy are in
his room cleaning up. Joy comes out of the bathroom, drying her hair with a
towel and she smiles at the Big Show as he wipes his face with a towel.

"Thanks Show..." Joy says as she sits on his bed. "I really appreciate what
you did for me tonight."

Show smiles back at Joy, "It was no problem, and any chance I get to put my
hands around the neck of Luther, Angle or Jindrak it's a good thing."

"Well, I still appreciate what you did... and I was thinking I should thank
your properly..." With that Joy stands up and takes Big Show's hand. She has
him sit down on the bed. Joy smiles at Show as she removes her dress before
she gets down on her knees. Joy unbuckles his belt and pulls it through the
loops of his pants. She then unbuttons and unzips his huge pants and tugs
them down. Joy is pleasantly surprised that the WWE's only giant doesn't wear
boxers, and she's even more surprised that the Big Show lives up to his name.
"Holy fuck... that's... got to be... the biggest damn... cock I've ever
seen..." Joy licks her lips, as she has to use both of her hands to handle
his cock.

"Well, I have a name to live up to," Big Show laughs a bit.

"Damn right you do..." Joy smiles as she begins licking up and down the sides
of Show's massive cock. She then takes his cock into her mouth and begins to
lightly bob her head up and down his cock. Joy tries to deep throat his dick,
but she can only get half of it in her mouth. Joy holds her head down on his
cock and opens her mouth wider to let her saliva drip out of her mouth and
down his cock. Joy then uses mouth hand to stroke the bottom half of his cock
while she resumes bobbing her head up and down the top half.

Big Show moans, as he's impressed with the way Joy is thanking him. Joy
starts turning her head in various directions in order to tap her tongue
against his cock. Joy moves one hand from his cock and takes hold of his
massive balls. She massages the bottom of his ballsac with the palm of
her hand as she again tries to deep throat his cock. Joy manages to get
a little more of his dick into his mouth than before, but she has to pull
back after she starts to gag.

"Damn... that... damn thing... is so big..." Joy says as she composes
herself. "I can't wait to feel it in me..."

Show smiles at her, "Neither can I... but first..."

The Big Show bends forward and lifts up Joy then he lays her on the bed. He
stands up and removes his bed-sheet sized shirt, which he lays on the back of
a chair. Show then kneels at the foot of the bed and pulls Joy towards him.

"Weeee!" Joy giggles as she slides down the mattress. Show laughs a bit
before he spreads her legs apart. The 7'2", 500 lbs man then lowers his face
onto her pussy. He pushes his huge tongue into her, and to Joy, it feels as
though the size of his tongue is that of a cock. Show starts moving his
tongue in and out of her pussy slowly, but soon starts to do it a bit faster.

"Ohhhh..." Joy slightly whimpers as The Big Show stops tongue-fucking her
pussy. He leans up and then pushes in two of his fingers inside of her cunt.
Joy bites her lower lip as the Giant fingers fucks her pussy with fingers
that to her feel like basic size dildos. "Ohh god.. that feels so good....
I... ahhh yes... I need you cock... soon..."

Big Show then stands up and turns Joy over. He pulls her backside up then
pushes his cock into her pussy, stretching her cunt in a way she didn't
think possible. Joy is speechless and does nothing my moan as Show pounds
her pussy. Joy reaches forward and grabs a pillow and grinds her fingers
into the fluffy object.

"OHHHHHHH FUCK!" Joy screams as she's brought to a sudden orgasm after Big
Show gives her three slow sharp thrusts in a row. The mountain of a man
then pulls out of Joy and turns her over so that she's on her back again. He
carefully inserts his cock back into her pussy again and then lifts her up.
Big Show stands freely, as Joy gradually starts to bounce on his cock while
trying to wrap her legs around his waist.

"Ahhh ohhh god!" Joy cries out as she cums again on the Big Show's massive

"Having fun?" Show asks with a smile on his face.

"Ohhh ohh god yes..." Joy replies as she lays her head against his chest. Big
Show smirks as he turns around and lies down on the bed. Joy realizes she's
on top the giant, so she leans back and starts riding his cock has fast and
hard as she can. Big Show has to put his hands on her hips to help her rise
up quicker on his dick. Joy's head thrashes from side to side as she can't
believe how she's able to take all of his monster cock into her tight pussy.
Big Show starts to grunt a bit as Joy starts bouncing on his cock faster, and
soon he cums inside of Joy's pussy. The force of his sperm shooting inside of
her body drives Joy wild as she climaxes again.

Joy throws her body backward a bit before she falls forward and lies on the
giant's chest. Joy is on cloud nine as she comes down from her third orgasm
in less than 10 minuets. The two of them lay like that for a while before Big
Show puts his arm around her. Joy lifts her head and smiles tiredly at him.
Big Show smiles back at her before saying to her...

"Damn I should save you more often."


This Series Shall Continue... Next In Line: Candice Michelle

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