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Welcome To The WWE Part 15: Kristal Marshal
by Kristi & Frederick "Dice" Casden
(, AIM: FredCasden)

On the December 2, 2005 edition of Friday Night Smackdown, the Smackdown
Broadcast Team consisting of Michael Cole and Tazz welcomes the viewing
audience back from commercial break as cameras shown the scenic night
view of beautiful Cincinnati, Ohio.

"Welcome back to Smackdown!" Michael begins to say "Let's take you now to our
newest Correspondent, Kristal Marshall..." Standing backstage along with
Simon Dean in a mock-set up of a workout room is the former Price is Right
Barker Beauty and 2005 Raw Diva Search Finalist, Kristal Marshall.

Kristal smiles "Thanks guys! I am so excited to be here tonight! I'm standing
here with Simon Dean, who later tonight will face The Boogeyman." Kristal
turns to Simon "Simon, are you at all afraid of The Boogeyman?"

Simon smiles nervously, "Afraid of the Boogeyman? Haha... don't make me
laugh, the only thing that scares me, is the overweight fat slobs here in
Cincinnati, Ohio. But my fears can go away, if the people use my patented
Simon System..." Simon steps back to reveal a small table with a platter
on it, covered with a lid.

Kristal slowly approaches to the table along with Simon Dean, giving a soft

Simon lifts the lid off the tray, "Gah!!" Simon jumps back three feet as he
sees the head of the Boogieman where his Simon System Products should be.

Kristal screams "Oh my god!" Kristal then runs out of room.

The Boogeyman gives a creepy, spine chilling smile "Tick...tock...tick...
tock...Simon Dean... I am The Boogeyman! And I'm comin' to getcha!" The
color from Simon's face drains as he continues to back up and ends up
falling backwards over some cables. He gets up turns and scampers away in

Later in the night after The Boogeyman quickly defeated Simon Dean, Simon
is back in the mock set-up work gym in the backstage area. Simon pants as
he dries his forehead with a towel. Kristal slowly approaches Simon "Umm...
excuse me...Simon?" Kristal says quietly.

"What... do you want?" Simon asks as he tries to control himself after the
near heart attack he has suffered earlier between his face to head encounter
with the Boogeyman and the horrible defeat he suffered. He drapes the towel
over one of his shoulders and looks at Kristal.

Kristal sighs and then looks down "The Simon System...does it really work?"
Kristal asks with a slight raise of her eyebrow.

Simon looks at Kristal as if she had three heads, "Of course it works... it
has helped most of the WWE superstars get into the fine physical shape they
are today..."

"Really?" Kristal asks to assure herself.

"Yes it really does work," Simon says as he takes the towel from his shoulder
and tosses it onto a bench. He looks at Kristal and sizes her up, "And from
the look of things.... you look like you should consider using my patented
Simon System."

Kristal sighs "Oh I know...I could really afford to lose some of that extra
weight I put on due to Thanksgiving."

Simon walks around her, totally checking her out, "Hmmm... you're not in too
bad of shape... I have program that would be perfect for you..."

Kristal smiles "Really?"

Simon nods his head as he stands in front of her, "Yes... but it's an intense
workout... that needs to be repeated three to five times a week..."

"Are you sure? This workout is extremely special..." Simon smirks as he pulls
on the drawstring that holds his power blue workout pants/wrestling pants up.
Simon loosens the string, which leads to his pants falling a bit as his dick
starts to rise inside them a little.

Kristal laughs slightly "You're kidding right?"

"Not in the least... in your case... the best use of the Simon System is to
perform the most physical activity repeatedly..." Simon says as his eyes
wander over her body.

"Well..." Kristal sighs "If you think it will work." Kristal replies as she
slowly gets down onto her knees.

"It's work's... just look at Stephanie McMahon... she was getting fat...
then she got on the Simon System..." Simon says as pushes his pants and his
underwear down to ankles to step out of them. Simon's cock is pretty decent
in terms of length and thickness, but it's not the biggest Kristal has seen.
Kristal licks her lips a bit as she leans forward and flicks her tongue
against his shaft gently as she takes his cock into her cold hands.

Simon moans softly, "Ok... this is... step one... it works your hands and
wrists... you can... add to it... but working on your... neck muscles by
bobbing on it..." Kristal laughs as she opens her mouth and takes Simon's
cock into her mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around his cock and begins
to slowly bob her head on his shaft.

"Mmmm yea... that's good... put... your hands on my legs... and push on them
as if you're... Ohhh geez... as if you're.... doing a push up..." Kristal
circles her tongue around Simon's cock as she begins to bob her head faster
on Simon's cock. She gently presses her hands against Simon's thighs as she
starts going down on his cock, taking more of his cock in.

"Ahhh yea...." Simon licks his lips as he moves his hips a bit to thrust his
cock in and out of her mouth. "You... already seem determined to make... the
Simon System work for you... and you're... mmmm... ready for the next...

Kristal lifts her head up from Simon's cock with a pop from her sweet lips
"What's the next phase?" Kristal asks as she moves her hands steadily against
his shaft.

Simon gives her a cheesy smile, "Remove your clothing... and lay face up on
the bench..." Kristal raises her eyebrow, but stands up anyway and removes
her top, followed by her skirt. Since Kristal isn't wearing anything
underneath she just lays down against the cold bench. Kristal's teeth clatter
slightly with the feel of the cold bench against her skin.

Simon unzips his powder-blue jacket, revealing his purple t-shirt underneath
it. He moves over to the bench and lays on his stomach. Simon places his hand
on Kristal's ebony thighs as he pulls himself to her pussy. He slides his
tongue up and down her slit slowly as presses on her thighs to get her to
move her hips in sequence to how he's moving his tongue.

Kristal places her hand on top of Simon's head as she slides her other hand
through her dark curly hair. "Aww...yess.." Kristal moans softly. Simon moves
one of his hands to her pussy to use his fingers to spread her pussy lips
open. The WWE's Fitness guru pushes his tongue inside of her cunt, thrusting
it in and out a bit quickly while sliding his free hand over her thigh and
her stomach. Kristal rests herself on Simon's shoulder, as his tongue
penetrates her pussy. Kristal begins to gently grind her pussy against
Simon's tongue and face.

Simon slowly brings his tongue out of Kristal's pussy and lifts his head to
look up at her, "Hmmm... this is not working... let us move on to phase
three..." Simon lays on his back on the bench, gripping his cock with his
hand, holding it steady.

Kristal raises her eyebrow "What's phase three?"

"A full body work out... most of your fat is in your hips... since you'll be
able to move them in any way you want..." Simon says as he lifts his head so
Kristal can see that he's taking what he's saying to her seriously.

Kristal smiles a bit and then straddles Simon's waist as he sits on the
bench, she gently comes down on his cock taking his cock into her tight pussy
"Like this?" Kristal says as she begins to rock back and forth on his cock,
gradually picking up speed.

"Yes... just like that..." Simon nods his head as he places his hands on her
slender hips. He slightly thrusts upward, but only when he can't help himself
and when he can catch Kristal by surprise. Simon starts sitting up and laying
back down constantly, doing sit-ups as Kristal moves on his cock. "You catch
on quick... those pounds... are going to be burned... away... really fast..."

Kristal licks her lips slightly as she comes down harder on Simon's cock
"Awww yeah...shit..." Kristal moans as she places her hands on Simon's
chest pushing him down onto the bench. Kristal slams down harder on his
cock, grinding her pussy against his cock as well "
this..." Kristal asks in between breaths.

"Yes... of course... but... this is only the third phase... there's... a more
intense version of this... that involves you... pushing backward... which
works on your thighs... and rather... plump backside..." Simon replies as he
reaches up with one hand to wipe some sweat from Kristal's face.

" think...I'm ready?" Kristal asks as she breaths heavily, slowing
down on Simon's cock.

"Yes... I do... you seem totally devoted to learning... the Simon System..."
Simon says as he lays back completely on the bench. "Get... off of me...
and down... onto your hands,,, and knees... as if you're going to do a

Kristal slowly gets off of Simon's cock and gets down on the floor, bending
her body over onto her hands and knees. She looks over her shoulder and
smiles at Simon "Are you...sure this is part of the Simon System?"

"Its is... trust me..." Simon gives her a cheesy smile as if he was selling
a used car that is a lemon. He gets down on his knees behind her, taking off
his jacket and his shirt. Simon pushes his cock into her pussy and begins
to thrust into her slowly. "Now... push... backwards... repeatedly... it
seems... simple... but it all depends... on how fast... I push forward..."
Kristal nods and begins to push back against Simon, matching his thrusts
almost exactly.

"Very good... now... try to keep up..." Simon begins pushing forward at a
steadily increasing pace, where he gives Kristal ten thrusts at the same
pace before increasing his tempo. Kristal starts banging her ass back
against Simon's waist, trying to keep up with his speed, although she's
pushing back harder then he is.

"Hmmmm.... someone... wants... a challenge..." Simon says as he looks around
the room. His eyes lock onto the Pull-up/Chin-up bar and the wheels inside
his head begin to turn.

Kristal slides her head through her dark curly hair and moans "Awww....
yesss..." Kristal then slams back with a decent amount of force.

Simon pulls out of Kristal's pussy and stands up. "Come with me..." Simon
says as he helps Kristal get up from the floor.

Kristal and Simon walk over to the pull-up/chin-up bar and Kristal raises her
eyebrow "What's this for?"

"This is to work on your upper body, just grab the bar... and pull yourself
up..." Simon says as he stands behind her, places his hands on her hips and
pushes his cock against her the crack of her ass. Kristal smiles as she grabs
a hold of the bar and carefully lifts herself off of the ground. Simon bends
his knees and angles his cock so it's lined up perfectly with her asshole. He
pushes his cock into her butt as he moves his hand under her thighs to lift
her legs a bit so she her feet never touch the ground.

"Ohhh fuck" Kristal moans as she's caught by surprised, she smirks getting
and idea. With using the support of the bar, Kristal begins to lift herself
on and off of Simon's cock. She looks over her shoulder and smiles "How's

"Very...ahhh yea... good... keep it up..." Simon says as he thrusts into
her ass while he squeezes the underside of her thighs. "Damn... you're...
really... catching... on quick..." Kristal begins to thrust herself down
on Simon's cock, making his cock go deeper into her tight asshole. Simon
reaches around and places his hand against Kristal's pussy and begins to
massage her sweet, warm pussy.

"Mmm.... do... you think... you're ready... for the final... phase?" Simon
grunts as he thrusts sharply into her while slipping two fingers inside of
her pussy.

"Ohhhh...yess....yes!" Kristal moans.

Simon pulls out of Kristal's ass and he helps her down onto the floor. He
walks with her over to a stair-master and has Kristi step onto both of the
footholds. "Just step up and down... like going up stairs..." Simon says as
he brings a small step-up box to stand behind her. Simon pushes his cock
back into her pussy and thrusts into her as she steps up and down.

Kristal grits her teeth and begins to slowly move her legs up and down
"Ohhhh..." Kristal moans as she feels Simon's cock leave and enter her pussy

"Mmmm yeah... work all those pounds off..." Simon moans as he moves his hips
faster to sharply drive his cock completely into her pussy. He wraps his arms
around her body to pull her back against him.

"Ohhhh.... shit..." Kristal moans as she closes her eyes and begins to cum.

"Mmmmm fuck..." Simon grunts and he pulls out of Kristal's pussy a moment
before he cums, causing his load to coat the back of Kristal's right thigh.
Simon presses his body against hers while rubbing her shoulder, "Ok
Kristal... you can... slow down..."

Kristal smiles and slows down before stepping off of the Stair Master.
Kristal picks up a towel and begins to wipe the sweat off of her body "So...
this Simon System will it really will work?"

Simon smiles again in his cheesy manner, "Honey, if you do this... 2 to 3
times a week... you'll lose those dreadful pounds and will be in tip-top
shape... all thanks to... the patented Simon System."


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