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ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

Also, Kristi and I don't.... DON'T! DO NOT!!! write the following types of
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1990s WCW Fiction, 1993 to 2000 ECW Fiction and also, we DON'T write
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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Welcome To The WWE Part 23: Eve Torres
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Shortly after being announced as the 2007 WWE Diva Search Winner on the
October 29, 2007 edition of Monday Night RAW, Eve Torres has just gotten
away from Todd Grisham who was interviewing her for, and is eagerly
roaming the arena to meet some of the WWE Superstars and Divas she'll be
working with. As she walks in the direction of the ring area, Jeff Hardy,
dressed in black baggy wrestling pants and a black tank-top, sees Eve just
as she notices him, "Hey Eve, congrats on becoming the new Diva..." Jeff
says as Eve completely approaches him.

The sexy, beautiful former NBA Los Angeles Clippers Spirit dancer and now
WWE Diva, Eve, smiles and she sweetly nods her head "Oh thank you!" Eve says
as she's dressed in a short black skirt and a tight yellowish-tan top "I'm
so excited! I really wanted to win so bad..." Eve says as she locks her
seductive, playful eyes on Jeff Hardy.

Jeff smiles, "Well from what I'm told, by Layla and Ashley, every girl wants
to be a WWE Diva..." Jeff says, "I'm just glad the right person won again..."
Jeff says with a small laugh, hinting that he has voted for Eve.

Eve places her hands on her nicely rounded hips and presses her seductive
lips together "Are you saying you voted for me...Jeff Hardy?" Eve says with
a sweet, seductive and very desirable voice.

Jeff smiles, "Well.... I may have text a few votes here and there...." Jeff

Eve raises an eyebrow and smirks "Oh really?" Eve says in a sly, playful
voice before she takes a step towards Jeff " know I should thank
my fans for voting me into the WWE...right?" Eve asks with a playful, sexy

Jeff shrugs his shoulders a bit, "Well... yeah I guess so..." Jeff says as
he licks his lips a bit as he's partly mesmerized by Eve's playful, sexy

Eve smiles and suddenly, surprisingly reaches forward and takes Jeff's hands
"Come with me than..." Eve says before she turns and glances back seductively
over her shoulder "If I'm going to be a Diva...I know I have to act dirty..."

Jeff starts to walk with Eve as she holds his hand, "That's pretty true... a
lot of the Divas like to get down and dirty...." Jeff says as he walks a bit
behind Eve as she leads him down the hallway.

Eve bites down on her bottom lip and slyly raises an eyebrow, while she
glances over her shoulder at Jeff Hardy "Well...I love to get dirty..." Eve
Torres says in a sultry voice as she approaches a vacant locker room and
proceeds to enter.

Jeff smiles, "Something tells me I'm going to love this..." Jeff says as he
follows Eve into the vacant locker room. Jeff closes the door as Eve turns
on the light switch.

Eve smiles and nods her head "Nice..." Eve says before she suddenly turns
around and firmly presses Jeff up against the closed locker room door,
placing her hands onto his toned, tank-top covered stomach. Eve seductively
licks her lips before she lowers her hands down to Jeff's baggy pants and
starts to push them down.

Jeff licks his lips, "I second that statement..." Jeff says as he lifts up
his black tank-top to reveal his toned stomach and slightly hairy chest. Jeff
smirks a bit as Eve brings down his baggy wrestling pants in order to free
Jeff's eleven inch cock.

Eve presses her seductive, soft lips together as she glances down at Jeff's
hardening, rock hard cock "Very nice..." Eve Torres says before she sinks
down onto her knees in front of Jeff Hardy and she expertly places her soft
hands around his shaft, beginning to stroke his cock while she gently brushes
her wet tongue against the head of his cock.

"Mmmm.." Jeff moans as he steps out of his wrestling pants and drops his
tank-top on the floor. Jeff leans back against the closed locker room door
as he watches the 2007 WWE Diva Search winner stroke his cock and teasingly
flick her wet tongue against the tip. Eve lifts her desirable eyes up and
locks them with Jeff Hardy while she gently circles her wet tongue around
the head of Jeff's cock, slapping her saliva against his cock. "Ahhh...
mmm..." Jeff moans and smiles as he looks down into Eve's desirable eyes as
she bathes the head of his cock with her warm wet saliva, "I can tell you
really love to get dirty..."

Eve raises an eyebrow before she opens her hot, wet mouth and lowers her
brown haired head on Jeff's cock, taking him into her desirable mouth. The
hot Diva Search Winner presses her soft lips around Jeff's shaft and starts
to smoothly bob her head along the thick shaft of Jeff Hardy.

"Mmmmm...." Jeff moans as he places his right hand on Eve's head as she
slowly bobs her head along the length of his long, hard and thick cock. Jeff
closes his eyes and tilts his head back so that it's resting against the

"Mmmm..." Eve seductively moans as she smoothly guides her head along Jeff
Hardy's shaft, with her wet saliva dripping on his hard cock. Eve's soft,
sultry lips easily brush back and forth against his shaft as she starts
bobbing her head at a quicker pace.

"Ohhh yeah... mmm..." Jeff moans as he runs his fingers through Eve's hair
as she bobs her head quickly on his dick. Jeff licks his lips as he feels
Eve's soft wet tongue sliding against the bottom of his thick dick. Eve
gently slaps her soft, wet tongue against the bottom side of Jeff's rock
hard shaft, while taking him deeply into her mouth. Eve lightly twists her
head, grinding her soft lips against his shaft.

"Mmmmm fuck... ohhh yeah..." Jeff Hardy moans as he opens his eyes to look
down at Eve as she deep throats his cock while twisting her head from side
to side on his dick. "Damn you're going to be a great Diva..." Jeff moans.

Eve slowly and seductively lifts her head off of Jeff's rock hard, thick
cock that drips with her saliva. Eve smiles up at Jeff and scoots back on
her knees "Thanks...I love being in the WWE!"

Jeff smiles, "Mmmm.... well you're new to the WWE... you haven't seen all
that happens yet..." Jeff says as he bends down so he can start lifting up
Eve's tight yellowish-tan top from her hot body. Eve seductively laughs as
she raises her arms, while Jeff lifts off her tight top, exposing her nicely
rounded, perfectly firm tits.

Jeff drops Eve's top down on the floor, "Get that skirt off... and I'll show
you something really great..." Jeff says with a wink. Eve licks her lips,
excitedly, and sits up on her knees to push her short black skirt down from
her tanned waist before she is able to slide it off of her legs completely
revealing her hot black panties. Jeff licks his lips as he sees Eve's hot
black panties. The rainbow-haired warrior kneels down in front of Eve and
puts his hands on her waist to push down her black panties from her hips to
reveal her hot, smoothly shaved pussy. Eve gently tosses her soft, smooth
brown hair back as she leans back on her hands, arching her back slightly,
while Jeff moves his hands along Eve's smooth, nicely tanned legs.

Jeff licks his lips, "Mmmm fuck you're hot!" Jeff says as he notices Eve
leaning back further and spreading her legs slightly. Jeff gets himself
between her smooth, tanned legs and pushes his thick, rock hard dick into
her pussy with an easy thrust.

"Mmmm...ohhhh fuck..." Eve softly moans as she tilts her head back and gently
pushes her pussy forward against Jeff's rock hard cock as he thrusts himself
into her.

Jeff wraps his arms around Eve's waist, giving her some extra support as she
leans back on her hands. "Mmmmm..." Jeff moans as he smoothly moves his hips
back and forth, pumping his hard dick in and out of Eve's tight warm pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh yeah Jeff..." Eve softly moans as she rocks a bit forward
against Jeff as he slams his cock deeper and quicker into her tight, warm
pussy "Ohhh shit..."

"Uhhhh... ahhh mmm..." Jeff moans as he leans his head forward and flicks
his tongue against the side of Eve's neck when she tilts her head back. Jeff
firmly drives his cock into Eve's pussy with very quick thrusts that has Eve
rocking on the floor of the locker room.

Eve gently grits her teeth together as Jeff firmly pulls the beautiful, sexy
2007 Diva Search Winner closer to him "Ohhhh fuck Jeff!" Eve moans as her
pussy slams forward against his cock.

"Mmmm shit you're great...' Jeff moans as he slams his dick deep into her
pussy. The rainbow-haired warrior then leans to his left and with one smooth
motion, Jeff rolls onto his back and pulls Eve with him so that she's on top
of him with his thick hard cock buried in her pussy.

"Ohhh yeah..." Eve moans with a smirk as she places her hands against Jeff's
nicely hair covered chest and begins to smoothly rock back and forth on his
shaft, guiding her nicely tanned and gorgeously hot body on Jeff's thick
cock. "Ohhh fuck..." Eve moans as she lowers herself down on Jeff's cock

Jeff reaches behind Eve and cups her ass cheeks with his hands, "Mmmmm ohhh
yeah... fuck..." Jeff moans as he watches Eve rock back and forth on his cock
while moving her hands over his nicely hair covered chest.

Eve closes her eyes as she starts to sharply moans on Jeff Hardy's cock
while working her soft, wet pussy against his shaft, grinding herself easily
"Ohhhh...ohhh fuck!" Eve moans as she begins to sweat.

Jeff licks his lips, "Ohhh... mmmm fuck yeah...mmm..." Jeff moans as he gives
Eve's ass a smack with his right hand as she grinds her hot, wet pussy on his
fat cock. Jeff sits up slightly and lightly kisses Eve's soft sensual lips as
she rides him.

Eve gently brushes her wet tongue against Jeff's lips as she kisses the
rainbow-haired warrior back while grinding her seductive, sweaty body against
Jeff "Mmm..." Eve softly moans while kissing Jeff Hardy. Jeff eases his
tongue into Eve's mouth and circles it around Eve's soft tongue as they
continue to kiss. Jeff puts his hands on Eve's hips and helps her rock back
and forth on his large cock as she becomes distracted with his kiss.

Eve gently slaps her soft tongue against Jeff's cock as she seductively
grinds her hips down on Jeff's cock, shaping rubbing her wet pussy on his
shaft "Mmmm..." Eve moans into his warm mouth.

"Ahhh mmmm...." Jeff breaks the kiss with Eve and smiles, "Mmmm you like
that?" Jeff asks as sweat begins to roll down his face as Eve continues to
grind her hot pussy on his dick.

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah..." Eve moans as she tilts her head back, as sweat drips
down her beautiful face as she sensually grinds her hot body on Jeff's cock.

Jeff licks his lips, "Do you like it... doggy style?" Jeff asks as he easily
stops Eve from rocking on his cock and begins to lift her off of his hard,
thick dick.

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah! I love it!" Eve moans with a laugh.

Jeff smiles, "Good... a lot of guys do too...' Jeff says, giving Eve some
advice as he helps the 2007 Diva Search Winner get on all fours. The
rainbow-haired warrior licks his lips as he gets behind Eve and firmly pushes
his thick cock back into Eve's warm, wet and tight pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhh fuck! That feels so good!" Eve moans as she glances over her
shoulder, slyly, and pushes herself back against his cock.

"I second that..." Jeff says with a smile as he puts his hands on Eve's waist
and helps her rock back against him. Jeff smoothly thrusts his cock in and
out of Eve's wet pussy before he against starts using harder and quicker
movements to fuck her.

Eve gently grits her teeth together as she smoothly pushes herself back
against Jeff's cock, while rocking on her knees at a smooth pace at the same
rate Jeff pushes into her tight pussy "Ohhh!"

"Uhhh ahhh fuck,,, mmmm shit..." Jeff Hardy moans as he pumps his cock deeply
into Eve's pussy. Jeff's large balls smack against Eve's smooth skin as her
ass hits against his toned waist.

Eve Torres hangs her head down as she starts to rock back and forth on her
knees at a quicker pace, feeling Jeff's cock deeply ram into her tight, warm
pussy "Ohhhh...Ohhhh fuck!"

"Ahhh... uhhh... mmmm.... fuck..." Jeff tilts his head back to keep sweat
from going into his eyes. Jeff quickly rams his cock in and out of Eve's
pussy as he feels his dick begin to throb. "Ohhhh fuck... mmm yeah!" Jeff
grunts as he begins to cum inside of Eve Torres' hot, tight and wet pussy.

Eve's teeth clench together as she feels Jeff's warm cum rush into her tight,
wet pussy "Ohhhh..." Eve moans softly as she pushes back against his
throbbing, rock hard cock.

Jeff Hardy licks his lips, "Mmmm damn.... whew.... welcome to the WWE..."
Jeff laughs a bit as he keeps his cock inside of Eve's pussy to make sure
his cum has all been shot out.

Eve Torres licks her lips and smirks back at Jeff "Oh...I think I'm going to
love it!"


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