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Welcome To The WWE: Candice Michelle
by Dice & Kristi

It's the night after the 2005 Super Bowl, and Candice Michelle is on top of
the world. The previous night she stared in a commercial for GoDaddy that
caused major controversy with many activist groups. In the ring, Chris
Jericho is preparing to host his talk show, The Highlight Reel.

"Ladies and Gentlemen... please welcome my guest... Ms. GoDaddy, Candice
Michelle!" Jericho yells in a microphone.

Candice Michelle's music hits over the system in the arena and sultry new
Diva of Raw, enters the rings. Candice slides her hand through her hair as
she picks up the microphone sitting on the chair on the set of the Highlight
Reel. Candice gives Jericho a sly and sexy smirk.

Jericho returns the smirk as he speaks into his microphone, "Candice,
Candice, Candice... the world is talking all about you for what you did last
night... how does that feel?"

Candice laughs a bit " feels great.."

At that moment the music of Muhammad Hassan echoes through out the arena
and Hassan and his sidekick Daivari make their way from the back. "This is
pathetic... look at of you, cheering this wrench of a woman for her perverted
commercial..." Hassan yells as he and Daivari enter the ring.

"Hey, hey now, this is my guest... and you two monkeys are ruining my show,"
Jericho replies as he steps between Candice and the two interrupters.

Candice places her hands on her hips as she nods. She then raises the
microphone up to her mouth "You know Chris...I think these two are just
jealous they can't handle... Miss GoDaddy," Candice says as she twirls
around rotating her slender hips.

"That's right Candice, these two jackasses can only handle themselves... and
each other... and their camel..." Jericho laughs at his own comment, which
infuriates Hassan and Daivari.

"Now listen here... you Canadian... I can handle anyone."

Jericho smirks, "Oh really... then how about you try to handle me later

"If that's a challenge I accept!" Hassan replies. Daivari then takes the
microphone and starts speaking in his native language.

Jericho laughs a bit, before saying, "Hey, thanks for plugging my latest
Fozzy album." Jericho then clotheslines Daivari and dropkicks Hassan. The
two heels quickly exit the ring and back up the ramp as Jericho celebrates
with Candice in the ring. "How about we see that GoDaddy dance," Jericho
says to Candice with a grin on his face. Candice smiles as she sets down
her microphone as she points her left index finger in the air and begins
to twirl around as she shakes her hips.

Later in the night, Chris Jericho has just entered the backstage area after
defeating Muhammad Hassan by DQ. He has a self-satisfied grin on his face,
but he doesn't notice that Candice saw him passing and that she's following
him. Candice eventually catches up with Jericho and gently taps him on the
shoulder, which gets his attention.

Jericho stops and turns around. When he sees Candice he smiles, "Hey

Candice smiles "Hey Chris...great job tonight..." Candice then licks her lips
a bit "But I'm wondering..."

Jericho grins as he lets his eyes wander her body a bit. "What would you like
to know?"

"Well...we both know Hassan and Daivari can't...but can you handle Miss
GoDaddy?" Candice asks as she starts to twirl a bit.

"Hey, I am the Highlight of the Night, and I am a Sexy Beast... I can handle
you like no one else can," Jericho winks at her.

Candice licks her lips "Why don't you put your money...where your mouth is.."

Jericho moves close to her and pulls her towards him, "Well, I'd much rather
put something in your mouth." Jericho licks his teeth as he expects Candice
to catch his meaning.

Candice laughs a bit "Right here?"

Jericho laughs, "No…how about we go somewhere a little more private..."

Candice smirks "You lead the way Chris..."

Jericho takes Candice's hand and he leads her to the male locker room. With
most of the roster still out in the arena somewhere, they have it all to
themselves. But Jericho doesn't want to take any chances, so he and Candice
enter the shower area.

"I think we've found a good private place... don't you?" Jericho grins as he
pats Candice's skirt covered behind.

Candice smiles and nods as she slowly gets down onto her knees in front of
Jericho. She places her hands on his wrestling tights and starts to pull
them down. Jericho's cock springs free when Candice gets his tights down
far enough. Without being touched, Jericho's cock is quickly rising to

Candice smiles " really are ready to go." Candice says as
she takes his cock into her hands, wrapping her hands firmly around his
shaft. Candice lowers her head as she starts to flick her wet tongue against
the tip of Jericho's prick.

Jericho pats Candice's head, "You bet I'm ready to go..." Jericho takes hold
of a handful of Candice's black hair, and he's impressed with how smooth and
well conditioned it is.

Candice moves her tongue down Jericho's shaft, and then circles her tongue
around his shaft, before she brings her tongue back to the tip of cock and
she opens her mouth taking his cock into her mouth and starts bobbing her

Jericho leans his head against the wall as he closes his eyes. "Oh yea...
that's it... go baby go..." Jericho moans as he places both hands on
Candice's head.

Candice moans softly around Jericho's cock as she takes his cock into her
mouth and begins to bob her head on his eager cock. Candice takes a hold of
his shaft firmly and begins to stroke his cock as she sucks.

Jericho rocks his hips a bit, slightly pushing his cock deeper into her
mouth. "Damn you're good..." Jericho moans as slightly tugs on her hair.

Candice circles her mouth around Jericho's cock as she pats her tongue gently
against his cock as she sucks quicker.

Jericho moans again as before he has Candice stand up. Jericho smirks at her
as he turns her around, and starts to undo her dress. He unzips the back of
it as Candice undoes the straps. Jericho kisses the back of Candice's neck
as he lets her dress fall to the floor of the shower. He then has Candice
bend forward and places her hands on the wall, before his slips his cock
effortlessly into her pussy from behind.

Candice bites down on her lip as Jericho guides his cock into her warm cunt
"Ohhhh..." Candice moans as the sultry Diva smirks at Jericho over her

"Uhhh yea... you like that?" Jericho smirks cockily as he begins to steadily
fuck her pussy. He places one hand on her up and the other he extends towards
her face to trace her lips with his fingers.

Candice places her hands against the wall in the showering unit as she
starts to rotate her hips, grinding her pussy against Jericho's cock "Ohhh..." Candice moans in ecstasy.

Jericho licks his lips as he starts to increase the tempo of his face. He
slaps her ass cheek twice as he gives her a few hard sharp thrusts.

"Ohhh Chris...fuck me...oh yess!" Candice moans loudly.

"You... ahhh fuck yea... you got it..."Jericho wraps his arms around her
beautiful waist and stars to pull her back towards him as he pushes his cock
into her. Jericho then pulls out of her pussy and inserts his cock into her
ass. Jericho resumes fucking the beautiful diva at the same rate she was
fucking her pussy.

"Ohhhh Chris... that's it..." Candice moans as she takes one hand off the
wall and moves it between her legs to start rubbing her pussy.

"You... like... that cock... don't you..." Jericho grunts as he closes his
eyes. His thrusts become fairly erratic at times, but Candice compensates for
them by steadily pushing back against him. Candice bites her lower lip as she
feels herself starting to go a bit week in the knees.

"Ohhhh yes I do..." Candice moans as she looks back at him, "But... I need
to... sit down..."

Jericho grins, "There is... a couch... out... there..." Jericho pulls out of
Candice's ass and scoops her up into his arms like a knight in shining armor.
He carries her out of the shower area and over to the couch that is sitting
against the back wall. Instead of sitting or laying Candice down on the
couch, he stands her up and, Jericho himself sits on the couch, then he holds
his cock straight up. "Here's a place for you to sit..."

"Looks comfortable..." Candice smirks. Candice then straddles Jericho,
setting her knees on the couch as she lowers herself onto his cock. "Oooo..."
Candice moans as she feels his cock fill up her pussy. Jericho places his
hands on Candice's hips and helps her rise and fall up on his dick. Candice
wraps her arms around his neck and closes her eyes while starting to slightly
rock back and forth on his cock.

The almost silent moans of Jericho and Candice fill the roam, as both start
to breath heavier. Candice starts moving faster on his cock, while Jericho
slightly begins to thrust upward into her. Both Candice and Jericho are
moving almost as one until they both start to climax at almost the same time.

"Ohhhh ohhh Chris..." Candice moans as she throws her head back while
tightening her pussy on his cock, milking it until he cums inside of her.
Jericho grits his teeth and clenches his eyes shut as spurt after spurt of
his sperm shoots out of dick and into her pussy. Once they are spent both
Jericho and Candice fall to the right and lay on the couch.

Candice lifts her head and smiles at Jericho, "Oh my god... you are

Jericho smiles back at her, "Of course I am... I am a sexy beast..."

Candice laughs a little, "Sexy beast?"

"That's me in a nutshell babe..." Jericho nods then smirks, "Hey... do you
want another dose of Vitamin C?"

Candice licks her lips as she figures out what he means. She nods her head
before moving her hand down to his cock before saying...

"You bet I do..."


This Series Shall Continue... Next In Line: Rochelle Loewen

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