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Welcome To The WWE Part 12: Jillian Hall
by Kristi and Dice

In July of 2005, a few days after the Great American Bash, where MNM lost
their tag team titles to Road Warrior Animal and Heidenreich. While not
happy with the loss, Melina was determined to make sure MNM stayed a force
to be reckoned with and went out to find a "Personal Fixer". After a bit
of searching, Melina hired a beautiful blond woman by the name of Jillian,
who was more distracting than she seems thanks to her 'beauty mark' on the
left side of her face.

In MNM's dressing room, Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro are talking.

"Man I'm so fucking pissed we lost to a has been and a retard..." Mercury

"I know... but Melina says she has a plan..." Nitro smirks as Melina enters
the dressing room, "And here she is now..."

Melina closes the door behind her and folds her arms "Alright listen up...
I've made some calls... pulled some strings... and I have away for MNM to be
back on top once again!"

Nitro and Mercury both smile and clap their hands a bit.

"We're all ears, what's the plan? We're going to hire a hit man to take out
Heidenreich?" Mercury asks with a hopeful grin on his face.

Melina makes a face "No.... but I've hired Hollywood's greatest publicist..."
Melina then pauses "However... MNM's image needs to be fixed... So... I had
to hire a 'Fixer'... She's here tonight too."

"A Fixer?" Nitro makes a face, "We don't need a fixer, just get a rematch
with the old man and Frankenstein and our image will be fixed."

"Hold on Johnny... Melina's right... those guys embarrassed us bad... we need
a make over in a way," Mercury says with a smile, then he looks at Melina,
"So, when can we meet our 'Fixer.'"

"Actually...she's right outside..." Melina says as she turns to go get MNM's
new "Fixer".

Mercury elbows Nitro, "Man I hope she's hot... then we can have two chicks to
rock every night."

Nitro smirks, "Oh I bet Melina found a total fox to "fix" our problems." Both
men laugh a bit then stop when they see Melina return with someone else. Both
men's eyes go wide as they stare at the person as Melina introduces her.

Melina makes somewhat of a face as she introduces the "Fixer" who at first
appears to be a very beautiful blonde women, with the exception of a unusual
blemish on the side of her face "Joey.... Johnny... this is Jillian, your
Fixer" Melina says as Jillian slides the hair away from her blemish.

"I am so excited to be working MNM..." Nitro and Mercury gawk a bit and try
to compose themselves.

It's... nice... to meet you..." Nitro says with a forced smile.

"Yeah... welcome aboard..." Mercury says, as he looks at the blemish on the
left side of her face.

Jillian smiles "Well there's a lot of work that needs to be done." Jillian
then turns to Melina "Oh Melina... its time for your match with Torrie."
Jillian smiles proudly "I spoke with Teddy Long and I will be at ringside..."

With Jillian no longer looking at them, Mercury and Nitro shake their heads,
But then Nitro looks at her backside.

"Hey Joey... look at her ass... it looks awesome." Mercury cocks his head
and looks at her ass and smirks as Melina and Jillian leaves the room.

Mercury then looks at Nitro, "Would you bang her?"

Nitro thinks about it for a moment before he nods a bit and shrugs, "Yeah...
would you?"


Later in the night, Nitro and Mercury are watching Melina's match and they
are both impressed with their manager's in ring skills as they watch her
wrestle a flawless match.

"Man... Melina looked hot..." Mercury says as he watches Melina hit a
perfect DDT on her opponent.

"Of Course she's been training with us man... and she's learned from the best
team in the WWE," Nitro replies as he watches Melina move in the ring.

"True... but I was talking about her looks..." Mercury grins as his eyes are
glues to Melina's body on the TV monitor.

As Mercury and Nitro continue to praise their manager Melina, there's a knock
on the door. Before Mercury and Nitro can answer, the door opens and in walks
their newly hired "Fixer" Jillian Hall, along with the strange blemish on her
face. Jillian slides a few strands of her hair behind her ear exposing her
blemish. Jillian then folds her arms staring directly at the tag team of
MNM, Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro. Nitro and Mercury both try to look at
Jillian's face, but both end up just staring at the wall behind her to fake
like they are looking her in the eyes.

Nitro grins, "Hi Jillian... Melina was probably thankful for the assist you
gave her."

"Yeah... with you helping her... and us too... we'll be back on top in now
time..." Nitro adds.

Jillian nods with a smile "That's right... but first there's a problem...
a problem that needs to be fixed..."

"What problem is that?" Nitro asks as he actually does look at her face but
then he looks away.

"Yeah, there's no problem other than we don't have the gold anymore," Mercury
says as he focuses his eyes on Jillian's chest.

Jillian flips her hair back again, exposing her blemish once again. Jillian
laughs "Well apparently... you two haven't been living up to your standards
with Melina... since you two have lost the Tag Team titles." Jillian then
nods "And I'm meaning your late night standards..."

"Hey, hey, hey now..." Mercury says as he raises his hands, "We rock Melina's
and every other girls' world each and every night."

Nitro nods, "Yeah... we don't need any fixing..."

"Well... according to Melina... you're lacking in that department." Jillian
then smiles widely "But no fear...That's what I'm 'fix' you two."
Jillian places her hands on her slender hips "Why don't you two undress..."

"Get undressed?" Mercury says with an unsure look on his face.

Nitro smirks a bit, "Hmmm... Well... I think I see where this is going...
and I kinda like it..."

Mercury looks at Nitro wide eyed, "Man are you nuts... her face..."

Nitro doesn't look at his tag partner instead he looks at Jillian's body,
"Her face ain't that bad... especially with a hot body like that..." Nitro
slips out of his fur over coat and then takes off his wrestling boots and
tights, followed by his boxers. Nitro stands fully nude in front of Jillian
with his arms crossed as his well-hung cock dangles between his legs. "I'm
ready to be fixed..." Nitro says with a grin as Mercury shakes his head in

Jillian licks her lips as she approaches Nitro. Jillian then turns to
Mercury, with her blemish directly in his line of vision "Are you going to?"
Jillian asks before she turns back to Nitro. Jillian gets down on her knees
and takes Nitro's well-hung cock into her hand and begins to stroke his cock
to hardness. Jillian leans forward and begins to lick Nitro's shakes up and
down, guiding her wet tongue along his shaft. Jillian slides her hair backs
once again uncovering her gross looking blemish.

"Ohhhh shit..." Nitro moans as Jillian gives him the best head he's received
from someone not named Melina. "Ahhh fuck Joey... Jillian has a hot mouth..."
Mercury bits his lip as he watches Jillian bob her head on Nitro's cock.

"Damn... she does look hot while giving head..." Mercury says as he licks his
lips. "Ahhh what the hell..." Mercury sighs as he slips out of his overcoat,
pants and boots. He reluctantly approaches Jillian as he strokes his cock to
make it fairly hard as he tries not to look at Jillian's blemish.

Jillian twists her tongue against the head of Nitro's cock, rubbing the base
of his cock. Jillian turns to see Mercury now standing next to Nitro. Jillian
looks up at Mercury with a smirk and turns lowering her mouth onto his stiff
cock. She begins to bob her head in an up and down motions as her hot moth
devours his cock. Jillian strokes Nitro's cock at a remarkable pace as she
rubs his cock steadily with her hand.

Nitro looks down at the good side of Jillian's face and smiles, "Ohhh wow...
you're one hell of a fixer..." He moans as he lets his hips move when Jillian
tugs on his dick.

Mercury looks down on her face as he sucks his cock and shakes his head, "Man
I wish I had your view..." He says to Nitro as he's stuck looking at the side
of Jillian's face that has her blemish.

Jillian pats her tongue gently against Mercury's cock before she lifts
her head off of his cock. Jillian turns to Nitro and flips her hair back
uncovering her blemish once again, before she brings her warm, wet mouth
down onto Nitro's cock. Jillian wraps her lips tightly around his well-hung
cock and begins to bob her head swiftly, sucking at a fast pace.

"Man... I can't look at her anymore..." Mercury says as he looks away from

Nitro smirks, "Hey Jillian... Joey needs some fixing... but I'm ready to show
you what I can really do if you slip out of that suit..." Jillian lifts her
head after twirling her head a few times on Nitro's cock. Jillian then looks
down their black blouse as she starts to unbutton it with one hand, while she
rubs Mercury's ballsack with her other hand.

Mercury licks his lips as he looks at Jillian's cleavage, "Damn.... those
are some nice tits..." He says as she completes unbuttoning her blouse.
Nitro moves behind Jillian and helps her slip off her bra. He kneels down
and unclasps her bra, freeing her chest. Jillian works her skirt down from
her slender hips as she continues to rub Mercury's firm ballsack.

Mercury keeps his eyes on Jillian's chest as Nitro tugs down Jillian's
panties before he gently squeezes Jillian's ass cheeks. "Whoa... what an
ass... it's gorgeous..." Nitro says, complimenting Jillian on her backside.
Mercury bites his tongue to prevent himself from saying something that could
piss Jillian off and result in his balls being crushed. Jillian leans forward
a bit and leans her tongue against Mercury's ballsack, which sends a chill up
his spine. Jillian then begins to flicks her tongue furiously against his
ballsack. As she's licking Mercury's ballsack, her ass and back half of her
body is hiked up.

"Ohhh yeah..." Nitro says to himself as he pushes his cock into her pussy and
his eyes go wide in amazement for how tight her warm pussy is. "Ohhh damn..."
Nitro moans as he slowly begins to fuck her as he reaches around to cup her
breasts with his hands.

Mercury wraps a hand around his cock and slowly begins to pump it as
Jillian's tongue dances across his balls. "Picturing Melina... Picturing
Melina..." Mercury whispers to himself as he tries to imagine Melina's face
on Jillian's body. Jillian starts to buck her hips in backwards motion, going
against Nitro's cock as she takes Mercury's ballsack into her warm mouth and
begins to suck hard and slow on his balls.

"Damn... Jillian... you got a hot pussy...." Nitro moans as he starts fucking
her a bit faster. Nitro squeezes both of her breasts before he slides his
hands from her breasts to her ass in order to gently rub it. "Jill... I gotta
fuck your ass... I got to see how fixed it is..." Nitro says as he pulls his
cock out of her pussy. He doesn't realize that Jillian didn't hear what he
said and he catches her totally off guard when he pushes his dick into her
tight asshole.

Jillian jerks forward quickly and almost gags on Mercury's ballsack. Jillian
scoots herself away from Nitro, making his cock fall out. Jillian flips her
hair back, uncovering her unique blemish once again. Jillian turns back to
Nitro and pushes him back after she yanks her head away from Mercury. Jillian
crawls towards Nitro and then mounts herself on top of his stiff cock, as she
comes down placing her hands on his sweaty chest, she looks over at Mercury.
Her blemish is completely exposed to Mercury "You joining?"

"Ummm yeah..." Mercury replies, and then says under his breath "Especially
since I don't have to look at your thing..." He moves closes to Jillian and
kneels down, pushing his cock into her ass gently and begins to fuck her
slowly while placing his hands on her hips. Nitro sits up slightly and moves
one hand to Jillian's chest to lightly play with the nipple of her left
breast as he thrusts up into her pussy.

Jillian closes her eyes as she grits her teeth "Ohhhh...ohhh yeah..." Jillian
moans. Jillian starts to bounce at a gentle pace on Nitro's hung-like-a-horse
cock, however she pushes back on Mercury's cock in her ass with more force
and intensity.

"Ahhhh damn... Johnny was right... you do have a hot ass...." Mercury grunts
as sweat drips down his face as he repeatedly pushes in and out of Jillian's
ass. Nitro sits up some what as he places his hands on her hips to control
how she's moving on his huge dick.

Nitro looks at her face and smiles, "Fuck... you're a hot babe..." Nitro
moves his head and begins alternating sucking on Jillian's breasts as
Mercury's thrusts get more erratic. Jillian leans her head back as she
runs the palms of her hands against Nitro's muscular chest. Jillian begins
to buck her hips slamming back harder against Mercury with each thrust
from Nitro.

"Ahhh ohhh geez..." Mercury grunts as he blows his load in her ass. He
continues to thrust into her because of how Jillian is pushing back against
him, but he's mentally cursing himself out as he pulls out of her ass.

Nitro smirks at his friend's misfortune and says, "Looks like... you're...
in the ring... first... during... our next match..."

Mercury folds his arms and shakes his head, "Yeah... yeah I know the deal..."

Nitro sees the confused look Jillian's face, "We... have a... bet... who...
ever blows... first... starts... off... the next match... I... always win..."
Nitro grins.

Jillian smirks and slides her hair back once again uncovering her strange
blemish. "I can tell..." Jillian looks into Nitro's eyes, making it
impossible for Nitro to avoid her blemish "I think you two have the problem

Nitro slightly cringes as he thrusts up into Jillian, for the sight of her
blemish makes him a bit uncomfortable. He quickly gets an idea, "Hey...
Jillian... a hot babe... like you... must love it... doggy style... what do
you say..." He asks in a bit of desperation as he still looks at her face.

Jillian smiles "I love it!" Jillian then looks back at Mercury, flipping
her hair back again show her blemish "Joey...I'm going to blow you again."
Jillian turns around bending down on her hands and knees, getting in the
doggy style position for Nitro.

Mercury swallows, "Ummm ok..." He moves close to Jillian but his eyes are
locked on her blemish. Nitro moves behind the incredible body of Jillian and
slides his cock back into her warm pussy.

"Ohhh yeah, Jill, I love your pussy..." Nitro moans as his cock pumps in
and out of her. Jillian lets out a moan as she starts to push back against
Nitro's. Jillian licks her lips up at Mercury and take his cock into her
hands. Jillian's blemish stares Mercury in the eyes as she begins to pump
his cock back to life.

"Oh man... it's like getting jacked off by the bride of Frankenstein..."
Mercury whispers to himself as his cock gets hard in Jillian's hand. Nitro
slaps her firm backside as he fucks her harder.

Jillian closes her eyes "Ohhh Johnny...yeah fuck me with the hung cock.."
Jillian moans as she starts to twirl her tongue against Mercury's shaft.

Mercury moans as he feels Jillian's tongue slides all over his shaft. Nitro
buries his cock in and out of her pussy, "Oh damn... you're so hot Jill..."

Jillian then slams back hard against Nitro as she takes Mercury's stiff
cock into her warm mouth and she begins to bob her head on his cock.
Jillian continues to slide her hair behind her ear, exposing her blemish.

"Ohhh Christ..." Mercury makes a face as he starts to cum in her mouth
because of his lack of time to recover from when he blew his load a short
while ago. He quickly moves away from Jillian and rubs his eyes as if to
try and forget the image of her blemish. Nitro pulls Jillian back against
his cock and sharply drives his dick into her.

Jillian grits her teeth, sweat pouring down her tremendously hot body as her
pussy clenches around Nitro's hung cock and she begins to cum "Ohhhhh...

"Ahhh baby..." Nitro pulls put of Jillian's pussy after thrusting into her
for a few more moments before he pulls out. He strokes his cock for a bit,
"Jillian... turns around..." he moans. Jillian turns around and sticks her
tender tongue out of her mouth. Nitro pumps his cock harder and actually
looks at Jillian's blemish as if it was something wonderful. "Ahhhh shit
Jill..." He moans loudly as he starts to cum, his load landing on her tongue
and on her cheeks. Jillian places her tongue back into her mouth and swallows
Nitro's warm, sticky cum. Jillian licks her lips and then leans forward
licking the head of Nitro's cock clean.

Nitro smiles at Jillian, "Damn... I've all fixed now..."

Jillian smirks as she stands up and begins to dress herself. Once Jillian is
finished dressing she turns to Mercury and Nitro with a smirks as she flips
her hair back once again, exposing her blemish. Jillian licks her lips "I
think that problem has been fixed...I'll see you boys later.." Jillian winks
before she turns around and exits the locker room.

Once Jillian is gone, Nitro puts his hands in the air, "Joey... buddy... I
don't care what you say... she's hot!"

Mercury face contorts when he looks at Nitro in amazement and disgust,
"But... but... her face...." Nitro shakes his head, "No buts... she's hot..."

"But her face..." Mercury says again in protest. The two tag team partners
launch into a debate over Jillian, which last well in to the night.


Next in the Series: The 2005 Diva Search Winner Ashley

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