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can just say that we are that damn good). But regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Welcome To The WWE Part 22: Anastacia Rose
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage, following the October 9, 2007 SmackDown television tapings, Rey Mysterio
exits the trainers' room after getting attacked by the Undertaker during his match with
Finlay. Dressed in a black luchadore mask and baggy wrestling pants, Rey starts walking
to the locker room area, rotating his left shoulder that got worked on in the main event.
As Rey walks he sees that SmackDown's newest Diva and backstage correspondent,
Anastacia Rose is exiting the 'Announcer's Lounge', where the WWE's announcers and
backstage correspondents exchange notes on how to constantly improve. Rey smiles as
he approaches Anastacia, "Hey.... Good job tonight..." Rey says as he catches the new
Diva by surprise.

The Hispanic beautiful and sexy SmackDown Correspondent, Anastacia Rose, smiles and
blushes a bit "Awww thanks! I was so nervous!" Anastacia replies, while dressed in a
pair of tight fitting jeans and a black tank top.

Rey smiles as he adjusts his black mask a bit, "Really it didn't show when you were
interviewing me..." Rey says.

Anastacia presses her sultry lips together as she casually looks at the impressive muscular
chest of Rey Mysterio "Well...I was..." Anastacia Rose replies with a laugh before she
takes a deep breath "I'm just so excited to be working for the WWE...I mean, I was really
bummed when I lost the search for the next Pussycat Doll"

Rey smiles, "Well it looks to me the Pussycat Dolls picked the wrong one to be in their
little dance group..." Rey says, "You're real hot... I mean you got some presence...."

"Awwww Rey..." Anastacia says as she shyly looks away "So...what do all you guys do
when you aren' you know, wrestling?" Anastacia asks.

Rey laughs a bit, "Oh... well... we do a lot of things to cool down..." Rey says as he rubs
the back of his masked head, "Some of it's more intense than being in he ring... but it's all
fun..." Rey explains.

Anastacia raises an eyebrow "Oh really? Like what?" Anastacia asks as she licks her soft,
sultry lips.

"Ummm.... well...." Rey pauses and smiles a bit, "It's better if I show you..." Rey says as
he starts to walk down the hallway towards the locker room area. Rey looks over his
shoulder at Anastacia, "Are you... curious?"

Anastacia bites down on her bottom lip before she nods her head eagerly "Oh yeah! I'm
curious..." Anastacia Rose says before she follows Rey Mysterio down the hallway
towards the locker room area.

Rey smiles and laughs a bit, "You're going to be really surprised..." Rey says as he makes
a turn into a connecting hallway and approaches his locker room door. The Masked
Superstar pushes the door to his locker room open and holds it for Anastacia to enter first.

Anastacia smiles "Gracias..." Anastacia says sweetly as she enters the locker room of the
muscular, well-toned Hispanic Rey Mysterio.

"De nada..." Rey says, as he gives Anastacia the Spanish equivalent of 'you're welcome.
Rey enters his locker room and closes the door. Without saying anything, Rey gently
takes Anastacia's left hand and walks her over to a large, comfortable leather couch and
sits her down, then he sits next to her, "Are you ready to find out what we do when not in
the ring?" Rey asks with a smile.

Anastacia seductively looks at Rey Mysterio and smiles "Si...." Anastacia says with a
soft, seductive laugh. Rey licks his lips before he unbuttons the chin-strip of his mask;
Rey then leans towards Anastacia and softly kisses her soft, sensual lips. Rey eases his
tongue into her mouth as he places his right hand on her left thigh as he slowly deepens
the kiss. "Mmmmm..." Anastacia softly moans into Rey's warm mouth as she kisses him
back, gently patting her soft tongue against his tongue. Anastacia places her soft,
soothing hands against Rey's muscular, nicely toned chest.

"Mmmm..." Rey moans into Anastacia's mouth as he slowly moves his hand towards the
buttons of her tight fitting jeans. As Rey slowly slides his tongue against Anastacia's soft
tongue, he unbuttons and unzips her jeans so that he can starts pushing them down from
her smooth waist.

"Mmmmm...." Anastacia moans as she closes her eyes and gently moves her soft hands
against Rey's muscular waist as he unbuttons and then lowers her tight jeans. Rey
Mysterio slowly breaks the kiss with Anastacia as he slides off the couch so that he can
completely bring down her tight jeans, revealing a pair of hot red panties. After Rey has
pulled her jeans off of her smoothly shaved legs, the Masked Superstar puts both of his
hands on Anastacia's waist and begins to slide down her red panties, revealing her
smoothly shaved, hot Hispanic pussy.

Anastacia bites down on her bottom lip as she seductively spreads her smooth, gorgeous
legs apart and teases Rey with the sight of her smoothly shaven, hot pussy. "
like that Rey?"

"Si...." Rey nods his head and licks his lips. Rey scoots between Anastacia's legs and
lowers his head down so that he can gently flick his wet Mexican tongue against
Anastacia's soft pussy lips, and also he begins to push down his black baggy wrestling
pants from his well-toned waist.

"Ohhhh...Gracias Rey...." Anastacia Rose softly moans as she bites down on her bottom
lip and tilts her head back while she feels Rey's skilled tongue brushing against her soft
pussy. Anastacia gently pushes her hot pussy against Rey's mask covered face as he eats
her delicious pussy.

"Mmmmm..." Rey moans as he starts to push his tongue into Anastacia Rose's hot, wet
pussy. The Masked Superstar slowly darts his tongue in and out of her pussy as he pushes
down his wrestling pants, bringing out his hardening fourteen inch Mexican cock.
Anastacia gently places her smooth, gorgeous legs onto Rey's strong shoulders as she
gently grinds her hot Hispanic pussy against his handsome, mask covered face.

Rey takes off the gloves that he wears in the ring for his matches and then brings his left
hand to Anastacia's pussy and slowly eases in his middle and fore fingers. As he moves
his tongue in and out of her pussy, Rey skillfully starts to pump his fingers into
Anastacia's pussy as she pushes herself against his mask covered face. "Ohhhh that fucking pussy!" Anastacia seductively groans.

Rey lifts his head up from Anastacia's pussy and smiles at her as he keeps thrusting his
fingers in and out of her hot pussy, "That's just a little warm up Ana..." Rey says before
he flicks his tongue once more against Anastacia's pussy. Rey takes his fingers out of her
pussy and slowly stands up so that he can lift up the hot Hispanic Diva's black tank top.

Anastacia laughs a bit as she raises her arms to help with Rey removing her black tank
top to expose her nicely sized, firmly rounded tits. Anastacia lowers her eyes and
hungrily licks her lips as she notices Rey's hardening fourteen-inch Hispanic cock. "Now
there's a nice burrito..."

Rey laughs a bit, "Thanks Ana..." Rey says as he drops her tank top on the floor. The
handsome, masked wrestler gets on the couch with Anastacia and has her lay on her left
side as he lays behind her. Rey lifts up Anastacia's right leg, and with a smooth, easy
thrust, Rey Mysterio pushes his fourteen inch cock into her hot, wet and tight Hispanic

Anastacia glances over her shoulder and locks her soft, seductive eyes with Rey Mysterio
as he firmly pushes his hard cock into her warm, tight pussy from behind "Ohhhhhhhh
Rey..." Anastacia moans as she gently pushes back against his fourteen inch cock.

Rey licks his lips as he easily thrusts his cock in and out of Anastacia's tight pussy,
"Mmmmm.... you like?" Rey asks as he holds up Anastacia's right leg to allow himself to
push his cock deeper into her pussy.

"Ohhhh much!" Anastacia lustfully moans as she turns her head and softly
kisses Rey's lips, gently flicking her tongue against his lips while she smoothly grinds her
hot Hispanic body against his muscular body.

Rey parts his lips and begins to flick his tongue against Anastacia's tongue as he begins to
increase the pace of his thrusts. "Mmmmm..." Rey moans as he smoothly pumps his
fourteen inch cock in and out of Anastacia's pussy as he feels her hot round Hispanic ass
grinding against his muscular waist.

"Mmmmm!" Anastacia Rose moans as she slaps her wet tongue against Rey's tongue as
she sensually kisses the muscular, handsome Hispanic WWE Superstar. Anastacia
smoothly grinds her hot, wet pussy against Rey's firmly thrusting cock as he deeply
pushes himself into her tight pussy.

"Ahhh... mmmm..." Rey moans as taps his tongue against Anastacia's tongue as they kiss.
Rey thrusts his cock harder into her tight, warm pussy as he lowers her right leg so that
it's draped over his legs. The hot, masked Superstar then starts to turn over onto his back
so that Layla is on top of him mounted on top of his fourteen inch cock. Rey puts his
hand on Anastacia's lower back and helps her sit up slightly on his shaft.

"Ohhhh Gracias....senor...." Anastacia cutely moans as she presses her sultry lips together
and tilts her head back while placing her hands back on Rey's muscular chest before she
starts to smoothly and skillfully rock back and forth on the rock hard Hispanic cock of
Rey Mysterio.

"Mmmmm.... De Nada senorita..." Rey moans as he keeps his hands placed on
Anastacia's lower back as she rocks back and forth on his large, thick Hispanic cock. Rey
licks his lips as he looks up at Anastacia's reddish-brown hair brushing lightly against his
masked face and the handsome Superstar begins to lightly thrust his cock up into her
warm, tight Hispanic pussy.

Anastacia gently grits her teeth together as she starts to slam her nicely toned and
gorgeously hot Hispanic body down onto the rock hard cock of Rey Mysterio, before she
smoothly rocks back on his shaft "Ohhhhh shit..." Anastacia moans as Rey slams his cock
up into her pussy.

"Mmmmm.... ahhh yea..." Rey moans as Anastacia slams down on his fourteen inch
cock. Rey moves his hands to her hips and helps Anastacia rise up to the head of his dick
so that she can slam down on almost every inch of his rock hard Hispanic cock.

Anastacia closes her eyes as she grinds her pussy sharply against his shaft while she
quickly rocks back and forth on his cock before her pussy starts to tighten around his
Hispanic cock. "Ohhhh senor..."

"Uhhhh yeah... mmmm come senorita..." Rey moans as he pops his hips upward so that
he can thrusts his cock up into her tight Hispanic pussy as she grinds herself on his thick
shaft. Rey moves his hands back to Anastacia's lower back and gives her some support as
she leans back.

"Ohhhhhh...." Anastacia moans as she slowly licks her lips while her warm cum pours
onto Rey's rock hard cock. Anastacia's hands smoothly move back on Rey's muscular

"Mmmmm... ohhh yea.... mmmm..." Rey moans as he slows down his thrusts as
Anastacia lightly rocks on his fourteen inch cock as she cums on his dick. "You like what
we do when not in the ring?" Rey asks with a smile.

Anastacia bites down on her bottom lip as she glances back over her shoulder at the
muscular, well-hung Rey Mysterio as his cock remains in her extremely wet pussy "Ohhh
si senor...Gracias....Gracias..."

"De Nada... De Nada..." Rey laughs a bit, "Do you... want to... try my burrito now? You
seemed to want to taste it before..." Rey asks with a charming smile.

Anastacia slowly comes to a stop after gently rocking on his cock that is soaked with her
warm cum and pussy juices "Mmm...can I?"

"Si... si..." Rey nods his head and smiles as Anastacia begins to very slowly lift herself
off of his cum and pussy juices covered cock. Anastacia licks her lips as she locks her
seductive eyes with Rey while she lowers herself down onto her knees, as Rey sits up on
the couch with his rock hard cock. Anastacia leans forward on her knees and lowers her
head as she opens her hot mouth and instantly takes Rey's cock into her mouth.
"Mmmmmm.... ahhh...." Rey Mysterio moans as he feels Anastacia's soft wet tongue
pressing against the bottom of his fourteen inch Hispanic cock as she holds his dick in her
mouth for a long moment.

"Mmmmm...." Anastacia softly moans as she smoothly bobs her head on Rey's rock hard
Hispanic cock, brushing her soft lips against his shaft as she starts to eagerly bob her
head, sucking Rey's cock at a quickening, gentle pace.

"Mmmmmm.... ohhh yea..." Rey moans as he watches Anastacia bob her head quickly up
and down on his thick cock. Rey reaches forward with his right hand and pushes
Anastacia's hair back when it falls forward to block his view of what she's doing.
Anastacia Rose lifts her seductive, sweet eyes and locks them with Rey as she gently
brushes her wet tongue against the bottom side of his rock hard shaft while her hot mouth
works over his thick Hispanic cock.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm.... ohhh yea..." Rey moans as he looks into Anastacia's sweet,
seducing eyes as she sucks his cock. "Ohhhh yea... mmmm..." Rey licks his lips as he
leans back on the couch as Anastacia Rose takes over ten inches of his cock into her

The hot, seductive Hispanic Diva, Anastacia Rose, impressively holds Rey's rock hard,
very thick Hispanic cock inside of her wet and warm mouth. "Mmmm... hmmm..."
Anastacia softly moans as she smoothly bobs her head as the head of his cock smacks
against the back of her hot mouth, while her saliva drips down on his shaft.

"Mmmmm... ahhhh... ohhhh..." Rey grits his teeth together as he begins cumming
suddenly inside of Anastacia's hot wet mouth. Rey's cock throbs wildly as he gives
Anastacia a complete mouthful of his warm, thick cum.

"MMMMMM!" Anastacia happily moans around Rey's throbbing cock as his warm cum
fills her hot mouth. Anastacia firmly presses her lips around his shaft before slowly
lifting her head off of his cock.

"Ahhh... ohhh gracias senorita..." Rey moans as he closes his eyes for a moment and then
opens them to look at Anastacia as she glances up at him with her mouth still full with his
cum. Anastacia slyly locks her eyes with Rey before she seductively swallows his warm
cum right in front of the handsome Hispanic Superstar.

Rey Mysterio smiles, "Ana... I think you're going to love being in the WWE...."

Anastacia laughs and licks her lips "I can't wait to see what else happens in the WWE..."
Anastacia Rose pauses and then licks at Rey with a cutely raised eyebrow "Hey...doesn't
something really big happen around here in January involving the WWE Divas?"
Anastacia sighs a bit "It's something like the Royal Rumble..."

Rey nods his head, "Oh yeah... there is... it's really fun... and very physical..."

"I can't wait!"


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