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Welcome To The WWE Part 14: Mickie James
by Kristi and Frederick "Dice" Casden
(, AIM: FredCasden)

In October on Raw, Victoria was beating down Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro
after a match between herself and Trish. She hits several power maneuvers on
both women until WWE's Newest Diva, Mickie James, runs in and interferes on
the behalf of Trish and Ashley. Afterwards in the backstage area, Mickie
approaches Trish and Ashley.

"Oh my god, I'm so happy I got to help you..." Mickie says excitedly as she
shakes Trish's hand with both of her hands.

Trish smiles a bit as Mickie tightly embraces her. Trish looks more afraid
then anything else as she breaks the hug. "Ummm...yeah...thanks..." Trish
glances at Ashley with wide eyes.

Ashley just shakes her head, totally confused by Mickie's hyperness. "Oh I'm
so like your biggest fan... I've watched every match you've had... I remember
when you debuted on Heat..." Mickie slightly jumps up and down.

Trish takes a deep breath "Ok...Mickie..." Trish laughs a little "You're
gonna need to calm down a bit, okay?"

"Oh ok... gotta be cool and calm like you right..." Mickie asks with a wide
smile. Ashley is still speechless and takes a step away from Mickie.

Trish looks down "You know...Ashley and I really should be going...right,
Ash?" Trish replies turning to Ashley, however Ashley is no longer around.
Trish sighs and mumbles "Lucky bitch."

"Can we hang out Trish? I mean I got like so many questions to ask you about
being a diva... I want to be just like you," Mickie continues to jump up and
down a little.

"Ok...Mickie...why don't I introduce you to some of the guys?"

"Wow... that'll be great!" Mickie smiles.

Trish grits her teeth slightly "Yeah...let me just go round up a few...ok?"

"Okay!" Mickie gives her a double thumbs up, "Umm... do you... want me to
wait here?"

"Yeah.... I'll be right back, cool?"

"Yeah that'll be cool... I'll wait here..." Mickie says as she walks over
to one of the equipment trunks and hops on to it. She sits down and begins
swinging her legs. Trish walks off shaking her head.

After about ten minutes, Trish returns with a smile on her face "Alright...
you ready Mickie?" Trish asks as she drapes the Women's Championship over her

"Yeah I am..." Mickie hops off the equipment trunk, then she looks around.
"But where are the guys?" She asks a bit confused to see Trish by herself.

Trish smiles a bit. "Follow me..." Trish says as she begins to walk down the
hallway keeping ahead of Mickie for a while, until Mickie catches up with

"Where are we going?" Mickie asks as she is almost skipping along, just a
step behind Trish as the Women's Champion leads her down one of the corridors
in the arena.

Trish looks back and Mickie with a slight smirk before she stops in front of
door that reads 'Male Locker room' Trish glances at Mickie "You ready?"

"Yeah I'm ready for anything!" Mickie says excitedly, not realizing what the
sign on the door reads.

Trish laughs a little "Ok then..." Trish says as she pushes the locker room
door open and steps in. Once Mickie and Trish are both inside, the door
closes by itself. Trish removes her Championship belt off of her shoulder
and gently sets it down on the floor.

Mickie looks around the half-lit locker room, "What's going on? How come
it's dark in here?" she asks. Her questions are answered when the lights
are turned on all the way and she sees some of Raw's top talent is there.
"Wow...." Mickie smiles as she looks at the group, which consists of
Shelton Benjamin, Edge, Rob Conway, Carlito, Chris Masters and The
Hurricane. "I have like all of their action figures..." She says to Trish
with a smile.

Trish laughs a little "Well would you like to actually play with

"I don't have them with me..." Mickie replies, as she finally notices that
every man is only wearing a towel around his waist and it hits her. "Oh...
Ohhhhh...." Mickie covers her mouth with both of her hands, "Oh wow...
this... oh wow..." Trish smiles and pushes Mickie forward. Mickie stumbles
and trips landing directly on her knees without a moment to even think.

Mickie looks up and at Trish, "What's... what was that for?" She asks as the
men being to remove the towels from their waists.

Trish places her hands on her slender hips " wanted to meet
the guys, right?" Mickie nods her head slowly as Shelton steps up to her,
stroking his long hard black cock just inches from her face.

Mickie backs up a bit on her knees, looking a bit freaked out "Come on...
this isn't funny..."

"Don't worry Mickie... Trish told us to treat you good..." Shelton says as he
looks over at Trish, "You sure she's ready for the try out?"

Trish folds her arms with a seductive smirk "Oh...she's ready alright..."
Trish then glances over at Carlito and motions him over to her. Mickie tries
to turn her head, but its too late and her mouth is stuffed with Shelton's
big black cock. Mickie gags at first before she starts to slowly bob her head
on Shelton's cock.

Shelton takes a handful of Mickie's hair as he moans at a result of the pace
she's sucking him at. Carlito smirks and walks over to Trish, stroking his
cock with his right hand, "You want something cool?"

Trish licks her lips and gets down onto her knees in front of Carlito. Trish
takes his cock into her soft hands and begins to delicately stroke his cock
to life. While Trish is working over Carlito's cock with her hands, Mickie
James is bobbing her head quicker on Shelton's black cock, lapping and
smacking her tongue against his shaft as she sucks. Mickie sees Rob Conway
and The Hurricane approaching her out of the corners of her eyes. Mickie
lifts her hands up and wraps them individually around the cocks of Conway
and Hurricane and begins to stroke their cocks.

"Damn... this is going to be fun..." Edge smirks as he makes his way to
Trish. He taps his rock hard cock against her cheek to get her to suck his

Carlito gives him a mixed look, "Hey, Be Cool... wait your turn."

Chris Masters has also made his way over to Trish and he pats Carlito on the
back, "Listen, she doesn't want something cool... she wants a master piece."

Hurricane grunts at the way Mickie is tugging on his shaft, "Holy Toledo,
Mickie's Hands Are Hurri-Fantastic..."

"Her mouth is not so bad either..." Shelton moans as he feels her tongue
dance against the underbelly of his dick.

Mickie bobs her head a few times on Shelton's cock before she lifts her head
up with a slight moan. Her moan becomes silent as she wraps her lips tightly
around Hurricane's cock and begins to bob her head at a quick and sloppy
pace. On the other side of the room, Trish circles her tongue around
Carlito's cock and then turns her attention to Edge, she opens her mouth and
takes his cock into her warm, moist mouth and begins to suck. Trish also
begins to stroke Masters' cock as well, while Rob Conway lifts Mickie's top
off and begins to massage her tits.

"Oh damn... look at the tits on this chick... she's more Stacked than Pam
Anderson..." Conway says as he cups her breasts with his hands. He lowers
his head and traces his tongue around one of her nipples. Edge looks over
and sees Mickie's chest, then he licks his teeth, "Shit... Trish... you
got some competition in the tit department now..."

Trish instantly tightens her grip and begins to suck Edge's cock at a hard
rate, which cause him to yelp slightly. Back with Mickie, she lifts her head
up from Hurricane's cock and turns around, now facing Rob Conway and smirks
up at him "So hot..." Mickie licks her lips before she goes down on his cock
taking his member into her steaming hot mouth. She bobs her head slowly at

"Mmmm yeah... that's the Con Way right there..." Conway moans as he threads
his fingers through her hair. Hurricane takes off his mask so he can get a
better look of Mickie, while Edge fights to free his dick from Edge's mouth.

"Geez... almost ripped my dick off..." He says to her.

Masters slips his cock into her mouth before Trish can reply, The Masterpiece
looks at Edge and smirks, "Never insult a chick when she's sucking your
dick... worst thing you can ever do..."

Carlito nods his head, "Yeah... that wasn't cool to say..."

Edge grins a bit, "Hey, I'm the Rated R Superstar... I say what I want..."

Trish gently pats her tongue against Masters' cock as she slowly gained her
speed her head on his cock, as Trish sucks Masters' she begins to remove her
top. On the other side of the room, Mickie slowly lifts her head up from
Conway's cock and smirks up at him "I knew you were good!"

"You know what else is good?" Shelton asks as he gets behind Mickie. He gets
down on his knees and wraps his arms around her waist to pull her lower body

Mickie lets out a moan as Shelton inserts his black cock into her tight pussy
after, removing her skirt and thong. Mickie slowly pushes herself back on
Shelton's cock. On the other side of the room, Trish is now completely naked
and currently bobbing her head on Carlito's cock at a decent pace, while Edge
and Masters' stroke their own cocks.

"Damn... I should've been trying to fuck Trish instead of Lita..." Edge says
as Masters moves behind Trish. Wordlessly, the impressively built young man
pulls Trish up a bit and pushes his hard cock into her tight pussy with a
hard sudden thrust. On the other side of the room, Shelton is fucking Mickie
harder and faster with each passing moment. Edge sees that her mouth is free
for Hurricane and Conway are pumping their own cocks as they watch.

"Open wide Mickie..." Edge laughs as he pushes his cock pass her lips. Mickie
gags slightly on Edge's cock and yanks her head off of his cock for a moment.
Mickie then slowly lowers her warm mouth back onto Edge's cock. Mickie
tightens her lips as she bobs her head teasingly slow on his cock. Trish's
moans vibrate against Carlito's cock as she deep throats his cool cock. Each
thrust Masters give Trish, causes her to move lower and lower on Carlito's
cock until his entire cock is inside her warm mouth.

"Oh yea... now this is cool... Trish loves Carlito's Banana..." He moans as
he pushes his cock further into her mouth. Master's concentration is broken
by Carlito's comment and he ends up pulling out as he tries hard not to
laugh. The Hurricane comes over and takes Trish away from Carlito, he lays
down on the floor and pulls Trish on to his cock. Meanwhile, Mickie is now
riding Conway in reverse as she blows Shelton. Shelton moves his hips to
keep his cock moving in and out of her mouth whenever she has to stop
bobbing her head.

Mickie bounces quickly on Conway's cock, slamming her body down on his cock
with each bounce. Mickie rocks her head along Shelton's black cock and she
laps her sweet tongue around his shaft. Trish gently mounts herself on
Hurricane's cock and he places her hands on her slender hips. Trish begins
to rock forward and then back on Hurricane's cock. Trish places her hands
onto his chest as she begins to bounce slightly.

Edge sees Trish's is free and grin creeps onto his face, "Now's my chance..."
Edge moves over to her and pushes his cock into her asshole. Trish jolts
forward a bit as he starts to fuck her StrausTastic booty. Masters on the
other hand moves over to Mickie and slips his dick into her ass, and now
Trish's Number 1 fan is filled with stiff hard cocks.

"Fuck... man she's got a nice ass..." Master grunts as he bangs her ass.

Carlito strokes his cock as he looks at both women getting drilled, "Now this
is cool..." he says with a smirk

Mickie opens her mouth to let out a moan, but Conway accepts the offer and
stuffs is cock into her warm mouth. Mickie wraps her precious lips tightly
around his decently long cock and starts to suck along his cock, occasionally
deep throating his cock. Trish grabs at Hurricane's chest as she quickly
bounces on his cock, she leans her head back moaning "Ohhhh fuck..." as she
pushes back gently on Edge's cock.

Trish slightly opens her eyes and glances at Shelton Benjamin, who is
stroking his cock "Mmmm...I want some black cock..."

Shelton smirks, "I think I got what you need..." Shelton steps forward and
stands over Hurricane's head, holding his cock against Trish's beautiful pink
lipstick colored lips before pushing it into her mouth, inching it in slowly
so she can taste every inch of it. Edge moves his hands all over Trish's back
as he continues to move his cock in and out of her asshole.

Hurricane arches his legs so he can get some more leverage to thrust his
dick up into Trish's pussy. "Ohhhh she's huri-tight..." Trish bobs her head
quickly on Shelton's black cock as she bounces quickly on Hurricane's cock,
grinding her pussy slightly every time she comes down on his throbbing cock.
Trish tightens her grip around Shelton's cock as Edge gives her a few
powerful thrusts into her tight, perfect asshole.

Meanwhile, Mickie is still sucking Conway's cock as he moves his fingers
through her brown hair. "Mmmm baby... suck it Mickie..." Conway moans.
Masters pulls out of Mickie's warm tight pussy and lifts her off the ground,
causing Conway’s cock to fall out of her mouth. He moves her to Carlito,
spreads her legs for her and Carlito enters her tight pussy. Carlito wraps
his arms around Mickie's waist to take the balance of her weight as Masters
enters her asshole. The two men begin to lift Mickie up and down on their
cocks as they thrust into her.

Mickie grits her teeth as she bounce quickly on both cock "Ohhhh mother
fucker!" Mickie yells, as she slams down hard on Carlito's cock, then on
Masters' cock. On the other side of the room, Trish lifts her head up from
Shelton's cock and smirks up at him.

"You boys go show Mickie a good time..."

"Oh we will..." Edge licks his teeth as he pulls out of Trish's ass. Once
she gets off of Hurricane, the Super Hero rolls to his left and gets to his
feet. They are joined by Shelton as they go over to Mickie. Masters, being
the strongest of all the men, wraps his arms around Mickie and Carlito pulls
out of her. The Masterpiece then puts Mickie down after he pulls his cock
from her asshole.

"That's one fat juicy ass..." Shelton says as he strokes his cock while Edge
lays on the floor. Shelton places a hand on Mickie's shoulder and motions for
her to get on Edge's cock.

Mickie smiles excitedly and mounts herself steadily on Edge's rock solid
cock. Mickie lets out moan as she comes down slowly on his thick, long cock
"Ahhhhh..." Mickie moans, she places her hands on his sweaty chest and begins
to buck her hips riding his cock at a solid good rate. Off to the side of the
action going on Trish folds her arms and watches with a smirk on her face.
Shelton kneels behind her and eases his long, fast black cock into Mickie's
ass. He slaps her ass cheek with his right hand as he behind to thrust into
her backside. Carlito, Hurricane, Conway stand near Edge's head stroking
their cocks.

"Come on... be cool...." Carlito says as she slightly presses his cock
against her lips for a moment. Edge moves his hands to Mickie's beautiful
breasts and he lifts his head to avoid any sweat from the trio standing
around him landing on his face. Mickie sticks her tongue out of her mouth
and flicks her tongue against Carlito's shaft and then moves onto Hurricane,
then to Conway before working her way back down the line bobbing her head a
few times on each of the three cocks inside of her moist mouth.

"Ahhh fuck man... she's got a fucking hot pussy..." Edge moans as she rocks
hard down against his dick when he thrusts up into her.

"And her ass is so fuckable..." Shelton adds.

"I bet she can take two in either..." Conway says as he gets behind her and
pushes his cock into her pussy along side Edge's without any hesitation.
Mickie lets out yelp as she's now triple penetrated, which causes Trish to
get a bit jealous, seeing Mickie getting all the attention.

Masters slaps Hurricane's chest, "Hey.... she's got two her cunt... lets
see if she can take two in her mouth..." Hurricane nods his head and he and
Masters push their cocks into her mouth, and they manage to get half of their
dicks past her lips. Mickie's slowly moves her stretched out mouth up and
down on Hurricane and Masters' cocks, their two cocks grinding against each
other as she lap and circles her tongue around and against their two cocks.

Shelton continues to fuck Mickie's ass as he looks over at Trish with a
jealous look on her face, "Something wrong Trish?" He asks as he wipes some
sweat from his face.

Trish folds her arms with a glare as she watches Mickie ""

"Oh I bet Trish wants some dick..." Conway licks his lips as he moves his
cock from Mickie's pussy and pushes it into her ass, causing it to press
tightly against Shelton's black stallion. Mickie jolts forward instantly
taking both Hurricane and Masters’ cock deep into her sweet mouth. Mickie
moans as she slams down hard on Edge's cock.

Shelton pulls out Mickie's ass and moves over to Trish and has her lay on her
back. He then gets between her legs and pushes his cock into her pussy. The
Hurricane moves back over to Trish and kneels next to her head and slides his
cock against her lip before pushing it in an angle into her mouth. Trish
slightly wraps her legs around Shelton's waist as he thrusts his massive
black cock into her tight, warm pussy. Trish's lips pass around Hurricane's
cock as she rocks her head back and forth bobbing her head along his shaft,
sucking is cock at a decent pace.

"Carlito wants her booty..." Carlito says as he moves behind Mickie James
when Conway pulls out of her ass. Carlito slips his cock into her ass and
begins to fuck her ass. Edge continues to thrust up sharply into Mickie's
pussy as she blows Chris Masters. The Masterpiece has his eyes closed and
his hands on her head, pulling on her hair as he feels his orgasm building.
Mickie bats her tongue around Masters' cock as she begins to taste his
pre-cum. Mickie opens her sweet mouth wider and begins to bob her head at
a faster rate as she grind her pussy down on Edge's throbbing cock.

"Ahhh yea Mickie..." Masters moans as he grips the base of his cock with one
hand and holds Mickie's head all the way down on his cock with the other as
he cums directly in her mouth. Mickie milks Masters' cock clean of his cum.
She lifts her head up from his cock and gently flicks her wet tongue against
the head of his cock. Mickie then forcefully slams her body back hard against
Carlito, and then rams herself down on Edge's cock with incredible force.

"Oh fuck... this chick has a lot of energy..." Edge says as Carlito pulls
out of Mickie's asshole. Edge rolls over so Mickie is under him and begins
slamming his prick in and out of her pussy with as much for as he can while
trying to hold her still. Carlito and Conway both smirk as they watch Edge
fail in trying to keep the energetic rookie under him.

"Man she's cool..." Carlito smirks as he and Conway stroke their cocks to the

"She sure does it the Con-Way..." Conway replies when Mickie reverses Edge
and ends up on top of him again. Mickie plants her hands firmly on Edge's
sweaty chest as she bucks her hips and bounces quicker on Edge's cock. Over
on the other side of the room, Trish sits up wiping her forehead after her
fuck with Shelton and Hurricane.

Shelton and Hurricane stands next Trish stroking their own cocks as Edge
squirms under Mickie. "Ohhh fuck...." Edge grits his teeth as he manages to
push Mickie off of his cock. He gets to his knees and has Mickie lay down on
the floor as he pumps his cock with his hand until he dumps his hot stick
load of cum over her breasts. "Ohhhh shit..." Edge grunts as he falls over,
completely worn out by Mickie. Conway, Carlito, Hurricane and Shelton all
laugh at him as Conway gets between her legs to push his cock into her pussy
and Carlito mounts Mickie's body and holds his cock against her lips.

"Here's Carlito's cool banana..." he says with a smile as sweat drips down
his body.

Mickie opens her mouth accepting Carlito's cool cock into her mouth. She
wraps her lips around the head of Carlito's cock and begins to slowly suck
his cock, almost teasing Carlito. Trish stands up sliding her left hand
through her moist sweaty hair. She smirks "Go finish off with Mickie.."

"You got it..." Shelton smirks as he and Hurricane walk back over to Mickie.
Both men kneel on opposite sides of Trish's number 1 fan and they take her
hands and help her take hold of their dicks. Carlito leans forward and places
his hands flat on the floor, then arches his body somewhat so he's bend over
Mickie's head, thrusting his cock downward into her mouth. Conway rubs
Mickie's thighs before moving her legs so they are standing straight up as he
thrusts harder into her. The Con Man licks his lips sweat flies off his head
and continues to fuck Mickie for a few more moments.

"Mmmm yea... here comes to Con-Man..." He says as he pulls out of her tight
pussy just in time to unleash his cum on the lower area of her body just
above her sweet shaved pussy. Mickie slightly gags on Carlito's cock, as his
cock is drenched with her saliva inside her warm mouth. Mickie swiftly moves
her hands up and down Shelton and Hurricane's shafts, stroking them at a
decent rate.

"Yeah... ohh yeah... Mickie's cool..." Carlito moans as he leans backward so
he's sitting almost on her chest. He wraps both hands around his 'banana' and
beats it like monkey pretty hard. His face gets a rather goofy look on it as
he shakes when he climaxes, sending his hot load on the upper areas of her
chest, just below her neck. Mickie licks her lips as she runs her hands down
against her own chest feeling Carlito's steamy cum. She then turns to Shelton
and takes his thick, black cock into her precious mouth. Mickie wraps her
lips tightly around his cock as she pumps his cock in and out of her warm

"Holy Beautiful Lady... My Hurri-senses detect, you're posterior needs
some Hurri-cock, Hurri-quick!" Hurricane proclaims in his usual super-hero
dialogue. He rolls Mickie onto her side, lifts up her leg and pushes his
dick into her ass, thrusting in and out as quick as he can. Shelton moans
and threads his fingers through Mickie's sweaty hair as his own body shines
with all the sweat that's on it. Mickie moans around Shelton's cock as she
gently pushes back against Hurricane. Mickie soon begins to rotate her hips
around his cock as she deep throats Shelton" "Stand... back... there's a
Hurricane cumming through..." Hurricane says as he pushes his cock deep
into her asshole and orgasms inside of her ass. Hurricane is pulled out of
Mickie's backside by Masters and Conway after both men realize that the
super hero is to tired to remove himself from her.

Shelton licks his lips as he squeezes one of Mickie's breast, "Yeah you like
sucking that big black cock don't you..." Mickie runs her tongue gently down
his shaft as she takes his cock deeper into her moist mouth. Mickie gently
rakes her teeth against Shelton's shaft as she practically swallows all of
Shelton's big black cock. Shelton moves his hips slightly as his body tenses
up after feeling Mickie's teeth grind against his cock. He gets a determined
look on his face as he tries to hold out, but Mickie's expect way of giving
head is too much for the WWE most athletic performer. "Oh shit... swallow it
Mickie!" Shelton lets out a loud moan as he tilts his head back, blowing his
load inside of Mickie's hot wet mouth.

Mickie swallows Shelton's entire hot load of cum before she lifts her head up
and licks her lips cleans. Trish walks over folding her arms with as smirk
" impressed me."

"Really?! Oh cool, cause you're like my hero..." Mickie smiles as she wipes
some sweat for her head as she tries to catch her breath.

Trish kneels down looking at Mickie "Am I?" Trish says getting right into
Mickie's face.

Mickie nods her head, "Yeah, you're like so cool and so beautiful and hot..."

Trish smirks and whispers "I notice you didn't get off at all." Trish says
before she softly plants a kiss on Mickie's delicate lips.

Mickie kisses Trish back slightly, "Ohhh I... thought this... was a test...
to see if I could handle them..." Mickie blushes as she gets another excited
look on her cute face. Trish backs away slightly and circles a finger against
Mickie's thigh, keeping her eyes on Mickie. Mickie licks her lips slightly
as she slightly opens her legs, thinking that's what Trish wants her to do.
Mickie lets out a bit of a whimper when she feels Trish's finger nail against
her skin. Trish drags her finger slowly down Mickie's thigh and toward her
pussy. Trish then carefully inserts that finger along with another finger
into Mickie's pussy. Trish begins to slowly pump her two fingers in and out
of Mickie's wet pussy.

"Ohhhh.... ohhh Trish...," Mickie moans as she eyes close slightly. She
arches her hips slightly to push herself against Trish's hands, whimpering
and moaning in pleasure as her hero does to her something she never would've
imagined. Mickie licks her lips and rubs her own breasts with one hand before
biting on one of her fingernails. Trish begins to pump her two fingers in and
out of Mickie's pussy faster as she rotates her fingers around as well.

"Ahhhh ahhh yes.... ohhh god..." Mickie completely arches her back, slamming
her own butt down on the ground. She squeezes her left breast as looks like
she was going to join Trish in fingering her own pussy, but instead she rakes
her fingernails over her own thigh. "Ohhh, ohhh Trish..." Mickie moans loudly
as she arches her body complexly as she climaxes harder than she has ever had
in her life. Trish slowly removes her fingers from Mickie's pussy and smirks.
She then leans forward and brushes her two cum-covered fingers across
Mickie's lips. Mickie smiles, then she slides her tongue out to lick Trish's
fingers clean of her own juices. Mickie lifts her head a bit to suck on them,
completely cleaning them.

Trish licks her lips slightly and smirks "Mickie..."

"Y-Yes?" Mickie smiles a little as she tries to sit up, but she can only lean
up slightly, due to how exhausted her body is at the moment.

"I hope you enjoy your stay.." Trish says before she stands up.


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