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Welcome To The WWE Part 17: Brooke Hogan
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the arena in Dallas, Texas where the WWE is holding Saturday Night's Main
Event (July 15, 2006), Randy Orton is hanging around the backstage area.
Dressed in a black T-shirt and blue jeans, the manipulative Legend Killer
watches as the legendary Hulk Hogan and his beautiful 18-year-old daughter
Brooke comes walking through the curtain from the ring area. Hulk looks at
his daughter, "I got some business to take care of with Vince... I want you
to head back to the locker room, get your things and head to the car."

Brooke, dressed in a slightly short black skirt and a black strapped tank
top, sighs and rolls her eyes a bit "Dad...oh come on! Can't I go and meet
some of the wrestlers? You let Nick!" Brooke says as she argues with her
legendary father.

Hulk puts his hands on his hips as he looks at his daughter, "Nick is not
going to have a bunch of 25 year old guys trying to get into his pants... If
I finish with Vince early enough I'll take you around to meet some of them."

Brooke sighs "Dad...come on...I'm eighteen now, I'm not a little girl
anymore. Can't I at least go meet some of the Divas?" Brooke asks as she
folds her arms and slightly frowns at her father, Hulk Hogan's, protective

Hulk rolls his eyes a bit, not wanting to make a scene arguing with his
daughter, and he gives in, "All right, you can go meet some of the divas...
but don't interrupt them if they are getting ready for something," Hulk says.

Brooke smiles and hugs the Hulkster "Oh thank you, Daddy!" Brooke says
happily as she hugs him.

Hulk hugs Brooke back with one arm, "You're welcome Brook-teeny..." Hulk says
as he breaks the hug, "Now I better go see Vince... and you better stay out
of trouble," Hulk smiles a bit as he ruffles up Brooke's hair a bit with his

Brooke smiles " know, I'm not like Nick...I won't cause anything
trouble.." Brooke shrugs and smiles cutely "I might go see John Cena though."
Brooke says purposely to get her father riled up again.

Hulk looks at Brooke with a raised eyebrow, "You're just going to see the
Divas... not wonder around seeing the wrestlers...." Hulk says in a gruff

Brooke sighs and nods her head as she unfolds her arms "I know...I know,
Dad." Brooke pauses before turning away from her father "I'll be back at the
rental car in an hour?"

"In an hour..." Hulk nods his head as he starts to walk away, "Remember...
stay out of trouble..." Hulk says as he looks back at her for a moment.

Brooke looks over her shoulder and smiles innocently "I know Dad..." Brooke
says as she proceeds to walk in the opposite direction, heading down the
hallway where the WWE dressing rooms are located at.

Once Hulk has walked out of sight to go attend his meeting with Vince
McMahon, Randy Orton licks his lips and starts to walk after Brooke. He
watches her backside sway from side to side with every step she takes.
After following her for a few minutes Randy calls out, "Hey... Brooke..."

Brooke pauses and slowly turns around, smiling softly as she looks at the
self-proclaimed Legend Killer, Randy Orton. "Ohh...hey Randy..." Brooke says
with a blush.

Randy walks towards her and smiles as he stands in front of her, "How did
you like being in front of that crowd with 17,000 people cheering for you and
your legendary father..." Randy asks as he tilts his head and checks her out
a bit.

Brooke smiles " was like so cool, now I see what my dad is always
talking about...the rush of energy.." Brooke replies with a cute laugh as she
blushes more as Randy approaches her.

Randy laughs a bit, "Yeah... there are very few things that are better than
being in front of a crowd... with the feeling, the pure electricity..." Randy
licks his lips.

Brooke nods her head as she casually checks out the Legend Killer "Yeah..."
Brooke says as she slowly lifts her eyes up and locks them with Randy's eyes,
she then blushes and embarrassedly looks away from the cocky, Randy Orton.

Randy smirks a little, "You know... if you think about... you being out there
tonight... makes you a bit of a WWE Diva..."

Brooke laughs a little "Really?"

"Yeah..." Randy licks his lips, "And we have a bit of a tradition around
here... when it comes to new divas...."

Brooke raises her eyebrow a bit confused "You do?"

Randy nods his head, "Yeah we do... we like to welcome them to the WWE...
with something that's better than being in front of a live audience..."

Brooke nods her head slowly "Ok...ummm what is it?" Brooke asks as she looks
at Randy.

Randy chuckles a bit, "Oh I can't just tell you... it's a lot better and more
enjoyable if I show you..."

Brooke bites down on her bottom lip "Ohhh...I don't know, my dad said to stay
out of trouble..."

Randy smiles, "You're not going to be getting into any trouble... but you
would be having a lot of fun..."

Brooke sighs as she lowers her head "My dad also said to stay away from the

"Wrestlers? I'm not a wrestler... I'm a WWE superstar...." Randy says with a
smirk, "And you're a new WWE diva..."

Brooke shrugs her shoulder as she looks up at Randy "I guess...I could go
with you...for a little bit..."

Randy licks his lip a bit, "Great... come with me..." Randy says as he takes
Brooke's right hand and begins to lead her towards his locker room.

Brooke smiles and blushes a bit as she starts to follow Randy Orton as he
gently holds her hand "You know...Randy you don't seem all that're
cute...and nice..."

Randy smirks, "Oh... I know I have a reputation... but I'm one of the nicer
people around here..." Randy replies as the start to approach his private
dressing room.

Brooke smiles "So...what exactly are we going to do?" Brooke asks innocently.

"You'll see..." Randy replies, keeping Brooke somewhat in the dark of his
intentions as they reach the door of his dressing room. He places a hand on
the door and pushes it open, "After you..." Randy says as he looks at her
with a charming smile.

Brooke blushes and lowers her head "Thank you.." She replies as she enters
the private locker room of Randy Orton.

Randy smirks, "You're welcome..." Randy says as he steps into his locker room
behind the lovely, young and innocent Brooke Hogan. He closes the door behind
him and casually locks it.

Brooke folds her arms as she stands in the center of Randy's dressing room
and looks around at the spacious area. Brooke smiles as she turns back to
Randy, after he had casually locked the door "This place is really nice,

Randy smiles, "Yeah it is... being a Legend Killer... and a Legend in the
making has it's advantages..." Randy says as he steps towards her and locks
his eyes with hers.

Brooke blushes a bit as she notices Randy staring at her, she pushes her
shoulders up as she cutely looks down. "So...what are we going to do?" Brooke
asks as Randy hasn't given the naive daughter of Hulk Hogan a clear answer.

Randy stands right in front of Brooke and smiles, "Oh... just a little... of
this..." Randy says as he places his right hand underneath her chin to have
her raises her head a bit. The Legend Killer leans down and softly kisses
the innocent Brooke Hogan. Randy's kiss isn't forceful, but it is very over
whelming for Brooke. At first, Brooke's eyes widen as she feels Randy's soft
lips press against her lips. Brooke slowly closes her eyes and begins to kiss
Randy back, slipping her tongue into Randy's warm mouth. Randy smiles a bit
as he feels Brooke's soft tongue enter his mouth. The Legend Killer slides
his own tongue against Brooke's. Randy places his hands on Brooke's slender
shoulders then slides them down her arms before placing them on her waist.
Casually, Randy begins to lift up the black-strapped top she's wearing.

Brooke slowly breaks the kiss and steps back slightly as she feels Randy
lifting up her black tank top "Ummm...Randy what are you doing?"

Randy smiles as he keeps a hold on her top, "Oh... I'm just welcoming you
to the WWE Brooke..." Randy says as he steps towards her, keeping a short
distance between himself and her.

"Ohhh...ummm..." Brooke looks down "I don't know about this Randy." Brooke
says as Randy begins to lift her black tank top more off of her body.

"Brooke.... you're not going to be doing anything wrong... you're a WWE diva
now... and you want to fit in right?" Randy asks as he continues to lift her
black tank top up, slowly revealing more and more of her tanned, flat stomach
and the black bra she's wearing underneath.

Brooke slowly nods her head "Yeah..." Brooke says as she reluctantly raises
her arms up as Randy raises the black tanktop over her head and off of her
stunning tanned body, her smooth and toned stomach, her black bra covered
nicely sized tits.

Randy looks at Brooke's bra covered tits and smiles, "You're quite beautiful
Brooke..." Randy says as he drops her black tanktop down onto the floor of
his locker room. Slowly he steps around Brooke and stands behind her so he
can release the clasp of her black bra. After she lowers her arms, Randy
reaches around in front of her and slowly peels away her black bra from her
nice, natural tits. Brooke blushes a bit and looks down as Randy removes her
black bra from her chest to reveal her young, firm and naturally nice tits.

Randy drops her black bra down on to the floor, near her tank top. Randy
kneels down a bit behind her and slowly begins to pull down her black skirt
from her waist, revealing the black panties she's wearing underneath it,
which he also pulls down. Randy smirks as Brooke doesn't put up any
resistance as he strips her.

Brooke casually looks over her shoulder as Randy lowers her short black skirt
and her black panties all at once "Ummm...Randy...I really don't know about
this...if my dad found out..."

Randy stands up behind her and smiles, "You're a grown woman... you're
eighteen... you can make your own decisions..." Randy says as he steps in
front of her. He pulls off his black t-shirt, revealing his rock hard, well
toned, muscular upper body.

Brooke soft eyes soon gaze upon and muscular stomach and chest of Randy
Orton. Brooke blushes and licks her lips as she nods her head "'re
right..." Brooke says as she gently places her hands against Randy's tanned,
muscular stomach as she runs her hands up his body, feeling his solid abs and
then his chest.

Randy licks his lips as he feels Brooke's young delicate hands move over
his abs and chest. "You know... I did... take your clothes off... would you
mind... returning the favor..." Randy says with a fairly sly smile. He raises
his right hand and pushes some of Brooke's hair back behind her right hair.

Brooke smiles and blushes "Yeah...I guess I could.." Brooke says as she
lowers her hands down to the belt around Randy's waist and begins to unbuckle
the belt with her soft hands. Brooke pulls the belt out from the loops of his
jeans and lets the belt drop to the floor before the daughter of Hulk Hogan
begins to unbutton and unzip his jeans.

"Thanks..." Randy says with a smile as he pushes his jeans down after she's
unbutton and unzip them. The blue jeans fall down to his ankles and the
youngest World Champion in the WWE history steps out of them, and now is
wearing only a tight pair of black boxer briefs. Brooke blushes a bit as she
looks down as she's the large bulge formed in Randy's tight boxer briefs.
Brooke lifts her soft eyes up and smiles as she gradually lowers herself
down to her knees in front of Randy. Brooke reaches up and gently pulls down
his black boxer briefs from his hips.

As Brooke lowers his black boxer briefs, Randy's thick eleven-inch shaft
becomes exposed inch by inch. Randy licks his lips and groans a bit as the
material of his boxer briefs grazes against the skin of his dick. "Ahhh..."
Randy moans as his cock pops free from his boxer briefs with Brooke lowers
them enough. Brooke smiles up at Randy as she lowers his black boxer briefs
down his legs and he steps out of them once they reach his feet. Brooke
looks at Randy's cock and licks her lips as she gently takes his cock into
her soft hands. Brooke begins to gently stroke her hands against his shaft
as she feels his cock almost harden instantly in her hands. Randy smirks a
bit as he looks down to watch Brooke's hands move back and forth along his
hard thick shaft, "Mmmm.... you know how to handle it pretty well..." Randy
says with a bit of a moan while taking a moment to push Brooke's hair back
with his left hand.

Brooke smiles up at Randy and blushes as she softly moves her hands up and
down his shaft at a quicker pace. Brooke leans her head down and gently
presses the tip of her tongue against the head of Randy's nicely sized cock.
Brooke closes her eyes as she starts to gently circle her tongue around the
surface of the head of his cock. "Whoa... you have a few surprises...."
Randy says in surprise as he feels Brooke's tongue circle around his cock
over and over again. The soft, gentle approach Brooke is using has the
Legend Killer tilting his head back and looking at the ceiling of the locker

Brooke gently taps her tongue against the head of his cock before the
daughter of Hulk Hogan opens her warm mouth and takes Randy's cock into her
young, warm mouth. Brooke gently wraps his lips around his shaft and starts
to bob her head on his cock. "Ahhhh.... fuck...." Randy groans as he lays
both of his strong hands on top of Brooke's head. Slowly, Randy starts moving
his hips back and forth between Brooke's lips at the same rate she's bobbing
her head on his dick.

Brooke keeps her eyes closes as she moves her head along Randy's shaft,
slapping her warm saliva around his cock with her tongue as she continues to
suck the cock of the Legend Killer, Randy Orton. Randy licks his lips, "Ohhhh
damn.... you're good Brooke... you're... very... very... good..." Randy says
as he slides his fingers through the blond strands of her hair. Randy looks
down at her and smiles, "You can open your eyes...."

Brooke slowly looks up at Randy and opens her soft eyes as she bobs her head
along Randy's cock, as she sucks faster and takes more of his cock into her
warm, wet mouth.

"Yeah... that's it... ohhh damn... almost don't want you to stop..." Randy
says as he continues to moan He pushes her hair back and licks his lips as
Brooke is taking almost all of his cock into her mouth. "Fuck... I think I
should... get back into... welcoming you to the WWE..." Randy groans.

Brooke smiles as she slowly lifts her head up from Randy's cock, that drips
in her wet saliva. She smiles up at Randy "How else do you welcome me?"

Randy grins as he slowly kneels down in front of Brooke, "First... you lay
flat on your back... and you spread your legs..." Randy says as he places
his hands on her firm tits and begins to slowly push Brooke backward.

Brooke smiles and nods her head "Ok...." Brooke says cutely as she lays down
on the floor on her back, slowly spreading her legs apart showing Randy the
full view of her young, shaven pussy.

Randy positions himself between Brooke's legs and looks down at her young
shaved pussy. "Very good..." Randy says as he wraps his left hand around his
stiff dick and guides the head of it into her pussy. Randy leans down a bit,
places his strong arms onto Hulk Hogan's daughter's shoulder and pushes his
whole eleven inch cock into her tight pussy.

Brooke bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Randy's entire cock slip
into her extremely tight pussy "Ohhhhhhhh..." Brooke groans as he slightly
lays on top of her and begins to thrust his cock deeply into her warm pussy.

"Ahhhh.... yeah..." Randy smirks as he thrusts his cock in and out of her
tight pussy, driving his cock as deep as possible each and every time he
pushes it into her. Randy licks his lips as Brooke wraps her legs around
his waist, allowing him to use more force to drill her.

Brooke places her soft hands onto Randy's strong arms as her powerfully
drives his cock in and out of Brooke's young, sweet pussy "Ohhhhhhh Randy..."
Brooke moans as she closes her eyes and gently wraps her smooth, tanned legs
around his waist.

Randy closes his eyes after he sees Brooke closes her own eyes. The arrogant,
cocky Legend Killer pumps his cock in and out of her young tight pussy with
faster and stiffer thrusts, making Brooke move a bit on the floor of the
locker room. "Uhhhh.... you... like that... Brooke?"

Brooke licks her lips as she starts to gently push herself against Randy's
cock as she grinds her pussy gently against his cock "Ohhhh yesss..." Brooke
groans as she begins to sweat.

Randy smirks as a drop of sweat drips from his forehead down onto Brooke's
face, "Thought so..." Randy says as he drives his dick in and out of her a
bit more before he reaches back and unwraps Brooke's legs from around his

Brooke arches her back up slightly and lays her head down against the cold
floor as Randy powerfully drives his cock in and out of her pussy at a
slightly rough rate "Ohhhhh...ahhhhh....shit" Brooke moans as sweat drips
off of her body.

Randy smirks as he pulls out of Brooke's pussy and he turns the young
beautiful daughter of Hulk Hogan over onto her stomach, "If you loved that
Brooke... you're going to love this..." Randy says as he pulls her up onto
her hands and knees, then slides his thick rod back into her tight young and
wet pussy.

Brooke closes her eyes as she feels Randy's cock suddenly thrust into her
tight pussy from behind "Ohhh god..." Brooke groans as Randy starts to
powerfully and roughly thrust his cock deep into Brooke's warm, young pussy.

Randy puts his slightly sweaty hands on Brooke's hips to pull her back
towards him. "Ohhhh shit.... damn.... you can sure... take it..." Randy moans
as he slides his cock in and out of her pussy. Following each one of his
stiff thrusts, Brooke's body jolts forward, but Randy yanks her back so she
doesn't fall forward. Brooke looks over her shoulder and smiles back at Randy
as she gently pushes herself back against Randy's cock with sweat dripping
down her beautiful face.

Randy licks some sweat from his top lip with his tongue as he sees Brooke
looking back at him. "You know... I bet... you're the type... that loves...
to be on top..." Randy grunts while he keeps fucking the hot teenage pop
singer with swift hard thrusts that have his large ballsack slapping against
her ass each time he rams himself forward.

Brooke grits her teeth and lowers her head as Randy delivers a hard, stiff
thrust to her tight pussy. "Ohhhhh godd no...." Brooke groans as the daughter
of Hulk Hogan begins to cum against Randy's cock.

Randy smirks and groans as he feels Brooke's pussy tighten around his
penetrating shaft as she climaxing, but the Legend Killer doesn't stop
fucking her. "Ahhhh shit yeah.... having... fun..." Randy says, trying
not to laugh at the though that he has the daughter of Hulk Hogan cumming
on his cock. Brooke's body slightly goes limp after cumming against Randy's
cock and she closes her eyes. Randy holds Brooke's body up as he slides his
cock out of her pussy. "Mmmm Brooke... there's one more thing... that needs
to happen before you're fully welcomed into the WWE..." Randy says as he
lays Brooke onto her side. He spits on two of his fingers and press them
against her tight asshole as he strokes his cock with his free hand.

Brooke lifts her head as her body squirms a bit as she feels Randy's fingers
press against her asshole. Brooke shakes her head, looking back at Randy
"No...I'm not that kind of girl..."

Randy slides his fingers into her asshole, "Oh come on Brooke... you're a
WWE Diva now.... and I got a hard stiff cock.... that has to be unloaded..."
Randy grins, "And I don't want to cum on you're pretty face..."

Brooke scrunches her nose up "I don't know...."

Randy smiles, "Trust me Brooke.... you're a legend's daughter.... and you're
a WWE Diva... you can take it..." Randy says as he slides his fingers out of
her young asshole. Randy lays down a bit behind her and presses the tip of
his fat dick against her asshole.

Brooke takes a deep breath "Ok..." Brooke says reluctantly.

Randy smiles as he lifts her right leg a bit so he can push his cock into her
asshole more easily. Randy's eyes roll back as he feels her asshole expand as
he pushes every inch of his cock into her. "Ahhhhh yess..... Mmmm you got a
diva's ass Brooke..." Randy moans as he begins to pump his shaft in and out
of her young ass.

Brooke tightly grits her teeth as she feels Randy's large cock enter her
tight asshole. Brooke hangs her head down "Ohhhh...owwww. goddd..." Brooke
groans as she feels every each of Randy's cock enter her asshole.

Randy licks his lips, "Shit... you sure... you're not this kind of girl
Brooke... cause you're ass is heaven..." Randy grunts while he fucks her ass
steadily, picking up momentum as he drills her. He presses his sweaty body
against Brooke's back so she can feel his muscular chest while he fucks her
ass. "Uhhh fuck...." Randy suddenly groans as he begins to cum inside of
Brooke's tight young ass.

Brooke licks her lips as she feels Randy's warm cum spray into her tight
asshole "Ohhh Randy...."

Randy smiles and closes his eyes as he hears Brooke moan his name as he
floods her ass with his spunk, "I knew you'd be the type to like that...
you're definitely a diva..." Brooke looks of her shoulder with a smile and
a blush at Randy.

Randy smirks as he pulls his cock out of her asshole and sides it against
her ass cheeks, "So... did you have fun...." Randy asks.

Brooke slowly turns around and sits up on her knees as she looks up at the
Legend Killer. Brooke nods her head with a cute smile "Yeah...I did..."
Brooke laughs.

Randy sits up and grins, "So... do you want to go freshen up... before you
have to leave with your pops?" Randy says as he looks at Brooke's sweat
covered body.

Brooke slowly nods her head "Yeah...could I use your shower?"

Randy nods his head and licks his lips, "Yeah go ahead... and I'll walk you
to where you have to go once you freshen up..." Randy says as he smirks a bit
when a idea pops into his head.

Brooke smiles and blushes at Randy "Ok..." She says as she stands up from the
floor along with Randy.

Randy gets up from the floor, "Now don't take too long... your dad may be
looking for you..."

Brooke nods her head "Ok...where's the shower at?"

Randy point behind her, "Right back there.... you can use my towel..."

Brooke smiles "Ok...thank you Randy.." Brooke says as she walks around and
heads towards the bathroom inside of Randy Orton's private dressing room to
take a shower. Brooke approaches the door and opens the door, closing the
door behind her.

Once Brooke Hogan is gone into the shower, Randy licks his lips and laughs
as he rubs his hands together, "Hope you don't take too long... because I've
got a message to send... to your legendary father...."


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