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Welcome To The WWE Part 18: Layla El
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at the 2006 edition of Summerslam Pay-Per-View in Boston, MA, Mike
"The Miz" Mizanin is walking around backstage, dressed gray jeans and a
black t-shirt. The Miz sees the winner of the 2006 WWE Diva Search, Layla El
looking around, watching everyone go about their business for the biggest
pay-per-view of the summer. Miz casually walks over to the beautiful and
newest WWE diva with a smile on his face, "Hey Layla… how's it going?" The
Miz asks.

Layla El, the 2006 WWE Diva Search Winner and former NBA Miami Heat Dancer,
turns around with an ecstatic smile "Oh Mike!" Layla says in her adorable
British accent as she's dressed in a tight pair of black shorts and a black
semi-tank top shirt. Layla smiles happily as she looks at the host of the
2006 WWE Diva Search "I'm so happy to be here! I can't believe it!" Layla
says with her adorable British accent.

Miz smiles, "Well believe me, you are the newest WWE Diva, meaning you're
one of the sexiest women on television..." The Miz replies, "So how you like
being here so far?" Miz asks as he slides a hand into the pocket of his

Layla smiles as she raises her hands up "Oh I can't believe it Mike! I
love it! Everyone has been so awesome...and I just love my fans already!
It's so great!" Layla says as she slides her left hand through her black
puffy-frizzed out hair "Oh I just know...I'm gonna bring down the HEAT
here in WWE!"

The Miz nods his head, "There's no doubt about that... All the WWE fans are
going to love you... and everyone can't wait to see what type of HEAT you're
going to bring," The Miz says with a smile, "Heck I know I can't wait to see

Layla smiles as she places both of her hands on her slender, well-toned waist
"Oh Mike, I promise I'm gonna bring the HEAT alright..." Layla says with her
adorable British accent before she pauses and shyly looks down "Mike, would
you mind doing me a favor?"

The Miz takes his hand out of his pocket and nods his head, "Sure I can do
you a favor... and call me Miz... only my mother calls me Mike..." The Miz
says with a charming smile on his face.

Layla laughs "Ok Miz..." Layla says as she looks back up at The Miz "I
always wondering if you wouldn't mind showing me around, I'm still new around

"Oh sure... no problem..." The Miz smiles, "Although not every arena is laid
out the same way... some are bigger than this place..." The Miz says as he
looks at the beautiful 2006 WWE Diva Search Winner. "So... what do you want
to see first?"

Layla cutely shrugs her shoulders "Ohhh...I don't care Miz, anything would be
just great!" Layla says with a cute smile.

"All righty then..." The Miz says, "How about I show you some of the locker
rooms first, cause some people here have like awesome stuff in them." Miz
says as they both start to walk.

Layla nods her head as the former Miami Heat Dancer starts to follow Mike
"The Miz" Mizanin "Alright! And I'll give that a Hoo-rah!" Layla says with a
cute laugh in her adorable British accent.

The Miz pauses and looks back at Layla with a bit of a smirk on his face,
"That's not bad... but it's more like, HOO-RAH!" Miz says, doing his
trademarked shout in a loud voice before he resumes leading the newest WWE
Diva towards the locker room area. They continue to walk and as they approach
the first locker room, Mike "The Miz" Mizanin pushes the door open, "I don't
think this is anyone's locker room... no name on the door... but this is what
some look like..." Miz says as he holds the door open for Layla. Inside the
locker room are a long leather couch and a large Television set.

"Wow! This is totally amazing!" Layla says as she steps into the locker room
"I could really bring the HEAT down in here!"

The Miz lets go of the locker room door, and it closes on its own. "Hey...
just wondering... what kinda HEAT could you bring down in here?" The Miz asks
as he watches Layla check out the locker room.

Layla raises her eyebrow and looks back at The Miz with a playful smirk "What
do you think?" Layla asks in her adorable British accent.

"W-Well..." The Miz smirks a little as the stutters slightly, "I have a FEW
ideas of what type of HEAT you can bring..." The Miz says as casually as

Layla nods her head "Yeah..." Layla then laughs "Now you're shy...tell me
what you got in that mind of your's, Miz!"

"What? Me Shy? No Way!" The Miz laughs a little. "But what I got in mind...
is a little... well you now... a little..." The Miz pauses as he tries to
find the right word and then he gives up, "A little fucking to bring the
HEAT..." The Miz laughs.

Layla laughs a little as she rubs her soft, delicate hands together "Well
Miz...why don't we bring down the HEAT!" Layla says in her delightful,
adorable British accent.

"I'm down with that..." The Miz slightly licks his lips, "I'll give that a
big HOO-RAH!" The Miz says as he eagerly starts to lift up his black t-shirt,
exposing his solid abs and muscular chest. After he lifts his shirt over his
head, Miz drops it down to the floor of the locker room.

Layla nods her head and licks her lips "Yeah baby! That's what I'm talking
about!" Layla says as she takes a step towards The Miz and begins to removes
her black tank top, lifting it off of her body exposing her black laced bra

The Miz looks at Layla's nice round bra covered tits and smirks, "Whew
damn... glad I voted early and often..." Miz says as he starts to unbuckle
his belt. The Miz fumbles with the large silver belt buckle but he soon
unbuckles his belt and pulls it through the loops of his jeans.

Layla smiles "You voted for me!?" Layla asks excitedly as she starts to push
down her tight black shorts to reveal a thin black thong as she lowers her
shorts down her smooth, stunning legs.

"Oh yeah... I sure did... it was tough, cause I liked J.T... but I made the
choice and voted for you..." The Miz says as he unbuttons his gray jeans and
then unzips them. Miz pushes them down from his waist to reveal his black
boxer shorts. Miz lowers his boxer shorts and jeans down to his feet and
steps out of them, to reveal his long thick twelve-inch cock.

Layla licks her lips "Well...we're definitely bringing down the HEAT!" Layla
says as she steps towards The Miz as she remains dressed in her matching
black laced bra and black thong. Layla kneels down in front of Miz and the
former Miami Heat Dancer wraps her soft, delightful hands around The Miz's
cock and begins to swiftly stroke his cock, moving her hands up and down.

The Miz grits his teeth together as the 2006 Diva Search winner's hands move
back and forth along his fat cock. "Mmm yeah... the HEAT is going to get
brought down..." The Miz says as he leans down and reaches behind Layla to
release the clasp of Layla's bra, which causes it to fall a bit from her

Layla smiles up a bit Miz "Oh you don't like to wait at all, do you?" Layla
says with a playful wink before she leans her head down and places her warm,
wet tongue against the head of Miz's cock and then begins to circle her
tongue around the head of his cock.

The Miz groans a bit as Layla's tongue circles around and around the head of
his thick cock, "Mmmm... uhhhh who likes to wait to see someone naked?" The
Miz asks with a smile as he reaches down and peels Layla's bra completely
away from her nice round tits. Layla removes her hands from around Miz's
shaft allowing her black bra to slide off her arms and onto the floor,
completely exposing her nice, rounded tits. Layla closes her eyes as she
gently flicks her tongue against the head of The Miz's cock before she opens
her mouth and takes his cock into the warmth and sweetness of her mouth. The
former Miami Heat Dancer and now WWE Diva wraps her lips around Miz's shaft
gently and begins to smoothly bob her head on his cock as she sucks the Host
of SmackDown. The Miz groans loudly as the hot British woman bobs her head
along the length of his fat cock, "Ohhhh yeah.... ohhh yeah... uhhh bring
that HEAT!" The Miz moans as he puts both of his hands on top of her head as
he watches the dark skinned beauty devour his shaft. "Ohhhh... mmm... damn...
your mouth is so... hot..." The Miz moans as he feels Layla's tongue slides
against the bottom of his dick.

Layla bobs her head gradually quicker on his cock as she shifts his cock
around inside of her wet, warm mouth. Layla gently bats and slaps her tongue
back and forth against Miz's cock as she starts to grind her mouth against
his meaty cock. "Ooooo... shit... HOO-RAH!" The Miz moans loudly as he leans
his head back. The Miz slides his right hand to the back of Layla's head as
he starts thrusting his pelvis forward to push his cock a bit forward to get
more of his thick twelve-inch cock past Layla's hot lips. Layla begins to
moan softly around Miz's cock as she takes more of his cock into her
delightful mouth as she continues to suck off the host of the 2006 WWE Diva
Search, Mike Mizanin. "Uhhhh.... damn... ohh fuck...." Miz groans, "We got
to turn up the HEAT some...." The Miz says as he steps backward and pulls
his saliva dripping cock out of Layla's warm, moist mouth.

Layla licks her lips as she looks at Miz, excitedly "Oh baby! I'm ready to
bring the HEAT!"

"Same here... HOO-RAH!" The Miz says ash e bends down and helps Layla get up
to her feet. They both walk over to the couch and The Miz smirks, "Can you...
like kneel on the couch... I want to bring some HEAT behind you..." The Miz
says as he stands behind Layla and pulls down her black thong from her sexy

Layla smiles and licks her lips "Oh you better bring it baby!" Layla says in
her adorable British accent as she turns around, with her back facing The Miz
and the proceeds to kneel on the cushions on the leather couch.

The Miz licks his lips as Layla sticks her nice ass out towards him as she
kneels on the couch. "Oh I'm going to bring it..." Miz says as he stands
behind Layla and lays his hands on her hips. The Miz then slides his large
white cock into her hot tight pussy and begins thrusting in and out of her
cunt. "Uhhh yeah..." Miz grunts as his legs hit the sofa every time he
drives his cock deep into Layla's pussy as he starts building momentum.

Layla grits her teeth gently "Ohhhh...ohhh...awww...yesss!" Layla moans as
The Miz starts thrusting his hard, thick cock in and out of the 2006 WWE Diva
Search Winner's warm, tight pussy.

The Miz starts pulling Layla back towards him so that her ass presses against
his waist. He grits his teeth as he starts making his thrusts longer but he
still keeps his pace quick. "Uhhhh ahhhh oh yeah... you like that HEAT?!" Miz
grunts as he pounds Layla's pussy with his fat dick.

"Ohhh I love it baby!" Layla moans as she starts to buck her hips and thrust
her hot, stunning body back against Miz's cock forcing his cock deeper into
her tight, hot pussy. The Miz slows down his thrusts and then pulls his cock
out of Layla's hot wet pussy. He sits down on the leather couch next to
Layla, and he reaches over to get a hold of her. The Host of SmackDown then
pulls Layla on top of him and lowers her onto his large thick cock. Layla
smiles as she looks at Miz and places her hands on top of his strong
shoulders "Are you ready baby for a wild ride!?!" Layla asks ecstatically
before she tilts her head back and the former Miami Heat Dancer begins to
rock back and forth on Miz's cock as she bounces somewhat quickly on his
hard cock "Mmmmm baby! Feel the HEAT!" Layla moans as she slams her body
down on his cock.

"Ohhhh yeah... I want that wild ride..." The Miz groans as he holds onto
Layla's hips as she bounces hard and fast on his fat cock. The Miz grinds his
teeth together as he leans back on the couch and locks eyes with Layla as she
drops down as hard as she can repeatedly on his dick. "Uhhhh... fuck... I
love this HEAT!" Miz groans as Layla fucks him.

"Ohhh I love it too baby!" Layla moans as she rocks her body smoothly on
Miz's cock bouncing and falling down on his cock at a quicker, rougher rate
as her hot, stunning body begins to drip of sweat.

The Miz moves his hands from Layla's hips to her ass and he squeezes her ass
cheeks when she rocks back and forth on his dick. Sweat starts to roll down
his face and his smooth muscular chest. "Uhhhh ahhhhh fuck Layla... show me
that HEAT!" Miz moans as he thrusts his cock up deep into Layla's cunt. Layla
grits her teeth as she sharply grinds her pussy down against Miz's cock as
she bounces quickly and rocks her body on his cock at an equally quick rate.
The Miz wraps his arms around Layla's stunning hot body and turns over on the
couch so that he's on top of the former Miami Heat Dancer. The Miz puts his
hands on Layla's nice round sweat covered tits and begins pumping his hips in
order to ram his cock in and out of Layla's hot tight pussy as he fucks her
on the smooth leather couch.

Layla closes her eyes as her back rubs against the leather cushions off the
couch "Ohhhh...Lay...Lay...Lay it on me!" Layla moans as The Miz rams his
cock deeply into Layla's tight pussy as sweat drips off of his forehead onto

The Miz grits his teeth as sweat rolls down into his eyes. "Ahhhhh ahhhh
fuck... ohhhh damn you can... Bring... and take... the HEAT!" Miz grunts as
slams his cock as hard and fast as he can. The Miz arches his back a bit and
plows his fat twelve-inch cock as deep as possible into Layla's pussy.

"Ohhh I can baby!" Layla moans as she pushes her hot, slightly sweaty body
against The Miz's body as she grinds her pussy against his cock "Ohhh...Lay.
Lay baby!" Layla moans as she begins to cum against Miz's cock.

"Ohhh shit... yeah... I'm laying it... Baby..." The Miz groans as he feels
Layla warm juices flow over his cock as he continues to pump his cock in and
out of her soaking wet pussy. Layla grits her teeth as she lays her head
completely back on the cushion of the couch as The Miz rams and drives his
cock deeply into her soaking wet pussy. "Ahhh... uhhh... ohhh fuck... ohhh
fuck..." The Miz stops thrusting his cock into Layla's pussy and he pulls
out. The moment the head of his dick leaves Layla's pussy, he starts cumming
and he sprays his hot white cum onto Layla's smooth, sweat covered stomach.

Layla licks her as she sits up slightly on the couch as Miz's warm cum sprays
against her toned, flat stomach "Mmmm...Lay it on me baby" Layla slightly
moans in her adorable British accent.

The Miz finishes cumming and places his hands on Layla's stomach. "Whew...
how... do you like... my HEAT?" Miz asks as he starts to rub his cum over
Layla's toned, flat stomach.

Layla licks her lips and nods her head "Oh I love baby! I love the WWE!"
Layla says ecstatically.

The Miz smiles, "I'll give that... a big... HOO-RAH... you're going to...
bring the HEAT...every week..."


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