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Welcome To The WWE Part 9: Sharmell
outline by Kristi
written by Dice

In the spring of 2005, Sharmell has just made her return to the WWE to
support and manager her husband Booker T. While it started off as a dream,
it soon turned into a nightmare when Kurt Angle set his sights on her,
igniting a feud between himself and Booker T. Kurt perverted obsessions
soon became physically for during a match between himself and Booker T,
Kurt got himself counted out in order to run to where Sharmell is waiting
for her husband. Luckily for Sharmell, Booker soon arrived before Kurt
could do anything to her, but the incident has totally shaken her up.

After the taping for Smackdown has ended, Booker and Sharmell made their way
from the arena and to the hotel. The lovely couple heads up to their hotel
room after signing a few autographs for casual fans who recognized Booker and
Sharmell from their WCW days. Once they are in their hotel room, Booker goes
to take a shower while Sharmell goes about getting herself ready for bed.
After 10 minuets, Booker comes out of the bathroom with a towel around his
waist and Sharmell is sitting on the bed, dressed in her sleep wear with a
somber look on her face. Booker heads to the dresser to get a pair of boxers
but Sharmell's mood has his full attention.

"Baby, are you ok?" Booker asks.

"Yes, I'm fine honey..." Sharmell nods, and then adds out of the blue, "I
love you."

Booker smiles at her, "I love you too."

Sharmell smiles and slowly gets up from the bed, "You know what we haven't
done in a long time..."

Booker thinks for a long moment, "Ummm.... We haven't done... Hmmm...."

Sharmell gets a smile on her face as she sees her husband think of many
activities that they do together. She walks over to him and takes his hand.

"We haven't... done this..." Sharmell smiles as she gently leads him to the

"Oh I can dig this baby..." Booker chuckles a little as he takes the towel
from around his waist and tosses it onto the back of a chair. Booker stops
and turns Sharmell around before she gets on the bed. He kisses her deeply,
cupping her beautiful face with his hands. Sharmell moans into his mouth as
she moves his hands from her face down to her arms to slide off the silk top
of her nightwear. Sharmell places her hands onto his muscular chest as they
turn to where Booker's back is to the bed. Sharmell breaks the kiss and
pushes him onto the bed.

Sharmell takes Booker's cock into her hands and gently begins to stroke it.
She smiles at him as she gets him to moan, and then she lowers her head onto
his cock. She takes his long dark shaft into her mouth and immediately begins
to slowly bob her head up and down along his shaft. Sharmell moves her hands
to his balls and softly squeezes them.

"Ohhh yeah... suck that cock..." Booker moans as he watches his wife give him
head. Sharmell soon lifts her head off of his cock and smiles.

"I don't want you to cum to soon," Sharmell explains. Booker smiles and lifts
her from the floor and sits her on the bed. Booker then kneels on the floor
and pulls down Sharmell's panties. Sharmell spreads her ebony legs to reveal
her neatly trimmed pussy. Booker slowly moves his head down on to her cunt
and slowly begins to lick her sweet pussy.

"Ohhhh ohhh Booker...." Sharmell moans as she grabs onto his head when he
slides his tongue into her pussy. She grins her brown sugar box against his
face as he moves his tongue in and out of her. Sharmell grabs his braided
hair as Booker laps up her juices. Booker then stands up and makes Sharmell
lay back on the bed. He gets on top of her and slowly inserts his shaft into
her pussy.

Sharmell lets out a quiet at moan as Booker begins to fuck her. She grinds
her hips against him and soon matches his pace. Booker and Sharmell move
together in perfect unison, pushing against each other at a solid pace.
They soon roll over so Sharmell is on top of Booker. Sharmell starts moving
up and down on Booker's cock slowly at first but she soon starts to pick up
speed. Booker places his strong hands on her breasts to hold them as Sharmell
rides him.

"Oh baby..." Booker moans as Sharmell comes down on his cock somewhat
sharply. He moves his hands to her hips and he rolls so they both are on
their sides. Booker pulls out of Sharmell's pussy and rolls her onto her
stomach. Sharmell gets up to her hands and knees as Booker kneels on the
bed behind her. He reinserts his cock into her pussy. When he starts to
thrust in and out of her, Sharmell pushes back, slightly slamming her ass
cheeks against his powerful thighs.

"Ohhhh that's it baby... fuck me... love me..." Sharmell moans as Booker rubs
her beautiful ass. Booker's thrusts are fairly even in intensity, not too
hard or soft, nor are they too fast or slow. For Sharmell, they are perfect.
Sharmell and Booker continue to move in almost perfect unison. Booker then
pulls out of Sharmell and she flips over onto her back. Booker pushes his
cock back into her pussy and resumes fucking her.

Sharmell wraps her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She
bites her lips as Booker drills her sweet chocolate love box. Sweat drips
from Booker's muscular body down on to Sharmell's as he gives her a few hard
thrusts to bring Sharmell to the bring of climaxing. Booker lowers his and
kisses his wife deeply as he cums inside of her, which sets Sharmell off like
a volcano. Sharmell moans into Booker's mouth as she cums on his cock. Booker
breaks the kiss and smiles at his wife..."

"I love ya Sharmell..."

"I can dig that..." Sharmell smiles as she kisses him.


This Series Shall Continue... Next In Line: Melina

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