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Welcome To The WWE Part 16: Beth Phoenix
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the May 22, 2006 edition of Monday Night Raw, three of the Spirit Squad
members, Kenny, Nicky and Mitch are standing around a monitor that is near
the entrance to the ring area of the arena. All three men are watching the
formal introduction of Beth Phoenix, the WWE's newest diva. The trio of male
cheerleaders are dressed in the same attire: green warm up pants, white
t-shirts and green and white warm up jackets.

"Oh man! Is she hot or what?" Nicky says as after the segment they were
watching has ended.

"Yeah Nicky, she is fine, and she has spirit too!" Mitch adds.

Kenny nods his head in total agreement, "Did you see how she like got all
over Mickie? She was totally pissed, made her seem hotter."

Mitch laughs, "Yeah... and now that she's a diva she's gonna need a Spirit
Squad Welcome."

Nicky nods his head and licks his lips, "Yeah... we can show her the true
spirit of being new on Raw..." Nicky says as not one of the three notice
that Beth Phoenix has made her way back through the curtain and is ease
dropping in on every word they are saying.

Beth Phoenix, Raw's newest Diva, folds her arms and raises her eyebrow a bit
as she dressed in a tight pair of black pants and a black tank top. Beth
clears her throat to get the attention of the three Spirit Squad members.
" guys just talking about me?" Beth asks as she stands behind
Nicky, Kenny and Mitch.

The three young attractive men jump a bit after they heard the voice behind
them, and they all spin around to look at Beth. Nicky, Kenny and Mitch all
get smiles on their faces as they see the stunning rookie diva standing
before them. "Yeah we were talking about ya," Kenny says as he checks her

Mitch smirks, "Damn... hotter in person than on the monitor..." Mitch says
as he just blurts out his admiration of Beth's attractiveness without any

Beth places her left hand on her rounded, but yet slender hip as she raises
her eyebrow with a slight smirk "Really? You think I'm hotter in person?"

Nicky licks his lips, "Oh yeah... without a don't, chicks with spirit are
always hot... but you're like... hot with a lot of spirit!" Nicky replies as
he sums up what he, Mitch and Kenny are thinking.

"Plus you got a great body too," Kenny adds as he looks up and down at Beth
as if scanning every inch of her clothed frame with his eyes.

Beth laughs a bit "Ok...ok guys, what's with all the compliments?" Beth asks
as she takes a moment to look at Kenny, Nicky and Mitch individually.

Mitch smiles, "Oh we just want to welcome you to Raw..."

"Yeah, we'd do a cheer but the other guys are busy with something else,"
Kenny adds.

"But that doesn't meant we can't welcome you with a lot of spirit," Nicky
says as each man adds on to the reason why they are giving the powerful
rookie diva so many flattering compliments.

Beth cracks a small smile "Ohh.." Beth laughs a little "Thank you...but
seriously what are you three really after?" Beth asks as she raises her
eyebrow in the direction of Kenny.

"Well..." Kenny licks his lips, "We want to give you a welcome present...
something you won't forget... cause it'll have a lot of spirit if you know
what I mean," Kenny answers as he gets an casually adjusts the crotch area
of his green warm up pants.

Beth tilts her head back and laughs slightly " three want to fuck
me, huh?" Beth says as she places both of her hands onto her hips.

"Yeah, yeah you can say that!" Nicky says with a wide grin, giving Beth the
impression he's thinking about fucking her the most out of the three.

Beth nods her head a bit with a slight smirk "Ok...ok...I think I'd like to
see what the Spirit Squad has..." Beth says with a playfully smirks as she
gradually glances down at each of their crotches.

Mitch grins as he catches Beth looking at his crotch "Oh we got's lots of
spirit," Mitch replies as he slides his hand down against the crotch of his
green warm up pants.

"Hey how about we go some place so we can show you just how spirited we are?"
Kenny suggests as he unzips his green and white warm up jacket.

Beth laughs a bit "Ok...lets see how much spirit you boys got..."

"All right... follow us Beth..." Nicky replies as the trio of Spirit Squad
member start walking towards the locker room area, specifically their locker
room, with Beth Phoenix following them the entire way. Beth folds her arms as
she walks behind the three Spirit Squad members. Beth gets a sly smirk on her
face as she thinks about just how the three hot Spirit Squad members might
look in the nude.

Within a few minutes the Spirit Squad Trio and Beth walk into the Spirit
Squad's spacious locker room. The room is decorated a bit differently than
most, for it has large green and white gymnastic mats spread out on the
floor, two large couches sitting against the north and west walls, a 27-inch
black television set sitting against the northeast corner and a long bench
against the east wall that has all of the Spirit Squad's belongings neatly
placed on it. Mitch looks back at Beth once she steps into the locker room
and smiles, "It pays to be on Mr. McMahon's good side, we got more room than
that fossil Shawn Michaels."

Beth smirks a bit before she shifts her hands through her soft dirty-blonde
hair "Alright boys...let me see how much spirit you got going..."

Nicky, Mitch and Kenny all look at each and they nod their heads, "Ready?"
Kenny says.

"Okay!" All three men yell at the same time begins to strip out of their
green and white clothing. They each toss their clothes carefree about the
locker room, and under two minutes later, the floor is littered with their
outfits. They stand in a straight line in front of Beth, hands on their hips
giving Beth the perfect way to inspect them. Each man's shaft is over eight
inches long, fairly thick and already almost fully erect as Nicky, Mitch and
Kenny are practically prepared to show Beth their spirit.

Beth folds her arms and nods her head, before getting a smirk across her face
"Not guys do got some spirit..." Beth says as she approaches Kenny,
Nicky and Mitch. The newest RAW Diva drops down onto her knees in middle of
the three as they circle around her. Beth reaches out at her left and right
side taking Nicky and Mitch's cocks into her soft hands and begins to stroke
their cocks as she leans her head forward and presses her wet tongue against
the head of Kenny's cock.

Kenny licks his lips, "Mmmmm... yeah..." Kenny moans a bit as he wraps his
right hand around his cock and holds is still so Beth has an easier time of
keeping her tongue pressed against it. Nicky and Mitch both place a hand on
Beth's head and they each ruffle up her blond hair as she guides her hands
back and forth across their stiff dicks. Beth pulls her head slowly away
from Kenny's cock and turns her head to Mitch's cock; the newest RAW Diva
presses her tongue against the head of Mitch's cock and begins to circle
her tongue around the surface before dropping her tongue down and sliding it
down his long shaft.

Mitch's eyes roll back in his head as Beth skillfully strokes his cock and
caresses it with her soft tongue. "Ohhhh shit..." Mitch groans as he rolls
his head clockwise as he thrusts his hips forward to push his shaft against
her hand and tongue. Beth taps his tongue a few times against Mitch's cock
before she pulls her head away and turns to Nicky. Beth smiles up at Nicky
before she leans her head in and slides her wet tongue slowly up his shaft,
heading towards the large head of his cock, while she moves the hand that
was around Nicky's shaft to Kenny's shaft and begins to stroke both Kenny
and Mitch.

"Ahhhh... now that's spirited..." Nicky says with a wide smile as he moves
his cock a bit so that Beth ends up sliding her tongue down the right side
of his cock and then the left side. Mitch and Kenny are both moaning quietly
as they look down at Beth as she jerks them off while giving Nicky's shaft a
tongue bath.

"Beth... how about... we skip the low spirited stuff and get into high spirit
things..." Mitch says with a soft moan while Kenny leans down and begins to
tug up on her black tank top.

Beth slowly pulls her head away from Nicky's cocks and looks up at Kenny with
a smirk "I think I'm for that.." Beth says with a slight laugh as she raises
her arms up when Kenny and Mitch, together, pull of Beth's black tank top.
The newest Diva stands up with her back facing Nicky, he reaches around and
begins to unbutton the buttons on Beth's black pants.

"I'm all for that too..." Nicky says as he's successful in completely
unbuttoning her black pants. He kneels down behind her and starts tugging
down her pants from her waist. Mitch and Kenny finish pulling off Beth's
black tank top and they also make quick work to remove the dark purple
sports bra she has on underneath it to free her large firm breasts.

"Now those are tits that raise anyone's spirits..." Mitch laughs a bit as
he quickly rubs his left hand against her left breast. Meanwhile, Nicky has
pulled down Beth's black pants completely in addition to the dark purple
panties she was wearing underneath them, so that now the rookie Diva is
fully nude.

Beth blushes a bit as she's now completely nude in front of the three members
of the Spirit Squad. Beth then smiles "So...are you just going to stand there
and stare..." Beth begins to say.

"Hell no!" Kenny says as he quickly lays down on one of the green and white
gymnastic mats while Nicky stands up behind Beth. Nicky and Mitch exchange
glances for a moment before they each grab hold of Beth and lift her into
the air and then mount her on top of Kenny by lowering her tight pussy right
down onto Kenny's stiff pole.

Beth bites down on her bottom lip as she places her hands on top of Kenny's
chest "Ohhhh shit..." Beth groans as she starts to slowly rock back and forth
on his cock as she rides the young Spirit Squad member.

Kenny groans as Beth rocks on his cock, "Ohhh shit yeah... that's what I'm
talking about..." Kenny says as he puts his hands on both of Beth's strong

Mitch kneels down behind Beth and places a hand on her lower back, "I think
I'm gonna tap her ass..." Mitch says to Nicky before he spits on his own
cock. Despite voicing his intentions, Mitch still catches Beth off guard as
he eases his shaft into her tight asshole.

Beth tilts her head back and grits her teeth "Ohhhh fuck...." Beth groans as
she feels Mitch's cock enter her tight asshole. Beth closes her eyes as she
starts rocking back against Mitch's cock as she begins to bounce quicker on
Kenny's cock. "Hey...I know there's another one of you..." Beth slightly
moans with her eyes closed before she turns her head slightly and opens her

Nicky laughs a little, "Yeah there's three of us..." Nicky replies while he
moves and steps over Kenny's head. Once he's standing over Kenny, Nicky's
able to slip his hard rod into Beth's hot moist mouth. Kenny and Mitch begin
alternating thrusts once Kenny begins pumping his shaft up into Beth's
awesomely tight pussy. Mitch has both his hands on Beth's hips and is pulling
her back towards him while he pumps her firm ass with his spirited shaft.
While Beth bounces on Kenny's cock and rocks back against Mitch's cock, the
newest RAW Diva begins to swiftly bob her head along Nicky's thick, long
cock. Beth moans softly as she slams down a bit harder on Kenny's cock, the
sudden impact forces more of Nicky's cock into her mouth, when she jerks her
head forward. Beth coughs around Nicky's cock before she swirls her tongue
around his cock and begins to bob her head once again.

"Ohhh... damn... I like your spirit..." Kenny moans as he moves his hands
from Beth's strong legs up to her firm tits. He squeezes them together and
flicks his thumbs across her stiff nipples.

"Hey... Kenny... I want to fuck her sweet pussy..." Mitch grunts as he slaps
both his hands against Beth's butt-cheeks as he gives her a sharp thrust that
jolts her forward. Beth's slightly muscular body jolts forward causing her
teeth to accidentally press against Nicky's cock, causing her teeth to gently
rake across the length of his cock as she bobs her head quickly on his cock.
Beth tightens her lips around Nicky's cock as she grinds her pussy down
against Kenny's cock, as he thrust powerfully into her sweet, tight pussy.

Nicky bites his tongue after Beth's teeth pressed down on his cock after
Mitch made the rookie Diva's body shoot forward. He looks over Beth at Mitch
and says, "Well... if you're gonna fuck her pussy... I want her ass..." Nicky
says as he steps back, causing his cock to drop out of Beth's mouth and bit
of saliva to land on Kenny's face.

"Awwww fuck! Gross!" Kenny says as Beth's saliva opens lands right in his
eyes. Mitch laughs at what just happened and he pulls out of Beth's asshole
after she slams herself back against him, almost forcing him out.

Beth grits her teeth as she looks down at Kenny and then smirks as she crawls
away from Kenny and licks her lips as she looks directly at Mitch "Lay down
then...because I need some more spirit..." Beth says with a slight smirk and
a laugh.

Mitch smirks as he kneels down on the gymnastic mat before he lays down, "Oh
don't worry we got a lot of spirit to give..." Mitch says as he lays down on
his back.

"Got that right," Nicky says as he moves to stand near Mitch's feet to get
ready to fuck Beth's awesome ass.

Beth laughs a bit as she flips her dirty-blonde hair back and mounts herself
on top of Mitch's stiff prick "Ohhhh shit..." Beth groans as she slowly
pushes herself down on his cock, taking him into her tight, sweet pussy. Beth
looks over her shoulder and smirks a bit as she slightly lifts her ass up
into the air, giving Nicky the perfect view and the perfect way of entry.

"Ohhhh mmmm damn you got a tight pussy..." Mitch groans as he restrains
himself for the moment from thrusting up into her wonderful pussy right away.

Behind Beth, Nicky has a big grin on his face as he slides his cock over
Beth's ass cheeks and then down the middle of her ass crack, "Fuck... what
an awesome looking ass..." Mitch smiles as he starts to push his shaft into
Beth's waiting asshole.

Beth grits her teeth as she feels Nicky ease his cock into her tight asshole
"Ohhhh yeah..." Beth groans before she starts to gently push herself back
against Nicky's cock, while she gradually bounces on Mitch's cock.

Kenny licks his lips as he watches Mitch and Nicky being to move their thick
hard cocks in and out Beth's perfect ass and tight wet pussy respectively. He
walks around to the left side of Beth and wraps his right hand around his
shaft, "Hey Beth... I got some spirit for you to orally appreciate..." Kenny
says with a cheesy smile.

Beth licks her lips as she swiftly bounces on Mitch's cock, while Nicky's
begins to quickly thrust his cock in and out of her tight asshole "Mmmm...I
love giving oral...." Beth moans as opens her mouth and Kenny pushes his
throbbing, hard cock into her wet, saliva dripping mouth. Beth wraps her
lips tightly around his cock and begins to bob her head along Kenny's meaty
shaft as she works her tongue around his shaft, lashing her tongue against
the skin of his cock.

Kenny tilts his head back and closes his eyes, "Ahhh fuck... I love getting
a spirited blow job... there's nothing better..." Kenny groans in pleasure as
he puts his left hand on top of Beth's head pushes his fingers through her

"Uhhh...uhhhh... damn... I love fucking your ass Beth..." Nicky grunts as he
fucks the blond diva with every bit of strength he's got. Mitch sits up a
little and uses his left hand to support himself as he closes his mouth
around the nipple of Beth's right breast. As Beth bounces hard and fast on
his shaft, Mitch sucks on her nipple and lightly pulls on it with his teeth,
giving her another sensation to experience as she blows Kenny and gets fucked
by Nicky and himself. Beth twirls her tongue around Kenny's cock as she
splashes his cock with her warm, wet saliva. The newest RAW Diva presses her
lips tighter around his cock as she deepens her head bobs, taking more of his
cock into her soothing mouth. While Beth is giving Kenny a 'spirited'
blowjob, she stars to buck her hips as she rides Mitch's cock faster, almost
pulling Nicky and his cock with her upon each bounce.

"Ohhh fuck... Beth... you got more... spirit... than our other members..."
Nicky groans as he as Beth starts fucking him and Mitch harder than they are
fucking her. Mitch pulls his head away from Beth's right breasts and swirls
his tongue around her left nipple as he moans in pleasure.

Kenny opens his eyes and looks down at the sexy blond bombshells. "Shit...
fuck I can't... wait to fuck your ass Beth..."

Beth slowly lifts her head up, flicking her tongue against the head of his
cock and smirks "Why don't you?"

"Nicky's back there..." Kenny answers then he pauses.

"Nicky's back there..." Kenny answers then he pauses then looks at Nicky
who's sweating nonstop as he drills Beth's asshole, "Hey Nicky... you still
haven't nailed her pussy yet..."

"I know... I intend too..." Nicky replies in between his grunts before he
pulls out of Beth's ass to catch his breath.

Mitch looks up at Beth as he gets an idea, "Hey Beth... how about you... ride
Kenny again... but with him in your ass..." Mitch says with moan as he shoves
his cock up sharply into her pussy.

Beth grits her teeth as she feels Mitch's cock powerfully piercing her sweet
pussy "Ohhh...sounds great to me..." Beth groans as the newest RAW Diva
begins to sweat.

Kenny wipes a drop of sweat from his forehead and smile, "I love that
idea..." Kenny lays back down on the gymnastic mats as Nicky helps Beth get
off Mitch when she pauses to catch her breath. Beth slides her hand through
her sweat-dampened hair as she stands up over Kenny. Beth looks over her
shoulder back and smiles at him as she slowly lowers herself down onto his
cock, taking it deeply into her tight asshole. With Beth having her back
facing Kenny, she leans back and places her heads onto his sweaty chest as
he begins to thrust his cock into her asshole.

Kenny puts his sweaty hands on Beth's sweaty hips and begins to rock her back
and forth as he pumps his cock up into her tight asshole, "Ohhh... fuck this
is awesome..." Kenny moans as closes his eyes.

Nicky kneels in front of Beth and spreads her sweat-covered legs apart.
"Damn... you're so damn sexy..." Nicky licks his lips as he slips his cock
into Beth's warm soaking wet pussy and begins to fuck her with sharp swift

Beth tilts her head back and grits her teeth "Ohhhh shit...fuckk..." Beth
groans as Nicky begins to thrust his cock in and out of her tight pussy. Beth
continually rocks back and forth between Nicky and Kenny's cocks as the both
thrust their cocks rough and quickly.

Mitch slowly gets to his feet after watching Beth get double fucked by Nicky
and Kenny for a few minutes. He stands off the right side of her and uses
his hand to hold his dick near her mouth, "Come on Beth... don't lose that
spirit..." Mitch says as he brushes his cock against her lips. Nicky and
Kenny continues to push their cocks in and out of Beth's ass and pussy,
making her rock back and forth without every stopping. Beth opens her mouth
and lets Mitch's cock pass through her soft lips, the newest RAW Diva wraps
her lips tightly around Mitch's shaft and begins to suck on his cock. Beth
begins to gently bob her head swiftly against his cock as she laps her
gentle, wet tongue around his cock. Beth removes her right hand from Kenny's
chest and places it around Mitch's shaft and begins to stroke his cock at
the same time she sucks him off.

"Ohhh... ummm fuck.... you're so hot... so spirited..." Nicky grunts as he
pumps his shaft harder and faster in and out of pussy. Kenny bites his lower
lip as he pumps his cock up into Beth's asshole, making the WWE's newest diva
jump a bit each time. Beth moans softly against Mitch's cock as she bob her
head quicker along his cock, gently tapping her tongue against the underbelly
of his cock as she sucks his throbbing cock. Beth slams herself down on
Kenny's cock inside her asshole and pushes forward against Nicky's cock and
the newest RAW Diva begins to cum.

Nicky grits his teeth as he feels Beth's pussy tighten around his throbbing
shaft as she reaches a body shaking climax, "Ohhh... uhhh fuck... damn...
what a woman..." Nicky grunts as he extracts his thick dick from her pussy.

Mitch licks his lips and moans as she sucks gently on his shaft "Ohhh...
fuck... what... spirit..." Mitch groans as he starts to pulls his
saliva-covered cock out of Beth's hot wet mouth. Beth licks her lips as she
grits her teeth and lifts herself off of Kenny's cock, the dirty-blonde hair
kneels down in the center of the locker room.

Kenny gets to feet and joins Mitch and Nicky who are standing in front of
Beth., "Hey Beth... I think we got a bit... more spirit for you..." Mitch
says with a grin as the trio of Spirit Squad members begin to stroke their
throbbing cocks.

Beth looks up at the three Spirit Squad members and licks her lips "Ohh you
do?" Beth asks with a sly smirk.

"Yeah... we do..." Nicky says as he pumps his shaft with blinding speed, "You
might... want to... open wide... for a mouthful... of spirit..." He adds as
he gets a bit closer to Beth. Beth smiles before she tilts her head back and
holds her warm, wet mouth open as wide as she can.

Nicky clenches his eyes shut as he groans, "Ohhhh fuck..." He cries out as he
starts to cum, sending thick streams of cum into Beth's mouth.

"Hey... move Nicky... I gotta blow..." Mitch moans as he gets his cock near
Beth's mouths ands starts to dump his hot load right into her mouth.

"Make room for me..." Kenny moans as he gets close to Beth to make sure he
can get his load of thick hot cum into Beth's cum filled mouth. Beth closes
her mouth after all three of the Spirit Squad members have cummed their hot
loads into her mouth. Beth looks forward and slight drops of cum drip out of
her mouth as she swallows a majority of the cum in her mouth.

Nicky, Mitch and Kenny all smile tiredly down at Beth as she looks back up at
them. Mitch points down at her, "Boy... you got a lot of spirit..."

Beth smirks "Yep...and now all I have left to pay back that bitch
Mickie James for what she did to me." Beth says as after she swallows all of
the cum inside of her mouth and slowly stands up from the floor.

"With that spirit, Mickie is totally in for trouble," Kenny replies. "Yeah,
you're gonna take here down..." Nicky adds, showing that they, along with
Mitch are still infatuated with Beth's spirit.

Beth smirks "Oh...she's gonna need a lot of spirit.." Beth nods her head and


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