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Welcome to the WWE: Melina
by Dice and Kristi

In April of 2005, Rey Mysterio, 1 half of the WWE Tag Team Champions was a
guest on Smackdown’s new talk show segment, Carlito’s Cabana. Rey was on the
Cabana to discuss the actions of his championship partner Eddie Guerrero as
of late, when the entrance music of someone starts to play. Everyone's
attention is immediately drawn to a pair of rather handsome looking men being
led to the ring by their manager Melina. The two men are Joey Mercury and
Johnny Nitro and combine with Melina they make up MNM. The trio enters the
ring and begins trading words with Rey Mysterio. Rey doesn't take to kindly
to their attitude but is soon beat down by Mercury & Nitro. Melina directs
traffic and orders her boys to finish off Rey by making a 'taking a picture'
motion with her hands. Mercury and Nitro lift Rey up and then they drop him
down with an impressive double team maneuver called the Snap Shot.

As MNM leaves the ring, Carlito is left in awe by the impressive debut of
Mercury, Nitro and more importantly Melina. Carlito takes an apple, bites
it, and chews a piece in his mouth as he angles his head a bit to look at
Melina's ass as she walks up the ramp with her team.

Carlito smirks to himself as he says, "Damn... She's cool."

Later in the night, in the locker room of MNM, Melina is giving a pep talk to
Mercury and Nitro.

Melina slaps both of her hands against the bare chests of Joey Mercury and
Johnny Nitro "That's exactly what I'm talking about! Taking action against
some.... C List Rey Mysterio..."

"Yeah we so totally put that little guy in his place," Nitro smirks.

"And that's just step one right?" Mercury asks as gets excited.

Melina smirks "Of course...we're MNM...and you two are going to be the next
WWE Tag Team Champions!"

Nitro and Mercury grin and are about to say something in return when there's
a knock on the door. Before anyone can say come in or go away, the door opens
and in walks Carlito, chewing on an Apple.

"Hey guys..." Carlito smirks.

"Hey... what's up..." Nitro asks as he looks at Carlito suspiciously.

"Nothing... just came by to tell you what you did tonight... that was
cool..." Carlito looks at Melina and smirks, "Really Cool."

Melina slides her hand through her hair and places a hand on her slender hip
"Carlito, right?"

"That's right..." Carlito then smiles, "And I now know, you're really cool.
Carlito knows you, and you know Carlito." Carlito bites his apple, chews and
swallows what's in his mouth. He then gets a really good look at Melina's
body, "And you're not just cool... but hot too... like Caribbean Hot... which
is very cool..."

Mercury smirks, "Hey, her looks aren't the only cool thing about her."

"Really?" Carlito smirks.

Melina smirks a bit as she folds arms eyeing up Carlito "Why don't you tell
him Johnny?"

Nitro grins, "I could tell him... but I think it'll be better if you show him
what makes you cool..."

Carlito smiles, "I'd love to see it..."

Melina licks her lips as she steps towards Carlito. Melina gently places her
hand against the front of Carlito's pants and begins to gently rub her hand
against his crotch. Melina gives Carlito a sly smirk as she lowers to her
knees and starts to lower Carlito's pants.

"Now this is cool..." Carlito smirks as he throws his apple into a trash
can. He takes off his Hawaiian shirt and tosses it to Nitro, who in turn
lays it on a table so it wouldn't get wrinkled. Carlito's cocks soon comes
free from his pants when Melina lowers his pants enough, and it's slowly
rising to attention as Carlito imagines what Melina can do with it. Melina
looks up at Carlito again giving him a smirk as she takes his cock into
her hands as his pants drop down to his ankles.

"You think this is cool?" Melina asks as she starts to move her hand slowly
up and down his shaft.

"Yeah... that was cool... now what you're doing is cooler..." Carlito moans
a little, while letting his hips to move as Melina strokes his cock. Nitro
and Mercury both watch with huge grins on their faces and they start to
undress slowly, to give Melina all the time she needs to show Carlito how
cool she really is.

Melina smirks "If you think that's're gonna love this..." Melina
say as she begins her mouth closer to Carlito's cock. Melina gently blows on
the hardened cock head of Carlito, sending chills up his back. Melina then
sticks her tongue out her mouth and presses her warm tongue against the head
of his cock. Melina then begins to guide her tongue down Carlito's shaft and
then back up, leaving a saliva trail.

"Ohhh damn... that's... whew..." Carlito is stunned at how good Melina's
slow and deliberate style of giving head feels. He places on hand on Melina's
head and uses the other to take of her tiara. He tosses it to Mercury who
catches it and gently sets it in a special case Melina carries it in when
she's not wearing it.

Melina licks her way back up to the top of Carlito's cock as she opens her
mouth and devours the cock. Melina wraps her lips tightly around his cock and
begins to bob her head.

"Damn... she's... a cool... cock sucker..." Carlito moans.

Mercury nudges Nitro and grins, "If he thinks that's cool, he ain't seen
nothing yet..."

"Yeah... why don't you get under Melina and give her a little boost..." Nitro
smirks as he wraps a hand around his thick shaft.

"Good thinking..." Mercury smiles as he moves near Melina and Carlito. He
lies down on his stomach and slides along the floor until he's almost under
Melina. He places his hands on her thighs and gently pushes her up bit so he
can get his head under her pussy. Mercury then lowers her a bit as he begins
to flick his tongue over her pussy. Mercury slides his tongue around the
pussy lips and then between them before sliding it into her wet pussy. Melina
lets out a moan as she rocks her hips a bit on Mercury's face. Instantly
Melina tightens her grips on Carlito's cock and begins to bob her head
quicker, thrashing her tongue against his shaft.

"Oh yea... that's what Carlito likes..." Carlito moans as he closes his eyes
to enjoy the feeling of Melina's warm mouth on his cock. He licks his lips as
he feels her tongue roll down the bottom of his dick. Mercury moves his hands
to Melina's hot ass and gently squeezes the cheeks while moving his tongue in
and out of her pussy. Mercury knows what Melina likes and he turns his full
attention to the bottom of her cunt and sucks on it, making her squeeze his
head with her legs in reaction. Melina tightens her grip even more on
Carlito's cock, as if her mouth were a vice. Melina starts to wickedly lash
her tongue against his shaft as she now deep throats his cock.

Mercury moves one of his hands so her and get his fingers to Melina's
asshole. With careful skill, Mercury sticks his middle and fore fingers into
her butt and slides them in and out slowly while going back to flicking his
tongue all over her pussy. Carlito opens his eyes and looks at Nitro who is
masterfully handling his cock with his hands.

"Hey... don't jack off... that's not cool..."

Nitro stops what he's doing and grins as he walks over, "I just wanted you to
see how cool Melina is..."

"Oh she's very cool... I think she's so cool... she can handle two really
cool guys..." Carlito smirks. Melina lifts her head up with a smile and rubs
Carlito saliva covered cock as she opens her mouth accepting Nitro's cock.
Melina slowly lifts her head off of Nitro's cock and then goes back down on
his cock as she starts to bob her head.

"Oh yeah baby..." Nitro moans as he moves his hips a little to let Melina bob
her head as slowly as she wants too. Carlito bends down a bit and rubs the
back of Melina's head. He comes across some hairpins and he keeps his self
occupied by pulling them out to let her beautiful hair down. Mercury
continues to work his fingers in and out of her asshole, but starts to move
them faster as he slips his back into her pussy to taste her juices as they
flow. Melina starts grind her pussy down against Mercury's face as she bobs
her head quicker on Nitro's cock's twisting her tongue around her shaft.

"I got a really cool idea..." Carlito smirks and moves a short distance away
from Melina and lays on the floor. He wraps his hand around his cock to aim
it straight up into the air. Nitro looks at him and chuckles a bit before
running his fingers through Melina's hair.

"You want to show him your other cool move?"

Melina smirks and gets off of Mercury's head and crawls over to Carlito.
Melina lifts a leg into the air and straddles herself over Carlito. Melina
comes down on him; taking is cock into her tight pussy.

"Oh yea, this is cool..." Carlito grins as he places his hands on Melina's
hips and rocks her back and forth on his cock. Nitro helps Mercury up from
the floor, then they both walk to separate sides of Melina., holding their
stiff cocks for her to grab.

"Come on Melina... Carlito wants to see how cool you are..." Mercury grins
as he licks his lips.

As Melina rocks her hips back and forth on Carlito's cock, she grabs a hold
of Nitro and Mercury's cocks and begins to stroke them. Melina opens her
taking Mercury's cock into her mouth and begins to suck, wrapping her lips
tightly around his cock.

"Ahhh yeah... that's what I like..." Mercury moans as he feels the warmth of
Melina's mouth around his cock. Carlito is grunting a little as he moves one
hand up to Melina's breasts to tug on her nipples. Melina begins to bounce a
bit on Carlito's cock as she grinds her pussy against his cock. Melina flicks
her tongue against Mercury's cock as she bobs her head swiftly against his
cock. Melina runs her hand up and down Nitro's shaft as she lifts her head
away from Mercury and takes Nitro's cock into her warm, wet mouth.

"Oh yeah baby... suck that cock..." Nitro moans as she bobs her head quickly
along his shaft. Mercury reaches down and cups Melina's other breast.

"Oh man... Carlito loves this... you guys... are really cool..." Carlito

Nitro looks down at him and smirks, "Carlito, you have to think big... we're
not even warmed up yet..."

Mercury nods, "Yeah... you haven't fucked Melina until you had her with
someone else's dick in her ass while she's riding ya." Melina tightens her
lips around Nitro's shaft and begins to rock her head back and forth on cock,
rubbing his ballsack as she sucks him.

"Oh shit Melina... it's time to show him... how you really are... with two in
you..." Nitro pries his cock from her mouth and steps behind her. Nitro rubs
her shoulders before pushing her to stick her ass out a bit. Nitro then
kneels down and slips his cock into her asshole. Carlito feel's Melina's body
tighten up and believes he can feel Nitro's cock as well. Nitro slowly begins
to thrust his cock in and out of Melina as Carlito quickly thrusts up into
her pussy.

Melina bites down on her bottom lip "Ohhhhh fuck..." Melina grunts as her
body rocks back and forth between Nitro and Carlito. Melina reaches up
grabbing a hold of Mercury's cock and takes his cock into her mouth and
begins to suck once again on Mercury's cock.

"Oh wow man... she's got Carlito and you two in her... she's cool... really
cool..." Carlito moans.

"Yeah we know..." Mercury grins and moans at the same time as Melina slurps
on his cock.

Melina laps her tongue around Mercury's cock as she starts bobbing her head
quicker on his cock, sucking faster. Melina places a hand on Carlito's chest
as she starts to come down on his with her own momentum as she pushes back on
Nitro's cock as well.

Nitro wraps his arms around Melina's waist and gives her some sharp thrusts
in her ass, making her move forward so far that Carlito's cock slips out of
her pussy. Joey looks down and grins.

"Hey I got an idea... let's double team her pussy Johnny..."

"Oh I love it Joey... let's do it..." Nitro pulls out of Melina and lays
down, "Hey Melina, time for the 2 in the taco routine, move your cute butt
over here...." Melina smirks and moves away from Carlito and makes her way
over to Nitro and Mercury.

Mercury takes her hand and helps her sit down on Nitro's cock. Nitro puts
her hands on her waist and pushes her up a bit as Mercury gets behind her.
He doesn't push Melina forward instead he sits down on the floor, and
spreads his legs apart. He scoots as close as he can to Melina and moves
his cock so it's at the entrance of her pussy. Nitro then lets Melina
down slowly and both his and Mercury's cock enters her pussy at the same
time. Mercury and Nitro steadily begin to move their cocks in and out of
Melina's pussy as Nitro sits up a bit to cup both of Melina's breasts with
his hands.

Carlito watches them and grins, "That's Cool..."

Melina grits her teeth as she bounces on both of Nitro and Mercury's cock
" like that don't you?"

"Oh yeah, that's really cool and hot..." Carlito grins as he wraps a hand
around his own cock. As he beings to pump it, Nitro and Mercury run their
hands all over Melina, touching her in all her favorite places. Mercury
starts fucking Melina a bit faster and harder as Nitro turns his head to
look at Carlito.

"Hey man.... don't just stand there... her mouth is... wide open!"

Carlito grins," Cool..." Carlito comes closes to the trio and stands over
Nitro's head, pumping his cock. The Caribbean born superstar is sweating a
bit as Melina opens her mouth widely and takes Carlito's cock into her mouth.
She wraps her lips tightly around his cock and begins to bob her head on his

"Ahhh yea..." Carlito moans as Melina wraps her tongue a bit around his shaft
as she sucks it. Sweat flies Mercury's body as he thrusts into Melina, and he
has a bit smile on his face as he watches his manager give head to Carlito.
Nitro has a rather unique view of Melina blowing Carlito and gets a smirk on
his face.

"That's is Melina... show that cool cat how you suck cock while you take
2..." Melina bobs her head quickly on Carlito's cock as she bounces harder
on Mercury and Nitro's cock. Her moans are muffled as she starts sucking
Carlito's cock deeper in her mouth.

Carlito closes his eyes tightly as he blows her load in her mouth. "Ohhhhh
shit.... she's definitely cool!" Carlito moans.

Nitro and Mercury both smirk and at the same time tell Carlito, "We told you
so..." Nitro and Mercury steadily continue to slams their cocks in and out
Melina's pussy, making it hard for her to swallows Carlito's spunk. Slight
drops of Carlito's cum drip out of her precious mouth, but she soon cleans up
the area around her mouth by licking the cum off. Carlito backs away from
Melina and ends up falling on his ass, totally stunned with how Melina made
him cum. Mercury pulls out of Melina's pussy and easily pushes it into her

"Ohhh yeah... I love this ass..." Mercury says as he caresses her ass cheeks
as he starts to pump his cock inside of her.

Nitro grins, "I love every part of her..." Nitro steadily thrusts his cock up
into her pussy, while moving one hand down to rub her pussy to give her extra
stimulation. Melina looks over her shoulder at Mercury with a smirk as she
starts forcefully slamming her ass back against Mercury.

Mercury smirks at Melina, "Trying... to out... last me... again?" Mercury
starts slamming his cock harder into her ass.

Nitro lifts his head, "Hey Joey... you know... better than... to... challenge
her..." Melina laughs with a moan as she starts grinding her pussy against
Nitro's cock as she rotates her hips around Mercury.

Nitro and Mercury thrusts into her pussy and ass harder and faster, trying to
make their manager cum before they have to. Both men are sweating heavily as
they drill her. Nitro sits up some more and takes one of Melina's breasts
into his mouth as Mercury runs his hands up and down Melina's sweaty back.

Melina grits her eyes as she locks eyes with Carlito "Ohhh.... fuck...
Joey.... Johnny."

"Yeah baby?" Nitro replies.

"Whatcha need Mel... ina...." Mercury grunts his response.

"I want all you got!" Melina yells.

"You... got it... Joey... time... for the standing sandwich..." Nitro smirks.

"Oh yeah... I was waiting for this..." Mercury replies. Working together,
Mercury and Nitro Roll to the left with Melina between then and with a little
effort they get to their feet. Mercury wraps his arms around Melina's waist
and starts lifting her up and down on his and Nitro's cock as Nitro moves his
hip to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy.

Melina grits her teeth as she slides her hand through the long hair of Nitro
"Ohhhh fuck yeah! This is what.... I'm...talking...about!"

"Yeah... you like... it don't ya..." Nitro grins as he kisses Melina's lips.
He pushes his tongue into her mouth, slapping his tongue against her's.
Mercury continues to bang her ass as he adjusts his hands to get a better
grip on her waist. Sweat continues to run down Melina's back as she wraps
her legs around Nitro's waist making herself bounce faster on his cock.

"Damn... she's cool..." Carlito says as he watches Melina handle both Mercury
and Nitro as if they were one guy. Nitro clenches his teeth as he gives his
manager some sharp thrusts, pushing her back against Mercury, who also gives
her some sharp thrust, making Melina rise up between them a bit.

Melina then lets out a sigh "I'm bored..."

"Already?" Nitro asks as he slows down.

Mercury laughs a bit, "She can't handle us..." They let Melina down and sit
her on her knees.

Melina looks at them "What are you waiting for?" Nitro and Mercury smirk at
each other and then they make Melina lay down. Nitro straddles her body and
lays his cock between her breasts and begins to fuck them, while Mercury gets
between her legs and starts to fuck her tight pussy. Nitro looks down at
Melina and grins as sweat drips from his forehead down on her face. Melina
runs her perfect tongue along Nitro's shaft, locking eyes with him. Mercury
slams his cock into Melina's pussy repeatedly, his balls slapping against her
when he does. Nitro fondles Melina's tits as he pushes his cock deep into
Melina's mouth.

Melina circles her tongue around Nitro's cock as she opens her mouth taking
his cock into her warm mouth. Melina bobs her head against his long shaft.
Mercury has to slow down; not believing Melina hasn't climaxed yet. He takes
a breath and plows his cock into her pussy as hard and as fast as he can.
Nitro pulls out of Melina's mouth and slaps his cock against her tits.

Melina smirks at Nitro "I'm a bad girl..."

"Yeah you are..." Nitro grins as he slides his cock back into her mouth.
Mercury feels he's going to cum, so he pulls out of Melina and lies between
her legs. He runs his tongue all over her pussy, flicking it against her clit
as he slides two fingers inside of her. Melina wraps her lips tightly around
Nitro's cock once again and now begins to suck with a hard pace. Mercury laps
his tongue around her pussy while pumping his fingers in and out of her.
Melina arches her hips to press them against his face as Nitro grabs her head
and fucks her mouth. Melina bites down gently on Nitro's cock as she begins
to cum.

"Oh fuck!" Nitro moans in surprise as he feels Melina's teeth press against
his cock. Mercury buries his whole face in Melina's pussy, completely
submerging herself in her juices. He then gets to his feet and taps Nitro's

"Hey man... let her up..." Nitro smirks at his tag team partner and eases his
cock out of Melina's mouth. He stands up next to Mercury and he helps Melina
to her knees. Carlito watches them, completely worn out.

"Damn.... Carlito... is impressed..."

Melina licks her lips slight "Carlito.... was it?"

Carlito nods his head, "Yeah... that's me..." Carlito grins a bit.

" one...and I repeat, no one...out lasts MNM!"

"That's cool..." Carlito grins as Nitro and Mercury pump their own cocks.

"Hey baby... speaking of us..." Nitro grins as he waves his cock near her

Melina licks her lips as she looks up at Mercury and Nitro "Show Carlito...
how MNM does it."

"Open wide!" Mercury smirks as he and Nitro pump their cocks firmly. They
each place a hand on Melina's head and tilt her head back. "Ahhh fuckkk..."
Mercury moans as he starts to cum, sending streams of hot sticky man juice
onto her face.

"Here it is...." Nitro grits his teeth as he dump his hot steamy cum on her

Melina holds her tongue out to catch every drop she can. Luckily, for Melina,
a good amount of cum lands on her tongue and she swallows the steamy cum down
her throat.

"Now... that... is... defiantly... cool..." Carlito smiles, impressed even
more so of how skilled Melina is. Mercury and Nitro look down at Melina and
they both do the "snapshot" motion with their hands as if taking a picture
of her face.

Melina smirks as Nitro and Mercury help Melina off the floor "The WWE better
look out...because MNM is about to take center stage."

This Series Shall Continue... Next In Line: Candice Michelle

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