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Welcome To The WWE Part 19: Maryse Oullet
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On September 22, 2006, at premiere of WWE Friday Night SmackDown on the new
CW Network as the show that is single-handedly changing Friday nights returns
from a short commercial break, SmackDown's newest Diva and contestant from
the 2006 WWE Diva Search, Maryse appears on the screen in front of the Friday
Night SmackDown logo. The stunning blonde French-Canadian smiles as she
places her hands on her hips, while dressed in a short black skirt and a
black bikini-like top. "Bonjour! I am Maryse...and you're watching SmackDown
on the new CW!" Maryse, with a sweet smile, says as she welcomes the viewers
back from the commercial. Maryse presses her lips together and raises her
right hand up, she gently kisses the palm of her hand before she blows a
cute kiss to the viewing audience as the appearance of the stunning
French-Canadian Diva, Maryse, slowly fades out. A short distance away from
where the segment was being filmed at, the Ambassador of Quebec Sylvan and
the Longest Reigning Champion in Sports Entertainment Gregory Helms both have
smirks on their handsome faces as they just seen a look at the SmackDown
Brand's newest Diva.

Gregory Helms, dressed in his purple and black colored wrestling tights and
sleeveless black trenchcoat, licks his lips, "Fuck... she's a hot piece of
ass..." Helms says as unstraps the Cruiserweight Championship from around
his waist and drapes it over his shoulder.

Sylvan, wearing his dark blue wrestling tights, blue ring jacket with a blue
sash that has the emblem of Quebec, looks at Helms, "Of course she is a
beauty... she is a proud attractive French-Canadian... like myself..." Sylvan
says with a bit of arrogant attitude.

Helms laughs, "What ever... she's still hot... I wouldn't mind jumping on

Sylvan shakes his head and smiles, "On that we agree on..." Sylvan says
before he suddenly starts to walk the short distance over to Maryse where he
says, "Bonjour Maryse..."

Maryse raises her eyebrow as she slowly turns around to face Sylvan as he
approaches her "Bonjour..." Maryse says with a sweet smiles as she folds her
arms over her chest "How are you doing?" Maryse asks as she slightly presses
her lips together.

Sylvan puts his hand on his waist, "I am doing quite well... I have to
say it is quite refreshing to see another member of our homeland here on
SmackDown..." Sylvan says with a smile.

Gregory Helms casually walks over and stands next to The Ambassador from
Quebec, "Hey man, why'd you leave me hanging?" Helms says to Sylvan as he
noticeably looks right at the black bikini-like top Maryse is wearing.

Maryse raises her eyebrow as she glances of at Helms "Mmm...and who's this?"
Maryse asks her sweet French-Canadian accent as she slightly tosses her
blonde hair back as she casually glances at Helms's smooth, muscular upper

Helms smirks and slides a hand over his jet-black hair, "Gregory Helms,
SmackDown's Longest Reigning Cruiserweight Champion in history..." Helms
says taking the long way around to introduce himself.

Sylvan chuckles slightly, "He is... what he says he is..." Sylvan says
before clearing his throat. "Maryse... out of curiosity... have you had
the... opportunity to be properly welcomed to SmackDown?"

Maryse presses her lips together as she raises her eyebrow a bit "Ummm...I
don't believe so..." Maryse replies as she unfolds her arms and places them
on her hips "How do I...get welcomed to SmackDown?" Maryse asks in her broken
English and French-Canadian accent.

Helms laughs a bit, seeing that Maryse might be a bit naive, "Well let's
see... first you can..." Before Helms can finish his statement, Sylvan elbows
him slightly.

Sylvan then steps forward, "Myself and Gregory here can show you..." Sylvan
says as he takes Maryse's left hand and kisses the top of it before smiling
at her.

Maryse blushes a bit as she lowers herself slightly " you have me
curious..." Maryse replies with a smile as she locks her eyes on the smooth,
muscular buddies of Sylvan and Gregory Helms.

Sylvan lets go of Maryse's left hand and lifts his sash off of around his
blue ring jacket. "That is good that you're curious... we should go somewhere
more private..." Sylvan say as she looks at Gregory Helms. "Don't you agree?"
Gregory Helms licks his lips, "Yeah, fuck yeah I agree... let's get to my
locker room... lots of space there..." Helms says as he does an about face
and quickly heads off to his locker room. Sylvan shakes his head slightly,
"Ah... typical..." Sylvan says as he hooks his right arm with Maryse's left
arm, "Come my dear Maryse... we shall properly welcome you to the premier
brand of World Wrestling Entertainment..." Sylvan says in his French accent.

Maryse smiles and she licks her lips "I can't wait to find out..."

* * *

A short time later, Sylvan and Maryse are arriving at the locker room of
Gregory Helms, and Sylvan pushes the door open. Before he lets Maryse enter,
he happens to look inside and he sees that Helms is naked and ready for
action with a big smirk on his face. "Oy..." Sylvan slightly shakes his head.

"What took you guys?" Helms chuckles slightly as Sylvan lets Maryse enter
the locker room.

Maryse enters the locker room of Gregory Helms with her eyes widen at the
sight of the studdly Gregory Helms standing naked in front of her with his
hard, thick cock pointed in her direction "Wow..." Maryse replies as she
licks her lips slightly "Is...that for me?"

Gregory Helms nods his head and licks his lips as wraps a hand around his
ten-inch cock and gives it a quick stroke. "Yeah it is... hope it's the right
size..." Helms says with a smirk.

Sylvan closes the locker room door and hangs his sash on the door knob, "That
is just... half of what is for you Maryse..." Sylvan says as he undoes his
jacket and takes it off to reveal is smooth muscular upper body.

Maryse licks her lips as she glances back at Sylvan and presses her lips
together "Ohhh...two...for me?' Maryse replies in her French-Canadian accent
as she looks back at Gregory Helms and takes a step towards him. Maryse
kneels down in front of Helms and places her hands around his cock as she
begins to stroke his cock with smooth and soft strokes.

"You can do math... that's great..." Helms moans as the lovely
French-Canadian diva strokes his already fully hard cock. Meanwhile, Sylvan
pushes down his blue wrestling shorts and steps out of them to free his
eleven inch shaft. He walks to step around Maryse and he stands next to
Gregory Helms.

Maryse licks her lips as she glances up at Sylvan as she removes her left
hand from around Helms's cock and places it around Sylvan's cock as she
begins stroke his cock as she continues to stroke Gregory Helms with her
right hand. "Mmmm...ménage a trios..." Maryse softly moans before she leans
her head down and flicks her tongue against the head of Gregory's cock.

Sylvan licks his lips slightly as Maryse strokes his cock with her delicate
left hand. He puts his hands on his waist and closes his eyes, "Of course...
what better way to be welcomed to SmackDown... than with something that is
purely enjoyable..." Sylvan replies.

Helms smirks, "I know I'm enjoying this..." Helms moans as he thrusts his
cock forward so that the tip enters into Maryse's warm mouth. Maryse releases
a soft moan as she takes Helms's cock into her warm, wet mouth as she wraps
her lips gently around his cock. Maryse begins to slowly bob her head up and
down on Helms's cock as her soft lips rub against the skin of his shaft.
While Maryse begins to suck on Helms's cock, she moves her left hand smoothly
against Sylvan's cock as she removes her left hand from Helms's shaft and
reaches over her shoulder to unclip her black bikini-like top. "Ohhh yea...
mmmmm..." The three-time Cruiserweight champion moans as Maryse bobs her head
along the length of his shaft. He puts his hands on her hair and moves his
hips so that his ball sack swings slightly, and occasionally they hit against
her Maryse's chin.

Maryse gently moans against Helms's cock as she gently slaps her tongue
against his cock. "Mmmmm...mmmmm" Maryse's moans vibrate against Helms's
shaft as her warm saliva drips on his cock. She then suddenly lifts her
head up from Helms's cock as she removes her black bikini-like top,
exposing her large, firm French-Canadian tits. Maryse smiles up at Helms
as she places her right hand back on his cock and begins rub her saliva
against his shaft while she turns to Sylvan and flicks her tongue against
the head of his cock.

Sylvan casually smiles down at Maryse as she grazes her tongue against the
head of his cock, "Mmm... quite nice..." Sylvan says as he pushes Maryse's
blond hair back with his right hand.

Helms groans as he loves the feeling of Maryse stroking his saliva covered
cock, "Oh yea... get it all covered... it's going to help later..." Helms
says as he looks down behind Maryse as her ass. Maryse smiles before she
leans her head into Sylvan's cock more as she opens her mouth, taking
Sylvan's meaty, hard cock into her soothing, wet mouth. Maryse wraps her
lips around his cock and begins to instantly bob her head at a smooth,
swift pace.

"Ohhh yes..." Sylvan moans lightly as Maryse quickly moves her mouth up and
down on his thick French-Canadian dick. He gently grabs a handful of her hair
with his left hand and holds it behind her head so that he can see her nose
almost press against his cock as she sucks on his cock.

"Shit... she's giving you better head..." Helms says, sounding a bit jealous
as he smirks and frees his cock from Maryse's right hand. The North Carolina
born wrestler steps around behind the hot French-Canadian diva and kneels
down. He lifts her shot black skirt up and lowers down her thin black thong
that she's wearing underneath them. "Look out... I'm coming through..." Helms
chuckles a bit before he rams his saliva dripping shaft into Maryse's hot

"Mmmm...ohhhh...fuck..." Maryse groans against Sylvan's cock as her stunning
French-Canadian hot body jumps forward slightly forcing more of Sylvan's cock
into her warm, wet mouth as Gregory Helms slams his hard, thick cock into her
tight, warm pussy.

Helms licks his teeth a bit as he holds onto Maryse's slender waist as he
pulls her back towards him. "Uhhhh... ohhh fuck she is TIGHT!" Helms grunts
as he drills Maryse's pussy with sharp swift thrusts that results in her
balls smacking against her ass cheeks.

"No... mmmm... surprise... she is French-Canadian..." Sylvan groans as
Maryse adjusts herself so that she's able to suck on his shaft while Helms
is fucking her. Maryse closes her eyes as she laps her soft, delicate tongue
around Sylvan's shaft, lathering his cock with her wet and soothing saliva.
Maryse's moans increases against Sylvan's cock as she begins to bob her head
at a quicker pace as she begins to slightly deep throat her fellow French
Canadian's cock, while she pushes her hot, stunning body back against Helms's

"Fuck... if her... ass is like her pussy... then I'm glad she's a diva!"
Helms groans as he appears to be having the time of his life in pounding
Maryse's French-Canadian pussy with his fat American dick.

Sylvan smirks slightly as he lets go of Maryse's blond hair so that it
falls smoothly back into place, "Ahh Maryse... you are credit to being
French-Canadian..." Sylvan moans as he feels the tip of his cock slightly
hit the back of her throat.

Maryse slowly lifts her head up from Sylvan's cock as she moans "Ohhhhh fuck
yesss..." Maryse moans as Helms slams his cock deeper into her tight pussy,
causing her body to rock forward before she slams back against his hard cock
"Mmmm...ohhhh...I love a good ménage a trios!" Maryse moans as she looks up
at Sylvan with his cock dripping of her saliva.

Sylvan licks his lips, "Let's not make this a good ménage a trios... let us
make this... a great one..." Sylvan says as he looks at Gregory Helms. "Pull
out... and lay down... so you can see how great her pure French-Canadian ass
is..." Sylvan says, even though he's never fucked Maryse's ass before

The sweating Gregory Helms pulls out of Maryse's hot tight pussy and he lays
down on the floor of the floor behind her. "All right... I'm ready..." Helms

Maryse presses her lips together as she gets down on the floor with Helms,
she turns around with her back facing Helms and gently sits down on top of
him. Maryse bites down on her bottom lip as she places her left hand around
his cock and guides his cock into her tight asshole as she lowers herself
down on his cock "Ohhhhhh...ohhhh yeah..." Maryse moans as she closes her
eyes and leans back, placing her hands on Helms's smooth, muscular chest as
she spreads her legs apart giving Sylvan a great view of her hot, shaven

"Ahhh ahhhh fuck her ass...!" Gregory Helms grits his teeth as he feels
Maryse's hot tight asshole squeeze his cock tighter than he's use too. Sylvan
smirks as he kneels down and positions himself right between Maryse's long,
smooth legs. He guides his cock into her warm pussy and he makes sure Maryse
feels every inch of his cock enter her cunt by placing his hands on her hips
and rocking her forward on Helms's stiff cock.

Maryse bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Sylvan's cock enter her
tight, warm pussy "Ohhhhh shit..." Maryse moans as she rocks back against
Helms's cock before Sylvan begins to thrust his cock in and out of her
tight, warm and wet pussy "Ohhhh ohhhhh yesss..." Maryse moans as she
begins to sweat.

Sylvan keeps his body fairly upright as he uses his hips to drive his
cock in and out of Maryse's tight pussy, "Uhhh... mmmm... you are
French-Canadian..." Sylvan says with a moan, implying that Maryse is
exactly as he'd expect she would be.

Meanwhile Helms is bucking his body wildly underneath Maryse as he drives
his cock up into her ass so sharply that she jumps up a bit and comes down
hard on his shaft. "Ahhhh ohhh fuck!" Helms groans as Maryse somewhat
overwhelms him.

Maryse tilts her head back causing her blonde hair to gently smack against
Helms's handsome face "Ohhhh...ohhhh...ohhhh yesss!" Maryse moans in her
French-Canadian accent as she bounces on Helms's cock inside of her tight
asshole as her hot, sweating body is thrusted forward against Sylvan's cock
inside of her tight pussy "Ohhhh...mmm...yessss..." Maryse groans.

"Ahh... ohhh... uhhh fuck me!" Gregory Helms, the longest reigning
Cruiserweight Champion in SmackDown history arches his back sharply as he
starts cumming inside of Maryse's hot tight asshole.

Meanwhile Sylvan smirks as he starts to sweat. He leans forward and brushes
his lips against Maryse's as he continues to slam his cock in and out of her
hot tight pussy. "Uhh... mmmm... so perfect..." Sylvan groans as he gives his
fellow French-Canadian's pussy a raw fucking.

Maryse's licks her lips as she rocks back against Helms's cum-released cock
as her asshole drips of his warm cum "Ohhhh ohhh...yesss..." Maryse groans as
Sylvan's roughly slams his cock into her pussy "Ohhhh mmm...." Maryse moans
as she begins to cum.

Gregory Helms's eyes roll back at bit as Maryse continues to move on his
spent-dick. "Ahhh... ohhh god damn..." Helms groans as he almost passes out.

Sylvan grits his teeth together as Maryse's pussy squeezes his cock like a
vice as her climax has her shaking a bit. "Ahhh... ooooo mmmm..." Sylvan
keeps fucking Maryse's right up until he can't hold out anymore and his cock
erupts inside of her pussy, flooding her wet, hot cunt with his warm cum.

Maryse arches her back and opens her mouth wide as she moans loudly "Ohhhhhh
I love SmackDown..."


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