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Welcome To The WWE Part 13: Ashley Massaro
by Kristi & Dice (, AIM IM FredCasden)

"And the winner... of the 2005 Raw Diva search.... Ashley!" The Coach has
just proclaimed Ashley Massaro the winner of the 2005 Raw Diva search. She
jumps up and down excitedly before The Coach calms her down. "Ashley... is
there anything you want to say to the fans who voted for you?" The Coach
holds the microphone in front of her before she takes it from him.

Ashley tries to hold back her tears, however tears of joy begin to rolls down
her cheeks. Ashley takes the microphone from Coach's hand "Oh my god...I just
want to thank everyone that supported me.... and..." Ashley laughs a little
"I'm going to Summerslam baby! Woooo!"

The Coach takes the microphone back and rambles on a bit as Ashley poses with
an over-sized novelty check. When the ceremony is over Ashley makes her way
to the back and is greeted right away with a hug by the 2004 Diva Search
winner, Christy Hemme. "Congratulations Ashley."

Ashley hugs Christy back with a huge smile on her face "Oh Christy thank you!
Oh my god...I can't believe it! I'm a WWE Diva!"

Christy laughs, "You better believe it, you're in for a total fun time... the
travel, interacting with the fans..."

Ashley laughs a little "Oh! I can't wait!"

"Well I better let you go... I'm sure you got a load of phone calls to
make..." Christy smiles.

Ashley nods her head a bit "Yeah...see you around Christy" Ashley says as she
starts to walking away heading down the hallway. Ashley decides to go to the
diva's locker room to get her things but as she rounds a corner, she bumps
into Matt Hardy who was pacing back and forth. Matt stumbles a bit and looks
at her when she staggers back.

"Are you all right?" He asks as he takes her hand to help her regain her

Ashley shakes her head a bit as she stabilizes "Oh my god...I'm so sorry..."
Ashley pauses "'re Matt Hardy!"

Matt nods a smile creeps onto his face erasing the angry scowl that was on it
for the past few months due to his personal issues. "That's right... I'm Matt
Hardy..." Matt replies, "And you... must be the winner of the diva search...
Leyla... no... wait... you're... Ashley right...."

Ashley laughs and nods her head "Yep...that's me!"

Matt shakes her hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you..." The mood on Matt's
face changes when he sees Edge and Lita on a monitor and he lets go of her
hand to watch his former friend and former ex-girlfriend. He balls his fist
and then kicks a trashcan in frustration.

Ashley bites down on her bottom lip "Umm...are you ok?"

"Oh yeah I'm fine... I finally get my job back... and Lita and Edge don't
even have the decency to act apologetic over what they did to me..." Matt
replies with a frustrated look on his face.

Ashley makes a face "Awww...don't worry about them...they're just a bunch of
asses." Ashley then cutely places her hands on her hips "And from what I can
tell seem like a great guy."

Matt smiles a little, "Thanks Ashley... that means a lot... especially after
what I've gone through..."

Ashley smiles a bit "Don't worry about.." Ashley looks down a bit, blushing
"Well...hey since I'm new around wouldn't hurt being shown

"Sure... I'd love to show you around..." Matt putts an arm around her and
they start to walk around the backstage area, "It's pretty much the same
layout for wherever we're at... once you learn it, you'll be able to walk
around any arena blind folded..." Matt laughs lightly.

Ashley laughs cutely "Well... I'm glad I have Matt Hardy showing me around."

"I'm the best guide here..." Matt laughs jokingly, they stop at the main
intersection of the back stage area, "Ok... over there's the catering
area..." He points in one direction.

"Where's your locker room?" Ashley then pauses and laughs "Oh...I didn't mean
it like that..."

Matt laughs a bit, "It's all right Ashley... my locker room is in that
direction..." Matt points down one corridor, "They give me own... to keep me
and Edge separate..."

"Can I see it?" Ashley pauses and closes her eyes, hitting her forehead with
her hand "Sorry... I didn't mean it like that either..."

"Sure..." Matt shrugs, "I don't see what could be the harm is... come on..."
Matt takes her hand and they walk to his locker room. When they reach it,
Matt opens the door and from the doorway, Ashley can see it's well furnished
with a table, couch and a large TV. Matt takes her hand and gently guides
her inside, "Guys like Triple H and Ric Flair get locker rooms like this
one..." Matt says as he closes the door.

Ashley smiles as she looks around "Whoa...Matt this place is huge!" Ashley
turns back to him "How'd you get it?"

Matt smiles, "Well... I came really close to not coming back to the WWE...
but they made me an offer... and I got to make some demands... and having a
locker room like this was one of things I wanted..."

"Well it's like so cool..." Ashley then looks down a bit "So... Matt... What
happens when you bring a girl back to your locker room."

Matt smiles, "Well... sometimes.... I... do this..." Matt takes a step
towards her then lifts her head up a bit so she can look at him as he gently
kisses her lips. Ashley softly kisses Matt back as she presses her tongue
into his mouth and begin to massage her tongue against his tongue as they
kiss. Ashley places her hands on Matt's waist.

Matt moves his hands under Ashley's top and slowly lifts it a bit as he
slides his tongue against her's. Matt breaks the kiss and lifts off Ashley's
top, knocking off her hat in the process. "Whoops..." Matt smiles as he bends
down and picks up her hat and places it back on her head.

Ashley smiles and then blushes "I'm sorry...I'm usually not like this.."
Ashley laughs a little and looks back up at Matt.

"It's ok..." Matt smiles as he moves his hands up and down her arms,
"You're very beautiful..." he whispers as he moves behind her to massage
her shoulders a bit. Ashley smiles as she turns around and moves her hands
to Matt's belt and begins to undo his belt. She slides the belt through the
loops and then gets down on her knees in front of Matt. Matt pulls off his
"Will Not Die" T-shirt and tosses it onto the table. He reaches behind his
head and takes off the rubber band that holds his hair in a ponytail in
order to free his long black mane. Ashley looks up at Matt with a smile
and unzips his pants as she pulls them down to his ankles, leaving his
boxers on.

"Boy you work fast..." Matt smiles as his cock slowly becomes erect and
presses against his boxers, forming an impressive sized bulge in his boxers.
Ashley smiles cutely up at Matt as she tugs down his boxers and takes his
cock into her soft and cold hands. Ashley begins to move her hands up and
down Matt's cock, stroking it to life.

"Whoa... you got some... great hands..." Matt moans as he runs his fingers
through Ashleys hair. Ashley leans forward and begins to lap her tongue
around Matt's now firm cock. Ashley brings her warm tongue up to the head
of his cock and begins to flick her tongue.

"Ohhh damn baby..." Matt moans as he feels her tongue touch his shaft gently.
Matt loves Ashley's choice of teasing him a bit instead of just slurping up
his cock like a vacuum cleaner. Ashley circles her moist tongue around the
head of Matt's cock as she glides her hands against his shaft. Matt looks
down and locks eyes with Ashley as she slightly takes it into her warm mouth.
Ashley wraps her lips tightly around his cock as she starts to bob her head
on his shaft.

"Ahhh damn Ashley..." Matt moans as he slightly moves his hips to move his
cock in and out of her mouth. Matt takes off her hat and flips it over to the
table and it lands perfectly right side up. Ashley tightens her grip as she
begins to suck harder on Matt's stiff cock. As Ashley sucks with her warm,
moist mouth; she moves her hands underneath Matt's ballsack and begins to
massage his balls.

"Damn baby... I want to return... the pleasure..." Matt smiles as he bends
down slightly to stand her up. He walks her over to the couch and has her sit
down so he can pull down her shorts, followed by her thong. Matt spreads her
legs and lowers his head onto her pussy, dragging his tongue up and down
between her pussy lips painfully slow.

Ashley licks her lips as she closes her eyes. Ashley tilts her head back
"Ohhh...Matt..." Ashley moans. Matt moves a hand and spreads Ashley's pussy
open slightly in order to spread her own. He pushes his tongue inside and
quickly thrusts it in and out as he moves one hand up to her breasts to
flick his thumb against her nipple. Ashley gently wraps her legs around the
back of Matt's neck as she starts to grind her sweet pussy against his face.
Matt slows down the thrusting with his tongue so he can suck on her pussy a
bit as he moves one hand to move fingers in and out of her cunt. Ashley bites
down on her bottom lip as breaths heavily ""

Matt looks up at her and smiles, "Ok baby..." Matt stands up and changes how
Ashley is sitting. He pushes his cock into her pussy and turns over so he's
sitting on the couch and Ashley is on top of him. He puts his hands on her
waist to being lifting her up and down on his shaft. Ashley bites her bottom
lip at first as he gets used to Matt's long, hard cock inside her warm pussy.
Ashley begins to bounce on her own momentum as she places her hands on Matt's
strong shoulders. "Mmmmm damn Ash-hottie..." Matt moans as he moves his hands
to Ashley's breasts to gently massage them. He lowers his head and sucks on
the right one, circling the nipple with his tongue.

"Ohhhh Matt..." Ashley moans as she starts to lean back a bit, making herself
bounce on Matt's cock from a different angle. Ashley soon begins to grind her
warm, wet pussy against his cock "'re hot..." Ashley moans as she
leans her head back.

Matt gets a bit of a playful look on his face and a moment later says, "Hold
on for the ride..." Matt wraps his arms around her and gently rolls himself
and her down to the floor. He continues to role until Ashley is on the bottom
and he's on top. He begins to fuck slowly, moving his dick in and out of her
warm, tight pussy with long, hard thrusts. Matt smirks at her, "Hey baby...
you like it doggy style..."

Ashley playfully laughs "Maybe..."

Matt smiles and pulls out of her and turns Ashley over, He looks at her
ass and slides his dick up and down her ass crack, "How about... up the
backside..." He asks with a smile when she looks back at him.

Ashley bites down on her bottom lip "If you think you can handle it, stud"

"Oh I think I can handle you cutie..." Matt replies as he pushes his cock
into her ass slowly so she can get use to his cock inside of her asshole.

"Ssssh just relax..." Matt says as he slowly moves his cock in and out of
her asshole as he pulls her back against him. "You got a nice ass Ashley..."

Ashley smiles with her eyes still closed "You have a nice cock Matt..."
Ashley replies in a slight moan as she gently pushes back against Matt once
again. Matt smiles at her as he slowly begins to fuck her faster. He rubs
her hips before he moves one hand up to her neck to massage the back of it.
Ashley licks her lips as she starts to slam her ass back with an incredible

"Ohhh damn Ash-hottie... you got a hot tight ass..." Matt moans as he gives
her a sharp thrust. "But I love your pussy..." Matt pulls out and moves his
cock back into her pussy with a hard thrust.

Ashley bites down on her bottom lip with a seductive smirk "Ohhhh Matt!"
Ashley moans as she manages to push her herself up and forces Matt onto his
back. Ashley then begins to ride Matt's cock with her back facing him.

"Ohhhh damn Ashley..." Matt bites his lip as he places his hands on her hips
to lift her up and down on his cock faster. He bucks his hips a bit to thrust
upward into Ashley's love-box, making her jolt upward every now and again.

Ashley grits her teeth as she begins to cum "Ohhh...shit...Matt..." Ashley
moans as sweat runs down her tan skin.

"Ahhh damn Ash..." Matt grunts as he moans as he starts to cum inside of
Ashley's pussy. He sits up and wraps his arms around her to hold her tightly
as his cock pulsates inside her until all of his spunk is out. "Ohhh damn...
that... was incredible..." He whispers into her ear."

Ashley breaths heavily as she lays down next to Matt "I...think...I'm going
to like"

"And I'm... going to love... having you here.... Welcome... to the WWE
Ashley..." Matt says as he kisses her lips softly.


Next In The Series: Mickie James

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