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Welcome To The WWE Part 7: Rochelle Loewen
by Dice & Kristi

On a Raw broadcast in the early parts of January, Raw General Manager Eric
Bischoff is welcoming his newest signing Rochelle Loewen to the WWE and more
importantly to Raw.

Bischoff shakes Rochelle's hand, "Trust me Ms. Loewen, you made the right
choice to sign with Raw, we know how to show case a woman with your talents."
Bischoff gives her a big cheesy smile.

Rochelle smiles and extends her hand "I just hope, Mr. Bischoff I didn't make
a mistake by signing with Raw and not Smackdown."

"You didn't, believe me. Everyone that signs with Raw always have big
success. And I see big things in your future." Bischoff smiles again.

Rochelle nods "Well, Mr. Bischoff I'll take your word on it...would you mind
directing me to were the dressing room is?"

"Of course not," Bischoff steps out of his office with Rochelle a step behind
them. He points down the hall, "Head straight on down until you see the big
garage doors, then make a right. It'll be the first door you see."

Rochelle smiles "Thank you Mr. Bischoff..." Rochelle says as she starts
making her way down the hallway in the direction Bischoff had pointed to.

As Rochelle walks down the hallway, she passed by Randy Orton. The sight of
the beautiful girl catches Randy's full attention and he checks her out. He
smirks as he looks at her ass, and calls out, "Hey there, cutie..."

Rochelle pauses and stops for a moment. She raises her eyebrow "Ummm...hi..."

Randy slyly approaches her, "You must be the new babe... Rochelle right?"

Rochelle nods a bit "Yeah...that's right..." She then looks a bit confused
"Do I know you?"

Randy stops and looks at her, as he gets an extremely offended look on his
face. "You don't know who I am?"

Rochelle shakes her head "No... sorry I don't...I'm not really familiar with
wrestling...I'm a model..."

"I'm Randy Orton, you dunce," Randy yells at her as he balls one hand into a

Rochelle looks down a bit "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to upset you..."

"Fuck the apology! How the fuck did you get a job here, did you give the big
boss head?" Randy smirks, "Hey I got some time to kill, why don't you give me
a quick blow, slut!"

Rochelle steps away and then shakes her head "'re an ass!" Rochelle
says as she starts to walk away from Randy.

Randy watches her leave and smirks, "Damn that bitch is hot... I gotta have

Later in the night, after Raw has finished airing, Rochelle is walking to her
rental car in the dark parking lot. Randy spotted her when she left the arena
and has been following her. Randy speeds up his pace, almost to where he's
running after. Just when Rochelle hears his footsteps, Randy grabs her from

"Hello slut..." Randy whispers darkly into her ear.

Rochelle looks a bit over her shoulder "What do you want?"

"You..." Randy laughs as he turns her and around. He pushes her down onto her
knees. Randy takes hold of her hair to keep her from trying to run away.

Rochelle tries to struggle a bit "What the hell is wrong with you!?"

"Shut up slut..." Randy grins as he undoes his belt with one hand. Randy then
unbuttons his slacks and pulls out his cock. He takes his hard dick into his
hand and starts to press it against her mouth. "Open your fucking mouth

Rochelle keeps her mouth shut until she turns her head away from Randy
"Someone help! Help!"

Randy releases his cock and slaps Rochelle across the face, "Call out for
help again bitch and I promise that you won't be able to tell anyone what
happened to you. Now make like the whore you are and suck my cock!"

Rochelle looks at him "Fuck off!"

Randy sneers at her and forces his cock into her mouth with incredible force.
He drives his dick all the way into her face and then starts moving his hips
as he starts to fuck her throat as hard as he can. Rochelle gags a bit as
Randy thrusts his cock in and out of her warm mouth. Randy begins bobbing
Rochelle's head on his own cock.

"Yeah... suck that big cock you slut... ď Randy moans as he tugs on her
hair, making her bob her head on his cock as his balls slap against her
chin. Rochelle gags as her head slams all the way down on Randy's cock,
taking his entire cock up to his balls into her mouth. Randy pulls his
cock out her mouth and slaps both her cheeks with it, "You like how that
feels, you whore?"

Rochelle spits up at him "Fuck off..."

"Oh you want to fuck?" Randy smirks. He picks her up and presses her against
the side of her rental car. Randy reaches between her legs and under her
skirt. He rips off her panties, lifts her up a bit and then slams his cock
deep into her cunt.

"Owwww! No please.... Randy...I'm...sor...sor...sorry!" Rochelle cries out.
"Someone please help!"

"Shut the fuck up bitch!" Randy says as he grabs her throat and squeezes it
a bit as he fucks her roughly. Rochelle doesnít have much choice but to quiet
down, but she lets out a scream each time Randy delivers a sharp thrust into
her cunt. "Oh fuck yeah... this is one hot cunt..." Randy grins as he pulls
out of Rochelle. Randy roughly makes Rochelle move to behind the car and
bends her over the trunk. He rips down her skirt and slams his cock back into
her pussy.

"Owww... stop it... please!" Rochelle cries as Randy ravagers her pussy like
an animal.

"Ohhh you want me to stop fucking your sweet pussy?" Randy asks with a smirk
as he slows down a bit.

"Yes... please... Iím begging you... stop this..." Rochelle whimpers as she
looks back at him.

"Ok then..." Randy smirks and much to her surprise pulls out of her pussy.
"I'll stop fucking your cunt..."

"T-thank you..." Rochelle rests her head on the trunk of the car, thinking
her ordeal is over.

"And I'll start fucking your sweet ass!" Randy laughs as he rams his cock
deep into her asshole. Rochelle lets out a silent scream. Randy grabs onto
her hips and pulls her back onto his cock as he rapes her ass. Rochelle
tries to pulls away, but Randy is too strong for her. She cries openly, and
her tears cause her makeup to run down her face. Randy soon tires of fucking
her ass and pulls out of her asshole roughly.

"Make like the Degenerate slut you are and suck it!" Randy says as he pulls
Rochelle off the car, turns her around and forces her down onto her knees.
Rochelle is about to say no, but Randy takes advantage of her opening her
mouth and shoves his cock all the way in it. Randy grabs onto her ears,
forcing her to suck his cock. Rochelle gags and coughs each time Randy's dick
hits the back of her mouth.

"Yeah choke on that fucking cock bitch..." Randy smirks as he holds her head
down on his dick for close to a minute. The heat of her mouth and desperate
attempts to pull away create an intense vacuum around his dick. Randy feels
he's going to cum soon so he pulls out of her mouth and dumps his load of
hot cum on Rochelle's face. Randy smirks at her then pushes her down to the
ground completely. Rochelle curls into a ball as Randy zips up his pants.

Randy then laughs at her, "I knew you were fucking tease...what a whore!"
Randy then walks away.


Rochelle was found in the parking lot by Eric Bischoff and after seeing the
state she was in, placed an immediate call to Smackdown GM Theodore Long.
Eric arranged for Rochelle to be traded to Smackdown. Rochelle would debut
on Smackdown two weeks later, but the incident with Randy Orton never left
her mind and she would leave the WWE a short time later.


This Series Shall Continue... Next In Line: Lauren Jones

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