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For those who donít remember, Laurenís most distinguished WWE appearance
happened at the No Way Out 2005 PPV. She was apart of the 2004 Raw Diva
search and she was apart of the Smackdown roster for most of the first half
of 2005.

Welcome To The WWE Part 8: Lauren Jones
by Dice & Kristi

On an episode of Smackdown in late January of 2005, Lauren Jones made her WWE
debut in a backstage skit with Michelle McCool and Rochelle Loewen admiring
John Cena's Spinning United States Title. After the segment is finished
General Manager Theodore Long approaches Lauren.

"Baby girl, can I talk to you for a moment?"

Lauren nods and smiles "Of course you can, Mr. Long, what is it?"

"Well Lauren, it's like this, Smackdown needs bright and beautiful women to
be apart of it's roster and I've seen your performance just now with John
Cena, and I want to offer you a permeate spot on the Smackdown Roster."

Lauren smiles excitedly " to become an official WWE Diva?"

Long nods, "That's right baby girl, the contract is being drawn up as we
speak, so all you have to do, is go to Stamford before next Tuesday and sign
on the dotted line."

Lauren smiles once again "Oh my god...thank you Mr. Long" Lauren says giving
the GM a huge hug.

Long hugs her back for a moment, then breaks the hug. "Since you're going to
sign, let me welcome you to the WWE and more importantly, to Smackdown, now
Holla, Holla."

-A Few Days Later-

At the WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, Smackdown wrestlers Akio,
Paul London, Chavo Guerrero, Billy Kidman, Nunzio, Shannon Moore and Scotty
2 Hotty are working out in the top of the line weight room that's inside of
the building.

"Man, did you see that hottie Long got to sign with Smackdown?" Shannon asks.

"Oh you mean Lauren, yeah I've seen her, man she's one fine honey, if you know
what I'm saying," Scotty replies as he does curls.

"She is a classic beauty, like a cherry blossom," Akio quietly says.

"That Lauren, she's what my uncle Eddie would call a class A Mama Cita..."
Chavo adds.

"Did you see her ass?" Kidman asks, directing the question towards London.

"Yeah I have man, sure wouldn't mind tapping it."

On the same floor of the weight room, Shane McMahon is showing around Lauren
after she finished signing her contract.

"And over here Ms. Jones we have our weight room, where many of our
superstars and divas stay train if they relocate to Connecticut."

Lauren nods "You know this place is so cool...Would you mind if I had a look
inside for a know maybe test out some of the machines?"

Shane smiles, "Go right ahead Ms. Jones, I'll send someone to check up on you
a little later ok?"

Lauren smiles "Ok...thank you..." Lauren says as she steps away from Shane
and pushes the double doors open as she walks into the weight room.

London sees the doors open and more importantly sees Lauren enter the weight
room. He gets off of the weight machine he's using and heads over to Kidman.
London taps his shoulder and Kidman looks at him. "What?"

London points towards Lauren, "Look Billy... there she is..."

Kidman looks at Lauren and smirks, "Damn... it might be her shirt... but she
looks like she has a bigger rack that Torrie."

Chavo also sees Lauren and calls out, "Hey... are you new around her?"

Lauren looks over and nods "Yes I am." She smiles a bit "I'm Lauren Jones...
I just got hired a few days ago."

"Weren't you on Smackdown last week... in that segment with Cena?" Scotty
asks with a smile. Chavo strokes his own chin as he gets an idea and motions
for everyone to get into a huddle.

Lauren nods "Yeah...he is such a nice guy..."

As most of the wrestlers get into a little group, Chavo smiles at Lauren and
asks, "Hey... can you wait there for a moment?"

Lauren smiles "Sure..." She says as she folds her arms looking around.

Chavo joins the others in a huddle, "Hey guys, I bet we can have some serious
fun with her."

"What do you mean?" Akio asks.

"We can 'initiate' her... if you catch my drift," Chavo explains.

Nunzio smirks, "I'm in..." The other wrestlers quickly agree to do it and
they break the huddle. All seven men approach Lauren and Kidman takes the

"Hey... did you get initiated yet?" he asks while the other guys try to hide
their smirks.

Lauren raises her eyebrow "Initiated? Do you mean like signing a contract?"

"No..." London laughs a bit.

"We mean like earn your spot... all the new divas earn their spot here in the
WWE..." explains Shannon.

Lauren shakes her head "No....I don't really get what you're saying."

Nunzio comes over to her and puts an arm around her, "Well, here in the WWE,
it's like giant frat house... all the new guys and gals have to do something
to... become more apart of it..."

Lauren raises her eyebrow, still a bit confused. She shakes her head "I still
don't understand."

Akio, being the quietest of the group, then explains, "You must do something
to make us believe you belong here."

"Like...what?" Lauren asks.

Nunzio smirks, "Well Ms. Jones... you can... take care of this..." Nunzio
trails off as he drops his pants, as does Akio and Shannon, who are fairly
close to her. Nunzio strokes his cock a bit to give Lauren a hint of what
they want her to do.

Lauren still looks a bit confused "Wait, guys are kidding right?"

Kidman smirks "No we're not... all the divas have to go through this... those
that do good during their initiation go on to be big stars... look at Trish
Stratus and Torrie Wilson..."

Lauren makes a face "If you're absolutely positive about this..."

"Oh we are..." London grins.

Akio then adds, "Do not worry, a similar thing is done for new men in the WWE
with the top divas."

Lauren sighs "If I have too..." Lauren then gets down onto her knees.
Everyman gets a grin on their face as Nunzio gets in front of Lauren.

"Hope you like Italian," Nunzio grins as he waves his cock near her mouth.

Lauren leans forward placing her hands on her knees as she opens her mouth
taking his cock into her warm mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around
Nunzio's cock and starts to slowly rock her head back and forth along his

Nunzio moans, "Oh yeah... she's defiantly diva material..."

Shannon smirks, "She sure looks like she is man... can't wait till she moves
on to me..."

Lauren lifts her hand up and takes Shannon's cock into her hand; she starts
stroking his cock as she begins to pick up speed on Nunzio's cock. Akio bends
down and takes Lauren's free hand and places it on his cock. He carefully
curls her fingers around his shaft and begins to pump his dick with her hand.

Lauren starts to move now both of her hands along Shannon and Akio's cocks
with great ease, she gradually moves her hands quicker on their cocks as she
lifts her head up from Nunzio's cock and turns to Shannon taking his cock now
into her warm mouth.

"Ohhh damn..." Shannon moans as he takes off his shirt and tosses it across
the room. "She's good... real good..." He tells the others as they watch
Lauren work on him, Akio and Nunzio Lauren wraps her tongue around his cock
as she starts bobbing her head quicker on his nicely sized cock. Lauren takes
Nunzio's saliva covered cock into her free hand as she strokes him, while
massaging Akio's ballsack.

Akio takes over stroking his own dick, "She would make a perfect geisha..."

Nunzio laughs a bit and moans, "Akio... this is America... not Japan..."

Lauren lifts her head up from Shannon's cock with a soft pop and takes to
Akio. She opens her mouth and pushes Akio's cock into her mouth. She presses
her lips tightly against his cock as she starts to slowly lift her head up
and down on his cock.

"Shit dawgs... we can't let them have all the fun..." Scotty says as he heads
over to Lauren.

"Scotty's right... let's surround her, so she can go around in a circle..."
Chavo suggests.

"That's a good idea," London grins as he, Kidman, Chavo and Scotty stand
behind Lauren in a bit of half circle that becomes a full circle with Nunzio,
Akio, and Shannon.

Lauren bobs her head a few more times on Akio's cock before she turns her
attention to Scotty. She opens her mouth and takes his cock into her mouth
and begins to bob her on his cock. She then takes Kidman and Chavo's cocks
into her hands and starts to stroke their cocks.

"That's is fly honey... work it good..." Scotty moans as he runs his fingers
through her hair.

Kidman grunts a bit as Lauren tugs on his cock, "She's... got good hands..."

"Oh yeah... she's really got a hand on the situation..." Chavo moans. Lauren
flicks her tongue against Scotty's cock as she moves her hand down Chavo's
shaft, while she moves her hand up Kidman's shaft.

London starts stroking his dick as he observes the action, "Damn, wish she
had like three hands..."

Scotty looks at him and chuckles, "You seem to be doing all right on your

Lauren shifts Scotty's cock to the left side of her mouth and turns to London
a bit indicating there's room for him. London grins and steps in between
Chavo and Scotty. He holds his cock and pushes the head of it into Lauren's

"Oh yeah... she's going to have great mic skills..." London moans as he puts
more of it into her mouth.

Lauren then starts to both her swiftly on both Scotty and London's cock. She
moans softly against their cocks as she begins to suck faster.

Kidman looks at Lauren sucking both of Scotty and London's cock as if it was
the most natural thing. "Damn, can't wait to get head from her..."

"You and me both..." Chavo grins.

Lauren lifts her head off of Scotty and London's dicks and scoots back a bit
while holding onto Kidman and Chavo's dicks. She pulls them closer to her and
starts alternating sucking both of their dicks before steadily focusing on
Kidman's dick. When she's sucking Kidman's dick, Lauren uses a slow pace
while gently lapping her tongue against the bottom of his cock. After she
gives his cock a nice oral bath, Lauren gives Chavo her full attention and
begins by spitting on his cock a few times as she begins to give him a spit
blowjob. Lauren twists her head around his cock as she bobs on it quickly.

"Look at her go," Kidman says with a smile.

"Yeah man, she's awesome..." Nunzio adds. Lauren moans around Chavo's cock as
the comments she's hearing makes her a little excited. She lifts her head off
of Chavo's cock and in her excited state look at all seven cocks. Lauren
licks her lips and starts to unbutton her blouse.

"I hope... you... guys wouldn't mind... passing... my initiation..." Lauren
smiles as she takes off her blouse. Lauren then sits on the floor and takes
off her skirt, followed by her tan colored bra and panties. Once naked,
Lauren moves over to Kidman and London and gets onto her hands and knees.
Without using her hands, Lauren starts licking both of their cocks with her
tongue. Scotty has an excellent view of her ass.

"Man I'm going to give her the worm...." Scotty licks his lips as he gets
behind her to slip his cock into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh...." Lauren moans as she starts to push back against his cock as he
pushes into her. Lauren looks back at Scotty for a moment before facing
Kidman and London's cocks. Lauren opens her mouth as wide as she can and
uses the force Scotty is using to fuck her pussy to bob her head on London's
cock. She does the same to Kidman as she moves one hand to her pussy to start
rubbing her cunt as Scotty fucks her.

"She must be Italian..." Nunzio smirks as he strokes his cock.

"How can you tell?" Shannon asks as he jerks off as well.

"Only Italian women can do that..." Nunzio replies.

"Obviously you have never been the North Carolina..." Shannon laughs as
Lauren has finished with Kidman, London and Scotty for the moment. She's
heard both of their comments and determined that the Prince of Punk and
the Sicilian Shooter. She smiles sweetly at both of them.

"Can one of you be a doll and lay down please?" Nunzio and Shannon look at
each other for a split second before they both try to lay down on the ground
before the other. Shannon wins out and before Nunzio can make a comment,
Lauren mounts herself on Shannon's stiff pole.

"Ahhh..." Lauren has a pleasured look on her face as she feels his cock fill
up her pussy perfectly. Before she starts riding, she leans forward and looks
at Nunzio as she reaches back to rub her own ass. Nunzio gets a grin on his
face as he figures out what she wants. Shannon starts to thrust up into her
pussy while Nunzio gets behind her to push his Italian sausage into her ass.
Lauren moans softly as Nunzio joins Shannon into fucking her. Lauren pushes
back against Nunzio as she rocks back and forth on Shannon's cock.

"God damn... she's... got... a hot... pussy..." Shannon says before he lifts
his head to lick her tits when Lauren's body is pushed forward by Nunzio's
thrusts. Chavo comes over and taps Nunzio's shoulder.

"What?" Nunzio says a he looks at the third Generation wrestler.

"Hey, let me get in there... I want her pussy..." Chavo licks his lips.

Nunzio makes a face as he strops fucking Lauren, "She's already got Moore's
cock in her cunt."

"I know... I want mine in there too..."

"Okay..." Nunzio shakes his head and moves away from Lauren, letting Chavo
get behind her. Lauren gets no warning and was not paying attention to the
conversation that took place behind her for Akio has gotten near her head
and she's sucking his cock happily. Chavo pushes his cock into Lauren's
pussy and Smackdown's newest diva screams in pain around Akio's cock. Chavo
fucks her sweet pussy with Shannon and Lauren starts to get use to having
two cocks in her pussy and she moans happily around Akio's dick. London
lies down on the floor, sits up a bit and strokes his cock.

"Hey guys... let her come over here and ride a future champ..." London
smirks as he refers to the announcement that was made of him becoming the
new cruiserweight champion of the world. Chavo pulls out of Lauren and looks
at him.

"You had to bring that up now didn't you..." Chavo says with an annoyed look
on his face. Lauren spits out Akio's cock and looks at London.

"You're going to a champ?" Lauren asks with a smile.

"That's right... and I might need a valet..." London grins.

"Oh... I better impress you then..." Lauren smiles as she stands over him and
begins to squat down until his cock enters her pussy. Lauren then rests her
knees on the floor as she bounces on his cock. She leans back and places one
hand on London's champ and the other behind her between his legs. Lauren
moans loudly, leaving her mouth open. Kidman comes over and steps over London
and slips his cock into her mouth. Lauren gags at first but when she realizes
it's a cock in her mouth she closes her lips around it and sucks on the tip
as hard as she can. After a bit, Lauren makes London take his dick out of her
mouth. While moaning, she asks," Ohhh... ahhh... can you... fuck... my...

"Sure thing..." Kidman grins as he gets behind her as Lauren leans forward.
Kidman shoves his hot dog into her roll. Lauren moans loudly as she pushes
back against Kidman as he thrusts into her. Chavo comes over and pushes his
cock back into her mouth. Chavo begins fucking her mouth wildly as she tries
bob her head on his shaft. London thrusts upward into her pussy, making her
jump up a bit. Chavo's cock muffles Lauren's resulting moans, but when he
pulls out of her mouth, they echo throughout the room.

"Ohhhh ohhh fuck.... Mmmmm... stick.... Two... dicks... in my ass...." Lauren
moans, as she's in another place mentally. Kidman and London give each other
an odd look, for double-teaming a girl's ass doesn't float either ones boat.
Kidman pulls out of her ass and London pushes her off of his cock. Lauren
stills down on the ground, but doesn't have to wait long for someone or some
ones to fuck her. Nunzio and Akio get behind Lauren and they work together to
get each other's cock inside of her ass. Lauren moans in a mix of pleasure
and pain as her ass is filled with the dicks of both men.

"Han Scotty, let's give her two up front," Shannon smirks.

"Oh, I'm down with that daddy-o," Scotty laughs as he and Shannon get in
front of Lauren. They each take an arm and lift Lauren's upper body up a bit.
Lauren is so far gone that all she knows is that there's two cocks in her ass
and two near her mouth. With a mix of personal effort and help from Shannon
and Scotty, Lauren is able to fill her mouth with both dicks. Nunzio and Akio
steadily alternate thrusts, making Lauren constantly take in more of Shannon
and Scotty's cock into her mouth. After a bit, Nunzio and Akio pulls out of
her ass, their cocks throbbing.

"Ohh... fuck me.... I'm.... I'm so close..." Lauren pleads as she pulls her
head off of the dicks of Shannon and Scotty. The two men gets grins on their
faces then they pick Lauren up. Shannon turns her around so she faces Scotty
and then lifts her up. Scotty takes her legs, spreads them apart and steps
between them. He grips his cock and aims it for her pussy as he directs
Shannon on how to her lower her so he can enter her. Once Scotty is inside
of her, Shannon bends a bit and works his cock into her ass. The two men
bounce Lauren on their cocks, making her scream and moan in pleasure as she
quickly approaches her climax.

"Ahhhh ahhh shit..." Lauren screams as she cums on Scotty's cock. Shannon and
Scotty continue to vertically fuck Lauren until Kidman taps their shoulders.

"Hey guys... we still have to finish initiating her..." Kidman says with
grin. Shannon and Scotty both nod and they lift her off of their dicks and
sit her on the floor.

"How are we going to finish initiating her?" London asks.

"How about a good out facial?" Chavo suggests with a smirk on her face.

"I like that idea..." Lauren says with a smile as she walks on her knees over
to Akio and starts sucking his cock as hard as she can. When he's about to
cum she makes him blow his load all over her face. Lauren repeats the action,
and literally goes down line of blowing Nunzio, Shannon, Chavo, Scotty,
Kidman and London until they all dump their spunk on her beautiful face. By
the time they are down, Lauren's face is so covered in cum that her eyes are
sealed shut. London pats her head and smiles at the other cruiserweights.

"Guys... I think she's going to be a great addition to Smackdown..."

"Oh yeah daddy-o, she's one fine new honey bee to the Smackdown hive," Scotty

"Man, the creative staff, better not misuse her, I want her to be around for
years," Kidman adds with a grin.

"I knew she was one fine mama cita..." Chavo adds.


This Series Shall Continue... Next In Line: Sharmell

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