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Welcome To The WWE Part 20: Amy Zidian
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at the November 3rd, 2006 SmackDown television taping, Jimmy Wang
Yang, wearing blue leather chaps over a pair of blue jeans and a leather open
vest plus a black cowboy hat, is walking around backstage towards his locker
room. He enters the room and takes off his hat, "Hey Amy, are ya in here?"
Jimmy says in his slightly high-pitched, deep southern accent as he closes
the locker room door.

"Yeah baby...your girl's right here." The adorable, blonde haired redneck
cutie Amy Zidian replies with a cute laugh as she steps out from the changing
area, dressed in a light blue tied top, short pair of 'Daisy Duke' style jean
shorts, and a pair of tan colored cowgirl boots. Amy presses her lips
together as she places her hands on her hot, curvy waist "How's my boy
doin'?" Amy asks in her slightly southern accent.

"Oh I'm doing all right Amy... your boy's just a little sore at that no-good
Sylvan for cheatin' me out of my match earlier..." Jimmy says as he snaps his
fingers a bit, "But I ain't gonna let that get me down..." Jimmy says with a

Amy frown cutely as she shakes her head "Awww shucks...Jimmy you're sore"
Amy says as she takes a step closer towards Jimmy Wang Yang, before smiling

"Darn tootin' I'm sore..." Jimmy says, "But like I said, I ain't gonna let
that get me down... cause I got my girl to keep my head up right..." Jimmy
Wang Yang replies, as he looks at his cute, adorable sweetheart.

Amy cutely pushes her shoulders up and bites down on her bottom lip "And...I
got my boy!" Amy replies cutely before she smiles excitedly "Oh Jimmy! Can I
come to ring with you tonight...please Jimmy boy...Please!" Amy cutely begs.

Jimmy scratches the back of his head, "I dunno can get mighty rough
and tough out there... now I don't want anything to happen to ya..." Jimmy
replies and as he sees the look on Amy's face, he smiles, "But I can't say no
to ya... you're my girl... and it'll be great to have ya out there with me."

Amy smiles before she leans forward and gently hugs Jimmy "Oh you're my boy!"
Amy says cutely before she breaks the hug and stands in front of Jimmy Wang
Yang with an adorable smile on her precious, cute face.

Jimmy smiles at Amy, "Now... Amy... you know... I could use a little warming
up... I got that big match with Gregory Helms tonight too..." Jimmy says with
a smile, "Ya wanna help me get all loose like a goose?

Amy smiles and nods her head "You bet I do...cause you're my boy..." Amy
replies before the redneck cutie licks her lips "Anything for my boy!"

Jimmy raises an eyebrow a bit, "Anything for ya boy..." Jimmy Wang Yang
smiles a bit, "Amy, now, you're my girl... and you know me... I ain't the
kind to tell anyone what to do..." Jimmy says in his deep southern accent
as he slightly shrugs off his open leather vest.

Amy cutely presses her lips together "Mmm...but're my boy...I'd
do anything for you..." Amy replies as she the redneck cutie steps towards
Jimmy and places her soft hands on his smooth, semi-muscular chest before
she cutely winks "And...I do mean anything."

Jimmy Wang Yang slides a hand over his head and smiles, "I know Amy...but...
uh... how about ya show me what ya'll do...." Jimmy says as he feels Amy's
gentle hangs on his smooth chest as he starts to go about undoing his chaps
and jeans.

Amy smiles and slowly nods her head "Ok Jimmy boy..." Amy replies as she
slides her hands down from his smooth chest and down to his stomach before
the redneck cutie begins to unbuckle the black belt around Jimmy's jeans,
once Amy removes the belt she lowers herself down to her knees in front of

Jimmy smiles, "Aw, that's my girl... all ready to help out her boy..."
Jimmy says as he lowers his jeans and chaps, along with the briefs that he
is wearing, feeing his rather thick nine inch All-American redneck cock.
Jimmy steps out of his jeans, chaps and briefs and kicks them to the side
as stands right in front of his cute sweetheart.

Amy licks her lips cutely before she glances up at Jimmy "Ohh you really are
my boy!" Amy says before she reaches forward and gently takes hold of Jimmy's
semi-hard All-American redneck cock with both of her soft hands and begins to
gently stroke his cock.

Jimmy Wang Yang puts his hands on his waist and licks his lips slightly as
Amy strokes his cock with both of her gentle hands, "Mmmmm... awww that's my
girl..." Jimmy moans as he closes his eyes a bit and tilts his head backwards
slightly. Amy smiles cutely as she smoothly guides her soft, gentle hands
against Jimmy's shaft before the redneck cutie leans her head down and gently
places her wet tongue against the head of Jimmy's and begins to circle her
tongue around the head of his cock as she removes her hands from his shaft
and begins to untie her light blue top.

"Ohhhh yea... Amy... whew... ya know how to get a man's blood all boiling..."
Jimmy moans as he opens his eyes and looks down at his girl as she circles
her tongue around the head of his shaft while she unties her light blue top.
Jimmy wraps his left hand around the base of his dick and holds it still so
that Amy can dab her tongue against more than just the tip of it. Amy closes
her soft, gentle eyes as she gently taps her tongue against the head of his
cock before she opens up her light blue top to expose her firmly, rounded,
hot southern-redneck tits as she removes her light blue top for her petite,
curvy and tanned body. "Mmmmmm... that's my gir.... mmmm ya'll is so good
Amy..." Jimmy moans as he looks at Amy's gorgeous, curvy tanned body as she
continues to gently slide her tongue against the head of his rock hard
redneck cock.

Amy opens her adorable eyes and slowly lifts her eyes up and locks them with
her redneck boyfriend, Jimmy Wang Yang, before she opens her hot and wet
mouth as she lowers her head on Jimmy's cock and takes his redneck cock into
her mouth. The redneck cutie, Amy Zidian, presses her lips around his shaft
as she starts to smoothly bob her head.

"Whew-wee... mmmm... oh ya... I'm ya boy..." Jimmy moans as he places both
of his hands on Amy's head and pushes her hair back as she slowly bobs her
head up and down on his stiff cock. "Boy... there are only two things a true
redneck like me loves... fightin' and lovin'..." Jimmy moans as he looks
into his sweetheart's soft adorable eyes. Amy gently laps her tongue around
Jimmy's shaft as she smoothly bobs her head as she sucks her redneck
boyfriend's cock at a decent, but gently rate as her warm saliva slaps
against his hard cock. "Whew... mmmm... hey Amy... ya boy might need a
little more from ya... than just your pretty mouth..." Jimmy says as he
moans, just before he starts to gently push Amy's head back so that his
saliva covered redneck shaft falls from her sweet All-American mouth.

Amy lifts her head up from Jimmy's cock and she licks her lips as her warm
saliva drips down Jimmy's hard, redneck cock "Awww're my boy..."
Amy says with a cute smile as she reaches down and begins to unbutton her
short 'Daisy Duke' jean shorts.

Jimmy Wang Yang licks his lips as he slides his hand over his short black
hair, "And you're my girl Amy..." Jimmy says as he starts to get down on his
knees. He gently pushes Amy to lay on her back, and then he takes hold of her
short 'Daisy Duke' jean shorts and starts to pull them down from her curvy
sexy hips. Amy bites down on her bottom lip as she spreads her smooth, tanned
legs apart as Jimmy removes her 'Daisy Duke' jean shorts to expose her hot,
shaven pussy. Amy slides her hands through her soft blonde hair as she locks
her soft eyes with Jimmy as she lays on the cold floor of the locker room.
Jimmy smiles and he pushes Amy's smooth, sexy legs apart as he lays on top
of his beautiful redneck sweetheart. Jimmy then slowly pushes his cock into
Amy's hot, shaved All-American pussy as he puts his hands on her small
shoulders. "Whew... oooo girl..." Jimmy moans as he begins to move his cock
in and out of Amy's hot pussy.

Amy cutely bites down on her bottom lip as feels Jimmy's hard All-American
cock thrust in and out of her sweet, tight pussy "Ohhhh yeah my boy..." Amy
moans softly as she begins to gently push her body against Jimmy's cock as
he lays on top of her.

Jimmy looks down at Amy as he steadily pumps his cock in and out of Amy's
warm, sweet, tight pussy. "Ohhhh yea girl... mmm...." Jimmy licks his lips
as he slowly starts to quicken the pace of his thrusts, but he continues to
fuck Amy as gently as possible.

"Ohhhh Jimmy...ohhh give it to your girl..." Amy moans softly as she gently
wraps her smooth, tanned legs around Jimmy's waist as she starts to grind
her pussy against his redneck cock as he thrusts into her tight, warm pussy.

Jimmy nods his head a bit, "All right Amy... I'm gonna give it to ya good..."
Jimmy grunts as he really starts to pick up the pace and he starts thrusting
his redneck cock a bit harder into Amy's tight warm, All American pussy.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh Jimmy!" The redneck cutie moans loudly as her petite, curvy
body slides back and forth against the cold locker room floor as Jimmy bucks
his hips, slamming his cock harder and quicker into Amy's tight, warm pussy
"Ohhh you're my boy..." Amy moans as she begins to lightly sweat.

"Ahhh... and ya'll... my girl...." Jimmy moans as he slams his cock as hard
as he can into Amy's warm, tight, wet pussy. "Amy... I want ya... to ride my
like a cowgirl...." Jimmy says with a smile as sweat drips from his forehead
before he rolls over so that his beautiful redneck sweetheart is on top of
him. Amy bites down on her bottom lip cutely as she places her hands gently
against Jimmy's smooth chest before the redneck cutie begins to gently rock
her hot, curvy petite body on Jimmy's cock back and forth as she starts to
gently bounce on his cock as well.

Jimmy Wang Yang puts his hands on Amy's curvy waist and he begins to
occasionally thrust his stiff redneck cock up into Amy's warm, wet pussy as
she rocks and bounces on his dick. "Ahhh... mmmm... that's my girl..." Jimmy
moans as he looks up at his sweetheart.

Amy slightly tilts her head back and releases a groan as her petite, curvy
body slams down harder on Jimmy's cock "Ohhhh my boy..." Amy moans as she
rocks her body back and then forward on his cock as she gently moves her
soft hands against Jimmy's chest while she rides his cock the only way a
true cowgirl could.

"Whew-wee! Ya'll great is great Amy..." Jimmy grunts as he matches Amy's pace
as he thrusts his stiff, cock up into his sweetheart's warm, wet pussy. Jimmy
grits his teeth, "Ahhh... ya'll my girl..." Jimmy groans as he starts to cum,
shooting his warm, redneck cum up into Amy's warm, wet pussy.

Amy closes her eyes and licks her lips as she feels Jimmy's warm cum enter
her tight pussy as she smoothly continues to ride Jimmy's redneck cock as she
begins to gradually slow down "Ohhhh Jimmy..."

Jimmy licks his lips as he finishes filling Amy's warm pussy with his warm
cum, "Ahhhh... Amy... ya is great..." Jimmy moans as the last bit of his cum
leaves his cock.

Amy presses her lips together as she shrugs her shoulders cutely "Well...
Jimmy...I am your girl..."

"That's right..." Jimmy smiles, "And I'm ya boy..." Jimmy says as he reaches
for his black cowboy and he puts it on Amy's head, "Ride 'em cowgirl..."


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